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1'am uie away: and let ilie foul^ contempt
Shut door upon me. and so give me up
1'u tlie sharpest kmd of justice. Fleiise yon. wf,
'llie kiiig, your fother, was rep«ited for
A pnnre most prudent, uf hii excellent
Aud uiimalch'u wit and judgment: Ferdinand,
Mv fai her. king of Spain, was reckon'd one
The wnesi prince, that ihera bad reign'd by

A year before ; It is not to be qoestion'd
That they had gatherM a wise council to theift
OK Avery realm, that did debate this business,
who deem'd our mainage lawful : Wb '

D eaeec h you, sir, to spars roe. till I may
Be by my (henda in Spain advis'd

whuat r

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CmL Yp*>r ffTMoa iiiiMt dmiIs Jawrrt all
■trangsrii' Uive!*,
Yua am «(» n^>le : T» jriMir hichnen' hurnl
I tewler iny oiNiiiui<«iim : bjr whiMO viittM.
{The OHirt of Ruinti ramiiiKUHimtt)— y<Mi. my laid
CMtlinal iiT York, mhs ^inuM wi li me their wmuit.
In tiM niipartial jnlauc of tliM hu«iiie9i

K. Mm. Two equal men. The queen shall be
Furthwifii. fi»r wlutt yon oime:— Where's Gar-
d<u«r f

WoL 1 kittiw. yinir mi^eery has alwnys )af*<i bar
So dear m h«»:irt. mit to denv her tliat
A wooMn of ItiM place might sak by law,
Sefanlnra. alUiw'd ireety to anne for her.

JC Htn. Kj. and ilie best. she shall have; aai

my iHvour

To hfantha^diies heat; God fortiid else. Canlinal,

Pr'ythoe oall Gardiner to me. ma new aeorelary :

I And him a Ht fellow. [Asl Wdssy.

tU-atkr Wobey, wUh Gardiner.

WoL Give me Tour hand : much joy ami fiivonr
Y«Mi are the kiurs now. (to yon ;

QaM, But to be commanded

Fur ever hy yiHir fnioe. whoae hand has rais'd -me.

K. BoL pMiie lulher, Gardiner.

Cam. Mylonlof Yoik. wiiMiKitonedoatnrPaae
In this nia#'ii phme betura liuu f

WbL Yea,hewaa.

Osm. Ww lie nut lield a learned man T -

Wol. Yes. surely.

Cam. Believe me. there's an iU opinion spread
Evan i»r yourself, kml oaidmaL [then

WoL Howlofmel

Ovei. 1*hey will not stick to mj. you envied him
And feannK he would ri»e. lie waa so virtuous.
Kept him a i'of«ini nian utill ; wliicJi sogriev'd him.
'Iliat lie nut mad. and died

WoL HeHVeii'M pence be with him t

That's christian oare efiooxh : for bviuff mur>

Theie'k pluose of reb«tke He wne a fool .
For he would needs lie virtuiMui : 'I'halguod follow.
If I oumiiwiid him. l«»llows my appointment:
1 will hMW none so near ebe Leant tins, brother.
We live im4 to lie anif'd Iw meaner pemaiB.

X. ikm. IMiver this witli modesty to the queen.
{Ejot Gaidiner.
The moei convenient pbwe that I can think oif;
For audi receipt of leamim;. is Blaok-Fnars;
There ye itlmll meet ;«bi>ut thai weighty business:—
Mv Wohwy.^ Moe it funusli'd.— O my lord.
Would it.uti «rMVij an able man. to leave
8u eweet .*i Itediellow f Bui, ciaMOienoi

aniniMM -
<>, *tia a teialttr pUoe. an<l I nuui leave her



in"— ila Anf'i%amfitr m th$ Queen's

EmUt Anne Butlen ai^l am old Lady.

Amm. Not for tliat neither:— Here*4 the peng
that pinnlMH:
Hm hathaeas having liv'd so Iihw with Iter : and
tto giiod a lady. Umt no ton^UM oi itd ever [she
Pr^ia«Hinee dwhooour of liur,— by my Ufo.
She never knew harm-duiiK ;— O now, aAer
So many ooursas of the sun enthrutt'd.
Still gniwing m a maisst y aial piNnp.— the whieh
To leave is a thott<«aud-fold mure latter, than
TIP eweet at flntt tn iM«|uire.— after this pr>ioasa,'


Tofiveherthenvanot' it is a pity
Would move a monster.

Old L. HearU of mi«t hard t

Uelt and lament for her.

Ana^. O. God's will ! much better,

She ne'er had known pomp : tliougli it be teu*

Yet, if that quarrel, (iirtuiie, do divorre

It from the bearer, 'tis a sutferanoe. panging

As eixil and body's severing.

(HdL Alan, poor haly!

She's a stranger now a^a il

Anm So mouli the more

Hunt pity drop upon her. Venly.
I swenr. Tilt better Ui be lowly t>int.
And rjnge wii|i humble livers m nat ent.
Tluin to be iierK'd up hi a gliater ik^ grivi
And wear a gixdeu sorrow.

OU U Our ouiiteut

Is our heat havin«

Awte. By my trnth, and naidrahead.

I wooM not be a qoeeit.

Old L Benhrew me I wonkl.

And venture maidenhetid fi>r*t; and so w«iukl y'»n,
Fur all. thin spire of your liyiNionsy :
You. tliat have sii foir parte «»f wmnan on yo««
Have too n wiiman's Iteart : which ever yet
Affected eminence, wealth soverennity ;
Which, to suy euotli. an* bless ng< : and which gif s
(Saving your miiiciug) tiie capacity
Of your soft olieveni cunscieiMW would receive.
If you might plejse to stretiOi it.

ilans. Nsy, good tniih.—

OU L. Yee. truthj and tnith,— You wouid not
^ a queen t

619 ^V

Atom, No. not A»r sU the riches under heaven.

OM X. r« strange: a three- pence lK*wed
«vunld hire me,
Old as I am. to queen it : But. I prey you.
What think you of a dudnMS I have yuu limbs
To beer that kwd of U:le f

ilaiir. No, in truth [litUe;

OldL llMm yuu are weakly made: PInckotfa
I would n«it be a young oiiunt in your wey.
For more than Musliing comes to : if ycwr bank
Cannot vouoluaife this burden, tui too weak
Ever to get a boy.

Anm. How you tlo tnlk !

i swear again. I would not be a queen
For all the workL

OldL In foith, for little Enghind

You'd venture an erobalbng : 1 myiielf
WoukI fiir CamarvoiiMhire, althimKh therv lonrM
No more to tlie crown but tliat. Lu. wlu, oiHues

Enter the Lord Chamberlain.

Ctam. Gotal momtw, ladies. Whnt wer't
worth to kMiw
lite secret of your ounfersnos /
«'*'^- . My good lord.

Not your demond : it values not your amting :
Our m ist rew' sorrows we were pit* iiig

Ckast. It was a gentle business, and beciHuiiig
'Hie acti<w of niod women ; there is hope,
AU wiU be well.

Amm. Now 1 prey God, amen 1

Cham. You bear a gentle mind, and lieavenl>

That you mav, fiiir haly
ily. aial liigl]

Follow such creatures.
Ptorceive I speak Muoerely. aial liigh nine 's
Ta'ea of vour manv virtues, the king's ui^jevty
Co mmen ds his goud opiiiion to you. and
Onse purpiiee Imnour to you no lees flowing
Than nMrnhiunM* of PeMUroke ; to whion title

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[AcTll >


For not liMtnwinK (in him. At hit aftkin^.

1 ti« ■rBhbi<'hopnc i>f 1'iiladu. thin i* purpii«'d

t Gent. I ihiiiK. jriiu have bit th« arnrk : But isl
mil rrufl. (diirnl

Thiit the kJiuuki feci the atnari of (hit? Th« car-
Will have hi» h ill. nihI the lutul full.

1 Omt. Tit woftd.

Wa am inn open here ti> argiie thia ;
Lel% thuik ID pnvate ni«ini. iExemU.

SCENE W. — AnAtUe-duptbermthePntace.

IbUer Ike Lord Chnmberlain. nadntg a ktler.

Chant. A/y lonL—lTte knhts fOtar lordtkip amt
far, »"* oil Ike carr I kod, 1 earn writ cko$m,rMUem,
ami JwmiAfd. TVy were toiam, and kondsome;
amd of Ike beet brtfd m tke north. Wkentkepwre
readf toeet oHi for Lamdon, a man ttfmt lord car-
'difm''e, bp mmmieeion, and wunn poteer, took *em
from mr: wlk Ikie rroaon, — Hie nvteter laomtd be
eerrrd he/ore n suhjrrl, ^ not before tkekima; wMcah
awpptd omr moutks, str.

1 fear he will, indeed : Well. let him have Ihem :
Ha will have all. I think.

Enter-tke Duke* of Norfolk ami SnScAk.

Nor. Well met, my Kuod

Lord rhambarlain.

Ckam. Cnod day to hoth yonr graoea.

Suf. How it the kins eniploy'd 7

Chawu I left htm private.

Fall of tad tltouchta and troohlea.

Nor. What's the cauae f

Ckam. It teems the niarrimte with liit brother^
Has crept loo iieur his cuiitcietice. (wife

Snf. No. hit eouaoenoe

Hat crept too near another lady.

Nor lis Ml :

Tliit it the catdinal't doinic, the kinfc-cardinal :
That Mind pri«*ci. like the eldett ton of fiirtnne.
Tarns what he litis. 'Ilie king will know hmi one
day. [ehie

8nf. Pray 0«id, he do ! hell never know himaelf

Nor. How holily he works in all his busineti I
Andwrth what zeall For now he bat crack'd the
leiigue Tnephew,

Between u« iiiid the rmperor, the uneriri gnat
He dives in'o tne knit's soal ; and iheru tcattert
I)nnfert. doulitN. wrincinc of the oi>iutcienoe,
Feart,aiid ilctiHiirt. and all ibeae for hit niarriafa :
And out of all these, to retture the kinic.
He nounteU a divorce : a lots of her.
That, like a jewel, hat hunc twenty years
About hii> neck, yet never luet her luttre :
Of her, that iov«» him with llial ezcellenoa
Ttiat umceli hive Kood men with : even of her
lliat. when the in«at«st stroke of fortune fidla,
Will blew the kiiix : And is not thia ooarM pioat T

Ckam. tfeavt-n keep nie from such counsel 1
Tit nnsit I rue, (the^^

Tbeae news are every whore : every tiingae spesks
And every heart weept for'l : All, that dare
Look into these aflairt. see this iimin end,—
The French king's sitter I H«aveu will one day

Th« kinff t eyea, that ao long have alept upon
lliit bold ba '

Nor. We had need pmy,
And heartily, for our deliveranre ;
Or ihit impenout man will wurk ut all
Prom pnnoea into pagee; all men's hononra
lie lu \nm lump iwlitre him, Ui tie fasliion'd
Into what pAch he pleafsa.

And tna us from bit slavery.


For me. ay Ionia,

I kive him not nor fear him ; there t mv cned :
At i am made without him, to 1*11 stmiu.
If the kiuK please : his curses and his hlenino
Touch me aUke— they are hniMtli I not lielieve la.
I knew hini, and 1 know liim ; so I leave Inm
To him that mnde htm proud, tlie pt»i>e.

Nor. i Let's in:

And with mime other bnsinem, put the kinc
Prom these sad ihuiighis.tha' work too much u|ina
&ly hinl, you'll lieur us oompMuy f [him ;

OWtni Fjicose me ;

llie king hath sent ;ne other-where : liaMdna,
You'll fiinl a mutt unlit time tu disturb lum :
Health t«i your lordtliipo.

Nor I'bimkt. my good hrnl chnmberlam.

{BxU Lard ChambarialM.

Norfolk opent a /oUH^-door. Tke King i* tfttre-
tererf eUUng, and reading pensneff.


Suf. How tad he Inokt t Burt,lie it much afllicted.

K.Hen. WboiaUiere? ah!

Nor. 'PrMT God, be be not angry.

K. Urn Wbo't there, 1 tayf How dare ytm
thrust yourselves
InUi my private mediUUous ?
Who nm ir ha I

Nor. A gracioot king, ihai pMnlont all oflenceii.
Malice ne'er meant : our lirearh of duty, tbis way.
It butineat of estate : in which, we come
To know yoar royal pleatora.

JT. Hen Yoa are t«Hi hoM ;

Go to ; ril make ye know yonr times of Imimm^ :
la this an hoar for t«m|ioml adkini I 1m i—

Enter Wolaey and Cainiieiwi.

Wbo'a thare? my good lord ainlinulf — U ua
Wdbey. • ^

The quiet of my wounded nunadence,
Tboa art a cure fit for a king.— You're welcome,
Moat learned reverend sir, into oar kinxdom ;
Use us, and it :— My good lofxl, have great otre
1 be not foami a talker. [To Wulaay .
Wol. Sir. yoa c *

I would, your gmce would give na bat an boor

We are busy ; go.
irfblk and S

Of pnvute c

(7b Norfolk a _
Nor. Thit priett bat no nride in him T
SuT. Not to speak of;

I wonkl not be sosrJc though, for his place:
Bat thia cannot contmoe.

Nor. If it do,

111 venture one heave at him.
Suf. I another.,

{Exeunt Norfolk'aarf SoflUk.
TVbf. Your ttrace has given a precedent of wia*
Above all princes, in committing freely (don
Your scruple to the viaoe of CbrisieiMliMii :
Who can he angry now I what envy reach yoa f
The Spaniard, tied bjr blowl and Aivoor lu hor.
Must now confess, u they have any goodueta,
I1ie tnal just aial ii«ible. AU the derka,
I nNMU, the learned ones, in clinsiiiui kingdotna,
Have their free voines; Rome, the nuraa ofjudg-
Inviteu hy your nolile self, liatli sent (moat.

One general lomcue unto us, this good nan,
1'hit just and learned pnett, CHnCnal Caapeiua;
Whom, once more, 1 preseul imto your tugnneaa.
K, Hen. And, once more, in mine anna I lot
him welcome.
And thank the holy conclave for their lovea :
Tbey have sent me tuch a man I would itovo •
wadi'd Utr.


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That triok o( tUtt


lOenL At hi! .

NodoQM,h«wiUrequitait. lliis is notad,
iJKl fcenrrmlly ; wb«iever the lUng Aivoara.
The ONudiiMl iiwtantly will find emplayaieiit.
And hr enoofrh frmn ciMirt tou.

2 Gmt. All th« oomm

Hate hiiB paroictoosly. and, o* my ounaoianoe.
WMh him tan fiuhuiii detsp : this dnke as iiuich
Tbqr knra ami dii'e ini : call him bouuietxiM Bock-
Tbt mirror uf all oourtesjr ;— tliiffluun.

1 OatL Slay thern, sir,

Aad saa the mible miii'd man yuo speali «•£

JMrr Bockinf ham /rtm
stavra before Mm; the a

BtKk. Nnr.arNicholM,

Let it aktne ; my atate now will iHir mock me.
When I oune hither, I was lord hifh onostable.
And duke of Buckinitham ; now, puur Edwnid

Yet I am richer than my haae anmaera. [it:

That never knew what truth meant : I now aeai
And with that bltiod will make them one day

Ht noble father. Henry of Bockinchara,
Wlio ftnt raw'd liead atraiust usurping Kiohanl,
Flyini: fur surcnur to his iiervHiit BMiiittsr.
BeiUK distiMa'd. whs by that wrecli betniy'J,
And withiMit trial ffll; G<mI*s pmire be with html
Henry the SeTenth suonmMiinv, truly pHyiuf

»-:- ■ . . »ri_ rumry lav ooTenui suonMMiinir, iniiy myiu

JTiJ^y TZlS^iiJ^ **y fiulier-ta loss like a im«t myal prinne.

im!^ iHL^fr'vuZ^ "•■'"'''d "»« «" my htaiutirs, aiwl. out »if mi

llol «/ iii-«. Km^ •'■^ ""y """•«* ""** ■»•»'« >a»We. Now hi

ox, 9r William sanua, u«nrw u^ KMiith ufm k.»w«»r ....i»j. miwI

Lon-11. Str Nicii«*his Vaux, Sir Wdiiam iteada,

•nrf eomaiM proiMlt.

2 OemL Let's stand nloae, and behuhl him. ,

Ak*. AU good pestle,

Too that thus Air hare mme to pity me.
Hear what I say. and then gii home and loae me.
I have this dny r«oriT'd a iniitur's judfment.
And by that imnie must die ; yet. heaven near

And, if I have a ruuarieiice. let it sink me.
Even as the axe fiUb. if I be nut fniUifol!
1 he biw I hear no maline lor my death.
It hss dtioe. upon the t>reiiiises. but iusiioe :
But th«iee. that MHiiclit it, I could wi»n mora

Be what tliey wnl. I heartily f irpva them :
Yet lei tbeiii look they Kl<iry not in iiusclUHf;
Nor build iheir evils «*u tlie graves ui Krewt men ;

For then my Rud lei«bltMid must cry usmiisi them. iPray ior roe! I must now forsake ye: tlie last
KiHT furtber ullB in tb« world I ne'er lM>pf. "' * .- ^


Henry tlie Eiflith. lile, honour, nnme, and nU
lliat uimle iite Impfiy, at iioe sir^iKe lias tsknn
For ever from tlie wurtd. I luul my truil.
And. must needs say. a noble one : which makes
A little happier than my wmtnheu futher : [me
Yet thus fWr we are one in fortunes,— B<ith
Fell by our servHuis. by tbcise men we luv'd most ;
A most unnatural aial fnithlttss service !
Heaven baa an end in all : Yet. you tlint hear me,
This fhxn a dyrog ni>in reunive as oertuiii :
Where you are Ulieral of yiHir love*, and oounsels.
Be sorr, yon be not luuee ; fijr those you nu^e

And aive y«iur liearu to, when Uiey once perceive
llie bast mb in yiMir fortunes, fai! away
Like water from ye, never fliund ariun
Bat where they mean to sudc ye. All good peo-
ple, [hour

Nor will I sue. although the king buve inorcira
More then I dare make lautis. Ytiti lew thu

biv'd roe.
And dara be Udd to weep fur Bockiiurlmin.
His nubie fnenda, and falunra, whom to leave
la only bitter to bun, only dying.
Go witli me. like good angeu. to mv end :
And, aa tlie liaac oiVi*rce uf steel fails <m ma.
Make of you. prayers une sweet saoriiine.
And lilt my auul to heaven. — Lead <ni, o*Ood*s

£ee. I du b*iwech your giane, for charity,
If ev«r any malice m your lieart
Wars iiid agamst roe. now ui forgive me frankly.
AtcA. Sir llwanas Lovell. I as freely iiNfgive you.
As I vrould be forgiven : I Mgive all:
'llMre cannuC be tbuea nnmberleas
*G«iaat me. I can't make peace w

envy ^ ,

Shall make mv grave.— Commend roe to bia
And, if lie speak of Buckingham, pray, tell him.
Yoa met bim tudf in heaven: my vowa and

Yet nre the kmg^ : and, lill my soul fbmke ma.
8b«U cry Hw bl««aings on him : May he live
Longer than I iiave time to tell hii yean I
Kver belovM and loving, may liw rule be!
And. when old time shall lead bim to his and,
Gimdaaas aad he fill up one moaument !
X<eai. To the water sale I must ouoduct yoor

TlMS five my charge op to sir Nicholas Vauz.
WIm» undertakea yua to your end.

lawr. Prspare there,

llM duke is conOiW : aee. tiM barge be ready i
AjMi ftt It %nth such rhmitars, as swta
llw graa.ueM of his peraaa.

Of ny long weary hie is come upon me.
Farewell :

And wlien yoo wookl say aoroething that is sad.

i>peak how 1 IhIL— I have done : and God forgive

me I iBianmt BurJtmgbau aad YVste.

1 Osal. O. this is fnU of pity I— Sir, it calls,
I fear, toil many coisee on their heads
That were the aathors.

3 Omt If Uie duke oe gutltlaaa,

*Tis full of woe : yet 1 can nve yoa inkling
Of an eimting evil, if it tm,
Orsaierthan this.

lOtmL Good angels keep it from us!

Where mayit be r Yoo do nut doubt my faith, sir?

2 Oait. This seorat is so weighty, twill raquirt
A stnmg fhith to conceal it.

1 Geal. Let ma have it;
1 do not talk much.

2 Otni. I am confident ;

Yoa shall, sir : Did yoa not of late days hear
A buzzing, of a separation
Between tlie king and Katharine ?

\GenL Yes, but it hekl act :

For when the king once beani it, uot of anger
He sent conmanu to tlie lord mayor, straight
To Slop the ramour, and allay those tongaea
That durst diqierw it.

2 GemL But that slander, sir.

Is fiMind a truth now : ftir it grows Main
Freaher than e*er it was ; and held for certain.
The king will venture at it. Either the cawlinaL
Or aome about him ueur, have, out of malice
To the good queen, piaaees'd hun with a a
That will ondo twr : To oonftrm this Uio,
c:srdinal Camueius is arriv'd, and lately ;
As all tluuk, fur thu buiiness.

1 Oemt. Tis the ranhnal ;

Aad nerely to revenge him on Uim emperor.


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Ga |iT« them wdeooM. 70a out cpMlc Um

French umciM ;
And. pmjr, raoeiv* them nobly, and onodooc them
tntii our pruMnoe, wh«ra this heaven «»f benatj
Shall shne at (a\i upon them:— Some attend

CJSMI Chamberlain, offratfai. Attari$e,
and toblt$ remov€iL
Ton have now a broken banquet ; bat well mend
A Rorid diiteation to von all : and. once more, [it
I ahoKirer a welooroe on yon :— Wek»me alL

aamtbo9$. £mler M« VOm. ewf twHm olken, w

kabUed Hkt $liahenU,wt* »

bmrtn ; u i ktnd b^ Ike hrd Chamberlain. Thef
9am dineUt t^fon Um Canlinal. encf tnoffatlt
A noble company ! what are their pleamirae 7
Cbaai. Becanae they speak no Engliah, thai
they prayed
To tell your araoe ;— That, harinir heani by ftow
Of this so noble and so Tair naeemUy
ThMniitht to meet here, they ooukl do no less.
Out of the neat rsspect they bear to beaa^.
But leave their flodu ; ami. under your tur ooo-

Crave leave to view tlieee hMlies, and entrant
An hcNir of revels with them.

WU, Say. lord chamberlain.

They have done my poor boose grace ; for which

I pay them [pleasures.

A thoosand thanks, and pray them take their

[Ladie$ekoaem/ortkedam9. TThcKinf

rhooms Anne Bullen.

K. Bern. The fiurest hand I ever toQoh*d! O,


Till now I never knew thee. {MundL Datux.

WoL My lord,

OhoM. Your ftnce T

WoL Prmr. tell them thus monh Trom me :
There should be one amongst ihrm. by his perMU,
More worthy this place than myself: to wham
If I but kiifw him, with my love and dnty

WW. ^

I wouki surrender it.

n. I will, my lord.

(Cham. 90f$ to (ke amfmt, and ritMnu.
. Whataaylheyr

N. Such a one. thcv all confess.

There ia, iwleed ; which they woukl have y»nr

find out, and he will take it. {grace

WoL Let me aee then.—

[CoNM/rom ku $talt

8 fall your gviod leaves, gentlemen; — Here 1*11
y mval choice. [make

K Men. Ton have fiiund him. canlinal :

Ton hold a fair assembly ; vou do well, lord :
You are a churuhman. or 111 tell you. cardinal,
I should Judge now unhappily.

WoL I am glad.

Your jcrace is gnnvn so pleasant

JC Hen. My lord chamberlain,

Pr'vthee. come hither : What fiiir Imlv's that T
Cham. An*T please your grace, sir lliomas Bul-
len's dMUirhter. [i

K. Bm. I fear, loo inoeh.

WoL Thera% frsriiar anr, my lad.

In the next chamber. [partner.

IT. iim. Land in yonr hidfea, every on
I must not vet forsake you :— Let's he 1
Good my lord canlinal. I have half a


To drink to theeo feir ladies, and a measure
To lead them once again : and then lefi dream
Who% best ki Avoor.— Let the musiek kikoek it


SCENE l-AStnel
Ewkr 7Vo GenUemeo. meetiag.

1 OenL Whither away so festf

2 Genl. O.-God save yo« f
Even to the hall, to hear what shall become

Of the great duke of Buckingham.

1 OtmL I'll save yo«

That labour, sir All*k mtw done, but the cere-
Of bringing back tlie prisoner. (mooy

3 Genl. Were ynu there 7

1 GcNt Yes, indeed, was L
3 QeiU, Kray. speak, what has happen^ f

1 OaiL Yon migr guoM quickly what
3 Gou. Is he found nilty t

1 OenL Yea, truly, is lie, and condewn'd upon
3 OtnJL I am aorry for^. [it

1 OtHl. So are a number more.

3 Oenl. But pray you. how paw'd it f
I Geiil. I'll tell you in a little The great dnkn
Came to the bar : where, to his aonusatkma,
Ha pleaded still, not guilty, and alleg'd
Many sharp rpaaniis to deivat the laiv.

The viaoount Kucliford. one of her hitchnenn' wi>-

JT. Hen. By heaven. she is a Uaiuiy one.— Sweet-
I were unmannerly. Ui take vou out [hrart,

And not to kiss you.— A health, gentlemen.
Let it go roond.

WoL Sir IlKimaB Uivell. » the banquet ready
I' the privy chamber I

Jjm. Tea, my kwd.

WoL Your grace,

I fear, with dandac fe a little heated.

ilie king's aitomev. on the contrary,

UrgM on tlie exaiiiiiiutjous. proufr, c

Of dhrera witiiesaeN ; wliicli the duke desirM

1*0 him brought mm eoor. to his fece :

^. „.i.;-u ..J — ^1^ ijjp,^ jjj, rorveyiir;

S hancellor ; awl John Conn,

C ihthatdevil-munk,

That was he,
1 iprophecks7

i atrongly ; whk4i he fein

H D him. iMit indeed he cuuhl

A n this evklenre. [not :

V y of high treason. Much

\ fly. for life: but all

\ lint, or forgotten

is. how did he hear hinieelf f
Nfaa brought anin to the
bar, — to hear
His knell rung out, his Judgment— he was atirrM
With such ail aguoy. he sweat extramely.
And sometliiiig Kpoke in choler. ill. nial Iwsty :
But he fell to himself again, and. sweetly.
In all the rest show'd a moat iMible pntienoa.

3 QaU. I do na Uiiiik be fears death.

1 Geiii. Sure, he does not,

He never was ao womanish ; tlie cause
He may a little gneve at

3 Gent Certainly.

The canlinal is at the end of this.

IGnt TIs likely,

By all cmUeotnree : First, Kildare'ii auamder,
llien deputy of irsiand : who renaiv'tl.
Earl Surrey was seat thither, and in baste lotH
Lest he sImuM help bis fether.

Digitized by


f Ac




CtaaL What a loaiowr ladies

Witt have of tiMaa Inn vanitieal

Um. kf, many.

There will be woe, iwleed, lonk : the ulijr whove-

Hare giii h tpeediiw trick to lajr dawn
A French mng, nnd a fiiklle. lias oo felluw.
ami» Th* Uerii ikhUe them I I am gtoO,
they're ffoing;

Ztar. tore, tbere^ wt cnavertn« of them ;) now,
I bonect oountry lonl. as I am. Iwaten
A kmr time tMit «•}* pIht, may bnnc his plain-eoof ,
And have an btrar of beanng ; aad^ by*r lady,
HeM carrent niusiok tiw.

Ckam Well said, lord Sands ;

YoorouU's loutb is not cast yet

ami* f^o. my lord ;

Nor shall not. while I have a stamp.

Ckm. SirTbomaa,

Whither were yua a g«>*n< '

£00. To tlie cardinalli ;

Tour Ittnlsliip b a Roeat too.

Cihmi. O, *lis tme ;

This oiirht he makes a sopper. and a Kreat one.
To many loidH ami Imlies: there will be
The beauty of this kiucdom. I'll assure yon.

Lm. 1'liat cburcliniau bean a buouteiHis mind

A hand as fruitfnl as the hind that feeds as;
Hia dews fall eveiy where.

Omm. No dnnbt. he's noble ;

Be had a black nHWth. that said other <>f him.

SoMia Me may, my lord, lie has wherewithal :
in him.
SpariM woukl sliow a wnrae sin than fli doctrine:
lien ti4 his wiiy shtMikl lie nMwt hbaral,
Tbey are i«t here for examples

Chnwi. Troe, they Mre so ;

But few now <ive so «reat ones My burge stays;
Yoor lardxiiip shall along : — Come, good sir

We shall be late elae : which 1 woykl not be.
FiH- 1 WMs upoke Ui. Willi nir Henry GuiUfunl,

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