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Ncr. AU

Sitf. There% order given Ibr her ooroaatioaL
Manry , this is yet but yoonir, and nay be left
To aome ears onreounnted —But, my lorda.
She ia a galhint creature, and complete
In mind and featu re : I persuade me, from her
Will (all some blessing to this bnd. whnh abaB
In it be memoris'd.

Sur. But. will ibe king

Digeet this letter of the canlinal'^r
The Lord Ibibid I

Nor. Marnr, amen 1

A/. No,no;

There be more wasps that busi aboot his nose.
Will make this sting the suoner. <^"<Tnil Ouu-

Is stolen away to Rome : hath te'en no leave ;
Has left the cause of the king unhaodlcd : aai
Is posted, as the agent uf our canlinaJ,
To second all his ploL 1 do asaure yoo.
The km; ory'd. Ha f at this.

Cham. Now, God inoaoea hin.

And let him cry. Ha. louder 1

Nor. But, my locd,

When returns Crunmer!

Suf. He w retum'd, m his opinions ; wbidi
Have satisfted the king for liiM divnroe.
Together with all famooa oiillefee
Almost in Christendom : shortly. I believe.
His second marriaxe ah«ll lie publish d, and
fler ounaiation Kattmrine no more
Shall be call'd. queen ; but piinoeisi dowager.
And widow to pnnoe Arlbnr.

Ser. This same Cranmrr^

A worthy follow, and hath te*en much paw
In the king^i buaineas.

Ajr. He has; and we shall see Un

For It, an archbishop.

No?. So I hear.

AiT. Tissa


jBalrr Wolsey entf CromwelL

iVor. Obeerve, obeeive h e% moody.

WoL The pocket, Qrumwell, gave it yoa the

Crom. Ti» his owu hand, in his bedchamber.

WoL Look'dhee'theinsMleof tkspeperl

OoM. Presently

He dkl unseal them : and the first he viewM,
He did it with a aerioos mind ; a heed
Was in his countenance : You, be bade
Attend him here this moraine.

Wol Is he maly

To come abroad I

Oost. 1 think, by this he Is.

WoL Leave me a while.— (£ci^ CromwelL
It shall be to the duchea* uf Aleoooo,
The French king^ enter : he sliafl many her i—
Anne Bnllen I No; I'll no Anne Bullens for Ida :
There is mora in it than fair viiMe.— Bulleal ■
No, well no Bullens — SperdilyTwieh Pmke I
To hear Arum Rome.— The marohionese of fom-

Nor. He^ disoootonted.

a^f. May be. he bean the kii«

Ooea whet his anger to bin.

Sir. Sharp eaoogh.

Uhl,forthyjustk»l rdwMbier.

WoL The late qoeen^gMitWwoiMM: akiutht'b
To beber nustrsss* mistrees I the qaeenvqaeea I—
This candle barna not dear; 'tie I mast sovlT it ;
Then out it goes —What though 1 kaow ber nr*

And well desMTMrT yet l-koow bet fur.

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{Ami Mr


lenriet to hia tw4$KAfUod foa.)

I. wiMre oil

B Bot hf Uw way <if t

Totwat that boooor every cimd tonfae bleani:
Nor te betmy y oo any way t<> anrrow ;
Too have too mac4i. soad liidy : bat to know
How yoa rand mindMl m the weichiy diArenoe
•tlweeo tke kinf and you ; and to deliver.
Like free and honest men, our juaC opiniow,
And oowfiirta to yonr catue

Cm n Moat honour'd ...

My kMfd of Vork.— oat of bis noble nature.
ZmI and obeiiieaoe be stUi borp your irraoe :
Foraei^inic: like a guud man, yoar late censure
Both ef h« tmtb and bim. (wbieb waatoo Ar.)>-
Oflbia, as I do. in a sifm of peace.
His senrice and his counsel.

Q JTtik. To hetn^ me. lAMit.

My Imds. I thank you both fiir your cood wills.
f e speak hke honest men, (pnqr God, ye pnive
But bow to make ye suddenly an anewer, [so t)
la snob a point of weicbt, so near mine honoor,
(Mei« near my UCb. I (ear.) with ray weak wit.
And to such men of granty and leaminK.
la truth. 1 know not. I was set at work
Arouof luy maids: full little, Ood knows, looktait
tMier fiir each omii, or sunk buiiness
For her sake that 1 Iwve been, (lur I leel
The last ftt of my itreatness.) nod your sraees^
Let me have time, and cuunasL (u€ my dane«i ;
AhM I I am a piiur woman, friendless, hopel u es.

*" ■ " ■ t kingii hive with

WoL Madam, yon wriN« the I
Yoor hopes and friends are infinite.

Q. Miatk In Endand,

But hule tar my profit: Can nw think, lonk.
That wty Euftishman dars give me ooonself
Or be a Kanwu friend, 'gainst his kighnea^ plen-


(Though he be crown ao desperate to be h<meet,)
And live n suhjuBt T Nay. fursuoth, my friends,
I'hey that must weigh out my affliotioae,
lliey tlwt my trust most grow to, live not here :
They are, as all my other oomfurts, fiir hence,
la mine own country, kmle.

Omn. I would, yoor gmoe

Wtiakl leave yoor griela, and take my cuuneel.

<lKmtk. How. sir?

Um. Pot ynor main ennse kMo Um kiog^ pro-
He*s luving. and most grscioos; twill be moch
BoUi for yoor htmuur better, and yoor cause ;
Kur. if tbe trial oi' the law o'ertake you,
Foa*ll part away dngmo\L

W^i. He tells you rigtitly.

Q. JCslA. Ye tell me what ye wiih fJMr.boch, my
letlueyoarobrisUaneuonselT ootoponyel
Heaven ia above all yet ; there aits a Judge
lliHt no king can ourmpt.

Cam. Yoor rage mistakea os.

Q. JCsA. The man shame far ye; holy men 1

Q JGitA. Yetummeintonntlting: Woeaponye
And all such false profeesors ! Would ye have me
(If yon have any justice, nny pity ;
If ye be any thing but churchmen's habits,)
Put my stck cause mto his han'ls that hates net
Alas ! be has banish'd nie his bed alreadv ;
His Inve. tuu lona aico : I am old, my lonb.
And all the fellownhip I hold now with liim
Is only my obedience. What can happen
To me above this wretchedness 7 all your a
Make me a curse like this.

Onn. Your fears are worse.

Q. JCatk. Have L Uv'd thus loag-<let me speak
rayselC [one T
Since virtue rinds no (Hends.)— a wife, a true
A womaa (I dare say^ without vain-glory,)
Neveryet brHuded with suspwiim I
Have iwiib all my full afiectams D^im f
Still met the kuu^ T lov'd him next heaven 7 obeyM


. JIl— two reverend cardinal virtnae;
Bot onrdmal sina, and hoUow hearts. I leer ye :
Mmmd them, lur abame, my kinls. Is this yoor

TIm eonlial that ye bring a wretched lady T
A wwawm loat among re. hmghM at. aeom'd f
1 will But vnah ye> hair my nuaenea.
I knm mutm ohahty : Butaay. 1 wam'd ye:
Tate kMd. lur heaven^ sake, take heed, leet at
TiM buntett of my anrrowa fall upon ye. lonot

ITbI Mndani. thia la a mere dutmotion :
r«iM tam ibe good we otbr iaiv eavf .




t of ftiodni

foraot my prayers to auiteiit him?
And am I thoa rewarded T tie net wall, lords.
Bring me a conaiant woman to her huaband.
One that ne'er dream*d a joy beytwd his pleasure ;
And to that wimian, when site has done moat,
Yet will I add an honour,— a groat paiience.
WU. Madam, you wander from tks good we

aim at. [gidlty,

Q. Katk. My lord, I dare not make myself eo
To Kive up willingly that wible title
Your master wed me to : nothing but death
lall e'er divorce n^ dignkiee.
W9L 'Pray, hear me.

Q. KmUl 'WooM I bad never trod thjs Jslaglish
Or felt the flatierieo that grow opou it I [eurtto,
Ye have angeb' feeas, but heaven knowi^ your

What wUl beoume of me now. wretched lady T
I am the moat unltappy woman liviux.—
Alaal poor wanchea, where are now your lbr>

tunes r [To Aer Women.

Shipwreck'd upon a kingdom where n4> pity.
No friends, no hope ; no kindred weep f&r me;
Almost, no grave alhtw'd me :— Like the hly.
That once was niisirees of tlie field, and 'fli»ar>
m bang nqr bead, and pertsk. [ish'd,

WoL If yoor graoe

Could but be brought to know, oor ^nds are

honest, (lady,

You'd feel mora comfort : why should we, good
Upon what cauae, wrong you I alasl our pUoes,
'IlM way of our pnifessioB is against it ;
We are to cure such sorrows, not to sow them :
For goo dne ss' sake, cunsaler what you do ;
How you may hurt youraelf, ay. utterly
Gitiw from the king^ acqomntanoe, bf this car-
'ilie hearto of princes kiss obedience, [riage.
So much thoy love it ; but, to stubburn spirits,
They swell, and grow as terrible as storms.
I know, you have a gentle, noble temper,
A soul as even as a calm ; Pray, think us.
Those we profess, peaoe-makeif, firiends,and ser-
vants, [virtues
Cmn. Medam.yooll find it ao. Yoo wrong yo r
With theee weak women'a fears. A noble apiiit,
Aa yoors was pat into you, ever easts
Sooh doubts, us felse cum, from it. The king

loves you ;
Bewara you luae it not : For na, if yoo pleaae
To iniat ua in your busineaa. we ars ready
I'o use our utiuuet studies in your service.
Q. ICslA. Do what ye wiU,niy kmls: Aiiil,pn|

fimttve me.
If I have aaed i^yself onmannerly;
Yoo know, i am a woman, hmkug wil

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Qmeen Katharine.^Yo\iT gnem find me here part of a housewife ;
I would be all, against the worn may happou. h„,^ y,,,,. ^„ ,„, g,^,,


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[Act III.

Kre a determinata regnlution. he
(1 mean the biahop) dnl reqaire a rrapite ;
Wluirein he migtil the kinx hut lurd advertiae
Whether our daosrliier were lexiMmate,
ReaRpectuw thia our inarria«e wHh the duwacer,
Soiuetiiiie our bruther's wife I'Uis reapile ihook
The boMWi of nijr ciniacieiiee. enttr'd me.
Yea. with a splittin? powrt".and nwde U» trenihle
The region of m/ l»rea»l ; which Ibir'd audi way,
That manr miizVI coiiaderinipi did thruufr.
Aad preas'd in with ihw cauti<in Firat. me-
thoaKhU ^ I. u I

heHTrii : who had
nv lutly'a wmiib,
I by me. aiiuuid
iiH. UiMU

J : ftir her male iaaae
nade, or ahurtiy after
em: Hcnoe I tu«k a

le : Uiai my kin^dmii,
)*ihe world, iditiald tioC
llien folluwi, that
It my reaJiiw Htuod in
d Uwt cave to me
'hua hulliuKE in
leunu, i did Ktti«r
reupua w«i are
r; liiat'a to aay.
cienoe^— which
hI yet mit well,—
I ot the land,
1. 1 beipui in private
L»ln : yoa reiiiemlier
I did reek.

£m. Very well, my liege:

K. Hen. I have spoke loog; be pleaa\l youivelf
to say
How far you satisfied ne.

£m. So please your higfmem,

lliis qneetion did at first so stagger me.—
Beaniig a sia'e of muchty niomeul ia'i.
And cuuTCqneiice of dread,— that 1 omimittea
Tlie dannrvt couiwel which I IiihI, to duolit ;
And did t-ntrent your highness lu this courw.
Which you are ruuuing here.

JT. Hen. 1 then nMtv'd you,

My loid of Caiilerbury ; and got your ^eave
To make this preaent samiiuHM :— Unaolmiied
1 left no reverend person in this court;
But by part icu ur oouaent preoeeded.
Under your huuds and mnm. Therefore, go on ;
For no dnhke iMie world Hgiuiuit the peiaoii
Uf the good qn«^ii. im the siutrp thorny pomta
Of my alleged reasoiui. dnve tliw forward :
Pruve but our lUMniage hiwful, bv mv lila.
And kmgly dignity, we araotMiteiHed
To wear our morui Ktale to route, with her.
KaUiaritte our qu«eii, before the priuiest or^uture
Thai's puragtm d o'lhe world

Ctoa. 2$o please your highness,

1'Im queeo beiiig Mbseiii. Hw a iitsedfuiriUMMn
That we adjffum t4iis aiurt till further day :
Mean while muat lie au earnest tiMiboti
Made to the queen, to nail Uick her
She intends au.o his lio.uieks

[Tkev n»^ to dfport.

K.Um. I may perceive. li«arfe.

Theae cnnlinals trifle with niu : I aiihor -
litis dilatory sloth, and itXLt^* oi K>iuie.
My Uflirn'd and well-bMiov«d sorvuut, Cranmer;
Pr'ahee. return I with thy appniuBii. I know,
M) oau&irt oomes aioiic. Break up the court:
iE»M»t in m mmr •Hkgf fittfrnL


SCEN K 1. — Pabux at Bridewell . A Roam te f«s
QueenHi AparimemL

TV Qaeen.aiaf snne «^ her Women. «< asonL
Q. Knik. Take thy lute, wencli : my siml gTt,wa
nd with truuliles :
Sing, and disperse iheiu, if thou cmiisI: leave

Orfkeug wUk Jus bUe made true*.
And the mmaUam-topt, (kat frtf»,
Aw apnuig : as sum, amd snuwers,
Tkerehadbeenalastmysinimg. ■
Evay thtm that heard him ptag.
EtientHebiUMosqf thesea.

Hung then- heads, ami then lag bf
In ssBtet mrnsk-k u such art^
KilUng care and yntj t»f heart
FiiaasktPt or, hearvifi, dm.
Enter a Uetitlemaii.
a Kath, How now f [diMala

Qad. Aut please your grace, the two great car-
Wait m the presence,
g. Kath. Would they uprndc with us 7

tfoul lliey wUI'd lue any ko. uuidain.*-
g Kath. l^uyihMrgranpB

To ouwe near. ( Bx%t Genu l VV lun caa<be tneir

With me, a poor weak woituin. fulleu from favour \
1 do not like tlieir coiuiiut. now i thiidc oa*L
They shouUl be gtaai iiieu ; ilie.r adiure as right-
Bat aU houda make uot luuuk*. (euus :
Bntier Wolaey and Cuiiipeius.
W6L Heuoe to your highness I
Q. Kath. Your graces tiial me here part <if a
hooaewu'e ;

1 would be all. against the worst may hapoen.
What are your pieaaures wii h uiv. reverend lun

WoL Miiy It pleaaa yuu, noble



Into your private chmnlier. are shall rive yuu
The full euuiie of our coming.

Q. Kath. Speak it here ;

I'hci e's nothing I have dune yet , u' my cuusciettcw,
Dvaerves a cunier 'Would, ail oilier wiNuen
Cotild a|ieak tliui with us fiee aaiml aa 1 Uu!
My lord*. I care u.>t. (so uiurk I aui hapfQr
Above a uumlier,) if my actions
Were tried liy every Uawue, every eye luw them.
£uvy and huae opiiiKto Mil agauutt Uieiu.
I know my life so even : If your busine«
Seek nie out. and that wiiy i wii Wifa in^
Out wiUi A buuily : Truth loves ttpui dealing.

WU. Tanla ut trga U wttnua mt»ifnl$t, ngum

Q. Kath O good, my lord, no LaMn ;
1 am uot ftuch a truant atuce mv ciauingf
As not to know Uie language I have liv'd in :
A strange tougue makea my cauae man strange.
suspKaotts; Lyot^

Pray, speak m Eiictish : liere are aome will tfiank
If you speuk truth, for tlasir poor m. strew' sake;
Believe me. she has Iwd much wnaig: l4ml ntfw
llie willug'at am I ever yet obuumtted, (diiMl
May be aliSulv'd m Englutu.

WoL Noble My.

I am aurry. my mtegiity shoekl breed.


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Act 11.1


I will implora
7oar ■

if Bql::4'.UM name of Ood,

Yon bare her*, Indy,

,__- ioe.luiea * ^..^ —

liar intearii

Tear pleiMore be ftUfiU'df

(And of roar choice.) these reverend frUiera;
Of lincular inteiritj and learning, [men

Yea. the elect of the land, who are aMeonbled
To'pleail yuur canee: it shall be therefore

Tha^ loufer you desire the court ; as well
Tbr jniur own quiet, as to rectify
What is anseUled in the kinf .

Cam. His|n«oe

Ha'.h spoken well, and jostljr ; Therefore, madam,
ItV fit this nqral seMSion do pnioe«Ml ;
And that, witlMtut delay, their aryuBients
Be uuw prodoe'd, and heard.

Q. KdUk. Lonl cardinal,—

ToyoQ I speak*
WoL Your pleasure, madam T

a JQtfA. Sir,

I am about to weep ; but. thinkiug that
We ars a queen, (or kjua huve dream'd so,)

llie daughter of a king, my drops of tears
ni turn to narks of fire.
Wol. Be patient yet

Q. Katk I will, when yuu are humble; nay,
Or Ood will punish nie. I do believe.
Indoc'd by potent circumstances, that
You are mine eueniy ; and make my challenge,
Youjihall mit be my judge : for it is you
Have blown this ouui betwixt my lonl and me,—
Which God's dew quencli I — Therefore, I say
I utterly abhor, yea. irom my soul, [again,

Refhse you Air my judae : whom, yet once more,
1 hold mf most iiinlicious (be, and think not
At all a Ariend tu truth.

WoL I do profess.

You speak not like yourself; who ever yet
Have stood to cliMniy, and diaplay'd the efllMJta
Of disposition gtsntle, and of wiadfm
Overtopping woman's power. Madam, yon do

me wrung:
I hare nn spleen against you ; nor injustice
For you, or any : Ih*w fiir 1 have prooeeded.
Or bow far further shidl. is warranted
By a aommisaiaa from the ounsisUMry, [me,

Yml the whole coiisiBtory of Rome. You charge
That I have \Auwn ihis coal : I do deny it ;
Tha king is present : if it be known to him.
That I gaintny my deed, how may he wound.
And worthily, my (klMfhuud 1 vea. as much
As you hiiv« dtfue 4iiy troth. But if he know
That I iim Tree of yuur report, be knuwi,
I am iMii of your wrong. Therefore in him
It bee. to cure me : and the cure is, to
Aamove' these thoughts from yon; the which

Hie higlimMs shall speak in, I do beeeech
You. graciouit iiiadara. to unthink yuur speaking,
A id to aay so no iiu»re.

Q Kmth My lonl, mr lonl.

1 Am a simple woman, much too weak
To oppoea your cuntting. You are meek, aad

hamble-nluuth'd ;
YiM sign your pUice ami calling, in full seeming

ith fitAekuoss ami hamiUty ; hot your heart
Is cnuiiiu'd Willi umi^mocv. upleen. and pride.
Yuu have, by fbrtune, and bis lughness' fMVours,
OiMIe- slMhily o'ir low steps; and u<»w sre
'•'t- mounted •« (words.

Where powers are your rstainerl : and your
Umiesrita.>ii you, seriM yuur will. as*t please
Yoursalf firohuuuoi' ibvir uAov 1 mu^ tell you,


You tender more your person's honour, than
Your high professKW spiritual ; That aaaiu
I do refuse you for mv judge ; and here.
Before y<»u all. appesj unui the pope,
To bring my whole cause 'fore his hoUneas,
And to be judg'd by him.

iSke curemt to the King, and offers to depart.
Cam. I'he queen is obstinate,

Stiibbum to Justine, apt to aocuae it, and
Disdmnfol to be try'd by it ; *tis not well
She's going away.
K. Hen^ Call her again.
Crier. Katharine queen of England, coma into

the court.
Or^. Madam, you are call'd back.
Q. JQitA. Whnt need you note it? prny yoi,
keep your way :
When you are call'd, return. — Now the Lord
help. [on:

They v«z me past my patience !— pray you, paiw
I will not tarry : no, nor ever more.
Upon this business, mj appearance make
In any of their ooorta

' " Queen, GriAth. and her oAer

fi21 \

Go thy ways. Kate:
il, who shall report he naa
m in nought be trusted,
I that : Thou art, alone,
I, sweet Kentlenees.
like, wife bfe government,—
liug.— uml tliy parts
else, could Kpeak thee out.)
liy queens: — She is nuble

Dbili^, she bus

Moet gracious nr,
I require your higlinees
vou to declare, in hearing
(or where. 1 am robb'd and

There must I he unloos'd : although not there
At once and fully satisfied.) whether ever I
Did broach thw busofess to yuur highness ; or
Laid any scruple in your way, which might
Induce you to the question ou't T or ever
Have to yuu,— but with thanks to God Aht such
A royal lady,— apiike one the least word, niight
Be to the pnyudice of her preeent state.
Or touch of her good person I

K. Um. My lonl oanlmal,

I do exoose yon ; yea, upim mine honour,
1 free you froiii't Yuu are not to lie taught
That you have many enemies, that kuow not
Whir thef are so. but, like to village curs.
Bark when their fellows do : by some of theee
The queen w put in anger. You are «zcus*d :
But will you ht> more justified I you ever
Have wish'd the sl«*'piug of Uiis business ; nevm
Desir'd it ki bo atirr'd : but oft have hinder*d,oAp
The pua!««es made lowanl it :— on my honour.
I sptmk my ir<H>i| lonl oirdiual to this point.
And thus fni clear him. Now. what mov'd ma

I will be liold with time, and your attention :—
Then mark llie induoeineut. Thus u cmue;—

nve heed lot : .«.

My oonscieiice first reoeiv'd a teiidemess.
S<>ruple. aud prink. «« certain speeciioM ntierd
By Uie liishop of Bayiame, then Preuch mulNu«i*
Wiio had lieeahitlier sent ou the debuting \fitn.
A/narriage 'twist the duke of Orleans awl
Our datg^itar Mary: i'tlMpragress of this


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[Apt 11. . \^

A tbnamnd pound a jrear, Muiual •o|>p(tvt,
Unt of his fraot he •dUs.

Anm. I do not know.

What kind or nrr obedience I slMHild U'nder;
Mora tb«n mr au it Bnihinr ; nor my pravera
Are bill worn daly hnllow'd. nor my wihh«M
Mure worth tliau empty vanities; yet pniyrri,

Nud wishes.
Are all I mn return. 'Beeeeoh your lordship.
Vitorhsafe to speak my thanks, and my obedience.
Af from a hkiishinc handmaid to his highness ;
Whoee health, and ruyalty, I pray for.

OkMR. Lady,

I siiall not fail to approre the Mr conceit
The kins hath of yuu.— 1 have peros'd her well ;

Beauty and honour in her are ao mincled.
That ihey liave nawrtit the kinv: ami who knows
But fnim this lady may inooeed a freiii. [yet.
To luthten all this isle T— I'll to the kinfc,
And say. I spoke wiUi yon.

Anm. My bononr'd lord.

[Exit LarA Chamberlain.

Of 4 U Why. this It is; see. see I

I have been bmninff sixteen yeart in court,

(Am yet a courtier iMggarly,) wtr coukl

Come pat betwixt too early and Urn late,

Fur any suit of pounds ; and yuu, (O fiite !)

A very fresh- fish here, (fVe. fre npuu

This oumpell'd fortune f) have your mouth fill VI

Before you open iu [up.

Anm. lliis is straofe tu me.

OU L. How tastes it? is it bitter! fbny

There was a lady once, (lis an old atory.)
lliat would nut lie a queen— that would she

For all the mud in Gftypt :— Have you heard it T

ilnne. Come, you are pleasant

(ML. With your theme, I could

0*ermonnt the lark. The marohioaeas of Fem-

A thousand pounds a year I for pure reqwot;
No other obligation : \iif my lile.
That pmroiaes mure thousands : Honour^ train
Is loiHcer than his fonskirt. Bv this time,
I know, your back will bear a dudiess ;— Say.
Are yon not stronger than you were !

il«M. Good haly.

Make yourself mirth with jour particular (hncy.
And leave me out ont *Would I had no being.
If this salute my blood a Jot ; it foinU me,
To think what Joilovrs.
Tlic queen is comfortless, and we forpetfbl
In our long aheenoe : Pn^, do not deuver
What here you have heand, t4i her.

(ML. What do yon think me T


SCENE IV.-il HttU m Blaok-flran.

JBslrrTbs Verger*.
€ifter thtm^ tkt Arch-
nttmt; ^Ur km, tkt
Kiichester. amd 8ainl
Mn« PHmtl distance, jU-
^ tkt pttntf mUk the
)Wl,- Mm 7*MO Priests,

tMtH m Gentleman-
,^md mtk « Senreant
aieor, Men 7^ Gen-

tttoer p%Uar§; 9fttt

mitk short uU>fr ^^..mm f ^
m tkt ksbitt 4/ dodort;
bishop of CaiitcrtHiry <
»._!. — ,^ L4iict»lii, Lly,

Asaph ; neX tkmi, mtk
lomt m Geatleman Im

greai semi amd a oardmatt
bsm nn g eoek m tttser crot*
Usher ban-kioded,
at Arms, teormir a tUatr
ilmieu. btahMff tmo gret
/Vm. «Mfr bf ttrfe. tkt two
; 7WNvb.em

Canlinals Wulsey entf
en mtk the tmord am

wtoee. TVn eoter the Kinv eatf Qneen. ami
tUtr Tramt. The King takes pktee tmder tkt
rtotk of state: tke Two Cardinals sit tmier Mm
asjwigts. Tht Qaooa takes plact at soate dis-
taure from the King. The baliops jtlate lAon-
setvet OR eotk side tke comrt, in manner of « eem-
sit/ort ; between them, the Snihes. 7^ Lorda
sit nrxt Ike Bishops. TV Crier and tht rest of
the AUendants stand m convenient order aboni
the stave.

Wot. Whilst our commission Aram Rome is
Let silence be commanded. (reao,

K.Hrn What's the need r

It hath already puMicklr been read.
And on all sides the aothoritv allow 'd :
You may then spare that tinie.

WoL Be*tao:-Proeee4.

Scnbe. Say, Henry king of )':ugland. come into
the court.

Crier. Henry king of England, dee.

K. Hen. Here [into ccnrt.

Smbe. Say. Katharine queen of eiurlMnd.cun»

Crier. Katharine queen of Eiigbuid, Ac
I The Queen makes no answer, rues omt ef Ifr

chair, i/oesabont the ronrl, cmrnes /o tkt Kiiig.aprf
' Aneete nt his Jeet ; tl^n spraks.

Q. Kaih. Sir, 1 desire yt>u« do me right and jna-
And to bestow yonr pity on me : for (tjce ;

I am a most |ioor woman, and a stnuifer
Bom out of your diHninione : having h«re
No judge indiflerent, nor no more assurance
Of equal friendship and proceedimr. Alas. sir.
to what have I oOeiided you f what cbumi
Hath my behaviour iciven to your difpleamire.
llwt thus yon should proceed to put me olf.
And take your good grace from me I Heaven

I have been to you a true and humlile wife.
At all times to your will conformable :
Ever in fear to kindle your dwiike.
Yea. subiect to jrour countenance : gtad. or sorry.
As I saw it incliii'd. When was the hour.
I ever c«*ntnidicted your desire. [frieiak

Or roaile it nut mine UioT Or wlUch of your
Have I not strove t4i luve, iilthooKh I knew
He were mine eueiiiy ! what ftiend of mine
That had to litm dehv'd your aiurer, did I
Cuuiiuue in my liking f nay, gave notice
"' was Itoin thence dtseharg'd! Sir, call to


lliat I huve been your wife, in this obedience.
Up watt] of twAty years, and liave lieen blest
With many children by you : If. in the course
And process of this time, you can report,
AimI prove it too, against mine honour aught.
My hood to wedlock, or my love end duty.
Agaaisi your sacred person, in God's name.

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