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Occam was the out schoolman whose
writings Lather stadud or kept in his

OCH 1715

library. Several other of his works an
named in Jdchei't Oekkrten LtxUon, bqt
without particnlars.

OooiiBVB. See Hooclbvb.

OoEiOiUS Lttoants. De unirersi
Orbis Katura. Cantab. 1670, Svo.

In Opusculis Mythologids Tho. Gale.
A translation will be found in the Euro-
pean Magazine for 1783.

On the Nature of the UniTerse, &o.
translated by Thomas Taylor. Lond. 1881,

OOHnnTS, Bernard, of Siena. A.
Tragedie or Dialoge of the uninste
YBu:q>ed Primacie of the Bishop of
Bome, and of the inst Abolishyng
of the same, translated out of La-
tine into Englishe by John Ponet^
D.D. (Lond. W. Lynne.) Anno

Do. 1649, 4tO. BLACK LETTEB.

Gordonstoun, 1681, last leaf wanting
1Z.18S. White Knights, 8148, 21.16b. In-
glis, 1120, \l. Williams, 1167, morocco,
82. 8s. Heber, pt. ix. 11. lOs. Caldecott,
two leaves MS. lOs. Gardner, in 1864, 21.

Fine Sermons, translated out of Italian
into Englishe, Anno Do. MDZLyni. Lond*
by R. 0. (probably Robert Crowley) for
William Beddell, sm. 8vo.

Sermons, (6) translated by Richard Ar-
gentine. Ippeswych, by Anthony Scolo-
ker, 1648, sm. 8vo. The six sermons on
48 pages. Dedicated to Edward, Duke of
Somerset, by ' Rychard Aigentyne.' H^*
ber, ptTi.6s.

Certayne Sermons, fliythfully translated
into Englyshe. Lond. by Jhon Day^
n.d. sm. 8vo. This volume. A— N 7. m
eights, contains 26 sermons. 6 of tiiem
being those ^ven in the preceoing volume.

Gertaine Sermons, translated by Wm.
Phiston. Lond. 1680, 4to. This volume
is divided into 88 sermons, or rather seo-
tionsy 18 on Faith> 8 on Hope, and 11 on
Chari^, and consists of 100 leaves, be-
ddes the dedication to the Archb. of Can-
terbury, to the reader, and the table, four
leaves. Sotheby's, May 186Q, 6s.

Fouretene Semens, concerning the Pre*
destinadon and Elecdon of God: very
expediente to the settynge forth of hys
Glorye among his Creatures, Translated
out of the Italian into enre natyue
Tounge by Afnne) G(ook), (one of the

daughters of Sir Anthonv Cook, after-
waras wife of Sir Nich.. Bacon, sad mo*
ther of the great Sir F. Bacon). Lond. by
John Day, sm. 8vo. The whde contains
H7indghtB, Dedicated by A. C. to her
Motiiier, the Lady F. BUss,16b.

A Dialogue of rolygamy and another of
Divorce, rendered into EnigfUsh by a Per-
son of Qoslity. Lond. 1667, ISno. Bri^^
6 B

igitized by VjOOQ IC

1716 ocL

SB.8d. BllM^Sf. Totiiti
diestod to th* Mthorof < Adrtot to a
(FraodiOibonMX M«duiinliltTli«l7pli-
thora wu midar great obUgatkm.

Two DUlogoM on TclLjgtmj and Di-
▼oroe,with tome Memotn and TMtlm<nilM
of the LifB and Writings of Bernardino
Ochin, will be linind in ' Seleet and eori-
oos CaMt of Fi^Tgamy, ConeaUnage,
Adnltery, Divoce^Ae. aerioodT and leain-
edl7 discosMd.' Loud. 1786^ ISmo.

OoKLBT, Simon. Histon^ of the
Saracens, containmg the Liyes of
Mahomet and his immediate Suc-
oesBors, an Account of their most
remarkable Battlet and Sieges, and
of the Behgion, Bites, Customs, &c.
of that warlike People. Third edi-
tion, with additions by Dr. Long ;
and a Plan of the Temple of Mecca,
Ac. Lond. 1767, 8to. 2 vols.

A cniioos and Torf entertaining work.
Heath, 2672, U lOf. NaMaa.pt.L2449,
II. Hibbert,676Q„U.7B. Williama. 1963,
blae morocco, 4L 10s.— Fint edition, 1706.
Sro.lvoL Bozbargfae^8846,9s. 6d. Vol.ii.
appeared in 171&— Seoond edition, 1718,
8vo. 2 vols. WillettL 1862, 17b. labob
PAPBB. Bindley, pt iii 9007, 12. 8b.—
Fourth edition, in <»e Tolnme, with Notes
firom the Works of later Writers, a Me-
moir of the Author, Bynoptieal View of
the later Saracenie Historr, Index, &c
edited by Hemy Q. Bohn. l«ond. (Bohn'B
Standard Library), 1847, post 8va port
88. 6d.-Fifth edition, 18iiS.— Sixth edi-
tion. 1867.

Introdaetio ad Lingoas Orientales. Can-
tab. 1706, Svo. Hibbert,6786,9s. 6d.

History of the present Jews. With Fa.
ther Simon's Account of the Samaritans
and the Sect of the Carraites. Lond. 1707,
12mo. Reed, 6290, 6s.

An Account of the Authority of the Ara-
bick Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library,
controverted between Dr. OralM and Mr.
WhlBton. Lond. 1719, Sro.

An Account of south -west Barbery.
T^nd. 1718, 8m.8T0. Nassau, pt L 24M,
2s. Roxburriie, 7828, 8s. 6d.


OoiiAiTDrB, Christ<n>h. Anglo-
rum Prffilia, 1327—1558, Carmine
perstricta. Item, Bironarchia, sire
de pacatissimo Aiiglift Statu, im-
peranteElizabethaNarratio. liond.
excudebat B. Neuberie, 1580, 4to.

Editio altera. H^s Alexandri Neuelli
Kettum adiunzimns. Lend. Nubery, 1682,
12mo. 8 parts.


Badiorthe pieces has atiCle^Mg* so
as to sell separately. The woric was ap-
pointed by Q. EUaabeth and her priry
oonnctl to be received and taught in erery

nar and free-school within the Un^

for the remouing of such lasciiiiona

Its as are oommonly reade and tangifat
in the said grammar schooles.' Dent pt
ii. 89, 4s. 6d. Bliss, 98. Nassau* pt L
9462,9s.— Lond. 1680, 4to. Hibbert5iM&
moroeo^ If. lis. 6d^l689, 4to.

EIFHNAPXIA, sive Elixabefha; De
Pacatissimo Anglia statu. Lond. Barlcer.
1632, 4to.

Thesame,done into English Verse, by
John Sharrock. Lood. Bob. Waldegr&ve,
1686, 4to. Heber, pt iv. 1613^ 6L 6s. now
in the Orenville CoUeetion. Dedicated
in verse to the Lady Myldred, wife to Lord
Burghley. Unknown to Ames, Herbert

Elisabetheis, sive de Angli« Statu sub
Elisabeths Imperlo. liber seenndns in
quo prater cetera, Hhroania profligatio
ezplicatur. Lond. T. Orwin, 15801 4to.
Bright, 198.

O'Oleby, Michael Lexicon BI-
bemicum pnesertim pro YocabuBs
antiquioribus et obscuris. LoTanii,
1643, 8yo.

In tills work many of the obsolete words
in the Irish language are explained by
modem words in common use. Oen. Val-
lanoey, 91 6s. Sotheby (Bp. Daly), June
26,1868^181.68. A transcript sold at Ma-
son's sale in 1867, fbr 71.

Speculum vitiB,vel Desiderius. Lovaa.
1616, 8vo. Printed in the Irish eharseter«
Sotheby (Bp. Daly), June 26, 1868^ 8L 8b.
In the Orenville CoUeetion.

O'OoHirOB, The. Chronicles of
Eri I being the History of the QtaX
Sdot Iber, or the Irish People.
Translated from the original Mana-
scripts in the Phosnician Dialect
of the Scythian Langoageu Lond.
1822, 870. 2 Yols. portrait of the
oathor, lOs. XABas papeb, ISs.

— Arthur. The State of Ii^
land. (Lond. 1798, 8yo. Not
pablished.) Translated into French.
Paris, 1804, 8yo. See BxAimBS
of the Pbxss, 1800, page 140.

Boderic Works; with Aa
Abstract of Irish Blstoir, and of
the Moiiarchs of the Bdgian Dj*
nastj. Cork, n. d. 8yo. 2 ydf*
A scarce woilb


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(yCoTSOn, Charles. Disserta-
tions on the History of Ireland.
Dublin, 1766, 8vo.

An elegant and valaftble work. Garrick,
1698, 7b. Gosset, 8780, 9s. 6d. BosweU,
2082, 168. Townelev, pt U. 895, 198.—
Dublin, 175S, 8to. a, b, c, B— R r, in foiira.
At page 48 a folding leaf of ' The Scotish
Feadha or Letters/ at p. 171 a map of
-' Scotia antiqna,' or Iijeland. Lloyd, 400,
5b.— 1794, new title only.— Dublin, 1812,

An Account of the Nature and Con-
ditions of a Charter to be granted for the
working and manufacturing Mines and
Minerals in Ireland. 1764.

See O'Flahebty, R.

— Charles, D.D., Member of
the Academy of Cortona. Me-
moirs of the Life and Writings
of the late Charles O'Conor, of
Belanagare, Esq. M.E.I.A. Vol. I.
(all printed.) Dublin, 1796, Svo.

This biographical and genealogical work
is of great rarity, a few copies only hav-
ing been printed for circulation amongst
the friends of the author. By some it is
said to have been suppressed. Sir M. M.
Svkes, pt. il. 668, morocco, 142. resold
Heber, pt. It. 61, No second volume ap-

Columbanus ad Hibemos, or, seven Let-
ters on the present Mode of appointing
Catholic Bishops in Ireland, Ac Buck-
ingham, 1810-16, 8vo. 12. lis. 6d. ' A sin-
gular work, abounds with informatioa'—
€. Butler, Answered by Dr. F. Plowden.

Rerum Hibemicamm Scriptores, 1814-
25-26, 4to. 4 vols. See Ibblamd.

A Narratiye of the most interesting
Events in modem Irish History. 1812,
Svo. 7s.

Appeal to the Pope. Lend. 1622, Svo.

Bibliotheca JfS. Stowensis: a descrip-
tive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the
Stowe Library, by the Rev. Charles O'Co-
nor, D.D. Buck. 1818-8, Vvols. and an
Appendix, 4to. Eyton, in 1848, russia,
1«. 16s. Of this elaborate and valuable
catalogue 200 copies 'were printed at the
expense of the Duke of Buckingham and
Chandos. [The MSS. are now in the pos-
session of the Earl of Ashbumham, who
purchased them in 1848 for 80001. after
they h^ been catalogued for publie sale
by Messrs. Sotheby and Wilkinson. His
Lordship, at the same time, obtained
nearly tbs whole impression of the ano-
tion catalogue, of which some O0pies
wers on xasaB pafbs^ sm, 4(a J

ODD 1717

— E. A Ghrammar of the Gaelio
Language. By B. 0*C. Dublin,
1818, r2mo.4B.

— et Daly. La vie e le mar-
toe du Bev. P. Frere ComeiUe
O'Oonor et du Frere Eugene Dalii,
Beligieux de Tordre de Saincte Tri-
nity et redemption des captifs au
pays d'Hybemie, par F. J. de Vi-
lette. Paris, 1646, Svo.

Sotheby (Bp. Daly), June 26, 1868,
62. 7b. 6d.

OoTATTAir. Here becynneth
Octavyan the Emperoiu*e of Borne.
Lond. (probably by Copland), 4to.
with a wood-out on the title.

Heber, pt iv. imperfect at the end,

OcTiYiAir, Emperor of Bome, a
Bomanoe. Oxford, 1809, post 8vo.

Fifty copies' of this elegant translated
abridgment, firom a French MS. in the
Bodleian Library, were printed for pri-
vate distribution by the Bev. J. J. Covy-
beare. Bindley, pt iii. 268L 168. Inglis,
1070, II. BosweU, 8473, li 4s. Bidiop
Bandolph, 981, 22. 3s. Bright, 98.

Another version, ftom MSS. at Lincoln
and Cambridge. Ste Pxbot Boczbtt, Ap-
pendix. '^

Octauian Imperator. An ancient En>
glish metrical romance printed in the third
volume of Weber's Collection. It is re.
markable for the singularity of its stanza,
and its giving a curious specimen of the
Hampshire dialect, nearly as it is now

OOTOBEB GiiTB. History of the
Lond. 1711, 8vo.

0'DALY,Dom.deBo8ario. Initi-
um, Incrementa et Entus Familis
G^raldinorum DesmonisB Comitum,
Palatinorum Kyerris inHibemia, ao
PerseoutloBis Heereticorum desorip-
tio, ex nonnullis Fragmentis col-
lecta,acLatinitatedonata. U^sip.
1655, 8vo.

OoOatUm, Pp. 1-400; title and viefktory
matter, 41 leaves; index, ^bo. 9 leaves.
Bindley, ptll. S1S6, SI/, xesdld Heber,
pt iv. 132. Sotheby CBp. DslyX Jmw 36^

Oddxtizs.— Book of Oddities, or
wonderful Story-teUer, by Jacl^
Strange. Lond. Oooke, n. d, 12mo.
Hassan, pit 886^ lis.


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Obdt, J. JepMm. Ei|ropeui
Oommeroe. Lond. 1805, 4to.

Pp. 6S1, witli ft eaaal and rlTwr m*p of
EurSf, Goldsnid,6B7,16t.

Odwuh J. M. a. An BsaaTon
the ElemeQtt, Aooentt, and Pro-
sody of the Bnglith Language.
Iiond. 1806» 12mo. 8i. 6d.

Intwfiiltd to 1mt« teen printed as an in-
troduction to Mr. Boacner't Sopplement
to Dr. Johnaon't Diotionarj*

— Thomas. A brief and short
Treatise oaUed tiie Christian's IW-
therland. Amst. 1685, 4to.

A VMt^ antlior teaato that ho iraa the
flrst to introduce the word 'Fatherland'
into the English lansnage ; -but it will te
seen that Thomas OdeU anticipated him
iiearlf tvo eentoriea.

O'DbibcoIi, John. The Historj
of Ireland. Lond. 1827, 8to. 2
Tols. 78.

An excellent, dear, eoneise, and manlj
work. 6m Quarterly BoTiew, zlTi. 48a~

Moral, PoHtioal, and BeUgious Views
of Ireland. Lond. 1828» 8vo. 2 vols. 7s,

An eloquent work, highly praised by
Moore in hia Memoirs of Capt Bock.

OsooLAMPADiuB, John. A Ser-
mon of Jhon Oecolampadius to
yong Men and Haydens, translated
by John Foxe. Ijond. by me Hum-
fpey Powell— aonld by Hugh Syn-
eleton, &o. 16mo.

Contains G 7, in eights. InglU, 1071,

John Oeoolampadius his Epistle, that
there ought tote no Respect of Person-
ages of U&e Poore, hut all to te holpe and
comforted in their Necessities. Ipswich
by John Oswen, 1648, 16mo. From Maun-
seirs Catalogue, p. 76.

OVFICBS. — Office for Penitents,
or a Form of Prayer fit to be used
in ainfiil and distracted Times.
1691, 8vo. 98.

Privately printed. Prefixed is a por-
trait of J^n A^ton.

Office of ChxisUan Parents. Gamb.1616.
4to. 6s.

The Office of the Holy Week. Paris,
by the widow Chrestien, 1670, 8vo. with
plates by Hollar. Bliss, 6s. Sir M. M.

a kes, pt. iL 669, II. 2s. Bindley, pt. ii.
». Us. 6d. White Knight8,8149, IL lis.
Nassau, pt. i. 2464, morocco, II. 16s.
Towneley, pt. — . 667, 62. 2b. 6d.


Tbe eoBpleat Ottee of tbe Holy Week^

with Notes and Explicatiops oat of Latin
and French (by Walter Kirkham Blount).
Lond. 1687, 8T0. With plates by Hollar.
Office of the B. Y. Mary. Antwerp^
1604and 1616, sm.Syo^Bonen, 1682.— St.
Omers, 1661.— Antwerp. (Lat. and Bng.>
1662.— Lond. by Henry Hills, 1687, 8vo.
Hawtrey, ptt iL II. 2s. The Boman Ca-
thidic form of prayer puMlshed by order of
King James II. Garrick, 1704, Ss.
, 'Modem editions of all the Boman Ca*
tholio Bervioe Books are kept in print.

OVFIOIA S. S. Fatricii, Columbse^
Brigidte et alionun quorondam
HibemiflD Sanctorum. FarisiiB, Bla-
gaert, 1620, Svo.

This collection was edited by Thomas
Messingham, author of the Florilegiom
Sanctorum. Heber, pt iv. 1241, (U, 18s.

Oftioiuk beat® Marise Yirginis,
in Usnm Eoclesise Sarum. Faria^
per T. Eerrer, 1510, 8to.— 1531,

See Bibl. Harleiana. Svo. roL i. p. 90,
where a copy of this date is described as
being on tslluh, and other impressions
of tMs Boman Catholic Service are noted*
—In English, 1681, Svo.— Latin, 1684, 8vo.
—Latin and Eng. 1636, Svo.— Latin and
Eng. Lond. 1686^ Svo.— Bothomagi, Lat.
and Eng. 1688, Sro.— Bothomagi, Lat and
Eng. 1666.— Lat and Eog. Lond. 1667, Svo.
Also three other editions in Svo and 4to.
printed at London without datea.

O'Flahbett, Boderic. Ogygia,
siye Berum Hibemicaroin Chrpno*
logia. Lond. 1685, 4to.

A great Aind of knowledge and infor>
mation relating to Irish transactions and
ssras. Hibbert 6847, U 6s. Heber, pti.
fine, morocco, 21. 12s. 6d. The volume con-
sists of pages 44 and 700, not ineludintr
title, epistola dedicatoria Jacobo Dud
Eboracensi et Albaniensi, approbatio Dom.
Dudlei Loftns O. Bichardi Belling Uterss,.
seven leaves.

Ogygia ; or, a chronological Account of
Irish Events, translated by the Bev.Jamea
Heley, A.B. Dublin, 1793, Svo. 2 vola.
Sotheby's in 1S26, IJ. 8s. Oonation.—Y<A. I.
pp. huudlL and 288^180 a list of subscribers
and errata, 8 pages. Vol. II. pp. 4ia with
title and contents, two leaves.

Ogygia vindicated against the Objeo*
tions of Sir George Mackenzie, by C.
O'Conor. Dublin, 1776, Svo. Garrick,.
170a lis. 6d.

O'Gallagheb, Felix. An Essay
on the Investigation of the first
Frinciples of Nature; together with


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the Applioatioii theoreof to solve the
Phenomena of the physical System.
Lond. 1785-6, 8to. 2 pts.

OasoBNE, Elizabeth. The His-
tory of Essex from the earliest
Period to the present Time. Lond.
1814, 4to. vol. 1. plates, 7s*

Published at ISs. ; no more has appear-
«d. LABOB PAPBB, With proof platos.
Published at 82. Ss. Mr. Strutt, the anti-
quary, was related to Mrs. Ogbome, and
assisted largely in this work.

OaDEK, Samuel, D.D. Sermons'
to which is prefixed, an Account of
the Author's Life, together with a
Vindication of his Writings against
0ome late ObjectionB. Camb. 1780,
small Svo. 2 vols.

Published by Dr. Hallifax. Heath, 1111,
lis. 6d. Bp. of Ely, 660, 17s.— Second
edition. Lond.l786,2yols. Bindley, pt. 11.
SON, lis. 6d.— Fourth edition. Lond. 1788,
S yols. Wlllett, 1264, 11 10s.— Fifth edit.
Lond. 1806, 12s.

Gilbert Wakefield observed: 'These
sermons display that perfect propriety
and purity of English diction, that chas-
tised terseness of composition, which have
scarcely been equalled by any writer.
Like Cicero, he wants nothing to com-
plete his meaning; like Demosthenes, he
can BufiTer no deduction without essential
ix^urv to the sentence.' Dr. Johnson said,
*be fought the infidels with their own

Ogilbt, John. Eelatione de In-
oarceratione et Martyrii P. Joannis '
Ogilbei natione Scoti e Soo. Jesu
Presbyteri. Duaci, 1616, 8to.

Bright. 17s.

— John (Cosmographer). Works.

Towneley, pt. ii. 1181, 6 vols. via. China,
Alia, America, and England, S{. 6s. North,
pt 11. 1484, 7 vols. 71. 12b. 6d. Nassau,
pt. ii. 416, 7 vols. viz. Britannia, 2 vols, in
1: China, 2 vols.: Japan, Asia, and
Africa. llMls.

The .Relation of his Majesties (King
Chas. II.) Entertainment passing through
tiie City of London to his Coronation, with
a Description of the triumphal Arches and
Solemnity. Lond. 1661, folio, pp. 40. This
may be considered only as a rough sketch
of the ceremonial, published In 1662.
Rhodes, 2690, with John Tatham's Aqua-
triumph, 1662, 2/. 15s.— Edinb. 1661, 4to.
Rhodes, 1806, 12.2s.— New edition, by
Wm. Morgan. Lond. 'Wilkinson, 1685,
felio^ 28 pages, lOs. 6d.



The Entertainment of his most Excel-
lent Majestic Charies II. in his Passage
through the City of London to his Goro*
nation. Lond. 1662, folio, pp. 192, with
plates by Hollar, &c. A splendid volume,
published at the King's command. It has
proved of infinite service in succeeding
coronations. Bindley, pt. ii. 1717, 2?. 10s.
Dent, pt U. 927, 82. 6s. Hlbbert, 6881,
22. 14s. WiUett,1793,9<.19B.6d. Skegg,

Africa, being an aeenrate Description of
the Regions of JBgypt, Barbary, Lybla,
and Billedulgerid, &o, Ac. Lond. 1670,
folio, 12. Is. pp. 768, and 8 leaves, includ-
ing frontispiece, title, dedication to King
Charles II, dec. with maps and sculptures.
Page 768 contains directions for placing
the maps and sculptures. Ogilby's Africa
is little more than an English version of
Dapper's work,

America; being the latest and most
accurate Description of the New World.
Lond. 1671, folio, 22. 2s. pp. 676, beside
frontispiece, title, catalogue of the authors,
and contents, 6 leaves, with maps and
sculptures. Page 676 contains directions
for placing the whole-sheet prints, labob


Atlas Japanensis ; being remarkable
Addresses, by Way of Embassy, from the
East India Company of the United Pro-
vinces to the Emperor of Japan. Lond.
1670. foUo, 12. Is. North, pt. ii 1436, with
Embassy to China, 1678, 22. 2s.

Atlas Chinensis; being a Relation of
remarkable Passages in two Embassiea
from the East India Company of the
United Provinces. From the Original of
A. Montanus. Lond. 1671-8, folio, 2 vols.
II. lis. 6d.— Second edition (only one vo-
lume). Lond. 1678, folio.

Asia, in two Parts. The first Part;
being an accurate Description of Persia,
the Empire of the Great Mogul, and other
Parts of India. Part II. containing an
Embassy from the East India Company
of the United Provinces to the Emperor
of China. (This part 2 is not in the vo-
lume, and refers to the China published
in the same year.) Lond. 1678, fol. 12. 68.

Britannia, Volume the first: or, an Il-
lustration of the Kingdom of England
and Dominion of Wales, by a geographi-
cal and historical Description of the prin-
cipal Roads thereof! printed on 100 copper
plates. Lond. 1676, folio, 12. la. Marquis
of Townshend, 2462, 12. 6s. Brockett, 2847,
russia, 62. 6s. — Second edition, revised,
and apparently abridged. Lond. 1698, foL

New edition, improved by John Owen
and E. Bowen. Lond. 1781 (engraved
throughout), sm. 4to. 10s. 6d. See Ownr.

Explanation of the large Map of Lon-
don, by J. Ogilby and W. Morgan. Lond.
1677. 4to.


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OgflbT UkewlM vabUflhed tpteiidid
tnn«Un<MM of Ji§o^,uouwM, and Viboil,
ftlMO a fioA •diaon ol (ht Biblb; which

OaiLTiB, Sir George, Bart. A
true Account of the Preservation of
the Begalift of Scotland, yiz. Crown,
Swordi and Sceptre, from falling
into the Hands of the English Usur-
pers, by Sir Qeoige Ogilyie of Bar-
ras, Ejoight and Baronet ; with the
Blazon of that Family. Edinb.
1701, 4to.

A curiooB and aatbsntic iiarratly«. re-
printed in the eleventh voir of the Somers
Collection of Tracts; also in the Banna
tyn« Club Tolome, Begalia of Scotland
/fe« AppmDix.

OaiLTiE, John. A true Belation
of the Proceedings against John
Ogilyie, a Jesuit, executed at Glas-
gow, the last of Februaiie, Anno
1616. Edinb. 1615, 4to.

A copr is in the British Musenm. Qor-
donstoon, 1921, U lis. 6d.

— John, D.D. Poems on seve-
ral Subjects. liond. 1769, 8vo. 2
Yols. 9s.

Dr. Johnson observed of these poems,
'he could find no thinking in them.' A
former edition, 1762, 4to. Ss.

Sermons (6) on several Subjects. Edinb.
1767, 12mo.

Pbiloeophleal and critical Observations
on the Nature, Characters, and various
Species of Composition. Lond. 1774, 8vo.
2 vols. 6s.

Bona, a Poem, in seven Books, illus-
trated with a correct Map of the Hebrides
and elegant Engravings. Lond. 1777, 4to.

An Inquiry into the Causes of the In-
fidelity and Scepticism of the Times;
with occasional Observations on the Writ-
ings of Herbert, Shaftesbury. Bolingbroke,
Hume, Gibbon, Toulmin, &c. Lond. 1788,
8vo. 6s.

The Theology of Plato compared with
the Principles of the OrienUl andOreciau
Philosophers. Lond. 1798, Svo. Gosset;

Britannia ; a national epic Poem, in
twenty Books; to which is prefixed, a
critical Dissertation on epic Machinery.
Aberdeen, 1801, 4to.

O&LB^ George. Antiquities ex-
gained ; or, a Collection of figured
Gems. Illustrated by Descriptions


taken from the dassios. Lond.
1737, 4to. vol. 1, (all pabliahed),
100 plates.

Bright, 6s. 6d. Combe, 1437, 78. Baber,
pt ix. 16s.

OaSTOK, William. Oratio fune-
bris in Obitum maTimi Yirorum
Q^orgii (£eiUi) MarischaUi Ck>mi-
tis, A^ademisB Marischallanm, Aber-
donifls, Fundatoris et M»oenatis
munifioentissimi. Aberdonite, 1623^
4to. 10 leaves.

O'Haixokajt, Sylvester. Aji In-
troduction to, and a History of
Ireland. Dublin, 1803, Svo. 8 vols.

Best edition of these excellent works,,
which are here printed together.

An Introduction to the Study of the
History and Antiquities of Ireland ; in
which the Assertions of Hume and other
Writers are occasionally considered. Il-
lustrated with copperplates. Also two
Appendixes; containing, 1. Animadver-
sions on an Introduction to the History
of Great Britain and Ireland, by J. Mac-

S hereon, Esq. 2. Observations on the
[emoirs of Great Britain and Ireland,
by Sir John Dalrymple. Dublin, 1772,
4to. 78. 6d. pp. 384, besides title, contents^
account of the (four) plates, and subscri-
bers' names, 6 leaves ; also a preliminary
discourse, xx pages.

A general History of Ireland* fh>m the
earliest Accounts to the close of the twelfth
Century, collected firom the most authentie
Records. In which new and interesting
Lights are thrown on the remote Historiea
of other Nations, as well as both firitains.
Lond. 1778, 4to. 2 vols. 18s.

O'Heyn, Joannes. Epilogus
Ghronologicus, exponens succincte
Gonventus et Fundationes Saori
Ordinis Prfledicatorum in Regno
HybemifiB. Lovanii, 1706, 4to,

O'KEABNAian, Joh. Alphabet
turn Hibemicum. s. 1. 1571, Svo.

A copy is in the Bodleian Libnu^t

0*Kee7VE, John. Dramatio-
Works. Lond. 1798, Svo. 4 vols.

Roxburghe, S976, 21. 128. 6d. Doka of
York, 3834, 1/. 19s.

Recollections of the Life of John O*-
Keeffe. Written by himself. Lond. 1826;
Svo. 2 vols. II. 8s. Witl portrait

Legacy to his Daughters, being hi»
Poetical Works. Lond. 1824, 12mo. 78. 6d.


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OKELST,Pranois. Memoirs of the
life. Death, Bunal, and wonderfal
Writings of Jacob Sehmen. North-
ampton, 1780, 8to.

— William. Ebenezer, or, a
small Monument of great Mercy in
his, and four others Ddiyerance
from Slarery at Algiers. Lond.
1674, Sto.

Jadis, 128, 2a. Nassau, pt 1. 2468,
date 1676, with frontispiece, 6b. Heber,
pt. i. 68. BUss, 6b.

O'Eelly de Aghrim (William).
Descriptio bipartita antiquissimi
et Incljti Begni Hibemise, seu ma-
joris Scotia Sanctorum Insuls
VoL i. Vienna, Austria, 1703,

Sir Wm. O'Kelly resided at Yienna,
trhere be wrote this History of Ireland,
partly in Latin verse and partly in prose,
it is supposed tliat death intervened, as
no more was printed. It has been trans-
lated intaFrench, and printed at BrosaelB,
1827, 8vo. with genealogical Table.

Oeelt, William, M.D. P^-
logy; or, the Gonneiion between
natural and moral Philosophy: with

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