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Laing's History of SooUand. 1800.

Report of the Committee <^ the Hi^
land Society of Scotland, appointed te
enquire into the Nature and AuthMitidtr
of the Poems of Ossian, drawn np by H.
Mackenzie; with a copious Appeadiz^
containing some of the principal Docu-
ments onwMch the Report is fooaded.
Edinburgh, ISOS, 8vo. 8s.

A Dissertation on the Authenticity of
the Poems of Ossian. By Sir John Ste-
Clair, Bart. Lond. 1806, 8vo.

An Essay on the Antheatidty of tbfb
Poems of Ossian, in which the OUectioBa
of Malcolm Laing, Esq. are partienlaily
considered and reAited, by Patrick Gnu
ham, D.D. Edinburgh, 1807, 8vo.

Observations relative to the Anthea-
ticity of the Poems of Ossian. 1818. Sm
Gbavt, James.

Essay on the Authenticity of OuUaafm
Poems, by Donald Campbell. Ayr, 18K.

The Claims of Ossian, examlaed end
appreciated, by the Rev. Edw. Davitib
Swansea, 1826, roy^ dvo.

Macpherson's resentmeat of a criticiHi
of Dr. Johnson's produced tlie very spi-
rited letter which Boswell has p «ec ewii
in his Memoirs.

See SiOTH, Jidm, D.D.

0880iiKSSi,IiordGe(»ge. AtiM
Copy of the Latine Oration otlM^
George Ossolinski, Count Pyalin*
of Tenujn and SendoBmi% t^il
was pronounced to his M^ttlti»-t$


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^White-hall on Sunday the 11 of
^Aaroh, 1620, with the Translation
-of the same into English. Loudon,
for Wmiam Lee (1621), 4ito.

In the Grenville Collection. Reprinted
In ihe seeond ▼olnme of the Somers C(d-
lection of Tracts.

OsTEKD. — ^Dialogue and Com-
^aint made ap<m the Siege of
-Ostend hy the £ing of Spaine, the
Archduke, &c. Lond. 1602, 4ito.


BeUtion of the defeating Card. Bfazar
rine, and Oliver Cromwell's Design to
have taken Ostend by Treachery in 1658.
Lond. 1666, 12mo.

y. -S'e* Faik?ax, Bryan, Hates,


OsnsBTAU), John Frederick.
j&Tgqments of the Book and Chap-
ters of the old and new Testaments,
-with practical Observations, trans-
lated by J. Chamberlayne. Lond.
1749, 8to. StoIs. 9s.

Published at the request and under the
patronage of the Society for promoting
'Christian Knowledge, and still kept in
print— 1716-18, 8vo. 8 vols. 7s, 6d. Wil-
liams, 1280, W.— 176i, Svo. 8 vols.— 1779,
■8vo. 2 vols.— 1799, Svo. 2 vols.— 1819,
12mo. 3 vols.— 1811, Svo. 2 vols.— 1833,
12mo. 8 vols.

A Treatise conoemiog the Caoses of the
present Corruption of Christians, and the
Bemedies thereof. Translated into £n-
j;Ii8h by C. Mutel. Second Edition. Lond.
1702, Svo. 88. Reprinted in Bp. Watson's
Collection of Theological Tracts, who ob-
serves, ' This book was highly esteemed
hj Bp. Burnet ; and indeed all the writings
of Mr. Ostervald have been favouraUy
leceived in the world in general.'

Grounds and Principles of the Christian
Religion. Lond. 1704, Svo. 88. ' A work
liigmy deserving of notice.'— JKiAqp Wat-
am. It has been frequently reprinted.

The Nature of undeannesi. Lond.
1706, Svo.

Theologin Chriitiaii» Compendium.
<}la8gow, 1767, 12mo, Ss.

Lectures on the Exercise of the sacred
Minist^, translated Arom the French,
-with a Preface, and enlarged with occa-
sional Motes by Tho. Stevens, M.A. Lond.
1781, Svo. 68. ' This work may be usefully
lead by serious-minded men.' ^Bishop
Watmm. WiUiams, 1281, 148.

Vie de J.F. Ostervald par David Durand.
Lond. 1778, Svo. 88. 6d.

OsTTLLEYAinrs, FMlippus. Histo*
riffi Catholicffi Hibemiss Compen*
diom, a D. PhiUppo Osulleuano
Bearro Ibemo. viyssipone, 1621,
4to. 4 parts in 1 toL

A work 'full of groundless stories and
ridiculous fooleries.'— i^ie/bbon. A copy
is in the British Museum. Gardner, in
1864,62.108. Bright, fine, 62. 2s. 6d. Sothe-
by [Bp. Dalyl June 26, 1868, fU. 7s.6d. He-
ber, pt. viil. 41. 178. ; pt iv. very fine, 112.
CoUaUon.— A.— Cc4t, and Dd— Nn,in eights,
the last leaf containing the errata. The in-
troductory matter, viz. the titie, 'licene,
A.S.' dedication 'Domino Philippe, Avs-
triaco IIII.' occupy four leaves.

Editio nova, edidit, notulisque ae Indi-
cibus illustravit Matthnus KeUy. Dub-
lin, 1860, royal Svo. 78. 6d. The work it-
self is divided into 4 vols, or books, the
paging carried on to folio 284, induding
leaf dr errata.

Patritiana Decas, sive Librl decern,
qvibus deDivi PatritU Y itft, Purgatorio,
Miraculis, Rebusq. gestis : de Religionis
IbemicsB ca8ibus,Con8tantia, Martyribus
DivlB ; de Anglomm lubrica fide : de An!
glohareticee Ecdesisa sectis, cacoprasuU^
bus, lubileis plenissimis, Liturgia, sacra
paglna, cseremonijs & institutis accurate
agitur. Anno 1629. Matriti,4to. A copy
is in the British Museum. Horaer, 62.

print. Prefixed to the volume are 16
leaves, containing the title, dedication to
' Michael! Noronhn, Linharium Comitt/
privilege, &e. complimentary Latin verses
and contents. This work was replied
toby Bp.H. Jones. See Patrick, St.

OswAU), James. The Caledonian
Pocket Companion. (1760, &c.) 12
books or parts in 2 yols. roy. Svo.

Copies ofa later issue ; all without dates.
The number of airs in these volumes is
no less than between 6 and 600, and in-
cludes many very ancient, very excellent,
and verv curious pieces, nowhere else to
be found, nor ever before published. Sm
Ritson's Scot. Songs, i. p. oviii.; and
Laing's Introduction to Johnson's Soots'
Musical Museum.

— James, D.D. An Appeal to
common Sense in Behalf of Beli-
gion. Edinb. 1768-72, Svo. 2voU.


HomeTooke, 606, with MS. notes bj
Tooke, 4Z. 88.

— Bt. Hon. James. Memorials
of the publio Life and Charaoter


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1740 OTT

of the Bi^ Hon. James Oswald of
Dmmikier, oonUined in a Conjes-
Dce with some of the most
I Men of the lastCen-
toiT. 'Bdinb. 1826, 8to.

Tp. zziT. And 484. with port by lixan.
Dnka of York, 8026^ moroeoo, U. 19s.
H6lMr,i.8s.M. Bright, Ss.

O fl WJMT B T . —The History of Os-
westry from the earliest Period;
its Antiquities and Cnstoms i with
a short Account of the Keighbour-
hood. Oswestiy (1816), 8to.

CoUaeted from rarioos snthort, with
much origiiua infonnatioii, hj William
Price. It oonsbts of pages Tli— zii, 1—
laa with 7 woodeatB. a title page and
dedication to the Hon. Thomas Kenjon.

Ons, SamueL Erolanation of
the general Epistle of Saint Jude.
Lond. 1688, folio, 9s.

OrmrixL and Aohbah. — The
Ijoyos of Othniel and Achsah,
translated from the Ghaldee. Lond.

Otho et Othobqns. Gonstitu-
tiones Frouinciales etOthonis. Gum
Interp. Joh.de Athon. Fans, 1604.
folio.— Iiond.Win. de Worde, 1529,

The Constitntions of Othobone are
aimezed, though not mentioned in the
title. ^ ,

Constitntions Provincialles, and of
Otho and Octhobone. TransUted into
EnglTshe. Cnm priyilegio. Lond. Robert
Be^nan, 1684, 12mo. ' After the address
of "The Translatonr to the readers," fol-
low the oopies of three oaths, which I
know not where else are to be found:
''The othe made by the bisshoppes to our
•oneraygne lorde the Kynge before theyr
eonseeration ; the olde othe of the pre-
lates or bysshoppes of Englande made to
the pope or bymnoppe of Kome ; the new
othe of the prelates or bysshoppes made
to the pope or bysshoppe of Home," '—
DQfdim't Top» AnUq,

Also attached to some editions of the
FloTindale of Lindewood.

See CovfnTnnoirs. LnmswooD.

OnA. Saobi. Sh Wxstkobb-
ZIKD, Earl ofl

Ottebboxtbns, Thomas. See
HsABNX, Thomas.


Ottlxt, Wm. Young. An Iii>
[uiry into the Origin and eaify
_listoiyof Engraring upon Copper
and in Wood, with an Accoont of
EngraTers and their Works, frooL
the Inyention of Chalcography by
Maso Finiguerra to the Tune <n
Marie Antonio Baimondi. Lond.
1816, 4to. a YQ^s. plates, 6i. 6b.

Strettell, 14S6, russia, U, ijlbob papkb,
in imperial 4to. with proofii on India p*-
per. Sixty oopies printed. DowdeswelL
e28,8U8sX)d. Fonthill, 2678; 191.19b. BUmm,

A deseripttre Catalogue of Pietnres in
the National OaHery, with critieal Be-
marks <m their Merits. 1826, feap. dvo.
part L The Angerstein collection.

The Italian School of Design, being »
Series of Fao-similes of original Drawings
by the most eminent Painters and Sculp-
tors of Italy : with biographical Notlee«
and Obsemutions. Lond. 1888t, snper royal
foUo, with 84 plates, published at ISt. 12b.
now U. 4s.— colombier folio, 181. 18b. nofw
82. 8s. ; proofi^ Vi. 4s.

Collection of 189 Facsimiles of seared
and curious Prints, by the early Masters
of the Italian, German, and Flemish
Schools, with 12 dupUcate Plates of Niel-
los finished in silver. Lond. 1826^ imp.^^
4ta published at 16<. 16s. Some copies
contain only 100 plates, and were pub. at

Series of Engravings after the Paint-
ings and Sculptures of the most eminent
masters of the eariy Florentine SchooL
Lond. (1826X imp. folio^ 64 engraTings
after designs by Cimabue, Giotto di Bob-
done, Giottino, Gaddi, UceUo, Ghib«tl»
Masaodo, Lippi, ftc pub. at 92. 9s. now*
2/. 12s. 60. ; PBOOFS, colombier foL 121. 12b.
now 42. 48. This work having been left
unflniBhed, has no general title.

Notices of Engravers and their Works,
being the Commencement of a new Die-
tionary, which it is not intended to con-
tinue. Lond. 1831, 8vo. pt 1. (A to Bald,
aU published) 28. 6d. ; royal 8vo. 8s. 6d.

Observations on a MS. in the Britidt
Museum, believed to be of second or thiiA
century, containing Cicero's translation of
the Astronomical Poem by AratuB. Load.
1886, 4to.

Set Galleries, p. 866.

Otubl, Sir. A metrical Bo-
manoe, £rom the Auchinleok 1I£L
Edinb. 1886. See ABBOTSionx
Club, Aj^tendix,

An abstract of this romance, from im
MSS., will be fbnnd in the second 1 ~
of Ellis' Specimens.


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Otwat, Thomas. The Works,
with Notes critical and explanatory,
and a Life of the Author by Thos.
Thornton. Lond. 1813, crown 8yo.

Best edition, irith portrait of Otway
axidtwo plates, labos pafbe in demy
8vo. Bindley, pt ii. a02S. 11. 98. Sir M.
M. Svkes, pt. ii. 683, extra bound, *8Z. 4s.
Drory, ^83, russia, k 4s.— 1712, 12mo. 2
Tols. with portrait Heath, 1944, 78. 6d.
— 1718,12mo. 2 vols. Willett, 1861, lOs. 6d.
— 1728. 12mo. 2 vols.— 1767, 12mo. 8 vols.
98. Reed, 8806, 16s. Steeyens, 1258,
II. 128.— 1812. 8vo. 2 vols. lOs. Drury,
9882, ». 18. Strettell, 1062, 168.

OuPLE, M. A History of the
ridiculous Extrayagancies of Mon-
sieur Oufle. Lond. 1711, 8yo.

This is a translation (from the French)
of a work hy the Ahb< Laurent Bordelon,
entitled L'Histoire des Imaginations ez«
trayagantes de M. Oufle, caus^es par la
lecture des Liyres qui traitent de la
Magie, Ac of which there is a neat edi-
tion with plates and curious notes, Paris,
1764. Amsterdam, 1710, 2 vols. 12mo.
The author's ol^eet was to do for magie,
witchcraft, Ac. what Cervantes did for
knight-errantry. .White Knights, 8019,
4s. Dent, pt. i. 1060, morocco, 128.

OuGHTON, Tho. Ordo Judicio-
nun siye Methodus procedendi in
Foro ecdesiastico-dyili Britannico
et Hibemico. Lond. 1728, 4to. 2
yols. 158.

A uBcfiilworkw— 1788; 4to. 2 vols.

OuGHTBED, William. Key of the
Mathematics. Lond. 1647, 8yo.

With portrait hy Hollar. Towneley,
pt U, 669, 98. 6d. Oughtred pnhlished
many other mathematiciu works.

OuMJON, Waller Chamberlain.
The History of the Theatres of Lon-
don, containing an Annual Begister
of aQ the Tra^dies, Comedies, &c.
performed from 1771 to 1795, with
Notes and Anecdotes. Lond. 1796,
12mo. 2 yols.

Intended as a continuatioa to B.Vietor's
history of the Theatres. Dnke of York,

A History of the Theatres of London,
from 1796 to 1817, induBiye. Lond.l»ia
12mo. 8 vols. lOs. 6d. The 6 yols. hound
in 4»Soutiiey; 1840,12. Is.

Beauties of modem Dnmatists. Lond.

The Traveller's Ouide, or English Itine«
rary. Lond. 1806, crown 8yo. 2 vols
Drury, 2984, 18s, Duke of York, 8878, 16s.

Picture of Margate and its Vicinity.
Lond. 1820, 8vo. with a map and 20 views^

OiTVDLE. — Strange and wonder*
ful News from Oundle in North-
amptonshire; giying an impartial
BeLeition of the Drumming Well,
commonly called Bobse's WelL
Lond. 1692, 8yo.

Eight pages, including the titie-page.

Ottselet, Sir William, £jit.
Trayels in yarious Countries of the
East| more particularly Persia.
Lond. 1819, 21, 22, 4to. 8 yols.

In high estimation. Drury, 3211, 62. 18b..

The author was secretary to his hrother.
Sir Gore Ouseley, Bart ambassador extra-
ordinary to the Court of Persia, 1810^12.

Persian Miscellanies: an Essay to faci-
litate the Reading of Persian Manuscripts;
with engraved Specimens, philological
Observations, and Notes critical and liis-
torical. Lond. 1796, 4to. pp. 240, wltii ten

Oriental Collections illustrating the His-
tory, Antiquities, Literature, &c. of Asia.
Lond. 1797—1800, 4to. 8 vols. An inta-
resting publication.

Epitome of the ancient History of Per-
sia, extracted and translated nom the^
Jehan Ara, a Persian Manuscript; by
William Ouseley, Esq. Lond. 1799, 12mo..
6s. pp. 92, with a map of Per^ a plate
of the ruins of PersepoUs, and two vig-

The Oriental Geography of Ebn HaukaT,
an Arabian Traveller of the tenth Century.
Translated by Sir William Ouseley, Knt.
Lond. 1800. 4to. pp. xxxvi and 827, al8»
titie and dedication to the king. Font-
hill, 868, 17s.

The Bakhtyar Nameh, or History of
Prince Bakhtyar and the Yixiers, a Series
of Persian Tales (with a Translation^
Lond. 1801, royal 8vo.

Observations on some Medals and Gems,
bearing Inscriptions in the Pahlavi, or
ancient Persick Character. Lond. 1801,.
4to. Biockett,2812,6s. Combe, 1444, 78.
Fonthill, 1888, 168.

^ Sir William Gore, Bart. Be*
marks on the Statistics andpoliti*
cal Listitutions of theUnited States.
Lond. 1882, 8yo. 98.

Notices of Persian Poets, with critical
and explanatoiy Remarks ; with a Memolc
of the Author by James Beynolds. Loo '
[Oriental Translation Fund] 1846^ Svo.


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OuTEAii; WiDiaiii. Da Sacrifi-
«iit libri duo ; quorum alt«ro ez-
plioaiitur omniA JadMorom non-
nuUa G^entiiim profiuoanim Sacri-
fiou; altoro fiacrificiwm CSuiitL
Iiond. 1677, 4to. 8f.

Thlsvoik, Moovdiac to Hone, 'is of
#lBguUr «M to tbo dirinity Btodent^ m
•flMdlDg, in a oompaiatiTely inuai com.
pan, ooe of the moet metterly Ttndiee-
tiooe of the ▼leariout fttooement of Chriet
that ever wm poblisbed.'— TnniUted br
J, Alien, 1817, 8to.

OuTisoiv, M. An Bstaj on
the Mysteriee of ElooBif, trantUted
firom the Frendi by J. B. Price,
irith Obterrations by X Ohriatie.
Lond. 1817, 8to.

Hibbert,60(»,lSi. Bright, Ss.

OuYALiiB, Alonso de. An his-
torical Bdation of the Kingdom of
Chile, 1646.

In the third volame of the Chuehill
<;olleetioa of Voyages and Travels, and
in the foorteenthyolome of Pinkerton's

OTiBAiiL, John, ioccessiyelj
Bishop of Lichfield and Nor wich,
Conyocation Book, MDOvi, con-
•ooming the Gk>yemment of Ck>d's
catholiokChnrch. Lond. 1690, 4to.


With portraits of OyeraU and SanecofL
-by R. whiter— Oxford, 18M^ gro. port of
Oyerall only.

OmiBBKB, Bonar. DegliAvanzi
<Iell' Antica Boma, da Paolo BoUi
liond. 1789, 8yo. d8.6d.

With plates, labox papib. WiHett*

Otesbuby, Sir Gliomas, Enight.
IMjsceiUaneoua Works in Verse and
Prose, with Memoirs of his Life.
The tenth edition. Lond. 1766,
l^mo. 8s.

Garriek,17S6,48.6i. S00Retro0p.ReT.
ii. 92-106. It is stated in the Qent Mag.
for Feb. 1840^ p. 126, that this tenth edi-
tion does not contain many articles which
«re to be foond in the editfon of 1688,
as 'ad Cpmitissam Botlandiia,' 'Para-

The Mountebank's


Miseellaiieoas Works, yerse and
with Notes, and a biographical Accoant
•«£ the Author, by B. P. Rtmbanlt, LL.D.
2i0nd. 1856, post 8yo. portrait, 6s.

▲ inflinow a Widows, Lond. fior Itaw.
renoe Lisle at the IVgre's bead, in FaoTs
Chnrchyurd, 1614, Iteo. This Ffni MS-
tUm does not contain any iihiisfliiii.
Copies in the Bodleian aad Trinitj CoO.

A Wife now the Widdow of Sir Thomas
Oyerbrrye. Being a most exquisite and
singular Poem of the Choice of a WiA,
VThereynto are added many witty Ch*.
raeters, and conceited Newea, written by
himselm and other learned Gentlemwi his
Friends. Lond. for Lawrence Lisle, 1614^
4to. teeond ediHoH, pp. 64, not numbered^
with portrait by Simon Pass. This edition
contslns twentyone characters. Lloyd,
1012, 2t. 8s. BibL Anglo-Poet 50S, 42. 4s.
Heber, pt. ir. U. ls.~Fonrth edit. Load.
1614, 4to. HaUiweU,8{.198<~SUthImpres.
sion, Lond. 1616, sm. 8to. pp. 182, with
port by Simon Pass. BibL An^o-Poet.
60S, li. lis. 6d. This edition contains a
passage not in any other. ~ Sevemh edi.
tion. Lend. 1616, small Sro. pp. 292, with
portrait by 8. Pass. Lloyd, 9«r, 48. Bind-
ley, pt iL 9042, 8s. 9048. 6b. 8tan]ey,e8Q»
li. 2s. BibL Anglo-Poet. 604, ll. 16s.
Heber, pt yiL 2s. 6d.— Eighth edit Lond.
1616, sm.8T0. with port by 8. Pass. Bind-
ley, pt iL 9048, 6s. Skegg, U IDs.— The
ninth Impressi<m augmented, with new
Newes snd characters. Lond. 1616, small
8yo. pp. 992, with portrait by S. Pass.
Uoyd, 906i, 4s. Bindley, pt ii. 9042, 8s.
2048,6s. Stanley, 680, II. &. BlbLAnglo-
Poet 604, 11. 16s. Bright, 16s, North,
21.19s. Brand, 21. 18s.— Tenth edit Lond.
1618,sm.8Ta White KnighU, 3020, mor.
lUOs.— The eleyenth edit Lond. 1622, sm.
8vo. fhmt by Lisle, A-V, in eights.—DnbL
1626, 12mo.— Twelfth edition, Lond.. 1687,
smaU 8to. « Lloyd, 904, 14s. Bindley, pt.
iL2046. Nassau, pt L 2474, with portrait
of Overbury by Lisle, mssia,lZ. Heber,
pt yii. 2s. — Thirteenth edition, Lond.
1628^ small 8yo. Bright, 18s. Gairiek,
1726, 78. 6d.~Foarteenth edition, Lend.
1680, small 8to. Bindley, pt iL 9041.
Stanley, 681, 18s.— Fifteenth Impression.
Lond. 1632, small Svo. pp. 320. Stan-
ley, 682, 168. BibL Anglo-Poet 606,
12. Is. Bright, 18s.— The sixteenth edi-
tion, Lon^ 1688, small Svo. Nassau,
pt i. 2476, portrait inserted, 88r Bindley,
pt U. 2044. StretteU, 1064, with portrait
by Usle, 12b. 6d. Caldeoott, 68. — Lond.
1664, smaU 8yo. Sotheby's in 1821, 6^6d.
Sir Thomas Oyerbury's Wife wiU lik».
wise be found in CapMl's Prolusions, ITttL

The illastrious Wife, yiz. that exceUent
Poem, Sir Thomas Overbyrie's Wi& il-
lustrated by GUes Oldisworth, NepWw
to the seme Sir T. O. 1678. No esf^

The first snd second part of the ReiMdy
of Lone: Written by Sir ThoBsaaO««K


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Oybbbubt, Sir T^^-eoniinued.
Imry^Knisfat. Lond. N. Okes, 1620, 16mo.
A copy is in the British Miueum. Sixteen
lea^^et, the first and last hlank. Warton
qaeries a former edition.

The Jost Downefiall of Ambition, Adnl-
fery, Murder: at the end of which are
added Weston's and Mrs. Turner's last
Tearts, shed for the Murder of Sir Thomas
Overhunr, poysoned in the Tower ; who,
for the Fact, suffered desenied Execution
at Tibume, the 14 of Norember last, 1616,
4to. Fifteen leaves, woodcut on title.
Beed, 8781, 12.88. Skegg, 62.-1616, 4to.
Hibbert, 6068, V. 6s. Strettell. 861,
82. 13s. 6d. Saunders' in 1818, 22. 128. 6d.
The title of this rare tract is giren some-
what differently in Qent. Mag., Feb. 1840,
p. 124, where we are told ti^t it is in
verse, with a portrait of Mrs. Turner,
and bears no date.

Sir Thomas Oyerbury, his Obaerrations
in his Travailes, upon the State of the
■erenteen Provinces, as they stood in
1600 ; the Treatie of Peace being then on
Foote. 1626. 4to. Fifteen leaves. Nas-
sau, ptii. 677, 98. 8teeven8.1917,10B.6d.
North. ipt.iii. 601, 10s. 6d. FoBthil],2766,
U48. Heber,pt.vL8s. There is probably
an earlier ediuon, as it was licensed 28th
Jan. 1616-16^Lond. 1661, 12mo. pp. 80,
with ' the lively*portTaitnre of Sir Tnomas
Overbury/ l^iS. Pass. Nassau, pt. i.
S476, 66. This tract is reprinted in
the first volume of the Oxford Collec-
tion of Voyages and Travels, and in the
7th volume of the HarMan Miscellany.
The original MS. is in the Lambeth Li-
brary. ,

A tnie and historical Belation of the
Poysoning of Sir Thomas Overbury, with
the seven! Airaignments and Speeches
of those that were ezeeitted thereupon.
Also, all the Passages oooceming the
Divorce between Robert late Earl of Es-
sex, and the Lady Frances Howard ; with
King James's and other large Speeches.
Colleeted out of the Papers w Sir Francis
BtMm, the King's Attorney • General.
Lond. 1661, 12mo. pp. 127, not including
the title, with a MrMt of Sir Thomas
Overbury, Laur. Lisle ezcnd. Bindley,
pt Ui. 289, 188. Nassau, pt.ii. 229^1^
Skegg, 8s. ^ Davus, p. 666.

Oyxbbubib's Yibzov. See Ki-
OOLU, Biohard.

Otiebs, John. The trae Bistory
of the Idfe and sudden Death of
old John Oren, tiie ridk Fenj-
Kan of London, and of hia Daugh-
ter MaiT, who oauied the Church
of St. Mary Orcn in Southwark to

OTI 1749

be built ; and of the Building of
London Bridge. Lond. 1744, Svo.
Pp.80, exclusive of the title. First
printed in 1687, 12mo. with woodcuts.

Oybbton, John. Jacobs trouble-
some Journey to Bethel, containing^
a briefe Exposition of the four first-
Verses of &e 38rd Ohapter of Ge-
nesis. Oxford, 1586, 16mo.
Dedicated to Maister Wm. Brent,

— John. The True Churchmaik
ascertained. York, 1808, Svo.

Williams, 1282, ISs.

The Chronology of the Apocalypse, in-
vestigated and defended. Lond. 1822^

An Inquiry into the Truth and Use of
the Book of Enoch, as to its Prophecies,
Yisicms and Accounts of fallen Angels.
Lond. 1822, Svo.

•— Bichard. Articles of High
Treason exhibited against Cheap-
side Crosse, with the last Will and
Testamoit of the said Crosse, and
certain Epitaphs upon her Tombe.
Lond. 1642, 4to.

Four leaves. Lloyd, 1013, lis. 6d«
Skegg, 8s.

Man's Mortalite ; or a Treatise wherein
'tis proved, both theologically and philo-
sophically, that the whde Man is a Com-
pound wholly mortal, Ac. Lond. 1644, 4to.
With a ftontispiece of Death, a clock, Ac
with verses underneath, engraved by W.

Overt<m published other tracts, most of
which axe m the British Museum.

— W. Exhcnrtation to the Judges
and Justices of Sussex, and tiio
whole Countie assembled at the
Assises. Lond. by B. Newbery and
S. Bynneman, lomo.

Bright, 108. 6d.

Oyid. p. Ofidii Nasonis C^era,
e Textu Burmanni; cum Kotia
Bentleii hactenus ineditis, neonon
Hariesii, Gierigii, Burmanni, Le*
mairii, et alionun selectissimis. Ox-
onii, 1826, Syo. 5 yoIs. 2/. 2s.

A very neat and aecorate edition, l abob
PApn in royal Svo. published at 61. 6s.


struck oft

Opera. Lond. 1682A16tto. 8 vols. A
neat editioB, printed by Thomas Yan-


zed by Google

1744 OTI

OVJD"— COItlilMI#»»
Open, cuTMite M. Mtittilw. Lond.

•diUon, with an Index. OMriok, 1781,
loi. erf. Boxburghe. M04, Uf.^«^«

616, morocco by Bofer F^job, 61. 78. 6d.
Heath, 8106. U 19e. ^ , ^ .

Operiu Lond.l74^18mo.6voto. Brlnd-
ley*!! edition. White Knlghto, 8036, 8fc

Open, ex Editione BunneiuiL Load.
l»6rS4mo.8Tole.l0e..6d. TheBegent's

Open ex edit BormennUne, enm NotU
In usum Delphini et Yeriorom connte
Yalpy. Lond. 1881, 8V0. 9 vole, pnbliriied
«t9l9e.now«.«i. lamkfapm, royal

In LatiM, cr Latin andSnglith,

OTidiani Metamorphoeie monliter a
Tho. WaUeye Anglioo. Parie, to «dibu«
Ascensianis, 1611, 4to. — Par. Begnault,
1616, 8to.

Metomorphoseon Libri XY. ab Andrea
Maogerio eaetigati, et Yiet. Giselini Scho-
liia illnstnti. Lond. 1663, 16mo.— Lond.
1688, ISmo. Ee, in eights, printed in neat
brevier italic.

Metamorphoaeon Libri XY. Inteipre-
tatione & Notts, ad Usum serenissimi
J)elphini. Lond. 1708, 8to. Beprinted
1718, 1780, 1810, and since, lOs. 6d.

GomAnnotationibasYarionun. Dablin,
17S9, 4to. A correct and splendid edition,
printed by Grierson. labokpapxb. Mac
Carthy, morocco, 80 firanes.

Metamorphoses in Latin and English,
translated by the most eminent Hands ;
▼ith historical Explanatfons of the Fables,
by the Abb4 Banier. Adorned with Sctdp-
tores by Picart and other ancient Mas-
ttn. Amsterdam, 1788, foUo, 2 vols. Dent,
pt. U. 984, 81. 6s. North, pt. IL 1488, nusia,
62. LABQKPAPXB. Hibbert, 6091, rossla,
-62. 8s. 6d. EdwardiL 291, roasia. lOt.
LAROBST PAFKE. Stanley, 188, 262. 6s.

Metamorphoses, onm yarils Lectionibos.
With Abbe Banter's Arguments and Ex.
planationsof the History and Mythology
of each FaUe in EngUsh. Lond. 1747,
870. Ooagh.2600,7s.6d.

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