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Uesire the earl to see me in my tent :—
Yet one th*ne more, good captain, do for me :
Where is k>rd Stanley qunrter'd. do yon know f

B/wU. Unless I have mista'en bis oolouis bm "^
(WhidL well 1 am asnar'd, I have not doiMH)
His regiment lies half a mile at least
South from the mighty power of the king.

Rjchm If without peril it be possible.
Sweet Blunt, make some good means to i

wiih him.
And give him from me this most needfnl nott.

BImU. Upon my life, my lord. III undenake it;
And so. God give vou quiet rest to-n glitl

Richm. Good night, good captain Bfont. Cooae,

Let us consuii upon to mornn.

Into my tent, the air is raw and cold.

iThev wuhdram imto the temL

Bnter, to his tent. King Richard, Norfolk, RatdiHC

King Kicharu
and Catesby.

K Rich. What ist o'clock 7

Cote It's supper time, my lord ;

It's nine o'clock.

K. Rich. I will not snp to-night-

Give me some ink and paper—
What, is my beaver easier than it was 7—
And all my armour laid into my ten* 7

Oofe. It is, my liege ; and all things are in

K Rich Good Norfolk, hie thee to thy ehaiie;
Use careful watch, cliooae trusty aentinels.
Nor. I go, my lord. [NoHUk.

K. Rich. Stir with the lark to-morrow, gMi'le
Nor. I WMrmii' you, my lord. LEzil.

K. Rich Rntrlilf, ^^

Ra/. My hird 7

K Rtrh Send oaf a ptnvQiTant at arms

To SiMiiley's reeiment : bid him bring Ms power
Before sun riiting. lest his txm George fall
Into the blmd nivtt of eti>raul light —
Fill me a IkiwI of wiue.— Give me a watch :—

Saddle white Surrey for the field to-nMMTow.—
Look that my stave be sound, and not too heavy.


Rat. Mylonl7

Kiuf Rich. Saw*M thou the melancholy kwd

Northumberland 7
Rat. Thomas the earl of Sarrey, and himsali;
Much about corJt-shut time. fhNn troop to troop,
I Went through the army, cheering nptlie aoMiera.
K. Rich. I am satisfied. Give roe a bowl «r
I have not that alacrity of spint,
\ Nor cheer of mind that I was wont to have.
So, set it down.— Is hik and paper ready!
Rat. It 18. my lord.

K. RicA BmI my guard watch : leave mm.

About the mid of nigiit, come to my tent.
And help to arm me.— Leave me, isay.
[King Richard rtttrn into his tmi.
RiiiclLf and Caleshy.

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K Ac*. CoM friends to om: What do thejr in
Um north. [wastT

When they sbouU Mire their unTereign in the
S»mL lliey have not been ooaunuded, might/
kinf :
Pleueth jroor nidestjr to giro me leave,
m mmtiir up my friends ; and meet yoar grace.
Where, and what time, your iniueaty shall plesse.
K. Rick, Ay, sv. than wouldst be gone to join
with RichoMiud :
I will not trost you, sir.

Sim. Most rai^b^ sovereiica.

Yoa have no cause to hold my friendi'hip doobi-

I never was, nor ever will be false tful ;

K. RiciL Well, go, muster men. But, hear

you. leave nsbind [firm.

Your son, Georn Stanley ; look your heart be

Or else his headii sssuranoe is but frail

Slam. So deal with him, as I prove true to yoa.


Emter « Messenger.
JVssf. My Kradoos sovereifm, now in Devon-
▲s I bv friends am well advertised.
Sir Eflwanl Courtney, and the hauglity prelate,
Biehop of lilxeter, hi« elder bruther.
With many mors confederates, are m aims.

Enter (mother Messenger.

3 Me$$. In Kent, my li^^e, thh Ouilfiirds are in

And every hour more competitors (arras :

Flock to the rebels, and their power grows

Alter OMttker Messenger.
3 Mar. My lord, the army of great Boeking-

K. Rkk. Out on ye, owbl nothing but songs
of death! [He atnkee kim.

Thara, take thoa that, till thou bring better

3 JMsss. The news I have to tell vonr majesty,
Is.— that, by sudden floods and fiall of wateis,
Baekingnam's army n dispers'd and scatter'd ;
And he himself waader'd away alone,
i^o man knows whither.

K. Riek, O, I err yoa mercy ;

Thers ie my parse, to cure that Mow of thine
Hath any welKadvised friend proclaimed
Jtoward to bini that brings the traitor in T

3 JVcsf. Such proclamation hath been made,
my liege.

It with a michty power landed at Milfnrd,
Is coUer news, not yet they most be told.
K. Sick. Away towards Salisbary; whilr we
reasim here,
A royal battle might be won and Inst:—
Some one take order, Boddagham be brouglit
To Salisbaiy ;— the rest mania on with me.


SCENE V -A Room in Lord Staniey<k Hotm.

Bmter Stanley and Sir Christopher Unwick.

Stam. Sir Christopher, tell Ricliujonil this ftum
me: —
That, in the sty of this most blottdy boar,
My son George Stanley is frmiik'd up in hold ;
If I revidr. im goes youiir George^ head ;
The fear of ihnt withholds my preeent aid
Bot. tell me, wh«re is pniioely Kichmoiid now T

Oris. At Peuibruke, or at HaVford-west, lu

Stam. What men of name reeort to him T

Ckris. Sir Walter Herbert, a renowned soldier-
Sir GObert TalbM, sir William Sunley ;
Oxford, redoubted Pembroke, sir James Blunt,
And Rice ap Thomas, with a valiant crew ;
And many other of great feme and worth ;
And towards London do they liend tiieit courae.
If by the way Uiey be not fo'ight withnl.

SlOH. Well, hie thee to thy lonl ; cuiumeiid
me to him :
Tell him the queen hath heartily ooaseoted
He shall espouse EUzsiieth her dauxiiter.
These letters will resolve him of my ndiid.
FUawelL [Om* papers to Sir Chnxtopher.



8CEN EL- Salisbury. An open Place.

Alter Ike SberiflT and Guard, with Baokingham,

jWi >

Bmck. wm not king Richard let roe spedi with

Sher. No, my good lord ; therefore be patient
Back, Hsstings and F^ "- -'^ ' •- - " -

1 Edward's ohildrsa. Rivers,

4 JMsss. Sir Thoouw Lovel, and kml marqois

Tla said, my Uege, fai Yorkshire are m arms.
Bat this goud comfoct bnng I to your highnees,—
The BrstagM navy is dispers'd Of tempest;
Rirhiiiood. to Doiistshirs, sent out a boat
Unto the shnrs. to Mk those oa the banks.
If they were his assistants, yea. or no ;
Who answer'd him, they came from Buckingham
Upon his parly : ho. nnstrttsting them^
Hbisld sail, and made his course i^am for Bre-

tagne. [in arms ;

JT. Ad. Marah on, march oa,sinos we are op
If not to flfht with fMaiga enemies,
Yat to bMt down thsse rsbeb bars at bona.

CMC. Mt Uega, tlia dake of Buckingham b
takan, [nuiod

That ia tha bant news: That the earl of Rirh-


Thus Manmret's carse felh heavy on my ne
When he, quoth she, ehaU epIU lAy heart


Rtauwiber MargarH i

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[Act IV.

If aomeUuiif thun w(mlil*at swmr to be belier'd,
SwMT tlMD hf MnMtbinff that thua hMt not

tacft. Now

JCRkh. Now bf the wnrld.—

a Btu. Tis tail o( thy fool wroogt.

jr. Rirk. My tether's death.-

a Ebx. l-hy li/e hath that dMhoooor'd.

JC. RtrJL Then, by myaelf;~

QBti*. Thyself baelf-mia-iwed.

K. Rich. Why thea. by dod.-

Q. i;<u. God's wrooffie moat of aU.

If thon had'M fearM to break an uath by him,
llie onitr. the kinir thy brother made.
Had not been broken, nor my brother alsin.
If thou had%t fear'd to break an oath by him.
The imperial metaL circling now thy iiead.
Had frac*d the tender temples of my child t
And both the princes had been breatbuig here.
Which now. two tender bed-felluwa for duet.
Thy broken faith liath made a prey fiir wunua.
What canst thou swear by now 7

K. Jbeft. By the time to come.

Q. EHs. That thon hast wruoged in the time
Tor I myself hare many tears to wash
Hereafter time, ftir lime past, wrouK*d by thee
I'he children live, wliuee parents thon hast

Dugovera'd youth, to wail it in their age.
Tte parenu bve, wliuee children thoa hast

Old barren plants, to wnil it with their age.
Swear not by liiue tocotiie \ tor that thou hasi
Alis-us'd ere used, by times lU-us'd oVr-pasi.

K. Rkk. As I intend to prosper, and repent!
So thmre I in my daiigerons attempt
Of hostile arms! myself myself oHifound I
Hesveu. and fiiriune, bar me happy lioural
Day, yitsld me not thy light ; nor, nigtit, thy raat 1
Be opp(«ite all plaueia of good luck
To my proceeding, it, wiih pure heart's love,
Iiiimnooiaie devotion, holy ihouxliia.
I .tender not thy beauteous princely daughter I
In her consists my happuiei«, aud ihioe ;
Without her. follows to ngrself and ihee,
HerseU; the land, and many a cliristuui soul.
Death, desolauun, ruin, and de&iy :
It cannot be avoided, but by this;
It will not be avoaled, but by thw.
'llierefore, dear mother, [I must call yon soj
Be the attorney of my love to her.
Plead what I will be. not what 1 have been ;
Not my deserts, but what 1 will ueeerve :
Urge the necessity and state of timea.
And be not peevish found in great designs.

Q. £bx. Sball I be tompteJ of the devil thua Y

A. Kick. Ay. if the devutompt thee to do good.

g £tu. Shall I ftnget myself, to he inyseiri

K. Etch. Ay, if younelf^i remembrance wrong

Q. £t&. But then didst kill my children.
K. RaA But in your daughter's womb I burj

Where, in that nest of qaoery, they shall breed
Selvea of themaelves to ybur reouiiiforture.
Q. Elis. Shall I go win my daughter to thy

K. RidL And be a happy mother by the dee

2, Eti*. I CO.— Write to me very shortly,
you shall underhand from me her mind.


K. Rick. Bear her my uue love's kiss, and so

iKtMsinQ her. Exit Q. EUsaheth.
fUlentinc fnoL and shatUiw changing— wonuiu i
liuw now f what news I

Enltr RatcUir: Catesby /pttami^
Rat Host mighty sovereign, oo ths western

Rideth » puissant navy ; to the shore
llininr many doubtftil hollow-hearted IHends,
UiiarmU and onreaolT'd to beat them back :
1*18 thought, that Richmond is their admiral ;
AikI there they hull, eipecting but the aid
Of Buckinghiun to welcome them ashore.
K. RKk. Siane lighufoot friend post to Un
duke of Norfolk :
Ratclifil Uiyself,— or Catesbr : where is he f
Cote. Here, my good lord.
K Rich. CuteiAiy, fly to the daks.

Cmte. I will, my lord, with all couvenieat haste.
K. Rtch. RatdifT, come hither : Post to Salia-
When thuu com'st thither,— Dull onmiudfhl nl<
lain, [7*0 Catesby.

Why stay'st thou here, and go'st not to the duke f
Catt. First, mighty Lege, toll me your high<
ness' pleasure ;
What from your grace I shall deliver to him.
K. Rich. 6, true, good Cateaby ;— Bal him levy
The greatest strength and power he c
And meet me suddenly at Saladrary.
Cate. Iga tEai

RmL What, may it please yoo, shall I do al
Salisbury r (fbrelgot

K. Rich. N^ by. what would'M thou do there, be-
RaL Your highneas lukl me, 1 shoukl post

£Wcr Stanley.

K. Rkk. My mind is chang'd. -SUnley. what
news with you t [the liwiriaK ;

Stmt. None good, my liege, to please you with
Nor none so bad. but %rell may tie reported.
K. Rkk. Heyday, a riddle f neither giNal nor
bad I
What need'st thou run so many miles about.
When thou may'si tell thy tale the nearest wi^ f
Once more, wliat newst
Stan. Richmond ia oo the aeaa.

K. Rfd^ There let him aiuk, and be the saas
on him!
White-liver'd runagato : what doth he there ?
Stan. 1 know not, mighty aoveraign, but by

IT JcA'well. as you guess T [Mortuu,

sum. Stirr'd up hf Diirset, Buckfaigham, awl
He makes fi>r England, here to claim the cniwa.
K. Rick, Is the chair empty! Is the sttunl
unsway'd t
hi the king dead T the empire uaposssas'd T
What heir of Vork » there alive, but we t
And who is England's king, but great York's

Then, tell me, what makes he upon the seas ?
Stan. Uniem for that, my Uege. I cannot cuase.
K. Rich. Uuless fur that he cornea to be ytMir
liege, looetsa.

You caimot goesa wherefore the WehtlMnaa
Thou wdt revolt, and fly to him, I fisar.
81am. No, mighty liege, therefore arislmst mm

K.Rkh. Wbereisthypowertbsi«tobeMhim
Where be thy tonants, and thy fbUowere I
Are they not now npnn the western shore.
Safe-conducting the rebels from their ships *
Stan. No, my good lord, my fMends are ia the



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r Act IV.)


fi(W \

f Q.Eiu Bo brie£ lest that the prooeas of thy
' kiiHlnefV

Lm Innmr tellimc than thy kindiMJM' date.
JC Rick. Theo kntiw, that, fruin my soul. I hire
thy dauf hter. [ber soul.

Q Ekx. My dauahter's mother thinks it with
Jr. Aek. What do you think T
Q. Etis, That thou dust lore ray dauithrer,
tram thy soul ; [thnni ;

Sn, from thy si>nt's lore, didst ibon iove her bro-
AaI Arum my heart's love, I do ihaok thee fur it
K. lUch. fie not so hasty to oonfouud my meau-
I mean, that with my soul I lore thy daocbter,
Aai do intend to make ber queen of £ngTand.
Q fitts. Weil then, who dust thou wean shall

be her king T
jr. iUc^ Kven he. that makes her qoeeu ; Who

else should he I
Q EHx. What thou T
K. Rich. Even so : What tliink yon

of it. madam f
Ql Eliz. How caust thou woo herT
K. Rich. That I wouUI learn of yon.

As one beinx best acquainted with ber humour.
Q Elix. And wilt thou loMm of met
A Rich. Madam, with all my heart

Q. Etis. Send to her, by the man that slew her
A pair of Ueediiig liearu ; thereon engrave,
Edward and York; then, haply, will she weep:
Tlierefure present ti> her.— as sometime Uarnuret
Did to iliy lather, ateep'd iu Rutland's blood.—
A bandkerohief ; which, say Ui h«r. did drain
Thm purple SHp from her iiweet brother's body.
And bid her wipe her weepinir eyes widial.
If this ludiioement move ber n«it to love,
Send her a letter of thy noble deeds:
Tell her, tbtiu mad'st away her uucle Clarence,
Her uncle Uivon ; ay. and for her sake.
Mad'st quick ctrnveyanoe with her good aunt
Anne. Ithe way

IC. Rich. Yon mock me, nwdam ; this is not
To win your daoghter.

Q £l»s. There is no other way ;

Unlsaa thoa ooold'st pot on some other shape.
And Wit be Richard that hath done all this.
JC. Rich. Say, that I did all this fitr love of her T
Q EUm. Nay. then, indeed, she cannot chooee
bat have thee,
Havinc hooaht love with such a bloody spoiL
K. Rtch. Look, what is done cannot be now

Hon shall deal unadvisedly L

Which aAer-hoars mve leuure to repent.
If I did take the kinxdom frvm your sons.
To make amends. I'll idve it to yoar daughter.
If I linve kill'd the iwM of your womb.
To Quiekan your increase, i will beget
Mina issue of your blood upon your daughter.
AgraiMliuu's name is little less in love,
Thian » tlie duu)iiig title of a mother:
They are as oluidren. but one step below.
Even of yonr nieule, of your very blood ;
Of all oo« pain.— aave for a night of groans
Kiidor*U of iMr, for whom you bid like sorrow.
V«rtir oiiildren were vexation to your youth,
Bui roiiia shall be a comfort to your age.
'i'lie IfN* yoa have, is bai— a eon being king.
Ami. by ihMt loss, your daughter is made queen.
f caiiiHit make yon what amends 1 would,
'i'horefum ncuapt such kinduess as 1 can.
IliinMfl, yuur ikm. Uint. with a fearful miuI,
(amUs tliMCon autaii etepR in forttiini sml,
Tiua Ukit atiiauue quicKly sliaii wa>l hotue

To high pn>nMtti<ms and great dignity :

The king, ihiit oulls your beauteous daoghter-*

Familiarly sludl call thy Dorset— brother;
Acaiii sIihU you be mother to a king.
And id I the ruimi of di»ires8ful limes
Repair'd with double riches of content.
What ! we have iiiHiiy goodly days t4i are ;
The liquid drupat of tears that you have shed.
Shall come axain, irunsform'd to orient pearl;
AdvKiiiiiging their loan, with intitrest
Of eii-times double gain of happiness.
(ii>, «.tien, my niotlier. to thy daughter go;
.Make lioki her bashful years with your ex-
perience ;
Prepare her ears to bear a wooer's tale ;
Put in her tender heart the aspiring flame
Of golden sov'reignty ; acqoaini the prinoees
With tlie sweet silent hours of marriage joys ;
And when this arm of mine hath cJiaatised
The peUy rebel, dull-brnin'd Buckuigham,
Bound with triumplinnt garlandit will I oome.
And lead tliy daoghter to a couqiienir's bed ;
To whom I will retail my conquest won.
And she shall be sole victress, Cesar's Cosar.
Q. Bbz. What were I best to say t her £ither^
Would be her lord T Or shall I say. her uncle T
Or, he that slew her brothers, and her uncles 7
Under what tiile shall I woo for thee,
l*hat God. the law, my honour, and her love,
Caii make seem pleaang lo her tender yean?
K. Rkk Infer fair Enghind's peace by this al-
h-<nr>e. [lasting war.

Q. Eti* Which she shall purchase with still
K. Rich. Tell her, the king, that may cooh

maud, entreats.

Q. Eti*. 1'hat at her hands, which the kinc's

King forbids. [queen.

K. Rich. Say, she shall be a bt^ and mighty

Q. Elit. To wiui the title, as her mother uoiU.

K Rich. Say. I will love her everlastingly.

Q. EU*. But how long shall that title, ever,

last? rend.

K. Rick Sweetly in force unto her fhir life's

Q. EUb. But how long fairly shall her sweet

life last T Tens it,

K. Rich. As lonx as heaven, and nature, leiigth-

Q. Eiiz. As k>ug as hell, and Riohanl, likes

of it flaw,

JC. Rich. Say, I, her sovereign, am her subject

Q. EU*. But she, your subject, loatlis such

K. Rich. Be eloquent in my behalf to her.
Q. Eti*. An honest tale speeds best, being
pUtinly told. [loving tAle.

K. Rich, 'Ihen. in plain terms tell her niv
Q. Eli*. Plain, aial not honest, is too harsh a
style. [too quick.

K. Rfch. Vour reasons are too shallow nWI
Q. EU*. O, no, my reasons are too deep and
Two deep and dead p«K>r infants, in their gravea I
K. Hick. Harp not on that string, mwlami that

is past.
Q. EU*. Harp on it still shall I, tUl heart.

sirinxn break.
K. Rich. Now, by my Geoige, my garter, and
my crown.— lusarp'd.

a EU*. Profisn'd, dishoooor'd, and the tlurd
Jr. Rfch. I swear.

Q. Eli*. By nothing : for this is no nut h.

Thy George. profanM, hath hsit liu Itolv bun«>ur ;
Thy gMrter, bleininh'd. pawn'd his kiiiitii ly virtua
1'hy truwu. u»urp'd, Uugmc'd hu ktugly gluiy .


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[Act ir. Nj

Autr Kia^ Riohanl. tmd hi§ Ihtm, mwd mi t.

K. Rkk. Wbp iaterceptt mer in my expedition T

Dmdt O, Ae.ih&t mixfat hnve imemepted thee,
Bv •tnin^inc tliee in Iter norurwd wi>mt),
From all ilie eliiachten, wretch, that iboa bast
dune. (crown.

Q. Etit. Hi«]'!« UioQ that forehead with a golden
Whera should be branded, if that right wera


The fllaojrhter of the mince that aw*d that crnwn.
And the dire death or my poor sors, and brulheraf
Tell me, thou villain-slave, wliero are my chil-
dren T

DmA. Ilioa toad, thou toad, where is thy bro-
ther Clnrenoe f
And little Ned Plantacenet, his son T [Grey T

Q. EHm. Where is the nntle Rivers, VaufrhRn.

/mc*. Where is litml Hastings T [drums f

K Rick. A floansh, trampets I— strike aUnim,
Let not the heawns hear these tell-tale women
Rail on the Lurd'k anointed : Strilie, I say.—

iFlottruh. Alarums.
Kither lie patient, and entreat me ftir.
Or with the clamoroos report of war
I'lius will 1 drown your exclamationa.

Dark. Art tbott my son T [self.

K R»ek Ay ; I thank God, my Ihther. and yoor-

Duck. Then paliontiy hear my inipaiienoe.

A'. Rick, Madam, i liave a touclt of your coa-
That cannot brook the aeonit of reproof.

DtidL O, let me speak.

K Rick. Do yien, but 111 not hear.

Dmrk. I will be mild and gentle in my words.

K. Rach. And brief, good mother ; fur I am in

Ikiek. Art thou so hasty T I have staid for thee.
Gud knows, in toniieut and m agony. [yon T

K. Ktek. And came I not at last to comfort

Duck. No. by the bo:y ruoil, thou knuw'st it
Thou earnest on earth to make the earth my helL
A grievoos burden was thy birth to me;
Tetchy and waywanl was'lhv nifiint^;
Thy achool-days, fnghtfui, desperate, wiki and
furious; [turiHis;

Thy prime uf manhood, darmv, hoU and veu-
11iy age oonflrm'd, proud, subtle, si/, and bluudr,
More mikl, but vet more harmM, kjiid in batrau :
What cuiiifurtable hour caiiftt thou name,
TImt ever grac'd roe in thy oiNnpauy T

K. Rick. 'Faith, none, but Humphrey Hoor,
that call*d yonr grace
To breftktet once, forth of my oompaity.
If I be MO diagraoioas in your sight.
Let mo march on, and nut oflbnd you, madam—
Stnke up the dnun.

Duck. I prithee, hear

K. Rtek. YoQ speak tco Utterly.

Umek. Hear me a wonl.

Fur 1 shall never ^leak lo tbM again.

K.RKk. ^

JJuck. Kither thoa wilt die, by Oodli jost oidi-

Ere from this war thoa tore a oonqneror:

Or 1 with gnef and extreme age shall perish,

And never kiok upuu thy Cue again

'I Uarviun take with ihes my nioei heavy curse ;

y^ hash, in tlie day of baiile. tue thee m<ire

I'toui all the complete anno .r that thuu wear^f

My pntyerk un tlie advenie party fiirhi :

AiMl Hittir lh«; lit«tti muu1» of l!AiWMru*iiohiklren

U tiMfwr ihr •pinUt u( iiune eu*tiiiiei«.

Aiai y[>4utm> Uivm »ucu»i> and Vtcivry.

Bloody thou art, bloody will be thy end
Shame serves thy life, and doth thy * '


Q. EHm. Though fiir mora cause, yet mooh
leas spirit to curse
Abides in me ; I say amen to her. [OaipQ.

K. Rick. Suy, madam, I must speak a woni

with you.
Q. BUz I have no more sons of the royal
blood, (aifd.-

For tliee to murder : for my daughters, Rich-
They shall be praying nuns, nut weeping queen* ;
And therefore level not tu hit their lives.
K Rick. Yuo have a daughter call'd—Elua>
Virtuoos and fair, royal and gracious. [live.

O. Btix. And must she die fbr thisT 0. let her
nd 1*11 corrupt her manners, stem her beauty ;
Slander myself, as (ulse tu Edward's AmI ;
Thniw over her the v»sil of inAmy :
Su ^he nianr live uuscarr'd of bleeding slaughter,
I will cuiileas site wus not Inward'* dauichter.
K. Rick. Wrong not her birth ; she is uf i^iyal

Q Btix. To save her life, FU say— she is not so.
K. Rick. Her hf« is safest only in her birth.
Q. Eliz. And only in that safety died her bn»-

K. Rick. LOf at their births good sUrs were
opposite. rcuutrary.

Q. Eits. No, to their lives bad IHeiids were
Jt Rick. All nnavoided is the doom uf d«a-
tiny. [liny :

Q. Eliz. Tme. when avoided grace makes des-
My babes were destin'd tu a foiier death.
If grace hod bless'd thee with a fairer lifo.
K. Rick. You apeak, as if that 1 had shiin my
cousins. [pusen'd

Q. EUx, Cousins, indeed ; and by tlieir uoele
Of coniffirt. kiiutdom. kindred, freedom, life. -
W|i<«e huiids Noevrr Itinc'd their tender bearta.
Thy h«Hd,Hll indirectly, guve direction :
No duuU the murderous knife was dull and

'1111 it was whetted on thy stone-hanl heart.
To revel in > he entrails oi my lamlM.
But that still urn uf gnef makes wild grief lama.
My tongue should to tliy earn not name my buys,
1'Ul that my nails wore aiichur'd in tliiue eyes;
And I, in audi a desperate buy uf death.
Like a poor bark, of muIs uud tackling roll.
Rush all to pieces un Uiy rucky bosom.

K. Rick. Madam, so thrive I m my enlerpriae.
And dangerous success of bluudy wars.
As I intend mure guud to yuo and youra,
Than ever vuu ur youre by me were lianu'd t
Q. EUs. what guud is oover'd with the faoe *d
To be di»cuver'd, th»t can du me good T
K. Rick The adva n c e ment of your children,

gentle lady.
Q. Elu. Up to some scaflbld, there to loaa

their heads ?
jr. JZicA. Nu, tu the dignity and height of for-
The hlrli imiwrial type of this aarth'i glory.

Q. Ein. Flatter my sorrows with report uf it.
Tell nie, what state, what dwuily, what houuur.
Canst thou demise lu any child of mine T

K. Rick Even all I hitve ; ay. and myself uihI
Will I wiihal enduw h ci.ild uf^tliine ; [ad,

Su in the i^tllie uf Uiy lui^^ry kuul
Tiiun dniwii the mI remembrance of thus*

Which, thou suppuaesl, 1 have dune to tlMe.

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K. Kch. 'HuMi nnc'st tweet nniiick.
ooma hither Tyrrel ;
Gis bj Uw tukea:— Kiee, and lend thine ear :

There it no niore bat ao:— Sar. it ie done.
And I will hire thee, and imsfer thee for it
7>r. 1 will despatch it itraixbt. iBxU.

Hi-enter fiadcincham.
Buck. My lord. I hare oonaider'd in mj nUnd
The late demand ttiat you did aoond me in.
K. Jtkk. WeU. let that reet Donei ie fled to

Btick. I hear the newa, my lord. (look to it
K mdL Stanler, he ie jrcMir wife'k era:— WeU,
BtKk. My lurd, 1 claim the gift, my don bj pn>-
Por whieii yoar honour and yoor ftith ia pawn'd;

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