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The entrance of the cell opens, and discovers Ferdi-
nand and IMiranda playing at chess

Mira. Sweet lord, you play me false.

Fer. No, my dearest love,
I would not for the world.

Mira. Yes, for a score of kingdoms yoi.. should
And I would call it fair play. [wrangle,

Alon. If this prove
A vision of the island, one dear son
Shall I twice lose.

Seb. A most high miracle I

Fer. Though the seas threaten they are merciful ;
I have curs'd them without cause.

[Ferd. kneels to Alvn.

Alon. Now all the blessings
Of a glad father compass thee about I
Arise, and say how thou cam'st here.

Mira. O ! wonder !
How many goodly creatures are there here I
How beauteous mankind is ! O brave new world.
That has such people in't !

Pro. 'Tis new to thee. fat play ?

Alon. What is this maid, with whom thou wast
Your eld'st acquaintance cannot be three hours :
Is she the goddess that hath sever'd us.
And brought us thus together ?

Fer. Sir, she's mortal ;
But, by immortal providence, she's mine ;
I chose her, when I could not ask my fatlier
For his advice; nor thought I had ore : she
Is daughter to this famous duke of Milan,
Of whom so often I have heard renown.
But never saw before ; of whom I hare
Recei^'d a second life, and second father
This lady makes him to me.

Alon. I am hers :
But O, how oddly will it sound, that I
Must ask my child forgiveness ;

Pro. There, sir, stop ;
Let us not burden our remembrances
With a heaviness that's gone.

Gon. i have inly wept,
Or should have spoke ere this. Look down, you gods,
And on this couple drop a blessed crown ;
For it is you, that have ohalk'd forth the way
Which brought us hither !

Alon. I say. Amen, Gonzalo !
Gon. 'Was Milan thrust from Milan, that his issue
Should become kings of Naples ? O, rejoice
Bevond a common joy ; and set it down
with gold on lasting pillars : In one voyage
Did Claribel her husband find at Tunis ;
j And Ferdinand, her brother, found a wife.



And dMl ia IMT I

\tl>rv be hlmtclf <i Imt . i'iorr tu*duk<*oni, | And dMl ia bar aMMMOMl. witbeat bt
! a paor i*i . and all of at, ouortvo, IImm thraa baf robbed ma t aad UU

witboat bar pevci

I ( gnaT aad wrraw tiU (
Otm. ikftmi AMa*:

[r Ft. mmd Mir.

jjiMbiiliJ, If a >>Uaar
TtelWlMr aM Mt dra

Tbat a wa ar * fac* 'aibMid. aa* a aaiA as

MMVIkkyUad^ WlMlatlwM^
Tba baa m k, ttat a b tmMj


Whkb. Vt tbraa giaaaaa #w. pita aat ifttt^
I* tigbl. and yara. Mid braTvl/ rtOll. * r
W Ant rt > < -

Art. !i|r. all tbta aarvtaa )
tlm^ 1 daMtteea 1 vaal. > ^Mdfc

^Mw MtOlafcv iVHl! 3

4%ab TbaM aia M(

i did iMak. rfr. t < <
IMaiHvaaaMlyM. Mrattaa

Ad(b .wfcwaiwaMaM ilin'da

J thay




dlfUty afaandn. JlbOTriLa.
w^awwaavaM: Mwlghtway, at Ittwg i
WlMva . in bar nlm. ftwMy babaM

^1mr rayl. gaad. ad fUlaat tblpt i
IN bar : Um a trtea, M I


IW Mr, > m^a.
D* Mt ia*M TMT atad
Tba III! muBiii afdUa twilaaw : MHk^Mfln,
WMeb ibaU ba Aanly. ataxia rn naal ye
< Wblah la fM ihaa aaaa lanab Ma J ar at7


Vcrrlikc: Mar dHM
fa aetata dtb. aad. dawbt,f
rr. Mark bM tba MfaaaT I
Tbaa anr, tf tba; ba traa :
tn maiim wm a wttcb i
Tbac c aali eaatral tba aaoa, aaaka > I

(Par ba^ a baMard eaa.| bad piottad witb tbam
I'e taka my Ufc : two af tbaM MIewt yo*
*iaatkMw,andB; thk - "

kcteavladga miaa.
<M. I dull ba piadi^A *



SA Ualadnuikaavi vbava bad ba wiaa ?
Aljm. And Triacalo b taatlag rtpa: ^Vhai*

Ptad tbte graad IHaar that hatb fUdad tbMa ?-

Haw cB^ tbaa la tbia picfcia ? ^
Trim. I lu baaa la aaeb a pickla. daea I mw

yoa U*t. tbat, I tar BM, vUl aa* oat oT aiy baaa* :

i th*U aat tar j4fata.
&. H hy . bow aaw. Ht ap ban o ? (onmp.

Mr. O, uaeb aM aMt 1 am aat Staahaaa, bat a
^ra. Vaad ba klag af tba Ida. dnaS?^
Str. I dioald bava boaa a tara aaa tbaa.
M^ Thiaiaa* atrai^a a Udag aa aw 1

Prr. llabaadiaMraniaa^ bibtataaa
A ia hb tbapa jOa, drrab, to oqr caU t
1 aka wiA yi jroar wa ap aal oat i aa yaa la
To bava aty pardoa. trim It hairtUamaly.

Cai. Af . Ibat I will { aad III I
Aad aaak ta icraca : \ hat a thrica-doabla an
Wm I, to Uka thi* dmnkaid for a god.
Aad vardOp tbi. dull fool f

t^r*. Ua M : awj :

^'m. Haaea. aad bcttow yaar Inoaga where you


(CrMM< Cal. Stt. and Trim.

JSo. Sir. I iarte war bisbaam, aad your train.
Ta BH paw eaU i wbara ya dMU laka yoar rca
Par thto aM algbt ; which (pan a(lt4 I'll wa>t

Ooaalakaway: tbaatarraTaty lUb.
Aad tU panlaalar aeeMaata, CBM by,
aiaea t aasM la dda Ida: Aadlatba i

Vaar rayal flaa* ftr aC My Arid i-cbickr-
Tbat la thy nbaifi i Ihaa la tha otaaaatt
liabaa,aadtaataawtu: (AMdr.] J^aaaayoa
dkaw aaar. (

Nov aif ekarou arc all e'ertkrova,
Aad what trcaatk I bavr't aiy own |
Wblrb b aMM faiat : how 'iu true,
I maat ba bara cwNlned by yo<^
Or aeot to Napka : Lm a moI,
Mar* I bara My dakcdoai fnt,
Aad pardoo'd tkc drreirer. darrll
In Ikii bar iilaiid. br ^oiir cpcll i
But rlakc air from my bHda.
Wiik ibc bclp of roar ynod bandi.
Geatir brcatb of vnur* air (ailt
Mast III. ur cIm BIT projrri failt.
Wklrh waa la plraac : N'ow I waat
SplriU lo enforce, art to rackaati
Aad Biy rndinc tt depair,
Ualeaa I be rcUev'd by prarrr :
Whlek pirrcca to. Ibat It aaaaalu
Menr iuclf. aad free* all fault*.
A* yoa froa criaea woald pardoa'd be.
Let yoar iadalgcaca aet aM (f.



Duke of Mi\an, father to Silvia.

Antonio, father to Proteus.
Thurio, a foolish rival to Valentine.
Eglamour, agent for Silvia, in her escape.
Speed, actomnish servant to Valentine.
I^aunce, servant to Proteus.
Panthino, servant to Antonio.

SCENE, Sometimes in Verona; sometimes in Milan ; and on the frontiers 0/ Mantua

Julia, a lady {{/"Verona, beloved by Proteus.
Silvia, the duke's daughter, beloved by Valentine.
Lucetta, waiting-roomun to Julia.

Servants, musicians.


SCENE I An open place in Verona.

Enter Valentine and Proteus.

Vat. v^EASE to persuade, my loving Proteus;
Home-keeping youth have ever homely wits !
Wer't not, affection chains thy tender days
To the sweet glances of thy honour'd love.

Than living dully sluggardiz'd at home.
Wear out thy youth with shapeless idleness.
But, since thou lov'st, love still , and thrive therein.
Even as I would, when I to love begin.

Pro. Wilt thou be gone ' Sweet Valentine, adieu I
Think on thy Proteus, when thou, haply, seeit
Some rare note-worthy object in thy travel :
Wish me partaker in thy hajipiness,
When thou dost meet good hap : and, in thy danger.
If ever danger do environ thee,
Commend thy grievance to my holy prayers,
For I will be thy bead's-man, Valentine.

Val. And on a love-book pray for my success.

Pro. Upon some book I love, I'll pray for thee.

Vat. That's on some shallow story of deep love.
How young Leander cross'd the Hellespont.

Pro. That's a deep story of a deeper love ;
For he was more than over shoes in love.

Val. 'Tis true ; for you are over boots in love.
And yet you never swam the Hellespont.

Pro. Over the boots ? nay, give me not the boots.

Val. No, I'll not, for it boots thee not.

Pro. What ?

Val. To be

In love, where scorn is bought with groans; coy

With heart-sore sighs ; one fading moment's mirth.
With twenty watchful, weary, tedious nights :
If haply won, perhaps, a hapless gain ;
Jf lost, why then a grievous labour won ;
However, but a folly bought with wit.
Or else a wit by folly vanquished.

Pro. So, by your circumstance, you call me fool.

Val. So, by your circumstance, I fear, you'll prove.

Pro. 'Tis love you cavil at ; I am not love.

Val. Love is your master, for he masters you :
And he that is so yoked by a fool,
Methinks should not be chronicled for wise.

Pro. Vet writers say, As in the sweetest bud
The eating canker dwells, so eating love
Inhabits in the finest wits of all.

Val. And writers say, As the most forward bud
Is eaten by the canker ere it blow.
Even so by love the young and tender wit
la tum'd to folly ; blasting in the bud,
Losing his verdure even in the prime.
And ail the fair effects of future hopes.
But wherefore waste I time to counsel thee,
That art a votary to fond desire ?

Once more adieu : my father at the road
Expects ray coming, there to see me shipp'd.

Pro. And thither will I bring thee, Valentine.

Val. Sweet Proteus, no ; now let us take our leave.
At Milan, let me hear from thee by letters.
Of thy success in love, and what news else
Betideth here in absence of thy friend ;
And I likewise will visit thee with mine.

Pro. All happiness bechance to thee in Milan !

Val. As much to you at home ! andso, farewell.
[j:i< Valentine.

Pro. He after honour hunts, I after love :
He leaves his friends to dignify them more ;
I leave myself, my friends, and all for love.
Thou, Julia, thou hast metamorphos'd me ;
Made me neglect my studies, lose my time,
War with good counsel, set the world at nought,
Made wit with musing weak, heart sick with

Enter Speed.

Speed. Sir Proteus, save you : Saw you my master ?

Pro. But now he parted hence, to embark for

Speed. Twenty to one then he is shipp'd already ;
And I have jilay'd the sheep, in losing him.

Pro. Indeed a sheep doth very often stray.
An if the shepherd be awhile away.

Speed. Vou conclude that my master is a shep-
herd then, and I a sheep ?

Pro, 1 do.

Speed. Why then my horns are his horns, whe-
ther I wake or sleep.

Pro. A silly answer, and fitting well a sheep.

Speed. This proves me still a sheep.

Pro. True ; and thy master a shepherd.

Speed. Nay, that I can deny by a circumstance.

Pro. It shall go hard, but I'll prove it by another.

Speed. The shepherd seeks the sheep, and not the
sheep the shepherd ; but I seek my master, and ray
master seeks not me : therefore, 1 am no sheep.

Pro. The sheep for fodder follow the shepherd,
the shepherd for food follows not the sheep ; thou
for wages foUowest thy master, thy master for wages
follows not thee : therefore, thou art a sheep.

Speed. Such another proof will make me cry baa.

Pro. But dost thou hear ? gav'st thou my letter
to Julia ?

Speed. Ay, sir ; I, a lost mutton, gave your letter
to her, a laced mutton ; and she, a laced mutton,
gave me, a lost mutton, nothing for my labour I

Pro. Here's too small a pasture for such a store of

Speed. If the ground be overcharged, you were
best stick her.

Pro. Nay, in that you are astray ; 'twere best
pound you.

Speed. Nay, sir, less than a pound shall serve me
for carrying your letter.

Pro. You mistake ; I mean the pound, a pinfold.

Speed. From a pound to a pin ? fold it over and over



TU dwwMd IM unto Ibr carrria* Utter 10 TOUT
^. BMwhatMMilM? 4idilMMd7 riovw.


^MTNad. It wk7. dMl^ mMjt.
)Hi^ YMMtalMk.rir: I tay. dM ld Md : aad
;m Mk M*. IT ilw 4M Md i M>< I MT, I.
^viii. AU ttm MC MgMkOT. U BoAy.

JtaMrf. K fM |M MtaB rt p^M to Mitt

I lift I r, lato k ft* mw Mte.
Ki. Sm,wm,ytm dMU W III

V* WW, I ! < ! I I to^ti
Pt*. WlH.rfr.lMyMkMrwkaM?

Mk aadMww , bM yi Im iick v
SMd. A*fmriimiirtijwglowto.
fW Cmw. mm. 0fm Ik* Mttor fai WwT:


SkMi. 0| y fwi.awmw>y, aiM
MJwy, f teUailwwdtll d.

^Mi. H^b. #r. IMM b tut ymm mIm: WkM

rmL Mr.lcMM paMN* mMm at att Ana
hari , tta cliaaa4alif ia l lwila tj aw
iMWi AlkMHalM>4toaMir '
ta<.Itar,ka^l fv* a* kard
ratad. OHlMrMtakfeM

^^ WlM,aUdtkMlMM

teMd. N.MI a* MMMllM-JMkt

MMl^ yaw >iiiiif. I tlMMl

laMwi AwlkkitatalM>dtoaMaMiHMCMMw
itad.1 tar.akani pr* a* kard to yoa ta toUtac
karatad. OH* kar m tok bM MaMi i fcr tka^

9CSI ii^n<


tar. A. toadaa ;



at avavT ay tai farl* a ti iai faa,
tkr agUM, wklak It vOTtklart to^
La*. nMyaa,ipatkilr MMH, tV ikaww

Imt. Anim

hrt, w I yM, ka aanr AaiUd ha ariMb
JM. Wka**%lttMaarMitckMaMalto?
iM. f ,fkli wittk I h1rfklwirtf.a.a.

Lmt. Ui4.laidl totaawlMlCibynlffMtaM!
JmL Hm warn I arka aaMa iMa fiiiliia m kfa


J^ Wky laaftiiiai.aaraUtltofal?

teth TkM daa,^ afiM^iaad 1 AtaUkta


htmm. [klaa?

^L Yar raaMM >
tr. I kaw M atkat kal

Jmt, Aadt
J:^. At. I

/><.WVy. ~
tr. VallMaralllkai

j:^. At. ifyaa tlMi^ yaw ! Ml aart ay
Wfcy.kaarwifaaiMkadiMiwM '

Jii^ Thar do Ml !*, Omi da Mi ibaw dtair law.

Lmt. O, Um; Iot* laaM. that lat naa kMW tkair

JmL I vaald. 1 kMW kto nlad.

Lm. FtoMa tkia Mpar,

Jwl. ra .ralli,r-8y, ftwa wkam >

Imt. Tkat tka auataaii will

Jml. Say. lay I ke Ba U tkaa ?

H a wald kava glM K yaa. bl I. katiw in Iba wav .
Wdlnynai Mmaiaialtoli;|iardalhataiU,lyry.

JmL Naw, by ay miliilj, a goodly broka !
Daa ya* yiai a ai to kakaw wawtoa Ihtm P
To wklaa aMd aaaali* aariMl an yaatk ?
Xo. trS a^ U^TaaCaafaaa '
Aad yea aa tttkmt fll *r Ika yiaa
Tbaf*. tab* tka r<iTOT, a* It ba latamM I
Or Ola tanmi m aaaa tarta ay tii^


Jml. WlkyMbama?

Lmt. TkM yaa aay rmkai*. fJMf.

./-/. Aad yM. I *ld. I kad a-MaakVI tka trttcr.

Aad vry ka to a Ikah te vkkk I akid ka.
Wkat ftalb *a, tkM kMva I aa a aakl.
Aad waitfd Ml tea Ika lana to Bif to 7
'~ aMi, ki a tdiity . My_^[<totkat

I ka a a a a d li mJtt^ui laaw.


I, Oka toito kkak fll avaak Ik* 1
I <|73l kaaklid. Ma tka lad

SauStolakld Lacatakaiea,
vBttad^ I idd kava kad ka
aacrlly 1 ka^ ay tow to tnm

M ay baart to Mail* :
ti;tocall LMottabacfc.


Cr. Ta laha a papa ar tkat I let flOI.
.Ta/. Aad to tka I

BC Madaaa, It wiU aa Ba wkaM il <
Uatoa tt kaa a MatatoffMla.
^al. aaw lavaaT yoar* katk wTtt toyoa bi At
Lmt, Tkat I BUkl tfaa it. aMdaa. to a tan*
t* aa a aatot yaa* ladTtkip aaa ai.
JmU Aa Utlia by acb ty a hut bayaatblr
u ibM II to tka taa or iijrW ^ ^Mk
Lmr. H to toa katry far w IkdM taaak

Jmt. Hoary ^1
Lmt. Ay : aad aatodlaaa aoaa It, aaald yaa
Jml. Aad aky aa yaa ? (tka H.

far. I raaaa taaek a hich.

aa yaaraaav^



a7aUlaia(U .

I ktotMtkai

m ttlak. ba tafoa ya.

tkaaktolawabatMMll.' Lmr. tSkm

I ft0|, ban* moot of all. i bnt ylavl

Lad at. a
JmL Yaa
Lmt. No. a
Jml. Yaa. I
Lmt, Smr,

Tkaaa aa ik bat a aaaa to 111 r
JmL TkaaaM to*waVI witkyaar aan
Lmt. ladaad. IMdlkabMBCanatcai.
Jal.Tkto babble iftillaaHiaiirfbiikiiaabteaM.

Hanto aaaU akkpialMtollaM**<*klrr.

Go. fat yea faMt aad la Ifta pa^iB Ua:

Toa voald ba tafalaB tkaa, to aaga air.

k araaap; bat tba v*a!d br

Act 2.



To be so angei'd with another letter. [Exil.

Jul. Nay, would I were so anger'd with the same '.

hateful hands, to tear such loving words I
Injurious wasps ! to feed on such sweet honey,
And kill the bees, that yield it, with your stings !
I'll kiss each several jiajier for amends.

And, here is writ ki mi Julia : unkind Julia :
As in revenge of thy ingratitude,

1 throw thy name against the bruising stones,
Trampling contemptuously on thy disdain.
Look, here is writ love-ri'imnded Protein :
Poor wounded name ! my bosom, as a bed.

Shall lodge thee, till thy wound be throughly heal'd;

And thus I search it with a sovereign kiss.

But twice, or thrice, was I'roteuj written down :

Be calm, good wind, blow not a word away,

Till I have found each letter in the letter,

Kxcept mine own name ; that some whirlwind hear

Unto a ragged, fearful, hanging rock,

.And throw^ it thence into the raging sea !

Lo, here in one line is his name twice writ,

Poor forlorn Proteus, passionate Proteus,

To tlie sweet Julia ; that I'll tear away ;

And yet I will not, sith so prettily

He couples it to his complaining names ;

'i'hus will I fold them one upon another ;

Now kiss, embrace, contend, do what you will.

Re-enter I.ucetta.

Luc, Madam ,dinner's ready, and youi father tays.

Jut. Well, let us go. [here ?

Luc. 'What, shall these papers lie like tell-tales

Jul. If you respect them, best to take them up.

Luc. Nay, I was taken up for laying them down :
Yet here they shall not lie, for catching cold.

Jul. I see you have a month's mind to them.

Luc. Ay, madam, you may say what sights you see;
I see things too, although yon judge I wink.

Jul. Come, come, will please you go ? \^Exeunt.

Enter Antonio and Panthlno.

Ant. Tell me, I'anthino, what sad talk was that.
Wherewith my brother he'.d you in the cloister?

Pan. 'Twas of his nephew I'voteus, your son.

Ant. AVhy, what of him ?

Pan. He wonder'd, that your lordship

Would suffer him to spend his youth at home ;
WTiile other men, of slender reputation.
Put forth their sons to seek ])ret"erment out :
Some, to the wars, to try their fortune there ;
Some, to discover islands far away ;
Some, to the studious universities.
For any, or for all those exercises.
He said, that Proteus, your son, was meet:
And did request me, to importune you.
To let him spend his time no more at home.
Which would be great impeachment to his age.
In having known no travel in his youth.

Ant. Nor need'st thou much importune me to that
Whereon this month I have been hammering.
J have consider'd well his loss of time ;
And how he cannot be a perfect man.
Not being try'd, and tutor'd in the world :
Experience is by industry atchiev'd,
And perfected by the swift course of time:
Then, tell me, whither were 1 best to send him ?

Pan. I think, your lordship is not ignorant.
How his companion, youthful Valentine,
Attends the emperor in his royal court.

Ant. I know it well.

Pan. 'Twere good, I think, your lordship sent him
There shall he practise tilts and tournaments.
Hear sweet discourse, converse with noblemen ;
And be in eye of every exercise,
Worthy his youth and' nobleness of birth.

Ant. 1 like thy counsel ; well hast thou advis'd :
And, that thou may'st perceive how well I like it,
'I be execution of it shall make known ;

J-ven with the speediest execution

I will despatch him to tlie emperor's court.

Pan. To morrow, may it please you, Hon Alphonso,
With other gentlemen of good esteem.
Are journeying to salute the emperor.
And to commend their service to his will.

Ant. Good company ; with them shall Proteus go :
And in good time, now will we break with him.
Enter Proteus.

Pro. Sweet love ! sweet lines ! sweet life !
Here is her hand, the agent of her heart ;
Here is her oath for love, her honour's pawn :
(), that our fathers would applaud our loves.
To seal our happiness with their consents !

heavenly Julia!

Ant. How now ? what letter are you reading there?

Pro. May't please your lordship, 'tis a word or two
Of commendation sent from Valentine,
Deliver'd by a friend that came from him.

Ant, Lend me the letter ; let me see what news.

Pro. There is no news, my lord ; but that he writes
How happily he lives, how well-belov'd.
And daily graced by the emperor ;
Wishing me with him, partner of his fortune.

Ant. And how stand you affected to his wish ?

Pro. As one relying on your lordship's will.
And not depending on his friendly wish.

Ant. My will is something sorted with his wish :
IMuse not that I thus suddenly proceed ;
For what I will, 1 will, and there an end.

1 am resolv'd, that thou shalt spend some time
With Valentinus in the emperor's court ;
\\'hat maintenance he from his friends receives,
Like exhibition shalt thou have from me.
To-morrow be in readiness to go :

Excuse it not, for I am peremptory.

Pro, My lord, I cannot be so soon provided ;
Please you, deliberate a day or two. [thee

Ant. Look, what thou want'st, :.hall be sent aftei
No more of stay ; to-morrow thou must go
Come on, lanthino ; you shall be employ'U
To hasten on his expedition.

[Exeunt Ant. and Pan.

Pro. Thus have I shunn'd the fire, for fear ol
burning ;
And drench'd me in the sea, where I am drown'd:
I fear'd to shew my father Julia's letter.
Lest he should take exceptions to my love ;
And with the vantage of mine own excuse
Hath he excepted most against my love.
O, how this spring of love resembl'eth

The uncertain glory of an April day ;
Which now shews all the beauty of the sun.

And by and by a cloud takes all away !

Re-enter Panthlno.

Pan. Sir Proteus, your father calls for you ;
He is in haste, therefore, I pray you, go.

Pro. Why, this it is ! my heart accords thereto;
And yet a thousand times it answers, no. [Exeunt.


SCENE I. Milan. An Arartment in the Duke's


Enter Valentine and Speed.

Sfieed. Sit, your glove.

Val, Not mine ; my gloves are on. [but one.

Sjieed. Wliv then this may be yours, for this is

Val. Ha ! let me see : ay, give it me, it's mine :
Sweet ornament that decks a thing divine !
Ah Silvia ! Silvia !

Speed. Madam Silvia ! madam Silvia!

Val. How now, sirrah ?

Speed. She is not within hearing, sir.

Val. Why, sir, who bade you call her ?

Speed. Your worship, sir; or else I mistook.

Val. Well, you'll still be too forward. [slow.

Speed. And yet I was last chidden for being loo

C 2


FmL G t*, Ur ; UU hm, Am 5 kaew nuMlain

fWTll'kv. Iww know jTM llMt I ta


t tonUth

t: to walk !, UkcoMtliM had
ttb. Ilk* a Mheol-bey that had
IMt hb A. n. C ; to w*(i. Ilk* a joonf ndl
Ihtt had bvtad hOT grandam : to flMt. Uko on* that

AmA Thty art all Pfcai ad wD
ruTwithMt HM? thy fiH.
ami*. Wlthot ywi? My, ttMfli

an wUhta yM, and iMm thraigh vw Uka Iho

wilif la as OTtaal : that aat a* afa, iImi laa* jmm,

kal it a yhjiMaa la aaaaaaM as IMT Maladv.

Vat. BMiyia,daMttMkMaaytaMlSiMa?

* * 3mm mum ma m, m tlm uu at

Kit Hai


Wmmt. win. air, 1 kMv har aot.
IV. DoM tha kaaiv har by aj * har,
and yt knavau har M ?
.VMrf. I< aha M hard <hnd.rfr?
IW. Not to &lr. hoy. M wail ft*wrad.
BMrf. Sir. I know that watt waagfc
fW. HlMK dart thaw kMW >
fljpMl. That tha la Mt Mr, aa (af ym) waU

I MMM. that har haawy ii Ofsldta, hirt

^bm mm l yalatad. aad

arntU. Many, dr. ao palatad. la aaha har Mr,
tlMM MM eanta ar har haaMy.
VSbL Haw trntwrnnm the* aa? I aeaaot afhar


fbTBaw IM hadi dw bMM datemad ?
Itead. Br tiiica ya lad har.
VUTl haa loirad bar avar tlMa I aav hart
m I aaa hat baaadflU.
tm i . If yoa lova her, yoa cannot aaa har.

tfrnt. BaeaMa lo i* Mlad. n. that yoa
iaa q^i ar yoar own *j* had tba li^u thoy
waaa waaa ta lia% whaa yon chid at dr ~
fcr aai^ aagai t a ta d i

rSwhat thoald I wo then >
%iirf. Yaar own yraitat MIt, and her
d^arwlt* : ft* Im^ fcdnc in lore, could not
gartar bJa haat ( aad yoa, beinf in love, cannot

SfitJ. 1^,
thapk yaa, yoa

^ bawf Am* y arc in Iotc ; far last

to wipe my tbocs.
waa in lore with my l>cd :

ya,yaa awhuMd na Ifar my lore, which
ma tha balteiacMda yoa for yoan

I art : M, your aflkction

Sfnd. I woaldyaa

TmL Lact night aha anjdncd ma to write tome
Uaaa to en* the lore*.

taW. Arc thev not tamely
rmL No, boy, bat at well a
raac*, here the cotacw

ido them;

SpeiJ. O cxerilent motiun ! O exceeding popfiet '
now will he inlervret to her.

fa/. Madam and mittrcsa, a thousand good-

Sftrit. O, *giTa yoa good even ; here's a million

of manner*. [Ai4e.

Sit. Sir Valentine and aerranl , to yoa two thou-

He should giro her interest, and she giret


To/. At yea a^)oin'd me. I hnve writ jour letter,

t'nto the a crat nameless friend of voar* ;

M hlch I waa mach unwilling to (irocecU in.

Bat for my daty to yoar ladjttiip. [done.

alt. 1 thaalcyoa.gaMlaaarffant: lis very rIerkU
raf. Naxa traal ma. ladaai, it came hardly ofl';

Par, bataw Igaaaaat ta wham It goes,

I vftt at ra adaia, vary doabifWIIy. fpabis

au. garchaai yaa thiak too mach of 10 much
ru. Km, madam ; ta it ataad yoa, I wUI write.

prettT period ! Well, I laasa tha tcqnri
And yet I will not name it: -nd yet I caraaoi
And yat take ttiU again ; and yet I thank you :

Sftid. Aadyat

rut lo crouDie rou
yoa will : and y*


rmL What maaaa your ladyship? do yoa net
Hkalt? * -V r

fftt. Yaa, yaa: tha lines are Tery qnalnUy writ
Bat tiaea aawiiUngly, take them again ;
Nay. take thaw

fmi. Mm

IdL Ar.
Bat I wiUnanearthami tfaay are for yon
I would haca had them writ more movingly.

r/. Pleaae you, ini write your ladT<hip another

9U. Aad whan it^ writ, for my sake read it over :

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