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The earidom of HereCird. and the moveablea,
Which yon have promieed I aball poeiew.
K. Rich. Stanley, look to yuor wife; if she
LetteraUi Richmond, yon shall answer it.
Bitck WliHt say* yoor Highness to my Jost re-


K. R»rM. i do remember me— Henry the Sixth
Did pniplievy, that Kichmund should be king,
When Kichiiiund was n little peevish b^y.

A king!— perhaps

Bmrk. My lord. [thatUme

K. Jtic* Huw chance, the prophet ooold n<ii at
Have tokl me. 1 bein^ by, tliat I should kill liiro T
Buck. My lord, your prumuw t«>r the earidom, —
K. Rkh. Riohniund f— When last 1 was at Exe-
The mavor in courtesy show*d me the castle.
And call'd it — Rooge-numt : at which name I

Becauae a benl of Ireland told me onoe,
1 should mit live l<inir after I saw Richmund.

Bmck My lord.

K. Rkk Ay, whatis o'clock T

Buck. 1 am thns hold

To put yoor grace m mind of what y<m proniisU
K. Rick. WeU, but what m\ u'clodc T [roe 7
Bmck, Upon Uie stiuke

X.Rkk. Well, let it strike.
Bmck, Why.letitstnkel

K. Rkk. Becanse that. Uke u Jack, thuu keep'st
the Dtmke
Betwixt thy bettgioK and my meditatiim.
1 am net iu the giving vt* in UMlay. [i

Bmck, Why then, rwilve roe whe*r you will,
K. Rkk. Thuu truubl«»t nie ; I am nut in t

(£irtni/ King KiohanI and Tnin.
Bmck. And ia it thus f reptiys he my deep se^
With soch contempt f made I him king for this I
O. let m«* think mi Hustings : and be tout
To Brscknuck, while uiy learlol head is on.

SCENE ni~ TV Jttsie.

7>r. The tyrannooa and bloody act is done;
The most an» deed of piteoos maasacre.
That ever yet this huxl was gudty oC
Dighton and Forrest, whom 1 dusubon
I'll du this piece of ruthlesa treacheiy.
Allieit tliey wrre flesh'd villains, bliiocqr doga, —
Meltinc with uMHiemess and mUd oumpaaauMi.
Wepi hk« tvvu children, in their deaths sad stoiy.

[Act IV. >

O tkui, quoth Dighton, ta» the

Thu^ tkuM, quoth Forrest, gin

HVAtn their atabatler tnnoeent arms
T%hrtip$ were four red ro»e$ M a Jtellk.
WUdk, m their ammmer beamtt, ki$$'d sock oOsr.
A book qf progrrs on their jhUow tat : {mind,

Wkieh once, quoth Forreat, abnoet ^an^d m§
But, O.the dmi-there the villam stopp'd ;
When Dighton thus told on,— «se mothered
The moet reptenuhed tteeet work of nature^
That, from tlkiprtme creation, e'er Aefiram*d,—
Hence both are gone with cunwdeiioe and reanon^
They could nut speak, and so I left them both.
Tu hear this tidings to the bk>udy king.

Atler Kii« Rkhard.
And heie he comes:— AU health, my a over ei pi
K. Rick. Kind Tyrre. I am I happy ia thy newt t
7Vr. If to have done the thing yua gave iu
Beget yoar happiness, be happy then, Lcbaifa
For it IS done.
K.Riek, But didst thoa see them dead T
7>r. Idid,mykMd.

K.Ridi. And bQried,gmitle Tyrrel f

7Vr. The chaplahi of the Tower hath boned
Bat where, tn say the truth, I do not know.
K. Rick Come to me, Tyrrel, suuu, at after

\ Wept I

When thou shalt tell the pronees of (h«dr death.

Mean time, but tliiuk how I may do tUee guotl.

And be inheritor uf thy desirs.

Farewell, Ull then.
VVr. I humbly take my leave. {ExiL

K. Rkk. IIm ion uf Clarence have I penn'd up

His daughter meanly have I matdi'd in marriage ;

The sons of Edwiuu sleep in Abrabam% busum.

And Anne my wife hatli bid the wurkl guud night.

Now, fur I knuw the Bretegne Richmood aima

At young Elixal>elli. my brother's duoghler,

And, by that knot, luuks proudly on the crovrn.

To her go I, a jolly thnvini; wuuer.


Cate. Mykml, [aoblontlyl

K. Rick Good news or bad. that thou com^il ia

Cole. Bad news, my kml : Murtun is fled t«i

Kichmuud i (men.

And Bockingham. back'd with the handy Webb-

Is in the 6ela. and still his power euoreaiseth
Uf. Rtck. Eij with Kichniond troubles me uum

'1 UM, Buckingham and his rash-levied strength.

Come, I have Iram'd. that fearful oummeuliug

U leaden servitor tu dull delay ;

Delay lends impotent and snail-pao'd beggaiy :

Then fiery expeditiuu lie my wing,

Juve'k Mercury, and herald for a King !

Go, muster men : My counsel is my shield :

We lAost be bneC, when traiton brave the field.

SCENE IV.- TWjeait. BOon tkt Pntnce,

.filler Quean Maifaret.
<1 JVar. So, now prosperity begins to maUow,
And drop into the ruiten mouth of death.
Here in these oonfiuee sidy have I lork'd.
To watch the waning of mine eoemieB.
A dire indoction ami witness to.
And will to Fiance ; hoping, the o onee q o cac e
WUl prove aa bitter, black, and tragiMi Iherv t
Withdraw thee, wraCohed Maigarei I who

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WiMQ •earce the blood was well wmsh'd from bii

Whkb iMo'd from mj other enirol hntfwnd.
And tlwt (lend Munt which then 1 ffeopnif Ibl-

0. wfoen, I njr. i look'd on Riehanlti fhoe.
Tiiii WM my wMh,— Be ihtm, ouoth I. aoattid^
Torwakiwi me, $o iKmno, «o olna mdowl
And, wVh thou wfd*st. let torroi» koMHt thfbed:
Jndbetkf w^fe {ifamt be $o mad)
Mon mumble hf the Ufe of thre.
Tktm tktm kast made mebfmt dear lord's death!
Lo, ere I can Kpeat this cone aipiio.
Eren in lo nhort n space, my womno's heart
Grrvsljr crew captive to his honey words,
Ani prov'd the suhjent of mine own soul's oofse.
Which ever since hath held mine eyes from rest;
Kor never yet one hoar in his bed
Did I enjov the goldtm dew of sleep,
Sut with bis tim'rous dreams was still awak*d.
Besides, hn hates roe for my father Warwick ;
And will, no donhi. shorllv be rid of me.
Q. EUx Prior heurt, adieu; 1 pity thy oom-
phuuin^. Tfours.

Amt. No more than with my sonl 1 mourn lor
Dor. Farewell, thoo woAil welnomer of glory t
Amte. Adieu, poor souU that tak'st thy leave

of It!
AwA. Go thou to Richmond, and good fbitane
gujde thee. [ To Doniet.

Go tbon to Kichanl.and good angels tend thee !—
[To Anne.
Co tboQ to sanctuary, and good thoughls possess
Iheel r'/oQ Klizabeth.

I to my grave, whera peace and rest lie with me!
Eifh^ odd yean of sitrrow have I seen.
And each hnur'ii joy wrsck'd with a week of teen.
Q. BHs. Slay yet; luok back, with me, uctu
the Tiiwer—
Pity, yoo ancient stones, those tender babes
Wh«Nn envv hath iumiur'd withiu your walls!
RiHigtt crailie for such little pfBity ones!
Kude raform) none ! old sullen play-fellow
F'or tender pniioea, use my baNes well !
io AjolMh surruw bids your stones Auewelt


Sr:CN£ IL ~il iZooM of StaU m the Pataee.

Vourish nf tmmpetg. Richard, a$ lOtiy, m^mm M$
throme; Buckingham. Catesby. a Fage and

jr. JUck. Stand all apart.— Cousin of Bucking-
ham.— I
Bmck. Mx frraciotts snrereign [advice,
K. Jb^. Give me thy hand. Thus high, by thy
I J thy asmaitanre, is kiur Kichard seated :—
It shall wo w«*«ir these glories for a day T

Hhall they ImbC, and we rejoice in Uiem T
Buck. Still live they. and fi>rever let them last!
K. Rtck, Ah, Buckmgham, now do 1 play the

try it tboa be current gold. Indeed ;—
nam Edwanl hves.— Think now what I would
htrJt. Say cni. niv loving litnl [spealL

r Back Wliy, Biiekmgfaam, I say. I would be
kinf?- Diege.

twclr. Whjr, ao you are. my thrioe-rpnowned
'.JOek. nal amlkingf ^lls so : bat Edwanl
tec*: Tna#, ooble prince. [lives.

' Rack. O Utter consequence,

Edward sCIIl ihoold hve:— true, u'ible

And I would have it suddenlv performed.

What say'st thou now f speak suddouiy, he brief.

Bucit Your grace may do your pleaMuru.

K. Rich Tut, tut, thou art all ice, thy kindness

Say, have I thy consent that they shall die ?
fiitck. Give me some breath, some little pause,
dear lord,
Before I positively speok hi this:
I wiU rsMilve your grace inunediatelr.

{Exit Bnckini^wra.
CSaJs. The king is angir; see, he gnaws bis lin.

K. Jiick. I will oonveno with iron-witted fools.
[Dt$omd*Jrom ki$ thromr.
And iinrespective boys ; none are for me,
I'luit look into mo with considerate eyes;
High-reachiag Buckingham grows cirourospeot.—

Pa^fAj lord. [ing goU

K. Rich. Know'st thou not any, whom oorru|*-
Wuuld tem|it unto a close exploit of death 1

Pane- I know a discontented gentleman,
Whoee humble means match not his haughty
Gold were as good ns twenty orators, [nmal :
And will, no doubt, tempt liim to any lliing.
K. Rich. What u his name t
Patte. Hisname. my lonLis— TVrrsL

K. Rich. I partly know the man; Go. call liia
hither biiy. [ExU Page

The deep-revolving witt^ Buckingham
No more shall bo the neurhbuur to my counsels:
Hath he so long lield out with uie untir'd,
And stops he now for breath I— well, be it so.—

Enter Stanley.
Ilow now, lord Stanley T what's the news?

Stan. Know, my loving lord.

The marquis Dorset, as I hear, is fled
To Richmond, in the parts where he abidea

K. Rich. Come hither, Catesby: rumour is
That Anne, mv wife, is very grievous sick ;
I will lake order for her keeping clone.
Inquire me out some mean-bom eentleman.
Whum I will marry straight to Clarence' daugh-
The boy m f«iolish, and I fear not him.— [ter.—
Look, how ihou dream'sti— I sav again, give imA,
Thai Anne my queen is lUck, und like to die :
About It ; for It slauds me much upon,
I'o stop all hope* whose growth may damage
I me.— [Knt CtOeshy.

must be married to my bntlher^i uaughier,
or else my kingdom suwds on brittle kImss :•
Murder lier brothers, ami then marry her I

wn, ihna w

t not wont to be so doll :—
1 1 ha* plMJu / 1 wish the bastaitis dead ;

Uncertain way of gain ! But 1 am in
So far in blood, that sin will pluck on sm.
Tear-fallmg pity dwells nut in this eye.—

Re-enter Page, with Tyrrel.
Is thy name— Tyrrel T
Twr James I'yrrel, and voor roost obedient
K.Rich. Art thou, indeed f [subieut.

7>r. Prove me, my gracious lord.

K.Rieh. Dar^ thou raaolve to kiU a friend of

7>r. Please you; bat I had rather kill two

K.Blch. Why, then thou hast it; two deep

Foes to my rent, ami my sweet sleep's disturbeni,
Are they that 1 wuuld have Uiee deal uptNi .
Tyrrel. 1 mean thoHe bastartls m the Tower
7jr- l'*it ni*i have u^ii iiieaiut i<> oume tii t
And mMA I'll nd /wu tr\tM the ;isar of Umm.


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r Yot to di


Yot to drsw Aifth jronr noMe •noeatry

Prom th« etn ruptinn of abosiiif time,

Unto • lineHl tnuMlerirAd nmrM. [jou.

Ha^. I)ii. cond iiif InnI; jroar ottizans entival

Bwck. Knrtue not, miff.ty km), tbia prodbr'U

Cate. O make them ioyral, crwit their lawfal

Olo. Alaa, whjr woakl yim heap theaa carea on
I am unfit fnr «late and mnjeaty : [me f

1 do beseech rou— take it wtt amiaa,—
I oaniHit, ntir 1 will not, jriekl to you.

Amir, ir yon refnm it— as in lure and zeal,
Loalli lo depoee the ohiid. ynur hrulher's son;
As well we kmiw your tendeme» of heart.
And ftentle. kind, efleminHte remitrse.
Which we hiire noted in yuu to your kindred.
And equally, indeed, to all ea*ateK,—
Yet know, wheV you aoorpt our suit or no.
Your brother's son shall never reiini our kiofr;
But we will plant some other in jronr throne.
To the dia|rrane and downfU of your houae.
And, in this raaolution. here we leave juu ;
Come, cttizena, we will entreat no naore.

f gwwnr Baddnghau) and CitiMnB.

CaU. Call them ifaia. aweet prinoe, aooept
thetrsuit; -•»'»"
1/ yon deny them, all the land will rue it

Olo. Will you enfiiroe nie to a world of onreeT
Well, call 4|iem again ; 1 am not nmde of stone.
But penrtrable to your kmd entreaUes.

{Exit Catestif.
Albeit against my oonsoienoe and aiy soul.—

Re-enter Buckingham, and ike re$L
Cousin of Buck iiarham.— and SHge crave _
Since you will buckle fortune on my liack.
To liear her burden, wheV I will or no.
I must have patience to eiiiluns the load :
But if black scandal, or foul-lac'd repniach.
Attend the sequel of your imposi mhi.
Your more enforcement shall acquittance me
From all Ihe impure blots and titains ibernof ;
For God he knows, and you may partly sen.
How for 1 aju from the desire of tliu (say it.

Map. God bleM your grHce ! we nee ir, nnd will
Olo. In saying so, you hIiuII but sny the trutli.
AidE. Then 1 salute yuu with Ihta royal title,—
Looff live king Richani, Euglaud'n wurtliy kind
JUL Amen. (crown'd f

Bnek, To-m«trruw may it please y«Ki to be
OM. Even when you please, siuoe you will
have It so Igraoe ;

Buck. I'u-morrow then we will attend yuor
And so, must joyfully, we take our leare.
Ola. Come, let u» to our holy work afuin :— ^
I'/blAr BiMhopa
FluvweU, fo<Kl cousin ;— farewell, gentle inends.


SCENE L — ScAwv <ihs Tower.

jUcr on one Me^ Queen Eliznbetli. Duohess of
York, and Marqms of Dunwt; on tkt other^
Anne, Dueheaa of Oloster, kadtng lyuty Marfa-
nt Plaotagenet. Clarence's yotmg datts^er.

Duck Who m ee ts ns bera T— ay niece Planta-
Led in the hand of her kind aunt of Glosterf
Now. for my lile. she's waod'nng to the Tower,
Uu p-ini heart's love, to greet ihe tender prince.—
UaugUier, well met.

[AcTlK X

ir'— WhiUier

Amte. God give joar

A happy and a Joyftal tioM of day!

Q Etts. As much to you, rood sister '—WhiUirr

Ani^. No farther than the Tower; and as I
Upon t he like devotion as yoorselvea, [ffueai,
I'o graiulate the gentle pnocea there. [gether.

Q. EU*. Kind siater, thanka; well enter all lo-

E^er Brokeubory.
And, hi good time, here the lieutenant cornea.—
Maater lieutenant, pray yoo, by your leave.
How doih the prince, and my young aon of York f

Brak. Right well, dear madam : By your pa>
I niMv not sufl^r yoo to visit them ; (ti

"YYw Vitig hatii strictly oharc'd the cootrair.

a EUz. Tlie king! who's that?

Brt^. I mean the lord protector.

Q. Etix. The Ixml protect him ftom that kimcly
Hath he set Imunds between their love and me T
I am their motlier. who shall bar me firom them f

Dnek. I am ihtfir father's mother; 1 will aee
them. rther:

Anm t . Their aunt I am hi law. ui lore their mo>
Then bring me to their sigliia ; 111 bear thy blame.
And take thy office from thee, oo mjr (lenL

Bmk. No. iiiadaiH. no. I may nul leave it so ;
T am buuial by oatk, and therefore panlun me.

l£xii Brakenbuiy.

Enttr Stanley.
Stan. IjBi me but meet yuu. ludies, one hour

And HI salute your grace of York as nxitlier.

" looker-on of two fair q<ieeiis.—

Come, madam,yon must straight to westiiiinster.

And reverend I

[To the Duchess of Gloater.
There to be crowned Richanl's royal queen.

Q. EUm. Ah, out my lace asunder I
ThMt my pent heart may hare some scope to beat.
Or else I swoon with thia dead-killing newa

itane. Despiteful tidings I O unpleasiu); newa!

Dor. Be of good cheer:— Mother, how lares
your gnioe T [gnoe,

Q. Ehz. U Dunet, apeak not to me. get thee
DeuUi and deatruotion dug thee ut the heels:
Tliy mother's name is ominous to children ;
If thou wilt outstrip deathp go cruas the aeas,
And live with Richmond, (roin the reach of helL
G«>. hie thee, hie thee, from this slaughter-bouse.
Lest thou increase the number of the dead ;
And ninke me die the thndl of Manearet's curse.—
Nor mother, wife, nor England's counted queen.

Stan. Pull of wise care is this your ouuuael,
Take all the awift advantage of the hours;
You ahall have lettera from me to my son
In your behalf, to meet yuo on the way ;
Be nul ta'en tardy by unwise del«y.

Dmck. O ill-disperaiug wind of misery I
O my accursed womb, the bed of death ;
A cockatrice hast thou hatch'd to the world.
Whoae unavoided eye w morderous ! (sent.

Stan. Come, madam, come : I in all haste ems

Anne, And I with all unwillingness wiU go —
0, would to God. that the inclusive verge
Of golden metal, that must round my brow,
Were red-hot steel, to aear me to the brain I
Anointed let me be with deadlr venom ;
And die, ere men can aay— God aave the queen !

Q. Etu. G<i. go. poor aoul, I env^ not t'ly <<oi7.
To feed my huiuuur, wish thyselr no harm

Anm. No ! why 7— When he that ta my uusbaud
Came to me, as 1 fuUuwinl llenry'tt uirsa ;

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Kvimly hent to mediMtion r

AiHi in an woildly suit woald he he norM,

'J o drew him from h» holy exarciafi. |

Bufk Return, giiod Cateshjr. tn the fi
Tell him. myMlf, the maror nud nklermeii,
In deep designs, ra matter of irreet momeoi
No lev importing than oor general good.
Are oume to have some oooference with his

Oaie. Ill signify ao much unto him straig

Ak*. Ah. ha, my lonl.this prince is not i
He is not killing on a lewrd day-bed,
But im his knees at meditation ;
Not dallrirar with a bnue of OMUtezana,
Bat meditating with two deep diTines ;
Not sleeping, to engraas his idle body,
Bat praying, to ennnh hia watchfal soal :
Happy wens Eof land, would thia virtuoos
Tue 00 hinuelf the aoreieignty thereof:
Bat, sore. I fear, we shall ne*er win him tc
Jtfoy Marry. God defend, hia graee shot
OS nay ! [sfl

AkA. I fear be wiU: Here Catesby

Rt-emler Catesby.
Now, Catesby, what says his gmoe T
CaU. He wbnders to what end yon ha

Such troops of dtiaens to oome to bim,
Hisrnioe not bein« wsun'd tliereof before
He imn. my lord, yuu mean no good to hii
£hcJt. Stirrjr 1 am. my ii«>ble cousin shool
Sonect m«, that I uieuii nu good %u him :
By nearen, wo oome to him m perfect lovi
And so onoe more return and tell his gran
When holy and derout religiona men
Are at Uieir bends, 'tis hard U> draw them t
So sweet is zealous oontemplaliua.

.Oilsr Gloeter, in a golkn abovn, betmeu

Bishops. Catesby rttunu.
Mag. See. where hia frraoe sunds two

clergymen I .

Aic* Two pn>p« of nrtue for a chnstmn
To stay him from the full of vanity :
And. see, a book of pniyer in his hand;
l>ue onuuneuts to kmtw a holy num.—
Famiioa Phuitagenet. most gractuus prinoa
Lend favourable ear to our requesia;*
And parduii its the iiiiemiptioii
Of thy Uttvutioii and right christian zeal.

Qto. Mv lord, there needs no such apolc
1 rather do beseech you pardon roe.
Who, in the euniest senrice of my God.
Neglect the rautation of my fnends.
Bur. leavinx this, what is your graoe"^ plei
Btiek. Hveii thai I hope, wluch pleaset


KnA all food iiien of this uitfovem'd isle.

Gio, 1 du auy'.MiCl. I have done 8«Niie otfb
llial seenkM ui«i-uriuui« lu the city's eye;
LihJ tiint yuu ouue lu reprehend my ianor

Buck. Yuu have, my lord; Woold it
pUnuM yuur frraoe,
hi oar entrMuti«s to amend your fenlt!

fito. Clae wlierefbre breathe I in a CI

Umck. Kmvw then, it is your feult, that ;
lie aupreiiie seat, the throne nuuestkal,
lie Mnrptar'd office of your ancestors,
uur atattt of fortune, and your due of bii
be liJMMd gUiry of your royal h<»uae,
o I he oorruptKm of a blemuh'ti stock :
^iiii«t, m the naildness of your sleepy thO .

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Mm- Bat. uir good tonl, yoor ^ncnH wort
shall nerve, . ^, .

Af w«U as 1 had seen, and heart him speak :
And do not dcNibC, rxfXA noble princes both.
Bat rU aeqaaint oar duteous citizeas
With aUyourjost proceedings mtlus case.

Olx And CO that end we wiah'd yoor lortsbip
To aroM the oensoree of the carping worid.

B^ck Bat since 700 came too late of our intent.
Yet witness what you hear we did intend :
Aod so, my good lort mayor, we bid farewell

[ExU Lord Mayor.

6I0, Go, aAer. after, cousin Buckingham.
Ihe maror tuwarts Guildhall luex him m all

There, at your meetest vantace of tlie time,
Infer the baatarty of Udwart s cliildreu :
Tell them, how Edwart put lu Uhh h a citizen.
Only for saying— Im woold make hu; sou
Ueir to the crown ; nieauing. indeed, his hoose.
Which, by the sign thereof, was termed so.
Moreover, urge hut hateful luza7, .

And bestuU appetite m change oi lost ; [wives.
Which stretoird uuto their Herviints, daughters.
Even where his mging eye. or savage heart.
Without oontnil, listed u* mnke ids prey.
Nay, for a need, thus fmr diuie near my person :—
leU them, when that my mother went with child
Uf that insatiate GdwttnJ. uubk* York.
My princely father, then had wan in Vnxxm \
And, liy just cumputaf ion of the time.
Found, that the Msue was not \\w begot ;
Which well appeared in his lineaoieuts.
Being nothing like the noble duke my bthar :
Yet touch this sparindy. as twere tar off-
Because, my lort, you know, my mother lives.

B^ck. Doubt not, my kml : 1*11 prny the orator.
As if the girfden fee, lor which 1 plead.
Were tor myself: and so. my lort, ailieu.

QU». Ifyon thrive well, bring them to BaynanTs

SCENE VII. — Tk9 mme. Court 9f Bayuanl's

^ When

Where yoo shall find me well accompanied
With reverend Athers and well-learned btahops.
BmdL I go ; and. towards three or four o'clock.
- Look for the news that the OuiUl-haU afbrts.

r£i;i/ Buckingham.
OIo. Go, LoveL with all speed to Doctor Shaw.—
Go thou [to Get] to friar Pmker ;— bid them both
Meet me, withu this hour, at Baynitrt's castle.

[Exnmt Luvel and Catesby.
Now wiU 1 go, to take some privy orter
To draw the brau of Clarenoe out of sight;
Auil to give nouoe, that no mniiner jof person
liuve, any time, recourse onto the pniioes. lExit.

SCENE VI.— .4 Stnd.

£Mcrc Scrivener.

Serio, Hers is the indidment of the good lort

Whk*h in asetlmnJ fisiriy is engiti8S*«],
I hat It may be to-dny read o'er in PmuI**.
And mark Bow well the sequel hangs bigether :—
Kluveii hours I have spent to write it over,
tor yesemiglit by Caiesby was it sent me ;
I'lie precedent wus f^U as long a doing :
And yet wittun these tive liohrs HasUngs liv'd,
(Juiaiuted, uuezaiidu'd. free, at liberty.
Here's a good world the while !— Whu is so gross,
That caunot aee tlus palpable device I
Yet wU«> so bokl. but says— he sees it not T
Bad IS tlie world : and uU will ooroe to nought,
al fleaUug luurt be seen in thuu^.

Bidmr Gluster emf Buckingham, avctme.
Oto. How now, liow now I what say the oMl-

Budk. N)iw by the holy mo'her of oar Lort.
The dtizenM are mum— say not a wort !
Gio. luncli'd vou the baatarty oi Edwart's

Buck. I dkl ; with hn contract with Lady Locjr
And his con'ract by depu'y in Frauoe :
l*he insatiate greediness of his desires.
And Ills enforcement of the ciiy wives :
Hw tyranny fur tnrtes : his own bastwJy,—
As Iwing got, your ^her then in France :
And Ins resemblance, being not like the dake.
WithaL I did infer y«ior lineaments,—
Being the right idea of your fither.
Both in your form and nolilenesn of mind :
Laid open all your victories in Scotland,
Yoor discipline in war, wisdom in peace.
Your bounty, vtitae. fair humility ;
Indeed, left nothiiuc. fituog for your parpoae.
Untouch'd, or slightly handled, in dnoouiae.
And, when my oratory grew to an end.
1 hade them, that did love their oounirv'k good.
Cry— God sovr Riekant, BtHfland's ro^lkmg!

Oto. And did they so T f'vort:

B*tck. No, so God help me, they spake nut a
But, like dumb statues, or brettriileKS stones. -
Star'd on each other, and look'd deudly pale.
Which, when 1 saw. I reprehended Uiem ;
And HskM the mayor, wliat meant this wdful O-

lence :
His answer was— the people were not ns'd
To be sfioke to. but by tlie n^orter.
Then he wus urvM to tell my tale again ;—
Thus tmith the duke, tfua kalk ike duke interred;
But nothing ^Mike in WHrraut from hitnself
Wlieii he luul done, some followers of mine own.
At ktwer end o'the halU hurl'd up thfir caps.
And some ten voices oned.Gm/ $ave King Rukmrdi
And thus 1 t«»ok tlie van itfe of those few.—
'fkanks. gentle atizena, aitafnendt. quoth I ;
7^ (learra/ aptfiatur, and rken/ui skom,
Aryues yoitr witdom, andj/our Ime to Richard :
Au4l even here brake M. and came away.

Glo. WUkt imuoieless blocks were tliey; Woald
they not speak f
Will not the mayor iheii.and hi> brethren. CMoeT

Ikick. 'Hie mayor m here ai huuJ : in end kooie
Be not you spoke with, hut liy m gh y suit ; .
And kiok you, get a prayer iiook in your hand.
And stand latiweeii twuchunhinen.Kood inylurt;
For on that ground I'll make u holy de!«ant :
And be not easily Won to our req*iesb« ; [it.

Play the maid's part— still iiuKwer nav, and take

Olo. I go; And if you plead as well lor them.
As I can say nay to thee tor myee.f.
No doubt we'll brini; it to a happy isaoe.

Buck. Go, go, up to the leads; the lort m^foi
kiiocka. lExU Gkieter.

Bmter Ms Lort Mayor, Alderman, aud C iba m u .
Wek»me. my lort : 1 dance attendance here ;
I think, the duke will not lie spiike withaL—

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