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In the following fton-copj/right editions itf
^ Irish Melodies those ongineUly published
since 1818 are necessarily omitted^

Irish Melodies ; with new Symphonies
and Accompaniments for the Pianoforte
by M. W. Balfe. Lond. Novello, 1869, fol.
pp. 240, 26s.

Irish Melodies ; with Symphonies and
Accompaniments by Sir John Stevenson.
—Edited by J. W. Glover. New edition.
Dublin, Hall, 1869, 4to. pp. 840, 12s. 6d.

Irish Melodies ; with Symphonies and
Pianoforte Accompaniments, complete.
Lond. (Musical Bouquet Of&ce), 1859,
foUo, 8 vols, in 1, 18b.

Irish Melodies; with Symphonies and
Accompaniments for the Pianoforte, in-
cluding the most popular and those most
esteemed by the Author. Lond. (Musical
Bouquet O^ce) , 1869, 4to. 4b.

PopuLAB National Aibs, A Saleetioa -
of the, with Symphoniea and Aooompaoi* ..


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MooBB, ThoB.—eotUinued.
nenttf by H. R. Bishop, the Words by
Thomas Moore, Esq. 6 parts, folio, at 128.

Each part conuins 12 airs, four of them
harmimized. The Ist number vas pub-
lidbed in 1619; the 2nd, 1820; the 8rd
1621 ; the 4th, December, 1622 } the 6th
May. 1626; the 6ih Feb. 182a

Moobb'b Sblbctioh or Natioval Aibs,
•nd other 8<ingii,now first collected ; with
Symphonies and Accompaniments by H.

B. Bishop; the music printed with the
Words : to which are appended (arranged
as single SongsX a few Airs and Glees
which the Author is known to have re-
garded with especial favour, and was him-
Belf accustomed to sing as solot. Lend.
Longman, 1868, imp. 8to. pp. 861, II.
lis. 6d.

The same, Fiople's Ediiiom, edited by

C. W. Glover. Lond. Longman and Co.,
Addisrm and Co. 1860, sm. 4to. 128.

Bached Songs, Duetts and Trios, the
words by Thomas Moore, the Music com-
posed and selected by Sir John Stevenson
and Mr. Moore. Lond. J. Power, 1816,
folio. 2 parts, 12. Is. each.

Sacked Songs ; with Symphonies and
Accompaniments by Sir John Stevenson.
To which are added, six Songs from
Scripture, arranged by John Goes; the
words by Thomas Moore. Lond. Long-
man and Addison, 1868, sm. folio, pp. 222,

168. '

Evsvures in Greecb; vitk Music by
Bishop. Lond. Power, n.d. [1826?] sm.
UAXo, 2 parts, at 16s. each.

Leoendabt Ballads; with Music ar-
ranged by H. R. Bi8hop. Loud. J. Power,
n.d. [1830?] sm. folio, \l. Is.

The Summer Fete ; a Poem, with Songs.
The Music by U. R. Bishop. Lond. 1881,
sm. folio. 68.

Vocal MiHcellany by Thos. Moore, the
Music by Henry P. Bishop. Lond. J.
Power, 1828, sm. folio. Part 1 (all pub-
lished), 88.

mooeb's peosb weitings.

A Candid Appeal to Public Confidence,
ex Considerations on the actual and ima-
ginary Dangers of the present Crisis,
1803, 8vo. Is.

A Letter to the Roman Catholics of
Dublin. Dubl. 1610, 8vo. II. Is.

Mbmoibs of Captain Rock, the cele-
brated Iri8h Chieftain ; with some Account
of his Ancestors, written by himself.
Second edition. Lond. Longman, 1624,
foap. 6vo. 98. An agreeable and witty little
work.— Fourth edition, 1824.

Memoirs of the Rt. Hon. R. B. Sheri-
dan. Lond. 1826, 4to. Hibbert. 6608, 16s.
— «V0. 2 vols. Lond. 1626.- Lond. 1627,
8vo. 2 vols. An Account of Sheridan, iu


which many of Moore's doubts and inae-
curaaies are cleared up, will be found 1b
Blackwood's Edinb. Mag. zix. 118-80, xx,
26-41, and 201-14.

For Mr. Moore's edition of Sheridan'a
Works, pub. 1818, see Suebidav.

Life of Lord Byron. See Bybon.

The Epicurean, a Tale. Lond. Long'
man and Co. (June) 1827, 12ma

Epicurean, new edition, with Notes ; to
which is added, Alciphron, a Poem. Lond.
Macrone, 1888, fcap. 8vo. with 4 plates by
Goodall, after J. M. W. Turner ; publish-
ed at 10s. 6d. Mr. Macrone made a bar-
gain with Mr. Moore for an illustrated
edition, of which he printed 12,000, and
soon afterwards failed. Of these, 8,000
came into the hands of Mr. Bohn, who
reduced the price to 8s. and soon sold
them all.

Epicurean, new edition, with the Notes
flrom the collective edition of Moure's
Poetical Works ; and a Vignette, engraved
on Wood, fro™ **» original Design by D.
Maclise, R.A. Lond. Longman, 1666,
post 8vo. 6b.

Translated into French by A. A. Re-
nouard. Paris, 1627, 12mo.— Into Italian.
Milan, 1686, 24mo.- Venice, 1886.— Into
German. Inspruc, 1628.— Into Dutch, by
H. Tan Loghem. Deventer, 1629.

Life and Death of Lord Edward Fitz
GERALD. Lond. (J uly) 1881, post8vo. 2 vols,
portrait. II. Is.

Travels of an Irish Gentleman nr
SEARCH OF A Relioion. Loud. Lougmau,
1633, 12mo. 2 vols.— With Notes and II-
lustraUons, and a Biog. and Lit. Introduc-
tion by J. Burke. Lond. Dolman, 1663,
12mo. 6s.

History of Ireland from the earliest
Kings of that Realm down to the last
Chief (1646). Lond, (Urdner's Cab. Cy.)
16^M6, 12mo. 4 vols. \l. 4s.

Translated into German by C. Ackers.
Baden, 1646, 8vo. 2 vols.

Notes from the Letters of Thos. Moore
to his Music Publisher, James Power (the
publication of which was suppressed in
London). With an introductory Letter
from T. Crofton Croker, Esq. New York,
Redfield, n. d. (but on the engraved title,
Lond. Boswortb, 1668), post 6vo. with two

Sirtraits, one by Haines, the other by N.
ate, after Slater, and four plates and
vignette title.

In his preface the editor says (following
the Literary Gazette of July 8, 1868):
'From copies of above twelve hundred
letters, forwarded at Mrs. Moore's request
for Lord John Russell's information, fifty-
seven only were selected and publislied by
his Lordship. The original letters having
passed into the hands of Messrs. Puttick
and Simpson for public sale, they pointad


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MoOBB, ThoB. — continued,
<mt the circiimBtance, and many of the
letters were purchased fur the American
publisher of the present volume. '

Mrmoirs, Joubkal, and Corbbspok-
DBNCB of Thomas Moobb. Edited by
the Right Hon. Lord John Russell, M.P.
With Portraits, &c. J>ond. Longman,1862-6,
postSvo. 8 vols. 42. 4s.~- People's edition,
in 1 vol. 8vo. 1860, 128. 6d.

Correspondence between the Rt. Hon.
J. N. Croker and the Bt Hon. Lord John
Russell, on some Passages of Moore's
Diary. Lond. Murray, 1854, 8vo. 85 pages.

Thomas Moore, his Life, Writings, and
Contemporaries, by H. R. Montgomery.
Lond. Newby, 1860, 28. fid.

Engraved lUuatrationa of Moore's Poema.

PoETBT and Pictures fi*om Tho. Moore ;
being Selections, with original Designs
(80) by Cope, Corbould, Birket Foster, &c.
Lond. Longman, 1858, fcap. 4to. pp. 836,
U Is.

The Beauties of Moore : a Series of
Portraits of his principal Characters, en-
graved by, or under the superintendence
of, £. Finden; with descriptive letter-
press. Lond. Chapman and Hall, 1846,
imp. 4to. 48 plates.— Again, 1849, imp. 4to.

Zl. .3s. LAUOB PAPEB, bl. bl.

New edition, with Memoir. Lond.
Edinb. and New York, fl853]. folio.

Moore's Poems. Illustrations of; from
Designs by 6. Jones, portrait and 19
plates. Lond. 4to.

Moore's Poems, Illustrations to, by R.
Westall, 6 plates. Lond. 1825, 12mo.

Moore's Poems, Illustrations to, by Stot-
hard ; portrait and 6 plates, 4to.

A Portrait of Thomas Moore, by John
Burnet after M, A. Shee, pbints, 1{. is.
PBOOFB, 12 lis. 6d.

Seven Illustrations by Smlrke.

Westall's Illustrations (six), engraved
by Charles Heath. Lond. 1817, ivola
PB00F8, 18s.

Stothard's Illustrations ; front and 14
very small plates, 3s. 6d.

Ulustrations. from Designs by Corbould
and Stephanoff, 13 plat«^, 4to. 88.

A Series of six lUustcations for Moore's
Lalla Rookh, from Designs by Corbould.
roy. 8vo.

Pearls ftom the East, or Beauties from
Lalla Kookh ; designed and Drawn by
Fanny and Louisa Corbaux. Lond. Tilt,
n. d. [1837], imp. 4to. 13 plates.

Scenes from the Fire- worshippers, illus-
trated by O. S. T. D. 1857, 4to.

Lebende Bilder bei dem Festspiel Lalla
Rookh, nach der natur gezeGerman.

Tragedies (via. Percy, the Fatal False-
hood, and the Inflexible Captive). Lond.
1818, post Svo. 78.

Cheap Repository. Traete. Published
in Nos. 1796-8.- New edition. Lond.
Rivington, 1887, 12rao. 3 vols. ISs.— New
edition. Lond. Houlston, 1860, 12mo. 3
vols. 10s. 6d. This popular series of reli-
gious teles in tracts was translated into
French and RuHsian.

The Feast of Freedom, or the Abolition
of domestic Slavery in Ceylon : a Poem,
by Hannah More ; the vocal Parte adapted
to Music by Charles Wesley. To which
are added, several unpublished little
Pieces. Lond. 1827, Svo.

Life of Hannah More, by Sir Archibald
Mac Sarcasm, Bart. (SatiricaL) BristoL

Life, with a critical review of her
writings. By W. Shaw, Lond. 1802, Srow


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MoEE, Hannah — continued.

Memoirs of the Life and Correspond^

ence of Mrs. Hannah More. By W^Bjo-

Iwrts. Load. 1834.- Second edition, 1836

SP*** f^?\tl^}^' — A^bridged (Seeley's

The L.ife of Hannah More; with No-
Uces of her Sisters. By the Rev. Henry
Thompson. Lond. CadeU, 1838, post 8vo.
printed uniformly with her Works, and
forming an additional volume, portrait

SL°TlSr?..''°^ '°^"^^'' '''• "^
'This may be called the official edition
Of Hannah More's Life. It brings so much
new and interesting matter into the field
respecting her, that it will receive a
hearty welcome from the pubUc. Among
the rest, the particulars of most of hw

Sublications will reward the curiosity of
terary reader8.'-i^tora7y Qazette.
Life, by Mrs. B. Smith. Lond. 184i.
ovo. 9s. ^

MoBE, Henry, D.D. Theological
Works. Lond. 1708, folio, 12b.
Portrait by XiOggan.

This volume contains, 1. An Explana-
tion of the grand Mystery of Godliness.
2. An Enquiry into the Mystery of Ini-
quity. 3. A prophetical Exposition of the
seven Epistles of the seven Churches in
»^*?: ,*'«^ Discourse of the Grounds of
Faith in Points of ReUgion. 6. An Anti-
dote against Idolatry, with an Appendix.
6. Some divine Hymns.

VYXflAlA Platonica ; or, a Platonical
Bong of the Soul. In four several Poems.
Cambridge, 1642, 12mo. First edition.
Cambridge, 1646, 12mo. Heber, pt iv. 4s.
Nassau, pt. i. 2308, 5s. i r ■«*.

Philosophical Poems. Cambridge. 1647.
8yo. Bo8well,1907,4s. Nassau, ptTl. 2810
lis. BibL Anglo-Poet 416, 2i. 12s. 6d.
Bindley, pt. ii. 1570, 7s. Skegg. with
portrait, 18s. Two editions printSl same
year. Collation. — A 4 leaves, B—Hh, in
eights, the last leaf containing an errata.
A notice will be found in the Betrosneo-
tive Beview, v. 228—88.

Opera theologica, ex AngUco Latine red-
dita. Londini, 1676, folio, with portrait
of More, set 61, sitting under a tree, by
W. Faithome. '

Opera philosophica, latine reddita.
Lond. 1679, folio, 2 vols, with portrait of
More, ret. 66, and of John Cockshutt, his
disciple, both by Loggan. Heath, 1166.

The philosophical Writings of Henry
More, D.D. via. 1. Antidote againnt
Atheism, with an AppcndU, 2. En-
thusiasmus triomphatus. 8. Letters to
pea Cartes, &c 4. Immortality of the
00111, 6. Co^Jectora Cabbalistica. The!



fourth Edition, corrected and mach en.

Divine Dialogues; containing disqulai-
tions concerning the attributes and pro-
vldenceof God. Glasg. FouUs, 1748, 12ma


Enchiridion ethicum, pxvacipna moraUs

phUosophire rudimento a»mnlectens

Amst. 1668, 1696, 12mo. **"P*ectens.

IgTranslated by Edw. Southwell. Lond.
imu^^^""^ metaphysicum. Lend.

I^ggan, 68. Williams, 1866, moroi2[

MoBE, Henricufl. HistoriaPro-
vmcuB AngUcanae Societatis Jesu.
Audomari. 1660, folio, frontis-
piece, &l, 58.

A copy is in the British Museum.
^^l^'^'P^i-J Pt.ii. 4^.88. Bright,

Narratio glorios» mortis quam per r«-
ligone cathoUca P. Ke^MorSl sX
fortiter oppetiit. Londini, 1 Feb. 1^
Gandav. 1646, 4to. 2i. 12s. 6d.

— John. A Table from the Be-
ginning of the World to this Day.
Cambridge, Legat, 1593, 12mo.

lfiS?°9^^V^ "'i^^* 2«- Gordonstoun,
^^ ^*- ^Towneley, pt. ii. 760, 2s. 6d. ^

Three Sermons, &c. Camb. 1694. 4to.

A lively Anatomic of Death, occa-
^16mo?* I>e»th of Mr. Soath?' uSi

*u "^^^hard. A true Eolation of
the Murders committed in the Pa-
rish of Qunne, in the County of
Salop, by Enoch ap Evan, upon the
Bodies of his Mother and Brother,
with the Causes moving him there-
unto. Lond. 1641, 12mo.
Printed by order of the House of Com.

PeteJ: ' ^^^' ^"^ ^ ^^"^*

— Sir Thomas. Omnia Latina
Opera, quorum aliqua nunc primum
m lucem prodeunt. Lovanii, 1565
et 1566, folio. Portraits of Sir T
Mogre and Bishop Fisher. (The
Utopia is omitted in this edition.)


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Mom, Sir ThoB,-— continued,

Heber. pt. I. Thuanus's copy, U. Us.
rtot edition. Ba8lU«^6©, SVC. The
beat edition is Franc. 1689, foUo.

Utopia, authore Thoma Moro. Cura

lncl.ldlng t«'T«°f,'j^S°th?'de"J?»«frA^Suon .f »me of More'. Epi-


I of this ioM, Heber, pt vlL far «. 17«. pt

I Epigrammata Thomae Mori ad emenda
I turn Exemplar ipsiua Autoris excusa.

BaslL 1520, 4to. U. Is. Printed by Froben.
' — Lond. 1638, 32mo. In the title is a pw-

tralt by MarshalL White Knights, 285g,

Poemata Latina. Printed, in Cayley'«

Lucubrationes, 8vo. Basil. 15^. An
accurate edition, containing the Utopia
and the minor Latin works of Sir Thomas
More. _ « , J

Epistola ad Academ.Oxon. cum Eplced.
R (S)ttoni et T. Alleni. Oxon. 1633, 4to.
Bindley, pt. iU. 679, lOs. 6d.

— The Workes of Sir Thomas

Bright, 13s.-Basil, 1617-1618, 4to. Heber,
pt ix. 168. This edition, printed by Froben.
also contains the epigrams of More and
Erasmus, preceded by Erasmi Querela Pa-
ds undique gentium, et alia opusonla. 1 ne
engraved and typographi^l orMmente
were probably designed by Hans Holbein.
-VlenniB Painonle,1619, 4to. This edluon
also contains the epigrams dfSirThotnas ^

S:?i1he^'Spti?ii%^^^^^^^^^^ Knyght, sometyme Lorde

£u^*rnf 'Si strin^nmmplt'-BaslL GhanceUoii of England, wrytten
leao, 4to. with border round title ^signed , j^^ ^ ^j^^ EngUsh Tonge.

?irrh^-fe'S%Tlxirii«={JSSS'. &nd. at the Coet«eU O^arges
Paris 1519, 4J. 88.-Lovanii, 1548, l2mo. of John Cawood, lohn Waly and
Probably a reprint of F^ben's edition. In ^^igj^^je Tottell, 1557, folio.

the Grenville Collection— Colom©, 1565, ^ "' _. i* o^^

12mo. 5s. -Basil, 1563. Subjoined is a
Latin epistle by Nucerinus * De Morte D.
Thom« Mori et Episcopl Roflfensis.'-Wi-
tebergfiB, 1591, 8vo. An accurate edition.
-Francof. 1601, l2mo. An accurate edi-
tion 'cure Eberrati Von Welhe.'-Colon
Aerip. 1629, 32mo. This diminutive edi-
tion contains an additional epistle by J.
Palludanus of Cassel to Peter Giles, com-
plimenting the EngUsh.-Hanovi», 1618,
12mo. 2s. 6d.-Am8t 1631, 82mo A di-
minutive edition 'a mendls vlndlcata.—

Oxonll, 1663, 32mo. „A neat and coinrect

edition. — Glasg. FouUs, 1750, 12mo.

Gough, 2411, 58. Williams, 1217, morocco.

ProgymnasmatoTho. Mori,etGul. Lilli

Bodalium. Bas. 1518, 4to. See Knight's

Life of Colet, p. 135»
Thomas Mori Epistola ad Qermannm

Brixium: qui quum Morvs in Ubellum

elus, quo contumellosls Mendacjls Inces-

serat AngUam. Lond. in .fidibus Pyn-

sonis, 1620, 4to, Contains slg. f 6. A copy

is In the British Museum. Bright 4/. 6s.

Heber, pt. vii. bl. 28. 6d, This piece was

called in at the request of Erasmus, and

it Is said that only seyen copies escaped.

It was Intended as a reply U> the piece by

Germain de Brie, or Germanus Brixius

entitied ' Antisdiodorensls anti Morus,

Bicharde Tottell, 1557, foho

BLA.CK LBTTEB. Bludloy, pt li. 847,

4L 16«. Towneley, pt. il. 1018, mssla,
67.7s.6d. Bo8well,1712,77.78. Hibbert,
6660. 81. 28. 6d. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt lu
412. russia, 12J. Williams, 1421, morocco,
151. Heber, pt. I. &. 16s. 6d. pt v. morocco,
81, 12s. Bright, IW. Gardner, 9L 10a.
Crawford, mor. Ul 5s. Singer in 1860,
81. 128. Collation.— The volume consists
of 1468 pages, besides title, dedication ta
Q. Mary by Wylliam Rastell, two tables,
9 leaves, also More's youthful Poems. 8
unpaged leaves, sometimes wanting. Be-
tween pp. 1138-9, is a leaf containing a
letter of SirTho. More's • to the Christian
Reader' respecting the printer's faulte-
whlch leaf is frequentiy wanting. See
Oldy's British Librarian, 194-7.

The Sergeant and Frere. Lond. by
Julyan Notary, n. d. The first effusion
of More's youthful muse.

The Supplycacyon of Soulys against the
Supplycacyon of Beggars. (Lond. by W.
RasteU), n. d. folio. Inglis, 1015, SI. 15s.
Sir M. M. Sykes, pt il. 418, with More's
Dialogue of Images and Reliques, IMO,
«.16s. Bright both pieces, 2/. 4s. Thto
volume contains xllili leaves. At the end,
*Cum priuileglo' and *The fawtes es-
caped in the pry ntyng.' The last page is
blank. A copy is in the Lambeth Library.
A Dyaloge of Syr Thomas Mors

fintitled ' Autisdlodorensis anw jworus, a i/y»iUBo "* ^"/^ * j jT^^— ti*7#

?«tItiMfl4to which was an answer to Knyghte : wherin be ti^atyd divers Mst-

Ihe ridLife ^it u^n wL by Sir Tho. I ters, as of the Veneration & Worshypof

SorTKwjZEplgrams. A copy Ymagy8&Belyque8,prayyngtoSay»tji,


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MoBB, Sir Tho8. — eonttnued,
nd goynp on Pylgrymage, wyth many
there thyngya touchyng the pestylent
riect of Luther and Tyndale, by the tone
bygone In Saxony, and by the tother
laboryd to be brought into England. Lond.
(by John Rastell). 1629, fol. The volume
contelna fo. C'xxvi. Inglis, 1016, morocco,
8Z. 188. Kerr, 8i. — 1630, folio. Marquis
of Townshend, 2441, 2L 2a. Heber, pt vi
11. lOs. Bright, 21. 48. Inglis, 1017, M.
Thi8 edition, printed in long lines, con-
tains 164 leaves, besides a table, which
commences on the back of the title page.
On the last leaf are 'The fawtes escaped
in the pryntyge.' A copy is in the Lam-
beth Library.— Lond. (W. Rastell), 1631,
folio. Puttick, June 10, 1868, 11 148.

The Confutacyon of Tyndalea Answere.
liond. by Wyllyam Rastell, 1632, folio.
Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 414, «. 68. He-
ber, pt. vi. 1/. 10s. This work is paged in
numerals, and contains cccxxvi folios,
also a preface, consisting of 87 pages, and
a leaf at the end with * The fawtes es-
caped in the pryntynge ' amended.

The second Parte of the Conftitacion of
Tyndals Answere, in which is also con-
futed the Chyrche that Tyndale deuyseth
and the Chyrche also that Frere Bams
deuyseth, made by Syr Thomas More
Knyght. Lond. by Wyllyam Rastell, 1583,
folio. This second part contains from
book the fourth to book the ninth inclu-
Bive. In the folio edition of his Works,
1667, it is stated that the ninth book is
there finished for the first time. A copy
is in the British Museum.

The Debellacyon of Salem and Bizanoe.
Printed by W. Rastell, 1683, 8vo. Rox-
burghe, 664, 12. 28. Inglis, 1043, 21 9b.
Heber, pt. ii. 11, 15s. Another, fine, 21.
Sotheby, 1862, mor. 8Z. Ss. The work,
preceded by a preface, begins on fol. viii,
and is divided into two parts. The first
has xiili chapters, and ends on fol. ciiil ;
the second begins with the fifteenth chap-
ter and a fresh set of signatures and nu-
meralB, and concludes the xxi chapter on
fol. clxxiii. ' The fautes escaped in prynt-
ynge * occupy two leaves. A copy is in
the Lambeth Library.

The Apologye of Syr Thomas More
Knyght, made by him Anno 1688, after he
had geuen ouer Thofflce of Lord Chancel-
lour of Englande. Prynted by W. Ras-
tell, 1633, 16mo. This volume contains
290 leaves, and consists of 60 chapters. In
the former 10 he apologises for his writ-
ings against Tindall, Bams, Ac, and the
last 40 are pointed against a Treatise
entitled the Pacifier of the Division be-
tween the Spirituality & the Tempora-
lity. Gardner, mor. SI. 58.

A Letter Impugnynge the erronvouse
vrytyng of John Frytfai againat ik« btoflft-



ed Sacrament of the Aultare. Lond. W.
Rastell, 1638, 12mo. Gardner, 1864, 4{.

The answer to the first Part of the poy-
soned Booke whyche a nameless Heretike
(John Frith) hath named the Supper of
the Lord. By Sir Thomas More Knight.
Anno 1633, after he had giuen ouer the
Offyce of Lorde Chauncellour of Englande.
By W. Rastell, 1634, 8vo. Contains folio
cclxxxii, besides the preface and a table
of ' The fautes escaped in the pryntynge
of thys booke.' Inglis, 1044, 6s. Sotheby's
in 1824, 16s.

Utopia, written in Latine by SyrThomas
More Knyght, and translated into En-
glyshe by Raphe Robynson, Cltizein and
Goldsmythe of London, at the Procure-
ment, and earnest Request of George
Tadlowe, Citezein and Haberdassher of
the same Citie. Lond., by Abraham Vele,
1651. FiBST Edition, 12mo. black lbttbb.
A— 8 IV. Heber, pt.v.U G.Chalmers,
11. 5s. Saunders' in 1818, russia, 82. 3s.
Bindley, pt. ii. 1970, Ii. Is. Towneley,
pt. i. 486, SI. 68.— Second edition newlie
perused and corrected. Lond. Vele, n.d.
12mo.— 1666, A. Vele, 16mo. A— S, in
eights. Nassau, pt. i. 2304, lis. Reed, 2637,
12s. Bindley, pt ii. 1970, 1^ Is. Caldeoott,
lOs. fieber, pt. ii.Ss. Saunders' in 1818,
21. 10s. Gardner, 12. 10s. Bright, 12. Is.
Third edition, 1697, sm. 4to. Contains sigh.
T.— 1624,4to. BLACK letteb. Dedicated
to Cresacre More of More Place, in North
Mimms. Bindley, pt. ii. 369, 5s.— 1689,
12mo. A very erroneous edition. In the
title-page is a portrait of More by Mar-
shaU. Hibbert, 6629, 2s. 6d. Bright, 68. 6d.

Utopia, translated into English by Dr.
Gilbert Burnet, afterwards Bishop of
Salisbury. Lond. 1684, 8vo. First edition.
—1686, 8vo. Heber, pt ii.6s. 6d.— Dumin,
1787, 12mo. with short account of his lifs
and trial.— Glasg. Foulis, 1743, sm. 8vo.
port. Prefixed are Testimonys.— Oxford*
1751, 12mo. To this edition ia added a
short account of Sir Thomas More's life
and trial, and a praver made by him when
he was a prisoner In the Tower.— Glasg.
Foulis, 1762. iSmo. — Lond. Jones and
Bumford, 1808, 12mo. A neat edition,
to which is prefixed a life of the author
(extracted from Macdiarmid's Lives of
British Statesman.)

A new Edition (Roliiiflon's transhu
tion of 1661), with copious Notes, and
a biographical and literary Introduc-
tion by the Rev. T. P. Dibdin, D.D.
Lond. 1808, crown 8vo. 2 vols, with a por-
trait of More. Bright, lOs. 6d. laeoi
papbb, in 1 VOL 4to. 260 copies printed,
with an extra pUte of the family of More,
in outiine, 22. 2s.— Goldsmid, 643, 22. 6§.
Hibbert, 6610, mssia, 12. 17b. Braooe,
1675, morocco, 22. lis. Sir M. M. Sykes,
pt. it 686t U. 71. In this edition tlM


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Mom. Sir Thos.— <?on/mtt«f.
portraiU (41) of More are criticallr dis-

Utopia, a Philosophical Romance. To
which is added, the New AUanUs, by Lord
Bacon, with a Preliminary Discourse, and
Notes, by J. A. fit. John. Lond. 1888,
Mmo. 48.— New edition. Lond. Bohn.
1846, 3b. 6d. '

Another Translation will be found in
Cayley's Life of Sir T. More.

La description de fUCopie, tradnlte par
J. le Blond. Paris, 1660. 12mo. woodcuts.
Heber, pt t mor. U, 4s.

L'Utople, traduit par GuenderUle.
Levde, 1716, and Amst 1780, l2mo.

A I/yalogue of Comfort against Trlbula
eion. Lond. by Richarde Tottel, 1663,
4to. X4,in eights.— Now newly set forthe,
with many Places restored and corrected
by Conference of sundrie Copies. Ant-
werp, 1673, 16mo. Dedicated by the prin-
ter, John Fouler, to the 'Ladle Jane,
Duchesse of Feria.' In this edition will
be found a woodcut portrait of More, un-
known to Granger or Bromley. Bindley,
pt ii. 1817, 1/. Is. Lloyd, 876, 10s. 6d!
Bright, li; 7s. Inglis, 1047, lls.—Heber.
pt. vi. 12s. Bright, IL 7b.- Ant. 1674. Lloyd.
876, 188.— Ant. 1678. Towneley, pt L 4e&
with a portrait of More, 2Z. 128. 6d.— New
edition. Lond. Dollman (EngOsh Cath.
Lib.), 1847, post 8yo. 6s.

A Treatise to receaue the blessed Body
of our Lord sacramentally and virtually
bothe. With certein deuout and Tertuous
Tnstructions, Meditacions and Prayers.
Lovaine, by John Fouler, 1672, 4to.

The Historie of the pittiful Life and
unfortunate Death of Kiug Edward V.
and the Duke of York, his Brother:
with the Troublesome and Tyrannical
Government of the Usurpation of Richard
III. and his miserable eud. Edited by
W. Sheares. Lond. Thomas Payne, 1641,
18mo. An elegant history. The volume
consists of 461 pages, wiUi two portraits,
dedicated to Sir John Lenthall, Knt
There are two title-pages, the first ' The
Historie &c. of Edward the V .' The other,
'The tragicall Historie, &c. of Richard
the III.' Uoxburghe, 8384. 22. 28. Towne-
ley, pt i. 487, 21. 6s. Graves; 238, 12s.
Dent, pt i. 1449, russia, II. Is. More's
Life of Edward and Richard, with a

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