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For 1811.







'ity^ Southwark ^ Northern Liberties ^











IMPRESSED with a grateful sense of the hlg-k
iJavour with -which it has been the pubhc pleasure to
honour their undertaking-, it is to the compilers a
subject of extreme regret that they have been con-
istrained thus long- to delay the publication of the
•Census Bu-ectory for 1811. They however trust that
the motives which induced them to this delay, mis-
taken as they have partially been, will advocate the
extenuation of tliis default: this ill success is the off-
spring of events wjiich might have misled the most
lacutc discernment, and set ^t defiance the most
'active ability.

In addition to what was at first promised to the
public, the compilers, anxious to give every possible
satisfaction, contemplated to give a statement of the
manufactures of the state of Pennsylvania, its cen-
sus, and that of each individual county. To this end
B||fiormation has from day to day been expected, and
^A^ publication in consequence retarded. In this
^^^ have been much deceived, the returns of seve-
UBidistant counties being not yet received. — Unwil-
ling longer to trespass on the public patience, it is
therefore concluded to omit for the present the ma-
nufactures and census of Pennsylvania, excepting
those of the City and County of Philadelphia, and
iis soon as a full and complete account can be ob-
tained, to publish and deliver them, as an addenda
to this volume, either on a sheet or in a pamphlet. —
Besides which it will contain all removals, late esta-
Jilishments and other information wliich may be
useful and is here omifted.

The clemency of the public is also solicited for
smy inaccuracies in this work which may come un-
der their notice, and as the compilers were untutor-
ed to the task, it is hoped their labours ■vviU be re-
ceived vrith cfiiidour and indulgence.





aLLIBOXE Thomas, attorney at law, S. W. comer

P'ourth and Arch
Arclier James, bootmaker, 67 Dock
Ardley R. A. broker, 19 Walnut
Baker John L. broker, l5 Wahiut
Bisch Albert, N. W. corner Eleventh and Hi^
Brown William,' printer, 41 Cherry
Comfort & Paxon, merchants, 201 High
London William, livery stablekeeper, 265 S- Fifth,
^avis William, N. W. corner Arch and Seventh

;ky John, merchant, I16 N. Fouilh

rwin John, grocer, 96 Coates*
'ergxison Elizabeth, widow, 180 Swanson
Ft-rris Elijah, teacher, 26U S. Third
Fitzgei-ald Reran, stable keeper, Marshait's alley
Fletcher Hannah, seamstress^ Walnut aFove lltk
Pluck Adam, keeper of the White Sw^an ta^^m.

Race above Third /

Ciallagher Bernard, N. Watc^^
Hasson James, g-rocer, 394 Rac/
Hilyard Eber, 117 Lombard /
Holscamp Garret, pilot, 308/S. Front
Hood George, corder, S. W corner Front 8c Almond
Howel Joseph E. l50 S. Si^cond
Humphreys Thomas, clnna merchant, 317 High
Ingersol Jared, counselor at law, 112 Walnut
January Hannah, layer out of dead, back 39 Arch
Johnston Robert, keeper of the Merino mn, 3 Cherry
Kloss ChristiaJi, baker, 81 Passyunk road
Law Andrew, professor of vocal music, 1 Moraviaa


Ti.awes Elijah, commission merchant, 395 Ilig-h
J^ee Christopher, keeper of the Marine hotel, 1 Pine
Lewis David, president Phoenix Insurance compajjy,

142 S. Second *•

Lewis Joseph, 146 S. Second
Lippincott Samuel, tailor, 4 N Water
Lowber John C. attorney at law, 151 N. Third
M'Allester James, 73 S. Water
M'Alpin Thomas, bx-eeches maker, 13 Plum
IVrCall William, g-rocer, corner, Merritt's lane k 5ih
"M'Cartney Daniel, watchman, 2l9 S. Sixth
M'Claskey James, teacher, S. E. corner St. John

and Brown
M*Dhennv James, distiller, corner Chesnut & lOth
INI'Karaher Charles, sawmaker, 227 S. Fifth
M'Laren A. wheatfan maker, 14 Spruce, 8c 127 Plum
M/Laughlin Bernard, g-rocer, 99 Shippen
M 'Waters John, Vine

iNfartin Alias & Co. syring-e manufactory, 340 Race ^
Martin J. D. drug-gist, 241 Mulberry J^

Moore John, 279 Sassafras "^^

Mollis George & Co. 49 N. Third
Morri-.on Hugh, 236 S. Third
Morton Thomas, book binder and paper ruler (witk

a machiAc), 3 Blackhorse alley
•O'Con way Matthias Ja,mes, sworn interpreter, 71

S. Fourth
Polin Peter, boct and shoemaker, 127 Chesnut
Porter Samuel, biack & whitesmith, Prospect alley-
Preston William, lave constable, Gaskill near George
Richards William, curpenter, at Theatre
Richardson Richard, carpenter. Fourth near Brown
Rolph James, teacher, 13/ S. Eleventh
Sherer Henry, hair di-esstr, 10 N. Foui'th
Starret Ezekiel, porter, near 119 Queen
Stelwaggon Sc Knight, mercimnts, 204 N. Water
Thomas Jacob, merchant tailor 68 S. fourth
Thomas Jacob, tailor, 9 Vernon
Thompson — , tobacco inspector, Walnat street

Tilghman Edward, counsellor at law, 124 Chesnut
Watson Thomas, Fourth near Cedar
Wood lleiiry,^rocerv -306 §. fguftii

For 1811.


ABBOTT George, hairdresser, 9 Cliesnut
Abbett Henry, smith. 111 X. 2cl & 45 Sassafras
Abbott John, nailor, 477 noi-th Secoiid
Abbott Jonathan, mason, 130 Coates
Abbott Joseph, cai-penter, back 147 St. John
Abbott Savah, suspender maker, 13 Giles' alley-
Abbott Sc Sheward, brewers, cor. Dock & Fear
Ab])ott Thomas B. currier, 29 Chesnut
' 'lott Timothy, curi'ier, 97 Chesnut

')()tt "William, brewer, 2 New Bank
Abbott \Vm. Henry, carver & gilder, 9 X. Fotiftli
Abegast major George, near Gray's ferry
Abel Christiana, laundress, 212 Cherry
Abel George, shoemaker, 205 north Front and 200

north water
Abel Jacob, victualler. Cedar west of Shipp^u's lane
Abel John, gravedigger, 268 south FouiUi
Ahel John St Joseph, carpenters, 10 Brown
AbelJoseph, shoemaker, 123 north Fourth
AbelJoseph, shoemaker, 10 Brown
Abel Peter, stablekeeper, 5 Ap])letree alley
Abel Peter, shoemaker, 435 north Second
Abercrombie James, p. t>. assistant minister of

Christ & St. Petei-^s churches, 162 S, Fourth
Abercrombie Thomas B. printer. Juniper lane
Abington Susanna, gentlewoman, 85 north Sixtli
Abling Robert, sliocmaker, near 508 S. Second
Abjaham lliuinah, widow, 127 Brown
Abraham Isaac, viottialler, 127 Brown
Abraham Jacob, bri(J|maker, 245 Si. Jolm


Abraham Moses, 189 ijoith Third

Achcson David, merchant, 1 Sausom

Acliwald Jolin, brickmaker, cor. Georg-e h Sqji. Tth

Ackley Elijah, sea ca]itain, 43 Noble

Ackley J. B. oil & colourman, 169 north Second

Ackley James, book-hinder, Watkins' alley

Ackley Thomas, grocer, 245 south Front

Adams Alexr. & "\^'m. grocers. High near Juniper

Adams Benjamin, carpenter, 98 St. John

Adams Charles, candlebox-maker, 13 Willing's alley

Adams George, potter, Lombard between Scb.7 & 8th.

Adams Jacob W. printer, 66 Mulberry

Adams John, chairmaker, 526 N. Fronk

Adams John, agent, 227 Callowhill

Adams John, tobacconist. Rose alley

Adams John, printer, corner Locust and Eleventh

Adams John, shipwright, Marlborough ^

Adams Avidow of Joseph, shoemaker, 259 S. Fourth

Adams & Loughery, merchants, 93- N. Water

Adams Lydia, widow. Drinker's court ^

Adiims Moses, shipwright, near 567 S. Front

Adams Peter, biscuit baker, 20 Shippen

Adams Peter, biscuit baker, 138 & 140 Lombard

Adams P. L. boarding house, 39 S. Water

Adams Rebecca, seamstress, Oak (N. L.)

Adams Robert, carpenter and shipjoiner, 9 Pine

Adams ^.. obert, porter, second near Prime

Adams Robert, merchant, 80 S. Eighth

Adams Samuel, ciu'rier, 259 S. Fourth

Adams St.Lawrence, cotton manufacturer, Mulben^

near Twelfth
Adams Sarah, widoyr> 115 Queen
Adams Thomas, carter, back 72 Passyunk
Adams William, carpenter, 48 George
Adams William, shoemaker, 65 Christian
Adams William, grocer, 46 S. Second
Adams Zephaniah, wharf builder. Oak (N- L )
Addington Stephen, young ladies prfeceptor 3141Jigk
Addis Amos, carpenter, 335 N. Second
Addis Daniel, attorney at law, 101 S. Fifth
Addouis Nathan, shipwright, Queen (It.)


Adg-ate Daniel, accomptant, 89 New

Adolph John, carpenter, corner St. John and Green

Aertson E. shopkeeper, 115 S, Second

AfHebach George, laboui-er. Smith's court

Affleick Ann, boarding- house, 16 Almond

Ag'art George, rigger, 28 Artillery lane

Agnew Margaret, grocer, 336 N. Front

Airheart Catharine, nurse, 453 S. Front

Airy Samuel, carpenter, 155 S, Fifth

Aken James, engraver, 32 MulbeiTy

Aitken Jane, printer and stationer, 7l N. Third

Aitken John, cabinetmaker, 145 Chesnut

Aitken John, silversmith, &c. 76 N. Second

Aiken Rachael, boarding house 48 Spruce

Aitken Kobert, labourer, Scott's alley

Aitken Robert, printer, Pearson's court

Alberger A victualler 259 Callowhill

Alberger Henry, victualler, l^awrence

Alberger John, victualler, l65 N. Second ''

Alberger J. victualler, 257 Callowhill

Alberger P. victualler, Lawrence & 16 3d Shambles

Alberger Susanna, mantuamaker, 112 N. Fourth.

Alberson Mrs. nurse, 9 Burd's alley

Alberson Nehemiah, innkeeper, Old Ferry

Alberson and Rowlandson, merchants, 25 Pine

Alberson, capt. R. lumber merchant, lOl Swanson

Alberson Timothy, shipwright, Gcrmantown road

Albert Anthony, segur maker, Buttonwood lane

Albert Casper, innkeeper, 414 N. Third

Albert! George F. m. d. 116 N. Front

Albertus L. grocer, back 125 S. Water

Albrlglit Charles, instrument maker, 95 Vine

Albright Conrad, shoe warehouse, S. E. corner

Second and High
Albright Frederick,, cedar cooper, 79 Brov/n
Albright Frederick, shoemaker, 6 South alley
Albright George ropemaker, Buttonwood lane near

Ridge road
Albright Jacob, stevadore, Duncan's court
Albright John, ropemaker, 143 Coates'
Albright John, coaster, H (JallowhiU
A ^


Albright John, carpenter, near 20 Sugar alley
Albright Martin, baker, 546 N. Third
Albright Michael, cedar cooper, 36 N. Sixth
Alchin (ieorge, bookbiniler, 21 Wagner's alley
Alcock. AVilliuni, print cutter, 66 N. Second
Alcorn George, last maker, leatlier cutter and finder,

67 Dock
Alcorn Michael, sea captain, 115 S. Fifth
Alcot John, blacksmith, Stout's alfey
Aldei'son John, merchant, 31 Pine
Alexander Archibald d. d. 24 Lombard
Alexander Eleanor, grocer, N. \V. cor. Shippen 8c 2d
Alexander Elizabeth, widow. Crown [K.]
Alexander James, shoemaker, Elmslie's alley
Alexander James, boarding house, 85 S. Water
Alexander .lumes, shoemaker, 147 Walnut
Alexander John, printer, back 129 Locust
Alexander John P. grocer. Sassafras near Juniper
Alexander Joseph, shoemaker, near Moy. ^ Prime
Alexander Joseph, labourer, 196 S. Fifth
Alexander ZSLiria, shopkeeper, 33 Sassafras
Alexander Nicholas, caulker, Palmer [K.J
Alexander Rachael, widow, 24 Plum
Alexander Rebecca, grocer, 132 S. Ninth
Alexander Richard, cabinetmaker 92 S. Third
Alexander Robert, grocer, 27 Green
Alexander Sophia, seamstress, back 292 Mulberry
Alexander Thomas, labourer. Juniper lane
Alexander William, carter, Cherry near Juniper
Alexander William, mariner, 379 N. Front
Alexander William, cabinetmaker, 36Coate8' alley
Alfton John, sea captain, 67 New
Algeo Thomas, merchant, 210 High & 206 Pine
Allardice Peter, silk dyer, &.c. 181 S; Second
Allen Aquila, labourer, Millei*'s court
Allen Cairns, teacher. Eleventh near Sassafras
Allen Charles, druggist, &.c. I60 S. Second
All«n Charles, storekeeper, 42 High
Allen David, shoemaker and sexton, 34Chri^Uan
Allen David, storekeeper, 23 N. Front
Allen lid ward, luiUer, 458 Sassafras

ALL 11

Allen E. stage driver, back 9 S. Sixth
Allen E. tailor 52 and 39 S. AVater
\Ilcn Hug-h, carter, 106 Cherry-
Allen John, shipwrig-ht. Queen [K.]
Allen John, merchant, 41 Dock and 120 Spruce
Allen John, oak cooper, 18 Strawberry
Allen John E. g-entleman. Second below Federal
Allen John W. printer, corner Chesnut and Sch. 6th'^
Allen John, ^'ave dig-ger, 124 Christian
Allen Jonathan, mariner, corner 7th and Shippen
Allen Joseph, mariner, 9 Swede's church alley
Mien Joseph Jan. carpenter, 60 Spruce
Mien Joseph, hatter, 51 N. Sixth

lien Joshua A. accomptant, 9 Little George

lien Isaac, shallopman, 53 Queen

lien Lewis, trader, 134 N. Third
Mien Mary, seamstress, 165 S. Third
Allen Mary, boarding house, 25 Pine
Allen Matthew, accomptant, 458 S. Front
Allen Robert, morocco dresser, 156 S. Sixtk
Allen Samuel, merchant, 29 Mulberry
Allen Thomas P. combmaker, 53 N. Sixth
Allen Thomas, labourer. Shields' alley -
Allen Thomas, proprietor of horses, carriages, &c.

46 X. Sixth
Allen William, painter, near 431 S. Second
AUenberg John, farmer, 2d street road Moyamensing
Allhiser, widow of Wm. tanner, 469 N. Third
AUibone & Keim, flower and millstone merchants,

corner of Sassafras and Water — also on wharf
AUibone Sarah, gentlewoman, 98 N. Third.
-AUibone William Jun. merchant, N. W. corner Mul-
berry and Moravian
AUibone William, currier, 216 N. Second
Alligood Thomas, mariner, back 119 Queen
AUis Enos, cabinetmaker, back 96 N. Seventh
AUis Henry, carpenter, near 462 Sassafras
AUison Burgis, d. v. 70 S. Eighth
Allison Christian, mate, 19 Parham's alley
Allison James, labourer, 5/1 S. Fi*oiit
Aliiaon James, tailor, 45 Mulberry

A 3


Allison John, labourer, 11 P.issyunk
Allison John, clerk to Board of Health 256 S. Front
Allison John, carpenter, 27 Mar}-
Allison John, measurer, 262S.Tlur(l
Allison Robert, coach painter, 38 Zane
Allison Smith, tinplate worker 72 N. Second
Allison AVilliam, sailmaker, 14 Mead alley
Allison A\ illiam, assessor. Prune next l)elow Fifth
Almindinger Jacob, baker, 130 N. Fovn-th
AUman Thomas, bricklayer, 140 N. Fitjhth
Alloway Lewis, cooper, 12 South alley
Alloway Samuel, grocer, 376 South Second
Allpier Philip, victualler. Brewer's alley near 8th
Alsop John, china merchant, 231 N. Second
Alsop Othniel, merchant, 59 N 3d &. next 151 Vine
Altemus James, wheelAiOii^ht, above 504 N. Second
Altemus Leonard, tailor, 83 N. Third
Altemus Thomas, teacher 8c shoemaker, 85Coates*
\mbruster Henry, watchman, 49 N Sixth
Ambruster Mat. watchman, near 20 North alley
Ambruster Nicholas, grocer, 44 Brown
Ambruster Peter, watchman, N. Broad
Anier John, labourer, Marlborough [Kj
Amie Peter, watchman, 310 Callowhill
Amies Thomas, paper manufacturer, 185 S. Second
\mos Abraham, shoemaker, 10 Stall's court
Adolph Ancker, trader, corner Front and Sassafras
Anker &. Kennedy, storekeepers, 73 N. Front
Ancker Levi, trader, near 37 Cable lane
Ancora Pietro, drawing master, 158 Lombard
Andaule widow of William, sea captain, 260Mulbcrry
Anderson Alexander, distiller, 63 N. Seventh & 254

N. Second
Anderson Alexander, storekeeperj 382 S. Second
Anderson Charles, inspector of customs and grocer,

350 N. Second
Anderson C. m. d- 148 Cedar
Anderson Elizabeth, mantuamaker, 23 N. Ninth
Anderson Henry, cai*penter, Lilly alley
Anderson James, shipwright. Oak [X. L.]
Anderson James, raintcr, 245 N. Front


Anders^jn John, mate, 79 Penn
Anderson John, caipenter, Jimiper lane
Anderson John, carpenter, 323 Arch and 135 S. lOth
Anderson John,rig-ger, near 43 Coatcs'

■ Anderson Joseph, tailor, back 38 St. John

• Anderson J. &, C. shopkeepers, 35 S. Third
Anderson Leonard, carter, Cooper's court

■ Anderson Rachael, seamstves/!, Hunter's court
Anderson Robert, grocer, 92 N. Eig-hth
Anderson Robert, teacher, 61 S Eleventh
Anderson Samuel V. merchant, 25 N. Water
Anderson Sam. clerk in Del, Ins. Co. 134 Mulberry
Anderson Thomas, grocer, 28 Elizabeth
Ander-ion Thomas, j^rocer, 82 N. Fifth

^ Anderson Thomas Jun. sea captain, 247 S. Third

; Anderson Thomas, seacaptam, 63 Shippen
Anderson Thomas, feed store, 90 Gree;i
Anderson William, mariner, 51 S. Water
Anderson William, tobacconist,. near 80 Qjieen
Andre Eve, spinster. Rose alley

; Andrevv-s & Garrisii, flour Sc feed store,3 N.Yv liarvcs
Andrews Jacob, carter, 447" N. Second
Andrews Leonard, sea captain, 15 Noble

Andrews , cork cutter, near 285 N, Eighth

Audrews Rev. John, provost of the University 297

Andrews John, porter, 382 N. Second
Andrews John, grocer, 96 S. Water

, Andrews Joshua, bncklayer, 226 S. Seventh
Andrews Peter, sho^makei-, 232 S. Fourth
Andi'ews Robert, carpenter, 135 N. Sixth
Andrews Samuel, bricklayer, Stocker's alley
Andrews Thomas, shoemaker, 202 S. Fifth
Andrews Thomas, hatter, 8 Wagner's alley
Angel Michael, carpenter, 235 Callowhiil
Angua Anthony, merchant, 56 Lombard

• Angue John, cordial distiller, 109 N. Second, distil-

lery ll Elfrith's alley
Ann Sarah, boarding house, 11 N. Eightli
Annadown Henry, tailor, Rot;e alley
Anfic'rs Thonvjn S. perfuvnei-. 111 Clicsnut

A 4


Annesly Ksther, widow of Thomas, 17 Powell

Aiincsly Robert, merchant, 122 S. Fourtli

Ansbev Georg-e, shoemaker and skincolourer 42

S.' Fifth
Anslie William, carpenter, 113 N. Third
Anthony Frederick, carter, 32 Biuld
Anthony Jacob, shipwrit^ht, 57 Coates'
Antliony John, boarding house, 170 N. Water
Antl)ony Joseph & Son, g-oldsmiths, &c. 94 Uijfli
Anthony Michael, porter, 36 Budd
Anthony M. seg-ar maker, 10 Almond
Antrim Joseph, storekeeper, 13 S. Second
Antrim P. cabinetmaker, 58 Vine
App Adam, pump maker, Frankford road
App Georg-e, pump maker, Frankford road
App Micliaei, carpenter, corner Queen and Marl-

Apple Barbara, widow, 143 St. John
Apple George, shipwrig-ht, 45 Christian
Apple Georg-e, hair dresser, 48 N. Fifth
Apple Henry, g-cntleman, corner Fourth and Brown
Apple Kenry, oak cooper, 27 S Wharves
Apple Henry, copper sn»ith, 180 N. Third
Apple Jacob, labourer. Mulberry near Sch. Front
Apple John, biscuit baker, 26 Pewtcrplatter alley
A])ple Jolm, shoemaker. Rose alley
Ap])le Philip, copper and tin worker 163 High
Apple Sarah, seamstress, 209 N. Third
Apple V. cooper, 26 York road, near Vine
A])plebach Htnrv, gun maker, back of 399 N. Third
Applcgate David, carter, 311 S. Third
Applegate I^ydia, boarding house, 198 Pine
Applegate William, shoemaker, Jersey [K.'l
Appleton Christopher, carver & iniayer 384 N. Front
Arabin Hannah, shopkeeper, 89 N. Second
Arbegast Ludwick, tailor, near 20 Zune
Archart Jacob, tannei", Rose alley
Archer James, gentleman, corner Dock & Bank alley
Archer Job, boat builder, Frankford road
Archer Samuel 8c Co. merchants, 3GN- Front
Archibald Ciith»^ine> widow of John, 43 S. Frant


Archibuld ISrary, hh*ei' of furniture, 291 S. Fourtli
Archy Chiiries, bivissfoundei*, 136 Coutes'
Artiis John W. carpenter, back of 268 Race
Arcntrue William, lallow chandler, 324 Race
; Arey Groom, livery stablekeepei*, 23 Prune
i Arniitag-e Georjye, siiverplater, 438 Sassafras
Annitai^e Sheubert, i^rocer, 71 Passyunk
Armor Matthew, carpenter, Schuylkill 8th near VinQ
• Armroyd George, merchant, 32 N. Ninth
Arniroyd George & Co. merchants, 117 N. Water
Armstrong Alexander, stage driver, 2 Locust
Armstrong Allen, goldsmith, 12 N Second
Armstrong Andrew,. grocer, 257 N- Front
, Armstrong Cliristopher, grocer, 46 Plum
' Armstrong David, \veaver, 202 Lombard
t ArKistrong James, gi-ocer, corner Third and Cedar
Armstrong James, shoemaker. Green near Second
' Armstrong- John, shoe store 224 S. Second
P Ann strong John, carpenter. 95Budd
Aniibtrong. John, coach trimmer, 2 Locust
Armstro<\g John, silversmith, 5 N. Second
Armstrong J. D. teacher, Catharine above Second.
Armstrong Jos«.'ph, carpenter, Bciijck
Armstrong Peter, carter, 89 Budd
Armstrong Robert, carter, 89 Budd-
Armstrong Thomas, attorney at lav/, 106 S. Fourth.
Armstrong ^yilliam, carpenter, Juniper lane
Arney Elixabetli, sliopkeeper, 32 S. Fourth
Arney Joseph, tanner. Noble near Fouilh
;: Arnold Geoi-gc, shoemaker, 3 Garrigucs'coutt
' Arnold 'fhomas, shipwright, 66 Swanson
Arnous Nicholas, oxhange broker, Yorkcoui't
Allison John, cnluail factor, 192 S. Eighth
f Arrott James, merchant, 8 N. Front
Arro wsnjith Edmur.d, mcrcliant, 20Columbia avenue
Art Wiilia-.n, sliipwrigiit, .505 S. Second
Arthur Jaiues, i^iocer, 14 S. Tenth
Arthur John, kibourcr, 53 N. Tentli
Artner Joseph, luiirdi'csser, 457 N. Secoi.d
Arundel Robert, sea captain, 106 Lombiu d
Asbili X^^'i't-'s, teacher, Biackhorse alky

A 5

16 ASH

Ash Abigail, widow, 454 S. Front

\sli Jumes Jun. shij) chandler, corner Coates' & Oak

Ash James, p^entltman, 155 Wahmt

Ash Josliua, grazier, 54 Christian

Ash Joseph, gra/ier, 144 Swanson

Ash Michael, cornchandler, 220 N. Third

Ash & Qtiandrillc, merchants, Cliristian st. wharf

A-sh Thomas, carpenter, back of Schuylkill Eighth

and Sassafras
Ash Thomas, iron merchant, 14 N. Fourth and 133

N. Second
Ashbridge Ann & Sarah, shopkeepers, 125 High
Asbridge George G. and William, merchants, l8

S. Wharves.
Ashbridge Rebecca, widow, 16 N. Fifth
Ashbridge Sarah, widow, l55 Vine
Ashbridge William, merchant, 14 Sansom
Ashbrook Joseph, mariner, 66 Almond
_\shburn Thomas, shipwright, 10 Equality court
'^.shburner John, tanner, 66 S. Third
Ashley William, merchant tailor, next 59 N. Third

and 99 Mulbeny
Ashley John, merchant, 94 S. Fourth
Ashmiui Godfrey, cedar cooper, 412 N. Third
Ashman James, boot and shoemaker, 46 Chesnut

and 98 Race
Ashmead Benj. inspector of customs, 19 Sansom
Ashmead John, master warden, 19 Sansom
Ashmead John, trader, 115 Lombard
Ashmead Thomas, accomptant, 113 Lombard
Ashton Andrew, smith, 11 ^^'alkins' alley
Ashton David, smith, back 212 N. Eightli
Ashton &. Eyre, boat builders. Oak (N. L.)
Ashton George, merchant, 63 N. Third
Ashton George, shipwright, 318 N. Front
Asliton John, storekeeper, 31 N. Third
Ashton John, oak cooper, 17 Coates' alley
Ashton Samuel, cabiiietmaker, 273 S. Second and

20 Vernon
Ashton Thomas, chairmaker, 20 Callowhill and

buck 12 N. Front


Ashton WiUiam, brickmaker, Irish tract
Ashton William, carpenter, l37 N. Fifth
Askew & Paxson, hardware merchants, 245 High
; Askin Hugh, labourer, 25 Lombard
. Askin John, shoemaker, 216 S- Second

• Aspell James, labourer 25 Pewterplatter alley
Aspell Richard C teacher, 176 S. Tliird
Astburn Rachael, widow, 47 Christian
Astley Thomas, merchant, 189 Walnut

Astolfi Lawrence St Co. confectioners and distillers,

136 High
Aston James, carpenter, 37 Qtieen
Aiherton Henry, lumber merchant, 152 S. Ninth
-vtherton Humphrey, merchant, 24 N. Ninth
Atherton Natlian, storekeeper, 42 N. Fourth
Atkins John, stablekeeper. Hunters' court
Atkinson James, carter, back 22 Kunckle
iVlkinson Lydia, mangier, 130 Walnut
Atkinson Phineas, biscuit baker, 198 Cedar
Atlee Edwin A. m. d. druggist, 78 N. Fouilh
^Attmore Ann, gentlewoman, back 33 N. Second
; Attmore widow of Thomas, 163 S. Third •

Audige Madame, gentlewoman, 117 Spruce
AutFart Charles, shoemaker, Cheny [K.J
AufFert Frederick, shoemaker. Bishop [K-]
Augustine Charles, shipsmith, Queen [K.J
Auld Daniel, nailor, back 175 Cherty
Aull Mar)', shopkeeper, comer 2d and German
Auner Peter, tailor, 61 Cherry
Auner Peter Jun. currier, back of 27 Cresson's alley
Austie Margaret, storekeeper, 309 Higii
Austin Cyrus, t:tvei-nkeeper, 7 Lxtitia court
Austin Johanna, widow, 48 Vine
Austin John, wheelwrightj 413 S. Second
Austin Thomas, merchant, 54 N. Front and \)

Church alley
Avery Ciiaries, druggist, 258 S. Second
Avis George, shoemaker, 7 Equality court
Avis John, shoemaker, 9 Equality com-t
Awl James, innkeeper, 323 High

• Aif*i'd Samuel 1. merchant tailor, 307 Hi^h

A 6


Ayrcs Abijah, carpenter, 101 Biidd

Ayars L. carpenter, back 134 S. Eig-hth

Avars Neliemiah, saw sharpener, 91 SwansrVh

Avers Noah, wharf buihler, near 512 N. Front

Ayars "NVilllam, g-roccr, V2T Swanson

Azan Jos. grocer and distiller, comer 8th & Arch


BABB Jacob, stonemason, 212 N. Eighth

{?abbington C. seg-arniaker, Lilly alley

fjabe Uachael, 46 I'enn

Mach Frederick, carpenter, 153 Green

r.ach. Jolni, plaister of Paris grinder, 2^7 X. Second

l^ache Richard ,!un. attonie}- at law, 10 Prune

liache A>'ilUam, surveyor port Phila Franklin court

Tkiclichn-AViUiam, gnnsmith, 16 Stamper's alley

Hackettell Oliver, grocer, 393 High

Packman Daniel, shoemaker. Laurel

Racon Flagg, car{:)enter, 131 S. Eleventh

Jkicon Isaac, cabinetmaker, 318 S. Second

Bacon Job, merchant, 20 S. Seventh

Bacon John, mercliant, 119 Sassafras

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