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BAKER, Bethuell of Lanesborough, and Elizabeth Young, int.

Oct. 30, 1803.
Elihu and Polly Loomis, Mar. 16, 1790.*
Hannah and Cornelius Wright, Mar. 9, 1788.*
Henry of Lanesborough, and Marsha Ford, int. Mar. 29, 1827.
L"a and Mary Burbank, Jan. 25, 1786.*
Senah and Timothy Watson, Feb. 11, 1785.*
Timothy M. and Lucy Bardwell, int. Dec. 22, 1827.

BALCH, William ^. and Carohne M. Brown, int. "more than
fourteen days previous to" Sept. 23, 1834.

BARDIN, Miriam and Calvin Holms, Jan. 7, 1793.*

BARDWELL (see Bordwell), Josephus and Abigal Shaltar of
Athol, int. Jan. 12, 1816.

* IntcBtico not recorded.


Bardwell, Luqr and Timothy M. Baker, int. Dec. 22, 1827.
Martha and Daniel Lyman Allen, int. Feb. 22, 181 1.
Mary S. [int. Bodwell] and Edmund Badger of Sandy Hill, N.Y.,
Nov. ig, 1805.

BARRITT, Nancy and Henry Shelters of Pownal, Vt., int. Jan.
22, 1802.

BARTLETT, Almira and James Meacham, int. Oct. 27, 1827.
Liberty and Charlotte Penniman, int. Nov. 8, 1828.

BATCHELLER, Moses and Lucy M. Nash of Dorset, Vt., int.
Jan. — , 1818.

BATES, Martin and Persis Smith, Apr. 22, 1805.

BEACH, Anna and Miles Beach, int. Oct. 10, 18 12.
Miles and Anna Beach, int. Oct. 10, 1812.

BEBEE, Charles and Hannah' Brooks, [i8o6] [int. Dec. 2$,


BEELE, Hosea of Chatham, N.Y., and Mary Norman, int. Mar.
19, 1814.

BEERS, Andrew (see Andrew Burs).

BELL, Ketchell and Susan Smith, int. Oct. 31, 1801.

BERGAMm (see Benjamin), Charles S. and Caroline E. Bulk-
ley, int. May 5, 1827. •

BENJAMIN (see Bengamin), Abby and Dr. Henry L. Sabin,

int. Mar. 30, 1833.
Lucy and Dr. Alfred Perry, int. Oct. 15, 1814.

BENNET, Betsey and William Reed, "Last faul" [? 1842].*

BENSON, Squire of Thompson, Conn., and Hannah Green, int.
May 12, 1810.

BINGHAM, Charles and Rebeca Higgins, int. June 4, 1815.
Eliphalet and Rhoda Welch, Sept. 5, 1792.*

BIRCHARD (see Burchard), Hannah and Joseph Crumb of

Stephentown, N.Y., int. Mar. 21, 1806.
Hannah and Curtis Thompson of New Ashford, int. Jan. 19, 181 1.
Mary and Benjamin Wright, int. Jan. 28, 1809.

BIRD, Rosamond and James Remington of Savoy, int. Oct. 3,

Susana and Packard of Plainfield, int. July 14, 1832.

BISHOP, Mary and Walter Lyon, Nov. 28, 1791.*

* lateBtico not recorded.


BLAIR (see Blare), Absalom and Patience Mallery of New Ash-
ford, int. Jan. 26, 1834.

Dolly [int. Dolla] and Timothy [int. adds W.] Osborn [int. of

Georgia, Vt.], [rec. between Jan. 11 and Jan. 25,

1804] [int. Jan. 10, 1804].

William and Sally Train, July 7, 1791.*

BLAKESLY, James E., 22, tailor, and Crcelia M. Talmadge, d.
Asa and Abigail T., Nov. 27, 1844.*

BLANCHARD, Lois of Trees Grant, and Spink Comstock of
Trees Grant, int. Mar. 9, 1802.

BLARE (see Blair), Anna and Samuel Kellogg, Nor. 29, 1787 *

BLISS, Fraderic and Polly Davis, Jan. 10, 1787.*
Norusea [int. Norussa] and James Young, June 4, 1818.

BOARDMAlf, Theodore and Welton Potter, wid., of Adams,
int. July 7, 1807.

BOOTH, Marthy Smith and Nathanie[l] B. Town, int.

[rec. between Jan. 26 and Sept. 7, 18 13].

BORDWELL (see Bardwell), Lydia and Noah Cook,

[18 1 7] [int. Sept. 30, 1817].

BOWEW, Henry D., 21, carpenter, s. Peter and Silva T., and
Mary J. Comfort, 18, d. Thomas and Mary, Aug. 12, 1846.*

BOYD, John L. of Charlton, N.Y., and Electa Bacon, int. Dec,
17, 1808.

BOYKTON, Daniel and Abiah Wright Towner, Oct. 13, 1787.*
John and Mary Smedley, Apr. 7, 1791.*

BRADFERD, Sarah of Cheshire, and Clement Harrison, int.
Mar. 20, 1818.

BRADLEY, William of Lee, and Betsey A. Smith, int. July 5,

BRAGG, Benjamin [and] Christain Lock, .*

BREWSTER, Joseph M., Rev., of Peru, and Eliza A. Noble

int. Sept. 15, 1827.
Lucy and Moses Young Jr., int. Sept. — , 1801.
Mary [second w.] and David Johnson, Dec. 15, 1784.*
Polly and Levy Rich, Apr. 28, 1791.*
Sarah and Joel Dodge of New Ashford, Aug. 14, 1791.*

BRIDGES, Lucy M. and James Smedley, int. Aug. 22, 1829.
Mary An and Benj[a]m[in] F. Mathrs, int. Sept. 15, 1832.
Samuel and Irena Smeadly, int. Mar. 30, 1819,

* latentioQ noC recorded.


BRIGGS, Margaret and Francis Davis, [1807] [int. Jan. 31,


BROOKS, Benjamin [and] Elizabeth Wright, Feb. 7, 1788 *

Hannah and Charles Bebee, [1806] [int. Dec. 23, 1806].

Polly and Joseph Williams, int. Feb. 2, 1810.

BROWN, AdeUe E. of Stephentown, N.Y., and A. R. Bulkly,

int. June 3, 1832.
Caleb M. of Elbridge, N.Y., 23, farmer, s. Squire M. and w.,

and Lucinda E. Cole, 21, b. Adams, d. Leonard R. and

Marian, Apr. 4, [i8]49.*
Caroline M. and William S. Balch, int. "more than fourteen

days previous to" Sept. 23, 1834.
Edgar M., farmer, s. Caleb and Sophia, and Mary Thomas, d.

W[illia]m and w., Sept. — , 1844.*
George, lawyer, of R.I., and Harriet Danforth, d. Keyes and w.,

[rec. June — , 1845], in Pownal, Vt.*

Henry C. and Tryphosa Sutton, Aug. 12, 1804.

James and Rboda Chatman, July 7, 1788.*

Manny and Mary Smedly, int. , 1833 [1833, written in

Mara [int. Maria] and Marshall [int. Marsell] Prindle, farm[er],

[1843] [int. Nov. 12, 1843].

Samuel and Lois Dodge, Sept. 30, 1784.*

Sam[ue]l of Brownville, N.Y., and Nancy Skinner, Jan. 29,

1806. '

Sarah, b. Pownal, Vt., d. David and w., and Albert G. Water-
man, 22, shoemaker, b. Adams, s. William and Sarah, Jan.

I, 1846.*

BUKLEY (see Bulkeley, Bulkley, Bulkly), Esther and Jesse
Sabin, .*

BULKELEY (see BuWey, Bulkley, Bulkly), Charles of Granville,
and Mrs. Cynthia Rossiter, int. Dec. 20, 1813.

Charlotte and Rev. [int. omits Rev.] Samuel M. Emerson of
Chester, [181 5] [int. Aug. 13, 1815].

Clarrissa [int. Clarissa T.] and Job Pierson of Schaghticoke [int.
Schagticock, N.Y.], [18 15] [int. Aug. 13, 1815].

BULKLEY (see Bukley, Bulkeley, Bulkly), Aristarchus and

Mary M. Chamberlain, int. Mar. 16, 1834.

Betsey and John S. Gray, [? 1842].*

Caroline E. and Charles S. Bengamin, int. May 5, 1827.
Frances E. and Rev. George C. Wood of New Windsor, N.Y.,

int. July 9, 1830.
Sophia A. and Rev. Benjamin F. Hoxsey, int. Aug. 3, 1830.

• latentioo na recorded.


BULKLY (see Bukley, Bulkeley, Bulkley), A. R. and Adelle E.

Bro-s^Ti of Stephentown, N.Y., int. June 3, 1832.
John W., Dr., 26, of Brooklin, N.Y., s. Solomon (Bulkley) and

Mary, and Maria Mason, 16, of Adams, d. Levi and w., Aug.

10, 1847.*

BUR (see Burs), Abijah and Sarah Watson, Nov. 18, 1791.*

BURBANK, Daniel and Margaret Pynchon, Mar. 21, 1793.*
Mary and Ira Baker, Jan. 25, 1786.*

BURCHARD (see Birchard), Sally and Lot Foster, Sept. 14,

BURGESS, Johannah and Abraham Smith of Petersburgh, N.Y.,
int. June 22, 1802.

BURKE, William of Adams, and Barbary Comstock, int. Dec.

BURS (see Bur), Andrew and Betsey Deming, int. Sept. 23, 1806.
[Beers, and Elizabeth Deming, m. Nov. 20, g.r.S.]

BUSHKELL, Zerviah Holden and Lewis Stebbins, Nov. 26, 1780.*

BYAM, David and Sarah Lamb, Nov. 25, 1792.*
Lucy and Francis Green, Jan. 5, i8o6.

CALKIN, Soloman and Lucy Russell, .*

CAMPBELL, John and Chloe Kellogg, Sept. 10, 1788.*

CARY, Barnabas and Febee Danford, Oct. 28, 1787.*

CATLIIf, Ester and John Ra)Tnond, May i, 1791.*

CHAMBERLAIR (see Chamberlin), Lucy, 19, d. Emery and

May, and Frederick Sanderson, 22, tailor, July — , 1844.*
Mary M. and Aristarchus Bulkley, int. Mar. 16, 1834.

CHAMBERLIN (see Chamberlain), Sally and Joseph Deming,
[1817] [int. Sept. , 1817].

CHAPIN, Philip, 24, wheelwright, of' Guilderland, N.Y., b.
Guilderland, N.Y., s. Philip, and Margaret Hunter, 20, b.
Troy, N.Y., d. John S., Dec. 27, [18349.*

CHAPMAN, Polly and Joseph Crofoot Jr., int. Sept. — , 1801.

CHASE, Ruby and William R. Shaw, 30, of Troy, N.Y., Apr. 15,

CHATMAN, Rhoda and James Brown, July 7, 1788.*

CHILES, John and Nancy Wright, int. Dec. 13, 1801.

* IntentioB no( recorded.



CLARK, Abel R. of Berlin, N.Y., and Anna T. Marsh, int. Nov.

29, 1806.

Ame and Dan Thayer, Apr. 27, 1786.*
Anner [?] and Sabnon Gregory, Nov. 5, 1789.*
Daniel and Deodamos Nobels, Jan. 17, 1788.*
Deodama (see Diodama Noble).
John and Lusina Smedly, Apr. 4, 1776.*
Zerviah, wid. [int. Saviah, omits wid.], and Dyer Stark of Adams^

Feb. 4, 1802.

CLIFT, William, Rev., of Stonnington, Conn., and Harriet A.
Peters, d. Rev. Dr. A. and w., Jan. i, 1845.*

CODDmO, Azuba [int. Zuba Coddin] and William Obrian of
Great barrington [int. Obrien of Gt. Barrington], Jan. i,

COLE, Lucinda E., ai, b. Adams, d. Leonard R. and Marian,
and Caleb M. Brown, 23, farmer, of Elbridge, N.Y., s.
Squire M. and w., Apr. 4, [i8]49.*

COMESTACK (see Comstock), Solon and Cheesia [?] White, int.
Jan. 26, 1813.

COMFORT, Mary J., 18, d. Thomas and Mary, and Henry D.
Bowen, 21, carpenter, s. Peter and Silva T., Aug. 12, 1846.*

COMSTOCK (see Comestack), Barbary and William Burke of

Adams, int. Dec. 15, 1831.
George and Sophia Henderson, int. Feb. 21, 1810.
Spink of Trees Grant, and Lois Blanchard of Trees Grant, int.

Mar. 9, z8o2.

COirVERS (see Convis), Lois and Thomas P. Goodrich, int.
Mar. 22, 1829.

CONVIS (see Convers), Walter and Assenath Torrey, Jan. 30,

COOK, Abial and Margaret Kriger, Oct. 18, 1790.*
Elizabeth and Stephen Scott, Aug. 12, 1784.*
John and Nelly Raymond, Feb. 2, 1792.*

Louisa F., 26, d. Noah and Lydia B., and Rev. William R. Stevens,
33, of Newport, Ind., s. WiUiam and Eunice, June 25, 1845.*

Noah and Lydia Bordwell, [18 17] [int. Sept. 30, 1817].

Polly and Gideon Selden, July 28, 1789.*

COOLLY, Lidea and Benjamin Steacy, Nov. 30, 1788.*

COOPER, Israel and Rebeckah Hohne, July 12, 1787.*

C0RBII7 (see Corbon), John and Susanna Kief, int. May 23, 1807.
William of Champlain, N.Y., and Sally Mills, int. Nov. 25, 1801.

* I&ttntioa not recorded. ^


CORBON (see Corbin), James and Polly Eldridge, int. Mar. i8,

COWAN, Charles of Stephentown, N.Y., and Rhoda Lamb,
int. July 25, 1807.

CbWE, Harvey and Deborah Eddys, int. Dec. 12, 1812.

COX, Sarah and John Muray, int. Apr. 25, 1812.

CROFOOT, Clarissa and John Young, int. Dec. 26, 1807.
Joseph and Lois Watson, int. Aug. 27, 1801.
Joseph Jr. and Polly Chapman, int. Sept. — , 1801.
Lucy and Amos Wilkeson, Jan. 23, 1787.*

CRUMB, Joseph of Stephentown, N.Y,, and Hannah Birchard^
int. Mar. 21, 1806.

CULVER, Isaac W. of N.Y., and Lucina Wheldon, int. Jan. 6,

CURTIS, Mary of Lanesborough, and Stephen V. R. Hozsey,
int. Jan. 21, 1831.

CUTLER, Hannah and Joel Dodge, [1807] fmt. Feb. 14,

Olive and William W. Sabin, int. Nov. 15, 1807.

DANFORD (see Danforth), Febee and Barnabas Gary, Oct. a8,

Hannah and Nathan Whiting, Oct. 4, 1787.*
Jonathan Jr. and Abigail Johnson, Nov. 10, 1784.*
Joshua and Salome Noble, Jan. 15, 1786.*
Peter and Elizabeth Stephens, Dec. 7, 1786.*

DANFORTH (see Danford), Harriet, d. Keyes and w., and

George Brown, lawyer, of R.I., [rec. June — , 1845},

in Pownal, Vt.*

DAIHELS, Sturling and Charity Johnson, Nov. 8, 1779, in New-

DAVENPORT, Williams and Hannah Hicock [int. Hickok),
Dec. 20, 1803.

DAVIS, Francis and Margaret Briggs, [1807J [int. Jan. 31,

Jane and Pardon Stark, July 2, 1784.*
Mary and Jesse Sexton, Nov. 22, 1782.*
Polly and Fraderic Bliss, Jan. 10, 1787.*
Sally and John L. Skeel, int. June 27, 1806.

* IntendoB cot recorded.


DAY, Polly and David A. Noble, Mar. 29, 1792.*

Sophia and James Sherman of Rome, N.Y., int. Feb. 8, 1806.

DEMING (see Demming), Betsey and Andrew Burs, int. Sept.
23, i8c>6. [Elizabeth and Andrew Beers, m. Nov. 20, g.r.8.]
David and Sally Lewis, Sept. 24, 1804.

Joseph and Sally Chamberlin, [1817] [int. Sept. — , 1817].

Mary and John Mills, int. Dec. 16, 1809.
Salmon and Saloma Wright, Jan. 10, 1805.

DEMMIKG (see Deming), Polly and Benjamin Holton, Mar. i,

DENISON, Ruth and Mathew Lyne, Sept. 2, 1784.*

DEWEY, Daniel and Mariah Noble, May 6, 1792.*

Daniel N. and Eliza H. Hubbel, int. Apr. 21, 1827.

Eeanor and Rev. Stephen West, D.D., of Stockbrige, int. Jime

7, 1806.
Sophia and John Morgen of N[ew] York City, int. Dec. 4, 183 1.
W[illia]m B., 27, blacksmith, of New Ashford, s. Henry and

Mary, and Henriette A. Arnold, 23, d. Henry P. and Ann,

Sept. 24, 1847.*

DOBSON, Roxana and James Slosson, int. Oct. 8, 1801.

DODGE, Joel of New Ashford, and Sarah Brewster, Aug. 14,

Joel and Hannah Cutler, [1807] [int. Feb. 14, 1807].

Lois and Samuel Brown, Sept. 30, 1784.*

DOUGLASS, Jonathan H. [of] Waterford, and Mrs. Harriet
Rossite, int. Oct. 16, 1813.

DOWinUG, John and Mary Lewis, int. Feb. 22, 1806.

EATON (see Eton), Sylvanus and Almira Sloan, Feb. 28, 1790.*

EDDY (see Eddys), Alanson and Rachel Hickox, int. Aug. 13,

Betsy and Fra Loomis of Adams, int. [rec. between Jan.

26 and Sept. 7, 1813].
Justin and Sally Young, int. Mar. 3, 1808.
Polly and Levi Smedley Jr., int. Nov. i, 1815.

EDDYS (see Eddy), Deborah and Harvey Cowe, int. Dec. 12,

EDWARDS, Thadious and Electy Simonds, Oct. 21, 1787.*

ELDRICH (see Eldridge), Susanna and Charles Niles of Arling-
ton [int. adds Vt.], Dec. 31, 1817.

* Intesdan not recorded.


ELDRIDGE (see Eldrich), Lucinda and Robert Anderson of

Benson, Vt., June 2, 1805.
Polly and James Corbon, int. Mar. 18, 1814.

ELLIS (see AUes).

ELLITHORPE, John and Salomi [int. Salome] Stewart, Dec.

28, 1801.

EMERSON, Samuel M., Rev. [int. omits Rev.], of Chester, and
Charlotte Bulkeley, [1815] [int. Aug. 13, 1815].

ESTES, William H, of Adams, and Pennelia Nash, int. Aug. 23,


ETON (see Eaton), Diadamy and Nathaniel Holdridge, Oct. i,


FISHER, Jeremiah of Petersburg [dup. adds N.Y.], and Ljdia.
Green, int. Apr. 23, 18 10 [dup. Dec. 19, 1809].

FOOT, Asahel of Lee, and Mary Smedley, int. July 19, 1828.
Daniel and Elizabeth Margaret , July 12, 1774-*

FORD, Amasa and Lydia Kennedy, Mar, 18, 1806.

Eunice and Asa Northum [int. Northam], Sept, 24, 1805.

Jonathan and Sarah A. Smith, Aug. 15, [i8}42.*

Lydia and Cheny Taft, int. Oct. 8, 1815.

Marsha and Henry Baker of Lanesborough, int. Mar. 29, 1827.

Sarah Ann and Levi M. Winslow of Windsor, int. Mar. r6, 1834.

FORSYTH, WiUiara and Martha Giles, Mar. 3, 1786.*

FOSTER, David and Polly Treadwell, Mar. 14, 1804.
Ebinezer and Harty Johnson, int. Mar. 4, 1802.
Edward and Polly Stratton, June 19, 1792.*
F. E. and Louisa Mooar, June 16, 1842.*
Hannah and Oliver Lampson, Jan. 12, 1790.*
Jeremiah and Ruth Moger, Oct. 12, 1777.*
Lot and Sally Burchard, Sept. 14, 1802.
Mary and John Wood, Jan. 14, 1790.*

FOWLER, Deliverance and Joseph Smedley, int. Nov. 6, 1802.
Mehitabel [of] Westfield, and Dr. Samuel Porter, int. Oct. i, 1805.
Nancy and Eleazer King, May 27, 1804.

Naomi and Ziba Goodale of Stamford, Vt., int. Nov. 23, 1801.
Thomas and Betty Sharwood, Dec. 14, 1786.*

GALUSHA, Sarah D. and Samuel N. Hickcox, int Feb. 13, 1828.

GAY, Sally K. and Silas Sage of Sandisfield, Jan. xi, 1804.*

* lateadoQ not recorded.



GEBBS, Lidia and Levi Smedly, Nov. 5, 1786 *
Lorenda and Luther Wright, Aug. 26, 1784.*

Lydia, Mrs., and Nehemiah Smedly, .*

Warren and Huldah Smedley, Apr. 14, 1791,*

GILES, Martha and William Forsyth, Mar. 3, 1786.*
Mary and Joseph Torrey, int. Oct. 21, 1802.

GILMORE, David and Sarah Seelye, Feb. 3, 1790.*

GODFRY, Welthy and Timothy Wright, Sept. 18, 1792.*

GOODALE, Ziba of Stamford, Vt., and Naomi Fowler, int.
Nov. 23, 1801.

GOODRICH, Thomas P. and Lois Convers, int. Mar. 22, 1829.

GOULD, Ebenezer and Polly Holmes, Feb. 7, 1805.

GOUNGER, William and Hannah Ladd, Oct. 18, 1789.*

GRAY, John S. and Betsey Bulkley, [? 1842].*

GREEN, Francis and Lucy Byam, Jan. 5, 1806.

Hannah and Squire Benson of Thompson, Conn., int. May 12,

Jacob and Rebeckkah Young, int. Oct. 22, 1804.
Lucy and William H. Whelden, int. Sept. 10, 1808.
Luranah and William J. Wilcox of Sandisfield, int. Jan. 13, 1808.
Lydia and Jeremiah Fisher of Petersburg [dup. adds N.Y.], int.

Apr. 23, 1810 [dup. Dec. 19, 1809].

GREEVES, Thomas [int. Reeves] of Merullus, N.Y., and Mi-
nerva [int. Minrva] Porter, Oct. 2, 1804.

GREGORY, Abigal and Orange T. Johnson, int. Jan. 26, 1813.
Izbind and Polly Sherwood, Mar. 22, 1789.*
Salmon and Anner [?] Clark, Nov, 5, 1789.*
Saloma and Artemas Keef, int. Mar. 7, 1807.
Sylvanus and Mary Horsford, July 10, 1788.*

GROVER, Ruth and Jedidiah Smedly, May 25, 1763.*

GROVESNOR, Rebeckah and John Newbre, May 20, 1790.*

HALL, Lydia A. of Worthington, and Alanson H. Porter, int.

Dec. 10, 1831.
Mary and Joseph Simson, Dec. 15, 1786.*
Thomas and Almina Thurber, June 21 [? 1842].*

HALLOCK, Jerimiah S., 28, farmer, of Canton, Conn., b. Can-
ton, s. Homer and w., and Harriet S. Hosford, 24, d. Arad
and Sophia A., June 21, 1848.*

* Intendon not recorded.


HARISON (see Harrison), Job and Cordelia Hickox, int. .

HARMAW, Thaddeus of Richland, N.Y., and Eunice Horsford,
int. Jan. 25, 1808.

HARRINGTON (see Herrington), Rueben of Adams, and

Rosannah Wright, May 3, 1805.*
William and Mehitabel Kilborn, .*

HARRIS, Priscilla and Henry Starks, int. Apr. 23, 1802.
William C., 29, shoemaker, s. W[illia]m and Jemima, and Ann N.

Olds, 20, b. Jackson, N.Y., d. Liberty and Ann N., Nov.

30, 1848.*

HARRISON (see Harison), Alma and Dr. [int. omits Dr.] Eben-

ezer Stratton [int. Jr.], Jan. 30, 1806.
Clement and Sarah Bradferd of Cheshire, int. Mar. 20, 1818.
Jcrusha B. and Ralph Thatcher of Manchester, Vt., int. May

4, 1828.

HASKINS (see Hoskins).

HAWKINS, Mary and Micah Jepson of Goshen, Oct. 26, 1790 *

HAWKS, Horace of Charlemont, and Rachel Smedly, int. Nov.
1, 1815.

HECOCK (see Hiccox, Hickcox, Hickok, Hickox, Hicock), Abi-
gail and Timothy Sabins, Jan. 7, 1790.*

HENDERSON, Sophia and George Comstock, int. Feb. 21, 1810.
Thomas of Benington, and Lucy Kellogg, Mar. 25, 1790.*

HENNERIS, Naomi and John Seelye, Jan, 4, 1787.*

HERRINGTON (see Harrington), Jemima and Samuel Mills,
Feb. 13, 1782.*

HICCOX (see Hecock, Hickcox, Hickok, Hickox, Hicock), Lio-
dice and Jesse Omsted, Dec. 27, 1787.*

HICKCOX (see Hecock, Hiccox, Hickok, Hickox, Hicock),

Chauncey E. and Torry, July 4 [? 1842].*

Samuel N. and Sarah D. Galusha, int. Feb. 13, 1828.

HICKOK (see Hecock, Hiccox, Hickcox, Hickox, Hicock), Rebec-
ca and Amasa Josline, int. Apr. 3, 1802.

HICKOX (see Hecock, Hiccox, Hickcox, Hickok, Hicock), Adah
and Josiah Talmage, Jan. 3, 1793*

Cordelia and Job Harison, int. .

Rachel and Alanson Eddy, int. Aug. 13, 1808.

• Intention not recorded.


HICOCK (see Hecock, Hiccox, Hickcox, Hickok, Hickox), Han-
nah [int. Hickok] and Williams Davenport, Dec. 20, 1803.

HIGGII^S, Jess [int. Jesse] and Rebeckkah Kenedy [int. Rebeck-

iah Kennedy], Aug. 5, 1805.
Rebeca and Charles Bingham, int. Jime 4, 1815.

HUfDERSSASS, Selime and Joel Baldwin King, Feb. 20, 1823.*

HOLDRIDGE, Nathaniel and Diadamy Eton, Oct. i, 1788.*

HOLME (see Holmes, Holms), Rebeckah and Israel Cooper, July
12, 1787.*

HOLMES (see Holme, Holms), Elnathan and Mary Rich, Jan.

22, 1785.*

John of Hanover, N.H., and Sally Town, int. Apr. 19, 1806.
Polly and Ebenezer Gould, Feb. 7, 1805.

HOLMS (see Holme, Holmes), Calvin and Miriam Bardin, Jan.

7» I793-*
HOLTON, Benjamin and Polly Demming, Mar. i, 1789.*

HOPKINS, Mark and May Hubel, int. .

HORSFORD (see Hosford), Esther and Reuben Read, Dtc. 31,

Eunice and Thaddeus Harman of Richland, N.Y., int. Jan. 25,

Mary and Sl)Tanus Gregory, July 10, 1788.*
Royyel and Elizabeth Morse, Feb. 2, 1792.*

HOSFORD (see Horsford), Harriet S., 24, d. Arad and Sophia
A., and Jerimiah S. Hallock, 28, farmer, of Canton, Conn,
b. Canton, s. Homer and w., June 21, 1848.*

Mary Abby, 18, d. J. H. and Mary E., and Samuel B. Kellog,

23, inn keeper, s. Samuel (Kellogg) and Catharine, June 4,

HOSKINS, Nathan and Margaret Miller, ch. Robert and Nancy
of Colerain, Sept. 16, 1829.* G.R.3.

HOW, Hannah and Daniel Worthington, Dec. 28, 1790.*

HOXSEY, Benjamin F., Rev., and Sophia A. Bulkley, int. Aug.

3» 1830-
Stephen V. R. and Mary Curtis of Lanesborough, int. Jan. 21


HUBBEL (see Hubel), Eliza H. and Daniel N. Dewey, int. Apr.

21, 1827.
Lyman [int. Hubbell] and Lois Rossiter [int Kossetter], Jan. it,


• InteatioQ not recorded.


HTJ6EL (see Hubbel), May and Mark Hopkins, int. .

HUME, David H. of Windsor, and Catherine B. Penniman, int.
Jan. I, 1831.

HUNTER, Margaret, 20, b. Troy, N.Y., d. John S., and Philip
Chapin, 24, wheelwright, of Guilderland, N.Y., b. Guilder-
land, N.Y., s. Philip, Dec. 27, [i8]49.*

Thomas and Elizabeth Thare, Feb. 23, 1792.*

HURLBUT, Elsie, wid., 44, d. Stephen Hosford and Bethiah, and
Chester Stone, widr., 57, farmer, s. Sylvenus and Assenith,
Nov. 30, 1847.*

John and Zillah Southwick, Oct. 26, 1786.*

ISHAM, Sirah and Lois Kellogg, Feb. 26, 1786.*

JEFFORDS, Benjamin and Sally Rich, Dec. 23, 1790.*

JENKS, Belinda of Cheshire, and Welcome Staples of Adams,
Sept. 24, 1818.*

JEPSON, Micah of Goshen, and Mar}' Hawkins, Oct. 26, 1790.*

JOHNSON, Abigail and Jonathan Danford Jr., Nov. 10, 1784.*
Charity and Sturling Daniels, Nov. 8, 1779, in Newhaven.*
David and Mary Brewster [second w.], Dec. 15, 1784.*
Freelove and Henry Johnson, Jan. 6, 1788.*
Harty and Ebinezer Foster, int. Mar. 4, 1802.
Henry and Freelove Johnson, Jan. 6, 1788.
Orange T. and Abigal Gregory, int. Jan. 26, 1813.
Shearman and Catherine F. Woodman of Newburyport, int. Aug.
19, 1831.

JONES, C[iUegible] of Berlin, N.Y., and M[illegible] Reed, int.

[? 1833]. [This entry indistinctly written.]

Elisabeth and Nathan Raymond, Mar. 8, 1790.*
Hittea and John Vanzandt, Mar. 17, 1789, in Adams.*
John, ex soldier, b. Notinghara, Eng., and Ann Melvin, b. Ire-
land, Nov. 4, 1849.*

JOSLINE (see Joslyne), Amasa and Rebecca Hickok, int. Apr.
3, 1802.

JOSLYNE (see Josline), Parthene and Jeremiah Meacham, int.
Feb. 19, 1802.

JUBD, Reuben and Sarah Leace, Dec. 10, 1784.*

JULLAR, Irena and Constant W^iliiams, Oct. 9, 1785.* ^

KEEP (see Kief), Artemas and Saloma Gregory, int. Mar. 7,


* loteodon not recorded.


ElELLOG (see Kellogg), Samuel B., 23, inn keeper, s. Samuel
(Kellogg) and Catharine, and Mary Abby Hosford, 18, d. J.
H. and Mary E., June 4, 1844.*

KELLOGG (see Kellog), Chloe and John Campbell, Sept. lo,

Lois and Sirah Isham, Feb. 26, 1786.*

Lucy and Thomas Henderson of Benington, Mar. 25, 1790.*
Nathaniel and Mehitabel Simon, Dec. 14, 1785.*
Samuel and Anna Blare, Nov. 29, 1787.*

KENEDY (see Kennedy), Rebeckkah fmt. Rebeckiah Kennedy]
and Jess [int. Jesse] Higgins, Aug. 5, 1805.

KEKTIEDY (see Kenedy), Emmy and David Minor of Southwick,


Lydia and Amasa Ford, Mar. 18, r8o6.*

KENUEY (see Kinney).

KIBBE, Azabath and Calvin Root, int. Jan. 11, 1806.

KIEF (see Keef), Susanna and John Corbin, int. May 23, 1807.

ElILBORN, John Jr. and Hannah Meack, Nov. 26, 1788.*
Mehitabel and William Harrington, .*

KING, Eleazer and Nancy Fowler, May 27, 1804.
Joel Baldwin and Selime Hinderssass, Feb. 20, 1823.*

KINNEY, Keziah [int. Kezia Kenney] and David Stevens of
Pittsfield, Dec. 11, 1803.

KREGAR (see Kriger), Margaret and Keeler Trowbridge, Sept.
30, 1783.*

KRIGER (see Kregar), Margaret and Abial Cook, Oct. 18, 1790.*

LADD, Hannah and William Gounger, Oct. 18, 1789.*

LAMB, Daractes and William Andraes, Sept. 20, 1787.*

Edmond and Rebeckah McMaster, Mar. 2, 1790.*

Rhoda and Charles Cowan of Stephentown, N.Y., int. July 25,

Sarah and David Byam, Nov. 25, 1792.*

LAMPSON, Oliver and Hannah Foster, Jan. 12, 1790.*

LANDON (see Langdon), Jerremiah and Rebeckah Sloan, Sept.
5, 1791.*

LANGDON (see Landon), Miriam and Josiah Wright 3d, Feb.
2, 1791.*

* IntentioB not recorded.


LANE, Mary and Israel Markham, Apr. 12, 1787.*

LARKINS, Abel and Elisabeth Torrey, int. Aug. 19, 1827.

LASELLE, Edward of Scboharrie, N.Y., and Ruth Ann Whit-
man, int. Oct. 13, 1833.

LEACE, Sarah and Reuben Judd, Dec. 10, 1784.*

LEETE, Polly and W[illia]m Leete [int. Sweet], June i, 1803.
W[illia]m [int. Sweet] and Polly Leete, June i, 1803.

LE YENS WORTH, Lemuel and Sibil Parker, Sept. 21, 1769.*

LEWIS, David of Newashford and Susanna White of Newash-

ford, [1806].*

Lemuel and Abigail , Feb. 11, 1773.*

Mary and John Downing, int. Feb, 22, 1806.

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