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Sie. Give me thy hand ; I am sorry I beat thee :
but, while thou livest, keep a good tongue in thy

Cat. Within this half hour will he be asleep;
Wilt thou destroy him then ?

Sie, Ay, on mine honour.

Ari. This will I tell rny master.

Cat. Thou raak'st me merry : I nm full of pleasure ;
Let us be jocund: Will you troll the catch
You taught me but while-ere?

He. At thy request, monster, I will do reason, any
reason: Come on, Trinculo, let us sing. [Sillers.

Flnut 'em, and skout 'em ; and skout 'em, anijlout 'em :
Tlioughi U free.

Cal. That's not the tune.

{Ariel j)lai/s the time on a Tabor and Pipe.

Ste. What is this same ?

Trin. This is the tune of our catch, played by
the picture of \o-body.

Ste. If thou beest a man, show thyself in thy like-
ness ; if thou beest a devil, take't as thou list".

Trin. O, forgive me my sins !

Ste. tie that dies, pays all debts: I defy thee :
Mercy upon us !

Cal. Art thou afeard ?

Ste. No, monster, not I.

Cal. Be not afeard ; the isle is full of noises,
Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight, and hurt

Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears; and sometime voices.
That, if I then had wak'd after long sleep,
Will make me sleep again : and then, in dreaming,
The clouds, methought, would open, and shew

Ready to drop upon me ; that, when I wak'd,
I cry'd to dream again.

Ste. This will prove a brave kingdom to me,
where 1 shall have my music for nothing.

Cal, M'hen Prospero is destroyed.

Ste. That shall be by and by : I remember the

Trin, The sound is going away : let's follow it,
and after, do our work.

Ste, Lead, monster; we'll follow. I would, I
could see this taborer : he lavs it on.

Trin. Wilt come ? I'll follow, Stephano.


SCENE III. Another part of the Island.

Enter Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, Gonzalo, Adrian,

Francisco, and others,

don. By'r lakin, I can go no further, sir;
>fy old bones ache: here's a maze trod, indeed.
Through forth-rights, and meanders ! by your pa-
1 needs must rest me. [tience,

Alon. Old lord, I cannot blame thee.

Who am myself attach'd with weariness,
To the dulling of my spirits ; sit down, and rest.
Kven here I will put off my hope, and keep it
Ko longer for my flatterer : he is drown'd.
Whom thus we stray to find ; and the sea mocks
Our frustrate search on land : Well, let him go.

Ant. I am right glad that he's so out of hope.

[Aside to Sebastian.
Do not, for one repulse, forego the purpose
That you resolv'd to effect.

Seh. The next advantage

Will we take thoroughly.

Ant. Let it be to-night ;

For, now they are oppressed with travel, they

Will not, nor cannot, use such vigilance,
As when they are fresh.

Sell. I say, to-night : no more.

Solemn and strange musick : and Prospero above, in-
visible. Enter several strange Shapes, bringing in

a banquet : they dance about it vith gentle actions

of salutation ; and, inviting the King, S^c, to eat,

they depart,

Alon. WTiat harmony is this ? my good friends,

Gon, Marvellous sweet musick ! [hark I

Alon, Give us kind keepers, heavens ! What were
these ?

Seh, A living drollery : Now I will believe,
That there are unicorns ; that, in Arabia
There is one tree, the phoenix' throne ; one phoenix
At this hour reigning there.

Aiit. I'll believe both;

And what does else want credit, come to me.
And I'll be sworn 'tis true : Travellers ne'er did lie.
Though fools at home condemn them.

(ion. If in Naples

I should report this now, would they believe me ?
If I should say, I saw such islanders,
(For, certes, these are people of the island,)
Who,though they are of monstrous shape, yet, note.
Their manners are more gentle, kind, than of
Our human geneiation you shall find
Many, nay, almost any.

Pro, Honest lord,

Thou hast said well ; for some of you there present.
Are worse than devils. [Aside,

Alon. I cannot too much muse.

Such shapes, such gesture, and such sound, ex-
(Although they want thjeuse of tongue,) akind
Of excellent dumb discourse.

Pro. Praise in departing. [Aside.

Fran. They vanish "d strangely.

Seb. No matter, slnre

They have left their viands behind ; for we have

Will't please you taste of what is here ?

Alon. Not I.

Gon. Faith, sir, you need not fear: M'hen wc
were boys,
\Mio would believe that there were mountaineers,
Dew-lapp'd like bulls, whose throats had hanging

at them
Wallets of flesh ? or that there were such men.
Whose heads stood in their breasts ? which now

we find,
Each putter-out on five for one, will bring us
Good warrant of.

Alon. I will stand to, and feed.

Although my last : no matter, since I feel
The best is past : Brother, my lord the duke.
Stand too, and do as we.

Thunder and Lightning. Enter Ariel like a harpy :
claps his rvings upon the table, and, with a quaint
device, the banquet vanishes.

Ari. You are three men of sin, whom destiny
(That hath to instrument this lower world.
And what is in't,) the never-surfeited sea
Hath caused to belch up ; and on this island
Where man doth not inhabit; you 'mongst men
Being most unfit to live. I have made you mad ;

[Seeing Alon. Seb. &c. dram their sn'ords.
And even with such like valour, men hang and

Their proper selves. You fools ! I and my fellows
Are ministers of fate ; the elements
Of whom your swords are temper'd, may as well
Wound the loud winds, or with bemock'd-at stabs
Kill the still-closing waters, as diminish
One dowle that's in my plume ; my fellow-ministers
Are like invulnerable: if you could hurt.
Your swords are now too massy for your strengths,
.KnA will not be uplifted : But, remember,
(For that's my business to you,) that you three
From Milan did supplant good Prospero ;


Hf. M< ly hiiium bMMi fcr thJcli twU dwd ! A* nyaiM U|m (hall U^ 7M.
Tfc y ti . ill gl a a . t fcnnOm. Im* i Frr. A* I bop*

taMMM * MM m2 tlMvn. 9W. aU * oMnuM. r Vitet aaya. telrfaMM. aad iMg Mb.
If fail ywr fmtm : Ttmt mftkj mm, AUmm, i M'lth mwIi ! m tU now ; tb* mwUmI 4m.
TWy Im kwaft i mA d ywnw by mm, | TWmmi u | H t wi m m * pUcw, tht i tt oa g ^ wmwniiB


I iMy by lp MW d

.Mia* I

WIcalwtato jHhM iUmU ihtak.OT Pbotau'MMdt an Cm.
MrtliMvrav, OralflMkpalMtahato. (iWrtf,

tt U/M ;, MMf 4mm* <! MM* Mrf

rf /*< I** taMb.

dw igwa ar tkia ban* ilrl. What vmM ay paMrt aMr ? bar* I am.
! ya. Tb a**tbyiiawbUwyatlanr-

(Ifai* taMvactta* bMt Um M(blii 'batt
U ktt ibM ba4rt ! My : M, vltb gaad
Aa4 bwiia l l w i tumrngt, mr mm
Tbilr wvafal klaA* ba imi mty bl|

AM ibaw. HlM CMndai. aa telt r

><.iy AfMt neaUbad.AarMrinc: .PUonbUyiwMrmi aa4 I aaaawaymi [
> twKrtaw bMt Uta atbbn -batad. In Mcb anoOiOT trtck t |p>. brtactbaiabUa.

T vbam I Rt tbaa pewar, bar*, to tbia plar*

IM tba ayM af tbU yMig
' mlaa art : H ii my i

frm. Ay. vMb a twtaik.

AH. Mm* y aaa My. Omw . and g^

Vmmm F ai < f i. (wbaw di ,y mw fc <w^

IKjit Ihmtmffrtmmim*. Baab aM. CrtMtaf aN bb toa.
m. I* fba WMa ar'aaMaMMlM^.tfr. wby JWUl ba baM^Si May aM Maa<
Ma iSaMa Maa* f (ttm^ nm ^ y* > "M. Martar f m*.

AAm. " Tti miaiU JILL ' MCMiwoai ; #>. Daarty, My 4aUcat AiW t Do sat i

MatbOTiJbl. tba biSova pofea. awl toM MM aflt i
Tbawta4a4M(iaiiiaMai and Iba tbmdar.
TbM aar aM *MifU anraa-plpa. I
Tba MMa aT Itaa a a f t It Ad ba m;

IV wak Mai daaftar tbaa *(
Aad vUb biM ibara Uwadda'd.




T*wrai*lbaMaad: bamaaat

I warrant you.

m. All VBwm wt


.4ai. rObatby

[KfnMf *. iratf 4a.
aa. An tbfw aT *


Nw IMa M BIM mt tfmu ii o baMaek yoa,
TbM an aT MrHar JaiatH follow ibaM twtftb,
tbanfroMwbatr ^


Bm aa laM at a ilMO, Tba wblM*abl ltfa Maw apaa My baart
AbalM tba aidoar or My lltOT.

fm. WalU

Xaw aaaaa* ay AtM i brbif a Maaiiary,
Ratbar tbaa waat a tiiiilt t aypaar. and partN.
No l aiy m aUayMt baiUaat. [S^mmtio

AJfaafM. SmItrltU.

tH*. Cmmt, aMrtbaaataoM lady. ih ricb kM
Of wbaat, lya. bariay. ratcboi
Tby taffy MaaalalM, whm I


Ita witii aaa al ad aad r

' Uow ibaM t


Fallow, 1 pray oa.


aCXNI I. a^^oPnapan^CSrO.
arr Pmyan, PavdtaMM, aad Miranda.
^xt. IflbanMaaaiiaialyi

Wan bat an mala af tby lot*. aM tbaa

Haat mMMlj Maad tba laat: ban, ^km Hnna.

InltfyafiiSyriabctft OPaidbMad.

Do aot Maila M aM MM I baaK bar aC,

Pm tboa abaU tadtba wlU aaiMrtr aU pcaln.

Aad aMka It baU bablad bv.

'kr. Idabattanlt.

Aaalaai aa andab

>. Tbaa,MaMi>II.Badlbbna


MTMi IbU aMl holy rita ba Mlai
No awaal aMMtiaa tbaU tba bi


iMaiMcaat nct |gaw; bMb

-ay-d dladaM. aaASMMd. Aafl I
aaloa afyaar bai^Mk woada m


Wbich faa(y A'pril at thy baM botrtmt.

To awka eold a yub a duMo

Whom tbadow tbo dliailiiid bacbaior Ion*.
Baiac l aat lui w ; thy polo-ciipt vlnayard ;
And iby Ma lairft, Mril, and rocky -hard.
Whan tboa tbyMlf doa air: Th* ^awn othr

WboM watary arch, and in ii. am I,

Bkbtbw iMMibaM: aad witbbMMrarciga grace
Han aa tbla graM-plot, la this vary plac*.
To coma aad ipart : bar poaeocka iy amaia ;
Appnacb, rich Cam, hr to anlartaia.
BmJer Cere*.
Orr. Hall, aMay.coloar'd mtmngtr, that ne'er
Dort dlMbay tba wMb of Japltar :
Wbo, with tby M ltV a u wtafi apaa aay flower*

And with aaeb aad aT tby btoa bow doct crown
.V* baaky acra*. aad aiy awdmihb>d down,
RliebacarftoMrpreadaaRbt Why hath thy ^ncan
Sammaa-d mo Mtbar, M tMa tbovt-araM-d siaan '

IrU. A contrart of traa Ion to caJobrate ;
And *oro donation freely to ma la
On the bleM'd loTers.

Cfr. Tell mo, beaTenly bow.

If Venus, or her Ma. m thoa daat know.
Do now attend tba ^faaaa ? atiMa tbcy did plot
The me, that dMky DIa ai^ daapitcr foi.

Act 4.



Her and her blind box's scandal'd company
I have forsworn.

ji-is. Of her society

Be not afraid ; I met her deity
Cutting the clouds towards I'aphos ; and her son
Dove-drawn with her : here thought they to have

Some wanton charm upon this man and maid,
Whose TOWS are that no bed-rite shall be paid
'lill Hymen's torch be lighted: but in vain;
Mars'shot minion is return'd again ;
Jler waspish -headed son has broke his arrows,
^wears he will shoot no more, but play with spar-
And be a boy right out. [rows,

Cer. H iijhest queen of state.

Great .Tuno comes : I know her by her gait.
Enter Juno.
Jiin. How does my bounteous sister ? Go with me.
To bless this twain, that they may prosperous be.
And honour'd in their issue.
Jnn. Honour, riches, marriage-blessing.
Long eoniinaunce, and increasing.
Hourly joys be still upon you !
Juno sings Iter blessings on you.
Cer. Earth's increase, andfoison pleuiy,
Barns and garners never empty ;
Vines, with dtist'ring bunches growing ;
Plants, with goodly burden bowing :
Spring come to you, at the farthest.
In the very end of harvest !
Scarcity and want shall shun you ;
Ceres' blessing so is on you.

Fcr. This is a most majestic vision, and
Harmonious charmingly : May I be bold
To think these spirits ^

Pro. Spirits, which by mine art

I have from their confines call'd to enact
Aly present fancies.

Per. I et me live here ever ;

So rare a wonder'd father, and a wife,
Make this place Paradise.

[Juiw and Ceres whisper, and send Iris on

Pro. Sweet now, silence ;

.Juno and Ceres whisper seriously ;
There's something else to do : hush, and be mute.
Or else our spell is marr'd.

Iris. Vou nymphs, call'd Naiads, of the wan-
d'ring brooks,
With your sedg'd crowns, and ever -harmless looks,
J.eave your crisp channels, and on this green land
Answer your summons : .)uno does command :
Come, temperate nymphs, and help to celebrate
A contract of true love ; be not too late.

Enter certain Nymphs.
You sun-bum'd sicklemen, of August weary.
Come hither from the furrow, and be merry ;
Make holy-day : your rye-straw hats put on,
And these fresh nymphs encounter every one
In country footing.
Enter certain Reapers, properly habited; they Join

with the Nympha in a graceful dance ; towards the

end whereof Prospero starts suddenly, and speaks ;

after which, to a strange, hollow, and confused

noise, they heavily vanish.

Pro. [Aside] 1 had forgot that foul conspiracy
Of the beast Caliban, and his confederates.
Against my life ; the minute of their plot
Is almost come. [To the Spirits.] Well done;
avoid ; no more.

Fer. This is most strange : your father's in some
That works him strongly. [passion

Mira. Never till this day.

Saw I him touch 'd with anger so distemper'd.

Pro. You do look, my son, in a mov'd sort
As if you were dismay'd : be cheerful, sir :
Our revels now are ended : these our actors.

As I foretold you, were all spirits, and
Are melted into air, into thin air:
And, like the baseless fabriik of this vision,
T he cloud-capp'd towers, the gorgeous palaces.
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
\'ea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve ;
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind : We are sucli stuff
As dreams are made of, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep Sir, I am vex'd ;
I Bear with my weakness; my old brain is troubled.
Be not disturb'd with my infirmity :
If you be pleas'd, retire into my cell.
And there repose ; a turn or two I'll walk
To still my beating mind.

Mira. We wish your peace.

Pro. Come with a thought .I thank you : Ariel,

Enter Ariel.

Ari. Thy thoughts I cleave to : WTiat's thy

Pro. Spirit, [pleasure ?

We must prepare to meet with Caliban.

Ari. Ay, my commander; when I presented Ceres,
I thought to "have told thee of it ; but I fear'd.
Lest I might anger thee.

Pro. Say again, where didst thou leave these var-
lets [ing ;

Ari. 1 told you, sir, they were red-hot with drink-
So full of valour, that they smote the air
For breathing in their faces ; heat the ground
For kissing of their feet; yet always bending
Towards their project : Then I beat my tabor,
At which, like unback'd colts, they prick'd their

Advanc'd their eye-lids, lifted up their noses,
As they smelt musick ; so I charm "d their ears.
That, calf-like, they my lowing folio w'd, through
Tooth'd briers, sharp furzes, pricking goss, aud

Which enter'd their frail shins : at last I left them
r the filthy mantled pool beyond your cell.
There dancing up to the chins, that the foul lake
O'erstunk their feet.

Pro. This was well done, my bird :

Thy shape invisible retain thou still :
The trumpery in my house, go, bring it hither,
For stale to catch these thieves.

Ari. I go, I go. [Exit.

Pro. A devil, a bom devil, on whose nature
Nurture can never stick ; on whom my pains.
Humanely taken, all, all lost, quite lost :
And as, with age, his body uglier grows.
So his mind cankers : I will plague them all.

Re-enter Ariel loaden with glistering apparel, Stc.

Kven to roaring : Come, hang them on this line.

Prospero and Ariel remain invisible. Enter Ca.Uhn,
Stephano, and Trinculo, all wet.

Cal. Pray you, tread softly, that the blind mole
may not
Hear a foot-fall : we now are near his cell.

Ste. Monster, your fairy, which, you say, is a
harmless fairy, has done little better than played
the Jack with us.

Trin. Monster, I do smell all horse-piss; at
which my nose is in great indignation.

Ste. So is mine. Do you hear, monster ? If I should
take a displeasure against you ; look you,

TrtH. Thou wert but a lost monster.

Cal. Good my lord, give me thy favour still :
Be patient, for the prize I'll bring thee to
Shall hood-wink this mischance : therefore speak

All's hush'd as midnight yet.

Trin. Ay, but to lose our bottles in the pool,

Ste. There is not only disgrace and dishonour in
that, monster, but an infinite loss.

Trin. That's more to me than my wetting : yet
this Is your harmless fairy, monster.

1 1


.v^. I a.;: d-.tl. ul tu) UotUc, tboojh I be o'r
ante Bt7 Ubar
rw. Pr>dM W}klac.l4l: $tMM Omw I>m.

D At >< winlil rf, wfck> any MfctM> til <
TMm * *v . iMIl. IV Ctltai.

roL. Oktac Wlnlwi! OfMr! OwwUnfll*.
rtaM I iHk. wtet vwlMk* IM* to ftr tlMtl

i~B laigww.
TM^ nv sraM riMU kav* It. [mwa.

nwB to* cMvs Iwll tU wr (klM vhk lBch ;
lUka m tVMf* Mar.

h avTWi miM. awHlv. WtaMH Um. to mm
tMtmjimktm? Kv to tfe* jirttoi * Ua* :
y> >M. 7*w life* ! IMT iHir, mid
! kaM ta>Mk>

TWik. IK 4*t W* MMl kf Ma* towl, aal

to. idMakitoMftrtfiMjMii Ww^agtaiii
^1 M ttMU aM aaMvaaAitf. wMI* i M


rrl.. aiMiOTVwaa.*at Mai
team, aaA M^r wMi tb ratt.

(ML I iUkfaaM>aa<ltaa

ant bahi t* kwr
r vta* W. ar IV

Txa. Aadthto.
Mi*. Ay.aatf iMk

il M<M ^ >tori 4anl. Aitor Mr pMto, la
ta-r ^ I < !. W kmml Iktm mtmd. Pta^paa
aa/AHirf, Mflfav ^*M ^
fr*, Hay.jfmlili.lnyt
>ri. Mmt? dMTO to (BM, tar
rr*. #W fmrjft M, Syaaf, ttwv! kaik.

Hum favA, OTCM a^ MM
^tW. UMk. tkM nar.
^in^UtdMMUhaaMdMaadl;: At
MV MMOT ad MtoM aMMlM :
f imO all av Ub a an aad. aa thoa
*at>aaitaf fta iiaM; ftraUttla.
84 4e Ma Mrrtca. [.

L ac^waitoMir

laiy p aa ) a ti |raH>r taabaad :
k aat > m; tplrlis obey ; aad ttaaa
llihtocantaga. Ho*ttbadr?
Ari, Oa tba flIsA kaar: at vldcli tlaM.ny lard,
Voa mM oar wafk AaaM caaM^

IVi. IdMaajTM.
%rkMft*M IrabVdwMaapaM. Saj.myaHrit,
M ftrw the kta$ aad kto?

iri. CoaSn'd tafatbar
la tha aaaaa Aahlaa M Taa am tai ehaifa :
JaM Mraa toft Hum, air t Mariaaaara
la tlM ifaaa-freTa vfalck aMliai teiilijroar call ;
Tlwy raaaul fcadga. rtll yaar laltaw. TW Mag,
Uto UallHr, aad yoan, aMda aU tkN* dtolnctad !

And thai


trimYallaraonowaaddtoaiayi bat.
Ilin ;oa tana'd. sir, r%gmdmU Urd, Om^i
Hto laan raa dowa hto baard. like lntrr*> .I-
FraM aaM af laada { Taar chA r)


TkM If aa aaa bahaM thaai.

^ at, with M7 aablM wmbb Mnct my
Da I tab* aart : tha rarar aeMi H

fart I
11m Ml drift aT My j.
Not a ftoaa Autbar : <i, laU
M; charaM ni bfaak.tlMlr tr..
Aad tha* thaU ba tbaMtrfm.

An. Ill <bteh tbM. tlr. [BHI.

I*ra. Ya alTM or hUto, broafca. ttMMUag Uk. and

Aad ya, that aa tba aaada wUh yalatlaM fcat
Da aluHa tha ahM^ Nartaaa, aad fly klM,
^iMahaeaaMkbackt yaa d M a q r rrf to w t>>at
By ai a n a t h toa da tha g t a a a i aai riijitoto make.
H haraaftha wa aat bitM : aad yaa. vhoM pattlBc
U to awka m>diilM anithraaaM i that r^aica
To haav tha aalaaM cadbw i by ahoM aM
(Waak Manaii thMh y ba.) I ha h^.ii^..^ h
Thraooa^ldaaaa, callVI <bfth thtMut '
Aad twist tha giaaa Ma aad tha aaarv
Hat raartaf war : to tha draad lattlfatK I !
Hava I ilvaa tea, aad Hftad Je*a^ tumt obi
Hlth hto awa boH t thaatraM baM proawntorx
Hava I HMda thaka: aad by lb* aiMt* plaekM up
Tha piaa aad eadar t t r a iaa, as my cooimaad,
Ha wak^d thair atoaiMai 2 aaad. aad tot them ibrth
B* My M potaat ait: Bat thto raafh auKfek
Ihara a kta i ai aad,whaB IhaaiaqalrM
Saaw haavaaly aaaaick. (whMi avaa now I do.)
To war* ariaaaad aaaa thair mumi, that
TMa airy chaiM to br. lit braak my itaff;
Barr H earala fcihaau la thaaarlh,
Aad. daaparihaa did aar ptaMMM aaaad,
lltAawaMybaak. [Mmai

Aiial: mflir M
aaiwv,aaMI|rUaaMla: tebaatlaa aW Aa-
iaalala /Ua aMawr.Mtoaderf l9 Adtlaaaarf Vraa-
ctoeo: Iter aU tmltr Ot drtU mUtk Piaaaara Aatf
mmJt, mml tkm 0lmmt tk m r w t id i mkick Vwmfm
tUrrwimg, tfttk*.

A aotoMa air, aad tha baat oaMfiater

To aa aawttlad floMy, car* thy bralnt.

Now aaataaa, baOM wttMa thy akall ! Tbcmttuiri,

Par yoa ara l a ail a taa a^

Holy Oaatala, haaoanMa maa,
Mtata ayat, araa Mdabto to the diow of thlav.
FaU MIowly dfaaa.-.Tha chana dtoaolM a|c
M tha marwMit alaato apoa tha alght.

Thair cImiii laaaon O my food

My traa arcacrrer, and a loyal tir

To hlM OMa fUlowVrt ,- I will pay Iby |

HoBM, both to word aad dead. Moat

Didst thoa, Alonao, aM me and my d-agtater :

Thy brothar was a fterthcrcr In the act ;

Thoa*rt piacb'd fbCt now, Sebastian Flesh at.a


t, that


wha,with Sabaatlan,
r moat atrtwic,.
; I do fargiTc

Uanataral ttwagh Iboa art ! Tfadr anderttindinfr

Act 5.



Hepns to swell ; and the approaching tide
Will shortly fill the reasonable shores,
That now lie foul and muddy. Not one of them.
That yet looks on me, or would know me : Ariel,
Fetch me the hat and rapier in my cell ;

[Exit Ariel.
I will dis-case me, and myself present,
As I was sometime Milan : quickly, spirit;
Thou shalt ere long be free.

Ariel re-enters, singing, and helps to atzire Prospero.
Ari. Where the hee sucks, there suck I ;
In a cowslip's bell I lie :
There I couch, rvhen on-ls do cry.
On the bat's back I do, fly.
After summer, merrily :
Merrily, merrily, shall I live non>.
Under' the blossom that hangs on the hough.

Pro. Why, that's my dainty Ariel : I shall miss
thee ;
But yet thou shalt have freedom : so, so, so.
To the king's ship, invisible as thou art :
There shalt thou find the mariners asleep
Under the hatches ; the master, and the boatswain.
Being awake, enforce them to this place ;
And presently, I pr'ythee.

Ari. I drink the air before me, and return
Or e'er your pulse twice beat. [E.rit Ariel

Gon. All torment, trouble, wonder, and amaze-
Inhabits here : Some heavenly power guide us
Out of this fearful country !

Pro. Behold, sir king.
The wronged duke of Milan, Prospero :
For more assurance that a living prince
Does now speak to thee, I embrace thy body ;
And to thee, and thy company, 1 bid
A hearty welcome.

Alon. Whe'r thou beest he, or no,
Or some enchanted trifle to abuse me,
As late I have been, I not know : thy pulse
Beats, as of flesh and blood ; and, since I saw thee,
The affliction of my mind amends, with which,
I fear, a madness held me : this must crave
(An if this be at all,) a most strange story.
Thy dukedom I resign ; and do entreat
Thou pardon me my wrongs : But liow should Pros-
Be living, and be here ? [pero

Pro. First, noble friend.
Let me embrace thine age ; whose honour cannot
Be measur'd, or confin'd.

Gun. Wliether this be.
Or be not, I'll not swear.

Pro. Vou do yet taste
Some subtilties o' the isle, that will not let you
Believe things certain : Welcome, my friends
Butyou, my brace of lords, were I so minded, [all :
[Aside to Seb. and Ant.
I here could pluck his highness' frown upon you.
And justify vou traitors ; at this time
I'll tell no tales.

Seb. The devil speaks in him. [Aside.

Pro. No :
For you, most wicked sir, whom to call brother
Would even infect my mouth, I do forgive
Thy rankest fault ; all of them ; and require
My dukedom of thee, which, perforce, I know.
Thou must restore.

Alon. If thou beest Prospero,
Give us particulars of thy preservation :
How thou hast met us here, who three hours since
Were wreck'd upon this shore ; where I have lost,
How sharp the point of this remembrance is !
My dear son Ferdinand.

Pro. I am woe for't, sir.

Alon. Irreparable is the loss ; and patience
Says it is past her cure.

Pro. I rather think.
You have not sought her help ; of whose soft grace
For the like loss, I have her sovereign aid.
And rest myself content.

Alon. You the like loss ?

Pro. As great to me, as late ; and, portable
To make the dear loss, have I means much weaker
Than you may call to comfort you ; for I
Have lost my daughter.

Alon. A daughter ?

heavens ! that they were living both in Naples,
The king and queen there ! that they were, I wish
Myself were mudded in that oozy bed [ter ?
Where my son lies. When did you lose your daugh-

Pro. In this last tempest. I perceive, these lorus
At this encounter do so much admire,
I'hat they devour their reason ; and scarce think
Their eyes do offices of truth, their words
Are natural breath: but, howsoe'eryou have
Been justled from your senses, know for certain.
That I am Prospero, and that very duke [strangely
Which was thrust forth of Milan ; who most
Upon this shore, where you were wreck'd, was
To be thelord on't. No more yet of this ; (landed,
For 'tis a chronicle of day by day,
Not a relation for a breakfast, nor
Befitting this first meeting. Welcome, sir ;
This cell's my court : here have I few attendants.
And subjects none abroad : pray you, look in.
My dukedom since you have given me again,

1 will requite you with as good a thing;

At least, bring forth a wonder, to content ye.
As much as me my dukedom.

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