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Stigmas. Last publ shed record of this inheritance was in
the XII century, the stigmas upon the person of Saint Francis
of Assizi, Italy. There arc on my body the same marks, in
the locations that the Roman cross marks at its cruel execu-
tions. A scabby sore is on my right breast, near the nipple
always open. On the back of each hand, in the center, are
breaking sores ; on the inside of each hand are gristly lumps ;
on my back, and opposite the front or opening sore, is a lump
larger than an egg, resembling a fatty tumor ,at the left side
of and near the backbone. In line between the front and
rear sore's my bowels have always felt and acted as partially
paralyzed. Feet not pierced ; the shinbone has skin discolored.

WM. TAYLOR, Age 83.




Written for the


A. C. Humphry, Printer for the Author
117 Stimson Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal.

Copyright, 1922

L teto IGu


In a measure, extent of thoughts with us is very
limited. Blundering is the name to be applied for
those who defining for the common sense are slack.
"I thought" means very little. Artemas Ward lec-
turing the spendthrift said, "It would be money in
your pocket if you'd never been born!"

When earliest of mankind selected one only of the
polarities of being, the male, as leader, as god or chief,
a costly mistake was made; it made the tyrant, the
slave-driver, the aristocrat. This blunder made War.

Our United States had added to its formation, one
state inclusive, Pennsylvania, that had the humble peo-
ple called Quakers, who would not call any man
master; and no woman of this sect (formed in Eng-
land) had for husband a master. The keynote with
them was Equality. This feature in the population is
bound to grow, so today we have a free and enlight-
ened country, and it stands foremost of all the nations
of earth. No nation, says Lincoln, (of Quaker de-
scent), can endure, half slave and half free. He might
have added, no true marriage is made half slave and
half free. Want of thought is a bad basis, if you
ever want to care for any creature we call domestic
animal; you must give it soul equality, as you best
understand freedom in life.

All religion was founded -upon the autocratic basis
of having God or gods to rule. "The kingdom of
God is within you," so there is no truth in slavery if
life with both predominate the positive and negative
polarities. Franklin and Edison in curbing the elec-



trie fluid, very sensibly used both the positive and
negative, in other terms, he and she. Either element
to act alone is unthinkable.

This belief is that upon which I base the rebirth
theory, advocated in this work.

If "no more war/' we must have no more gods of
the nations, conquerors.

As mistakes occur in all early life, so recorded in
bibles and scriptures for the less enlightened, we
should strive to turn ahead to the known principles of
that great Hebrew prophet, Jesus who was the first
to startle the world for higher principles in mankind.
Plato, the Grecian philosopher advocated also for peo-
ples of enlightened states to follow his teachings in
The Republic.

No human records are long kept. Palmyra of the
ancients had a throng in life. The Grecian unknown
god and the others are not now named. But the
despised slave on the path, sings, "Carry me back to
old Virginia/' meaning to his old home. An equally
lasting thing is the stigma, a flesh mark that lasts
through all Christian times. So books and creeds
kept alive in only the mind's eye, the soul. Jehovah
was a big name long ago, yet is passing with idolatries
and scriptures. Cain killing Abel was a soul offense,
to last as murder may last. The coming Age of Com-
passion may glimpse that promised Age of Heaven !

Physical Life and Higher LigKt


This is an age of Change. The past, we hope, ends
the long era of wars, and for the first time in modern
history peace conferences of the nations have produced
general rejoicing.

"War is Hell," was an expression of General Sher-
man, in 1865. As the Great Prophet, Jesus, 2000
years ago, based His work upon peace hopes then so
unpromising, let the prayers, the hopes ever since, of
countless millions of peoples everywhere, be of ac-
count. Prayers for peace are heard and may be an-
swered from on High! Very few with love for our
humanity but can incline to join a general chorus
"May the Prince of Peace be born again to meet less
brutality and greater general intelligence/'

There is no place like home. Oldest of our Chris-
tian sects, and we have many, worship the mother, as
is proper for every one of us. As to the father, Jesus,
the Divine One, recognized this as highest in names
Our Father.

We of to-day mix the clean with the unclean, the
man of blood, soldier, thief, conqueror, with the right-
eous, the divine. As Adam was scourged, driven out
of the Garden of God, so we must drive the unclean
out of our society, or submit to a weaker polarity of

The kingdom of God, Jesus said, was always within
us whatever use you may make of a Creator and
Preserver. If the starters of religions or governments


have failed to point out this kingdom, they made
calamities and failures this even down to the lowest
savage tribes on earth. Gentlemen are reckoned our
highest type of enlightenment, their failure in duty
distressing and calamitous. Talk means little to idol
worshippers, more than mere priestly formality, so
remnant of this worship is too prevalent. Jesus was
not the graven image to bow to, for that little we know
of His teachings is as real for us as is the nation's

Beauty a living presence of the Earth,
Surpassing the most fair ideal forms
Which craft or delicate spirits hath composed
From Earth's materials, waits upon my steps:
Pitches her tents before me as I move.
An hourly neighbor, Paradise, and groves
Elysian, Fortunate Fields like those of old
Sought in the Atlantic Main, why should they be
A history only of departed things,
Or a mere fiction of what never was?
For the discerning intellect of man,
When wedded to this goodly universe
In love and holy passion, shall find these
A simple produce of the common day. * * *
Such grateful haunts for growing, if I oft
Must turn elsewhere to travel near the tribes
And fellowships of men, and see ill sights,
Maddening passions mutually inflamed; * * *
Descend, prophetic Spirit! that inspirest
The human soul of universal earth,
Dreaming on things to come : and dost possess
A metropolitan temple in the hearts
Of mighty poets; upon me bestow
A gift of genuine insight, that my song
With star-like virtue in its place may shine !
Shedding benignnant influence, and secure
Itself from all malevolent effect.


The first great reformer was Jesus of Jerusalem.
But the Holy Land fanatics murdered Him. He came,


as the pious said, eating and drinking with the publi-
cans and sinners, and the church would have none of
the New, the democratic, Testament. War lords later
became unbearably oppressive, Rome fell, and then
came a reaction in the French Revolution ; in England,
a Robin Hood with his "outlaws' ' (the Lincoln
Greens) to suppress the holy orders monks, more to
be feared than Darwin's monkeys! Governments in
both England and France were so tyrannical that the
people rose in their wrath and beheaded the kings of
both countries.

Education was accomplishing its blessed work.
Brave spirits were throwing off both the religious and
church-and-state tyrannies. The Trend of Liberty,
going mostly westward, the final downfall here of
oppression came with a Monroe Doctrine. Washing-
ton's hatchet cut the way to free institutions on a New
Continent, and English war lords, finally giving up
their cause (Aristocracy), in a later day begged for
our American sympathies when the most enlightened
of their powers made a world war that threatened all

A better educated Church, and less inclined to be
aristocratic and more content under the mild govern-
ment of the Lamb of God, is now becoming of real
use to the people. A better understanding of the
Blessed Book begins to guide all alike. Formerly the
Bible was a Thing to be worshipped.

Two authors, Virgil and Ovid, have references to
Lethe and the descent into Hades, how the souls were
there made ready for reincarnation and there assemble
on the marge of the water of life, in order that they


may partake, and then forget their past life, thence
returning to the physical plane. Christians and peo-
ples of other religions have faith that they will enjoy
an after-existence and especially with those in or
near the Old Home. It would be a senseless thing to
combat such a hope. Jesus upheld, I think, such a
heavenly vision beauties of the earth, reunion of the
risen; "a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without
the Father's notice." "Heaven/' he said, "was a place
of many mansions/' such as we have the place near
home upon the earth.



I hold that when a person dies

His soul returns again to earth ;
Arrayed in some new flesh-disguise,

Another mother gives him birth.
With sturdier limbs and brighter brain
The old soul takes the roads again.

Such is my own belief and trust;

This hand, this hand that holds the pen,
Has many a hundred times been dust

And turned, as dust, to dust again;
These eyes of mine have blinked and shone
In Thebes, in Troy, in Babylon.

All that I rightly think or do,
Or make, or spoil, or bless, or blast,

Is curse or blessing justly due
For sloth or effort in the past.

My life's a statement of the sum

Of vice indulged, or overcome.

And as I wander on the roads
I shall be helped and healed and blessed ;

Dear words shall cheer and be as goads
To urge to heights before unguessed.

My road shall be the road I made:

All that I gave shall be repaid.


So shall I fight, so shall I tread,

In this long war beneath the stars ;
So shall a glory wreathe my head,

So shall I faint and show the scars,
Until this case, this clogging mold,
Be smithied all to kingly gold.

In the chapters of this little work a stigmatized
scribbler arises to advocate a very old doctrine or idea,
"Rebirth/' expecting all the souls of all the living
creatures here on earth to be reborn countless times,
and be back on earth, until all mankind will attain that
perfection to at last be able to abide in harmony in
that ever yearned for place or condition where a
heaven in reality is attained with no more of the dis-
cords of the good and bad of life to make a Lamb of
God other than an Elder Brother. "Who told thee
that thou wert naked ?" Adam was free to say things
not true, possibly, about Eve, and drew the long-bow,
as the saying is in our language; also he accused a
hypnotist, a snake, for making things worse. This
style of lying seemed to be at the very beginning of
our race.

As wise men have ever affirmed, the earth when
fitted for life and later for mankind, was provided
with sustenance, and for homes a state of felicity
highest of all. Soul and life seem synonymously one
element, the only other materiality.

Larger forms, with the brain dominating, have the
long-time hibernation, death we call it, while the
underworld, so called in Grecian literature, hath the
Lethean forgetfulness of the past; yet the feebler
worm, locust, etc., will be buried alive in the earth to
pass the period and very briefly, it seems, to stay
above the little while in sunlight and active life.


"The March" from "Saul/' is remembrancer for all
of the Great Adventure death, from Incarnation to
Spirit. Bathing in the Lake of Lethe for purification,
then the preparation for and passing the gate of life

Dimly in infancy thy world will appear with that
early Hebraic sign in a church, as the Command-
ments partly unfitted for the present age. "Thou
shalt have no other gods before Me. Correct; but yet
in the prayer, another reads, "Lead us not into
temptation but deliver us from evil." Children in this
age would not make this balk.

Our American poet Whitman says, personifying his
soul's path through the reincarnations : "O vapors, I
think I have risen with you, and moved away to dis-
tant continents and fallen down there, for reasons; I
think I have blown with you, O winds; O waters I
have fingered every shore with you. All forces have
been steadily employed to complete and delight me.
Now on this spot I stand with my robust soul. Hands
of the sisters, Death and Night, incessantly softly
wash me."

Eve, the submissive, the good, has been lied about
or enslaved all through the years. It is plainly to be
seen she does not tempt Adam to be over-indulgent
in use of drugged liquors, tobacco and other poisons.
The root of woman's nature is to love and cherish,
even the lowest of females in animal kind have this
instinct springing from motherhood.

There is much of old Adam even in the churches,
as you may start to cut out dead wood from pulpit
and amen corner to the rear benches (for poor and


the niggers). Have these latter a shed for shelter in
heaven ?

You hear much from the meek, owlish, well-dressed
priest (some in gold-spangled garments) about his
want of funds a money changer. The higher "calls"
they are not in the catalogue with Jesus, are a

P source of great interest among God's agents or minis-
ters today. And mere loafers in the house of God
have in our free country, that ignores church entangle-
ments, all kinds of business and other callings at high
salaries, for the asking. Unlike the union that Adam
belongs to (churchly) our good government offers
equal opportunities for women.

Costly bible institutes for education surely prepare
the student for usefulness and keeps him away from
low life and beggary. Receiving useful knowledge,
any young person of brains may go up to the highest
rung in life. Only indolence or worse can keep any
away from the true Path and away from that Levitism
abhored by Jesus, and of the still lower grade of
money changers in the temple.

A scientist as previously quoted says that smallest
of matter still emits rays. This is equivalent to that
saying of Jesus of the spiritual inhering in all life
the kingdom of God being within you. If you start a
fire in any spot where a fire may spread, it will enlarge
from heat into greater flames. An old saying, that
the world will be burned or we will have another
flood the polar opposition from fire. Words of the
prophet are a true saying, if extended to spirit and
matter being intermingled; so reincarnation is in a
way natural.


Milton, in grandest of poems, hints that the high-
est heaven may be encroached upon by the lowest,
Apolleon. Defeated above, the devil darkness
sought the light in mankind. In other words the
Christ permitted the old boy to get a lodgment; but
we are of the godly, yet beware !

Adam lied when he said he walked with the true
God in the cool of the evening; then he whispered to
the Highest that Eve had tempted him, and he did
eat (some person's chicken of woman's excellent
cooking), the blasted snake-fruit!

I have marks on my body called stigmas, that mark
infrequent intervals in man's history to account for
the last 2,000 years of the struggle to escape savagery
of the Roman period. This sign, marks of that Age
of Tyranny from which the gentle Jesus died in many
hours of his agony on the cross. That great New
England author, Hawthorne, dared to raise his voice
against fanaticism. His heroine was branded by pub-
lic authority of Puritan religionists, and she died bear-
ing the cursed mark on her breast. And scores of
so-called witches (earliest of Christians) were put to
death in this land of the free. Even in our day the
citizens of all governments dare not risk a vote to pub-
licly declare if wars shall cease ! Two thousand years
ago a preacher was abroad asking for peace and com-
passion. Even Lincoln says of majorities, "God must
love the poor, He made so many of them." People
of old were satisfied(P) to be called publicans and
sinners. To torture and kill the great preacher, Jesus,
a pact was made between Power Rome, and Religion,


such as it was ; a judge, however, declaring, "I find no
-fault in this man Jesus.

Dante :

In this their order diversely, some more

Some less approaching to their primal source.

Thus they to different havens are moved on

Through the vast sea of being, and each one

With instinct given, that bears it in its course;

This to the lunar sphere directs the fire,

This prompts the hearts of mortal animals,

This the brute earth together knits, and binds.

Nor only creatures void of intellect,

Are aimed at by this bow ; but even those

That have intelligence and love are pierced.

That Providence, that so well orders all,

With her own Light makes ever calm the heaven,

In which the substance that hath greatest speed,

Is turned. And thither now as to our seat

Predestined, we are carried by the force

Of that strong cord, that never loses dart

But at fair aim and glad. Yet is it true

That as ofttimes but ill accords the form

To the design of Art through sluggishness

Of unreplying matter, so this course

Is sometimes quitted by the creature, who

Hath power, directed thus, to bend elsewhere

As from a cloud the fire is seen to fall

From its original impulse warped to earth,

By vicious fondness. Thou no more admire

Thy soaring (if I rightly deem) than lapse

Of torrent downwards from a mountain's height.

There would in thee for wonder be more cause,

If, free of hindrance, thou hadst fixed thyself

Below, like fire in moving on the earth.

From Dante's Pergatory, I pass along to his Para-
dise vision of a returned soul upon earth:

That Lethe's water hath not hid it from him.
That oft the memory 'reaves, perchance hath made
His mind's eye dark. But lo ! where Ennoe flows !
Lead hither; an as thou art want, revive
His fainting virtue. . . .

Then Reader, might I sing, though but in part,
That beverage, with whose sweetness I had ne'er
Been sated. But since all the leaves are full.


Appointed for this second strain, mine art
With warning bridle checks me. I returned
From the most holy wave, regenerate.
Even as new plants, renewed with foliage new,
Pure and made apt for mounting to the stars.

And this is an age for us mortals to rise in airplane
flights surely! The babe, sated with that beverage,
the mother's milk,

Gazing as never eagle fixed his ken,

As from a first a second beam is wont

To issue, and reflected upwards rise,

E'en as a pilgrim bent on his return.

So with her (soul's) act, that through the eyesight passed

Into my fancy, mine was formed; and straight

Beyond our mortal wont, I fixed mine eyes

Upon the sun. Much is allowed us There

That Here exceeds pur power; thanks to the place

Made for the dwelling of the human kind. . . .

And suddenly upon the day appeared

A day new risen, as He who hath the power

Had with another sun (soul) bedecked the sky.

In the last analysis of character, the system called
reincarnation has no weak spots, not in smallest of
the spirits.. Souls that are for earth, we may say, all
generations, are as to the smallest forms making
growth, making changes to suit the condition as to
future heat and cold, for our earth itself, has soul and
body. Let us refer to all animal life, that we know
grows in shape and fineness to suit the later conditions.
Take the forms so familiar to us, the horse, in fact
all domestic animals. Then the earth's pets (butter-
flies, locuts, etc.), we know of their passing long years
in the "underworld," to appear for a brief spell in
full sunlight, almost momentarily to enjoy existence,
then as happily sings the locust, after the egg-laying,
seeks again the darkness that fits its longer term of


Our Creator has ways past rinding out. Fitted are
the two polarities of being as needed. We wonder
why such as the fleas, as robbers of human blood, or
as the bigger torments, human criminals, are needed
for life's purposes. But a heaven can be fuller here,
than (imagined) above all the homes of earth, again
grandeurs, joys and social life are beyond dreams of
poet and artist !

Body and soul so intimately blended are they, that
a healthy person knows scarcely where one touches the
other. Traits of character are almost like the twin
body, with its soul. We know of most remarkable
men and women whose traits re-unitedly theirs.
Sickly children have often the healthy after-life of
effort and joy; some of these, poets and philosophers,
caused their mothers often to wonder as of a gift from
God, knowing how the little ones thrive.

We have amongst us Helen Keller, whose faculties
have been restored, trained from the inborn traits.
And her soul now, in life and joy, is the greatest of
puzzles. A body that was tortured, crucified, as was
that of Jesus, leaves marks to show plainly elsewhere
after nearly 2,000 years! These stigmas are more
than birthmarks.

In lower forms of the soul, the "worm" stage of
the body, from plain and loathsome (to us) they in
later existence give us butterflies and other of the
most beautiful aspects in colors and forms.

Read Franklin H. Heald's Procession of the
Planets, scouted at or ignored as it may be by scien-
tists ; yet in studies like Prof. Chamberlin's of Chicago,
lately, you will find the ipse dixit of the learned ones


of the past entirely reversed, as to the earth's solidity.
The sun in every system of planets must resemble,
as Lakes of Lethe for our souls have material un-
seeable to constitute the materials, for life, here on
earth and elsewhere. New worlds are thus formed,
so are new bodies for all the living. Heat, of the
material kind, has wonderful properties it may be, to
weld the two aspects, soul and body. The soul's in-
dividual complexities, generation after generation in a
true Path "driven out from God," as we say, then
reaches the sphere called Life. No two souls are just
alike! Even in birth of twins or triplets, as often
happens with us, the natures are entities.

Wise men of the East, as recorded by the shepherd
poet watching by night his flocks, saw overhead the
galaxy of bright stars, and also the comet westward.
He does not make record of the other party in day-
time, going westward looking for the foot of that
rainbow where gold is buried, some of each party
finally landed in California and other states of our

As to where the Wise Men found the new-born
Christ, opinions differ ; some say in a stable, others in
a manger.

Soon after the cruel ending of this babe, the dom-
inant religionists (or conquerors) and one pope re-
mained settled in Rome, the other in Constantinople.
Since the recent overthrow of the son of Victoria of
England, Russia has no "religion."

The Night and the Day. John Burroughs, my
serene and happy friend and friend of the birds, had
query as to the cruelty of nature that gives us the


sun by day and moon by night. The owl is not a
solemn bird; for you judge the creature by daylight
its time for sleep. See the same bird at night, wide-
awake, at its nest, and the joys it has at home where
love rules, and ever and ever rule it should! The
nestlings are most joyful of living creatures and in
this regard, with the parents unmolested, far surpass
the proud, too often peevish, human kind.

You will find that even at his prayers the owlish
(in piety) takes great comfort in solemnity, many
times, too, lacking in sincerity and saturated as we are
with "business/' the leading tone is selfishness. Go
into thy closet with a feeling of joy, as one meeting
a lover and true friend; for God, as Jesus instructs,
says, is not far off "is within you." Do not in the
stillness of thy closet act the part of a cringing beg-
gar what is truly thine will come to thee! It is a
poor return when communing with Spirit at all times,
and with men sometimes, to act the part that is mean,
of beggary acknowledged. Speak no evil of anyone.
He knoweth all, and if acting the Good Samaritan, you
especially as a minister of God, and among those
"sitting in darkness," be truly and honestly helpful.
Weak nations are almost always the victims of those
who call themselves Christians, since the dawn of

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