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Dying, n, ExpiriBg.

Byeiko, n. The act of staising.
£abn, V, t To gain by labor.
Ubn, n. A vase.

EiTHEB, a. One or the other.

Ethbb, n. An element supposed to
be rarer than air.
ELISION) n. Division.
Elysian, a. Delightful.

Emebsion, n. Act of rising out.

Immersion, n. Being in a fluid.
Ebband, 71. A message.
Ebbant, a. Wandering.
ABBANT,t a. Bad in a high degree.

Ebuption, n. Act of bursting forth.

Ibbuftion, n, A sudden invasion.
Ewe, 71. A female sheep.
YoTT, pro. The person spoken to.
Tew, 72. An evergreen.
HuB,t7i. Color; tint. *

Exebcisb, n. Labor ; work.

Exorcise, «?. t. To abjure.
Feint, n. A false appearance.
Faint, a. Languid.

Fain, a. Glad ; pleased.

Fane, n, A temple.

Feign, v, t. To pretend,
Faib, a. Beautiful ; just.
Fahb, n. Price of conveyance ; food.

Fabtheb, adv. Further.

Father, n, A male parent.

FoTiiER,t n. A load of lead.
Pat, n. The unctuous part of animal

Vat,1 n, A cistern.

Fawn, n, A young deer.

Fatjn, n, A woodland deity.
Feat, n. A deed.
Feet, n. The plural of foot.
FETE,t n. A feast ; a festival day.

Felloe, n. The rim' of a wheel.

Fellow, n, A companion.
Fated, a. Decreed by- fate.
Feted, ^. Honored.
Fetid, a. Stinking ; rancid.

Fillip, n. A jerk of the finger.

Philip, n. A man's name.
Find, v. t. ' To obtain by searching.
Fined, pp. Punished with penalty.

Fib, n. An evergreen.

Fur, n. The finer hair on animals.

Fab,1 a. Distant; remote.
Fizz, v. i. To emit a hissing noise.
Phiz, n. The face.

Flea, n, A small agile insect.

Flbb, 9. i. To run from danger.
Flew. The preterit of ply.
Flub, n. A passage for smoke.

Flour, n. Grain reduced to powder.

Flower, n. A blossom.
Formally, ad'd. Ceremoniously.
Formerly, adv. In times past.

For, prep. Because of.

Fore, a. Not behind.

Four, a. and n. Twice two.
FoBT, n. A fortified place.
Fobte, 71. A peculiar talent.

FoBTH, adv. Forward.

FouBTH, a. The ordinal of four.
Foul, a. Not clean.
Fowl, n. A winged animal.

Fbanc, 71. A French silver coin.

Frank, a. Liberal ; generous.
Frays, n. Quarrels.
Phrase, n. Part of a sentence.

Freeze, v. i. To congeal with cold.

Frieze, n. A coarse woolen cloth.

Frees, v. t. Sets at liberty.
Gabel, n. A tax.
Gable, n. The end of a house.

Gage, n. A pledge ; a pawn.

Gauge, n, A measure.
Gait, n. Manner of walking.
Gate, n. A kind of door.

Gala, n. A show. \

Gayly, adv. In a gay manner.
Gamble, «. i. To play for money.
Gambol, n. A skip ; a hop.

Gantlet, n. Military punishment

Gauntlet, n. An iron glove.
Goal, n. The mark set to bound 9
GAOL.t n. A prison. [race.

Genius, n. Intellect ; talent.

Genus, n. A class of things.
Gentile, n. One not Jewish.
Gentle, a. Soft ; mild.

Gild, v. t. Overlay with gold.

Guild, n. A corporation, [fishes.
Gill, n. The organ of respiration in
GiLL,t 71. The fourth part of a pint.

GiLTj n. Gold laid on the surface.

Guilt, n. A crime.
Glare, n. A dazzling light.
Glair, n. The white of an eg^.

Gnaw, v. t. To bite oflF by littleu

Nor, conj. A negative particle.
Nice, a. Fine ; delicate.
Gneis, 72« A spGcied of gramte. •


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QoD, n. The Supreme Being.

GoAD,tn. A stick for driving beasts.
€k>BB, n. One who goes. [horn.

GosB, 71. Blood ; «. t To pierce with a

GoBEDy^. Pierced with a horn.

Gourd, n. A plant.
Grate, n. An iron frame for fire.
Great, a. Important.

Grater, n, A Idnd of coarse file.

Greater, a. Larger.
Grease, n. Animal fat.
Greece, n, A country of Europe.

Groan, n. A deep sigh.

Grown, pp. Advanced in growth.
Grocer, n, A dealer in tea, &c.
Grosser, a. More impure.

Grope, tr. t. To search by feeling.

GR0UP,t n. An assembly of figures.
Guana, n, A lizard.
Guano, n. An excellent manure.

Guessed, jpp. Conjectured.

Guest, n. A visitor.
Guitar, w. A stringed instrument.
Catarrh, n, A disease of the head.

Hail, n. Frozen drops of rain.

Hale, a. Healthy ; hearty.
Hair, tu The covering of the head.
Hare, n, A kind of rabbit.

Hall, n. A large room.

Haul, v. t. To pull ; to draw.
Halo, n. A circle round the sun or

Hallow, ^. t. To make holy.

Harsh, a. Rough ; severe.

Hash, n. Minced meat.
Hart, n. A he-deer.
Heart, n. The seat of life.

Hat, n. Dried grass.

Hey, intj. An expression of joy.
Heal, i>. t To restore.
Heel, n. The hind part of the foot.

Hear, ^o, t To perceive by the ear.

Here, adv. In this place.
Heard, jpp. Did hear.
Herd, n. A nutnber of beasts together.

Hew, v. t. To cut with an axe.

Hue, n. Color ; tint.
Hide, n. The skin of an animal ; 1. 1,

To conceal.
WasD^pp, Hastened.

Hie, 7>. i. To hasten.

High, a. Lofty ; tall.
Higher, a. More lofty.
HiRE^n. Wages paid for seryioe. [

Hni, pro. The objective of Hk.
Hymn, n. A song of adoration.

Hoard, n. A store laid up.

Horde, n. A clan ; a tribe.
Hoarse, a. Having the voice rough.
Horse, n. An animal.

HoA, intj. An exclamation.

Hoe, n. A farming instrument.

Ho, intj. Stop ; cease.
Hoes, n. Instruments for farming.
Hose, n. Stockings ; leather pipes to
conduct water.

Hole, n, A cavity.

Whole, n. All of a thing.
Holt, a. Pure ; sacred.
Wholly, adv. Completely.

Hoop, n. A circular binding.

Whoop, n, A loud shout.
Hour, n. Sixty minutes.
Our, pro. Belonging to us.

Huzza, n, A shout

Hussar, n. A horse soldier.
Hyperbola, n. A conic section.
Hyperbole, n. A figure of speech*

I, pro. The person speaking.

Eye, n. The organ of vision.
Idle, a. Doing nothing.
Idol, n. An image worshiped.

Impostor, n. One who pretends.

Imposture, n. Deception ; fttiud.
In, prep. Noting time.
Inn, n. A hotel.

Incidence, n. A falliikg on.

Incidents, n. Events.
Indict, v. t. To declare guilty.
Indite, «. t. To dictate.

Indicted, ;?p. Accused.

Indited,^. Composed.
Indictee, n. One who indicts.
Inditer, n. One who composes.

Indiscreet, a. Imprudent.

Indiscrete, a. Not separated.
Ingenious, a. Witty ; inventive.
Ingenuous, a. Open ; artlesR,

Intense, a. Extreme.

Intents, n. Designs.
Invade, v. t. To infringe.
Inveighed, pp. Uttered censure.

Jam, n. A conserve of fruits.

Jamb, n. The side of a door.
Jester, n. One given to merriment
Gesture, n. Action of sentiment.

Key, n. An instrument.

Quay, w. A wharf*


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Kill, «. t. To deprive of Hfe.
Kiln, n. A stove or furnace.

Knao, n, A knot in wood.

Nao, n, A small horse.
Knbad, v. t To work into a mass.
Knssd, a. Having knees.
Nbisd, n. Necessity ; want.

Knew, «. Had knowledge of.

On a, n. An animal of Africa.

New, a. Not old.
KNiaiir, n. A military attendant.
Night, n. The time of darkness.

Knit, v, t. To unite closely.

Nrr, n. The egg of an insect.
Know, v. t. To have knowledge of
No, n. A denial ; a. None.

Knows, v, t Understands.

Nosa, n. The organ of smell.
Knot, n, A part which is tied.
Not, aiv, Tne word of refusal.
NoTT, n, A proper name.

Lacks, v. t. Wants ; needs.

Lax, a. Loose ; slack.
Ladb, v. U To load ; to freight.
Laid, pp. Placed ; produced eggs.

Lanch, ij. *. To dart ; to let fly.

Launch, v.n. To slide into the water.
Lane, n. A narrow way.
Lain, pp. Rested horizontally.

Latin, n. Language of the Romans.

Lattbn, n, A fine kind of brass.
Laud, v, t. To extol ; to praise.
LoRD,t n. The Supreme Being.

Lea, n, A meadow.

Lbe, n. A sheltered place.
Lbach, 17. t. To filtrate.
Leech, n, A worm that sucks blood.

Lead, n. A soft, heavy metal.

Led, pp. Guided, conducted.

LEAD,t V, t To guide by the hand.
Leaf, n. The green part of plants.
Lief, adv. Willingly.
Leave, n. Permission ; v. t To quit.

Leak, n. A hole which lets wat«r in

Leek, n. A plant. [or out.

Lean, a. Not fat.
Lien, n, A legal claim on property.

Leased, v, t Let or hired.

Least, a. Smallest
Legislator, n. A lawgiver.
Legislature, n. The body in a State
which makes the laws.

Lends, «. t Grants for a time.

-Lbns, 7u a piece of convex glass.

Lessen, e. t. To diminish.
Lesson, n. A task.

Levee, n. A ceremonious visit.

Levy, f), t To collect.
Liar, n. One who tells lies.
Lier, n. One who lies down.
Lyre, n, A musical instrument.

Lib, n. A falsehood.

Lye, n. Water mixed with wood-
Limb, n. A branch.
Limn, c. t. To draw.

Line, iu That which has length
without breadth.

Loin, n. The back of an animal.
LiNEAMENTj u. Feature.
Liniment, n. A wash.

Links, n. Divisions of a chain.

Lynx, n. An animal remarkable foT
sharp sight
LrvER, n. One who lives.
LiVREjt n. A French coin.

Lo, iTitj. Look ; see.

Low, a. Not high ; mean.
Loam, n. A rich vegetable mold.
LooM,t n. A frame for weaving.

Loan, n. Any thing lent.

Lone, a. Solitary.
Loath, a. Unwilling.
Loathe, «. t. To feel nausea.

Lock, n. An instrument.

Loch, n, A term for lake in Scotland.

Lough, n. A term for lake in L^land.
Lore, n. Learning.
Lower, tj. t. To bring low.
LowER,t «. ^. To appear dark.

Lose, 'd, t. To miss any thing.

Loose, a. Unbound.
MADE,jop. Created; formed.
Maid, n. An unmarried woman.

]VIail, n. A coat of steel network.

Male, n. The he of any species.
Main, a. Principal ; chief
Mane, n. The hair on the neck of

Maine, n. One of the United States,

Maize, n. Indian com.

Maze, n. A place of perplexity.
Mantel, n. The beam of a fireplace.
Mantle, n, A kind of cloak.

Manner, n. Form ; method.

Manor, n. A large landed estate.

Manna, n. A substance given by
the Lord to the Israelites.


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IEabk, n. A riable line.
IfABQUBy n. A ]ioeiia&

MAiLTiaSf s. Alaq^kijidof weaaeL

Mabtin, ». A aait of swallow.
Mabshai^, ». A chief officer.
IfABTiAi^ a. Waiiike.

jyiASBy a. A female hoiae.

MATOB,n. The chief magistEBte of
a citj.
MEABy n. A kind oi drink.
^SkeDj n. Seward.

Meax, a. Wandng^digmty*

Meek, a. Look ; aspect.

Meske, a. Middle.
Mbat, A. Fledi to be eaten.
Meet, a. Suitable ; «. I. To come to-
MsTE, V. #. To measure. [gether.

MedduB) ff . f. To interfere.

Medai«, 11. A piece stamped in hon-
or of some performance.
IteDi^AB, n. A tree.
Meddlzs, fl. One who meddles^

Message, n. Any thing to be told.

Messcage, n. A honae and land.
MimxE, a. Spirit ; coorage.
Metal, s. A mineKd insoluble in wa-
ter and foable by heat.

Metes, n. A measnier.

Metes, n. Messure of Terse.
Mewx, v. i. To err as on in^mt.
Mule, n. An animsJ of mongrel breed.

MEwSyci. CiiesasacaL

Mess, K. Deep thought.
Mellezjaiit, c. Consisting of a thon-

Mille!«e3t; n. Goods of a milliner.

Mdtcz, r. t. To cut into sznall parts.

Mests, b. Places where money is
McTDS, n. The intelligent facnltie&
MrxESv n. Snbterraneons works.

Meter, a. One employed in mining.

Mriios, n. One imder lawful age.
Missal, 2s« The mass book.
JMeszl, ». A smgin-GT bird.
Messile, 3. A weapon thrown.

3IISSS3, pp. Failed in aim.

3IisT, n. A fine, thin ndn,
MriE, a. Asm:ili Insect.
Might, a^ Power; strength.

Mitt, o. HaTing iissect mltes»

MiGHTT, & PbwerloL
MoAX, a. Andibfo Bonow.
Mowx^jp. CtitdowAwiUt&acTthe.

Moat, a. A cKtch loiind a castle;

Mots, a. A small particle.
MoEK. A greater quantity.
MowBB, a. One who cuts grass^

MoBX, a. The first part of the day.

3IoiniN, c t. To gricTC ; to lament.
Mossing, a^ The first part of the day.
MouBNiKG, a. Grief; sorrow.

2-ToETAB, a. Cement for bricks.

310BTEB, a. A lamp or light.
Mow, a. A compartment for hay.
Mow,t e. t. To cut down.

MusTABD, a. A genns of plants^

Mi7STESEi>,j3p. Assembled.
Nap, a. A short sleep.
Enaf, v. i. To make a sharp noise.

Natal, a. Maritime ; nanticaL

Katel, a. The center of the ab-
Naite, a. ^Vrtless. [domen.

Nate, n. The center of the wheeL
Enate, a. A petty rascaL

Kat, dK^ff. No.

Neigh, a. The Toice of a horse.
Neal, v. L To temper by heat.
Knkkt., v. i. To rest on the knee;.

Neab, o. Not fiir distant.

Ne^eb, adr. At no time.
Netthes, amj. Not either; nor.
Netilks, a. Lower.

News, a. Fresh account.

N006E, a. A ronning knoL
Nose, a. No one.
Nirsr, a. A female devotee.

OAS,a. A pole with a broad blada*

0'EB,jwTy. AboTe; across.

Ohe, a. A mineral body.
Ode, a. A lyric poem.
OwBD^fpu trader obligation.

Of^ prep. Belonging to.

Off, ttde. Noting separatioD.
OH,ta(^ Denoth^pain.
oWe, v. I. To be indebted to.

Ottab, a» The oil of rosea^

Ottek, a. An amphihioi^ ^m^iff %),
QsEB, a. A single person; a unit.
Wax, pp. Oaii^ by conquest.

OsDCK ASCE, a. A decree ; law.

Okdsasce, a. Cannon.
Obdeb^ a. Method.
Obdube, a. I>nng; filth.

OcGKT, V. t. To be bound by doty.

Aught, m» Any thing.
PACEDiyjopL MoTed slowly.
Pasbs^ «• Flour aod wattt nixBd.


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Woitt)3 OF smti.A» i^atKsrtTiSrciXTrdJr.


Packed, pp. Bound in tt bundle."
Pact, ru A contract ; a bargain.

Pail, n. A wooden vessel.

Pale, a. Not ruddy.
Pain, n. Anguish ; agony.
I of j ■

Pane, n, A square
Pair, n. Two things suiting one an-
Pare, ©. t To peel. [other.

Pear, n, A fruit.

PAiiATB, n. The organ of taste.

Pallet, tk A small bed.

Palette, n. A painter's board.
Pall, n. The covering over the dead.
Paul, n, A man's name.

Partition, n. That which divides.

Petition, n, A request; entreaty.
Passable, a. Tolerable.
Passible, a. That may feel.

Pastor, n, A clergyman.

Pasture, n. Land grazed by cattle.
Patience, n. Sufiering without com-
t*ATiENTS, n. Persons under the care
of a doctor.

Pause, n. A stop ; suspense.

Paws, ti. The fore-feet of a beast of

P0RES,17J. Passages for perspiration.
Peace, n. Freedom from war.
Piece, n, A part of the whole.

Peak, n. The top of an eminence.

Pique, n. A slight resentment.
Peal, n, A succession of loud sounds.
Peel, n. The skin or rind.

Panel, n. A square between other

Pannel, n. A kind of saddle.
Purl, «?. i. To flow with a gentle noise.
Pearl, n, A white, hard, smooth sub-
stance found in a kind of oyster.

Pedal, a. Belonging to the feet.

Pedal, n. A key moved by the foot.

Peddle, v, t To carry about to sell.
Peer, n. An equal.
Pier, n. A column ; a wharf.

Pencil, n. A small brush.

Pensile, a. Suspended.
Pendant, n. Something which hangs.
Pendent, a. Hanging. [woman.

Personal, a. Belonging to man or

Personnel, n. The persons in a
public office.
Pilot, n. A guide.
Pilate, n. A man's name.

PitLAb, n. A colttmn. [hetiA,

Pillow, n. Something under tMe
Pint, n. Half a quart.
PoiNT,t n. The sharp end.

Pistil, n. Part ot a flower.

Pistol, n. The smallest fire-arm.
Place, n. Locality ; situation.
Plaice, n, A sort of flat fish.

Plain, n. Smooth ; clear.

Plane, n, A flat surface.
Plaintiff, n. One who seeks justice.
Plaintive, a. Expressive of sorrow.

Plait, n. A fold.

Plate, n. A flat piece of metal.
Pleas, n. Arguments.
Please, v, i. To give pleasure.

Plum, n, A fruit.

Plumb, n. A perpendicular.

PLUME,t n, A feather ; a crest.
Pole, n, A measure ; a long stake.
Poll, n. The head.

Pool, n, A small collection of water.

PouLE, n. The stakes played fof.
Poplar, n. A tree of the aspen species.
Popular, a. Pleasing to the people.

Populace, n. The people.

Populous, a. Full of people.
Pore, n. A passage for perspiration.
Pour, «. t To let out of a vcssfel.

Poring, ppr. Looking intently.

Pouring, ppr. Sending as a fluid.
Port, n. A harbor.
Porte, n. The Turkish court.

Portion, n. A part ; a share. .

PoTiONjt n. A di*aught of medicine.
Practice, n. The habit of doing.
PiiACTiSB, V. t To exercise.

Praise, n. Commendation.

Prays, v. i. Entreats ; petitions.

Preys, v, i. Feeds by violence.
Pray, u. t To supplicate.
Prey, w. Rapine ; plunder.

Precedent, n. A rule or example*

Precedent, a. Going before.

President, n. One who presides.
Presence, n. State of being present.
ftaESENTS, n. Gifts.

Pride, n. Self-esteem.

Pried, pp. Moved by means of a
Pries, it. i. To inspect closely.
Prize, n. A reward gained.

Prince, n. The son of a king.

Prints, n. Impressions mMe.


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Pbikcifal, a. Chief; important.
Princifle, n. An element.

Prior, a. Previous ; former.

Prier, n. One who inquires closely.
Profit, n, Gadn ; benefit.
Prophet, n. One who foretells eventa

Prophecy, ?t. That which is fore-
told, [tell.

Prophesy, v. t. To predict ; to fore-
QuARTs, n. Fourths of a gallon.
Quartz, n. Rock crj^stal.

Queen, n, l]he wife of a king.

Quean, n, A worthless woman.
IlABBET, n, A joint.
Rabbit, n, A small quadruped.

Radical, n. Of first piinciples.

Radicle, n. A part of a seed.
Radish, n. An esculent root.
Reddish, a. Somewhat red.

Rain, n. Water from the clouds.

Reign, n. To have royal power.

Rein, n. The strap of a bridle.
Raise, v, t To lift ; to erect.
Rays, n. Beams of light.
Raze, v. t. To demolish.

Raised, j:>^. Lifted; elevated.

Hazed, pp. Demolished.
Raiser, n. One who raises.
Razor, n. An instrument for shaving.

Raisin, n, A dried grape.

Reason, n. The rational faculty.
Rancor, n. Malice ; hate.
Ranker, a. Coarser.

Rap, n. A quick, smart blow.

Wrap, v, t. To roll together.
Rapping, ^jpr. Striking vnth quick

Wrapping, n. A cover.
RAPiNE,t». Plunder; pillage.

Read, d, t To peruse.

Reed, n, A hollow, knotted stalk.
ReaDjJ?/?. Perused.
Red, a. Having the color like blood.

Real, a. True.

Reel, n. A machine for winding.
Reseat, «. t. To seat again.
Receipt, n, A written acknowledg-

Relic, n. That which remains.

Relict, n, A widow.
Residence, n. Place of abode.
Residents, n. Those who reside in a

Resign, v, t. To ^ve up. [place.

Resign, «. I. To sign again.

Rest, n. Quiet ; ease.

Wrest, v, t. To twist by violence.

Restauration, n. Restoration,

Restoration, n. Recovery.
Rheum, n, A thin, watery mutter.
Room, n. Space.

Rhumb, n, A vertical circle.

Rum, n. Spirituous liquor.

RHOMB,t n, A quadrilateral figure.
Rhyme, n. Hannonical sounds.
Rime, n. Hoar frost.

Rice, n. An esculent grain.

Rise, n. Asceut ; v. t. To ascend.
Rifle, n. A kind of ^un.
RiVAL,t n, A competitor.

Rigger, n. One who rigs.

Rigor, n. Severity ; strictness.
Right, a. Direct ; proper.
Rite, n. Ceremony.
Wright, n. A workman.
Write, v, t. To express by letters
formed with a pen.

Road, n. An open way.

Rode, pp. Traveled in a vehicle.

Rowed, pp. Impelled by oars.
Roam, v. i. To ramble.
Rome, n. A city in Italy.

Roar, v, i. To cry as a lion.

Rower, n. One who manages an oar.
Roe, n. A species of deer.
Row, c. t. To impel a boat by oars.
Row,t n, A riotous noise.

Roes, n. Female deer ; eggs of fishes.

Rows, «j. t. Impels by oars.

Rose, n, A well-known flower.
Rood, n. The fourth part of an acre.
Rude, a. Rough ; coarse of manners.

Rouse, d. t. To stir up ; to provoke.

Rows, n. Riotous disturbances.
Rote, n. Memory of words.
Wrote, pret. of vtrite.

Rough, a. Not smooth ; rugged.

RuFP, n, A linen ornament.
Rout, n. An evening party ; v. t To

Route, n. Road ; course.

Rung, n. A step of a ladder ; pp.

Wrung, ^;?. Twisted. [Sounded.
Rye, ». A species of grain.
Wry, a. Crooked.

Sail, n. Canvas of a ship.

Sale, n. Act of selling.
Sailer, n. That which sails.
Sailor, n. A seaman ; a mariner.


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8ATIB1B, n. mdicale; sarcasm.

Sattb, n. A sylvan God.
Saveb, n. One who saves.
Savob, n, A scent; tast&

Scene, n. A view.

8BBN,j»p. Having viewed.

Seine, n. A net used in Jibing.
Scull, tj, A short oar.
Skull, tl The case of the brain.

Sea, n. A body of salt water.

See, «?. t To perceive by the eye.

C, 71. A letter in the alphabet
Seal, n. An engraved stamp.
Seel, t?. t To close the eyes.
Ceil, ». t To cover the upper surface.

Seam, n, A juncture.

Seem, v. n. To appear.
Seamed, pp. Joined together.
Seemed, _^. Appeared.

Sear, a. Dry ; «. t To bum.

Seeb, 71. One who foresees.
Seas, n. Bodies of salt water.
Sees, t. t. Perceives by the eye.
Seize, v, t To take hold of.

Sects, n. Religious denominations.

Sex, n. The distinction between
male and female.
Seniob, 7l One older than another.
Seigniob, n. A title.

Sebf, n, A slave.

SuBF, n. The swell of the sea that
beats upon the shore.
Seboe, n. A kind of woolen cloth.
SuBGE, n. A rising billow

Set, t?. t To place.

SiT,i V. i. To repose on a seat.
Sew, «j. t. To join by the needle.
Sow, <5. i. To scatter seed.
So, adt). In this manner.

SowEB, n. One who sows.

SoAB, «. i. To fly aloft.

SoBE, n. An ulcer; a painful part.

Sewer, n. One who uses a needle.

SEWEBjt n, A passage to convey off
water and fllth.
Shear, v, t. To clip with shears.
Sheeb, ^?. 71. To deviate.
Shibe, n. A county.

Sheath, n. The case of any thing.

Sheathe, «. t. To inclose in a case.
Show, «. t. To exhibit to view.
Shew, ©. t. To exhibit to view.

Shoe, n, A protection for the foot.

Shoo, in0. Begone.

Shoitb, pp. Emitted rajs of light
Snowir,^. Exhibited.

Side, n. Edge; margin.

SieHSD, pp. To emit breath audibly.
Sighs, n. Deep respirations.
Size, n. Bulk ; magnitude.

SiGHEB, n. One who sighs.

SiBE, n. Father.
Sign, n. A token ; a signal.
Sine, n. The name of a line.

Sink, v. L To go to the bottom.

Cinque, n. The number five.
Slat, «. t To kilL
Slbt, ?i. A weaver^s reed.
Sleigh, n, A vehicle for snow.

Slew, pret. of slay.

Slue, ». t. To turn about.
Slight, n. Neglect ; a, SmalL
Sleight, n. Artful trick.

Slok, 71. A fruit

Slow, a. Not swiil.
Slough, ti. A deep, miry place.
SLOUGH,t t?. L To fall ofL

Smelt, n, A small sea-flsh.

Smelt, ©. t To melt ; pp. Perceived
by the nose.
SoABED,2?p. Ascended.
SwoBD, n. A weapon for cutting.
SwABD,t w. A grassy surface.

Sole, ti. The bottom of the foot'

Soul, n. The spirit of man.
Sold, pp. Disposed of for a price.
Soled, pp. Furnished with soles.
SouLSD, a. Having a mind.

SoLDEB, n. Metallic cement

SoLDiEB,t n» A warrior.
Some, a. More or less.
Sum, n. The whole.

Son, n. A male child.

Sun, n. The luminary that nuikea
the day
Soot, n. Condensed smoke.
Suit, n. A set of things.
Suet, n, A hard fat.
Suite, n. A train of followers.

SooTH, n. Truth ; reality.

Soothe, v. t. To allay.
Staid, a. Sober ; grave.
Stayed,^. Supported.

Staib, 71. One in a flight of steps.

Stabe, «. 71. To look with fixed
Stake, n. A small post
Steak, n, A slice of beef.


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'- Stalk, n, Tbe stem of a {)lfliit

Stork, n, A bird.
Statioisaby, a. Motionleea.
Stationery, m. Pens, ink, paper, Ac.

Steel, n. A refined kind of iron.
.^ Steal, «). t To take by theft.
Straight, a. Not crooked.
Strait, «. A narrow pass.

Succor, w. Aid ; relief.

Sucker, n. A shoot of a plant*
Swap, n. A blow.
Swop,»^. t. To barter.

Sweat, n. Perspiration.

Sweet, a. Pleasing to the taste.
Tacks, n. Small nails.
Tax, n. A tribute.

TACT,n. Skill.

Tack, n. A small nail.
Tail, n. The last end.
Tale, ?i. A narrative.

Talents, w. Abilities.

Talons, 71. The claws of a bird.
Taper, n. A wax candle.
TAP131, n. An animal.

Tare, n. A weed.

Teaij, «* t. To pull in pieces.
, .TEAR,t n. Moisture from the eyes.
TAUGUTyPp. Instructed.
Taut, a. Tight.

TiUm, fi. Two or more horses.

Teem, v. L To be full.
TpAH, n. The water from the eyes.
Tier, n. A row; a rank.

Teas, n. The different kinds of tea.

Teaue, ^. t To harass ; to annoy.
Tenor, n. General course.
Tenure, n. Act of holding.

Tense, ct. Drawn tight.

Tents, n, lilovable lodgings.
The. The definite article.
Thee, pro. The objective case of


Their, pro. Belonging to them.

There, adt>. In that place*
Threw, pret^ <if throw.
Through, prep. From end to end.

Throb, n. Extreme pain.

Throw, «. t To hurl.
Throne, n. The seat of a king.
Thrown, pp. Cast ; hurled.

Thyme, n. An aromatic plant.

Time, n. Duration.
Tide, n. Stream.
TiiiD,^. Bound.

Tint, a. Little ; small

Tinny, a. Like tin.
To, prep. Noting motion toward.
Too, (idv. Noting excess.
Two, a. One and one.

Toad, n. An animal.

Toed, a. Having toes.

Towed, pp. Drawn along.
Toe, n. A finger of the foot.
Tow, V, t. To draw along.

Told, ^, Mentioned; related.

Tolled, pp. Sounded slowly.

Toled, ^. Allured.
ToLE, V. U To allure.
Toll, n. A tax upon travelers.

Ton, n. A weight ; 20 cwt.

Tun, n. A laige cask.
Tour, ». A circuit.
Tower, n. A building.

Tracked, pp. Followed by marks.

Tract, n. A region ; a small pamph-

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