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— Joe. See Jests, page 1203.

— General John. Memoirs while
in the MiUtary Service of the Re-
pubUc of Peru. Lond. 1828, 8vo.

2 vols, portrait, 9s.

An interesting description of the War
of Independence of the Spanish colonies
in South America.

— John. An Illustration of the
sexual System of the Genera Plan-
tarum of Linnssus (in Latin and
English.) Lond. 1777, imp. foUo,
2 vols.

Tliis work obtained the approbation of
LinnsBus himself. No. 1 appeared in 1775,
the last. No. 20, in 1777, pubUshed at 12. Is.
each. The work should contain 117
plates, viz. an engraved frontispiece, 104
plates numbered, 7 supplementary ones
published in 1780, one ditto not numbered,
and 4 others of leaves. Copies with the
plates not coloured are of little value.
Hibbert, 5452, with coloured plates, 21. 14s.
—With two sets of plates, one plain, the
other coloured. Garrick, 1615, 62. 10s.
Dent, pt. ii. 778, russia, 42. 10s. Towneley,
pt ii. 1028, morocco, 102. 158. Edwards,
725, 142. 88. 6d. North, pt. ii. 878, russia,
192. 8s. 6d. WlUett. 1650, 72. lOs.

Proposals for publishing Prints of Plants
and Insects. Lond. 1759, folio.

An Illustration of the sexual System of
Limueus. Lond. 1779, 89, 8vo. 2 vols. With


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coloured plates, IL lis. 6d. Gopiei with
plain plates are of no value.

MiLLEB, John Frederick. Various
Subjects of Natural History .wherein
are delineated Birds, Animals, and
many curious Plants; with the
Parts of Fructification of eachPlant,
all of ^hich are drawn and coloured
from Nature. Lond. 1785, imp.

Pp. 176, 12 plates, and 3 leaves of ta-
buUe Publisned in numbers.

— J. S. A Natural History of
the Crinoidea ; or lily-shaped Ani-
mals. Bristol, 1821, 4to.

Pp. 160, with 60 tinted plates. SothebVs
in 1825, 11. 13s.

— Mrs. M. Letters from Italy,
describing the Manners, Customs,
Antiquities, Paintings, &c. of that
Country, in the Years 1770 and
1771, to a Friend residing in France.
By an English Woman. Lond.
1777, 8vo. 3 vols. lOs. 6d.

Fonthill, 2054, 12. 9s.

— Phihp. The Gardener's and
Botanist*s Dictionary, corrected and
newly arranged, with Additions by-
Thomas Martyn. Lond. 1803-7,
roy. folio, 4 vols, plates, dl. 3s.

White Knights, 2971, russia, 16Z. 16s.
Roscoe, 1772, 11/. lis. Sir M. M. Sjkes,
pt. il 406, russia. 161. Nassau, pt i. 2600,
91 9s. Duke of York, 8418, 62. 15s. First
Editions. Lond. 1731-7, folio, 2 vols.—
1737, folio, 2 vols, labor paper, 22. 28.
—1752, folio.— Seventh edition, 1759, folio.
2 vols. Steevens, 1470, IZ. 3s. Willett,
1661,6/.— Eighth edition, 1768, fblio. The
last edition published by the author.
Garrick, 1617, with the figures of the

J>lants coloured, 1771, 6/. 17b. 6d.— 1798,
olio, 2 vols. 8te Dok, George.

The Gardener's Dictionary abridged.
Lond. 1735, 8vo. 3 vols.— 1748, 8vo. 3 vols.
Figures of the most beautiful, useful,
and uncommon Plants, described in the
Gardener's Dictionary. Exhibited on
three Hundred Copper-plates, accurately
engraven after Drawings taken firom Na-
ture. With the Characters of their
Flowers and Seed Vessels, drawn when
they were in their greatest Perfection.
To which are added, their Descriptions,
and an Account of the Classes to which
thev belong, according to Ray's, Toume-
forrs, and Ununus's Method of classing

them. By Philip Bfiller. Lond. 1760,
folio, 2 vols. Published in numbers, no. i.
appeared in 1755. Dent. pt. ii. 772, russ.
102. 10s. North, pt. ii. 879, morocco,
16/. lOs. Roxburghe, 1787, 11. 7s.— 1771,
folio, 2 vols. Garrick. 1617, with the Gar-
dener's Dictionary, 1778, 52. 17s. 6d. Nas-
sau, pt. i. 2601, 42. 4s.

Catalogus Plantamm officinalium qun
in Horto Botanioo Chelseyano aluntnr.
Lond. 1780, 8vo. pp. 152 (B-U 4), exclu-
sive of the dedication, and explanation of
the abbreviations, with a front, of the
entrance gate to the Garden.

The Gardener's Calendar. Twelfth edi-
tion. Lond. 1760, 8vo.

— Samuel, A.M. A brief Re-
trospect of the eighteenth Century
New York, 1805. 8vo. 3 vols.

A sketch of the revolutions and im-
provements in sciences, arts, and litera-
ture during that period.— Lond. 1805, 6vo.
3 vols.

— Vincent. The Man-plant : or,
Scheme for increasing and improv-
ing the British Breed. Lond. 1751,
8vo. 4s.

— William. Pamphlets. Se€
Latcogk, Wm. TooKER, Chas.

— Wm. Biographical Sketches
of British Characters deceased since
the Accession of Gkorge IV. [1820],
comprising 230 Subjects chrono-
logically arranged, with a List of
their engravea Portraits. Lond.
1826, 4to. 2 vols. 1/. Is.

Labqe papsb, elephant folio, printed
for illustration, to admit the largest size
whole-length engraved portraits. Twenty-
five copies printed at iOl. The greater
part of the impression was wasted. Pre-
sent value, 32. 8s.

MiUiEBS, Gbo. A Description
of the Cathedral Church of Ely ;
with some Account of the conven-
tual Buildings. Lond. 1808, roval

Towneley, pt. ». 716, 128. 6d. Dent,
pt, i. 1421, 88. 6d. Dent. pt. i. 1422, russia,
4s. Hibbert, 5356, 48. CoUaHon.—Tit\»
and dedication to the Bp. Ely, 2 leaves ;
preface, 5 pages; table of contents and er-
rata, 2 pages; introduction, description,
and appendix, 176 pages. The volume
contains ten plates, a liKt of which will be
found on the reverse of the table of con-
tents.— Third edition, 1834, royal 8vo. 12.

LA£OB PAPBB, 12. 6S.


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MiLLBS, Isaac, Bector of High-
deer, Hants. An Account of his
Life and Conversation, with his Fu-
neral Sermon. Lond. 1721, 8yo.

By Tho. MiUes. Bishop of Waterford.
Gough, 5867, 88. 6d.

— Jer. Inscriptiones antiquse a
J. Milles et E. Pococke Mtte.
1762, folio. See Pococke, E.

— Thomas. The Catalogve of
Honor, or Treasvry of trve NohiUty,
pecvliar and proper to the Isle of
Great Britaine. Wherevnto is pre-
fixed, a Treatise of Nobility politi-
cal! and civilL Lond. 1610, foUo.

An elaborate and Judicious work, com-
piled from the collections of Robt Glover,
Somerset Herald. Folios 493-494, in moat
copies, are mutilated or supplied in manu-
script— the following passage being cut
out of the page relating to Charles
Blount, Earl of Devonshire: 'Naturall
children, which he had by Penelope,
daughter to Walter Devereux Earle
of Essex, and sister to Robert Earl of
Essex, she being wife to Robert Baron
Rich. Charles. Montjoy. Saint John.
Elizabeth and another daughter.' Reed,
8855, 12. Is. Gough, 2478, 14s. 6d. Nas-
sau, pt. i. 2602, with many of the arms
coloured, 21. 128. 6d. labob papbb. Sir
M. M« Sykes, pt. ii. 276, russia, 212. Col-
lation.— Title, engraved by R. Elstracke,
one leaf; epistle dedicatory, to the reader,
and a table, sign. A, 4 leaves. ' Of Nobi-
lity political and civiil,' sign. B to K, in
sixes, after which' is a single leaf, p. 241.
Many of the pages are occupied by en-
gravings, page 70 is blank, page 99 is er-
roneously marked 97, and page 100 con-
tains ' Commilitonum Garteriani Ordinis
habitus.' The Catalogue, A a— V r. In
sixes, after which is a single leaf, page
241 ; Bbb— Aa a a a a, then B b b b b b,
4 leares, the last of which contains the
errata. After sign. Q q q q q is a leaf
containing duplicate pages 1029 and 1080.
The paging throughout the volume is
very inaccurate.

Nobilitaspoliticarelcivilis. Lond.l608>
folio* Bindley, pt ii. 1474, 21. 2s. Broo-
kett, 2087, 21. 8s. Lloyd, 822, 19s. labor
?APBR. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 277, 21. 8s.
Heber, pt i. 1/. 7s. Ilibbert. 5454, 21. 16s.
Collation.— A, 4 leaves, A 1 blank ; B— R,
in sixes, after which is a single leaf com-
mencing ' Efficients' Sign. G. 1, G 8, H 1,
H 6, 1 8, 1 6, L 2, M 5, and R 8, are plates.

The Custumer's Alphabet and Primer,
containing their Creed; with the Custo-
mer's Apology. Lond. 1604, folio. Heber,
pt U. with MS. notes by the author, 128.


An Ont.port Cnstnmei's Acconnt of aO
his Receiptes to a Shilling, without Con*
cealment Lond. 1606, folio. Heber, with
MS. notes, ISs.

The Cvstomer's Replie, or second Apo-
logie ; that is to say, an Aunswer to a con-
fused Treatise of publicke Commerce,
printed and dispersed at Midlebourghe
and London, in Fauour of the priuate So-
ciety of Merchants-Adventvrers. Lond.
J. Roberts, 1604, folio. B— F 2, besides
title and dedication to Lord Buckhurst,
&c. 5 leaves. Futtick, June 10, 1858,
IL 138. See Custumer's Apology, Cus-

The Mysterie of Iniquitie, wherebv the
World may i>ee, read and understand the
proud and vaine Comparison of a Cardi-
nalles red Hat and a King's golden
Crowne. No date (1615), folio. This tract
was privately printed in the reign of K.
James I. Bindley, pt iii. 884, morocco,
lOs. 6d. Hibbert, 5637, 17s.

The History of the Holy War, begun
Anno 1095 by the Christian Princes of
Europe against the Turks, for the Reco-
very of the Holy Land, and continued to
1294. Lond. T. Malthas, 1604, 16mo.

MiLLnrEBS. — The intriguing Mil-
liners and Attomies Clerks, a mock
Tragedy. Lond. 1738, 12mo.

An anonymous burlesque, written by —
Robinson of Kendal. White Knights,
2061,88. Hibbert, 4099, 3s.

MiLLiNGEN, J. G., M.D. Curio-
sities of Medical Experience. Lond.
1837, 8vo. 2 vols.— Second edition,
1839, 8vo. 1 vol. 168.

Histonr of Duelling. Lond. 1841, 8vo.
2 vols. 16s.

There are several other works by this
author, mostly on medical subjects.

— James, F.A.S. Ancient un-
edited Monumenta, comprising
Painted Greek Vases, Statues,
Busts, Bas-Beliefs, and other Re-
mains of Grecian Art. Two Parts,
with 62 plates, mostly coloured.
Lond. 1822, imp. 4to. pub. 9/. 9s.
red. Bohn, 4L 14s. 6d.

Recueil dequelqnes MedaillesGrecqaes
Inedites. Rome, 1812, 4to. 4 plates, 7s. 6d.

Peintures Antiques et Inedites de Vases
Grecs. tirees de diverses Collections.
Rome, 1813. Atlas folio, 63 plates in out.
Une, 42. 48.

Peintures Antiques des Vases Grecs.
de la Collection de Sir John Coghill.
Imp. folio. Rome, 1817, 62 plates^ 4L 48.


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Ancient unedited Coins of Greek Cities
and Kings from various Collectious prin-
cipally in Great Britain. Lond. Itia?, roy.
4to. 4 plates, 11, Is.

Considerations sur la Numismatique de
TAncieune Itaiie. Florence, 1841, 8vo.
10s. 6d.

This learned and esteemed Antiquary
has several papers in the Archseologia
and other English Periodicals ; he printed
many pamphlets, &c., on early Art. prin-
cipally abroad, where he resided on ac-
count of ill health.

See Napoleon Medals.

MiLLOT, Abbe C. X. Elements
of the History of England from the
Invasion of the Komans to the
Beign of Q-eorge II. Translated by
Mrs. Brooke. Lond. 1771, 12mo.
4 vols. 128.

Two other translations appeared the
same year, one by a Lady, in 12mo. 3 vols,
the other by Kenrick, Svo. 2 vols. Nas-
sau, pt. i. 2256, 68.

Elements of general History, translated
firom the French of the Abb4 Millot
Parti. Ancient History. Part II. Mo-
dem History.— 1778, Svo. 2 vols. Nassau,
pt. i. 2257, 4s.— 1779, 3 vote. Nassau, pt. i.
2258, 68.— A new edition. Edinb. 1805,
12mo. 6 vols. 11, Is.- Edinb. 1823, Svo. 6
vols. 15s.

Mills, Charles. The Travels of
Theodore Ducas, in various Coun-
tries in Europe, at the Eevival of
Letters and Arts. Edited by Chas.
Mills. (Part the first, Italy, aU
published.) Lond. 1822, Svo. 2 vols.

An amusing 'voyage imaginairel writ-
ten with considerable spirit. Drury,
1266, 14s.

A History of Mohammedanism *, com-
prising the Life of the Arabian Prophet,
and succinct Accounts of the Empires
founded by the Mahommedan Arms.
Lond. 1817, Svo. 12s.

History of the Crusades for the Reco-
very and Possession of the Holy Land.
Lond. 1818, Svo. 2 vols.— Second Edition.
Lond. 1821, Svo. 2 vols.— Fourth Edition.
Lond. 1828, Svo. 2 vols.

Traduit par Mons. Paul Tiby. Paris,
1885, Svo. 3 vols.

History of Chivalry; or. Knighthood
and its Times. Lond. 1825, 8vo. 2 vols.
Uibbert, 6362, 178.— Lond. 1826, Svo. 2

— Henry, A.M. An Essay of
Generosity and Greatness of Spirit.
The Builders of Colleges, Hospi*
tais, and Schools prais'd and com-

mended. The invaluable Blessing
of a sotmd, useful, and pious Edu-
cation, especially that of School
Learning : with a particular View
to Archbp. Whitgilt's Foundation
at Croydon, Surrey. Lond. 1732.
Svo. 6s.

Pp. I— Ixiil (not including two title-
pages); i— xvi; table of contents, 4 pages,
and the essay, 220 pages.

— Nicholas. The History of
Mexico, also Observations as to
working the Mexican Mines by
British Capital, &c. 1824, Svo.
10s. 6d.

MiLMAK, Bev. Henry Hart,
Dean of St. Paul's. Poetical and
Dramatic Works. Lond. 1839.—
1840, fscp. Svo. 3 vols. ISs.

The Belvidere Apollo ; a prize Poem,
recited in the theatre. Oxf. 1812, Svo.

Alexander tumulum Achillis iuvisens ;
poema cancellarii prsemio donatum, et in
theatro Sheld. recitotum, 1813. Oxf: 1813,

Fazio; a Tragedy. Oxf. 1815, Svo.—
Second Edition.— Oxf. 1816, Svo.

In Historia scribenda qusenam prtecipus
inter auctores veteres et novos sit difE»>
rentia? Oratio cancellarii prnmio donata
et in theatro Sheld. reciuu, 1816. Oxf.
1816, Svo.

A Comparative Estimate of Sculpture .
and Painting ; a prize Essay, recited in
the theatre, 1816. Oxf. 1816, Svo.- Again,
Umd. 1818.

Samor, Lord of the bright City. An
heroic Poem. Lond. 1818, Svo. pp 374.

The Fall of Jerusalem, a dramatic
Poem. Lond. 1820, Svo.— Again, I85a

The Martyr of Antioch. Lond. 1822,
Svo. pp. 16a

Belshazzar, a dramatic Poem. Lond.
1822, Svo.

Poems; comprising the Belvidere Apollo;
Fazio, a Tragedy, and other Poems.
Lond. 1821. Svo. 8s. 6d.

Anne Boleyn, a dramatic Poem. Lond.
1826, Svo.

The Oflftce of the Christian Teacher
considered, in a Visitation Sermon on 1
Cor. xiv. 3. Oxf. 1826, Svo.

History of the Jews. Lond. 1829-30,
12mo.8vols. In Murray's Family Libratry,
168. The first edition contains some pas-
sages afterwards suppressed. Lond. Tegg,
1835, 10s. 6d.

Nala and Damayanti, and other Poems,
translated from the Sanscrit Oxf* 18&l»
Svo. 12s.


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Life of Edirard Gibbon. Lond. 1839,
8to. 9s.

History of Christianity, from the Birth
of Christ to the Abolition of Paganism in
the Roman £mpire. Load. 1840, 8vo.
8 vols. 12. 16s.

History of Latin Christianity; includ-
ing that of the Popes to the Pontificate
of Nicolas V. Lond. 1854-6, 8vo. 6 vols.
«. 18s.— Second edition. 1867, 6 vols. 31. 128.

Character and Conduct of the Apostles
considered as an Evidence of Christianity
Ceight sermons preached at the Bampton
Lecture for 1827). Lond. 1828, 10s. 6d.

Dean Milman has written other Ser-
mons, and contributed articles to the
Quarterly Review, &c.

See OiBBOir, Ed. Horace.

Milne, Colin. A Botanical Dic-
tionary. Third edition, revised,
corrected, and very considerably
enlarged, illustrated by twenty-five
new plates. Lond. X805, 8vo. plain
10s. coloured 15s.

Indigenous Botany ; or Habitations of
English Plants : containing the Resists
of several botanical Excursions chiefly in
Kent, Middlesex, and the adjaeent Coun-
ties, in 1T90, 1791, and 1792. By Colin
Milne, LL.D. and Alexander Gordon.
Lond. 1793, 8vo. vol. i. 4s.

This divine also published some Ser-

— Joshua. A Treatise on the
Valuation of Annuities and Assu-
rances, &c. Lond. 1815, Svo. 2
Tols. U. 10s.

MiLNEB, J. A practical Gram-
mar of the G^reek Tongue. Ijond.
1740, 8vo. 5s.

Best edition.

— John. Church History of
Palestine, from the Birth of Christ
to Dioclesian. Lond. 1688, 4to.

— John, D.D. The History
civil and ecclesiastical, and Survey
of the Antiquities of Winchester.
Winchester (1798), 4to. 2 vols.

A performance which, notwithstanding
the Roman Catholic bias of the author,
will always keep its place among the few
Btaudard works in English topography.
This first edition must claim the prefer-
ence as regards quality of paper and impres-
sions of the plates. Hiboert, 6426, russia,
8/. 4s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. il. 611, 21. Is.
Duke of York, 8379, 21. ISs. Nassau, pt. ii.
168, niss. 3?. 3s. Towneley, pt ii. 1124, with
some additional plates, 42. 2s. 6d. labgk
PAPEK. Twelve copies printed. The se-

cond appendix, 1801, was never printed oa
large paper. Dent, pt. ii. 783, uncut. 61. 12s.
Baker, 473, russia, 132.2s.6d. Fonthill,3363,
morocco, 13/. ISs. Collation.— \ol. I. En-
graved title-page, by J. Pass, after T. H.
Turner; dedication to the Countess Chan-
dos Temple, dated Ap. 6, 1798, 4 pages ;
preface, pp. 6—19; contents, 6 pnges;
history, part i. 461 pages. This volume
contains 4 plates, at pp. 41, 303. 433*, and
449. Vol. II. Engraved title-page, by J.
Pass after J. Cave; preface, 6 pages;
contents, 4 pages ; part ii. including ap-
pendix, 370 pages; index and errata, 8
pages. This volume contains 6 plates at
pp. 23, 69, 147, 177, 229, and 249.— The
Second Edition corrected and enlarged.
Winchester, 1809, 4to. 2 vols. 3i. da. lakob
PAPER. Beckford in 1817, 161, Si. 6e.
Collation.—y oL I. Engraved title-page;
dedication, 4 pages; adveilisement and
direction for placing the plates, 2 pages ;
preface, 16 pages; contents, 6 pages; de-
scription of the plans, 1 page ; history,
461 pages. This volume contains 6 plates.
Vol. II. Pp. 312, not including the title,
and 8 plates. Pages 137 to 144 are re-
peated, and follow p. 174 for 172.- The
Thibd Edition. Winchester, 1839, royal
8vo. 2 vols. 11. 4s. Large paper, India
proofs, 2/. 4s.

Letters to a Prebendary : being an An-
swer to Reflections on Popery, by the Rev.
J. Sturges, LL.D., with Remarks on the
Opposition of Hoadlyism to the Doctrines
of the Chr.ich of England, and on varit>uir
Publications occasioned by the late civil
and ecolceiastical History of Winchester.
By the Rev. John Milner. Winchester,
1800, 4to. Gosset, 8666, 10s.

A Letter to the Rev. John Milner, oc-
casioned by his false and illiberal Asper-
sions on the Memory and Writings of i)T.
Benjamin Hoadly, formerly Bishop of
Winchester. By Robert Hoadly Ashe,
D.D. Lond. 1799, 8vo. 2s. 6d.

Reflections on the Principles and Insti-
tutions of Popery, <&c., &c., occasioned by
the Rev. John Milner's History of Win-
chester. By John Sturges, D.D. Second
Edition, with Corrections and Additions.
Lond. 1800, 8vo. 6s.— 1799, 4to. 6s.

End of Religious Controversy; or a
Friendly Correspondence between a Re-
ligious Society of Protestants, and a Ro-
man Catholic Divine. Second edition,
revised and corrected. Lond. 1819, 8vo. 3
parts.— 1824. Fifth Edition. This tract
was answered by Dr. Parr.

An historical and critical Inquiry into
the Existence and Character of Saint
George. Patron of England, of the Order
of the Garter, and of the Antiquftrian So-
ciety ; in which the Assertions of Edward
Gibbon, Esq., History of Decliue and Fall,
cap. 23; and of certain otlier modem


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Writers, concerning this Saint, are dis-
cussed. Lond. 1795, 8vo.

A Dissertation on the modem Style of
altering antient Cathedrals, as exempli-
fied in the Cathedral of Salishiiry. Lond.
1798, 4to. pp. 54, with a view of the monu-
ment of Bishop Poore, by J. Carter. Font-
hill, 1258, lis. Dent, pt. ii. 734, ISs.—
Lond. 1811, 8vo. 89 pp. with two plates.

An Inquiry into certain vulgar Opinions
concerning the Catholic Inhabitants and
the Antiquities of Ireland. Lond. 1808,
8vo. xi and 278 pp. also errata 1 leaf.
Home Tooke, 4701, date 1810, 128. 6d.

A Treatise on the Ecclesiastical Archi-
tecture of England, during the Middle
Ages. Lond. 1811, royal 8vo. with ten
plates. An excellent and admirable little
work. Dmry, 2722, date 1810, rassia, 12s.


MiLNEB, Joseph. History of the
Church of Christ. Lond. 1794, &c.
8yo. 5 vols.

An esteemed work.— -1810, 8vo. 6 vols.
Edwards, 783, 21. 8s.— With Additions by
Isaac Milner. 1819, 8vo. 6 vols.— 1824, 8vo.
6 vols.— 1834, Cadell, 8vo. 4 vols. 21. 86.—
New edition, revised, with additional
Notes, by the Rev. T. Grantham, D.D.
Lond. 1847, 8vo. 4 vols. 21. 12s. Red. Bohn,
U. Is.
For Continuations, see Sgott, J. Stbb-


There are several abridgments, of which
the principal are : Lond. 1834, with conti-
nuation by the Rev. T. Haweis. Edinb.
1834, 8vo. in 1 vol. 10s. 6d. And one pub-
lished in Seeley's Family Library, reap.
8vo. 6s.

Practical Sermons; second edition, re-
vised, with Life by the Rev. J. Milner,
1801-23, 8vo. 3 vols. li. Is.

Tracts and Essays, theological and his-
torical. Lond. 1810, 8vo. 12s.

MiLNEE OF Abingdon. — A lyght

Sleasant and merye Historie of the
lyhier of Ahrngton, with his Wife
and his fayre Daughter : and of two
poore Scholers of Cambridge. Lond.
by Ryoharde Ihones. 4to.

A copy, consisting of eight leaves, is in
the Bodleian Library. By Ant. k Wood
attributed to Andrew Borde.

Melton, John. The Poetical
WoEKS of John Milton; with
Notes of various Authors. The
third Edition. With other Illus-
trations, and with some Account
of the Life and Writing of Mil-
ton J derived principally &om Docu-
menti in Lis Majesty's State-Paper



Offices, now first published. By
the Rev. H. J. Todd. Lond. 1826,
8vo. 6 vols.

This edition does not contain the Verbal
Index to Milton*s poetry, which is in that
of 1809.— Todd's first edition. Lond. 1801,
8vo. 6 vols. LABGB PAPEB. Bindley, with
Life and Verbal Index by Todd added,
21. 17s. White Knights, 2805. mor. 51. 10s.
Earl of Kerry, 334, with the Prose Works,
1806, together 14 vols, russia, 15/. 158.—
Lond. 1809, 8vo. 7 vols, (including the
Verbal Index). Combe, 1332, U. 14s. labok
PAPBB, in imperial 8vo. Duke of York,
3667, 7Z.-1842, 8vo. 4 vols, including a
Glossarial, but not the Verbal Index.—
Fifth edition. Lond. 1862, 8vo. 4 vols. 21. 2s.

Other EdUwM of the FMxcal Works,

Lond. Tonson, 1688, folio, (Par. Lost,
Regained, and Samson Agonistes), portrait
and plates. Christie's, July 1860, mor,
42. 14s. 6d.— The same (with the Minor
Poems). Lond. Tonson, 1696, folio. 2 vols,
(sometimes in one) portrait by White, and
plates. Bindley, pt. ii. 832, 16s. A copy des-
cribed as LABOR PAPBB,is valucd in a recent
catalogue at 62. 16s. 6d. See Pabadisb Lost

Lond. Tonson, 1706, royal 8vo. 2 vols,
plates. The letter of Sir H. Wotton is
given in this and the subsequent editions.

Lond. Tonson, 1707, 8vo. 2 vols, plates.

Lond. Tonson, 1711, 1713, 18mo. 2 vols,
port. Utterson, mor. 16s. Much es-
teemed ; contains an Index of principal
matters, and rectifies some errors in the
handsome editions of 1706, 1707.

Lond. 1720, 4to. 2 vols. Tickell's edition,
with Addison's criticism on the Paradise
Lost, and an index of the principal matr
ters. Splendidly printed. Edwards, 130,
17a Roxburghe, 3391, II. Jklarquis oi
Townshend, 2369, 18s.

Eond. 1721, 12mo. 2 vols. With Addi-
son's criticism on the Paradise Lost.

Lond. 1727, 8vo, 2 vols. Fenton's edi-
tion. Bindley, pt. ii. 1541, 16s. Sotheby's
in 1868, old morocco, 21.

Lond. 1730, 8vo. 2 vols. Fenton's, with
Addison's Criticism.

Poetical Works, with Addison's Notes,
collected firom the Spectator (136 pages,

f laced at end of the first volume), and an
ndex of Subjects; also 'a new set of
handsome cuts.' Lond. printed in the year
1781 (apparently in Holland). 12ma 2 vols,
portrait, frontispiece, and 12 plates by
Cosier, 10s. 6d.

Lond. Tonson, 1746, 12mo. 4 vols. (Para-
dise Lost, 2 vols. Par. Begained, &c. 2
vols.) Very correct.

With Notes of various Authors, by
Thomas Newton, Bp. of Bristol. Lond.
1749-62, 4to. 8 vols. Bindley, pt. iii. 343,
22. Dent, pt. ii. 786, with Hilton's protw
Works, 1768, % vols, (together 6 voli.}
6 O

igitized by VjOOQ IC



MiLTOK, John, FoitioalWosks.

morocoo, 162. 16s. Nassau, pt ii. 169, with
KUton's Prose Works, 1768, 6 vols, ms-
•ia, 181. 18b. WiUiams, 1026. with Milton's
Prose Works, 1768, 6 vols, morocco, 26Z. 6s.
— Lond. 1768, 8vo. 4 vols.— Third edition.
Lond. 1764, 4to. 8 vols, plates, ». 8s.
Sotheby, 1867. with Prose Works, 6 vols,
old blue morooeo, 102. lOs. Another copy
of same edition. Books i. to ix. Interleaved
In 8 vols, and filled with M£k notes byRobt
Lord Hampden, Newton's nephew, (died
1788), sold at Lady Dacre's sale in
1886, 61. 6s.— Lond. 1767, 8vo. 4 vols.—
Lond. Tonsoo, 1761, 4to. 8 vols. Rox-
barghe, 8898, 2/. 12s. 6d. SUnley, 401.
rosiia, 42. 14b. 6d. Steevens, 962, with
Milton's ProeeWorka^ 1768,6 vols, in blue
turicey, 142. 16b.

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