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Entirely Rewritten






This, the final edition of the late Mr. William Swan Sonnenschein's The Best Books, the first
edition of which appeared in 1887, records some 150,000 works, with dates of the first and
last editions, and price, size and publishers' names, English and American. It contains also
Index, Synopsis of Classification, Table of Abbreviations, etc., and List of British Publishers,

Learned Societies, etc.





1 : 3ntroonction to the Science of law in (Beneral


Bibliography of Bibliography

Dramard, E. Bibliogr. d. 1. Bibl. Generate d. Droit frc. et etranger Larose, Paris 93.

Extract from Rtpcrtoire Gtntrale et Alphab&iqiie da DroU frf. 120 pp. Very useful. Public and Private Law.

ABBOTT, Nathan Brief Making and the Use of Law Books $2 . 8 West Pb. Co., St Paul, Mann. 06-

Shows proper way of using decisns. and stats., expls. relative value of diff. classes of law-bks., etc.

Bibliographic Generale des Livres d. Droit et d. Jurisprudence 8 Marchal, Paris 06

CASPAR, C. N. Practical Catalogue of Law Books $4 12 Caspar, Milwaukee [ ] 94

Arranged ace. to subjects, with an index of authors and a key to publishers.

DUCKERS, J. S. Guide to Students' Law Books [for exam, purposes] 3 /6 n. c 8 Sweet 06

ELLIS (Geoff.) + ROBERTSON (M. A.) Lawyer's Manual of Reference lo/n. 8 Green, Edin. 07

Points of law alphabetically arranged. A useful compendium.

Incorporated Law Soc. : Catal. of Printed Bks. in Lib. of. By F. Boase r 8 priv. prin. (Spottiswoode) 91

Chiefly collected since 1832, when the stock of books was ab. 1000. Authors and titles in one alphabet : nearly all are English bks.

Supplement to the Catalogue. By W. M. Sinclair r 8 priv. prin. (Spottiswoode) 06

Contains additions to Library to July 1906. Total no. of vols. in Library is now 47,000.

JELF, E. A. Where to Find your Law 10/6 8 Cox [97] 07

A useful blbliogr. for practitioners, wr. in narrative style, w. refs. to statutes, reptg., and text-bks. Appendices of abbrevns.

JONES, Leon. A. Index to Legal Periodical Literature, 2 vols. ea. $10 n. 4 Boston Bk. Co. 88-10

MARVIN, J. G. Legal Bibliography [Amer. & Brit, bks.] o.p. [rare ; w. 3] r 8 Boston 47

MUHLBRECHT, O. Wcgwciser durch die Litter, der Rechts-u. Staatswissenschaften

15 m. 8 Puttkammer, Berlin [86] 93

Modern bks. Incl. all countries, and is very full ; but gives no Christian names to authors.

STEVENS (H. G.) + HAYNES (R. W.) Bibliotheca Legum

[incl. Repts. ; w. Supp. to 1908] zf n. 12 Stevens & H.

WALLACE, J. W. Reporters Chronologically Arranged, ed. F. F. Heard $5-50 n. 8 Soule, Boston [43] 82
Where to Look for your Law [full list of titles] i / n. 8 Stevens 07


PICARD (E.) + LARCIER (F.) Bibliogr. Gener. et Raisonnee du Droit Beige 8 Larcier, Brussels 82 sqq.
Bibliotheca Juridica : Catalogus v. alle Boeken sedert 7.837 in Nederi. v?r?chen2n 4' 8 Nijhoff, Hague 74

Books on statesmanship, legislation, and jurisprudence ; w. Subjects Index.

Introduction v. also Bentham, Hastie, Heron, inf.

AUSTIN, Prf. J. ut inf.

BLACKSTONE, Sir W. Commentaries on Law of England, Sect, i [ut D 4] [on study of law]

Refers specially to the uses and history of the study of the law of England.

CLARKE, R. Floyd The Science of Law and Law-making 17 / n. ($4) 8 Macmillan 98-

An introd. to law somewhat similar to ILBKRT ; but devotes more space to codlflcn.

COHEN, Herm. The Spirit of our Laws 5 / n. c 8 Sweet 07

Describes Engl. legal institns. without use of techn. terms, for use of J.P.'s, general readers, etc.

HASTIE, W. in his Outlines of Science of Jurisprudence, ut inf.

ILBERT, Sir C. P. Legislative Methods and Forms i6/ ($4) Clar. Press 01

Shows in brief histor. outl. the rein. betw. Common Law and Statute Law, and the way to find what enactmts. have been made on given subjs.

MENZIES, Prf. A. Introd. to his Conveyancing ace. to Law of Scotland, ut D 30


AMOS, Prf. Sheldon Systematic View of Science of Jurisprudence o.p. [pb. i8/] 8 Longman 72

The Science of Law [Internat. Scientific Ser.] 5/8 Paul [74]

461 H H


AUSTIN, Prf. J. Lects. on General Jurisprudence [1832], ed. R. Campbell, 2 v. 327 8 Murray [69] 85

The same : Students' Edition, ed. R. Campbell 12 / 12 Murray [75] 04

Brown, Prf. W. J. [ed.] The Autinian Theory of Law 10/6 n. 8 Murray 06

Preserves all that is still valuable of AUSTIN, w. good Introd., notes, and excursus. A valuable wk.

Campbell, Gordon Analysis of Austin's Lectures 6/ 12 Murray [77] 05

Clark, Prf. E. C. Pract. Jurisprudence : comm. on Austin [82-50 n. Putnam, N. Y.] g/ c 8 Camb. Pr. 83

,, Analysis of Criminal Liability [based on Austin] o.p. [pb. 7/6] c 8 Camb. Press 80

BENTHAM, Jer. Introduction to Principles of Morals & Legislation 6/6 (81-75) c 8 Clar. Press [1789] 76

Theory of Legislation [1802], tr. fr. F^h. R. Hildreth 3/6 8 Paul [40] 04

This, BESTHAM*B most import, work, was first pub. in French [Pane, 1802], ' traduit par M. Dumont d'apres les JISS. confies par I'auteur '.

BRYCE, Dr Jas. Studies in History and Jurisprudence, 2 vols. ut F i

Jurisprudence is here used in a wide sense, but the work conts. several essays on Roman Law, and comparisons betw. it and English Law.

CAMPBELL, E. L. Science of Law ace. to Am. Theory of Govt. 83 8 Linn, Jersey City 87

CARTER, Dr J. Coolidge Law : its origin, growth, and function ut F 2

DILLON, Prf. J. F. Laws & Jurisprudence of England & America $4 . 8 Little & Brown, Boston 94

U6/ n. Macmillan. A series of non -technical Yale Univ. lects., the princ. purpose of wh. apart fr. enlightening Amer. readers on origins of their laws
is to protest agst. the ' continentalization ' of Amer. law by free infusions of Roman jurisprudce., and to show that the law of Engl. and Amer. is
superior to the Rom. or any other alien system.

HASTIE, W. [ed. & tr.] Outlines of the Science of Jurisprudence 6/ c 8 Clark, Edin. 88

An edited tr. fr. the Juristic Encyclopaedia of PUCHTA + FRIEDLUTDER + FAJ.CK + AHBENS.

HEARN, Hon. W. E. Theory of Legal Duties and Rights 14 / 8 Melbourne 83

HERKLESS, W. R. Jurisprudence : princs. of Polit. Right, ed. A. Williamson 5/n. 8 Green, Edin. 01

HERON, D. C. Introduction to the History of Jurisprudence o.p. [pb. 10/6] 8 Longman [60] 68

HOLLAND, Prf. T. E. Elements of Jurisprudence 10/6 ($2-50) 8 Clar. Press [80] 10

An excellent work, practically superseding Ausxrs, ut tup.

KORKUNOV, Prf. N. M. General Theory of Law, tr. Prf. W. G. Hastings 83-50 8 Boston Bk. Co., Bost. 09

Tr. fr. Russian. A vigorous and lucid, tho' condensed, statemt. of views wh. have prevailed.

LINDLEY, Sir Nath. Introduction to Study of Jurisprudence r 8 Higginbotham, Madras [ ] 91

A tr. of the General Part of THIBAUT'S Sylem dci Pandekten-fierJtts, w. notes and illustrations.

LORIMER, Prf. J. Institutes of Law : princs. of jurispr. as determ. by nature

o.p. [pb. i8/] 8 Blackwood [72] 80

MARKBY, Sir Wm. Elements of Law w. ref. to Princs. of Gen. Jurispr. 12/6 ($3) 8 Clar. Press [85] 05
MERRILL, G. Comparative Jurisprudence & the Conflict of Laws $2 n. c 8 Little & Brown, Boston 86
MILLER, W. G. The Data of Jurisprudence io/ n. 8 Green, Edin. 03

POLLOCK, Sir Fredk. Essays in Jurisprudence and Ethics o.p. [pb. 10/6] 8 Macmillan 82

,, Oxford Lectures and other Discourses g/ (82-50) 8 Macmillan 90

Methods of Jurispr., English Manor, Oxford Law Studies, Sir H. Maine and hit Work, etc., w. papers on Rclui. Equality, Borne Rule [ut D 142], Examin-
ations and Educ. [ul D 5 170], But. of the Sword [ul I { 164], Librar;/ of Alpine Club [ut E 5 28], etc.

First Bk. of Jurispr. f. Studts. of Common Law 6/ (8i'75) c 8 Macmillan [96] 04

Concise, lucid, and wcll-wr. Pt. i conts. iust what every intelligent Englishman ought to know ; Ft. ii is more practical and more exclusively addr.
to studtB., contg., aii.t;. other things, a connected ace. of sources and authorities of Engl. law and of mod. practice.

PULSKY, Prf. A. Theory of Law and Civil Society [tr.] i8/ 8 Unwin 88

RATTIGAN, W. H. Science of Jurisprudence [chfly. for Indian studts.] 16/6 n. 8 Wildy [ ] 99

SALMOND, Prf. J. W. Jurisprudence, or the Theory of the Law 12/6 n. 8 Stevens [02] 07

On the scientific fonndn. of law, and conn, of law and ethical or polit. science. Incorporates a former wk., First P rincs. of Jurisprudence.

,, Essays in Jurisprudence and Legal History 6/ c 8 Stevens 91

TAYLOR, Hannis The Science of Jurisprudence $3'5o (15 / n.) 8 Macmillan 08

WILSON, R. W. Rankine Inquiry into Meaning of Law and Responsibility 5 / n. 8 Butterworth 08

Philosophy of Right and of Law

FICHTE, J. G. Science of Rights [tr.] ; w. Introd. Dr. W. T. Harris

[Eng. & For. Philos. Lib. ; 85 n. Scribner, N.Y.] 12/8 Paul [70] 89

HEGEL, G. W. F. Philosophy of Right, tr. S. W. Dyde [81-90 n. Macmillan, N.Y.] 7/6 8 Bell 96

HOBBES, Thos. [1588-1679] Elements of Law, Natural and Politic [1684], ed. F. Tonnies

8/6 8 Thornton, Oxon. 89

With Pref. and notes. Subjoined are some selected pieces of hitherto unprtd. MSS. of HOBBES.

KANT, Immanuel Philosophy of Law, tr. Prf. W. Hastie 5/ c 8 Clarke, Edin. 87

ll'SO n. Scribner, S. Y. From the MetaphytOc der Sitten [ut C { 70]. Conts. a bibliography.

LIOY, Prf. Diodato Philosophy of Right, tr. Prf. W. Hastie, 2 vols. 21 /p 8 Paul 91

[Eng. & For. Phil. Lib.1 With spec, refer, to the. principles and developmt. of law. Written fr. pt-of-view of the philosopher rather than of the
jurist the bk. in fact forms a very good summary of the history of p hilosophy fr. the earliest period to the present time.

MAINE, Sir Hy. Ancient Law ut F 5

Of a philosoph. character, tracing many of the principles and rules of positive legislation back to their first beginnings. V. also his other wks. in F 5 5.

MILLER, W. G. Lectures on the Philosophy of Law 12 / 8 Griffin 84

Designed as an introd. to the study of International Law fr. the metaphysical standpoint.


de MONTESQUIEU, C. de S. Spirit of the Laws [tr.] ut F 2

RODBERTUS, K. J. [1805-75] V. D 126

SIDGWICK, Prf. H. in his The Elements of Politics, ut D 134

STIRLING, J. H. Lectures on the Philosophy of Law o.p. [pb. 5/] 8 Oliver & Boyd, Edin. 73

WATT, Dr W. A. Outline of Legal Philosophy [Hegelian] 5 / c 8 Clark, Edin. 93

,, A Study of Social Morality ut A 113 ,,

An acadwnic statemt. of pts. in conn. w. social virtues and pocial organizn. No very definite philos. expounded.

,, Theory of Contract in its Social Light 3 / 8 Clark, Edin. 07

$1-25 n. Scribner, .Y.r. .A protest, by a Hegelian, agst. Ihe attempt to extend the limits of contract beyond its legitimate scope. Labour, marrge.,

the State, property, agency.

Natural Rights : HOBBES (Thos.) in his Elements of Law, Natural and Politic (1684], ut C 36
.HUXLEY, Prf. T. H. Natural Rights and Political Rights in his Coll. Essays, vol. i, ut K 83

PAINE, Thos. Rights of Man in his Writings, ed. Moncure Conway ut D 139
RITCHIE, Prf. D. G. Natural Rights [Library of Philosophy] 10/6 n. 8 Sonnenschein 95

J2-75 n. Macmillan, S. Y. A comprehensive and searching criticism of politico-ethical conceptions ; in 2 Pts. i (1 ) Prinrt. o/ '89. (2) JIM. of Idea of
Mature ' in Law and Politics, (3) Kousetau and Kausstavifm, (4) De DMttonr Katurae, (5) What dilirmiws Rinhls ! ; Ft. li (6) Kiiht o/ Life, (7) Right
o/ Liberty : Libirty of Thought, (8) Toliration, (9) Public Mittg. and Astotn., (10) friidom at Contract, National f'reidom, itc., (11) Refinance to Oppres-
tion, (12) Eaualiti/, (13) Property, (14) Sappinist. Appendices : Virginian Deilarn. of Ru. (1776), Extr. fr. Decl. of JnOtpce. (1776), FA. Deelar.
of RU. (1789), w. PAIXE'S tr. (1798), Preamble to Fen. Conttitn. (1848). Index.

ROUSSEAU, Jean- Jacques [1712-78] The Social Contract [tr.] ut F 49
SPENCER, Herb. in his Social Statics, ut D 134

Construction of Statutes, and Statute Law

BEAL, E. Cardinal Rules of Legal Interpretation [$5'25 Boston Bk. Co.] ao/ r 8 Stevens 08

BLACK, H. Campbell Treat, on Constrn. & Interpretn. of Laws $3-75 8 West Pb. Co., St Paul, Minn. 96
CRAIES, W. F. Statute Law 28 / r 8 Stevens & Haynes [79] 07

Being the 4th edn. of HAEDCASTIE'S Trial, on Cmistr. and Effect of Statute Lim'.

ENDLICH, G. A. Commentaries on the Interpretn. of Statutes $6 8 Linn, Jersey City 88

LIEBER, F. Legal and Political Hermeneutics $3 n. 8 Thomas, St Louis [39] 85

On the principles of interpretation in law and politics.

MAXWELL, Sir P. B. Interpretation of Statutes, ed. J. A. Theobald 25.7 8 Sweet [75] 05

rSEDGWicK, T. Constructn. of Statutory & Constit. Law, ed. J. N. Pomeroy $6-50 8 Baker, N.Y. [57] 74
.STIMSON, Prf. F. J. Popular Law- Making [10/6 n. Chapman] 8 n

A study of crgiin, history, and pres. tendencies of law-making b/ Stitut*.

SUTHERLAND, J. G. Statutes and Statutory Construction $6 8 Callaghan, Chicago 91

Discassn. of legisl. powers, coostit. regains, rel. to forms of legisln. and to procedure ; w. exposn. at length of princs. of interp., etc.

THRING, Lord Practical Legislation [comp. & lang. of Acts of Par.] 7/6 n. 8 ? Murray [78] 02

WILBERFORCE, JE. Principles wh. Govern Constrn. & Operation of Statutes i8/ 8 Stevens & H. 81

II: Statutes, Cobes, "Reports,


For Codes of Procedure v. D 101-8
Revised Edition of the Statutes : 1235-1886 ; prep, by Statute Law Committee, vols. i-xvi

ea. 7/6 n. i 8 Stevens [70-84] 88-00

'The first compl. edn. of Eng. Acts of Parl. pub. by State authority appeared 1810-24. It incl. the early charters and ends w. rn. of Anne. The Acts were
first prtd. in rn. of Rich, m ; wr. in Latin till Slatutum de Scaeeario (Hy. m ; 1266), which is in Fch. The Acts of Edw. I are In Lat. or Fch.
indiscriminately, but fr. 4th yr. of Hy. VII onwards are exclusively in English.

Rev. Edn. of the Statutes, New[=2nd], ed. G. A. R. Fitzgerald, 13 vols. ea. 7/6 i 8 Eyre & Spottisw. 90-7
[Public General Acts [w. indexes, tables, etc.] ea. 3 / r 8 Eyre & Spottiswoode ann.

<CHITTY, Jos. [ed.] Collection of Statutes of Practical Utility [to 1907], ed. J. M. Lely

+ W. H. Aggs, 15 vols. red. to 12 r 8 Sweet 94-07

Aggs, W. H. Supplements about 15 / r 8 Sweet ann.

'Index to the Statutes in Force : i5th edn. [to end of Sessn. 62 & 63 Viet.] io/ 8 Eyre & Spottisw. [ ] 99
PATERSON (W.) [ed.] Pract. Statutes of the Session, ed. J. S. Cotton ann. vol. 10/6 12 H. Cox [49] ann.

Conts. Lists of Local, Personal, and Private Acts. Vols. fr. 1858-1907 may be had at 5/ a voL if complete sets are bought.

Index to Statutes public and private : 1801-1865, 2 vols. f* Eyre & Spottisw. 67

Vol. ii. couts. Local and Personal Acts, Local Acts and Private Acts.

Index to Local and Private Acts : 1866-1877 ; 1878-1887, 2 vols. f Eyre & Spottisw. 78 ; 90

Lawyer's Manual of Reference 21 / n. S" Green, Edin. 09

A compendium of useful Stats., grouped ito subject-sectM., w. costs, fees, stamps, etc.


Standing Orders of the Lords and Commons rel. to Private Bill's ea. session 5/ T.Z* ann.

Statutes for Students

GIBSON (A.) + WELDON (A.) [eds.] Students' Statute Law 30/5 Suppl. yj r 8 Law Notes Off. [ ] 05-7

HARRISON, J. C. [ed.] Selection of Statutes for Students r notes and cases 12/6 r 8 Reeves 85


Public General Statutes affecting Scotland : 1707-1847, w. chron. table & index, 3 v. r 8 Edinburgh 76

Scots Statutes Revised, 1424-1907 : ed. Jas. A. Fleming, 12 vols. 8 i6/ n. r 8 Green, Edin.

All the Public General Statutes affectg. Scotld. still in foice, w. notes on repealed Eecticre acd Acts, and index. Aruval Euppl- 1/6 to 2/6.


BOWEN, Ivor [ed.] Statutes of Wales ; w. Introd. (105 pp..) and gloss. 21 / n. 8 Unwin 08

Brings together for first time all the Acts of Parliament and pts. thereof since Magna Charta rel. to Wales, w. chronoli table.


Africa for Roman-Dutch Law (still in force in S\~A. Colonies), v. D jflio


WARD, D. [ed.] Orders in Council and H. Conor's. Proelams., iSgr-S io/ 8* 99

Cape Colony

Statutes of Cape of Good Hope : 1652-1886, ed. J. Foster + H. Tennant + E. M. Jackson, v. i-iii

8" Cape Town 88'

TENNANT, H. [ed.] Chron. Table and Indexes of Stat. Law of Gape Colony 10/6 8 'Cape Town 88^

TODD, S. B. Handy Guide to Laws and Regulns. at C. of G. Hope 7/6 8 London 88


RUSSELL, A. D. [ed.] Ordinances of the Colony of Gambia, 2 vols. 3 n. . oo-

Gold Coast

GRIFFITH [ed.] Ordinances of Gold Coast Colony & Rules & Orders, 2 v. 7o/r 8 Stevens & H. 03;


Ordinances and Rules in force in Lagos on Apl. 30, 1901 307 n. r 8 02-


HITCHENS, R. L. [ed.] Statutes of Natal : 1900-6 67/6 n. r 8 Stevens-& H. or


Northern Nigeria Laws, Orders in Council, and Proclamations 427 r 8 05

SPEED, E. A. Laws of Colony of Southern Nigeria* z vols. 307 n. r 8 08

Orange River Colony

Statute Law of Orange River Colony : translated 42 /r 8 ou

Sierra Leone

Ordinances of Colony of Sierra Leone, vols. i-iv [1811-1909] 2/6 ., 3/6 n., 4/6 n., 4/6 n. r 8 00-9-


BARBER (S. H.) + MACFADYEN (W. A.) + FINDLAY (J. H. L.) [trs.] Statute Law of Transvaal 42 / r 8 or.
Transvaal Colony Proclamations : 1900-2 25 /r 8 04.


New South Wales

OLIVER, A. [ed.] Coll. of Statutes of Pract. Utility in force in N.S.W., 3 v. 105 / r 8 Stevens & H. 79-81'

New Zealand v. also D 107

BADGER, W. [ed.] Statutes of New Zealand, 2 vols. 25 / r 8 a ~Wellington, N.Z.

BARTON, G. B. [ed.] Practical Stats, of N.Z., w. notes & index, 2 vols. 105 / s 4 Wellington, N.Z. 76-7

WILSON, W. M. [ed.] Practical Statutes of New Zealand, 3 vols. 67 sqq.

WORSFOLD, W. B. Abridgment of Statute Law of New Zealand 10/6 8 Wellington, N.Z. 88


Public General Statutes of Victoria, vols. i-iv 847 4 Melbourne 75-87

WEBB, T. P. [ed.] Compend. of Imperial Law & Stats, in force in Viot. 12/6 8 Melbourne 74

Canada v. also D 107

DUBREUILL, J. T. [ed.] Reference Book to Statutes of Canada- 12/6 79>

EWART, J. S. [ed.] Index to Statutes of Canada : 1859-78-, Ontario '67-77,. Quebec '67-77
Ontario Statutes, 13 vols. 5x/ 8



Revised Statutes of Canada : 2 vols. 22/6 8" Ottawa 82

WEIR, W. A. [ed.] The Civil Code of Canada Q/H. 12 90

Bermudas Acts of Legisl. of Bermudas in force 1860, ed. J. H. Darrell r 8 62

,, Acts of Legislature of Bermuda Islands f 75-6

India v . a/so D 107 ; for Penal Code v. D 32 ; for Roman-Dutch Law (still in force in Ceylon), v. D 1 10
General Rules and Orders in force in Brit. India, vols. i-iii ca. 7/6 8 Govt. Prg. Off., Calcutta 06-7

Index to Enactments relating to India, ed. Stephen Jacob 15 / 8 Govt. Prg. Off. Calcutta 80

MACPHERSON, J. M. [ed.] List of Brit. Enactmts. in force in Native States, 5 v. Govt. Prg. Off., Calc. 88-95

A valuable, though unofficial, eolln. of enactments cone. Madras, Mysore, X. India, Hyderabad, Central India. Kajputana and W. India.

SARASWATI, P, P. N. [ed.] Student's Indian Law Code 18 / 8 Calcutta

STOKES, Whitley [ed.] Anglo-Indian Codes, z vols.

65 / .($16-25) ; 2 Suppls. in i v. 6/6 (Si-6o) 8 Clar. Press 87-8 ; 91

Vol. i : SuI'gtanUrr Law, 30/ (87-50) ; ii : Aijulirf J.rte, :K/ U8-75). Each code preceded by avaluablf iulrod.. giving general view of its objects and
contents, its prine. divergencies fr. tug. law, and suggcstiis. for amendment a sort of Anglo-Indian CHITTT'S Stalutu.

Unrepealed General Acts of Governor-General in Couaci), vols. i-vi ea. io/ 8 Govt. Prg. Off., Calc. 07-9

WIGLEY, F. G. Annotated Tables of the Indian Statutes 6/ 4 Govt. Prg. Off., Calcutta io

Separate Provinces Acts and Cades of most. are pubd. separately

South America : British Guiana,

BELMONTE .'B. E. J. C.) [ed.] Alphab. Digest of Cases in Br. Guiana :

1856-1906, 42 / n. ; Suppl., 12/611. 8. 078

West Indies

Antigua Laws of : Acts of Leeward Islands 1696-1798, and of Antigua 1668-1854, 4 v. 4 54

Bahamas Statute Law of : all Acts of General Assembly, 2 v. 8 62-8

,, The Laws of Bahamas f 68-70

Barbadoes The Laws of Barbadoes 21 / r 8 55

United States the several States publish edns. of their Statutes, etc.

Compiled Statutes, 1901 : ed. J. A. Mallory, 3 vols. ; w. notes $18 8 West Pb. Co., St Paul, Minn. 03

,, ,, Supplement, 1907 $6 8 West Pb. Co., St. Paul, Minn. 07

Federal Statutes, annotated : ed. W. M, McKinney + P. Kemper, jr., vols. i-x, and Suppl.

ea. $6 8 Thompson, Newport, L.I. 03-8

General Statutes for the Year : all laws of public or general nature $2-50 8 New York 91 sqq., in prg.
GOULD (J. M.) + TUCKER (G. F.) Notes on Revised Stats, of U.S. $10 n. 8 Little & Brown, Boston 88
STIMSON, F. J. [ed.] American Statute Law ; w. Supplement $7-50 8 Boston Bk. Co., Bost. 86-9

An analytic and compared digest of CoDstitns. and 'Civil Public Statutes of all States and Territs. in foe 1 Jan. 1886 ; w. Suppl. to 1888.

Belgium for Maritime Code v. D 58

TODD, E. Treat, on Belgian Law, contg. complete tr. of Code of Commerce

and Code of Procedure 25 / n. 8 Butterworth 05

France for Commercial Code v. D 63

CACHARD, Hy. [tr.] French Civil Code 20/8 95

WRIGHT, E. B. [tr.] French Civil Code [w. notes & comparative refs.] 25 /r 8 Stevens 08

Germany v. also D 4 ; for Commerc. Code v. D 63 ; Criminal Code v. D 32

LOEWY, W. [tr.] German Civil Code : tr. [21 / n. Sweet] $5 8 Boston Bk. Co., Boston io

MAITLAND, Prf. F. W. in his Coll. Papers, 3 v., ut F i [regards the Germ, code as ' the best the

world has ever seen ']

WANG, Chung Hui [tr.] German Civil Code : tr. & annotated : w. hist. intr. 21 / r 8 Stevens 07

Oriental v. D 112*; for Criminal Codes v. D 32


Great Britain v. also D 103

A Chronolog. List of Reports in the Eng., Scot, and Irish Courts, w. prices, may be obtd. of Stevens & Sons ; v. also JEIF [ut D 5 H.

CAMPBELL, Rob. [ed.] Ruling Cases : arranged and annotated ; w. Amer. notes

by Irving Browne + L. A. Jones, 27 vols. 26 r 8 Stevens 94-08

Collects in nlphab. order of subjects the more useful authorities of Engl. case-law on points of general appKcn., more important cases bg. set forth at
length. Ea. vol. conts. alphab. table of cases ref. to. Complete Table of Casts by E. MAUSOS.

BUTTERWORTH [pub.] Ten Years' Digest of Reported Cases, 4 vols. 60 / n. r 8 Butterworth 08

., The same -. First Annual Suppl., ed. G. R. Hill + H. Clover io / n. r 8 Butterworth 09 ann.

Yearly Digest : 1899-1902, ed. E. Beal ; 1903 sqq., ed. G. R. Hill

ea. 15 / r 8 Butterworth oo sqq., in prg.



EMDEN (A.) + THOMPSON (H.) Annual Digest of Rep. Cases in. All Courts, ii> v. ea. 1.5 / r 8 Clowes 83-93

,, Digest of Cases not cont. in ' Law Reports ' : 1881-83, 3 v. r 8 Clowes 81-3 not cont.

English Reports (The) r 8 Stevens v.y.

House of Lordi (1694-1866), 11 vols. 22 n. } Rolls Court (1829-1866), 8 vols. 12-

Privy Council (1809-1872), 9 vols. 13 10

Chancery (1557-1866), 27 vols. 40 10. i

Vice-chancellors (1815-1865), 16 vols. 24.

K.B. and O.B. (1378-1865), vols. i-xxviii [in 40 vols.] ea. 30/ n.

A complete verbatim reissue of all deeisns. prior to 1866, w. refs. to later decisns.

English Ruling Cases with American Notes, 26 vols. in 13 $78 8 Boston Bk..Co., Boston 05

The most important and useful Engl. cases in full, grouped under stibj.-hge., w. notes and leieientes.

Tncorp. Council of Law Reptg. for Engl. and Wales

Lav: Reports ; and Weekly Notes ; 1866-84, ea. 105 / ; 1885-90, New Ser. i&gz.sqq.

ea. 847 Clowes 66- 10 in prg:

Reports of Decisions in Ho. of Lords, Privy Co., Supr. Ct. & H. C. of Just. Statutes of the year supplied gratis. Have an authority wh. no other

Report* can have.

Current Index of all Cases reptd. in ' Law Reports ' and ' Wkly. Notes ' [quarterly] Clowes

Each quarterly pt. incorporates (and thus supersedes) all previous pts. of same yr. Gratis w. Law Kepti. and Wkly. Xotcs.

Law Journal Quinquennial Digest, 1901-5, ed. J. S. Henderson 30 / 4 Law Jl. Off. o6<

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