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folio, 7s. 6d.

Leouihcttb, Cypr. DeConiunc-
tionibus magnis insignioribus supe-
riorum Flanitarum, Solis Defectio-
nibus, Ac. Lond. 1573. 4to.
L, in fours.— 1575, 4to.

Lebmokt, Thomas. See Thomas
of Ercildowne.

Lb Bossau, F. A Chacoon for
a Harlequin, with all the Postures,
Attitudes, Motions of the Head and
Arms, and other Gestures proper
to this Character, composed, writt
in Characters, and engraved by F.
le Bossau, Dancing Master. 4to.
Field, 1126, 8s. 6d.

Lb Boy, Adrian, A briefe and
plaine Instruction to set all Mu-
sicke of eight diuers Tunes in
Tableture for the Lute, &c. trans*
lated into English by F. Ke. Gen-
tleman. Lond. 1574. 4to.
Sotheby's in 1825, 51. 2s. 6d.

— Louis, called Begins. Of the
interchangeable Course, or Variety
of Things in the whole World}
and the Concurrence of Armes and
Learning, through the first and
famousest Nations, translated into
English by B(obert) A(shley).
Lond. 1594. folio.

Harward, 1858, 2s.

Lb Sage, A. (Las Cases). His-
torical, genealogical, chronologi-
cal and geographical Atlas. Trans-
lated from the French. Lond.
Dowding, 1880. imp. folio. 2J. 2s.

Load. 1801, folio— 1818, folio.


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Le Sage, Alain Rene*. Histoire
de Gil Bias de Santillane. Lond.
1809. royal 8vo. 4 vols.

An elegant edition, illustrated by 24
engravings after pictures by Smirke.
large papeb, in 4to. (These plates were
used in the same year for Malkin's trans-
lation.) Hibbert, 4748. with proofs on In-
dia paper, morocco, 81. Harvard, 1858,
morocco, 42. 4s.

Gil Bias corrigl. Par J. N. Osmond.
Lond. 1798, 12mo. 4 vols. 10s. 6d.— 1801,
12mo. 4 vols. 10s. 6d\— Abrege* par De la
Voye. Lond. 1838, 18mo. 4s.— Abrege par
Tarter. Lond. 12mo. 6s.

History of Gil Bias of Santillane. Lond
1737, 4 vols, with cuts. Willett, 2108,
U. 8s.— Lond. Tonson, 1744, 12mo. 8 vols.

Gil Bias, translated by Tobias Smollett,
Lond. 1761, 12mo. 4 vols, with plates, 12s.
A translation of great merit. ' The En-
glish author is true to the sense, manner,
and spirit of the original, and is often ex-
tremely happy in the interchange of par-
ticular idioms.' -Tytler. The fourth Edi-
tion. Lond. 1773, 12mo. with 33 cuts.—
Fifth edition, Lond. 1781, 12mo. 4 vols,
with cuts. —Sixth edition, Lond. 1792,
12mo. 4 vols, with 12 cuts, 12s.— Seventh
edition, Lond. 1797, 12mo. 4 vols. 10b. 6d.
—1802, 3 vols. 8vo. with plates by War-
ren, 12. lis. 6d. Sotheby's in 1824, mor.
22. 12s. 6d. large paper, SI. 3s.— 8 vols.
8vo. coloured plates. Lond. 18 .—Trans-
lated by Smollett, Lond. 1836, royal 8vo.
2 vols, illustrated by Gigoux, It 12a—
Smollett's Translation, edited by T. Ros-
coe, Lond. 1835, ten etchings by G. Grnik-
shank, 12s.-Lond. Willoughby, 1841, il-
lustrated edition, 8vo. 12s. 6d.

The Adventures of Gil Bias, translated
by Martin Smart Lond. Sir K. Phillips,
1807, 12mo. 4 vols. 100 plates. 12. 8s.
laboe papeb, post 8vo. 22. 12s. 6d.

The Adventures of Gil Bias, translated
by P. Proctor. Lond. 1774, 8vo. 2 vols,

The Adventures of Gil Bias of Santil-
lane, translated from the French of Le
Sage. By Benjamin Heath Malkin, Esq.
(Smollett's translation revised.) Lond.
1809, royal 8vo. 4 vols. An elegant edi-
tion, with 24 engravings after pictures
by Smirke. Published at 62. 6s. laboe
papeb, in 4to. Proofs on India paper,
102. 10s.— The same, second edit, with the
same plates. Lond. 12mo. 4 vols. 12. 16s.
India proofs, 32. 8s.— New edition, with the
same 25 plates after Smirke, and 10 addi-
tional etchings by G. Cruikshank, in 1
vol. post 8vo. Lond. Bonn, 1859, 6s.

Spanish and Portuguese translations of

£bs 1348

this celebrated romance, each in 4 vols,
were published in London in 1809, 12mo. 12.

The Bachelor of Salamanca, translated
by Mr. Lockman. Lond. 1737, 12mo. 2 vols,
with cuts, 7s.

Bachelor of Salamanca, translated by
James Townsend. Lond. 1825, 12mo. 8s.

Life and Adventures of Guzman d'Al-
farache, translated by John Brady. Lond.
1823, 12mo. 3 vols. 10s. 6d.

Adventures of Chevalier de Beauchesne .
Lond. 1745, 2 vols. Willett, 2110, 16s.

The Devil upon Two Sticks, translated
into English. Lond. 1708, 2 vols.— Lond.
1729. 2 vols, cuts, 12mo.— Lond. 1769 (call-
ed the Devil upon Crutches), 12mo. 2 vols,
plates, 10s. 6d.— Lond. 1780, 12mo. 2 vols.
—Lond. 1841, royal 8vo. illustrated with
numerous wood engravings after Tony
Johannot, 12s.— New edition, with the
same engravings. Lond. Bohn, 1860, post
8vo. 5s.

The History of Vanillo Gonzales, sur.
named the merry Bachelor. Lond. 1797,
12mo. 2 vols. 10s. 6<L

L-E8CABBOT, Marc. La chasse aux
Anglois en PIsle de Rez et au Siege
de la Rochelle. Paris, 1629. 8vo.
A copy is in the British Museum.

Nova Francia. See Ebondellb, P.

Lesljeus, Anglic* Lesley or

Lesleo, Gruglielmo Luigi. Yita
di S. Margherita Regina di Scozia,
di Gr. Lesleo. Roma, 1675. 12mo.

Roxbnrghe, 8727, 12.— Roma, 1691, 12mo.
with portrait.— Roma, 1718. Hibbert, 4645,
morocco, 12. 8s.

Lesley, George. Divine Dia-
logues, to which is added Joseph
Revived. Lond. 1684. 8to.

In verse. Reed, 7091, 8s. Nassau, pt.
i. 1977, russia, 12. 2s.— 1678, Bright, lis.

— Henry, Bishop of Down and
Connor. A Speech delivered at
the Visitation of Downe and Con-
nor, held in Lisnegarvy, the 26th
Sept. 1628, wherein is a full Confu-
tation of the Covenant, &c. Lond.
1689. 4to.

The same, translated into Latin, Exa-
men Conjurationis Scotica, sive Oratio,
&c Dnblinii, 1639, 4to.

— John, Bishop of Ross. Do
Origine, Moribus et Rebus gestis
Scotorum, lib. x. Rome, 1578.
4to. with Map of Scotland, and 9


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1844 £B8

Lesley, John — continued.
Engraved Genealogical plates with
heads, including those of Mary
and her son James.

Hibbert, 4761, 8a. Towneley, ptii. 1113,
18b. Nassau, pt. i. 2373, 18s. Bindley,
pt. lit. 161, li. 7s. White Knights, 2327,
morocco, 12. 10s. Roxburghe, 8685,
82. 18s. 6d.— Heber, old mor. pt i. 17. lis.
Harward, July 1866, fine copy, vellum

There is an edition republished in Hol-
land, with the imprint, Roma), 1678.
Nunc denuo recus. Anno Dom. 1675, 4 to.
for which the map was not re-engraved.
Gongh (British Topography, vol. ii. p. 83)
refers to Lesley's map as of great rarity.
The original map, a large folding sheet,
published separately, is indeed very rare,
but the edition of his work, 1578, with the
map, such as the two copies we mention,
is by no means uncommon.

A Defence of the Honour of Marie,
Quene of Scotland and Dowager of France :
with a Declaration, as well of her Right,
Title and Intereste to the Succession of
the Crown of Englande, as that the Regi-
ment of Women ys conformable to the
Lawe of God and Nature. Imprinted at
London, in Fletestrete, at the Signe of
Justice Royall, against the Blacke Bell,
by EusebiuH Dicaeophile, Anno Dom.
1569, 8vo. 154 leaves. G. Chalmers, U. lis.
The original edition was privately print-
ed abroad, and is much rarer than the

A Treatise concerning the Defence of
the Honour of Marie Queene of Scotlande,
and Dowager of France. With a De-
claration as wel of her Right, Title, and
Interest, to the Succession of the Croune
of England, as that the Regiment of
Women is conformable to the Lawe of
God and Nature. Made by Morgan Phi-
lippes Bachelar of Diuinitie, An: 1570.
8vo. Liege, by Walter Morbera, 1671,
8vo. Lloyd, 62. 15s. 6d. White Knights,
92. 16s. This work (immediately sup-
pressed), written by John Lesley, Bishop
of Ross, originally printed in 1569, is in
part reprinted, compared with that of
1669, in the first volume of Anderson's
Collections relating to Mary Q. of Scots.

De Titulo et Jure Maris? Scotorum Be-
gins), quo Regni Anglise Successionem sibi
iuste vindicat, Libellus. Item : De illus-
trium Foeminarum in Republica adminis-
tranda Auctoritate libellus. Rhemis,
1580, 4to. with a genealogical table. A
copy is in the British Museum. Gordon-
Btoun, 1432, 12. Is. Bindley, pt. ii. 162,
12.6s. Hibbert, morocco, 82. 6s. Reprint-
ed by Jebb in the first volume of Le


Vltaet Rebus gestis Maria? Begins? Scoto-

A Treatise touching the Right, Title
and Interest of Marye Queene of Soot*
land, and Kyng James, her Graces Sonne,
to the Succession of the Croune of Eng-
land. And first, touching the Genealogie
or Pedegrue of suche Competitors, as pre-
tend Title to the same Croune, (1584), 8vo.
K4, in eights, with a genealogical table,
also portraits of Mary and James VI.
on back of title. Nassau, pt i. 1976,
22. 48. Gordonstoun, 1433, 32. 5s. Lloyd,
843, 32. 15s. Towneley, pt. i. 469, morocco,
42. 8s. 6d. Bindley, 62. 8s. 6d. Bright,
no Table, 12a.

Du Droict et Tiltre de la aeren. Prin-
cesse Marie, Ac. al a Succession du Roy-
aume d'Angleterre. Rouen, 1587, 8vo.
with a genealogical table. Gordonstoun,
1434,22.6s. Bright, 12. 15s. G.Chalmers,

In Spanish with the same genealogical,
table. Grant, 1587, 8vo. G. Chalmers, 12.

Pro Libertate impetranda, Oratio ad
Elizabethan* Anglie Reginam. Paris,
1674, small 8vo. Heber, pt. v. stained, 3a.
Bright, 15s.

Pies Afflicti Anirol Consolationes, et
tranquilli Animi Munimentum, ad D.
Mariam Scotorum Reginam. Paris, 1574,
8vo. Bindley, pt. ii. 1395, morocco. 18a.
Bright, lis. G, Chalmers, 16s.

Congratulatio serenissimo Principi et
illustrlssimo Cardinal! Alberto Archiduci
Austria) Ac. de fausto ac felici ejus Ad-
ventu ad Regimen Prouinciarum inferior! a
Germanise. Per R. in Christo P. Joan.
Leslffium Episcopum Roffensem, Scotum.
Brvxelue, apud Rutgerum Velpium, 1596.
G. Chalmers, 10s. Reprinted in the first
volume of Anderson's Collections, relating
to Mary Queen of Scots. A translation
of the life of Bishop Lesley will also be
found in the third volume of Anderson's

Lesley's Histoet of Scotland, from
1436 to 1561. and Lesley's Diary, are
printed by the Bannatyne Club. See Ap-

The Case of the Bishop of Ross, Resi-
dent of the Queen of Scots; who was
seized and committed to the Tower by
Qneen Elizabeth, for traitorous Practices,
and endeavouring to raise a Rebellion
against her. folio, pp. 4. Reprinted in the
second volume of the Harleian Miscellany.

There are several MSS. of this faithful
adherent to the unfortunate Mary extant
in some of the public libraries; and seve-
ral letters in the possession of Dr. George
Mackenzie, who wrote his life.

Leslie, , a Jesuit. Lauras

Lesliana explicata, sire clarior
Enumeratio Personarum utriuaqua


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SexuB Cognominis Leslie, una cum
Amnibus, &c. Ghraecii, 1692. folio.
10s. 6d.

This ought to contain a large folding
table. Crawf urd, in his Peerage of Scotland,
styles this work * a mass of confused un-
chronological stuff.* Prefixed is a portrait
of Count Leslie, one of the Emperor Leo-
pold's generals, to whom the volume is

Leslie, Charles. Theological
Works. Lond. 1721. folio. 2 vols.

21. 2s.

According to Mr. Home, 'A clergyman's
library should not be without this author's
theological works. He is said to have
brought more persons from other per-
suasions unto the Church of England,
than any man ever did.' Dr. Johnson
observed, ' Leslie was a reasoner, and a
reasoner who was not to be reasoned
against.' Prefixed is a portrait of Leslie
by Vertue. large paper, 21. 12s. 6d.


New edition. Oxford, 1832, 8vo. 7 vols.
21. lis.

Select Works. Lond. 1841, 8vo. 10s. 6d.

A short and easy Method with the
Deists. Fifth edition. Lond. 1712, 8vo.
This, the most celebrated of Leslie's
works, has passed through numerous
editions. It is inserted by Bishop Ran-
dolph in his Enchiridion Theologicum.
—Lond. Bohn, 1848, roy. 8vo. Is. And
with other of Leslie's Treatises in ' Chris-
tian Evidences.' Lond. Bohn, 1850, royal
8vo. 10s.

Truth of Christianity demonstrated.
Lond. Bohn, 1848, 6d.

Short and easy Method with the Jews.
Lond. Bohn, 1848, royal 8vo. Is.

Rehearsals ; or, a View of the Times,
their Principles and Practices. Lond.
1704, &c. folio, 4 vols. 16s. Published at
. first once, and afterwards twice a week,
for a period of seven years: written in
the form of dialogue, and entirely confined
to the state of public affairs.— Second edi-
tion, 1760, 12mo. 6 vols, with portrait of
Leslie, 15s. See King, Abp.

Divine Right of Tithes. Lond. Darling,
1845, 12mo. 2s. 6d.

The Regale and Pontificate. Lond. 1838,
8vo. 4s. 6d.

Case stated between the Churches of
Rome and England. Loud. 1848, post8vo.

— Charles. Account of Jamaica.
Edinb. 1739. 12mo.

thick PAPBB. Hibbert, 4646, morocco,
12. 12s.

Leslie, Sir John. Elements of
G-eometry, geometrical Analysis,
and plane Trigonometry.

Notices of this eminent professor's work
will be found in the Edinb. Rev. xx. 79-
100, and in the Quarterly Review, iv. 25-
42.— 1809, 8vo.— 1811. fine papbb.— 1817,
8vo.— 1822, 8vo.

An experimental Inquiry into the Na-
ture and Propagation of Heat. Lond.
1804, 8vo. pp. 570, with 9 plates. Formerly
worth 21. 2s., now much less. A work,
according to the Quarterly Review, con-
taining some very interesting results,
together with sundry disquisitions on
topics not very immediately connected
with the subject.

Geometry of curve Lines. Edinb. 1813,
8vo. Privately printed.

The Philosophy of Arithmetic; ex-
hibiting a progressive View of the Theory
and practice of Calculation. With an en-
larged Table of the Products of Numbers
under one hundred. Edinb. 1817, 8vo.

Short Account of Experiments and In-
struments depending on the Relation of
the Air to Heat and Moisture. Edinb.
1817, 8vo. 8s.

The geometrical Analyses, and Geo-
metry of curve Lines. Edinb. 1822, 8vo.
with 24 plates And many cuts, 16s.

Rudiments of plane Geometry, includ-
ing geometrical Analysis and plane Tri-
gonometry. Edinb. 1828, 8vo. with cuts,
7s. 6d.

Elements of natural Philosophy. Edinb.
1823, 8vo. Vol. i. Mechanics and Hydros-
tatics, 6s.

Tracts, Historical and Philosophical,
relative to the important discussion which
lately took place between the members of
the University and the Presbytery of
Edinburgh, concerning the Election of
Mr. Leslie to the Professorship of Mathe-
matics in that university. Edinb. 1806,
8vo. 2 vols. Contents given in each vo-

The Tracts published in this collected
state were printed between the 15th of
May 1805, and 23d of May 1806. The in-
terest in the discussion was very great.
The volumes contain 13 pieces, written
by Professor Playfair, Professor Dugald
Stewart, Dr. Inglis, Dr. Thomas Brown,
Principal HilL and Dr. W. Lawrence

Lesly, P. Esamen Conjurationis
ScotisB j sive, Oratio habita Ligne-
garvsB. Dublin, 1639. 4to.

I/Espagnol, Jean, D.D. His-
toire notable de la Conversion des
Anglois, des Saincts du Fays, des


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Monaateres, Bglises et Abbayes,
des Pelerinages, des Apparitions
des Esprits, & des sainctes Reliques ;
rapportee soubs la Tie miraculeuse
de Saincte Vaubourg, Vierge Ab-
besse : Hlustrees d'amples Annota-
tions & Discours historiques, par
Jean L*Espagnoi, Docteur in Theo-
logie. A Douay, 1614. 8vo.

Pp.792. A notice of this work will be
found in Oldys' British Librarian, 22—6.

L'Espnre. See De L'Epinb.

Less, Godfrey. The Authenti-
city, uncorrupted Preservation and
Credibility of the New Testamant.
Transl. from the German by Roger
Kingdon. Lond. 1804. 8vo. 7s.

Less originally doubted the truth of
Christianity himself, and this esteemed
work contains a view of the evidence
which satisfied his mind.

Lesseps, M. de. Travels in
Kamtschatka, 1787-8, translated
from the French. Lond. 1790. 8vo.
2 vols. 7s. 6d.

This narrative gives a lively picture of
the inhabitants of the northern parts of
Asiatic and European Russia.

Lessee, F. C. Insecto-Theology,
with Notes by P. Lyonet. Edinb.
1799, 8vo.

Lessens, G. E. Nathan the
wise, a dramatic Poem, translated
from the German (into blank verse)
by Wm. Taylor. Norwich, 1791.
8vo. — Second edit, revised. Lond.
Sir R. Phillips, 1805.
An excellent translation, afterwards re-

K'nted in his History of German Poetry,
nd. 18 ,8vo. 8 vols. Notices of this
version will be found in the Edinb. Re-
view, viii. 148—54. and in the Retrospec-
tive Review, x. 266,-86.

Nathan the Wise, translated by R. E.
Raspe. Lond. 1781, 8vo.

Emilia Galotti, a Tragedy in 6 Acts,
translated.by Fanny Holcroft. Lond. 1806,
8vo. (in Holcroft's [T.] Theatrical Re-

Emilia Galotti, translated by B. Thomp-
son, is in the 'German Theatre,' Lond.

Emilia Galotti, a Tragedy (translated
by J. D. Boylan and Henry G. Bohn.)
Lond, Bohn, 1852. (As sample of an edi-
tion of Leasing' a Dramatic Works.) |


Laocoon, an Essay; or the Limits of
Poetry and Painting, translated, with
Notes, by William Ross. Lond. 1886, 8vo.

Laocoon, translated by E. C. Beasley,
with an Introduction by the Rev. T. Bur-
bidge, LL.D. Lond. 1853, 6a.

Three Comedies (Freethinker, The
Treasure, Minna von Barnhelro), trans-
lated by the Rev. J. J. Holroyd. Col-
chester, 1838, 12mo.

School of Honour, or the Chances of
War. Lond. 1799, 8vo.

Fables and Epigrams, with Essays on
Fable and Epigram, from the German of
Leasing. Lond. 1826, 12mo.

To Leasing, the Germans are indebt-
ed for their admiration of Shakespeare's
genius, and their knowledge of his inimi-
table writings.

Lessius, Leonard. Hygeasticon,
or the Course of preserving life
and Health to extreme old Age,
translated from the Latin by T. S.
Cambridge, 1634, 12mo.

The same, with Cornaro on Health.
Land. 1678, 12mo.

— Leonard. Sir Walter Raleigh's
Ghost or Apparition to his intimate
Friend, willing him to translate into
English the learned Book of Leo-
nard Lessius, entitled De Providen-
tia Nnminis et Animi Immortali-
tate. Lond. 1651. 12mo.

Translated in compliance with Sir
Walter's late request, because he had
been often foully aspersed for an atheist.

Lessons;— The Sunday Lessons
for Morning and Evening Service
throughout the Year, illustrated by
a Commentary and Notes, by Ste-
phen Weston. Lond. 1808, 12mo.
2 vols.

Lessons of Thrift, by a Member

of the Save-all-Club. Lond. 1820,

royal 8vo. Coloured plates after

designs by Cruikshank.

Brockett, 1878, 19s. Harward, 1858, 5s.

L'Estrange, Hamon. The
Reign of King Charles 1. ; or His-
tory impartially delivered and dis-
posed into Annals. Lond. 1654.

Prefixed is a frontispiece by W. Faith-
orne, containing a portrait of Charles. • A
book of considerable merit, written in a
bad style.' -Quart. Jfev.— Lond. 1666, folio,


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L'Esteakge, H.— continued.
Annexed to this edition is an answer to
Heylyn, entitled 'The Observator ob-
served.' Prefixed is a frontispiece by
Faithorne. Gordonstoun, 1440, 5s.

Observations on Hamon L' Estrange' s
Historie of the Reign of King Charles.
By Peter Heylin, DJ). Lond. 1666, 8vo.
Lloyd, 696, 4s. 6d.

Extraneus vapulans : or, the Observa-
tor rescued from the violent but vain As-
saults of Hamon L'Estrange, Esq., and
the Backblows of Dr. Nich. Bernard, an
Irish Dean. Lond. 1656, 8vo. Also by

God's Sabbath before the Law, and
under the Gospel, vindicated. Cambridge,

An Answer to the Marquis of Worces-
ter's last Paper to the late King, with
some Considerations on Dr. Bayly's paren-
thetical Interlocution : to these is annexed
Smectymnuo-mastix. Lond. 1651, 8vo.

Americans no Iewes,or Improbabilities
that the Americans are of that race.
Lond. 1652, 4to. Bright, 12. 10s. See

The Alliance of Divine Offices, exhibit-
ing all the Liturgies of the Church of
England since the Reformation, as also
the Scotch Service Book, 1690. Bright.
Wrangham, 17. 13s.— 1681-86, folio. 8 vols.
—1699, folio. Bishop of Ely, 1012, 15s.
Fourth edition, with all earlier respective
variations. Oxford, Parker, 1846, 8vo. 12s.

L'Estrange, Sir Roger. A brief
History of the Times. Lond. 1687,
three parts in 1 voL

Chiefly relating to the Popish plot, and
the murder of Sir Edm. Godfrey. Heath,
4470,5s. 6d. large pa peb. Garriok, 315,
morocco, H. Is. resold, Hibbert, 4648, 13s.
L'Estrange was a most indefatigable
writer, but particularly distinguished
himself in translations, vis. of Josephus,
Cicero's Offices, Seneca's Morals, Eras-
mus's Colloquies, &c., and in the publica-
tion of newspapers, viz. the ' Public In-
telligencer' and ' Observator/ 2 vols. foL
1684, 7s. His political tracts are now of
little value.

Key to Hudibras. See Butleb, 8., p. 336.

Leti, Grregorio. Teatro Britan-
nioo overo Histoids della Grande
Brettagna. Lond. 1683, 4to. 2

Duke of Grafton, 856, 11. Is. For writing
this work the author was banished the
kingdom, and 700 copies were seized.—
Amst. 1684, 12mo. 5 vols, with portrait of
Q. Elizabeth, Ac. Bindley, pt. ft. 1313, 6s.

The Cardinalism of the Holy Church,
translated by G. H. Lond. 1670, folio.
Kaxburghe,7833,4s. A violent satire.

Vlto d'Oliviero CromueL Amst 1692,
2 vols, with plates, 10s. 6d. Fonthill, 1611,
21. 2s. v A French translation appeared
Amst. 1703, 2 vols. 7m. 6d.

Storia di Elizzabetta Regina d'Inghil-
terra. Amst 1693, 12mo. 2 vols. 10s. 6d.
Bindley, pt ii. 1814, St. 5s.- Amst. 1708,
12mo. 3 vols. It has been translated into
the French language.

The Life of Pope Sixtus V. translated
from the Italian, with a Preface, Prolego-
mena, Notes, and Appendix, by Ellis
Farnewortli, M.A. Lond. 1754, folio.
Hibbert 4788, 9s. Garrick, 1351, 12s.—
Bindley, pt. ii. 610, U 8s.-Dublin, 1779,
8vo. 5s.

Leti was a voluminous writer, as may
be seen in the Biographic Universelle.
His histories are nothing more than amus-
ing romances.

Letsome, Sampson, M.A. The
Preacher's Assistant, in two Parts.
To which are added, two Lists of
the Archbishops and Bishops of
England from 1660 to 1753, with
an Appendix to each Part. Lond.
1753, 8vo. 7s. 6d.

A valuable work. A much improved
edition was published in 1783, 8vo. 2 vols,
continued by the Rev. — Forster. Lond.
8vo. See Cooke, John.

Letters. — A select Collection of

original Letters, from the Reign of

King Henry VIII. to the present

Time. Lond. 1755. 12mo. 2 vols.

Gosset, 8122, 7s. 6d.

An Answere to a Letter (whether the
Kynge be that he is recognysed to be
supreme Heed vnder God vpon Erth of
the Church of Englande, haue therby any
new Power giuen him ouer his Subiectes
that he had nat before, &c. Ac.) Lond.
by Thomas Godfray, 8vo. Contains H 7,
in octaves. At the end is a table of chap-
ters. Chr. Saintgermein is the reputed
author of this work.

A Copie of a Letter sent from the Coun-
sell vnto the ryghte reuerende Father in
God Edmonde (Bonner) Byshoppe of Lou-
don — From Westmynster the xxvii cf
Nouember, 1554. Your assured louing
Frendes, Ste. Winton Caoceli. Henry
Sussex. Arundel. John Bathon. John
Huddylston. F. Sbrewesburye. K. Ryche.
R. Southwell. Edward Derby. Thomas
Warton. Londini in vEdibua Ioannis Ca-
wodi. In Fox's Acts and Mon. p. 1014.
edit. 1562.

A Letter sent from a banished Minister
of Jesus Christ unto the faithful Chris-
tian Flocke in England. Roane by Michael
Wodde,1554. Inglis, 861, 10s.
Certain most godly, fruitful, and co&v


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Lettees — continued.
fortable Letters of such true Saintes and
holy Martyrs of God, as in the late bloodye
Persecution here within this Realnie
gave their Lives for the Defence of
Chris tea holy Gospel: written in the
Tyme of their Affliction and cruell Im-
prysonment Lond. by John Day, 1664,
4to. pp. 689, besides table. At the back
of the title is a spirited woodcut of seve-
ral martyrs at the stake. At the end is
a letter of Bp. Ridley, omitted in the
table, 4 leaves. At the commencement is
an address from * Myles Couerdale vnto
the Christian Reader.' Hoi lis, 682, title
wanting, 11. 8s. White Knights, 2330,
mor. 5/. 7s. 6d. Inglis, 886, 21. 2s. Sothe-
by, June, 1856, 61.— New edition, 8vo.
Lond. 1837. See Covkbdale, M.

Letters betweene two Vniuersitie Men.
1680. 8ee Spensbb, Edmund.

A Letter written by a French Catho-
licke Gentleman, conteyning a brief Aun-
swere to the Slaunders of a certain pre-
tended Englishman. Lond. 1687, 4to.
8s. 6d.

Collection of certaine Letters and Con-
ferences lately passed betwixt certain
Preachers and two Prisoners in the Fleet,
1590, 4to. Gordonstoun, 479, 4s.

Certayne Letters translated into En-

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