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sail on the sea, and He stayed behind on the dry land.
And when the sun had set and it was dark, the sea
arose against us, and we were tossed about all night.
And in the fpurth watch of the night, this Jesus,'' whom
I preach unto you, came unto us walkiqg on the sea,
and we were afraid ; and when (^) one of the disciples,
my companions, saw (this), he said to Him ; ^ Lord, if
it be Thou, command me to come unto Thee upon the
water.' And Jesus said unto him, ^ Come.' ** And
he walked and came * unto Him. And our Lord Jesus
came and entered into the ship, and there was a great
calm. And these multitudes were astonished and said :
^Who is this, pray, that He commands the winds
and the ?ea and they obey Him ? ' ' And when Jesus
came to the land of the Gadarenes, they brought
unto Hii[n all those who were grievously afflicted with
various* diseases, and madmen, and paralytics, and luna-
tics, and the ^ame ; and He healed them alL And now,

» Or perhaps, and departed, i'^\ ^= ^^ • ^ B. Jive

thousand, ^ B. our Lord Jesus. ** S. Matthew,

ch. xiv. 28, 29, « B. went ^ S. Matthew, ch. viii. 27.

«f B. severe.


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xny brethren, there cannot he nnmhered or counted the
cures and the miracles which this Jesus did, who is the
Son of God. For just as He was seen bodily in this
world^ He was doing these works also when He was
concealed in His Father eternally. He appeared in the
flesh from the Virgin, and wrought these signs openly,
that by them He might convict Satan, the father of false-
hood, and condemn him, and show the whole race of
mankind, that every one who is drawn and comes unto
Him, He brings him near unto the Father who sent
Him, and He does works like these. For He and His
Father are one ; and because the Father loved the world,
He gave Him to the Cross, and He died for us and gave
us life, and we live with Him,* and every one who be-
lieves in Him, abides in Him. And as to what ye have
asked of me and said unto me, * if our iniquity will be
forjgiven us (^), and our sacrifices and our libations, and
our impurity and our uncleanness, if we draw nigh unto
Him/ — ^lo, I say unto you, if ye believe in Jesus, and
resolve in your minds that ye will not again be mixed
up with libations and the impurity of idols, and no man
of you change (his mind), and ye do not worship the
work of men's hands, but believe in the Father and in
the Son and in the Spirit of holiness, I will do what He
said unto us and commanded us, when He was ascending
to Heaven to His Father; and I will cry imto Him, and
He will blot out your sins, and forgive your faults, and
make white your stains; and I will anoint and soften

■ S. John, ch. iii. 16.

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with oU your knees, which you have bent, and the
evil one, our enemy^ has lacerated them, making them
bend before his idols, which have been made by him a
dwelling place for his devils ; and I will sign for you •
with His Cross, which is the sign of life, the head which
He has bowed down to the ground, and (which) is glad
that it is bowed down, because it is created in the like*
ness of Him who created it ; and I will place a seal upon
your foreheads,^ that when he sees that ye are the asylum
of this Lord, he may flee and say : * These were my kids,
and were joined imto me that they might become big he-
goats, and might butt with thoir horns all armies; but
now the Son of the Father, who bowed Himself down
and became flesh (kIsw) from the Virgin, has taken them
and made white their colour, which was (the colour of)
the darkness in which I am shut up ; and He has made
them new lambs, and lo, they dwell with Him.' And
this mouth of yours, which was fed fat at the table of
bitter herbs, — and lo, the deceiver is proud, because he
thinks that he has made you food for the serpent, — I
will open it, and place in it the living bread,*^ which is
the body of God, and gives life to every one who believes
in Him ; and I will make you swallow the blood of the
Son of God, which was rent^ on Golgotha with the spear,
of this Jesus, whom, lo, I preach unto you, who, even
when ye are dead, is buried with you, and His body and
His blood remain in your flesh, and He will raise you up

a B. ormts for ^ou. ** LiteraUy, upon {what is) between yowr eyes.
*= B. the bread of life. ** The writer thought of the side of

our Lord rather than of the blood that issued from it.

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tod ye shall arise. Through this body ye shall come
without corruption, and not to the fire or the torment,
and ye shall not see the worm that dies not, because ye
have believed in the name of the Only(-begotten), that
He is the Son of Gk)d, and in truth He is the life-giver

And after these things, the whole assembly in the
theatre cried out and said : " We beg of Thee, servant
of the living God, do what thou pleasest, and let us par-
ticipate in the living Mystery, that we may live and not
die ; and this in haste."

And the holy (man) commanded the procurator that he
should have a place (made) in one of the comers of the
theatre; (•a^o) and the stone-cuttei's came, and set to
work in that very hour, and made (a place) like a cis-
tern, and turned the water-pipe, which went into ttie
theatre, into the cistern, and the water came and Hie
cistern was filled. And it was spacious on eveiry side,
twelve cubits in length and twelve cubits in breadth, and
it was two and a half cubits deep.

And the holy (man) besought the procurator to com-^
mand and let fine, scented oil come, seventy pints. And
he commanded, and it came, and a vat was filled with
it. And the holy (man) drew nigh, and kneeled down, tod
looked up. to heaven, and cried out in the midst of the
theatre : " Holy is the Father and the Son and the Spirit
of holiness for ever, Amen.'' And the whole assembly
answered,* " Amen.'' Then John made the sign of the

» B. cried out.

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Gross ovejr the oil, and said with a loud voice : " Glory
be to the Father and to the Son and to the Spirit of
holiness for ever, Amen.'* And again the third time he
said : " Holy is the Father and the Son and the Spirit of
holiness, Amen." And straightway fire blazed forth
over the oil, and the oil did not take fire, for two angels
had their wings spread over the oil and were crying,
" Holy, holy, holy. Lord Almighty."

And the people, when they saw these things, were
afraid with a great fear, and fell on their faces, and were
worshipping to the east. And when the oil was con*
secrated, then the holy (man) drew near to the water, and
signed it, (A^) and said: ^^ In the name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Spirit of holiness, for ever.
Amen," And the whole people cried, "Amen.'^ And
straightway these two angels came and hovered over the
water, and were crying, " Holy, holy, holy. Father and
Son and Spirit of holiness,'^ after him.* And S. John
cried ^ter them, " Amen."

And John answered and said to the whole assembly :
^^ Arise in the pow^ of God !" And they all arose with
fear, and their hands were stretched out to Heaven, and
they were ^ying out, saying : ". Great is this mystery I
We believe in the Father and in the Son and in the
Spirit of holiness." And it was about the eighth hour
of the night. Then the procurator drew near, and fell
on his face before John, and said to him : " What is it

* coi^r^" |» =Jt/\ ii'i But I suspect that the words are

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necessary for ns to do?" And 8. Jobn said to him:
^^ Strip off thy garments fix>m thee.'' And when he had
stripped, the holy (man) drew nigh, and took oil in his
hand, and made him a cross on his forehead/ and
anointed his whole body, and brought him nigh to Hie
cistern, and said to him : " Descend, my brother I who
art become a new firstling, which enters in at the head
of the flock into the fold of the owner of the sheep.
Descend, my brother I for the lambs are looking at thee,
and running that they may go down, and become white,
and get a new fidr fleece, instead of that which is rent
by ravening wolves.'' (.v-m)« The procurator says:
"What must I say, and then descend?" John says to
him : " According as thou hast seen, and found true, and
believed/' And the crowd was silent, as if thore was not
a man there, that they might see what the procurator
and John would say. And the procurator stretched out
his hands to Heaven, and cried out, weeping and say-
ing: "I believe in the Father and in the Son and in
the Spirit of holiness ; " and he leapt down into the font.
Then the holy man drew near, and placed his hand on
the head of the procurator, and dipped him once, crying
out, " In the name of the Father ;" and the second time,
" In the name of the Son ;'' and the third time, " In the
name of the Spirit of holiness." And when he had
come up out of the water, then he clothed him in white
garments, and gave him the (kiss of) peace, and said to
him : " Peace be unto thee, thou new bridegroom, who

■ Literally, on (the space) between his eyes. B. merely between hi9

Digitized by VjOO^IC \


hadst grown old and effete in sin^ and^ lo, to-day art
become a youth, and thy name has been written in

Then the whole multitude was agitated, and hastened
eagerly (to try) which should run down into the font.
And all the chie& were standing around the font ; and
they signed to the crowd with their hands to be silent. And
the whole crowd were crying out, saying with simplicity:
" Brethren and fathers, let us run and anoint ourselves
with this holy oil, and bathe in this water, and become
white, lest perchance either the water become exhausted,
or the oil (oklso) run short."

THien the holy (man) cried out to them and said: "Be
quiet, blessed flock, for your Father, who is in Heaven,
has willed to give unto you His kingdom, because ye
have believed in His beloved Son/* They then straight*
way were quiet. Then the holy (man) drew near and said
to the procurator : " Come, sit down on the fair upper
row (of seats) ; for to-day it is fitting that thou shouldst
be honoured, for there is joy in Heaven on thy account.'*
And they spread cushions for him and he sat down.

Then he made a sign unto them with his hand to be
silent And when they were silent, then he began to
speak with them, saying :* " Verily to-day Ufe has come
nigh unto us. Now then, if this holy (man) gives me
leave, I will speak.'' Then the whole crowd cried out to
John and said : " In the name of Jesus, bid him speak.".
And John said to him : " Speak, my lord, whatever thou

* Saying is from B.

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Then the procurator said: '^Hearken, my brethren I
When I was (first) dipped, I opened my eyes and saw,
not that I was going down, but that I was going up to
Heaven. And the second time, I looked and opened my
eyes, and saw a right hand holding a reed and writing.
And the third time, I heard a voice saying: * The sinner,
the sheep which waa lost, is found ; let him come in.' "■

And S. John straightway clasped his hands tightly
behind him, and threw himself on his &ce before the
cross, and cried out: (osn) " Glory be unto Thee, Maker
of all creatures, who hast sent Thy beloved Son, and He
walked upon earth, and gave us power to go forth (and)
preach His gospel in the world, and turn the erring to
repentance.'' Then he spoke to the nobles, and they
took off their garments, and he drew nigh (and) ancnnted
them, and baptized them^ in the name of the Father and
of the Son and of the Spirit of holiness. And when
they w^e baptized, then he baptized the whole (»x)wd,
from the eighth hour (of the night) until the sun rose.
And a great multitude assembled and came ; and whea
it was morning, they ran and brought their children,
and the holy (man) was giving them baptism till the fifth
hour. And those who received baptism were S9,206
souls. Then the whole multitude departed for that

And the procurator took tiiie hdy (man) to his house,
and they were rejoicing and glad; and he was in his

a B. Let the avnner^ the sheep which toaa lost, come in, *> B^

omits the words and baptized them.

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Google I


house three days. But on the third day the holy (man)
begged that they * would let him go (and) dwell in one
of the mountains. And he sent and assembled all his
free men, and they were beseeching John to remain in
the palace ; but he was unwilling to be persuaded, for he
said : ** I must wander about through all Asia, and also
in the country of Phrygia." And when he saw tliat
they were distressed and were weeping, he said to them :
** If (i») it were the will of the Spirit of holiness that I
should go, ye should not be distressed; but now I will
remain and abide with you. Let us go out then, and go
about through the whole city, and I will look where it is
fitting for me to dwell, for the Apostles my fellows are
coming unto me/' And these words seemed good unto
them ; and the procurator took his seat with pomp, and
all his nobles were going before him. And whilst they
were going round, the holy (man) said: "I beseech you,
my brethrea, to show me the temple of these erring
ones.'^ And the procurator came with his retinue to the
temple of Artemis, and they were wishing to slay the
priests and to bum her temple with fire. But John was
beseeching (them) tiiat no man should be slain, saying :
"These will come and turn to the knowledge of the
truth; let us not destroy them with the sword." And
when ike holy (man) came and saw them and the temple
of folly, there was there a place which was elevated;
and he saw that place, and said: "I wish to dwell here.''
And the procurator and the nobles commanded (them) to

* B. that he.

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make a palace for him there. But he. said: ^^No, hy
the Lord Jesus ; if ye build anything, I will not dwell
in it ; and I wish for nothing but a hut alone.'' And
straightway they brought (materials) * and made for him
a hut^** which was above the temple, («ia») and he was
sittmg under it. And when he had sat there a long
time, there were assembling unto him all those who
believed in Jesus the Messiah our Lord, and were being
baptized; and he was communicating unto them the
body and blood of Jesus.*" And there was a hut above
the temple of Artemis ; and the holy (man) was sitting
and beholding the uncleanness which took place there.

And after three months and ten days, the priests were
assembled, and went round (and) informed the congre-
gation of the heathens, (saying) : " We must celebrate a
festival to our goddess ; but let every man prepare what-
ever he can, both oxen and sheep, and let us sacrifice
(them), and see why our goddess is angry with us.**
Then the heathens were assembled, and prepared and
made a feast, and sacrificed unclean sacrifices. And
when they were assembled, John was standing above in
the hut and looking at everything that took place. And
kneeling before her, they said to the priests : " Ask her
for what reason, and learn of her why she has neglected
and is angry with us men.'' And there was dissension
in the city. Then came Legion, — ^the sister of her who
fell into the sea, she and the swine, — ^and spoke in the

^ B. they 8at doum, ^ B. adds in a tower, ^ B. of

om Lord Je9U8.

Digitized by




doomed image ; and the priests listened and were hear-
ing from the mouth of the image the sound of a
humming like that of bees ; (•^so) and they made the
heathens keep silence, and drew near, and laid their ear
on the mouth of the image, and the devils gave forth a
voice and said: "That hut will destroy this temple;
fight not with him.* For as said that master of ours, he
fought with the Master of this (man), and the Master of
this (man) overcame him. See then and be ye also afraid
of him. And we are afraid lest his Master come to the
help of this (man), and be enraged, and cast us into the
deep, and our master be deprived of two Legions. We
then, lo, are fighting that we may not be conquered;
and if he conquers us, we shall be reckoned as if his
Master had conquered our master." And the priests
were trembling (with fear), and answered and said:
^^ We ask of you, my lords, who is this man's Master ? ''
The devils say : " He is the Son of God, who came down
from Heaven ; and our master did not perceive when He
came down. And He became man, and died on the
Cross; and our master imagined that he was a mere
(man). And He rose on the third day from the grave,
and, lo, He is in Heaven, and is assailing us." And the
priests, when they heard these things, were amazed and
astonished. And the multitudes say unto them : " Why
are ye amazed ?'' And the priests answered and say:
*^ Artemis has said that this hut will destroy this temple,
and all who are initiated into her mysteries are afraid

* B. iffiih it.

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(^) of this ; and accordingly they are beseeching ns to
be afraid of this man, •who dwells in this hut, who, if he
will and command, will destroy us in the abyss.''

And the multitudes were straightway crying out:
" We renounce this Artemis, in whom there is no use ;
for if of this (man), who is a slave or a disciple, the
strength is so great, (that of) his teacher or his master
(must be) as much again." And they were beating
their &ces and saying: ^^Alas, what has befallen us?
for our possessions have been consumed in libations, and
we have gained loss for our souls/' And the priests said:
" Ye are men of sense ; whatever is good in your eyes,
do ; but we will worship and honour Him who is able to
make alive and to destroy/' And they ran down from
the altar, and with speed went up to the holy (man), and
cast themselves upon their faces before the holy (man).
And the whole crowd cast cords about the image of
Artemis, and pulled it down, and dragged it along,
whilst bands were crying out before it and behind it:
"Thou destroyer of our lives, arise, deliver thyself!
Not from heaven didst thou descend ; artisans made thee
in a furnace/'

And S. John saw that the priests were lying on their
faces, but he spoke not with them, nor they with him;
and he kneeled down among them, and made them look
to the east, and was praying and entreating. And
whilst the crowd were crying out and dragging along
(rdi) the image of Artemis, the multitude, who had
before received baptism within the theatre, were ap-
plauding them in stoles and robes, and were saying:

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" Come in peace, our brethren and children ; let us all have
one spirit. Come in peace, congregation that was
estranged from its Master, and lo, to-day has repented and
been united with the number (of the chosen). Come in
peace, flock, that was led captive by Satan, and which
its Master has brought back that the ravening wolves
might not rend it.'^

And when the procurator heard the tumult and great
outcry of the whole city, he was afraid, and arose (and)
came from his palace, and went up to S. John, and found
him kneeling. And the procurator made a sign with his
hand that they should desist from (their) outcry. And
he commanded and strong men arose to restrain the
crowd from going up* to John. Then the procurator
said to S. John: *^ Arise, my lord, and sign this new
congregation; for if not, their lives will perish for crying
out. For lo, I see aged men whose garments are wet
with tears and sweat.'' Hen the holy (man) lifted up his
head from prayer, and said to the procurator: ^*I was
interceding for them before our Lord Jesus the Messiah,
that He would bring them in and bring them nigh
before His Father, and pray on their behalf; for He is
the door, and through Him a man goes in, and finds
pasturage ; and without Him, a man is not able to draw
nigh unto the Father ; (.ai) and He gave the law from
mount Sinai."

Then the holy (man) arose and looked on them from
above, and signed them with the sign of the Cross; and

"" Reading with B. <0^ r^.l .

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


they all fell upon their &ces before him, crying out with
grief and sobbing : " We have sinned and done wrong
and committed evil, and we knew it not until to-day.
Have mercy on us, Lord I Lord of Heaven and earth !
for henceforth we abjure all idols.''

Then the holy (man) cried unto them from above :
"Arise in the might of our God 1* Arise in the name of our
Lord Jesus the Messiah, His beloved Son ! '' And straight-
way they arose, and were lifting up their hands to Heaven
and crying out : " Glory unto Thee, God, the Maker of
Heaven and of earth I Our Lord hath appeared unto us ;
and we know that Thou art the true God,** and that by
Thee this youth was sent to the city of Bphesus." And
a cloud was overshadowing the city; and straightway
there was a low thundering. And the whole crowd fell
upon their faces for fear and say: "We praise Thee,
Thou hidden God, who art invisible, and lo, hast been
revealed unto us because we s6ught Thee. We confess
Thee,^ and there is no other God ** but Thee."

Then S. John spake with them, and was expounding
(^) unto them from the Law and from^ the prophets,
and was teaching them concerning our Lord Jesus,^
proving and showing unto them concerning our Lord
Jesus, that He is the Son of God. And they, after they
had received the faith,* were beseeching that they might
receive the sign of baptism, crying out and glorifying
God. And the procurator besought the holy (man), say-

» B. ofQod. ^ B. the God of truth « B. we praise Thee.

^ B. Bddafor m. « B. adds all. ^ B. adds the Messiah.

« B. And those who had received baptism.

Digitized by VjQOQ IC


ing : " If thou pleasest, my lord, let criers go forth in the
city and proclaim, * Whosoever believes in the Son of
God, let him come (and) bathb, and be cleansed of pol-
lution '; and as for us, let us go to the place where the
font is, and every one who comes, give him the sign,
and let him live and not perish." S. John said to the
procurator : " Well hast thou spoken, my lord ; thus will
we do, according to tiiy command." And straightway
both of them arose, and the procurator made a sign with
his hand that they should be quiet. And when they
were quiet, he said to them: "To you we speak,* ye
new children, whom the Gospel of God hath won. To-day,
we being all assembled without tumult, go to the theatre,
and there ye shall receive the sign of life." They then,
being assembled, drew up bands in order, whilst they
were crying out and saying to the procurator: "How
must we chant and sing?" The procurator says unto
them : " Thus say and sing, until ye enter in, ^ Glory to
the Father and to the Son and to the Spirit of holiness !
[xa] Lord have mercy upon us.^"^ And the sound of
their : outcry was going outside of the city more thau
five miles. ;

And they came and entered into the theatre. Then
came the procurator and John, and entered into the
theatre* Then the holy (man) answered and made a sign
with his hand that the crowd should be quiet. And when
they were quiet, the holy (man) stood up on the steps and

a ^iM has been accidentally omitted in A. ^ B. adds : and

the^st three hands were crying thus, and the last nine were respond^
ing, " Lord have mercy upon usJ**

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


said : " Arise in prayer.^' And they looked to tiie east,
and fell on their faces, and were saying : " Lord, have
pity npon lis." Then the priests, when the whole people
were lying on their faces,* came (and) entered last of all,
and were walking barefooted and girded with sackcloth,
with dust cast on their heads and tiieir faces covered
with soot, and were lamenting and crying out : *^ Thou
God, who dwellest in Heaven, have pity upon us ; we
have sinned before Thee, and have caused many souls
without number to sin ; it is not hard for Thee to forgive
us, if Thou wilt,"

And when they had said these things, John arose from
his prayer and said : ^^ Arise in the might of God." And
when they had arisen, he concluded the prayer, and they
all answered ^* Amen." And he turned, and looked upon
the seven priests, who were stadding in vile attire, with
their heads inclined to the east and their hands raised to
Heaven, (ou) and tears without end were running from

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