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The First

ALUMNI Catalogue

Academic Departments

University of Kansas.




92.9. II




HE l?i3TnUTI0N

0. . . . ,


The Alumni Association.

The year 1891 will be the quarter-centennial of the University of
Kansas as an educational agency. The contemplation of the ap-
proach of so important an event in the University's history must
cause a thrill and rouse a new interest in the heart of every loyal son
and daughter of our Alma Mater. Aside from other important and
obvious considerations, it is hoped that this Catalogue will do its
share toward stimulating and sustaining in the Alumni a lively inter-
est in the University at this important epoch. At the quarter-cen-
tennial celebration next year, reminiscence and retrospection will be
the order: but it is the privilege of the Alumni to anticipate the public
in reviewing and reinforming themselves in regard to the events and
individuals that have made the University what it is and has been
for us all.

By legislative enactment the University was "located" in 1864, but
it was not until July, 1866, that the first Faculty, consisting of three
Professors and one Lecturer, was elected. The institution was for-
mally opened in September of the same year. Fifty-five students,
all in the preparatory department, were enrolled the first year. For
several years the work was confined chiefly to the preparatory and
collegiate grades. At the close of the seventh academic year, in 1873,
the first class graduated.

During Commencement week in 1876 the graduates, who then num-
bered twenty-two, organized an Alumni Association. A constitution
was adopted, and a board of officers elected. L. D. L. Tosh, '73, was the
first president, and Ida Blood, '74, the first secretary. In 1877 a new
board of officers was chosen, and arrangements were begun for
"Alumni exercises" to be held at the next Commencement. Chas. W.
Smith, '76, was chosen orator, and Hannah Oliver, '74, poet, to represent
the Association at the proposed "Alumni exercises" in Commencement
week of 1878. For some unrecorded reason this program was never
carried out. The Association was no longer maintained, but the grad-
uates contented themselves with holding an occasional alumni recep-
tion until 1883, when the interest in an association revived and the
present organization was effected. Since that date the Association
has been active; an Alumni oration has been delivered by a member
of the Association each Commencement, a banquet has been held, and
a new board of officers chosen each year.




Alumni association of the University of Kansas.


For the purpose of forming a closer bond of union among ourselves
and of maintaining an interest in our Alma Mater, we, the Alumni of
the University of Kansas, do hereby unite ourselves into an Associa-


Section 1. This organization shall be known as "The Alumni Asso-
ciation of the University of Kansas," and shall consist of the graduates
of the Departments of Literature, Science and Arts of the University

of Kansas.


Section 1. The officers of this Association shall consist of a Presi-
dent, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary,
Treasurer, and Executive Committee of five.

Sec. 2. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association.
In his absence, or for other good reasons, the Vice-President shall pre-

Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary to keep correct
minutes of the proceedings of the Association.

Seo. 4. The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct the correspond-
ence of the Association.

Sec. .5. The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the Associa-

Sec. 6. It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to appoint
sub-committees, and in the interim between meetings to act for the


Section 1. The regular meetings of the Association shall be held at
Lawrence, during Commencement week of each year.

Sec 2. Upon the written request of one-fourth of the Alumni, the
President may call a special meeting.

Sec. 3. At a regular meeting a vote of a majority of the members
present shall decide a question; but at a special meeting it shall re-
quire a two-thirds vote.


Section 1. The officers of this Association shall be elected at each
annual meeting, and shall hold their positions for one year, or until
their successors are duly elected.

Alumni Catalogue .

Sec. 2. All elections shall be by ballot, and a majority of the votes

cast shall elect.


This Constitution may be amended at any regular meeting by a three-
fourths vote of the Alumni present.


No. 1. All members of the current class who have been recommended
by the Faculty for degrees shall be considered members of the Alumni

No. 2, The annual dues of members of this Association shall be fifty

No. 3. The Treasurer shall pay out money only upon vote of the
Association, or by order of the Executive Committee when the Associa-
tion is not in session.

No. 4. The annual Orator for this Association shall be a member of
the Association, and shall be elected with an alternate at each annual
meeting; and at the same time a committee of three shall be selected
to notify the Orators and select substitutes if necessary.





W. H. Carruth, '80 President.

Frank F. Dinsmoor, '7.5, Secretary.

W. H. Carruth, '80, Chairman, 1

Angelo C. Scott, '76, |

Philip C. Young, '82, [■ Executive Committee.

Alice H. Peabody, '81, I

Alice (Boughton) Blackwelder, '75,


Kate Stephens, '75 President.

BiON S. Hutchins, '81, Vice-President.

Nellie G. Thacher, '81, Recording Secretary.

W. C. Spangler, '83, Corresponding Secretary.

W. H. Carruth, '80 Treasurer.

L. D. L. Tosh, '73, Chairman, 1
Solon T. Williams, '80,

W. H. Carruth, '80, 1- Executive Committee.

E. C. Little, '83,


May E. Richardson,


Kate Stephens, '75, President.

H. S. Tremper, '76, Vice-President.

MiNA E. Marvin, '81, Recording Secretary.

E. C. Little, '83, Corresponding Secretary.

W. H. Carruth, '80, Treasurer.

BiON S. Hutchins, '81, Chairman, I

Wilson Sterling, '83, |

Alice ( Boughton) Blackwelder, '75, 1- Executive Committee.

Frank F. Dinsmoor, '75, I


W. H. Carruth,


W. C. Spangler, '83, President.

Bion S. Hutchins, '81, Vice-President.

Flora (Hadley) Little, '81 Recording Secretary.

E. C. Little, '83 Corresponding Secretary.

S. M. Cook, '85 Treasurer.

Lizzie (Williams) Smith, '76, Chairman, ^
W. H. Carruth, '80,

J. W. Gleed, '79, j. Executive Committee.

Cara ( Fellows) Sterling, '83,
Nellie G. Thacher, '81,

Alumni Catalogue.


C. F. Scott, '81, President.

Merton J. Keys, '84, Vice-President.

BioN S. HuTCHiNS,'81 Recording Secretary.

Hannah Oliver, '74, Corresponding Secretary.

Frank Prentiss, '84, Treasurer.

Mary W. Woodward, '81, Chairman, 1
Olin Tempun, '86,

Carrie M. Watson, '77, j Executive Committee.

O. D. Walker, '83,

Fred. A. Stocks, '84, j


C. W. Smith, '76 President.

Mary E. Wilder, '82, Vice-President.

E. A. Brown, '83, Recording Secretary.

W. H. Carruth, '80, Corresponding Secretary.

E. F. Caldwell, '85, Treasurer.

E. C. Meservey, '82, Chairman, 1
Hannah Oliver, '74, |

George B. Watson, '84, [- Executive Committee.

Frank D. Hutchings, '83, I

B. K. Bruce, '85, !


Wilson Sterling, '83 President.

Kate Ridenour, '84, Vice-President.

Harriet (Haskell) MacDonald, '86, Recording Secretary.

MiNA E. Marvin, '81 Corresponding Secretary.

L. L. Dyche, '84 Treasurer.

W. H. Carruth, '80, Chairman, 1
Olin Templin, '86, |

Addie (Sutliff) Wheeler, '84, |- Executive Committee.

Pliny L. Soper, '81,

Flora A. Newlin, '89, j




Chaeles W. Smith, A. M.,

Class of 1876.


Angelo C. Scott, A. M.,

Class of 1877.


James W. Gleed, A. M.

Class of 1879.


Rev. Elmeb B. Tuckee, A. M.

Class of 1876.


Chaeles F. Scott, M. Sc.

Class of 1881.


Rev. John Fostee Tuckee, A. B.,

Class of 1883.


AiiiCE (Boughton) Blackweldeb, A.B., (Orator Elect,)

Class of 1875.

Alumni Catalogue.


CLASS OF 1878.

Ralph Collins, A.B., Wilkinsburg, Pa.

MuBBAY Habeis, A. B., 411 Main St., Dallas, Tex.

Civil Engineer. Locating Engineer and Assistant Engineer on Construction for
Texas Pacific Railway.

Floba (Riohabdson) Colman, a.m., Lawrence, Kan.
Married in 1875 to 0. A. Colman, farmer.

L. D. L. Tosh, A. M., Wichita, Kan.

Attorney at Law. Married in 1883 to Minnie C. Parrish, of Lawrence, Kan.

CLASS OF 1874.

Ida (Blood) Hasselman B.So., Indianapolis, Ind.
Married in 1877 to W. J. Hasselman, manufacturer.

Ellis B. Notes, A.B., 127 East 23d St., New York City, care of Am.
Soc. C. E.
Assistant Engineer of Locks and Canals for State of Xew York. Married in 1881 to
Elsie L. Jefiferis of West Chester, Pa.

Hannah Oliveb, A.M., Lawrence, Kan.

Teacher of Latin and Greek in Lawrence High School.


Alice G. (Boughton) Blackweldeb, A.B., Morgan Park, Cook Co.,

Treasurer and Vice-President of Western Association of Collegiate Alumnae, and
President of Chicago Association of Collegiate Alumnae. Instructor in University of
Kansas in 1876. Married in 1877 to I. S. Blackwelder, Western Manager of Niagara
Fire Ins. Co.

Mabtha R. (Campbell) Hallowell, A.B., 614 North Fourth street,
Atchison, Kan.

Married in 1879 to Eugene Hallowell, druggist.


Feank F. Dinsmoob, A. M., Lawrence, Kan.

Dealer In bank safes and prison iron-work. Superintendent of Public Instruction
in Douglas county, Kansas, during the years 1877-8 and 1881-2. Married in 1878 to E.
A. DeLand, of Wellington, Ohio.

Fbank p. MacLennan, M.Sc, Topeka, Kan.
Editor and proprietor of State Journal.

W. S. Hebeick, B.Sc, Thurman, Allen Co., Ind.

Farmer. County Surveyor of Wabash county, Indiana, 1883-7. City Engineer of
Wabash, 1882-7. Married to Elizabeth J. Knouse.

EusEBiA B. (Mddge) Ieish, A.B., Manhattan, Kan.

Married in 1889 to Frank L. Irish, A. B., ( Dartmouth), Attorney at Law.

Kate Stephens, A.M., 64 Buckingham street, Cambridge, Mass.

Assistant Professor of Greek and Latin in the University of Kansas, 1878-9; Pro-
fessor of Greek from July, 1879, to August, 1885, with an interim of one year spent in
Germany. Author of "The Position of American Women " in American Supplement
(Stoddard) of Encyelopsedia Britannica; "Advanced Education for Women" in the
Forum of March, 1889; "A Fragment from Plato," Scribner's Magazine of May, 1889.

CLASS OF 1876.

Geoege F. Gaumee, B.Sc, Izamal, Yucatan, Mexico.

Naturalist and physician. Assistant U. S. Entomologist, 1877. Special Collector to
the British Museum under the auspices of Adolphus Boucard of London, 1877-82. Pro-
fessor of Natural Sciences and Spanish Language in the University of New Mexico,
18S2-3. U. S. Fish Commissioner for New Mexico, 1883. U. S. Consul at Campeche,
Mexico, 1884. Special Collector to the British Museum under the auspices of Osbert
Salvin and Frederic Godman of London since 1884. Author of " U. S. Report of Assist-
ant Entomologist," 1888; "Notes on One Hundred and Eighty-one Species of Birds of
Yucatan," published in the Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 1883;
Paper before Kansas Academy of Science, 1S81 ; " Notes on the Habits of Odontojihorus
Lineolatus, Licht," Science Record, 1884. All notes on the Natural History and Botany
of Yucatan and Central America now in the hands of Salvin and Godman of London
for publication. Married in 1881 to Virdilla McGee, of Lawrence, Kansas.

May E. Richabdson, B. Sc, Lawrence, Kan.

WiLLAED F. Sebgent, A.B., Kausas City, Mo.

Auditor Jarvis-Conklin Mortgage Trust Co.; Assistant Cashier of National Bank of
Kansas City.

Chaeles W. Smith, A.M., Stockton, Rooks Co., Kan.

Judge of Thirty-fourth Judicial District of Kansas, 1888-92; County Attorney of
Rooks Co., Kan., 1880-4; City Attorney of Stockton, 1882-.5; Mayor of Stockton, 1886-7 ;
Regent of Kansas State University, 1885-9. Author of pamphlet on " Presumptions in
Law," 1880; address before Kansas State Bar Association, 1889. Received the degree of
LL.B. from University of Michigan, 1878. Married in 1880 to Lizzie Ann Williams, A.B.,
(University of Kansas, 1876,) Lawrence, Kansas.

Alumni catalogue. 11

Elmee B. Tucker, A.M., Ada, Ottawa Co., Kan.

Baptist minister. Attended Newton Tlieological Institute, Newton Center, Mass.,

Henbt S. Teempee, A.m., Seattle, Wash.

Lawyer. City Attorney of Lawrence, Kan., 1883-7. Received ttie degree of LL. B.
from University of Michigan, 1878. Married in 1883 to Emma A. Poeliler, Lawrence,

James A. Wiokeesham, A. M., Terre Haute, Ind.

Professor of Modern Languages in Rose Polytechnic Institute. Instructor of Greek
in the University of Kansas, 1876-8. Attended Universities of Leipzig, Berlin, and
Tubingen, 1878-81. Author of "Aliso and Acne," New York, 1881 ; "Poems," New York,
1882. Married in 1886 to Cora E. Hedden, Terre Haute, Ind.

Lizzie Ann (Williams) Smith, A. B., Stockton, Kan.

Married in 1880 to Charles W. Smith, A.M. (University of Kansas, 1876), District

CLASS OF 1877.

Andeew Atchison, A. B., Lawrence, Kan., care of D. H. Robinson.

Principal of Kansas Freedmen's Academy, 1880-8; Principal teacher at Haskell In-
stitute, 1889-90. Author of several magazine articles on the "Education of Negroes" ;
four articles on "Early English Literature." IMarried in 1886 to Florence E. Robinson,

EvEEABD BiEEEE, JE., B. Sc, Washington, D. C.

Attorney at law. Examiner Pension Bureau, 1882-3; Examiner General Land Office,
1883-6 : Principal Examiner Pension Bureau, Interior Department, since 1887. Received
the degree of LL.M. in 1883 from National University Law School.

Geeteude Alice (Bullene) Weavee, A. B., Lawrence, Kan.
Married in 1883 to A. D. Weaver, merchant.

Geobge Wm. Hapgood, B. So., Hiawatha, Kan.

Civil engineer. Married in 1880 to Mary A. Cracraft, Hiawatha, Kan.

John Haepeb Long, D. Sc, Chicago, 111.

Professor of Chemistry, Medical and Pharmaceutical Departments, Northwestern
University. Instructor in Chemistry in Wesleyan University, Middletown, 1880-81.
Professor of Chemistry in the Literary Department of Northwestern University, 1881-2
and 1883-4. Attended the Universities of Tubingen, Breslau, and Wiirzburg, 1877-80.
Received the degree of Doctor of Science from Tubingen in 1879. Author of "A Method
of Determining the Velocity of the Wind," Proceedings of the Kansas Academy of Sci-
ence, 1877; "Ueber die Einwirkung von Wasserdampf auf gluehende Holzkohle,"
Liebig's Annalen der Chemie, CXCII, p. 288, 1878; Ueber die Einwirkung des alkohol-
ischen Kali's auf Bromoform," Liebig's Annalen der Chemie, CXCIV, p. 23, 1878; "On
the Diffusion of Liquids," Inaugural Dissertation, Tiibingen, 1879; "Ueber Diffusion
von Salzen in waesseriger Loesung," Annalen der Physik und Chemie, N. F., IX, p. 613,
1880, Phil. Mag. [5] IX, p. 313-329 and 413-432 ; "Ueber das electrische Leitungsvermoe-


gen einiger Salzloesungen," Annalen der Physik und Chemie, N. F., XI, p. 37, 1880;
"On the Indices of Refraction of Certain Compound Ethers," Am. Jour. Science, XXI,
p. 279, 1881; "On the Microchemistry of Fats," Bulletin of the Chicago Academy of Sci-
ences, VII, 1885 ; "On Phenol-phthalein as an Indicator," Pharmacist, 1885, Chemical
News, LI, p. 161; "A Microscopic Examination of Wax," Pharmacist, 1885 ; "On the
Microscopic Examination of Butter," Bulletin of 111. State Microscopical Society, 1886;
"A Laboratory Manual of Chemistry" (with Oscar Oldbergl, Chicago, 1887; "Investiga-
tions on the Oxidation of Sewage," Am. Chem. Jour., X, p. 26, Chemical News, LVII,
p. 256, 1888; "On the Densities and Refractive Indices of Certain Oils," Am. Chem.
Jour., X, p. 392, 1888; "On the Detection of Coloring Matter in Whiskey," Jour. Ana-
lytical Chemistry, II, p. 125, 1888 ; " On the Solubility of Thallous Iodide, and the Deter-
mination of Thallium," Jour. Analytical Chemistry, II, p. 243, 1888; "On the Circular
Polarization of Certain Tartrate Solutions, I," Am. Jour. Science, XXXVI, p. 351, 1888,
Chemical News, LVIII, p.313; "On the Behavior of Phenol-phthalein with Ammonia,"
Am. Chem. Jour., XI, p. 84, 1889, Chemical News, LIX, p. 214; " On the Circular Polar-
ization of Certain Tartrate Solutions, II," Am. Jour. Science, XXXVIII, p. 264, 1889;
"An Examination of Fusel Oil" (with C. E. Linebarger), Jour. Analytical Chemistry,
IV, p. 29, 1890; "Illustration of Sewage Decomposition in Streams," Jour. Analytical
Chemistry, IV, p. 39, 1890 ; " Chemical Investigations of the Water Supplies of Illinois,"
Reports to State Board of Health, 1889-90. Married in 1885 to Catherine B. Stoneman,
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Claea Luella (Mobeis) Peekins, M. Sc, Lawrence, Kan.

Music teacher in University of Kansas, 1877-82. Married in 1882 to L. H. Perkins>
Secretary of The Western Farm Mortgage Trust Company.

William Osbubn, A. M., Loveland, Larimer Co., Col.

Methodist minister. Attended Garrett Biblical Institute, Evanston, 111., 1883-4.
Married in 1884 to Mary Helen Hooker, Colorado Springs, Col.

Angelo Cyeus Scott, A. M., Oklahoma City, I. T.

Attorney at law. Associate editor of lola Register, 1882-4. Editor of Oklahoma Daily
Journal, 1889. Clerk of District Court of Allen Co., Kan., 1882-4. U. S. Commissioner
at Oklahoma City, 1890.

Colin Timmons, A. B., Aspen, Col.

Assayer and expert miner. Married in 1889 to Emma Lang, Indianapolis, Ind.

Caeeie M. Watson, A. B., Lawrence, Kan.

Librarian of University of Kansas since 1886; Assistant Librarian, 1878-86.

CLASS OF 1878.

Annie E. (Mozley) Boddington, B.Sc, 20 Perry Square, Kansas City,
Married in 1881 to John Clarke Boddington, locomotive builder and machinist.

De Etta (Wabben) Pillsbubt, A. B., Tulare, Tulare Co., Cal.

Married in 1881 to A. J. Pillsbury, editor of Tulare Daily and Weekly Register.

Kate (Williams) Boettchee, A.B., Bushong, Lyon Co., Kan.
Married in 1887 to J. D. H. Boettcher, jr., merchant.

Alumni Catalogue. 13

CLASS OF 1879.

Jessie A. Austin, A.B., Topeka, Kan.

Joseph W. Beigham, B.Sc, 103 Ocean street, Dorchester, Mass.
Baptist minister. Pastor of Dorcliester Temple Baptist Churcli. Attended :
Union Theological Seminary, Morgan Park, 111., 1879-82; graduated at Newton Theo-
logical Institute, Newton Center, Mass., 1883. Married in 1881 to F. L. Gunn, LaGrange,

William T. Byed, A. B., Lawrence, Kan.

Chables B. Cbamee, B.Sc, Breckenridge, Col.

U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor, County Surveyor of Summit county, Col., and City
Surveyor of Breckenridge.

James Willis Gleed, A.M., Topeka, Kan.

Attorney at law. Instructor in Latin and Greek in University of Kansas, 1879-82;
in charge of Greek Chair, 1882-3 ; Professor of Law, Real Property, since ISS.'p. Received
the degree of LL. B. from Columbia College Law School, 1884. Author of article on
Western Mortgages, in Forum of March, 1890. Married in 1886 to Grace Greer, Topeka,

HowABD H. Jenkins, A.B., Reno City, I. T.

Civil engineer. Assistant Engineer for A. T. & S. F. R. R., 1879-85. County Sur-
veyor of Harper county, Kansas, 1885-9. Married in 1886 to Yuma McFadden, Taylor,

Lizzie J. (Milleb) Riohabds, A.B., Benson, A. T.

Married in 1883 to H. T. Richards, Superintendent of N. M. & A. R. R., and Assist-
ant General Manager of Sonora Railroad, Mexico.

Alma (Riohaedson) Wallace, A.B., Hermosa, Col.
Married in 1882 to Joseph W. Wallace, ranchman.

Samuel M. Smith, A. B., Fort Worth, Texas.
Lawyer. Traveling agent for loan and real-estate firm.

Chandlee W. Stephenson, B.Sc, 951 North Fifth street, East Sagi-
naw, Mich.
Methodist Protestant minister. Conference Secretary for several years. Secretary
of Saginaw Valley Ministerial Association. Married in 1881 to Laura A. Hathaway,
Brockney Center, Mich.

Saeah L Stevens, A.B., Horton, Kan.
Hotel business with her brother.


William E. Stevens, A.B., Kansas City, Kan.

Lawyer. Commissioner of the Poor of Kansas City, Kan. Auditor of Wyandotte
county, 1888.

EuDOEA A. (Wade) Gakbett, M. So., Lawrence, Kan.

Music teacher. Married in 1883 to E. L. Garrett, farmer and stock-raiser.

CLASS OF 1880.

William Heebebt Caeeuth, A.M., Lawrence, Kan.

Professor of German in University of Kansas since 1887 ; Assistant in German and
French, 1879-82; Professor of German and French, 1882-7. Attended the Universities
of Berlin and Munich, 1885-6; Harvard University, 1888-9; received degree of A.M.
from Harvard. Author of "Municipal Woman's Suffrage in Kansas" (in conjunction
with Judge F. G. Adams); articles in Modern Language Notes; short poems in Scrib-
ner's, The Open Court, The Cosmopolitan, and The New England Magazine. Married
in 1882 to Frances Schlegel, Professor of German and French in University of Kansas,
1874-82, formerly of Boston, Mass.

Henet Valentine Chase, B.Sc, Olathe, Kan.

Merchant. County Clerk of Johnson county, Kansas, 1884-8. Married in 1885 to
Anna G. Newby, Kansas City, Mo.

CoBA Maude (Chebey) Mettnee, A.B., Lawrence, Kan.

Negative retoucher. Married in 1884 to Francis F. Mettner, photographer.

Saeah R. ( Dudgeon) Baskeeville, A. B., Washington, Kan.

Attended Northwestern Conservatory of Music, Evanston, 111. Married in 1883 to
E. J. Baskerville, Methodist minister.

Annie 0. Gilmobe, B. So., Lawrence, Kan.

James O. Hayes, A. B.

For more than a year after graduation Mr. Hayes attended the United Presbyterian
Seminary, at Xenia, O. Failure of health necessitated his return to his home near
Ottawa, Kan., where he died May 9, 1882, aged 29.

Aeiel E. Long, B. So., 3248 Rhodes Ave., Chicago, IlL
Attending the Chicago Art Institute.

Alfbed E. Paekee, B. So., Wellington, Kan.

Attorney at law. Married in 1885 to Mary Beattie, Sweet Springs, Mo.

Fbanklin Riffle, M. Sc, Walla Walla, Wash.

Civil engineer. Chief Engineer Oregon & Washington Railroad ; member American
Society Civil Engineers. Married in 1881 to Mrs. Veola Bardwell, Lawrence, Kan.

Solon T. Williams, A.B., 515 Seventh St. N. E., Washington, D.C.

OflScial Reporter Interstate Commerce Commission. Police Judge of Lawrence,
Kan., 1887-8. Married in 1886 to Carrie C. Dickerson, Portsmouth, O.

ALUMNI Catalogue. 15

CLASS OF 1881.

Alice Annie (Collieb) Rankin, A. B., Albuquerque, N. M.

Married in 1884 to Don J. Rankin, B.Sc. (K. S. U., 1881), Western Manager of the
Rankin Ice Machine.

Maggie Raymond Eidemillee, A. B., Lawrence, Kan.

Flobenoe Evelyn ( Finoh) Kelly, A. M., P. 0. box 179G, New York
City, care of Sanfred & Co.
Writer. Author of " Frances : A Story for Men and Women," and " On the Inside."
Married in 1884 to Allen Kelly, journalist.

Kakl August Floden, A. B., Hanford, Tulare Co., Cal.
Teacher and farmer.

Floba M. (Hadley) Little, A. B., Lawrence, Kan.

Attended Wellesley College in 1882. Married in 1884 to George E. Little, book-keeper
and clerk.

Ebasmus Hawoeth, M. So., Ph.D., Oskaloosa, Iowa.

Professor of Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology in Penn College. Attended Johns
Hopkins University, 1881-2 and 1887-8, where he received the degree of Ph. D. Author
of "A Contribution to the Geology of the Lead and Zinc Region of S. E. Kansas,"
"Archwan Geology of ^Missouri, and "Stimulants and Narcotics." Married in 1889 to
Ida E. Huntsman, Oskaloosa, Iowa.

Geobge Scott Hopkins, A.B., Horton, Brown Co., Kan.

President of First National Bank of Horton. President of Board of Trade since
1888. Treasurer of Building and Loan Association. Author of paper on "Punishment,"
read before Kansas Bar Association, 1889. Received degree of LL.B. from Columbia
Law School, 1884. Married in 1885 to Cora E. Pierson, B.Sc. (University of Kansas,
1884), Lawrence, Kansas.

Heebeet John Humpheey, A.B., Hutchinson, Kan.

Lawyer. Prosecuting Attorney of Geary county, Kansas, 1885-9. Married in 1889
to Eleanor W. Houk, Hutchinson, Kan.

BiON S. Hutchins, B.Sc, Clay Center, Kan.

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