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M, gH* NW ModMl MMTMM*. If yM b the lady O/i. How doe* he lore me >

r llw kMM, llMl I MM UHBM* la wy q^Mch. rf. M'ith adoratlont. with fertile tear*.

tm. An ymm* tnwiilMi > With poan* that thunder ioTe. with tixhi of fir.

fV. N^ My dbu< kwrt- miA y,
! ta^i r Mdim IcvMT I MM Mt thai
An yM the U4y r lb* hoM* 7

OH. If I 4* Mt Nn aywlf. I am.
lort MRalM, If ywi at* A*, yoa

tinleu *outh ;

i'lth man* that thander Iot*. with i|fhi
by the OA. Yot lord doc* know my mind, 1
: 1 play. ' lore hiro :

I Yet I tapiKM* him rlrtuonn, know him noble,
' >f jTt it^, nf fth and
Mort canalM, 1/ y at* *. yoa do atant 1- -" - - h .i..-.r,.-.i fr^,.
yi i i lf j fcr wkat to yw la harta*. to aot yoa
la laaarw. Bt tia to from my
witk^ Mp aa ch la

OO. Caaaa la ^bit"to Impartaat la^l : 1 fci)|l<r >urh a deadly life,

yaa dM pratoa. ' tsnd no tcnaa,

n*. Alaa. J taok fiaat pataw la aMy tt. aad nu
paatfoal. '^ ' -ould ,oa >

<ML It to tka mara Uka la ka M^aad: I prat r Kite.

ya. kaap U te. I imavA yaa wart aaacy at mi
gatm; aaaallavadyaar appiaach, rather to woMUr ^'

at yaa ttoaa la kaar yatt. If yaa ha M mad. be .An.l .ins '^"' <"'<> "" '" ''" *<* of night ;
fHMi if yaa hata tawaa, ba brtof : lii not tkat Holla yoar nam* ta the rercrbcrate hilU,
Itaw af maaa vUli mfa. ta maka om la m aUpptaf And makctha babbliag main of the air
a dU lagaa <'ry oat. (HIria ! O, yoa dtoafd not ret

JIar. Hltl yaa bato aaU. air ? kara Um yoar way. Between tha alammt* of air and earth.
ru. Na. (aod aablir : I MB la kaU her* a Bt yoa ikaaM pity me. [tttte

I Inrnmn Soaaa m al lH l c abaa fcr yaw giaat, <Mi. Yaa miftht do merh : Mliat it yoar parent-
( lad*. n. Above my fertanc*. yet my itate to well :

I. Tall mm yaar miad. I am a gentleman.

Ofi. (iet yoa to yoar lord ;

I cawMt lore him let him tend no more ;
t'lUam, parrkaac*. yoa com* to me again,
T* tan laa hear k takaa It. Fare you well :
I thaak yaa fcr jaar palna : ipend thi for me

rw. lam aafcrtlpot.l<f: V-p roor por .
My maaCcr.aet myalf. i>e.

Laea amkm kto kaart . ' Oialllovc;

Aad let year fcrrear, 1 ' >

Plae^laeantampt! i : dty. [K*i/.

OM. Wkat to yoar parei^t-^i^r >
Atmm aqf J k r t mmu , jfrC mtt ttmtt i< trttt .

I am a gtmUtmmn III be *wom thon art ;

Thy toafao.thy fare, thy limbt, actions, and %y\r\t.
Da gira the* dre-fbld blason -.Not too fast :- tofl '

UalaH the mwter were the mui How now ?
qnlckly may one catrh the plagaa ?

ru. It alaaa natwai yarn aar. I brtM m
>arti af war, aatautlaaafhamafa: I holdiha
Ilea ia aiy haad : my ward* are m Ml of paaea

OH. Ya yaa bigaa tadily. What art yaa? what

rs Marl*.] Nav. ilr, what to yoar
an? '

na. Mart avaat lady.

OB. A eatafcrtabl* doctrine, aitd mach may be
MMaflL WhOTt Itoa year test >

rta. laOnlaa'khaaem.

Oli. Ia hto haaam ? la what chapter ef bb

by th* aaethod, la the flnt ef hto
Hare yoa

ru. Tai

OIL O, I hara read it : it to harcay.
aa NM ta my ?

ru. Oaad asadam, let me tea yoar faee.

ON. Haa yaa aay eimmtoaioo from year lord to
aagotlaU vHh my Cica ? yaa ara aow eat <^ your
tan : bat a wlll draw Iha cartain. aad show yoa
the pictataw Laok yaa, air, sach an one aa I was
thhpttiaat, Ian aat wan don* > [Vmiiamg.

rt. Eseallaatly daaa. If (iod did all.

OK. Ttota grata, air: twill cndnre wlad aad

ru. Tts beaaty traly blamt. whose red and white
Nataret own sweet aad canning hand laid on :
Lady, yoa arc the craellil she allre.
If yoa will lead that* gi a iiu ta th* grave,
Aad leaTr the world ne cap*.

OH. O, sir. I will aa* baw hafd -hearted ; I will
H* oat divers whadalM af my beaaty : It shall

iataOad la my will : aa. Item, two lipt taMUiTereat

With an Inritlble and tubtle ttralth,

To creep in at mine eye*. Well, let It b*

What, ho, .Malrolio !-

lU-tmltr .Malrolio.

MmL Here, madam, at yoar seTTic

OH. Ran after thst same iieerish mem|t'.
TT>e coantT** man : he left thit rin behind h.:
Would I, or not ; tell him, I'll none of it.
Destre him not to flatter with his lord.
Nor hold him up with hope* ; I am it t
If that the yoath wilt come this way I'
ni glre him reasons for't. Hie thee, y.

Mmt. .Madam, I will.

on. I do I know not what : and fear to fir.<i
Mtaw ere too great a flatterer for my mind.
Pate, tiiow thy force : OarseUes we do not ow>
What to decreed, mast be ; and be thto to ! [ /

Acr II.

Enter Antonio an^ Sebastian.
Amt. M'lll yoa stay no longer ? nor will yoa not
that I go with yoa >

S*. By Tour patience, no : my sUn shine darkly
orei me : the malignsacy of my fate might, per-

.aft^'Jb ii.

Acl 2.


haps, distemper yours ; therefore I shall crave of | And I, poor monster, fond as much on him
you your leave, that I may bear my evils alone : It ' And she, mistaken, seems to dote on me
were a bad recompense for your love, to laj any of What will become of this I As I am man'
them on you. j My state is desperate for my master's love :

Ant. Let me yet know ol you, whither you are As I am woman, now alas the day '

c",. V- . *i, c- J . h^'hat thriftless sighs shall poor Olivia breathe 5

Seb. No, sooth, Sir ; my determinate voyage is O time, thou must untangle this, not I
mere extravagancy. But I perceive in you so ex- It is too hard a knot for me to untie
cellent a touch of modesty, that you will not extort
from me what I am willing to keep in ; therefore it
charges me in manners the rather to express my-
self. You must know of me then, Antonio, my
name is Sebastian, which I called Rodorigo

SCENE III A Room in Olivia's House.
Enter SU Toby Belch and SjV Andrew Ague-cheek.
To. Approach, sir Andrew : not to be a-bed

father was that Sebastian of Messaline, whom I "ter midnight, is to be up betimes; and diluciilv

know, you have heard of : he left behind him, my-
self, and a sister, both born in an hour. If the
heavens had been pleased, 'would we had so ended !
but, you sir, altered that ; for, some hour before
you took me from the breach of the sea, was my
sister drowned.

Ant. Alas, the day !

Sel>. A lady, sir, though it was said she much re-
sembled me, was yet of many accounted beautiful :
but, though I could not, with such estimable won-
der, overfar believe that, yet thus far I will boldly
publish her, she bore a mind that envy could not
but call fair she is drowned already, sir, with salt
water, though I seem to drown her remembrance
again with more.

Ant. Pardon me, sir, your bad entertainment.

Seb. O, good Antonio, forgive me your trouble.

Ant. If you will not murder me for my love, let
me be your servant.

Seb. If you will not undo what you have done,
that is, kill him whom you have recovered, desire it
not. Fare ye well at once: my bosom is full of
kindness : and I am yet so near the manners of
mother, that upon the least occasion more, mine
eyes will tell tales of me. I am bound to the count
Orsino's court : farewell. [Exit.

Ant. The gentleness of all the gods go with thee !
I have many enemies in Orsino's court.
Else would I very shortly see thee there :
But, come what may, I do adore thee so.
That danger shall seem sport, and I will go. [Exit.

SCENE 11.^ Street.
Enter Viola; MalvoUo following.

Mai. Were not you even now with the countess
Olivia ?

Vio. Even now, sir ; on a moderate pace I have
since arrived but hither.

Mai. She returns this ring to you, sir; you might
have saved me my pains, to have taken it away
yourself. She adds moreover, that you should put
your lord into a desperate assurance she will none
of him : And one thing more ; that you be never
so hardy to come again in his affairs, unless it be
to report your lord's taking of this. Receive it so.

Vio. She took the ring of me : I'll none of it.

Iffnl. Come, sir, you peevishly threw it to her ;
and her will is, it should be so returned : if it be
worth stooping for, there it lies in your eye ; if not,
be it his that finds it. [Exit.

Vio. I left no ring with her : What means this lady ?
Fortune forbid, my outside have not rharm'd her !
She made good view of me ; indeed, so much.
That, sure, methought, her eyes had lost her tongue.
For she did speak in starts distractedly.


ves me, su're ; the cunning of her passion

Invites me in this churlish messenger.

None of my lord's ring ! why, he sent her none.

I am the man ; If it be so, (as 'tis,)

Poor lady, she were better love a dream.

Disguise, I see, thou art a wickedness.

Wherein the pregnant enemy does much.

How easy is it, for the proper -false

In women's waxen hearts to set their forms !

Alas, our frailty is the cause, not we ;

For, such as we are made of, such we be.

How will thisrfadge ? My master lo>es her dearly

surpere, thou know'st,-

Sir And. Nay, by my troth, I know not: but I
know, to be up late, is to be up late.

Sir To. A false conclusion ; I hate it as an un-
filled can : To be up after midnight, and to go to
bed then is early : so that, to go to bed after mid-
night, is to go to bed betimes. Do not our lives
consist of the four elements ?

Sir And. 'Faith, so they say ; but, I think, it ra-
ther consists of eating and drinking

Sir To. Thou art a scholar; let us therefore eat

and drink Marian, I say ! a stoop of wine !

Enter Clown.

Sir And. Here comes the fool, i' faith.

Clo. How now, my hearts ? Did you never see
the picture of we three ?

Sir To. Welcome ass. Now let's have a catch.

Sir And. By my troth, the fool has an excellent
breast. I had rather than forty shillings I had such
a leg ; and so sweet a breath losing, as the fool has.
In sooth, thou wast in very gracious fooling last
night, when thou spokest of Pigrogromitus, of the
Vapians passing the equinoctial of Queubus ; 'twas
very good, i' faith. I sent thee sixpence for thy le-
man : Hadst it ?

Clo. I did impeticos thy gratillity; for Malvolio's
nose is no whipstock : My lady has a white hand,
and the Myrmidons are no bottle-ale houses.

Sir And. Excellent! Why, this is the best fool-
ing, when all is done. Now, a song.

Sir To. Come on ; there is sixpence for you : let's
have a song.

Sir And. There's a testril of me too : if one
knight give a

Clo. Would you have a love-song, or a song of
good life ?

SjV To. A loTe-song, a love song.

Sir And, Ay, ay ; I care not for good life.



O mistress mine, where are you roaming f
O, stay and hear ; your true love's coming.

That can sing both high and low :
Trip no further pretty sweeting ;
Journeys end in lovers' meeting.
Every vise man's son doth know-
Sir And. Excellent good, i' faith.
Sir To. Good, good.

Clo. What is love f 'tis not hereafter ;

Present mirth hath present laughter ;

What's to come, is still unsure :
In delay there lies no plenty ;
Then crnne kiss me, sweet-and-twenty.
Youth's a stujfwill not endure.
Sir And. A mellifluous voice, as I am true knight.
Sir To. A contagious breath.
Sir And. Very sweet and contagious, i' faith.
Sir To. To hear by the nose, it is dulcet in con-
tagion. But shall we make the welkin dance in-
deed ? Shall we rouse the night-owl in a catch,
that will draw three souls out of one weaver ? shall
we do that ?

SiV And. An you love me, let's do't : I am dog
at a catch.
Clo. By'r lady, sir, and some dogs will catch well.
Sir And. Most certain : let our catch be. Thou knave.




? I

MMirata^i Hi-t I* call tlM kM*. kalirt.
Mr ^ai. *TI Mt tiM An* Uhm I lu e*Mtrmta>i
ifln, *Ml : U kaglm, MM


U Mr kl. IT f ImM My fMM.
Um, I'Mtk i Cmm. kagta.

r. What ctMrUmg 4 yov kMfhart!
If My lUj ka** Mt callad ap kar tuvwd. Mai
aUa, an4 kM Mm tani yaa at of doar*.

MrTt. Mf toijni a Catalaa. a n palMciaMi
MalaUa-t Pf-a-HmMT. an* Then mtrr^ Mm
ttwt. AmnaHl rnanaailaiiai > aM 1 aataTkar
Maa? Tim valWy. Ia4y! rkaw rflt a mm <a



HrifW. Aj.ha aatan aMMk. If ka ka to-
aM4.a4M 4lMai ka tfaaa ft vMl a kaoar
raca, ki I 4a li Ma Raianl.

sir IV. O, tkf twHJVk *mf tf Oimmtir,

mT. Far Ika la^ a^Ja*. aaaca. -

ya' HAf |a M tl.
la aakkla Uka ywkM> at tkl. riMa af *><kt t ~I)ya
MM a* aiakatt* af ay la^'* kaaMi, tkat |a aaaaak
aai yaar caatar*' ratckaa ttkit anjr mtttiffitMi ar
n ir n af vatea? U tktta m t aif u t af pUca,
w n mt, WM UMa. ta <a >

Kii- r^ Ha tfl4
tlMck ap

JM. Mr Taky. t MaU ka raMi4 wltk yi. My

j a aa n . I f ywi aaa Mfavaia yaanaif omI |ar aUa*
i aM aa w a a tv yMi aia vateaMa to Ika katua : tf Ml.
a U mtm\A l aa n yaa Mtaka iaava a( kat, tka la
fy vOUhk to kid ;oa fora*(l.
<- IV. tmnmM, 4mr kmH, timm t mmtl aaMb

Mar.' .Nay. gaad tlf Toky.

CI*. Hi* ryra d* a*ia 4m d art > t dwM.

JVal. Ist aTaa aa ?
(< IV. Bmt Imrili anvr di>.
Obk Sir Taky, Ikma yea 11a.
JM. TMs b Mach crwUt to jaa.
Mr IV. Mall / *U Aim P ltgtmg.

Ok irka(a(/'a-a^r
M^IV. Siatf lIiUAi-.|r.aadrara^r
Obi. O aa, , aa, na, yov ^rr im<.
Mr TW Oat allma ? tit. ya Ua Art aay mot*
Ikaa a ttavard f Dart tkaa ttiiikk. bacaaaa Ibaa art

CU. Yat, ky Aahrt AiMa ; aad gtaMar ikall U
kal Ilka Matk tae.

mr IW Tkaa*n Itka tiht. Go, dr. nib yaar
alMla wltk anuM .A. ttoof af wina, MarU '

JMI. MlattaM Mary. If joa prisd My lad;** fit-
Taar at any Ihiaf Mac* than contanat, jam would
at g<MaaaifarlklaMnclrtlrmlai akaaball know
uT It. ky thU kaad. [xi7.

Mr. U Uiaka |ar aar*.

Mr AmL Tvataaa aaad a dal a* todrink whn
a Maa'B a kaafry, to aaaUatkn* him to the fie!d : and
tiiaa to kraak pilMlil vltk kim. and make a fool

ar III daliTcr Oty iiidi(Mtiaa to him by v

Mar. Sveat tir Tab;, ka aatiant for ta-ni||ht ;
tkirc th Toath of Ika aa aa ffi arM ta^U; <ih rajr
ladj. >h it macb aat afaaWC. Por atoiulaar Mal-
alio,lt maalaMvHkklailfl daMtgallklM
urta a Myaard, tmt Mika kk

UoM, da not tkink I hava wit enonch to lie itralcbt
te My bl: I kMw, I can do it.

a ; toll a* omcthlnc

Mar. Marry, ilr, MaMtlRMt ha U a kind of

alf *wt. O. ir I tkonght that, I'd beat klm Uke

mr TV. WkaLfor kaliia a Pttriiaa 7 tky cxqnlsite
raMaa daarkalckt<>

Ur dmd. I kava M tql^** raaMB fcrt, bat I
kaa tH iii n gaad anaagh.

Ika dTil liiritiin that he K, or an;

>n atrfeclion'd

'ittcn it In

hlintelf. to

Mhr n, that it b

kla graaad af ftith. tivat all lUu look on Ma, lava

Ma I and a tkai Tic* la bim will my rercng* aad

ailakli raMe to work.

Mr r- vv -" -houdo?


!i U way Mm* obaeare aplallM
fie co(or of r


t ni> r>r, t unh aad, jud oenplaxloa. k*
M MMartr aMM fccHngly patMMtod : 1 caa
iry UkaMvla^.yottraiaea; oaaferMtan
w* ean lMudl> Make diaUncttan of oar

9lr IV. KBcrtlent ! I amell a derice.

Mr AmL I kavet in m; note too.

Mr TV. Ha tball think, by the letters that diou
Ut drap, that tbcy com* from my niac*. aad that
Ika la la lava wlik Mas.

Mt p a rp iM la, adaad, a botM afthat


Mr A-i " ai K- .^.^j,,,ie.

Mmr - Toa : 1 know, my

pkyait I will plant you two,

aad I*! here he .hall find th*

lattar; ootrrTr nit rontirut iion of it. For thit nigkt,

kad.a^draaraaatb**Tent. Farewell, r&air.

Mr TV. Gaad ai^. I'enlheilea.

Mr Amd. Daf a w mtt, the't a good wench.

Mr TV. SbaV a baagic, true bred, and om that
adaniM*: Hbato'tfaat?

Mr AmJ. I adored once toe.

Mr TV. I^M"! to bed, knight. Thou had Mad
mmd fcr aaara M eaa y .

Mr Amd. It I canaot recover your nicoc, I am a
fcal wa^aat.

Mr TV. Kaad br Moocy , kni(ht ; if thaa haat her
aoc ilk* and. call me Cut.

sir Amd. If 1 do not, never trast me, take it ho
yoa will.

sir TV. Com*, earn* ; III go bam loro* Mck, *ti>
taa law to go to bad aow : con

SCENE IV. ^ JtovM ia the Duka't J
Bmttr Duke, Viola. Curio, mmdotkert.
Dmkt. Giv* nae aomc mniick Naw, gaod mor

Metboogbl. It dM
Mofwthan light aira
I If theie inot brisk

: piaeaef aaag,

ta ll eta mv p
I and Tccolleclad I
and giddy pacad (

r-r. lie 1% not
UKiuld tinK it.

DtiJct. Uhowaalt?

Cur. Fevte, the jaMar,
lady OllTia- fathar toal

kara, m r>MM yow lardaMp, that

' lard : a fool, that the
locb delight in : he it

Dulrt. >eek him out, and play the tun* the whil*.
Kxit Curio. Jfiwicic
Caaa MtlMT, bay i If a*ar tkoa ataalt love.



In the sweet pang's of it, remember me :
i'or, siicli as I ara, all true livers are;
Unstaid and skittish in all motions else.
Save, in the constant iuiai;e of the creature
That is belovd. How dost liiou '.ike this tune ?

fin. It gives a very echo to the seat
Where Love is tliroii'd.

Duke Thou dost speiik masterly .
My life jiyou't, yuiiiii{ though thou art, thine eye
Hath sta/'d upon some favour that it loves ;
Hath it not, boy t

Vio. A little, by your favour.

Dul.e. What kind of woman ist?

A'l'o. Of your complexion.

Duke- Stie is not worth thee then. What years,

Fio. Aboutyonr years, my lord. [i'taitli?

Duke. Too old, by heaven ; I.iCt still the woman
An elder than herself ; so wears she to him, [take
So sways she level in her hi.sbiinrt's heart.
For, boy, however we do praise ourselves,
Our fancies are more ({'ddy and unfirm.
More longing, wavering, sooner lost and worn,
Than women's are.

Fio. I think it well, my lord.

Duke. Then let thy love be younger than thyself,
Or thy affection cannot hold the bent :
]'"or women are as roses : whose fair flower,
Being once displayed, doth fall that very hour.

Fio. And so they are : hIhs, that they are so ;
To die, even when they to perfection grow '.

He-enter Curio and Clown.

Duke. O fellow, come, the song we had last
Mark it, Ccsario ; it is old and plain : [night :
The spinsters and the knitters in the sun.
And the free maids, that weave their thread with
Do use to chant it ; it is silly sooth, [bones,

And dallies with the innocence of love,
like the old age.

do. Are you ready, sir?

Duke. Ay ; pr'ythee, sing. [Mutick.

do. Come amay, come anmy, death.
And in sad cypress let me be laid ;

Fly an'Ui/yjiy anuiy, breath :
I am slain by a fair cruel maid.
My skrotid of white, stuck all with yen,

O, prepare it ;

Sly part of death no one so true

Did share it.

Sot aJ!ower, not ajlorver sweet.
On my black coffin let there be struwn ;

Xut a friend', not a friend greet
Afy floor corpse, where my bones shall be thrown .
A thousand thousand sighs to save.

Day me, O, where
Sad true lover never find my grave.
To weep there.

Duke. There's for thy pains.

Clo No pains, sir , I take pleasure in singing, sir.

Duke 111 pav thy pleasure then.

do Truly, sir, and pleasure will be paid, one
time or another.

Duke. Give me now leave to leave thee.

do. Now, the melan<h(>ly god protect thee ; and
the tailor make thy doublet of changeable taffeta, for
thy mind is a very opal! I would have men of
such constancy put to sea, that their business might
be every thing, and their intent every where ; for
that's it that ahvays makes a good voyacte of no-
thing Farewell. [ Kxit Clown.

Duke. I-et all the rest irive place

[Exeunt Curio and Attendants.
Once more, Cesario,
Get thee to yon' game sovereign cruelty :
Tell her, my love, more noble than the world,
Prizes not quantity of dirty lands ;
The parts th^it fortune hath bestow'd upon her,
Tell her, 1 hold as giddily as fortune ;

But 'tis that miracle, and queen of gems.
That nature- pranh.n her in, attracts my soul.

Fio But, if she cannot love you, sir ?

Duke. I cannot be so answered.

Fio. "Sooth, htit you must.

Say, that some lady, as, perhaps, there is.
Hath for your love as great a pang of heart
As yoii have for Olivia : you cannot love her ;
You tell her so : Must she not then be answered ?

Duke. There is no woman "s sides
Can bide the beating of so strong a passion
As love doth give my heart : no woman's heart
So big, to hold so much ; they lack retention,
Alas, their love may be called appetite,
No motion of the liver, but the palate,
That suffer surfeit, doyment. and revolt ;
But mine is all as hungry as the sea,
And can digest as much : make no oompare
Between that love a woman can bear me,
And that 1 owe Olivia.

Vio Ay, but I know,

])u';e What dost thou know 'i

Fio Too well what love women to men may owe :
In faith, they arc as true of heart as we.
My father had a daughter lov'd a man,
.\s it miisht be. perhaps, were I a woman,
I should your lordship.

]:uke ' And what's her history .'

Fio. A blank, my lord : She never told her love.
But let concealment, like a worm i'the bud.
Feed on her damask cheek : she pin d in thought ;
.And, with a green and yellow melancholy,
She sat like patience on a monument,
Smiling at grief Was not this love, indeed ?
We men may say more, swear more : but, indeed.
Our shows are more than will ; for still we prove
Much in our vows, but little in our love

Duke. But died thy sister of her love, my boy ?

Vio I am all the daughters of mv fathers house,
.And all the brothers too ; and yet 1 know not.
Sir, shall I to this lady ?

])uUe. Ay, that's the theme.

To her in haste ; give her this jewel ; say,
My love can give no place, bide no denay. \^Rjreunt.

SCENE v. Olivia's Gatden.

Enter Sir Toby Belch, .Sir Andrew Ague-cheek,

and Fabian.

Sir To. Come thy ways, sitrnior Fabian.

h'ab Nay, I'll come ; if I lose a scruple of this
sport, let me be boiled to death with melancholy.

Sir 'I'o. Would'st thou not he glad to have the
niggardly rascally sheep-biter come by some nota-
ble shame ?

Fab. I would exxilt, man : you know, he brought
me otit of favour with my lady, about a bear-bail-
ing here

.Sir To. To anger him, we'll have the bear again .
and we will fool him black and blue : Shall we
not, sir Andrew?

Sir And. An we do not, it is pity of our lives.

Enter Maria.

Sir To. Here comes the little villain : How
now, my nettle of India?

Mar. Get ye all three into the box-tree : Malvo-
lio's coming down this walk ; he has been yonder
i'the sun, practising behaviour to his own shadow,
this half hour : observe him, for the love of mock-
ery ; for, I know, this letter will make a contem-
plative idiot of him Close, in the name of jesting .
r The men hide themselves ] Lie thou there . {throws
down a letter.] for here comes the trout that must
be caught with tickling. [ ^'*' Marxa.

Enter Malvolio.

Mai. 'Tis but fortune ; all is fortune. Maria
once told me, she did affect me : and 1 have heard
herself come thus near, that, should she fancy, it
should be one of uiy complexion Besides, she uses
me with a more exalted respect, than any one else
that follows her. What should 1 think on't*


Mr ft. Ili % am <ir-wntnc ra|pM '.

SirT*. Excellent wench, Mv I
M,0. A.



kay-CMk cf Mm i Im ka JM* mttm hk dewmd flist. M m* Me.-

HMMii '^ Whrt.dl

lUrila^ 'fUI|lM.lcaMMbMMtlMroK:- MrlWAndwIi


JM. Tatoromill
It^XV. Ak.rcMM!
p AiA PMoT blai, ]
Sir T>^F CI, piTi

jEfTiMnc taMlkM

tlMta4y ribr

itatf tolMfr,

rll%b W iMM-kMr. M kU W
Jfct. r a ll i f w iM i t n akmm mm, hi


,h of polton li ' Itnl

Ith what wine I ' "^^*


JTa/. r May cMNMnamf irArrf / aJnrr. Whr, the
m rnnn!n<1 met I ^r^ hfr, h U my UUy.
V .- ..'. 1. -..*^ .- .... f 1 ^v^rlty. TbM-e


lend ? If 1
. in me^
>ot\ij :- M. 'I, .1, I. -
mr T.O, ay ! make up that : bt U now at a

Mft. Sowter will cry npobt, for all thto. ttMrngh
U ta at raak as a fox.

MalTotio ; jr.-why. that taglM my

not I ay, he would work It oat ? the
er b axoailent at faalta.
m*L , Bat than tbera b no eoMonancy In the

hm a ieomta 0ai of l a g a H ^ Wl
M wy vlara, as I waaki dwy Aau M
aak to my ktaMna* Taky <
atrft. BatoantfilMckla*!
I%ik O, MOM, Mac*, aoaea ! aav, .
JM. af lay mW. vtlli Mi otalaM tlaft.
iMktaM to Mm : i hrMTw ito wMla t mU.ftt-
atoMt,arta ny ny vaMk. ar H^ wHk Ma lick
- - ^ - , narfilankatataiaai

Mali Ikat Mllkf
Mlow, bat O does.


Mm* I vstHi4 my llMld M WW QMM*
ly fcMlUaT Ua wMk aa a a liri f agi r i
MrTV. Anddaai notTaky takayaaMav a' tka

MrTW Wbat.w

MrYK Oat. .cab
Mk Nay. pailaMa. m wa broak tba rfMva oT

r, twM I : far afiany daeall oMfaal.
JVa/. Wkat aiaaloyaMRt baea we here f

[Tmking mf thi ktier.
M*. Naw It ttm woadcock near the gta.
air TV. O. paac* ! and the apirtt of hamoar* in-
tlwMi Wli^ aload ta bim !

JM. Ibf mj Ufa. thU It my tady't hand : thee
ta kar aaty C^ her ir", and her Tli : and iha
P^ It It, In canlen>i>t of

'j^^MLHarCX bOT t;^ and bar Tt : Why that >

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