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Glo She may. kml Kiveref- why, who kMi»Wf
She may do more, air. ihan denyiiut that:
She may help you to many fair preferntenta;
AimI then deny her aiding hand tlierein.
And hgr Uioee honours ua your high deeert.
What mnv she not I She may, — ay, marrr, ma}

Jtte. What, marry, may aha f (alie.-

GUo. What, marnr, may ahe t niarry wtth a king,
A bachelor, a lumdaiNne ainpliug t«io :
I WIS, your gnuigNin hod a wiiraer match, [borne

Q. EUs My loixl of OUiater, I have too lioig
T«»ur biunt npbiddings, and Vonr hitter aooAi :
By heaven. I wi| acquaint h^ majeoly
Of thuae grnaa taunta 1 oAen*have endur'd
I had rather bt i couniryaervant-mHid,
Than a great oueen, with thia oundiiiiin—
To be ao baited, aoum'd. and aiorm'd at :
Small Joy have 1 in being fiaglaad'k queen.

Shut Queon Margaret, bekukL
Q. Mer. And leoaen'd be that email, God, I be-
seech thoel
Thy huttoor, atato, and osat, |a due tv aw.




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A» all Uw wtidii lit elMerad bf Um sua,

Su I bf iluu ; II M my day. my life.
Jmm. Bbcknictiin'eisluHlaUiyday.aaddaaUi
thy life! D»lb.

Glo. Curae not tbyaelf, fair eraatare ; Ukmi art
Aium. I woald I were, to ha raveuaU on ihea.
Olo. It is a qunmel must unnatural,

I'u be ntmuffa on him that luveth thee.
Ammi. It is a quarrel Just and rrMKmable,

To be reveaK'd uo him litat kilPd tuf husbnad.
Olo. He that bereft thee, lady, of thv husband.

Did it to balp thee to a beUar hushaod. (<4uth.
Amme. His better doth not breailie uptin the
Oio. Ha lives, that lovea you better ihaa he
jiai " "'

Am»^ Why. thai waa he.

Oto. The oeKsane wuae, but one «*f batter

Amm, Where is k*- f (nature.

Of. Hera: CA**4P*ls«lAaR.J Why

dost thoa spit at UM r (aake!

iCaae. 'Would it «vere murtal pnisoo, tur thy

Gfs. Never came poiMm fniui bi» sweet a place.

Amm. Never huof puisun on a fouler toad.
Oat of mv sifht ; thou d4«i uifed mine eyes.

Oh. Tlone eyes, sweet htdy, have wfeded
inmo. [dead 1

iCmv. *WottM they were basiliska, to strike thee

Gfe. I wooid they ware, that 1 uu^t die
For mm- they kfll me with a Urioff death.
I'hoae eyes of thioe finom mute have drawn aalt

ShaaiVI their aspects with store oT childish drops:
These eyes, arhieh never «hcd renioiaelul tear,—
Mot. wheo mj (at her York and Edward wept.
To bear the t«ie«*as nmaii ihat Rutland made.
Wlieu blaek-fac'd Cliflbrd sbmik hw swi ml at him:
N<ir when thy warlike fiitber. like a chdd,
Tokl the sad stiiry of my lather's death.

ShalL for thy love, kill a for truer love;

Tu both their deaths shalt thoo he a er sssa r y.


I Cmt me, both are folaa.


Atime. I would, I knew thy haarL


Wss never trne.
Aimt. Well, wall, p«t up yoor swonL

Oio. Say then, my peace is made.
Amm. Ihat shaU yaa knuv

Olo. ' Bot shall lUve in bopa T
Jans. AUmen.

I hope, live so.
Oio. Vooohsafo to wear this nag.

lane. To take, is aut to iciva-

Oh. Look, how th« riof e no opi p ass ath thf

Even ao tliy breast enelnesth my poor hei
Wear both of thenu fur bulb of them are
And if thy poor devoted senraat mav
But bee one iavuor at thy graeioas hand,
'lliuu d<«i ceofirm his happiness for ever.


Aud twenty tiows made naua
iliat all the standers-hy had wet tlietr cheeks,
Like trees bedanli'd with nun : iu tlist sad time.
My nuiuly eyes did soura uu humble tear;
Aud what thoMe sumiws ctwld not ilieooe exhale,
Tliy lieauty hath, and made them bUod with
I uever su'd to friend, nor enemy ; (weepinff.
%ly tooftue cuukl never hiaru Mw«Mf i sciothinff wuro;
But miw iby btsaoly is pnipua'd my fee, [speak.
My proud heart sues, aiid pmmpis my tuoKiw to
£ JMr hoks seoaUuU^ ol him.
Tench not thy Up socTi aourn ; liir it was made

Etc kMsiiif. lady, not for sueli Oitutempi.
r thv revemesful heart cauutit fonrive.
bill liere 1 Irnd thee this lUiarp pointed swonl ;
Which U thou phase to liide m Uus true bmuit.
And let the soul forth that adiireth thee,
1 lav It oaktd to the deadly Rtruka,
And httmUr bee the dentli upctu my knee.

iHt hut ku bnasl otnn ; ske qffien el it

\ itohi

Nay. do not paoae : for I du] kill kmr Henry ;—
Bat 'twas thy beauty that pnwoked me
Nay, now despatch ; 'twas I tJiai stidib'd rounc
feklwaid : — iSke agoin qfftrg at ku hreasL
Bat 'twas thy heavenly fooe that set me uu
[Ske kttJaU tke
Take up the swoid afain, or take up uie.

Amu. Arise. diMsiubler: thoufh I wish thy
I will mc be lliy executioner. (death,

Oh. llwii lad me kiU myself; and I will Uu lU

A mm . I havaalrsady.

€fh. That waa In thy nfoa :

Spaak H aguin, and even with the word.
5ait haial, which for tlyr love, dal kill thy hive.

Aaae. What ia it!

Oh That ii may please yon leave theei
Tu him that hath more cause to be a nai
And prreeutly repair to Cruaby-place :
Whei«— eiUr I have solemnly interrM,
At CbertiN^ tuonasfry. this mhh king,
And wrt liht srave with my repentant t«
I wdl with all expedient duly see you :
For divers unknown reaauna, 1 bs s eac h j
(jmni me this boon.

iOiae. With all my heart: and much It Joys mn
To see yuu are become so penitent —
Tretnal, and Berkley, gu ahmg with na.

Oh. Bid me forewell.

Anne. lis more than yoo d

But. ainoa von tear4i me how to datlnr yua.
Imagine I have aaid farewell already.

[Exmmt Lait Anna, Tressel, and Baitlay.

Oh. Take up the outm. airs.

OaU. Towards Cbertaey, noble kml f

Oh. No, to White- Kriars; there attend my
comhix. [Examl tim rut, with tkt eorm,
Waa ever womuo iu this huiiMiar woo'd I
Was ever woman in this huiuuur won t
I'll have her.— but 1 will mit keep her lew.
What 1 1, that kdi'd her husband, and hisfothar,
1 o lake her iu her heart's extremeet hau ;
With curses m her mouth, team m her eyeo,
The bleeding wiiueaR <if Iter haired by ; (me.
With God, her cmioeoce. and theee oanagainBt
And I uu friends to laick my suit wiihal.
But the phun devil, and dasmnbliiiK looks.
And yet to wiu her,-HUI the wurki to nothing.

Hath she foigot already that brave prince,
Edward, her lord, whom 1 mime three moaths

Stabb'd m my angry mood at I'tfwksbary T

A sweeter and a lovelier geulleman,—

Fraro'd in ilie prndigaiity of nature^-*

YtMiug. vmImuiI, whw. and no doubt right royal,'*

'Ilie spaciou* worUI cannot agwn afluni :

Aad will site yei abase her eyea on me.

That crtMip'd tiie gtikleu prime of Uiis awoet priM%

And uiade lier widow to a woftil lied ?

On m«, whose all not equals kklwanlHi moiety t

On me, that halt, uud am mis-shapen thual

My dukedom to a beggarly denier,

I do uiistake m

Upou my lifo, s

lalt. uud am mis-shapen thuai
to a beggarly denier. I

my peraun all this while : 1/

, shs flaJs, although I want, JT


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Whilst I H wIiiIh ubNfqnHiufily lanwot
The uniimrlv full of virtuotw LHiiciuiiei.—
Poor key oiiiii figure of m lH»ljr kiuc !
I Pilt MhMi of t!ift hnosts of Laucu-tor !

'I'hut hlnodle!« remiiaiil of tJiMi royal Mood !
Bfl H lawful Hint I invfiraie thy irhoat.
To bear the laniwn'Hiiun* ttf puor Aune,
Wife to thy Edwiini, to ihy siMiightorM aon,
Siabb'U by the wlf-Miine hand thai inud« theae

Lo. ta tfaemt wiiKlowa thsit ler forth thy life,
1 poor the helplcHi bMlin (if ntv poor eyfit :—
0, curned »« tlw liaiid that iiimIh lhe^e iioi«a !
('oraed the li»irt. Uiai liml ihe henri to do it !
Coned tlie bluud. Mint Itti ilii« IiIknI fmiu lieuoe !
Morediivfut bap hetida thai limed wmtcli.
That niikec us wretched by thu death <>r thee.
'I'han I oan wieli to add«T8. xpideia. t'MiJa.
Or any nrpepiiif veiMHu'd thhur thai Uvea !
If ever he have otiiid, ahonive he it,
P odjgiuoa. and uiuimely linincht lo liirht,
Whoae mriy aud uniMiural aapecC
M^y tnghi the iiopeful nMither at the view—
And that he heir to hia unhappineM !
If ever he have wife, let her he ninde
Miire miaerable hy tlie dtrath of him.
Iliau I am made by my youiur lord, and thee !—
('(•me. now toward Cliertaey with your holy load.
'I akeo fnim Paal'a to be interred tliere ;
AihI, stdl an you are wewry of the weuht.
l^ifftt you, whiiea T laiueni kinff Htfiiry'a oorae.
( fke ttoren take ap the corpae, and atfeatfcc

Battr Ototter.

Ofo. Stay you, that bear the corae, ami art it

d«»wn [fiend.

Amte. What bbok roarieian coujurea up thia

1 o atop dmroC^ charitable deeda ? iPnul,

Ota. Viilaioa, aet down i lie ourae ; or, hy Saint

III make a cuhm of hiin that disolieya. [pM!«.

1 OmL My lord, atand Imck, aud lei the oiffin

Oto. Unniannerd duf I atand thou wlieu 1 omn-

Advanoe thy halberd hiffher than my breatf,
Jr. by Saint Paul. I'll atrike thee to niv foot,
^mJ apam opoa thee. befKar, for thy boldiieaa.
[The bearers »et down Ike cqffin.
Amm. Whar, do you tremble? are you all afraidT
llaa, I blame you not ; for you are roortal,
lud mortal eyes cannot endure the devil ->
kvauac. thou dreadful minitrer of hell I
huu luMJte bat pow'r over his mortal body,
Us aeol thoa canst not have : therefore, be jpioe.
Olo. Sweet saint, for charity, be not so curst
^mBC. Foul devil, for Oodv sake, hence, and

trouble OB not ;
•r ilwMi hast made the happy earth thy heJI,
irj It wHh corainit cries, and deep axrlaim^
thiHi dfluclit to view thy lieinouii deeds,
rhi»W itiMi ^tleru of thr hotrbenes :
irefltleit»en. see, see I dead Heniy's wounds
«n their ouiucettl'd mouths, and bleed afreah I
iwh. Mush, thou lump of foul defonuiiy ;
r *tae thy prvaenoe that exhales this blond
»m oi»kl aMi empty veins, where no blood
y deed, iohonian and unnatural, Idwells;

ivitkee tills delude muat unnatural.

llud, which this blood mad'st, revenge his

deaiibf [death!

•iirth. which this blood drink'st, rerenge his

lM»r beeveo. with hglitninK strike the mar-

O'o. Ladr, yuu kuiw no rules of clinnfy.
Which n^naHrs xihi I h*t iisid. idewiiiin f«ir cui

i4Miie Villiiin. thou kiiow'sI no law of ti«id
niHU ;
No beast bo fierce, hut kiMiwn smne ttMich of pity.

Oto But I know none, and tberefiire aiu no

Anne. O wonderful, when devils tell the truth !

Qlo. More wonderful, when nnxeb are so an-
Vduciisafe, divine perfection of a woman, [gry —
Uf ihese supptieed evils, to give me leave,
By circuiniitjince, but to acquit myself

A'lW Vouchsafe, diffua'd inaction of a man.
For these known evite. but to give me leuvd.
By circninsiHUoe, to curse thy cursed selC

GUt Fairer llian tongue eau name ihee, let roe
Some patient leisure to excuse myaelf. [have

Anne. Fooler tliun heart can think thee, thou
cuiist make
No excuse cnrreiit, but to hang thyself

Qh. By Huch despair. I shtMild accuse myself

Atmt And. by denpuiring, slialt th<»u stand ez«
For doinir worthy vengeaime on thyself [cus'd
I'liHt didst unwtirthy slauRhrer upon olhen.

GIjo Suy, thai I slew them not T

Anne. Whv then, tliev are not dead :

But dead they are. anu. deviliah slave, by thee.

Gto I did not kill your husband.

Amte. Why, then he is alive.

OUt. Nay, he ia dead ; and slain by Edwanlti
hMia). [Margaret saw

Anne In thy soul's throat thou liesl : que<-t
'lliy murderous fnulchion smoking io his blotid ;
The which thou once didst beial against hei

I grant ye.
Ki, bedge-hug? then. God

eartii, gnprn open wide, and eat him quick :
" V <iueC swallow up this gtiud king's blood,
turn iMll-govern'd arm hath butchered !

w^ma VM- •«

hou <luec

But that thy brothers beat aaide the point.

Oto 1 was provoked by her sUnd'rous tongue,
Tliat laid their suili upon my guiltless sliouldera.

^nae Thoa wast provoked by thy bioisly iiiiud.
That never dreamt on aught but butcheries :
DkIhI ihoa not kill this king T


ilaitf. Dost grant me,
gntnt ine ton.
Thou may'st bu damned for that wicked deed t
O, he was gentle, mild, and virtuous. . (hiin.

Oto. The filler fur the ICiog of heaven that linth

Anne. He is lu heaven, where thou shall never
come. [ihitlier;

Oto. Let him thank me, that help to send him
For he was fitter for that place, than earth.

Anne. And thou unfit for an^ place, bui JielL

Oto. Yes. one place else, it you wiU hear me

Amm. Some duofeoa [name ik

Ofo. Your bed-cliumiier.

Anne. Ill rest betide the chamber where thoa

Oto. So wiU it madam, till 1 lie with you.

Anme. I liope so

Oto I know so.— But, gentle lady Anne,—
To leave this keen encounter of our wiis.
And fall sinoewhat into a slower method ;->
Is not the causer of the timeless deaflis
Of these Plaotagenets. Henry aud Edward, '
As blameful as the exeoutiouer T (eflbet.

Anne. Thou wast the csuse, and most apours'd

Oto. Your beautv was the cause of that e&et;
Your beauty, which did haunt me in my aleep.
To undertake the death of all tlie world.
So 1 might live one hour in your sweei boaon.

Anne. If I thought that, I tell thee, homicide.
Theae nails should rend that beauty Irtau iiif
cheeks. [wteeit,

Oto lliese eyes couki not endure that lamatf "k
Too i^oald not blemish it, if 1 stood hy :

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r Ciarenoe gmarded^ and Brakenbary. .



s i»— Gennte.
me ofyuunt;
irMitien :

the Tower.
luy I know T
r; f«ir, 1 prtH


nie now.
■ra rul'd bf

lie 'I'ower ;


llml tempera mm to itiw exirqmiiy.

Wan it not she, and that good umti of worahlp,

Antony Woode?ille, her Bruther there,

1'hat madr him iteod laid HaatingM to the Tower ;

From whence thia presiHit day he ic deliver'd T

Wo urn nut Kufe. Clareuoe, we are not mife.

dor. Hy h«uven. 1 thmk. there u no man ae-
oure, tntlda

But rh«9 queen's kindred, and nifht-walkiiiic he-
Tlwt tnidfce lietwetr u iha kin«:niid niistrewShorp.
Heard vou itui, what an huniNe aupiUiaut
Lord liaidiuxa wus to her for Iun delivery f

Oio. Humliiy oiMnplaiuinK u> her dei>y
Out my lord ciiaiiiheriaui hix hlMir y.
ril tell you what.— I ihmk, it i« our way,
If we will keep in favour witli ilie king.
To be her men, and wear her hvery :
i'he jealous o'er-wom widow, and henpelf,
biucv that our hrotherdubh'd Uiem gentlewamen.
Are mighty guMiips in this niunamhy.

Brak. I beaeecli ytnir nnoes both lo pardon me ;
His majesty hath atraitly given iu charge,
lliat no man ahall have pnvate ounferenoa.
Of what degree ituever, with hia hruiher. (bary,

Gto. Even »o T an nleaae your wuraliip, Brakeu-
Yuu may partake or any thing we any :
We apeak no ireasoo. nuui ;— We Hay, the kin|
Is wise, and virtuoua; aud his noble queen
Well struck in year*- fnir, and not jealous :—
Wf> Kity. that Shore's Wilis hath a pretty fuol,
A cherry lip,

A bonny eye, a passing pleasing tongoe.—
And the queeu'k kiiuired are mndr gvntlefbUts :
How say yuu, sir T can yuu deny all this T

Brak. With this, my lord, myself have nooirht
to do. (tliee fellow.

Oio. Naught to do with mistreaa Shore T i teU
He that doth naught with her, excepUng one.
Were beat to do it secretly, alone.

ibis*. Wliat one, my lord 1 (tray me T

Gto. Her hushund, knave :— Would'st thuu be-

Brak. I beeeech your grace to parduu lue ; aud,
Forbear vour conftrence with the noble duke.

<Mar. We know thy oharge, Brukeubury. and
will obey. (uliey.

Oh. We are ttie queen's abiecta, and must

Brother, farewell : I will un'o the king ,
And whatsoe'er yoo will eniuluy me in.—
Were it to call king iiklwtinl s widow— atster.*-
I will perfurni it. to eutninchise yoo.
Menu iim«. tln^ deep disgrace in brutherhood.
Toiichesi me deeper thun yon nan imrfgine.

Clnr. I kiHtw, it pleajies oeiitier of us well.

Glo. V^eil, your iinpri'«uiiment sliall not Ic
1 will deliver yiMi, or else lie (or you : (lottf i
Me>ui time, have patience

Clor I must perfiirce ; flirewell.

[ ExeiaU Ciarenoe, Braketibury, and Omni.

Glo. Go. tread the path that thoo ahalt ne'er
Simple, plain CUarence I— I do Inve thee so,
1'hai I will shortly send thy soul lo heaven.
If heaven will take the preaent at our hands.
Bat who comas here? the new-deUver'<? HnsU

HatL Good time of day unto my graekms lord!

Glo. As much unto my good lord chamberlain i
Well are you welcome to this open air.
How hath your lordship brook'd imprisonment f

Hast. Wrth patience, noble lord, as prianuera
But 1 shall live, my loid. to ^ve tbem thanks
Thai were the cauae tt( my iinprisonineat. [lao ;

Glo. No douht, no doubt ; ami so shall Clarencn
For ihey, that were your enemies, are his.
And luive prevail'd aa much on him. as you.

HaM. More pity, ilwt the eaicle shunhl he mew'd.
While kites and buzzards prey at libei^y.

Glo. What news abroad ? (home —

Hm$t. No news so liad abroad, aa this m
The king is sickly, weak, and tuelanoholy.
And his physiciaitit fear him mightily. (deed.

Glo. Now, by Saint Paul, this news is bad in-
O; he hath kept an evil diet long,
.^nd over-mucli conaum'd his ruyal peraiai ;
I'ni very grievous to he thought upon.
Whttt. IS he in his bed T

Hasi He is.

GUi. Go you before, and 1 will follow rnn.

[Exit Hastings.
He cannot live. 1 hope ; and must wit die, (vea.
Till George las piick'd with postliorse up to hea-
ru m, tu urge lus haired more lo Chireuoe.
Wiih lie-H well s eei'd wiih weighty argomenta;
AihI, if 1 TmiI nut in my deep intent^
(^lanfiice hath nut niMiiher dav Ui live :
Which doiiH,G«id lake king luJwiird to hia OMrqy,
And leave the world for lue lo huMtle -nt
For theu I'll marry Warwick's eldest laughter:
Whai. iliuu<h 1 Kill'd her hiiahand. and her fiubart
The readiest way tu make tlie wench umeodi^
1m— (o heuuoie her husband and her I'aUier :
The whidi will I ; imk uU so much fur lute,
As for aiKitlier secret r.loae iutent,
By nuurTTiiig her which 1 must reach onto.
Hut yei I run befiMre my horse to market :
Ciarenoe still breaihea; Edward sttU bvcsi. aiii

When they are goue, thtn must I eo lui i.» gaiaa.


Amalkm SUitt.

EaUr th» eonwt qf Kii^l Henry tbe Sixth. #ani»m
an even cqffUk, Geutlemeu btariaii kalkttia^ 9m
guard it ; and Ladji Auue. a$ nummtr.
Anne. Set down, a«t down juur

If hooour may be shrouded w a UeaTK — '


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/ ACTl.l



{Hath pawn'd the Sicib uid JenuMlem.
a^Sa. ^°^ hither have they wiit it for her miMoaHi

T> Mf the traili, w Judas kin'd hi« mas-


And oried—all hail I when as he meant I ^^^"^ jf. £|{io. Away wuh her, and waA her heuce to

— MUharm. ' Frauce.

K. Edm. Now am I aeated as my anal de- And now what resta. hut that we spnid tlie time

lurlili. W|tU stately trkimplia, mirthful ciimick sliuwa.

lisvinf mv .ouBtrr's peace, and broilier% luves. Siloh as befit the pleasures uf the court f—

Oar. What will yoar frace have duue with Soond, drams and trumpets l—fiurewell.suur an-

Manaret t nof !
RaignMr, her btber, to the kiaf of Prawv I Por hare, I hope, begins our lasting joy. [BxaaL




Kirf Edward the Fourth.

Uwaid. /Vina f»f Vfaln. nfter- )

waris Ktti9 Edwfrd V. ^joMtoMeKing.

Rkshaid. Dtiht ot York. }

Geoffe. Duke uf CtnremCf. > bnthtn la tha

RjchwJ. IMm ttf (Hosier, afler- \ ^^^Si
wmtkt Kina Rirhard III. ) ^"*'
A yomta Son af Clarence

Htorr. Earl cf Bickmoad^ ofUrwafdM Kmg Bemnt

Caniinal Boumhier. Archbiihop of CamUrbunf.
Thomas Aotheram, Arch/nskop 4/^ York.
John Morton, OtiAop uf Eif.
Doke of Buckinf liam.
Duke o( Norfolk.
Earl of Surrer, hu ton
Bar! Rnrers. brother to King Edward's Qmen.
Marquis of Dorset aad Lord Uref, ker oorne.
Eitri at OxfonL
Ufrtl Hastu^is.
jard Suiilcjr.
>onl LoveL
ir Thoows Vauchan.
ir lUohard lUtclifi:
ir Williajn CtOasby.
ir JamM7rVrr«l.
ir James Blount,
r Walter Herbert.

r Robert BrHkenbary, LtemlamuU ^tke Tomr.
irist«ipber CJrswiok, a PriesL
walker i*rie»l.
trd M^wor ofjjomdtm.
eriffi^ WUiMkura.

zabrth Qmam ^ Kitv Edward IV.

rvareC. aaidota of King Heurr VI.

rtMsv of York, motker to Kiag Edward IT.

Claremee,amd fJioeter.
\f Aone, widitw of Edmard^ Prinre of Wain,
atm fo Ktmg Hemrt VJ. ; afterwards marrwd to
the DtUte ot Oloater.
tetmf D a m gkia r of ClaremcM.

aiher AtteadaaU; two Oeattemen, a
i/, Se rtv e m er , CtHxime^ Marderere, Mee-




SCENEI.-Lnodoa. d
EmUr Cluster.
Ola. Now is the winter of our disnontmit
Made clorioua snmmer br this san of Vcirk ;
And all the clouds, that lowr'd upon our house.
In the deep bosem of the ocean bnry'd.
Nowareourbrowsboond with vwtonous wreaths;
Our bruised arms hunf up for nionaaMnts ;
Our stem alarums chsoft'd to memr meetinfs.
Our dreadAil marehes to delwhtAil measures.
Grim-visag'd war hath saooth'd his wrinkled

Aad now— instead of monntiajr barbed steeds,
I'o fright the souls of fearful adsersaritak—
He capers nimbly w a bnly's chamber.
To the laseivioas pleasiag of a luie.
But I,— that am nut shap^ for SMrtive tricks.
Nor made to court au amorouM l<Niking<-^lNaa;
I, that am rudely stampM, and want Ic^re's na-

To atnit be&nt a wantoa ambling nymph ;

L that am nurtailM of this Aiir prop<»nioa,

CheaUHl of feature iiy diasenibUug oaturs,

Defonu'd. uuAiiish'd, sent before my time

Into this breathing wwkl. anaroe half made op,

And that so humtir and antehinoably.

Tliat the doga hark at me. as 1 halt hf them ;

Why i, m this weak piping time of pea(«.

Have no delight to pass away the time,

Unieas lo npy my shwhtw in the sua.

And desnant on mine own defurmiiy ;

And therefiire.— ainne 1 cannot prove a lovwr

To eatertaia thesp &ir well-«pokeB days,—

I am detrmiiiied to pnive a villain,

And hate the alle pleasurM uf these days.

Phits havH 1 IumI. inductiuns daniterous,

hy drankeii pniphecies, libels, and dreams,

'I o set my iiruiiier Churenoe. and tlie king.

In deadly hnte tlie one agaiiuit the other:

And, if king Edward be as true and just.

As I am sulitle, fiUae, and treacherous.

llila day sboukl Clarence chisely lie mew'd up.

About a prophecy, which says— that G

Of Edward** heirs the muiderer shall ba.

Diva, thoughts, dowa to utf soul f here Uamnoa


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^ic^UfiE VI. — Ltindon. A R0om m the Tower.
Kiug Heary w diteonend iUtmg wUh a book in his

tei«t.lAe lieutenant ffMnutfiv £iitar01aeter.

Gio. Goad day, nyliml! What, at yoar book an
hard T [wy mther :

K. Hen. Ay, my f^ood lord : My lord. I ahouid
nHs aia to flatter, good waa little better :
Gund Glofiter, and «ikm1 devil, were alike.
Aim! btitli prepucteniua : theraftire, not good lord.

Qlio. SirTNh, leave ua to ounelTee: we niust
coafer. [Eal Ueoteoant.

K. Bm. So aiea the recklces ahepheid from
the woif:
S«> Aral the hurmlcai sheep doth yield hit fleece.
And neit his throat, aoto tlie baicher*s kniA —
What aoeue uf death hath Riedus miw lu act f

Oio. Suspicion always haunts thesniliy mind;
The tlttef doth fear etich hush au oflioer Tbush,

K. UtA. Tlie bird, that hutli be*ru limed in a
With iremUinjt wiiiks misduubteih every liusli :
And 1, the hapless male Ut one 8we4>t Uird,
Have uuw the fiital ubjeol in my eye, rkiird.
Where my poor yuong was Um'd, was caufrht. and

Glo. Why, what a peevish fool was that of Crete,
That taufcht his sun the office of a fowl :
And yet, fijr all his wings, the fool was drown'd.

K. Um. 1, Usdalus ; my pour boy, Icarus ;
Thy Aither, Mmus, that denied uur oounte;
llie sun, thai sear'd the winits uf my sweet boy,
lliy brother Edwunl ; and iliyself. the sen.
Wiiuee euvious gulf did swnIiuw up liia life.
Ah. kill me with thy weapon, not with wonls I
My breast can belter brook thy daggerls point,
' Than can my ears that tmgick bntunr.—
But wherefore dust thuu oume T ts't for my life f

Olo. Thiuk'st thou. I um au execuiioner I

K. ikn. A persecutor. I am sure, thou art j
If munleriug luuooeuis be executing,
Why. theit iTitiu art au executioner.

Qio Thy sou I kiU'd fur his presumption.

K. Hm Hndst thou been kOTd, when first thou
didst presume,
llion hadst not liv'd to kill a son of mine.
And thus I pnipheoy,— that many a thouaand.
Which now mistrust no parcel of my fear ;
And many an old man's sigh, and many a widowls.
And many an orphuu's water-otandiuK eye.—
Men for tlieir sous, wives fur their husbunds' fate.
And orphans for their parents' timetoss death.—
Shall rue the hour that ever thou wast hum.
, Tiie owl shnek'd at thy birth, <ui enl s^ ;
'I'le niglii-crow cried, Hb«idiiig luckless lime ;

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