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No otlier speaker of mv bviag aeiioas.
I'o keep mine honour utmi nurmption.
But soch an honest chronicler as Griffith.
Whoni I moat hated living, tliou hast nmde me.
With thy religious truth and modesty.
Now in his aslies honour : I'eace be with him I—
l*atieiice. be near me still : and set me lower:
I have not luaa hi trouble thee.— Good (SnllUli,
Cause tlie auiuciattM play me tha*. sad note


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To Um but pemqr; tic tha kiii«^: vaj mbe,
And mj mtogritv to heaven, is al [well,

I dare now oall nun*; own. O Cromwell. Crom-
Had I bai aenr'd my God with half the ual
I aorv'd my kimr. he would not in niina age
Have left roe naked to iiiiiM enemies.

CV«si. Good sir, have patjenoe.

WoL So I have. Farewell

The hopes of coart ! m/ b >pes in heaven do

dweU. lExamt,


CENE l. — A»mtm

Emter Two Gentlemen. meUnig,

1 OtM. Yon are welt met once acain.
2fieiU. And so are yon.

1 Geaf. Yon ocime to tiike jroor stand here, and

rhe ladr Anne pan fVtmi her ooronation T

2 Gad, 1 is all mjr business. At our last en-

The duke of Bonkinirham came trtna his trial.

1 Gear. *l'i« very true : bat that time (tflbr'd
11iis. general Joy. Tkhtow;

2 0*nt, Tis well : The dtixens,

I am sure, haive shown at full their niyal minds;
As. let them have their rights, they are ever for-
In celebration of this day with Khows, (ward
raiptan't, and si^u of hunonr,

1 Gnu, Never greater,
Nor. I'll assnre von. better taken, sir.

2 GnU May I be bold to ask what that onn-
Tbal paper in your liand 1 [tains,

-^ Yes; lis the list


rbalpaper in your li





I which


Tha trumpets sound : stand eloae, the qoeen is


*A hveltJbmhMk «f tnmpeU: then enmr
I* TWoJMirs.
1 Lsrrf CJHPKellOTt with the purm and mact b^fbn

3. CkortMUrs $mgmg. [Musiok.

i. Jf efor qf Lomiom betrmg the mare 7Va Oar-
tar. m hie coat itf arwu, attd on ha head a gilt

^ icr. m

\ confer



5i Marquie Doreet, bearmg a aceptre tf void, on Am
h»id a demi-ceromal of gold. With ^m, tl^.
Earl of Sarrnf, bearing Ute rod of tUotr mlh
the datte, crowned with am earFeioroitei. Cot-

& Doha of SHffblk, in hie robe itf eela/e, hie roroiwt
on hie head, bgarmg a long whtte wind, ae high
tttteard. With him. the Dmhe of No.folA ymth
the rod of marthawttp, a coronet on hu head.
Cottar* qfSS.

7. A canopt borne bsffoarof the Cmone vorte; am-
der it,the Qukh in her robe; hrr kitr richig
adorned wi/k pe'irl ; crowned. On rack mdr ef
her, the Btahupe of Lamdon and WinchfUT.

K Thetdd Dadiree nf Norfolk m a conmnl nf goU,
taronghi wilHJtowrre. bearing the Qnrrn'e train.

9. Certatn Ladire or Cotm/eeeu. with platn crrcMs
of gold without Jlowert.
2 Oenl. A royal train, belere nte. — Tlieee I

Who's that, that bean the sceptre T

1 OemL MMrqnis Dorset:
And that the earl of Surrey. wiHi the ntd.

2 OenL A. bold brave genikiiiiuu : And that
The duke of Suflulk (should be

1 Odat, Tis the same: hiRh-«t«wiini.

2 Oent. And that my lorU of Nurfuik T

1 Gail. Ves.

2 Goil. Heaven bless thee t

[Looking on ihe Qtieeu.
Tlwa hast the sweetest fiioe I ever louk'd on —
Sir, as 1 hive a scmiI. she is an ancel :
Our king has all tlie Indies lu lux ami*.
And more, and richer, when lie struius that lady ;
Bannot blame his cuoscieiioe

1 Oent. 'Hiey. tlmt bear
The cloth of honour o'er her, an four banws
Of the Cinqoe-porta.

2 Oemt. Those men are happy ; and au ars ail,

are near her.
I take it, she thai cames op the tram.
Is that old ntible lady, dochexs of Nin-folk.

1 Oent. It is; and all the rest ere omntrsssa.

2 Oent Their puroueU say su. I'heae are stars,

nd, sometimes, fiiUin< ones.
IGcNl. No mors of that

{Exit Proctssion, with a great Jkmriah of
Enter a Third Gentleman.
God save you, sir ! Where have you been broil-

nt. Am(


3 Oent. Among the crriwd i* the abbey : where
Cuakl not lie wedgM in more: Nod 1 am stifled
With the mei« rank new of their joy.

2 Oent. Ytw saw
The oef%mony T

3 Ofnt. That I did.

1 Oent. How was it f
3 GcNl. Well worth the saeh«.

2 GcnX. Good sir, speak tt to oa.

3 Oral. As well aa I am able. Ilie rtoii stiaam
Of Ionia and ladiea having brooffhl the queen
To a prepared place in llie ehoir, Ibll off
A distance from her : while iter grace sat down
To rest a while, some half an hour or so.
In a rwh chair iif 01 are, oppueing frreiv
llio beauty of her person to the peopis.
Believe me, sir, she is tlie suodliest wtraian
That ever lay by man : which when the peupto
Had the fbll view of, such a miise arwe
As the shrouds make at aea in a sUlT tempest,

. As load, and to as many tunea : liais, el«Nik%
I (Doublets, I think.) (lew up; and had their ibrap

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Act III.)


629 >.

Ouqr lonl,
: 'tiNTirt

Fnm not a flUUnir nwn too fiir ; *tiN Viirttie
H« baits li« open U> th« law* ! I«t thfuu.
Not jutt, oorraet liim. Mj b«Mrt weeps to iwe
tto little of bw gmu miU. pum

8m: I formve him.

Hn/. Lord omliiiBl, the king** further pi***

Crmm. The hesnent. awl the wont,

b rpor dieplMMora with the king.
WoL Godblenhimi

Crom, The next ii. thia Sir Thomae More i«
I^onl chanoellor in jrouruhioe. [chai«n

WoL That's •pOMwhat sudden ;

Bat he's a learned man May he runtinae
Lung ill hi» highiieae' faritar, aiul do jiuUce

B all thoee thing*, jrim hare done of late for truih*ii sake, and h« cuiwctenoe ; tliat hie

Bf foor power Iwatiue wiUiin lliia kingdom, booea, (iuga,

nu into the coiiipiiM «if a prcmiMirv,— When he has mn hb enarw. aial nleepa in Meea-

That thereANW eooU a wni he sued against yoo ; Majr hare a tomb of orphans' teurs wept on *em I
To forfsit all juur cuhIis InudA. teuenienta. What more 1

ChaUela, and whatauever. and to he * Cyism. That Crannirr is nitom'd witk wel-

Oot of the king's pniteoiou :— Thw is my charge. ^ oome,

Aer. And so well leave yuu to yobr medita- ^lostall'd liml arohMsbop uf Canterbaiy.

How to liTs better. Fur jriNir stal>hoHi answer,
About the giving back tlie great ne^l to us.
The king shall ku«>w ii, and no duulit. sliall

thank jou
8o hn yoo w«l, my Ultle gwid lonl cardinal

[Eirmu eU Imt Wt^iaej.
WoL So fhrewell U» the little good you bear

Piwewell, ■ long farewell, lo all mr greatness !
This is the state of iiimo ; 1'o-day be puta (brth
The tender leaves of hope, to morrow bliMSuuia.
And bMTS his blushing huwHin tliiok npim hiiu ;
The thinl dvf ronton a flrust, a kilhog fn«t ;
And, — when he thinks, good eas^ num. full

His greatness « a ripening,— nips his mot.
AwTtheii he fMtls. iM I da I have vrn ^rM,
Like liule wanUm buys that swim (ni Madden,
This niai^ sumniers in a sea of fkHry ; i
0nt far bavnuil my depth : my high-bloVn pnde
At length hruke under me ; and now liA ielt we.
Weary, and old with senrioe. to the iiierry
Uf a rude stnam. Uiat miMt lor nver hide me.
Vam pomp, and gUiry uf this world. I hate ye ;
I fotA my Mart new opened : O. Imiw wretched
Is that pmir man. thai luuigs on pntioes* favours I
There is. btttwixt timt smile we wuukl aspire to-
Thai sweet aMpect of priuoes, and Uieir rmn,
Mure paugs and fears Uian wan or women have ;
And wlien lie AUIs, be falls like Uwiler,
Never to hope again —

£akr Cnim%reU, amcss^dk

Why, how BOW, Cnimwrll T

Crom, I have no power to speak, sir.

WoL What, amas'd

At my Mwfnitanes ' osn tl^y spirit wonder
A gTMi man shouid dedioe T noj, an you wenp,
I Ml teUea indeed.

CyoM. 1 low dues yoargraoef

WoL Why. well;

Nmtormo Uvif happy, my good Cromwell
I kmuw mvself now ; awl I leal wuhm me
A pKotm aaeve all earthly digmtiee,
AflUllMdqaietioouscMiioe. llie ktaghascor'd
me, ' [era.

I hsmbly thank hisgraoe ; and than these should-
IImm rum'd pillars, out oi' pi-y, taken
A lund wuukl sink a navy. tiNi uiuch iiuuuur :
O, tin a banlen. Crumwell. 'iis a bunlen '
'J'uo heavT lor a aian timt hopes Uk heaven.

Cromt. I am fdad. yuur grace has made that
right use of lU

Wol. I hope,! have : I am able now.ma
(Oot oT n lurtitiiue uf suol 1 feel )
I'o eminre more miseries, ami greater far.

t MOWS auru.41 f

TIhmi nqr weak-hearted a
What MOW)

, WoL 11iat*s news indeed

Crom. Im*. that tltebdy Anne,

Whom tlie kins hn'li m senrecy lung mamed,
'lliis day was view'd lu open, as hw quern.
G«Nng Ui ohapel i and ihe voice is now
Only abiMit her aonHiiitmn

WoL 'Itutn was tlie weight that pull'd me

down. O Cnuuwell.
Tlie king has cone heviNid me. all my gloriee
In thut one woman 1 nave lust fiir ever:
No sun slinll ever uther forth mine iMNVMirs.
<>r gild amun tlie noble troops tbnt waited
Upon mv amilea. Uu. get thee fnun me, Crtau-

Well ;
i am a puor fallen man, nuwiNiliy ihiw
To he thy ItHtl and maUer : Seek the kmc ;
That sun. I |iray. may never set! I have tuld
. him (thee;

^'hat, and liuw true Umni art : he wdl advance
Some litUa memury uf me will stir hiin,
fl kuuw hiK u<»hle uuiiira.) nui to let
Thy iMifNtful service peruui t.Nt Gunil c:kiinwell.
Neglect him u.it : make ui>e uuw. and provide
Pur thme uwn future safety.

Oom () my lord.'

Slust I then kmve yon f must I needy f'»regu
So giaaUso buIiIh. and m* true a uiasler f
Bear witneaH. all tluit luivn u<i- lio iru uf irun.
With wluU a surrtiw CnaiiWMil Ihuvks Ins onl.—
11ie king aludl liavn my snrvH« : Ixii my prtiyers
For ever, and i«ir ever.sliHlt In: rours

Wol CnmiwelL I dal u»A Uimk Ui shed a tear
In all my niiMines; bu.. iImmi Uasi foro'd me
Gdt of thy hiaiesi InitU u* \Any the wuman.
Let's dry unr eves . and Uius Ikr hear me, CriNn-

well: ■
And,— when I am furautten. as I shall be ;
And sleep in dull oi»ld marble, where no mentifia
Of me OHirs must he lietml oC— say, 1 Uoght

Say. Wnlsey.— that unre Insl Ihe ways uf glory.
And aouwled all the deptlui and shoals uf hot •

Found tliee a way, uut uf his wreck, to nae in ;
A »are and safe laie. lliuugh ihy mwoer inasi'd i*.
sUrk but my fuH. au«l timt tlmi rmu'd me.
Crumwell, I oharee tliee. Ildig away amlaUnn ;
By that sin fell lli«« HiiKels : huw can man then,
1 he innnce uf ins .Maker. Ii«»pe tu win by*l !
Uive thyself last: Hiertsb thtsMi hearts that hate
CurruplioB wins imi( mure than tuaiesty. (thee ;
Still in thy rwtit hand carry aeuHe (iCMoe. (ink :
Tu silence ruvHHM uatiiuee Be lUst. and f*ar
l4it all the ends tliuu amrsl at lif tliy OMmtry't.
I'hy Uud's, and truth's; theu if thuu fidl'sl, O

Thuu fall'st a b l ia w e d nmityr. Sei-ve the king!
And,— Pr'ythee, I«m1 mr m:
'lliere take an wventury ot all 1 liave,


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(Act III

the kins ! I* then no way to core tbisi
No n«w device tu he«t this ttom his brains f
2 know, Iwill sUr lum stronfly; Yet I know

A %niir. if it uke right, in spiio of fiiituno
Will brine me off i^aio. "" - " -'—

Wbal^ this— T» Ikt

11m totter. m» I liro. with all the boainea

I writ to bit boUne»>. Najr ibea, &rawelM

I have tooch'd the bifbeat point of all nqr gveat-

And, Arom that ftiU uwrklian uf mv xlorjr,
I haate now to my aettina. I ahall fall
Uke a bngfat exhalation in Iha ereomc



Utmkr tke Dakea at Norfolk mid Suflblk, Vm

Earl of Smmf, mmi tke Lord Chamberlain
Ihr. Hear the kinic'a pleasure, cardinal : who
OMumands yua
To nadar ap the great seal presently
Into oor hands ; and to onafine yuoraelf
To Asher-house, my kird of Winchester^
TUI you hear farther Crum his highness.

Wot. Stay.

Where** yonr commisiion, kwdsf wonls cannoi
Aothority su weighty. ioutf

S^f. Who dare rruaa them.

Beanoc the klag^ will from his mouth ex-
nrrilr f [it^


a, your maUoe.) know, officMius kMda,

1 dare, and must d«uy it N'lW 1 feel

Of what ouarae metal ye are rooukled,— envy.

How eansrly ye follow my dag

Aa if it Md ye ! and how sleek

Ye appear m every thing may bring my rum

Foltow yiMir euvKMis cuuisea. men of malice .

Voo have chnstian warrant iur them, and. no

In time will And their lit rewards. That seal,
\'oa aak with auch a violence, tlie king
(Uuie. and your mastery with his owb band

gave me :
Bade lue eiuoy it. with the plaoe and hoooura.
Daring niy iil«, and. to oonflrm hn goodness,
lied il \ty leteis |Mteul : Now, who'll take it T

Sur. 'I be king, tbat gave it

WuL It most be himself then.

Hitr. Thou art a proud traitor, priest

WoL Proud kmUthoaliest;

Within these ftsty hoars Surrey dun4 better
Have bomt that ttMigue, than odd au.

Sitr. lliy ambitioo,

Tboo warfet sin. roMi'd this bewailing land
Of noble Buckmgliam, my father-in-law;
The lieads ol all iby hroiAer canliuals.
(With thee, atal all thy best paitM bound to-
gether.) [policy (
^'eigh'd mit a hair of bis. Plagoe of yoor
Yoa sent me deirtjiy fi»r Ireland :
Fur ftoni hui surcuor. fmm the king, from all
I'liat mighi liave menqr uu the (ault thou gar'at

Whilst your great goodbeaa, oot of holy pity,
Absolv'd him with an axe.

WoL This, and aUelaa

TMa talking kml can by upon my credit
I answer, is most false. 'I lie duke by law
Found hiB deaerta : b*m innocent I was
From any private malice in his end.
His noble jury and firal caoar can witness.
If 1 lov'd many wtmls. loni, 1 slMwld Ull yoa,
You hare as iitlle honesty an luwour ;
I'hat I m the way of loyally and truth
loward ths king, my ever luyal master

Dare mate a seonder Baa thi
Aud aU that love has fuUiee.

Sur. By aifaeal,

Yoor long coat, p n se t , pnileels yoo; dtea

My swoid i' the liiiB-blood of thee elee.-lfy

Osn ye endore to beer thia arrogance f

And Arom thia feUowI If we live thua tamely.

To be thus jatled by a piece of i

Farewell noliility : let lua araoe go Ibi

And dare us wiihhis cap, like larks.


Is poisoa to thy stomach.

mt. Yes. fht tf goodness

Of gleaning all the laiid's wealth into one.
Into yiMir own handa, cardinal, by extortaai ;
I'he gouduei« of your intercepted pecketa.
You writ ut the pope, against the king : yoor

Since you provoke me,shaU be nadt notenooB.—
My kml of Norfolk, as yoo sre truly no"'-
As yoo respect the commoo ^ood, the s
Of oor despis'd nobilitf , oar iseoes.

Who. if he live, wiUsearee be|

Pnaloce tiM graod earn of his a

ColhMted from his lUe i-lll stanle yoo

Worse than the SMVing bell, whea tlM browa

Ley kfawmg in your arms, lonl canlinal.
WoL How much, metbinka, I couU debase

But that I am Imond in charily agaiast it!
Nor. Thoes artielea, ny kird, are in the kin|>

Bat thus much, they an foal oaee.

WoL Somoehfoirer.

^ud spiitlesit Khali mine iaaoceoce arise,
Wheu the khig knowa my truth.

Stir. Thia cannot save yoo:

I thank my atemory. I yet remember
Some of theee articlea ; and out th^ skaU.
;Now. if you onn bluali. and cry fuil^r, cardinal,
Youll abow a liUle honesty.
' WoL Speak ca,8ur;

I dare your worn ol^iectioos : if I hi ash.
It is to see a iMibleBuui want mauaefa.

d^. I'd mther waal iboae, thaa my heed.
Have at you.
Fiiat, that withoot tks k*Mg% aseaat or know-

Yoo wrought to he a locate : by which power

Vn*i maim'.l ilia ■••na.liMtwm nt all h»«liiiiia

You maim*d the junsdKXMm of all barttooa.

^or. Then, that in all yoo writ to Rome, or
To foreign pnaoea. Afo rl X^ awMS ..(*.!■*

Was sUll inscnii'd ; iu which yoo bfooghi the
To be yoor ssnrant [king

anf. I'hen, tiiat. without the knowledge

Either of ktaic or coaucil, when yoo went
Ambassador to the empenir, yoa made bold
To carry mto Flaadeia the crsat aeal.

Stw. Item, you asnt a large oommissiou
To Orsgoiy de Canealis. to conclude.
Withoot tlie king's will or the stated aUowance,
A league between hia lughneas and Ferrara.

Aff. That, out of mere ambitioa, yoo hava
Yoor hdhr hat to be atamp'd on the kingli coin.

Ar. liten, that yoo have aeat inanawrabla

aohstaace. (sclsace,)

(1^ what means got, I leave to yoor owa eoa-

1 o Airaisb Aoaie. and to ptepara the ways

Yoo have for dignitiee : to t" ^ '-

Of all the ki^rtow. Many
Whwh, rince they are 'if yoo. ai
1 wdl not taiat aqr Booth wilk



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f Aci

Act hi.]


A iptoMjr LoUMru ; Md not wbotoMOM to
Oar naiMi. that she •hookl lie i' th« botom of
Oar hunl-nilad kinv. A«bid, there is sprang ap
An haiMiok. aa sroh om. Omnnier ; ooo
[futh crawled into the fkvoar or the king.

And is bis onMle.


Suf. \ would, twere somechinf that «
thfi Btnnff.
The omter-oanl of Us heart 1

EHUrtht King, rtmibio aaektihile; and Lovell.

Suf. The kinr, the king.

K. Uem. What pilae of wealth hath he aocunio-

latcd [hour

To h». own portion t and what expense hf Uie

SeeiDk to flow (rmu liiiu t Huw, i* tlie name of

Okies he rake this tocether f— Now, my lunb ;
Saw jroQ the cardinal f

Sor. Mf lord, we have

Stood here nhserrinf him : Stmie strauxe rommo-
b in his bmin : be bites h« lip. and starts; (twn
Slops on a sod<len. looks iipim tlie gniund,
'Chen, lays his fli«er on his temple ; atfai^t,
Sphno (Hit into nisi knji ; then, stops axam,
Stnkss kia breast hanl ; and anon, be ensU
His eye a^caiwa the iniKMi : in muet atrange poe-
We hare seen hiiu set bimeelf. Ctun

K-HoL It may well be

There ia a mutiny in his mind This morning
Aipen of stale lie eent me to prruse.
As 1 leqoir'd : And. wot yon whnt I roand
lliereT on my cunscienoe. put unwittingly I
Pbnuoth, an wvenUiry, thm inipi>rting,—
'llie eeveral paroola of his plate, his treasors,
Rioli stuA, and umuntfut* uf huuaehold : whksh
I dud at such prood rate, that it oul-speaks
PusBBssiun of a aubiect.

Nor. U^heavwaiswiU;

Some spirit put this paper in the packet
To hiees jroor cje withal.

K. Hen. If we dkl think

His oontemplatioa were shove the earth.
And fix'd on spiritunl <«bjecl. he should still
I>»ell lu his mosin^s: but, I am afrakl,
Hm thiukiiixa sre lieJ<fW the muou, nut worth
Hie senous onisidennic.

{Ux tukta ki$ trat.mmi wkttpen Lovell, tsto
yoetto WohH7
WoL HenTen forgive me I

Ever God Mess yuor highnees I

K. Am. Good my lonl.

Tou are full of heavenly stuff, and bear the in-

Of Toor best graces in your mind ; the wfaieh
Yuu w«rB n«iw luiminc o'er; you liave scarce
To atonl from spi iiual tifiiars a brief span (time
Tit kaop ytiur earuiiy Mnaii : Sure, in that
I (JfMini y<Hi an ill husliand : and am glad
'J't» h ive yuu ihenun my ounipaniiai.

Wot. Sii

Fur iii4y iifBeee I lutve a lime : a tilne
To UuiiK upiMi the part uf busineie whksh
1 bMur i' Um stale : and nature dtiee require
ll«r tiiiiee uf preeenrattun. which, perforce,
I. iter fnail euo. aniuugst my brethren mortal.
If «Mi cire uiy tewlanee to.
if Am. Yon have said welL

WoL And ever may yoor highaesM voke toge-
Ae I will latKl yuo cause, my dutng wall [ther,
Wnh my weU-eayingI

And *lis M kind of nond
Aad jrrt wwrJs an mt

Tie well said Mmhi ;
deed.tosav weU: Cfott:
• deeds. Uf tehsrtoVd

He sai'l, he did ; and with his deed dM crown
His won) uptm you Since I had my ofBi«.

I have kept ynu nest mv heart : have not alone
E«bployM yoo where hish profits might comt
But par'd my prssent havmga, to bestow [home.
My hountiee upon yuu.

WoL What should this meanl

iraaae this business I [JUUa.

Have I not made >oo

T le state 7 1 pray roo, tell me.

If innoe, you have niond trne :

A ieeBit,say wifhaL

II us. or no. What say yon T

I, I confese,yuar myal graces.
^ f, have lieen nw ire, than ooold

M riMiiiite ; which went

B dcMVouri :— my eudeavows

h sh«>rt of my destrss,

y lilitiee: Mine own eiads

H that evermore they pointed

T nioet sacred perauo, and

T ite. For year rreat

H IN- nndeserver, 1

C .^ but allegiant thanks;

Mv prayers to heaven for yoo : my loyalty,
Whicli ever has, and ever shall be growinf ,
TM death, that winter, kill iL

K Htm FtMy
A loyal ami obedient sobiect is
Therein illustrated : The honour of it
Dues nav the act of ft : as, i' the cuntnuy,
I'he foulnees is the ponishmenL If

lliat, aa mv hand has upen'd boauty to yoo.
My heart urupp'd love, my power min'd 1


On yoo. than any ;— eo vour hand and heart,
Voor brain, and evenr tanetkm of yoor power.
Should, notwithstaiidinf that your bond of duty.
As 'twere in love's particular, he mors
I'o lue. yoor Aiead. than aqy-
WoL » ~v i^ f^^

That fi»r yoor highnees' good I ever lahour'd
More than nine own— that am, have, and will be.
Though all the worid stiould crack their duty to

And throw it from their soul ; though perils did
Abooud, as thick as thought coukf make tiiem,

Appear in ibrms more horrid : yet my doty.
As doth a rock against the chalinff i1<km1.
Should the approach of this wikl river break.
And stand onsbaken yours.

K Hen. Tie noUy spoken :

Take notice, lords, he lias a loyal breaat.
For yoo have aeen him upent— ilead o'er this ;

[Oivh^ hum pcpert.

And. after, this: and then to breakfast, with

What appetite you have. . ^

lExit King, /iromnoig u/tom Cardiiuil Wolsff :

tAe No bles tkn$v qfUr htm, tmiUty^ and mkt^

WU^ What should this mean 1

What sudden angor^ this? how have I reap'd ill
He parted frowninf^ fhMO me. as if ruin
Leap'd from his eyes : So looks the chafed lion
Upon the daring huiiunoan that has gall'd him :
Then makee him nothing. 1 must read this
I fear the etory of hia aiuter— Tis so ; [paper :
This paper haa undone me :— Tis the acooont
Of all that world of wealth I have drawn to-
gether [dom.
For muie own ends; indeed, to gain the popn
Aad fee my fheods in Rome. O negligence.
Fit for a foul to &11 by 1 What ctom devil
Made me pot this mam secret in the packet


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

^ ^ 620_


I'o make a ae«fnly answer to racfa
Prar. do my wrrioe to his majeeqr

He haamv heart jret; and shall ha , ^ - ,— .

While I shall hare my life. Come, ravereod fti-

I have my prayen,


Uentow your ooonaels on me : she now bega.

Hial litUe thoaght, when she set footiaff heiv,

She should have booght her digniUee so dew.

SCKNE a — iUte^teeiter/e Ift* long's 4^arf-


ICfKcr iht Duke of Norfolk. Ou D^ke of SaSuIk.
Ms Euri uf Sorrsy, oMi, tim Lard Chamberlain.

Vor If yoQ will now unite in your complaints
And furne them with a coostancy. the cardinal
Cannot stand oitder tliem : If you utiiit
"W^ oAhr of this time, I cannot promise,
But that you shall sustain some new dngraoes.
With tbeae you bear already.

Smt. I am juyftal

To meet the least oonrtt :.. that may give me
Kemembranrc i»r n.tr ^iher-m-law, the doke,
To he reveits J •.. :. .:i

SHf, Which of the peers,

Have OMDC'ru.tt d Kune by him. or at least •
Strangely nealected T when did he regard
'Ilie «amp of nobleness in any person.
Out of hmiself f

Owm. Mr lonls, you speak your pleaeorss :
What he deserves of you and me. I know;
What we can do to him. (though now the ihne
Otves way to n^) I much fear. If you cnnuot
Bar his aooess to the king.- never attempt
Any thhig on him ; for be haib a witoberaft
Over the king in hai tongue.

Nm, O. fear him not ;

His spell in that is out : the king hath Ibaud
Matter against him. that Ux evf^r mnrs
llie houey of his language. No, he's settled :
Not to come oflC in his d«>le3tf ure

Skir Sir.

I shonkl be glad to hear such news as this
Once every four.

Vor. Believe it. this is true :

In the divorce, his ouotniry prucoediugs
Are all unfolded ; wherera he appears.
As 1 ooukl wish mine enemy.

fihir. How came

His praotioes to light!

»ij. Moat strangely.

Sw. O. bow. how T

Sinfk The eanlinal^ letter to the pope miaear-
ned, (taad,

And came to the ey# o* the king: wherein was
How ihsi the cardinal did entreat his holinew
I'o stay the judgment o' the divorce ; For if
It did lake place, i do, quoth lie, percmm
Mf kttnf u iangitd in qfeclnm to
A ertanae of fAe 0Men?«. My Anm BuOol

Sur. Has the king this T

Suf. Believe it.

«W. Will this work!

QhoNi. The king in this perceivee him, bow he

And hedges, his own way. But in this point
All his tncks founder, and he brings hw physick
Alter ha patient^ death : the king already
Hath manied the fiiir lady.
Ar. 'WooldhehadI

3^: Maf yoo be happy in your wish, my kand !
for, I piuleSM, you have it.

efar, Nowallmyjoy

Tcaoe tlM OM^anctiaa ! - -




(Act IH

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