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'' rayling & scandalous speeches to that purpose. Although it hath many times
" appeared & been proved by good Testimony that at sundry of those times the s* M'
" Colby hath bene either at London, or some other place distant from home about his
" occasions And in pticular, on y° IS*"" of January last in y° psence of Coll. Hard-
" wick, M' Sherlock and Sergeant Parker, Shee being called into y° plour of y* s^
" CoUedge to heare what shee could say for her scandalous speeches, Shee was so
" far from being sorry for the same, that shee said she would maintaine what shee had
" spoken to bee true. And further said, that at that very instant of time M' Colby was
" in y° s* Lambes chamber, when Serg' Parker affirmed that y° very same morning hee
" mett M"" Colby and spake w'" him in Paul's Churchyard London. And on y'
" 5"" of June last, shee said before M' Drury, one of the Churchwardens of her Parish,
" that all shee had said, as is before menconed, was every word true.

" That for confirmacon of all these scandalous & wicked speeches, she will
" frequently utter many horrid & detestable Oathes and curses, & will by no meanes
" be psuaded or deterred from the same.

" Por all which high crimes and misdemeanours. Wee the assistants of the said
" College, whose names are under written, doe deeme her not fitt to live in a civUl &
" orderly Society, and doe therefore expell the said Jenks from y^ s'' Colledge never-
" more to receave any benefitt from the same, nor to bee capable of any place therein,
" according to y" statutes & ordinances of y" same.

Thomas Alleyn. John Chessaur John Adams

Ealph Alleyn. Will: Eimmer Hen. Boothman

Sam'' Wilkins John Pace."

A poor brother, Rich. Hoath, was also expelled on the 8th October
1656, but no particulars of his offence are on record.

The Master, Warden, and the Assistants had since the year 1644,
when the Committee for Plundered Ministers first interfered with the
appointments to the Fellowships, never ceased their endeavours to recover
the right to elect the Fellows themselves. They were advised, and held,
that no lease of the College lands would be valid, unless signed by the
Master, Warden, and at least two regularly elected Fellows, and in fact
they had granted no lease since 1644, and never allowed the Committee's
Fellows to sign the audit books.

The following succinct account of all their proceedings in the matter
was placed on record by them : —

The master warden and assistants of the Colledge of God's Guift in Dulwich in
the County of Surrey have endeavoured for the settlement of the Colledge according
to the ffoundacon as followeth


In the yeare of our Lord 1644, viz' the 3* of May the 4 ffellowes places were all
voyd, and thereupon the Comittee for the safety of the county sumoned the M' &
"Warden to appeare before them & not to proceed to any new eleccon of ffellowes till
further order.

The 23"' of May 1644 by order from the Comittee for plundered ministers John
Croits Minister & James Mead Schoolm"^ were put in to supply the places of y° 4
ffellowes till further orders & to receave double pencons & allowance for double diet,
the full profitts of y° said 4 ffellowes places &c. John White Chairman of y* s*

_ 28 June 1644. — The M' "Warden & M' Edgar Counsellor had a Conference in y*
painted chamber "Westm' w'" the s* M' "White, & shewed him the above menconed
order under his hand and w*''all told him, it did quite alter & destroy their ffoundacon
& upon his view of the Letters patentes and statutes of y° ffounder his answere was
this order was granted upon a misinformacon, & bade them have patience for six
weeks or two moneths at furthest for now y" pliam' was busy & then this order should
bee made void, & the CoUedge should bee as it formerly was.

3 July 1644.— The M' "Warden & Counsell w'" M' "White y" chairman of y*
comittee for plundered ministers at his bowse concerning the busines but nothing

ffebr. 1644. — The M' & "Warden peticoned y' Parliament that they might choose
ffellowes according to their statutes, M' Lane, Councellor & a parliament man went
w"" them to deliu' their peticon & they wayted severall times upon it, but nothing

1645. Nov. 1. 8. 11. — The M' & Warden did againe peticon the said Comittee they
might choose ffellowes according to their statutes upon James Mead the Sclioolm'' his
relinquishing his interest that hee had from y' Com"' and did attend that Comittee
w'" councell, but nothing done.

13 Nov. — The said Comittee by their order (Gilbert Millington chairman) did put
in Edmund Colby to bee schoolm' in the sd Colledge in James Meads stead, & to
receave the like profitts.

1645. 2 Aug. — Upon M' Crofts minister his relinquishing his Interest in y*
Colledge that hee had from y' comittee for plundered ministers the M'' & Warden
againe peticoned the Comittee that they might choose ffellowes as formerly
according to their statutes, but it would not bee granted & the said Comittee by their
order (Gilbert Millington chairman) did put in Stephen Street to be minister of y*
colledge & to receave the profitts as aforesaid. And the said Stephen Street left y*
colledge on or about Christmas 1646.

1646. ffeb. — The M' & Warden did againe peticon the said Comittee that they
might choose fellowes according to their statutes but it would not bee granted, and
soe they were forced to hire severall ministers such as they could gett to preach in the
Chappell of y* s* Colledge till about the yeare 1649.

1647. Sept. — The M' Warden & Assistants did peticon the parliam* that they
might choose ffellowes according to their statutes & attended on that peticon severall
dayes & yeares, but nothing done.

1649. 28 Nov. — The comittee for plundered ministers by their Order put in John
Skingle to bee minister of the said Colledge and to receave the profitts.

1650. — The M' Warden and Assistants did againe peticon the long pliam' for that
they might choose ffellowes according to their statutes & attended thereon many
moneths, but nothing done.

VOL. I. ' s


1652. — The M' Warden & Assistants did peticon the Comittee for plundered
ministers that they might choose ffellowes, and they referred it to a sub comittee who
had severall meetings but did nothing.

1653. Nov. — Tlie M' Warden & Assistants peticoned y" short Parliam*' to choose
ffellowes as aforesaid, and they receaved their peticon & used them very courteously
& told them that they w-ould in a very short time settle the Colledge, but they haueing
then very v/eiglity busines under consideracon wished them to haue a little patience
& it should be done, but not long after that pliam' was dissolv'd.

1654. 30 March. — This peticon following was delivered to M' Long one of the
Masters of Bequests to his Higness.

To liis Highnes the Lord Protector of the Comonwealth of England Scotland and

The Humble peticon of the M': Warden & Assistants of y° Colledge of God's
Guift in Dulvvich in the county of Surrey, Sbeweth.

That King James at the request of Edward Allen Esq', deed, did by his Letters
Patents in the 17"" yeare of his Eaigne over England incorporate the said Colledge by
y' name of one Master, one Warden, fower fellowes, 6 poore brethren, six poore sisters
& 12 poore schoUers of the Colledge of God's Guift in Dulwich aforesaid, to endure &
remaine for ever. And by his said Lres patents gaue power to the said Edw. Alleyn
to make lawes statutes and ordinances for the governm' of the said Colledge, wlio
accordingly (amongst other statutes) ordained that when any of y° s^ ffeUowes places
should become void by death or otherwise then two psons qualified according to y*
s" statutes were to drawe lotts for the place or places then void & upon such choyce
to bee thereunto admitted and to take the Oath prescribed them in the said statutes.
To the pformance of w""" statutes the M', Warden & Assistants doe likewise take an
oath, at the time of their admittance into their severall places.

That in the year 1644 the 4 fellowes places became all void by the departure of
some & resignacon of others, since w""" time the Comittee of Parliam* for plundered
ministers haue disposed of the full profitts of the said 4 ffellowes places both for
double pencons & double diet to two persons but not as fellowes viz' a minister & a
schoolmaster who receaved the same accordingly, during their residence in tlie
Colledge, & since to two others in their steads, who still remaine in the Colledge &
receave the like pfitts, as by their sewall orders hereunto annexed may appeare. "Yet
soe it is, that the sole maintenance & whole Revenue of the said Colledge consistin'T
of Eents reserved upon leases for yeares w'" by the statutes of the Colledge are to bee
let at a valualjle rent w"'out any fine at all & but for 21 y tares & that by the consent
& approbacon of the said M'' Warden ffellowes & assistants. Many of the said leases
are already expired, and yo' pet" are nowe informed by councell learned, that accord-
ing to the Charter and statutes of the Colledge, yo' pet" cannot lett or renew any
Leases of the Lands belonging to the said Colledge, because the ffellowes are expressly
limited by the Charter of their Incorporacon to bee pte of their Corporacon and
w^out them their Corporacon is not compleate, and because by the expresse words of
the statutes of the ffounder (to which their patent referres) y* ffellowes are appointed
to bee present at the letting of all Leases, and soe for want of ffellowes chosen accord-
ing to the Statutes of the said Colledge to bee members thereof & ioyue in the lettin<T
of Leases, yo' pet" are not in a Capacity to renew any Leases, to the dancrer of the
suddaiue overthrow of the said Colledge.

For prevcncon whereof, and to the end yo"" pet" may discharge their sewall oathes


as aforesaid, May it please yo' Highnes to take the pmisses into yo' through &
serious consideracon and to leave the power of choosing the said ffellowes to yo'
pet" as form'ly it was according to the statutes of the ffounder of the said CoUedge in
that behalfe made and provided, that the said guift soe pious and usefull may not
receaue prejudice as is sett forth

And yo' pet" shall eu' pray &c

Tho: Alleyn Edw Crosse John Haiidwicke E-ioh: Smart

Eaph Alleyn Peter Eccles W" Crofts John Johnson

W" Linton Tho Butler Geo Jackson

John Greenh^l Tho. Crowder Eich: Dashwood*

One & thirtieth day of May 1654

His Highnes's pleasure is, That the consideracon of this Peticon bee hereby referred
to the Councill.

Nov' 16, 1655

The following peticon was delivered to M' Bacon one of the Masters of Bequests
to his Highnes : —

To his Highnes the Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England Scotland
and Ireland.

The Humble peticon of y° M' Warden & Assistants of y" CoUedge of God's Guift
in Dulwich in the county of Surrey, Sheweth.

That yo' pet" formerly addressed themselves to yo' Highnes for redresse of the
greivances menconed in the peticon annexed, and having receaved a Eeference from
yo' Highnes to yo' hon*''° councell, they left the determinacon thereof to the last
Parliam' who by their other occasions could not receave it. And yo' pet'^ being by
councell informed that the orders in the annexed peticon menconed for two psons to
supply the places of 4 ffellowes are not onely contrary to their ilounders statutes but
stand in yo' pet" way as councell advise them for making or renewing of Leases for
support of their coUedge & foundacon, which ffellowes & leases, tire to bee constituted
and made according to their ffounders statutes, as by a true copy whereof hereto
annexed appeareth. And some Leases being expired, others almost ended, the whole
corporacon will want support & maintenance if remedy by yo' Highnes bee not timely

They humbly pray yo' Highnes considering the pmises and the matter in the
annexed peticon, and that they haue not remedy otherwise, that yo' Highnes would
frratiously bee pleased in case of such necessity to order yo' pet" to pursue their
ffounders statutes for electing ffellowes, making leases and doeing other lawfuU things
for the benefitt of theis colledge, and the rather for that the ffortune playhowse (w°^
heretofore was a great part of their Eevenue viz' 128" upwards p' ann.), hath bene for
diners yeares altogether uselesse to yo' pet", stands empty & ready to fall and seuerall
psons would gladly take the same to convert it to other uses w"*" might bring in some
considerable rent towards the maintenance of their poore of y' said Colledge, but yo'
pet" are not in a capacity to grant any Lease thereof for want of ffellowes chosen
according to their statutes, as is sett forth in the aforesd peticon

And yo' pet" shall pray &c
* The signatures are those of the Master, Warden, and two sets of Assistants.


Wliitehall: NoV the 16'" 1655.

His Highness pleaseth to referre this.peticon & the pet" to the consideracon of
Major Awdley, M"" Drake & M'' Arthur or any two of them, to state the particulars &
certifie their opinion as touching the speedy setling of this matter

Nath'. Bacon.

This Committee reported as follows on the 27tli December 1655 : —

May it please your Highness. Whereas upon the peticon of the M', Warden and
Assistants of the CoUedge of Gods guift in Dulwich, in the county of Surrey to
your Highnes being dated the 16"" day of November last, your Highnes was
pleased to referre the same to us or any two of us to state y' pticulars and
to certifie our opinions concerning the same. In obedience thereunto wee have
pused and deliberatly considered of the matter therein to us referred and wee
doe finde

That King James at the request of Edward Alleyn Esq", did by his Letters
patents bearing date the 21"" day of June in the 17"" yeare of his Eaigne, incorporate
the said Colledge by the name of One Master, one Warden, Four ffellowes, six poors
Brethren, six poore sisters and Twelve poore schollers of the Colledge of God's Guift
in Dulwich a,foresaid, to endure and remaine for ever, and by that name to act sue
and implead as occasion should require. And by his said Lres Patents did give power
to the said Edward Alleyn to make lawes, statutes and Ordinances for the governe-
ment of the said College. And wee doe further find, that the said Edward Alleyn by
his deed in writing under his hand bearing date the 20"' day of November 1626, did
make and constitute severall ordinances and Statutes for y° regulating of the said
Colledge and among the rest Hee did order that when any of the Four ffellowes
places shall be void by death or otherwise, then the Master and Warden and the rest
of the surviving ffellowes shall within six weekes then next after provide two able
and sufficient psons to draw lotts for the place, and hee that draweth the right lott to
bee presently admitted and the other to receave soe much of y" pencon as proporcon-
ably should have accrued to the person departed, as aforesaid. And the pson admitted
to take an Oath prescribed in the said Statutes.

And the said Edward Alleyn doth farther by his said Instrument order and direct
that the two Senior ffellowes shall preach two Sermons every Sunday, and one sermon
on the first day of September, and one other on the Nativity of our Lord God : and
if the third and fowerth ffellowes be both absent, then they shall pforme all ministerial!
dutyes in the Chappell, the third ffellow shalbe Master of the Schoole and the fowerth
shalbe Usher and both shall have a speciall care for the vertuous instruccon and
educacon of the SchoUers and alternis vicibus read prayers weekely in the Chappell.
And it is thereby farther ordained That noe lease shalbe made to any pson or psons
of any of the Lands given by him to the said Colledge but by the consent and
approbacon of the said Colledge or the most pt of them there present, under their
hands and comon scale of the Colledge.

And it has bene further made appeare to us, that the fower ffellowes of the said
CoUedge in or about the yeare 1644 did desert or resigne their places and imploy-
ments, whereupon by order of the 23'" day of May 1644, the Comittee for plundered
Ministers did nominate and constitute John Crofts Master of Arts to supply the place
of the two Senior ffellowes of the said Colledge and to receave the Eents and pfitts


growing due to them. And y° s* Comittee in, and by the s* order, did likewise
appoint James Mead, Batchelor of Arts to pforme the duty of y° two other ffellowes,
in teacbinge sohoole in the said CoUedge and to have the rents and profitts growing
due to the said two ffellowes.

And wee find by the said Order that the same was provisionall onely, as wee
conceave for a time till the state of the said CoUedge should bee taken into further
consideracon w""" are the words of that order. And by order of the said Comittee of
the 2°* of June 1645, upon the said M"" Crofts his deserting the s* place one Stephen
Streete was nominated by the s* Comittee to supply the place, and upon his desert-
ing it one John Skingle by order of y° 28'" of Nov' 1649 was by the said Comittee
nominated to supply the said place of the two sen', ffellowes till further order only.
And that by order of the 13'" of November 1645 the said Comittee upon the said M'
Mead's relinquishing his Interest in the place of the said two other senior ffellowes,
the same by the s* order was sequestred to the use of Edmund Colby, Master of Arts
who is thereby required to teach the said Schoole and to take the Eents and pfitts of
the said two ffellowes tiU further order.

And it has further bene made appeare to us that there are divers Messuages and
Lands wherewith the said CoUedge is endowed whereof the best use and advantage
cannot bee made for y° benefit of the said CoUedge for want of making and renewing
Leases of the said Howses and Lands, which the CoUedge, at present as wee conceave,
is not in a capacity to make according to the aforesaid Eules and Orders of their
Foundacon, there being but two ffellowes where there should bee fower, and these two
not nominated and elected according to the said Eules of the Foundacon.

Having thus, according to your Highnes' order found and set downe the state of
the pticulars. Wee submitt further our humble opinion concerning the pmises to yo'
Highnes according to yo' Highnes' order to us directed.

1" That it is most agreable to the Eules of the ffoundacon that there should be
fewer ffeUowes elected and established in the said CoUedge according to the Institucon
and Eules of the foundacon for the pformance of all such dutyes as are required.

2. That by the orders of the Comittee of Parliament for Plundered Ministers,
M"" Skingle and M' Colby are to supply the places, to receave the profitts and enioy
the privUedges of the fower ffellowes till further order shalbe taken therein.

3. That for the due regulating of the said CoUedge according to the Eules of the
ffoundacon and intencon of this Charity, your Highnes would bee pleased to appoint
a Corporacon of Visitors in lieu of the late Archbishop of Canterbury and his
successors- (who bj^-the ffounder were nominated to bee ppetuall Visitors) which
Corporacon wee humbly desire may receave full power from your Highnes at con-
venient times to visitt and take order for the due execucon of the statutes and Eules
of the Foundacon to the preservacon of which Statutes wee find the officers of the
said CoUedge are by Oath obliged. All which wee humbly tender to your Highnes'
consideracon and determinacon.

Fkancis Deake, L. Awdley, John Aethue.

Upon this report the Lord Protector named on the 11th February 1655/6
the following as a Commission for visiting the College : —

Nathaniel Fiennes, John Lisle, Sir Bulstrode Whitelock, Sir Thomas Widdrington,
Edward Montague and WUham Sydenham Esq"". Major General John Lambert, Chief


Justice Oliver S' John, Edward Wlialley Commissary General, Matthew Hale one of
the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, Sir William Brereton, Bart, John Sadler
and Nathaniel Barron Esq"'. Masters of Bequests, Sir Thomas Pride, John Corbet,
Lewis Awdley, Abraham Babington, Walter S' John, Samuel Highlands, John
Hardwicke, Francis Allen and William Eolfe Esq"'. Eobert Tichborne, John
Blackwell Jun'. Francis Drake, Will Turner.

This visitation lasted for upwards of two years ; during its continu-
ance, on the 4th March 1657/8, a second poor scholar, Thomas Woodall
of Bishopsgate, was ordered to be sent to Exeter College, Oxford, with an
allowance of £16 per annum. His parish also gave him £5, as appears
from the following extract from the register of St. Botolph's : —

18 May 1658 Thnt there shall be £5 disbursed for y' fitting out of Thomas
Woodhall, from DuUedge College to y' universitie, in clothes, and monies towarde
buyeing him books. But not to be any pcident for y° future. ; ,•

Like the boy previously sent to Cambridge, he did not proceed to any

On the 19th March 1657/8 the Commissioners appointed by Cromwell
made the following appointments to the Fellowships : —

Friday the 19** day of March in the yeare of our Lord according to the computacon
of England 1657, in the howse of Thomas Howson in the pish of Lambeth in y" county
of Surr: before the Hon"" Thomas Kelsey Esq'., Lewes Awdley, Esq'., W" Turner
Doctor of Lawes, ffrancis Drake, and John Hardwick Esq'. Commissioners (amonge
others) lawfully authorized under the great seals of England for the ordering, visiting
and due setling of God's guift Colledge in Dulwich in the said County of Surr, in
the psence of Andrew Burt, publique notary being assumed attorney for this present
time :

Which day appeared personally John Bradford Batchelor of Arts now or late
student in Brazen Nose Colledge in the University of Oxon, and Henry TUley,
batchelor also of Arts, and now or late Student in Christ Church in the said
University of Oxon, and aUeadged That at a Court or meeting holden in the Doctor's
Commons in London on the 23'" day of Febr. last past, before the said Thomas Kelsey,
Lewes Awdley, William Turner, ffrancis Drake and also before William Stanes Doctor
of Phisick, John Blackwell and Edward Cressett Esq, the said John Bradford and
Henry Tilley were lawfully elected and chosen to the Schoolmaster's and Usher's
places of the said Colledge, now being void by lapse or otherwise. That is to say,
hee the said John Bradford was elected to y° Schoolmaster's place and hee the said
Henry Tilley was elected to y° Usher's place of the said College. Wherefore they
humbly pray to be admitted to the said respective places accordingly and then the
said Com", taking into consideracon the necessity of having the said places filled and
supplied, for the good and benefitt of the said Colledge, Did admit the said John
Bradford to the Schoolmaster's place of the said Colledge and the said Henry TUley
to y" Usher's place of the said Colledge, they the said John Bradford and Henry Tilley
having first severally taken openly before the said Com" the Oath usuall accustomed
and by the Statutes of the said Colledge required for them respectively to take. And


then appeared psonally William Carter of Corpus Christi Colledge in the University
of Cambridge, Mast' of Arts and John Harrison of Trinity Coll in the said University
of Cambridge, Mast^ of Arts and did alleage that the two minister's places in the said
God's guift Colledge in Dulwich are now vacant and void by lapse or otherwise, and that
they are in all respects qualified for j" executing of the said places as by y° statutes
of the said Colledge are required. Wherefore they humbly prayed to bee admitted
to the said two minister's places. Whereupon the said Com" taking likewise into con-
sidei'acon the necessitye of having the said two Ministers places to be supplied and filled
for the good and benefitt of y" said Colledge and likewise having receaved sufficient
Testimony of the honest and godly lives and conversacons of the said W" Carter and
John Harrison and of their abilities in learning and divinity. Did unanimously elect
and choose them the said W™ Carter and John Harrison to the two minister's places,

Online LibraryWilliam YoungThe history of Dulwich College, down to the passing of the act of Parliament dissolving the original corporation, 28th August 1857; → online text (page 19 of 71)