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Oar. flaa he had knowledge of itf
CraoL Yea.

Nor. Who waita there T

A Keep. WUhoot, my noble lorda I
Gmr. Tea.

D. Keep. My lord arehbiahop :

And haa done half aa hoar, to know your plea-
Okam. Let him come hi. [aurea.

A tCtep. Your grnoe may eater now,

[Cranmer app r ea rMi tke ooamcUrtable.
Ckam. My good lufd arehbiahuB, 1 am very sorry
I'o ait hera at thia praaenL and behold
That chair stand empty : But we all are men,
n oar own aatalee ftiul— and, capable
X oor llrsh. fiiw are angels : uot of whlrb fraUty.
knd want vi wiedna. you. that hast ahoukl teach
lava aiMlamaaa'd yourself, and not a little, [ns
\»wanl Um king flrat^ then to his laws, in lUIing
'ha whoia realm, by your teaching and your

Of the whole state : as, of late days, our neigii-

?air ao wa are «ifiirm*d.) with new opinioos,
iracB aad dangenios: whirh are he r saia s ,
nd. aoi refonn'd, may pruve panaci<iua.
Oec Which relurmalion most be sodden too^
f Dobia kmb : lor Ummw that tame wild honee,
loa tham nia in their handa to make them

u alap thatr mooths with stabbom bits, and

jrawall. all

11 rhaf fiiiay the manaca. If we t _
ut of omr eiieiiieaB. and ehlldiah pity

■% btaaiur) thai oualagmuii stdtaasi.


And what Mlowa tj
wah a general taint

any, can dculy witneai.

J ill iHir memonea. _

1 lords, hitherto, in all rue pro-

ind iiffioe. I have lH)ionr'<l,

e study, that my teaching;

nursH itt my aolihority,

V. niid Mifely ; and the end

rell : nor le ihera liviwc

I siutrle lieart. my lords.)

I delMts, mora stirs agiiinst,

te ntiuscieiice and his place.

I>lic poiioe, ihuii 1 till.

I kin« mny iiMver tiiidia henrt

Doe III It 1 Men, that make

kl malice. nuurHMimetil,

t. 1 do beseech your lunkhipa.

I of justice, niy aocusent.

11, may stand raitb fiioe to face.

Nay, my lord,
yoQ are a cuousellor.
lie. no mail dare iiocuae yon.
because we have bosmess of
more moment. [pleasure,

We will \m short with yoo ^I'is his highnesT
And our oaisent, for better trial of yon.
From hence you lie ci>minitted to tlie Tower,
Where, being hut a private iiiau again,
f ou aliull kiKiw iiiaiiy dara accuse vou boldljr.
Mure iluui. I fear, yon are prtivided for nroo,

Cran. Ah. my good lo<il of Winchester. I thank
Yon are alwMya myaoiirl friend ; if your will pasa,
1 shall both find your lordship jod|ce and juror,
You are so merciful : I see your end,
Tis my niMlwnf : Love and meekness, lord.
Become a churchman beUer than ambition ;
Win streyinxMMils with modesty again
Cast male away. Tluu I shall clear myi^lf.
I Lay all the weight vc can upon my patinoe,)
I make as little doubt, ax you do cmiacienoe
In doing daily wrungs^ I could nay more,
But reverence to your cailiu« makes me niudesL

Oar. My lord, my lord, you are a seciary.
That's the plain truth ; your painted glose dts-
coveri. [hess.

To men that understand you. wnnls and weak-

OuNM. My lord of Wiuoliester. yuu are a little.
By your good favour, too sharp : nieii so noble.
However lanlty. yet should liial restwct
For wliNt ihev have been: lis a cruelty.
To load a fiUiing man.

Oar. Good master secretary,

I cry yoor honour mercy ; you may, wont
Of all this table, say so.

CroM. Why, my lord ?

Oar. Do not I know yon for a favourer
Of this new sect 7 ye are not sound.

Crom. Notsoandl

Oar. Not sound, I say.

Crosi. 'Would yoo were half so honest t

Men's pnqrere then would seek you. nut tiieti

Oar. I shall remember this bohllangoaga.

CrooL Do.

Remember yoor bold life too.

CkoM. This is too much ;

Forbear, for shame, my Icnls.

Oar. I have done.

ChNR. And L

Ckam. Then thus for yoo, my lord. — It stands

I take it,^7ll*vaioea. that forthwith
Yoo be cooveyed to the Tower a pruKiner ;


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/ Oram,


f A« V.

Chm I am fewrful:— Wherelure fruwn* he
_ thuT
*Tm h» aspect of terror. All's not well.

K. H*n. How now. my lord I Yoo du desire to
Wherefore I sent fur yuu. Vutom

Cron. It is mjr dutjr,

1*0 attend your highness' pleasure.

K Hen. 'Prajr yoo, arise

Uj good and xracioiis lord of Canterbunr.
Come, jroii and I must walk a torn tofcelher ;
I have news to tell yoa: Coaie,coine, five roe

your hand.
Ah. ny good lord. I grieve at what I apeak.
And am right sorry Ui repeat what lullows :
I have, and ninst unwilUngly, of late
Heanl many grievous, I du any. uiy lord,
Grievous ooRiplaints of you ; which, being coo-

Have mov'd us and oar oooncil. that you shall
This neming come before us : whent. I know^
Yoa cannot with sucii freeduni puree yunrsell.
But that, tiU Ainber trial iu those cnarges
Which will roqiiire yuor answer, yoa roust take
Your patieurv to jrou, and be w«n contented
To make your buuse our Tuwer : Yuu a bntther
It ftu we thus Vnioeed. or ebe no wiiuoss [of us,
WuttU ounie against you.

Crmt. I humbly thnuk your highneos ;

And am right gSad to eatcli 1 lin miod uccaMon
Must throughly to i>e wiiinow'd, where my chaff
And com siuili fly asundur : for. I kuow,
l'here*s none stands under nutre nulumnioas
Than 1 royaeIC poor man. (tuui^oea

Jr. Hen Suiid up. goud Canterbury ;

Thy tmtb. and thy intoKrity. is ruoted
hi us, thy frieud : Give me ihy hand, stand up ;
IVythee, let's walk. Now. by my huly-dume.
What manner of luin are you t Mv kml, I luok'd
You would liavo given nie your peati«ia, that •
I slioukl have tu'en aome piuns to briiw together
Yountelf and your aocaaere ; and to have heard
Witlmut enduranoe furtlier. [you

Cran. Most dread liege, .

The gund I stand on is my truth ihhI liuiit^y ;
If they shall D<il. 1. with mine eueiniea.
Will triumph oVr my penttm; whicti 1 weigh not.
Being of thuxe virtues vacaiiL I fear nothing
What can be said against nie.

K. Hem. Know you not how

Yoor state standa i'the worid. wi h tiie whole
Your enemiea [workl t

Are many, and not small : their praoticfs
^ust bear tiie same pmponiuii : and not « ver
Itie justice and the truth o'Uie quesUon carries
Tlie due o'the verdict wiUi it : At what ease
Might oorrnpi minds procure knaves as corrupt
To swear againat you T such things have been

Yoa are potently oppoa'd ; and with a mnlioe
Of as great stae Ween you of lietter luck,
I mean, m pequr'd witneaa, than your master,
Whoee miHist«r you are. whiles here he liv'd
Upao thn naughty earth T Goto.jcuto;
Toa take a precipice for no leap of di
And woo your own destrurtion.

Oram. God. and yoor

Protect mine innocence, or 1 1'all into
The trap ■ laid for me I

Jf. Hen. Be of good cheer;

They shall no more prevail, than we give way to.
Keep comfort to yoa ; and thai onwaing aee
Yoa do appear Iwlure them ; if ihey sluiU chance,
hi chargiiig you with malteis. to commit yoa.
The hf itf persnasinns tu the ouutrsry
(ail not tu oee, and wi:h what veliemenry '

f danger,


The occasion shall luatrunt you ; if eiitreatiaa

Will render yoa no remedy, thai nnc

Deliver them, and your appeal to us

There make before them. — Look, the good aum

weeps i
He's honext. on mine honour Ood*ii bleat moibflr I
1 swear, he » true-heartt* d ; uiid u m>u1
None better in my kinvdom.— Gel y<«u gone.
And do as I hare hid you.— (£jr</ Cranui«-.j Ha

haa strangled
His hmgnage in his tears.

Enter MHotd L»dT.

OtnL {Wilkin.} Come back ; What mean voa f

Lmt9. 1*11 not come bock: the tidings that I
bring (angala

Will make my boldness manners. — Now, good
Fly o'er thy royal head, and shade thy person
Under their bieksed wiugs !

KHm. Now. by thy looks,

I guess thy messnge. U the queen dehvet'd f
Sajr, ay • and of a Doy.

Latfy. Ay, ay. my liege ;

And 01' a lovely boy : The god of heHveu
Both now and ev«r bless her— tts a rirt.
Promiites boyn hrrewfter. Sir. your queen
Dei>ires your viMiiaimn, and u> be
Acquainted with thiM stranger; *ii8 as like yoa.
As cherry is lu rheny.

K. Um. Lovell.-

lee. Sir!

K. Hen. Give her an hundrsd mailcs. V\\ to
tlie queen [Exit King.

Ud9. An hundred marks! By this Ught, IU
have more
An onliiiuiy groom is for such paymeoL
1 will have mure, or sciikl it out of him.
2$aid I for this, tlie giri la like to him f
1 will have more, or else nu«ay*t ; and now
While It is hot, Til pat it to the issue. '

SCENE \\.^LobbtbifonthtCoimdl'i
Enter Cnuuner; Servants, I>our<Kee|ier, 4c at-

Cram. I hope I'm not too hue; and yet tl|e
That was sent to me fnmi the council. prayVl me
To nuke great haste. All fust! what means

Who wait* there T— Sore, you kuow me f

P. Keep. Yea, my ionl ;

But yet 1 cannot help yoa.
Cran. Why?

D. Kerp. Yoor grace most wait, till you be
caird for.

Enter Doctor B«itta.
Cran Sa

Batti. This is a piece of malice I am ghal.

I came this way ao happily : llie king

Shall understaiMl it presently. [Exit Botta

Cran. [An>te.\ Tie Butfa,

"The kragV phyncian : as he past aluna^

Howf - — - -

eameatly he raat his fyeo upon me !
Prv hea*en, he sound nut my disgrare. F

This is of purpose layM. by anme-that hate me.
(Uud turn their hearui I uever sought their

To quench mine hoooor: they vroald shanw lo

make me
Wait elee at dour ; a fellow-ooonseUor.


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Act IV.]


68.3 \,

wfik BMidM flowMB. thai all Um world nu^

I waduMls wlft to my unve : emiMlai bm.
Iln laj OM forth : althoogh unqnoen'd. jrot liko
A «QMa, aad daaghlar to a liiof . iaternM.



8CENB L - il OMfcry la Ito AdM^

IMir Gardioar, AMv a^ Winehoatar, a Paga
•M a Ion* *(/brt Ate, aitl Ay Ar TbooMM

Oar. \\S ooa o'dook. bojr. tot nof T
Jbr. It hath atmek.

Oar. Thaaa ffaoold be hoara Ibr naoaMitJaa»
Not for dalii{hta ; tioiaa to rapair our natora
With ouoifortjoir rapoaa. and not for oa
1'oj(rMta thaaa tuiMa.~Good boar oT oight, air

VVhjther to lata T

Cama jroa froan the kiaa. veef lonl T
_,_ .... . • -I Ki« at pri-

Q^. I did. sir ThiHWU ;
With tha doka ot SoAilk.


Befora ha CO to had. Ill take inv laara.
Qtr. Not Jilt. «r Thuiuaa Lorell. What'a tha
It Mama* jroii a^ in haata ; an if there be
No fteai (iflenne beUmp to *t. give yoar fHend
Suma toooh uf jruor bua boaineM : AAun, that

r Aa. they ear. apirita do) at mklii%ht. have
In than a wildar B - — - .

rnalora, than tha

That aaaka daapatch bf day.

Im. Mylovd.Ilmrayoa;

Aad darat floBMnaod aaaerat to yoar ear
Mnoh waichtiar than thia work. Tha qoaaoli ia

I pray Ibr haartily ; that it mav find
Ouod tioM^ aad Ufa; '

Tha froJt. aha coaa with,
■ ' \f find

for tha atook, lir

I wiah H crabb*d «p bow.

fff tha amea : aad yat aiy onoiidanna laya
Sha^a «dih1 oraatan^awl. awaat lady, doaa

Giar. But, air, lir,—

I l««r SM. air ThooMM : Too are a |mitlaman
ilf mina «*wn way; I know yon wiee, religioaa;
And. laC aia tiill yna. It will tm'vt he wall.—
Twill auC air Tlioroas LivmII, Uke 1 of me.
1 i\\ Obinnit'r. Cnauwall— her two handa— and
!>l «p in tliair fravaa Faha,

Lowr*. Now. air. yoa apeak of two

I hm nanat ramarfcld i* the kingnloai. Aa for Crom-


" ' of tha Jawathooaa, ha'a made

**tlM rulla. and tha kin«^ arcretary: forther!
taada ia Uta gap and trade of mure orefor-
aMMta. [nwhop

r'itk wluch tha tiaM will load hlai : Tha arch-
> Um idaf*la haad, aad toaffoa; and who daia



Than are that dare: and I rayaelf have vaatvrM

Toneak aay mhal of him : and, indeed, thia di^r,
r, (I may tell ityiio,) I ihink. I have
i*d Ine lonla o'the ooancil. that be a

r tell ityiMi,) I ihink. I have

Jie lonla o'the ooancil. that h.

(For ao I kn<>w he ia— they know ha ia)

A mart arch heretic, a peatilenoa

That doea infect ilie land: wRh which thay

Hata broken with the king; who hath ao for
Oivaa ear to our ooniplaint. (of his great amca
And prineelv care: foreaeeiog thuw foil nda-
chiefo led,

Oar raanona hUd before him,) he hath commaud-
T^Mnorrow rooming to the oounoil-boanl
Hebeoonvanied. He's a rank weed, air Thomaa,
And we must root him out. From yuiir alfiiirs
I hinder von too long : good night, air Thoniaa.
Xiov. Many good nighta, o^ lord; 1 rest yo<ir

(EanaU GanUaar oarf Paga.

A» LoreO w 9»m an/, ntirr Urn Khar oarf Me
Duke of Saflblk.

K. Hen. Chariea. I will play no mure to-night ;
lly mind*« not «Mi*t. jroa are too hard.for lue.

St^. Sir. I did never win of you before.

jr. Hm. But little. Charleii:
Nor shall mit, when my fuiiry's no mv play —
Now. Luvell. (twn the qiH«en wh>it w'lhtt newaf

Um. I oiKiU mit peniiNially deliver to her
What you oiioiniHiMled me. tHit hr her woman
I aeut your iiiMMiice ; wIki retum'd her ilianks
la the greateat humblmieMs and deair*d yoar

M«iNt heartily to pray for her.

if. Hm, Whet any'st thou T ha I

To pray for herT what, is she crving out f

Xioe. S<i said her woman ; and thai
aiice inade
AlMoat eacli poug a death.

thai her suflbr-

AbM. (nod lady!

A(/. G«id safely qnit her nf her bunkm. aad
With gentle truvHil, t - ■
Your nighnt

inlle truvHif, tti tlie gladding of
ghneas with an heir !
JC ifoa. Tm mulnight. Charlaa.

Pr'ythee. to bed : and in thy pmyer* ramembar
Th4 eatate of my poor queen. Leave me ahma :
Fbr I must think of that, which CMinpnuy
Wittnot be friendly to.

Sitf I wish yunr highnesa

A quiec niflit, aad ay good mutrras wUl
Remember in my piayen.
iC/foa. Cbarlai.g«>od night.-

[Bx»t SufiOk.
BUtr Sir Anthony Deany .
Well sir. what follows T
Dm. Sir. I have brought my lord Uia arclH



Dm Ay. my gnntl lord
KHm "tIs

Ha! Canterbaryf

. true: Where is he. Denny f

Am. He attends yoor highness* pleasare.
K. Hm. Bring hini to ua.

I exit Denny.
Lea. This ia about that whMh the bishop
I am happdycoma hither.

Rt-trnkr Deaay, with Cranmar.
JT. Htm. Avoid the gallery.

Hat-I hava 8aid.-Be coaa
WiMit!- (CvaalUwanaNrf Deaay.



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■M m kBtU. whiM I sit w d ift mt
m Uiat cwWrial luunuony I gu Uk

Sad OHi $okmm wtmidL
Orif. SiM to MiMp: 0»od wwieh, tett itt

Pbr few we wake her ;— Softlj, gentle Patienoe.

Tktyimm. Snter, Mlfwmht trippint mmfler am-
Hker, mx Pi ri a n ei r >, dmd m wkiu nbea^ mm iim
on tktir htadi garh$idi of bnt$, and geUm
wiattnU am Ikar/aeu: bromekea <^ baf$, ar palm,
m Ihtir kamds Tkag firU amiM tmto ktr, tktm
dance; and at eertam ekamt* tkttArst twakold
a $pan garland atxr her head ; at whirk, Ike atker
famr mate rrwerend amrt*$irs ; then the two that
kttd Ike gat land detiatr the mme to Ike other rngt
tmt, wka obeerve Ike $ame order in tketr ekangee
and kold^ tke amiand oner ker krad: wkick
wkobkemee obeerve Ike mme order: at »okkk,(a$
of rooianft and koldrlk up ker kands to ktamn :
and torn Ikeir dmtana tkep vanisk, carneng Ike
garland milk tkeat. Tke nuuirk contim^e
Math. Spiril* (if peace, where en ye f Are fe

Aad leere me here te wratobedM* hehlnd ye t

Grtf. Medan, we are here.

Kalk. It it IMM yoQ 1 call for :

Saw ye boo* enter, eiace I eleptl

Onf. None, madaot

Katk. No? Saw yon Dot,eTen now, a Ueaeed
laviteaMtoabaafaeC; whoee bright feoaa
GMt thooMnd baanw upon me. bke the ean f
They promis'd me eternal happineM :
And bRK^t me gariandm Griffith, which I feel
I am not worthy yet to wear: lahall.

6rif. I an meat joyfU, nadm, andi good
PoMeHyonrfenqr. (dr

Katk. Bid the mt * ^

They are hanh and heavy ui sm

FaL Doyoanote,

H«>w BMMh her craoe ii altera <« the MMldenr
Huw long her feoe la dmwn 1 How pale ai

And of an earthly coMf Mark yua her eyen f
Grif. She ia going, weodi : pmy. pray.
Pal. IleaTenoumfort her!

Enter a Memeiiger.

Me$$. Ant like yDor grace.—

Mialk. Too are a lauqr fellow :

Deaenre we no mora revemiov T

Orif. Yon are tu hbime,

Knowinf elie will not toee her wimled armitnen.
To nae M rode beharioar : gt* iii. ku<«l

Mm. 1 huwUy do entreat yuor lUghoeai* par-
don; [iug
My hmte made aM onmannerly ; Tliere i« rtay-
A tMtleatan, aent fnno the kuk, to eee yon.

iMk. Admit him entrance, Griffith ; But thia

( me ne'er aee apHn.

l&KMar Griffith oad 1


Raenier Griffith, wilk Capncioe.

If my nirht fell not.
Ton ahuold be lord ambamador JfhNn tlie empemr.
I*y royal aephew. and yuur uaiiie CapnnoL
O9. Madam, the auiie, ytMir aerrant.



The timea, and tHlee, now are alter'd a ^
With me. since flnt yno knew me. Bat, l praf
What ia yoor pleaaoin with me ? [yoa.

Cap Noble tady,

Firat, mhie own aerrioe to ynor grace ; the neit,
The king^ reqoeetthat I wonld riait yba ;
Who mrieTes much for yoor weakneM,nnd by at
Send* yoo hia princely cnmmendationa,
And heartily eatreata yon take good oqoifert.
JTai*. O my good lord, that cumfert ouman
too me,
*Tia like a pankm after execotioa :
That gentle pbyniek, giten in time, bad cnr^d
me; [era.

But now 1 am peat all comforts hers, bat pray-
How does his highnemf
Op Madam, in good health.

Katk. So may he ever do I and ever flourish.
When 1 ahall dwell with worms, and my poor

Baniah'd J he kimcdom !— Patience, is that letter.
I eans'd yi>u wnte, jret sent away t
Pol No. madam.

rOraiiWff/o Katharine.
Katk. Sir. I moat hnmbiy pray you to deLver
I'hie to my lonl the king.
CSsp. Moat willinr, madam.

JTalA. In whidi I have commended to hie icoivl*
ueas {««•:—

The nKKfel of i>ur chaste kwes. his yuonc dauch-
The dews of heaven fell thick in Mcsaiiigi un

Beeeerhimr him. to give her rirtuoua breedimt ;
(She is youmr. and of a noble mod»« uatare ;
I hope, she will Ueeerve well :) and a biile
To love her for her mother^ sake, Uiai kivM
him, [UtkNi

Heaven knowa how dearly. My next pour pe-
ls, that hie noble arnoe wooM have snoie pity
Upon my wretched w»m«B, that so loug
Have fullow'd both my fbrtanea feithfuily :
Of which there ia not one. I dare avow,
KAnd now I should not lie,) buC will d«e»erTe.
For virtne. and true beauty of ihe soul.
For boneaty, and decent camatb,
A right fniod husband, bt bim be a miMe:
And, snre, thuee men are happy that Uiall have

The last is, for my men;— thry are the pooreitt.
Bat poverty could never draw iliem firom nie :-«
That they may have tlirir waaea ilaly paid tliem.
And sometliimr over lo reiutfinlirr ni«i 19 :
If heaven had plkas'd to Imve aiveo me loncot

And aMe mettna. we had not imrted thne.
Theae are ilie whole cuuteuu : — And, good my

By tliat yon love the deareai in this wtirkl.
As you wieii dimrtian fwone to aonb departed.
Stand tli«MM* puur peophiVi fnend, and urge ttan

Tojlo nie th« last mtUt

dSp. Kv heaven. I will;

Or let me luw tlie feshMai of a inaul

Kalk, 1 ihauk rou. Iiuiieat lotd BememLer
In all hunulity unto Uui liwliuess : [me

^My. his long innihlti now h paasinfr
Out of llii* wurhl : tnll hiai, in Ueelh I blasa*d

Fbr so I will —Mine eyes aniw dint— Farawall.
My hinl.— QriffiUi, laraweO —Nay, Paiieuce,
You must uot leave me yet. I must to bed ;
Call in more wiauen.— When I am dand. I

Lei me be us'd with hoiaiur ; straw me over

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BMa looM. thii dajr thuy had heen luctt. Such juj
I iievar law before. Greut-tiellitfd wotiien.
That had not half a week to «•*. like nnis
lu the old time of war, would 9\vtk» the pr^m.
And make theio reel before them No man livioK
Crmkl sajr. Thu is aiy ie(/'e, there ; all were wuven
So strancelT lu ooe pieoe.
^ OenC d T

3 O0U. i Ml'

d« ke.

Witen by t
As huljr oil

The ixjd. ai nis

i;iud nobljr
Tiifreihflr 1
And wi'h 1
T» Yurk-p

1 GtnL »ir, jrou
Miut no m«»re call it V rk-plaoe, that is puxt :
For. tiitcts tilt! catdiniil fell. Uiat rillf'tt Umi ;
'Vt* now the kiug's, aud call'd— Whiteli.ill.

3 (r Ht. I know It ;

Bn' *t*» eo la'elj alter'd. that the old imuie
b fn?c!i abuui lue.

2 Ornt. WInit two rerereud bialiupe
Were tbnee that went ou eucli, stile of the queen T

3 Gtnt. St(>ke»ly uud Gardiner ; tlie oue of Win-

(Newly preferr'd IVom the king's secretary.)
llie other. London.

Orif. WpU. the Ynine piea, iiiadan :

For after the stout earl NorthuniherbuKi
Arrested him at York. an<l brotiitlit liiin forwatd

iAs a nian wrelv tainted.) U* hi^ luuwer,
fe fell sick suddenly, and (rrew wi ill.
He could not sit his mule.
Knth. AUa. rxMir man I

Grif. At ln!<t. with eusy ro;ul», lie came to
I^c'd ill the abbey : where the rererend abbot.
With all hm ooiiTent, liononrably recriv'd hiin;
Jy. 1 To wliuni ne rave thew wunlM.— O fnther abbot.
An old mam, hroktn wtlh tke Mtorh** of stolf,
h rwnt to l/tf/ hu vtrar^ boMt$ amintg ye ;
GwaJiUn a bitie earth for charity!
So went to bed : where eaiTMrly his sirknesa
Puniii'd him still ; and. three niirlils uf.nr ibis.
AlNiut the hour of eittlit, (wliich he Itinixelf
Kiiretoid. should be hw last.) full of repentance.
Continual meditations, tears, siid sorrows, '
He ipive his honours to the world njndn,
ills liltjaaed part to heaven, uud slept in peaee.
Katk. So inny he rest ; his faults lie Rently on
bun ! '
Vet thus fiir.Ghffi'h.Kive me leave to speak him,
Aud yet with rlmiiiy :— He wax a man
Of an uiilNHinded moiiiucIi. ever rankmit
HintMsIf witli pniicee: one. I hut by sUKxestioa
'I>'d all the kiiiffdom : smMaiy whs bat play;
His own opiajoii was hn law - I'llie preaonoa
He would say untrutlw; and .le ever double.
Both ni bis w(»rd!< ami m«*>iiiiitc : He was novw.
But where he me<mi t«* rniu, pitiful :

He of Wincheaier

Is bekl no great good lover of the arrhbiihop'i,
llie virtuous Cnmuier.

30eiil. All the land knows that; _

However, yet therals no great breach ; when it 1 We write in water. Miiy it plcuie your highnasa

comes, [htni. "* "" ' ' '

Cranmer will And a friend will not shrink from

His proiniseti were, as he then was. mifhty :
Bat h;8 penoniumce. as li« is now, nothing. •
Of his own l«udy he was ill, aial gave
The clenty ill example.

Onf. Noble madam.

Men's evil manneia live in braes ; their virtnea

3 Gatt, Who may that be, I pruy you T

3 Gtnt Thomas Cromwell ;

A man in mooh esteem with the king, aial truly

A worthy frieial.— The king

Has roaua him master o' ihe Jewel-house,

And one. already, of the pnvy-oouucil.

2 Gtnt. tie wiil deserve iupxe.

3 Gtnt. Yei, withoat all dcmlit.
Cuine, gentlemen, ve shall gu ny way, which

Is to I be <:<iurT. aud there ve shall be n^ guests;
Soiuetliiiuc I can coinmanu. As I wullt thither.
I'll tel ye more.
Boih. You may ouinmand as, sir.


STENE II. - Kimbolton.

Aiicr Katharine. D mt^n. nek ; M Mmwn
Gmtith ohd Paueiioau

Gnf. Ilow does your grace T

K9tk O. Onffiih, sick tn death :

llv lags, like loaden branchaajMiW to the earth.
\% illiug to leave their hoMenT Kench a choir;—
So.— iMvw. methinks, I feel a little ease.
Dalai thoa not tell me. Griffith, as thou Ie<l*st me.
'r^uit the great ddld of honour, cardinal Wolsey,

Ont. Yea. madam j but, I think, yoar graoa,
Oac of tba paia you sulfcr'd. gave no ear to O.
JToU. Prithee, good Grifllth, tall die how he

U wall. Im etepp'd before ma. happily.
For my azampie.

To hear nia speak hia good now f

Katk. Yea, good Griffith;

I were loaJicM^A^M.

Gru. TliiscarUitMl. .

Tliooch from an humble stock. uiid«iub;edly
Was fashion'd to iniirh liiMioiir. Pioiii his^cradle,
He was a scholar^ aud a ri(ie mid kimmI oim;
IliSC^ediug wise, lair spukeu. aial iiersuading;-
LoHy and simr to tlieni tha* lov'd bun nott
But to thuse men tiuit si»ughi hinu sweet aa som-

And tfaouich he were unsatisfied in re'tinr.
(Which was a sin.) ye' in liesiowing. madam.
He was most princely : Kver witneMs for hiiii
Thi«e twins of leannnic. that he raia'd in you.
Jnswich. aud Uxiimi ! one of which fell with hnn,
;.UlMrilliiig to outlive th«) kuoiI iluil did it;
The (rtlier. though uiiriiiiHli'd, yet ao famous.
So exoetleiil in art, uial still so risiiig.
That Chrislendoni shall ever fpeak his virtue.
His overthrow lieap'd liappinoMt u|Min bun :
For then. uihI not till then, h» lult liiinself.
And found the b.essedness of being liitle ; -
And. to aild greater hmioure to his age ■
Than man could give him. lie died, fearing God.

Kath. After my death 1 wish lio uUier herakl.

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