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with foreign products, including shooks and
staves when returned as barrels or boxes; also

Jiuicksilver flasks or bottles, of either domestic or
oreign manufacture, which shall have been act-
ually exported from the United > tates; but proof
of the identity of such articles shall be made under
general regulations to bo prescribed by the - ec-
retary of the Treasury; but i he exemption of bags
from duty shall apply only to such domestic bags
as may be imported by the exporter thereof, and
if any such articles are subject to internal tax at
the time of exportation, such tax shall be proved
to have been paid before exportation and not
refunded: Provided, That this paragraph shall
not apply to any article u an which an allowance
of drawback has been maxie, the reimportation of
which is hereby prohibited except upon payment
of duties equal to the drawbacks allowed ; or to
any article manufactured in bonded warehouse
and exported under any provision of law : And
provided furtJur, That when manufactured to-
Daoco which has been exported without payment
of internal-revenue tax shall be reimported it

shall be retained in the custody of the collector
of customs until internal-revenue stamps in pay-
ment of the legal duties shall be placed thereon,

484. Asbestos, unmanufactured.

485. Ashes, wood and lye of, and beet-root ashes.
48«. Asafetida,

487. Balm of Gilead.

488. Barks, cinchona or other from which qui-
nine may be extracted.

489. Baryta, carbonate of, or witherite.

490. Beeswax.

49l! Binding twine : All binding twine manufac-
tured from New Zealand hemp, Istle or Tampico
liber, Sisal grass, or sunn, or a mixture of any two
or more of them, of single ply and measuring not
exceeding 000 feet to the pound: Provided, That
articles mentioned in this paragraph, if imported
from a country which lavs an import duty on like
articles imported from the United .-tates, shall be
subject to a duty of one-half of 1 cent per pound.

492. Bells, broken, and bell metal broken and fit
only to be remanufactured.

499. Birds, stuffed, not suitable for millinery

494. Birds and land and water fowls.

495. Bismuth.

496. Bladders and all integuments and intestines
of animals and fish sounds, crude, dried, or salted
for preservation only, and unmanufactured, not
specially provided for in this Act.

497. Blood, dried, not specially provided for.

498. Bolting cloths composed of silk, imported
expressly for milling purposes, and so perma-
nently marked as not to be available for any other

499. Bones,crude, or not burned, calcined, ground,
steamed, or otherwise manufactured, and bone
dust or animal carbon, and bone ash, fit only for
fertilizing purposes.

600. Books, engravings, photographs, etchings,
bound or unbound, maps and charts imported by
authority or for the use of the United States or
for the use of the Library of Congress.

501. Books, maps, music, engravings, photo-
graphs, etchings, bound or unbound, and charts,
which shall have been printed more thrnSO years
at the date of importation, and all hydrographio
charts, and publications issued for their subscrib-
ers or exchanges by scientific and literary associ-
ations or academies, or publications of individu-
als for gratuitous private circulation, and public
documents issued by foreign Governments.

502. Books and pamphlets printed exclusively in
languages other than English; also books and
music, in raised print, used exclusively by the

503. Books, maps, music, photographs, etchings,
lithographic prints, and charts, specially import-
ed, not more than 2 copies in any one invoice, in
good faith, for the use or by order of any society
or institution incorporated or established solely
for religious, philosophical, educational, scientific,
or literary purposes, or for the encouragement of
the fine arts, or for the use or by order of any col-
lege, academy, school, or seminary of learning in
the United States, or any State or public library,
and not for sale, subject to such regulations as
the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe.

504. Books, libraries, usual and reasonable fur-
niture, and similar household effects of persona
or families from foreign countries, all the fore-
going if actually used abroad by them not less
than one year, and not intended for any other
person or persons, nor for sale.

505. Brass, old brass, clippings from brass or
Dutch metal, all the foregoing, fit only for re-

506. Brazil paste.

507. Brazilian pebble, unwrought or unmanu-

508. Breccia, in block or slabs.

509. Bristles, crude, not sorted, bunched, or pre-

510. Broom corn.

511. Bullion, gold or silver.

512. Burgundy pitch.

513. Cadmium.

514. Calamine.

515. Camphor, crude.

516. Castor or castoreum.

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517. Cat gut, whip gut, or worm gut, unmanu-

518. Cerium.

519. Chalk, crude, not ground, precipitated, or
otherwise manufactured.

520. Chromate of iron or chromic ore.

521. Civet, erude.

582. Clay : Common blue clay in casks suitable
for the manufacture of crucibles.

528. Coal, anthracite, not specially provided for
in this Act, and coal stores of American vessels,
but none shall be unloaded.

524. Coal tar, crude, pitch of coal tar, and prod-
ucts of coal tar known as dead or creosote oil,
benzol, toluol, naphthalin, xylol, phenol, cresol,
toluidin, xylidin, cumidin, binitro toluol, binitro-
benzol, benzidin, tolidin. dianisidin. naphthol,
naphthylamin, diphenylamin, benzaldehyde, ben-
zyl chloride, resorcin, nitrofoenzol, and nltro-
toluol; all the foregoing not medicinal and not
colors or dyes.

525. Cobalt and cobalt ore.

526. Cocculus indicus.
537. Cochineal

628. Cocoa, or cacao, crude, and fiber, leaves, and
shells of.

529. Coffee.

530. Coins, gold, silver, and copper.

531. Coir, and coir yarn.

532. Copper in plates, bars, ingots, or pigs, and
other forms, not manufactured or specially pro-
vided for in this Act.

633. Old copper, lit only for manufacture, clip-
ping from new copper, and all composition metal
of which copper is a component material of chief
value not specially provided for in this Act.

534. Copper, regulus of, and black or coarse
copper, and copper cement.

535. Coral, marine, uncut, and unmanufactured.

536. Cork wood, or cork bark, unmanufactured.

537. Cotton, and cotton waste or flocks.

538. Crvolite. or kryollth.

539. Cudbear.

540. Curling stones, or quoits, and curling-stone

541. Curry, and curry i>owder.

542. Cutch.

543. Cuttlefish l>one.

544. Dandelion roots, raw, dried, or undried,but
u aground.

545. Diamonds and other precious stones, rough
or uncut, and not advanced in condition or value
from their natural state by cleaving, splitting,
cutting, or other process, including miners', gla-
ziers', and engravers' diamonds not set, and dia-
mond dust or bort.

546. Divi-divl.

547. Dragon's blood.

548. Drugs, such as barks, beans, berries, bal-
sams, buds, bulbs, and bulbous roots, excres-
cences, fruits, flowers, dried fibers, and dried in-
sects, grains, gums, and gum resin, herbs, leaves,
lichens, mosses, nuts, nutgalls, roots, and stems,
spices, vegetables, seeds aromatic, and seeds of
morbid growth, weeds, and woods used expressly
for dyeing ; any of the foregoing which are drugs
and not edible, and are in a crude state, and not
advanced in value or condition by refining or
grinding, or by other process, and not specially
provided for in this Act.

549. Eggs of birds, fish, and insects: ProiHdcd,
/towetvr, That this shall not be held to include the
eggs of game birds or eggs of birds not used for
food, the importation of which 1m prohibited ex-
cept specimens for scientific collections, nor fish
roe preserved for food purposes.

. r «5». Emery ore.

551. Ergot.

552. Fans, common palm-leaf, plain and not
ornamented or decorated in any manner, and
palm leaf in its natural state, not colored, dyed,
or otherwise advanced or manufactured.

553. Felt, adhesive, for sheathing vessels.

554. Fibrin, in all forms.

555. Fish, fresh, frozen, or packed in ice, caught
in the Great Lakes or other fresh waters by citi-
zens of the United States.

556. Fish skins.

557. Flint, flints, and flint stones, unground.

558. Fossils.

539. Fruits or berries, green, ripe, or dried, and
fruits in brine, not specially provided for In this

560. Fruit-plants, tropical and semitropical, for
the purpose of propagation or cultivation.

561. Furs, undressed.

562. Fur skins of all kinds not dressed in any
manner and not specially provided for in this

063. Gambler.

564. Glass enamel, white, for watch and clock

565. Glass plates or disks, rough-cut or un-
wrought, for use in the manufacture of optical
instruments, spectacles, and eyeglasses, and suit-
able only for such use : Provided, however* That
such disks exceeding 8 inches in diameter may be
polished sufficiently to enable the character of the
glass to be determined.

566. Grasses and fibers: Istle or Tampico fiber,
jute, jute butts, manila. Sisal grass, sunn, and all
other textile grasses or fibrous vegetable sub-
stances, not dressed or manufactured in any man-
ner, and not specially provided for in this Act.

567. Gold-beaters' molds and gold-beaters' skins.

568. Grease, and oils (excepting fish oils), such as
are commonly used in soap making or in wire
drawing, or for stuffing or dressing leather, and
which are fit only for such uses, and not specially
provided for in this Act.

569. Guano, manures, and all substances used
only for manure.

570. Gutta-percha, crude.

571. Hair of horse, cattle, and other animals,
cleaned or uncleaned, drawn or undrawn, but
unmanufactured, not specially provided for in
this Act; and human hair, raw, uncleaned, and
not drawn.

572. Hide cuttings, raw, with or without hair,
and all other glue stock.

573. Hide rope.

574. Hones and whetstones.

575. Hoofs, unmanufactured.

576. Hop roots for cultivation.

577. Horns and parts of, unmanufactured, in-
cluding- horn strips and tips.

578. Ice.

579. India rubber, crude, and milk of, and old
scrap or refuse India rubber which has been worn
out by use and is fit only for re manufacture.

580. Indigo.

581. Iodine, crude.

582. Ipecac.

583. Iridium.

584. Ivory tusks in their natural state or cut
vertically across the grain only, with the bark left
intact, and vegetable ivory in its natural state.

585. Jalap.

586. Jet, unmanufactured.

587. Joss stick, or Joss light.

588. Junk, old.

589. Kelp.

590. Kieserite.

591. Kyanite, or cyanitc. and kainite.

592. Lac dye, crude, seed, button, stick, and

593. Lac spirits.

594. Lactarene.

595. Lava, unmanufactured.

596. Leeches.

597. Lemon juice, lime Juice, and sour orange

598. Licorice root, unground.

599. Lifeboats and life-saving apparatus special-
I ly imported by societies incorporated or estab-
• lished to encourage the saving of human life.

600. Lime, citrate of.

601. Lithographic stones, not engraved.
j 602. Litmus, prepared or not prepared.

J 603. Loadstones.

i 604. Madder and munjeet, or Indian madder,

ground or prepared, and all extracts of.
< 605. Mugncsite, crude or calcined, not purified.

606. Magnesium, not made up into articles.

(507. Manganese, oxide and ore of.

60S. Manna.

009. Manuscripts.

610. it* arrow, crude.

611. Marshmallow or althea root, leaves or flow-
ci's, natural or unmanufactured.

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612. Medals of gold, silver, or copper, and other
metallic articles actually bestowed as trophies or
prizes, and received and accepted as honorary

613. Meerschaum, crude or unmanufactured.

614. Minerals, crude, or not advanced in value
or condition by refining or grinding, or by other

?rocess of manufacture, not specially provided
or in this Act.

615. Mineral salts obtained by evaporation from
mineral waters, when accompanied by a duly au-
thenticated certificate and satisfactory proof,
showing- that they are in no way artifically pre-
pared, and are only the product of a designated
mineral spring.

616. Models of inventions and of other improve-
ments in the arts, including patterns for ma-
chinery, but no article shall be deemed a model
or pattern which can be fitted for use otherwise.

617. Moss, seaweeds, and vegetable substances,
crude or unmanufactured, not otherwise specially
provided for in this Act.

618. Musk, crude, in natural pods.

619. Myrobolans.

630. Needles, hand sewing, and darning.

621. Newspapers and periodicals; but the term
* 4 periodicals " as herein used shall be understood
to embrace only unbound or paper-covered pub-
lications, issued within 6 months of the time of
entry, containing current literature of the day
and issued regularly at stated periods, as weekly,
monthly, or quarterly.

622. Nuts: Brazil nuts, cream nuts, palm nuts,
and palm-nut kernels; cocoanuts in the shell ana
broken cocoanut meat or copra, not shredded,
desiccated, or prepared in any manner.

633. Nux vomica.

624. Oakum.

625. Oil cake.

626. Oils: Almond, amber, crude and rectiflcrl
ambergris, anise or anise-seed, aniline, aspic or
spike lavender, bergamot. cajeput, caraway,
cassia, cinnamon, cedrat, chamomile, citronella
or lemon grass, civet, cocoanut, fennel, ichthyol,
jasmine or iasimine, juglandium, juniper, laven-
der, lemon, limes, mace, neroli or orange flower,
enfleurage grease, nut oil or oil of nuts not other-
wise specially provided for in this Act, orange oil,
olive oil for manufacturing or mechanical pur-
poses fit only for sue* use and valued at not
more than 60 cents per gallon, ottar of roses, palm,
rosemary or anthoss, sesame or sesamum seed or
bean, thyme, origanum red or white, valerian;
and also spermaceti, whale, and other fish oils of
American fisheries, and all fish and other products
of such fisheries; petroleum, crude or refined :
Provided, That if there be imported into the
United rotates crude petroleum, or the products
of crude petroleum produced in any country
which imposes a dutyon petroleum or its products
exported from the United t>tates, there shall in
such cases be levied, paid, and collected a duty
upon said crude petroleum or its products so im-
ported equal to the duty imposed by such country.

627. Orange and lemon peel, not preserved, can-
died, or dried.

628. Orchil, or orchil liquid.

629. Ores of gold, silver, copper, or nickel, and
nickel matte; sweepings of gold and silver.

63i). Osmium.

631. Palladium.

632. Paper stock, crude, of every description,
including all grasses, fibers, rags (other than wool),
waste, including jute waste, shavings, clippings,
old paper, rope ends, waste rope, and waste bag-
ging, including old gunny cloth and old gunny
bags, fit only to be converted info paper.

633. Paraffine.

634. Parchment and vellum.

635. Pearl, mother of, and shells, not sawed, cut.
polished, or otherwise manufactured, or advanced
in value irom the natural state.

636. Personal effects, not merchandise, of citi-
zens of the United States dying in foreign coun-

637. Pewter and brltannia metal, old, and fit
only to be remanufactured.

6&. Philosophical and scientific apparatus, uten-
sils, instruments, and preparations, including bot-
tles and boxes containing the same, specially

imported in good faith for the use and by order of
any society or institution incorporated or estab-
lished soiely for religious, philosophical, educa-
tional, scientific, or literary purposes, or for the
encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use or
by order of any college, academy, school, or semi-
nary of learning in tne United rotates, or any
i-tate or public library, and not for sale, subject
to such regulations as the Secretary of the Treas-
ury shall prescribe.

639. Phosphates, crude.

640. Plants, trees, shrubs, roots, seed-cane, and
seeds, imported by the Department of Agricul-
ture or the United States Botanic Garden.

641. Platina, in ingots, bars, sheets, and wire.

642. Platinum, unmanufactured, and vases, re-
torts, and other apparatus, vessels, and parts
thereof , composed of platinum, for chemical uses.

643. Plumbago.

644. Potash, crude, or " black salts" ; carbonate
of potash, crude or refined ; hvdrate of, or caustic
potash, not including reflnea in sticks or rolls:
nitrate of potash or saltpeter, crude ; sulphate of
potash, crude or refined, and muriate of potash.

645. Professional books, implements, instru-
ments, and tools of trade, occupation, or employ-
ment, in the actual possession at the time, of
persons emigrating to the United States: but
this exemption shall not be construed to include
machinery or other articles imported for use In
any manufacturing establishment, or for any
other person or persons, or for sale, nor shall it
be construed to include theatrical scenery, prop-
erties, and apparel ; but such articles brought by
proprietors or managers of theatrical exhibitions
arriving from abroad for temporary use by them
in such exhibitions, and not for any other person,
and not for sale, and which have been used by
them abroad, shall be admitted free of duty under
such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury
may prescribe; but bonds shall bo given for the
payment to the United States of such duties as
may be imposed by law upon any and all such
articles as shall not be exported within six months
after such importation : ProvUtetl) That the Secre-
tary of the Treasury may in his discretion extend
such period for a further term of six months in
case application shall be made therefor.

646. Pulu.

647. Guinia, sulphate of, and all alkaloids or salts
of cinchona bark.

64». Hags, not otherwise specially provided for
in this Act.

649. Regalia and gems, statuary, and specimens
or casts of sculpture, where specially imported
in good faith for the use ana by order of any
society incorporated or established solely for
religious, philosophical, educational, scientific, or
literary purposes, or for the encouragement of
the fine arts, or for the use and by order of any
college, academy , school, or seminary of learning
in the United States, or any Mate or public
library, and not for sale ; but the term "regalia"
as herein used shall be held to embrace only such
insignia of rank or ofllce or emblems as may be
worn upon the person or borne in the hand during
public exercises of the society or institution, and
shall not include articles of furniture or fixtures,
or of regular wearing apparel, nor personal prop-
erty of individuals.

650. Rennets, raw orprepared.

651. fcaffron and safliower, and extract of, and
saffron cake.

652. Sago, crude.

653. Salacin.

654. Salep, or salop.

655. Sausages, bologna.

656. Seeds: Anise, caraway, cardamom, cauli-
flower, coriander, cotton, cummin, fennel, fenu-
greek, hemp, hoarhound, mangel-wurzel, mus-
tard, rape, Saint John's bread or bean, sugar beet,
sorghum or sugar cane for seed : bulbs and bulb-
ous roots, not edible and not otherwise provided
for ; all flower and grass seeds ; all the foregoing
not specially provided for in this Act.

657. cheep dip, not including compounds or
preparations that can be used for other purposes.

658. Shotgun barrels, in single tubes, forged,

660. bhriraps and other shell fish.

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660. Silk, raw, or as reeled from the cocoon, but
not doubled, twisted, or advanced In manufacture
in any way.

661. .*ilk cocoons and silk waste.

662. Silkworms' eggs.

663. Skeletons and other preparations of anat-

664. Skins of all kinds, raw (except sheepskins
with the wool on), and hides not specially pro-
vided for in this Act.

665. Soda, nitrate of, or cubic nitrate.

666. Specimens of natural history, botany, and
mineralogy, when imported for scientific public
collections, and not for sale.

667. Spices : Cassia, cassia vera, and cassia buds ;
cinnamon and chips of ; cloves and clove stems ;
mace ; nutmegs ; pepper, black or white, and pi-
mento; ail the foregoing when unground; ginger
root, unground and not preserved or candied.

668. Spunk.

669. Spurs and stilts used in the manufacture of
earthen, porcelain, and stone ware.

670. 8 tamps; foreign postage or revenue stamps,
canceled or uncanceled.

671. Stone and sand : Burrstone in blocks, rough
or unmanufactured ; cliff stone, unmanufactured ;
rotten stone, tripoli, and sand, crude or manufac-
tured, not otherwise provided for in this Act.

672. Storax, or sty rax.

678. Strontia, oxide of, and protoxide of stron-
tian, and strontianite, or mineral carbonate of

674. Sulphur, lac or precipitated, and sulphur
or brimstone, crude, in bulk, sulphur ore as py-
rites, or sulphuret of iron in its natural state,
containing in excess of 25 per centum of sulphur,
and sulphur not otherwise provided for.

675. Sulphuric acid which at the temperature of
60 degrees Fahrenheit does not exceed the specific

Savity of one and three hundred and eighty
ousandths, for use in manufacturing super-
phosphate of lime or artificial manures of any
kind, or for anv agricultural purposes : Provided,
That upon all sulphuric acid imported from any
country, whether independent or a dependency,
which imposes a duty upon sulphuric acid im-
ported into such country from the United States,
there shall be levied and collected a duty of one-
fourth of 1 cent per pound.

676. Tamarinds.

677. Tapioca, cassava or oassady.

678. Tar and pitch of wood.

679. Tea and tea plants.

680. Teeth, natural, or unmanufactured.

681. Terra alba, not made from gypsum or
plaster rock.

682. Terra japonica.

683. Tin ore, cassiteriteor black oxide of tin, and
tin in bars, blocks, pigs, or grain or granulated.

684. Tobacco stems.

685. Tonquin, tonqua, or tonka beans.

686. Turmeric.

687. Turpentine, Venice.

688. Turpentine, spirits of.

689. Turtles.

690. Types, old, and fit only to be remanuf ao-

691. Uranium, oxide and salts of.

692. Vaccine virus.

693. Valonia.

694. Verdigris, or subacetate of copper.

695. Wax, vegetable or mineral.

696. Wafers, unleavened or not edible.

697. Wearing apparel, articles of personal adorn-
ment, toilet articles, and similar personal effects
of persons arriving in the United States; but this
exemption shall only include such articles as act-
ually accompany and are in the use of, and as are
necessary and appropriate for the wear and use
of, such persons for the immediate purposes of
the journey and present comfort and convenience,
and shall not be held to apply to merchandise or
articles intended for other persons or for sale :
Provided, That in case of residents of the United
States returning from abroad, all wearing apparel
and other personal effects taken by them out of
the United States to foreign countries shall be ad-
mitted free of duty, without regard to their
value, upon their identity being established, un-
«er appropriate rules and regulations to be pre-

scribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, but no-
more than 1100 in value of articles purchased
abroad by such residents of the United States
shall be admitted free of duty upon their return.

698. Whalebone, unmanufactured.

699. Wood: Logs and round unmanufactured
timber, including pulp woods, fire-wood, handle-
bolts, shingle bolts, gun-blocks for gun stocks
rough-hewn or sawed or planed on one side, hop-
poles, ship-timber and ship -planking; all the
foregoing not specially provided for in this Act.

700. Woods: Cedar, lignum- vitae, lancewood,
ebony, box, granadilla, mahogany, rosewood,
satin wood, and all forms of cabinet woods, in the
log, rough, or hewn only; briar-root or briar-
wood and similar wood unmanufactured, or not
further advanced than cut into blocks suitable
for the articles into which they are intended to
be converted ; bamboo, rattan, reeds unmanufac-
tured, India malacca joints, and sticks of par-
tridge, hair-wood, pimento, orange, myrtle, and
other woods not specially provided for in this
Act, in the rough, or not further advanced than
cut into lengths suitable for sticks for umbrellas,
parasols, sunshades, whips, fishing-rods, or walk-

701. Works of art, drawings, engravings, photo-
graphic pictures, and philosophical and scientific
apparatus brought by professional artists, lectur-
ers, or scientists arriving from abroad for use by

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