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unjustly. Among other things he referred to the tune .IruV, "C)
could I speak the matchless wurth," and atiem]jted an ana!\'sis of
it, strain by strain, airusing Dr. .Maion of plagiarism. He con-
cluded by sa\'ing : '-the tune ought U> be committed to the tlames,
and its auth«ir to obli\'!on." IJut what is the judgment of the peo-
ple on ihi.-, tune and almost numberless others of Dr. Mason's
compositions and arrangements ? They are sung in ever) Cdiristian


land tlie world o\cr. and arc as familiar as household words ; while
not a sin^'lc tune ot" Mr. 15al<er's, ^o far a.-, I know, ha^ nuilc it:^
impress upon the heart and fnind in :\ny portion oi ( 'hri^tendom.
This fact is siifliriL-nt to settle the whole controver.-,)-, if there i> room
for controversy now. i)r. Ma-on was the tru'j com[H_)>cr. for he
reacJTed nut onl\' the intellect, hut tlie hearts of the peo'pie. It
would be Useless for me to attemjit to enumerate hi^ jjopular tunes,
the catalo^'ue is too Ioul; fjr that : Init >uch tunes a-^ Ariel. Mis-
sionary Hymn, Cowper, L'\I>rid,L,'e, lio\Kton. Naomi anil 1 Bethany,
(•"Nearer my (Jod to thee") will not soon be fory^)tten.

Dr. Frederick Loui^ Ritter, director of the School of Mu>ic at
Vas-^ar (."ullei^e, in his reeent work on "Chundi Mu^ic in .Vmerica."'
refers to the -ucce^^ful labvjrs of Dr. Ma-^on in -ecurini; tiie intro-
duction t>f ninsic as a >tudy into the pu'ilic schools oi lJo>toii ; but
this, in his u|)inion, is ""of more importance than hii semi-amateur-
ish teachini: about ( hurch uui^ic." I am inclined stroULil.v to the
Ijelief tha.t Dr. Kitter ma_\- be a much better hi-torian tlian critic,
and that lii,-, e. - timate o( Dr. Ma - un as a teacher and composer of
church p-alni'jdy will certainly fail, as it will not abide the te^t of
an enliL;lUened po[)ular sentiment.

The fir.-t of the series of Mu>ical Conventions which j^receded
the formation of the \\'orce^ter County Mu.dcal .Association, was
held in September, 185S, under tlie manaj;ement of the l,\te 101-
ward Hamilton, assir^ted by Prof. 15. !■'. llaker (jf Ponton. The
jjrogramme of the closing concert comprised Mr. Uaker^ new can-
tata, ''The Ikarniny Ship" ; selection.-^ from the "SarictiH." ^h. 1 1am-
ilton's btiok of church music : and choruses from the '"Messiah"
and the "Creation". This C<jn\ention was held in Mechanics
Hall, beginning ']"ue.sda\-, Sept. 2.S. and closed the ]'Vida_\" e\ening

From the circular i.>sued calling attention to the Comention I
copy the following, setting torth its puri)0ses and designs.

" Lccturt-s will lie given upun the voice; the dilTcieiit styles of C luirch
.Mii>ic, aiKieiil and niudern; the iihiloMijihy of >c.ile>, Ilainiony, ^Vl'.; \\\'.\)
Sini^inf; liy the wiuile cla>-, ami hy >elea voice,-; >uIo- i^y nieniliei> of tl-.e
Convention, and liy ladie- and gentlemen fn.ni abroad.


"It i^ |>ri^ipi>-cil 111 innkc r()iii^'rt.'i,'atinnal SiiiL;ini,' a pidiiiiiifnt suhject df
ili-.cn - >!"" ; anil it i-. c.i; neatly liopcl that all wlm \cl-\ iiilL-if - tL-il in thii mat-
ter, \'. lit-tliei' f'lr nr at,'ain^t it, will L^isc their attendance and CDnti ilmto U)
the ili^cu^-i'in. The iilatkani i> tu he jierfettly free, and it is lic.ped that
nracli nia\' I'e (hme, uii this ueca^iuii, In hriiii,' the [niljlic niin-l t(i liidit \"ie\\s
u])on this intere-linL; - ah^-ct. A time will he set apart for this di^cus^iim.

"It is the parp.ise of the mo-.er - in thi> enterini^e, to make it a iiernianent
annual meetini,' of tho~e inteiesled in ma^ic thr(aij^hout the ('ounty of Wor-
ce->ter; and to lurnUli an occasion loi- the cxhiMlion ol w hatsoever talent \k e
have anionLj^t us — to (|uicLen musical e!ilci|>ri>e — to promote lionoraMe emu- .
lation — to im|)ro\e the taste of siuLjer^ and hearers of Sacred .Music; and
especially, to spread abroad a kiiowled^^e of the \\'uks of the ^reat ma..ters.
It i> even hoped, that at no \iay di^-tanl i\.\.\ , it may he po^-Mhle to achieve
the perfca inatice of the entire oratorio.,, and other j^rand works of llandel,
llaydn, Mo/ait, P.eethoveii, :ind MeiidelsMihn. Let us hej^in in earnest, and
the residt may liecome sure."

Where so ininh w.is iiromiscd ;in(l aiiti<i])alcal. it mav be intcr-
Cstiny to know that the ti( kcls for the uholc cotir.sc were to he
fiirnisheil at the iiioderale price ok fiftv cents tor yentlenieii, atid
twenty-five < ent-> for Lidies.

These ( onventioiis were held aniiua!I\-. either 1)\- private enter-
prise, or under the auspices of the Mo/art Societv, until 1.S63.
The second he-an Septen"il)er 27. i^5g, and was tinder the inan-
ayenient of Messrs. Ikiker and Hainihon. d'he third he^^an Sept.
II, 1.S60, under the auspi' es of the Mo/arl Societv. and was con-
thicted li\- 1-^. \L I'rost, assisted liy ICdwanl Hamilton. This a])-
pears to ha\-e heen ipiite a stic( es.sful coinention ; the chorus was
large, and two concerts were given. The fourth, heginning Oct.
29, 1S61. was under the niaaiageiiient of Mr. JainesA. r)orman. at
that time secretary of the Mo/art .S(.)ciet}', and was condurded by
r>. 1''. ikiker. The hftli commeni.ed Se])L. 29, 1S62, and was tinder
the same management and diie( tion as that of the preceding \ear.

In iSC)^. Mr. i)orman went to the West for a season, in the ho]ie
of regaining his health, which had become impaired, and it was-
not expected that he would be able to manage a coinention that
autumn. 'I'herefore .Mr. J. 1). Moore, who had recently come to
\\orccster, and who took a (k.'ep interest in musical matter^, ad-
vertised a coinention to be held at Mechanics Hall, to begin Sept.


29, and to l)c uikIlt the inn-i( al direction dt' Mr. I'". II. l'n)>t, who
as \vc have before .-^ceii, hail ahvaily w^'W nuiiiy hleiids in W or-

.Mr. norinan une\i>e(te(ily returned, and announced a conven-
tion to "he held the same week at the City Hall, with 1). F. IJaker
as conductor.

Here, then, were two conventions at the same time. The mu-
sical people of \\orce>ter were yieatly di\ ided in sentiment, and
had been tor >oine year. ; and there wa^ a stron.L? rivalry between
the two fictions, lliit Mr. h'ro-,t and hi^ friend-^ were too strong,'
fur their opp.iuent- ; and the a^^embly at Mechanics 1 lall a(lo[)led
the name of •• W ukci s 1 1 k Colntv Mi-Mcai, ( onvi ni k in."' and
oryani/ed Oct. 2. 1.S63, with the fol]o\\in,:j; board of olficcis, nom-
inated by a comnnttee cho>en for the |)Ui-|)Ose ;

I're^ident. Samuel hk Staple.-,, Worcester; vice-pre>idents, W il-
liam Sumner, Wok e-.ter, 1'.. K. heiand. North nrookfield, Mo>e^
(;. I.von, iMlihhin-, A. ('. Mumoe. \Vorce>ter, j. H . Samson, Wor-
cester ; recordin,; >ecielary and treasurer. William S. l)enii_\. Wor-
cester; corresponding >ei retary and librarian, Jamo I >. .Moore,
Worcester. Doard of directors : Rev. William Thipp-s, l'a\ton ;
Rev. .A. II. Coolid-e, Leicester; Jasper Howe, Clinton : Dr. O-i ar
Howe, I'riiK el(m : Cabin M. Ward, ISrimheld : Lyman I'.arr, .New
llraintree ; ].vman.\. I'owers. S[ieiuer; Samuel hurand. I iti h-
burg ; C. C. Rice, ^\'e^t lioybton ; (leoi-e F. Daniel.-,, Oxford;
lason Water^, Sutton ; Ceor-e W. .Merritt, We^,t I'.rookfield : Wil-
liam L. Towers, Warren: Rev. J. H. Rouse. Clai)p\ille; William
Hunt, I'.a^t Doue,la-> : V - ^'- \Miite, I,eomin>ter ; N. H. Sears. Mill-
bury ; I. ■]'. Clark, Dudley ; .\ddi>on Walker, Adiburnham : Charles
O. r.a( hcllor. Northl.ndL;e ; II. W . Ri<e, 1 Irook field ; .\dolphus
Rand, Shrewsbury ; ,\ddi-,oii Ikdlev. Sleilin- ; S. R. belaud, .\le\-
ander Stuckiiiy, \\'. I'-. Chandler, 'I'hoinas Kinniiaitt, Newell Mer-
riam, 1. F. liacon, Henry D. I'utn.un, Fuci\is Merrifield, Cleor-e
H, lirown, H. I.. Ainv.vorth. S.imuel d'yicr, John !■: Spauldm-. bk
R. I )rmy, Worcester.

Vou will par<lon any seeminLj e,L,M)ti-,m on my part it I (|note a
few lines frcjm the record.-, of the first session of the organized body,

the siNlh convention in roiirse. Imt in hul. the first session of tlie
\\'L'nc.-!.er C'(i'iiit\' Mw^icil i 'onvcntinn, as it tends to show, some-
what, the intciest felt 1)\' tiio~e present, and their delerinination to
coiuin;:e the work S(.* s\ell heynn.

'•On l-'ritlny aftci no, .n. nt the cl '~l' <•( the rcbc.Tr.^nl, tlic cimventirin was
n'Klre - e I hy Mr. S. K. S'.,i;i'.e~, wli'i ciii;L;rritiil,itf(l ihc cla>^ up'jn its jircsciU
.;-.'.cce - fL;l an 1 -.lii^ract'iiy >L - -inn. lie al>'i i>rk-iULi the fcilli>\\ in;,' resulutioii,
v.hich «.n - r.n-iiiiii!in; - ly a(i"ji;i;'l, \i/.:

'•Uc-.'lvc'l, lh,\t it i-, the ile~i:e ot" tlii-, Cmvcntioii tu hwKI ^L■>si^lns in tlie
n .titinn of eaeh >i!cceeilin^ \ear.''

The seventh session in ()(;t. 1X64, was under the direction of
K. }{. Kro^t and Ildwar.i Hamilton. 'Die ei-hlh. Ocloi.er, 1S65,
was d.irvcted l)y \'.. 11. f'ro^t and S>iIon AN'ilder. The iiinth con-
\ention, in ( )> t. iSoo, uas under tiie ihreclion of Carl Zerrahn and
S. 'Ion Wilder.

.-\t ti;e time (<f the or-;ani/.ition in 1 1*^63, no constitution was
adopted ; but at tlie anivial nieetiriL; held ( )ct. :^. 1.S6''). a lorm of
con>titiition was pre-ented by the pre^idient, S. 1-^. Staples, which
v,-as ret'erred to a commi".tee con^i>tin_' of Me~.-rs. I 'eland. Ciiene)'.
Livermore, W'a.ters and .'^tearns. At an adjourned meetini: held
on tlie ^ucccediiiL;; djw ti.e ::i')th.. Mr. 1 )eland from the committee
reijoried it back with >!i-::ht alleration^, and as amended it v,as
r.nanimoii>lv adopted.

So much of this constitution as refers to the title, object, mcni-
liership and L^overnment of the a■^sociation, I will here insert, as it will
show the broad and lilieral plan upon whi( h it was tbunded, and
v.liich L;a\'e to the a-^stjciation great success from the frst :

TiTi.i: .\M) ordK'.r.

Ai.iP'i.i; I. Tlie n.'me of tP;-. .V-^ociatiun >hall Le the Worcester (."minty
Mu-ie:,l C''<nvcnli"n, ,111(1 il> ol'iecl and aim the inipi' i\ cnient of ('lu'ii-.s in
the j'erl'iiniianee <it" ehureh ini:>ie; tlie fui niati'.in of an elevated inu - ical tn^te,
throrL;!'! the -tiidy nf n'.r.^ic i;; it> hiL;he.-.l lieiiartineiit^; and a Mieial, <,'enial,
harniiinious reiMiion i^'f all jj'.eis uf ^ll'^ic.


AkTIcu: II. (".er.t'.eiiien and Ladies lioldinf; tiekcts to tlie annual session
of the (.'fjiiveiition >liali he con-idered nieniheis of the Ctunentiun for the

current year, ami >hall he eiilitleil lu V(jle in all hiu^iiit-s nieetinn;s that may
be lielil, ami shall l.e fuither ciuilleil t'l all iinvile^^e^ of the Annual Se>-.iMn.


Akiki.i: III. Tlie (".oveniuifnt uf tile Cun\enti>'n >Iki11 he ve-Ietl in a
rie>i'lent, live Vice-i'reM.lent^, -^ei,i etaiy, A>M-ta'it Seeretaiy, I'lea-uier and
I.ii)rarian, uh.i tuj^ether shall eon-,tilr,ie an i;.\eeuti\e l;t..iii fur the f^eneral
nianaL;enient anil ^iipei inlendenci; of the Cun\ entiini. 1 heie shall he iiUu
five Directors eh^sen Imuh the eily of Woice^ier, ami ^ne i-r inoie, as may
he ilesirahle, from eaeh tov. n repi e-eiited in the ( on\entiun, wlicj^e duty it
^hall he t'l li>uk afler the intere-t-M .f the I'.uivel.tiun in their respeeliv e tow ns
and localities, ami w ho shall aUo eon^titute an Advi-ory l/ommiltee to ihe
Kxecutive I'maid v, illi the rii^hl to vote upon all (lue-lious relatin.i; to the in-
terests of the Coiueiiti'jn that may come hefore them. Meetin.i^- of the 1 'i-
rcctors shall he held f. jr cimsultatiuii and husine-s when in the o|iinion of
the I'le-ident or the lAeeulive P.oanl it may he thoU.L,dit desirahle; or upon
application in wiitim^ of ^esen directors repiesenlin^ at least lour to\, ns l.e-
lon!.;iny to the .\^-.o( i.ilion, and it may he com] etent for the (■on\ention at
their Annual Se■^■^ion or suh-^eipiently throiii^h their hoanl c;l l)iieclors to
appoint a Committee of live or moie memliers of the same to make all neces-
sary ai ran;;ement^ foi the .'^e^^ion of tlie (oiueiilion w hen in tlieii juil^'mcnt
it mav he thouf;hl he-t to appoint such couinultee.

• At the aniiiuil iiicftin - licld at Mcchttnic.s Hall. Oct. 26, 1S71,
it was voted tliat article first lie r,o alteied and aniendcd. that liie
naine sha.ll be the \\ ni;i i.m la-: Ci>i'\i\ Mi;.-I'JAI, A.-sc iciaiu i.\, a;td
the animal L^alherinLjs .shall l^e called J///.^7V(?/ /I'.V.'VwA-.

Since 1S66, annual sessions have been held as follows ; and lot-
sake uf convviiience wc number them from the Inst convention in
1858, instead of the lime of oi\.^ani/.alion in 1.S63. The tenth con-
ventiiin was held in Oct.. 1867. and was directed b_\- Oarl Zerrahn
and W. O. I'erkins. The ele\-enth session, in Oct.. 1S68, was un-
der the direition of Sohjii Wilder and ("reorue I'". Root. 'Ihe
twelfth convention, in ( )ct.. 1S79. was under the directiijn of Cail
Zerrahn and (leoroe F. Ivool. The ihirleenlli. in (, )ct.. 1S70, was
directed b\- Carl Zerrahn, C. 1'. Morrison and Solon Wilder. Tiie
fourteenth, in Oct.. 1871, was directed b\- Carl Zerrahn ;ind 1,. II.
Southard. ']"he dire<lorb for 1872 were Carl Zerrahn and L. O.
iMucrson ; and for the sixteenth annual session in 1873 were the
same as the preceding }ear.


The festival of iS;.) I)e'j:.iii ( 'ct. in. and was under the direction
of Carl Zerralm and l)iiilk\' Umk. In 1875 it began Oct. 11,
with Carl Zerrahn and C. I'. Morri-^uu. eonduetcjrs. In i.SyO. the
<onductors were Carl Zerrahn ami iJ. 1>. Allen, and the te^tisal be-
>,'an Monda\ , ( )et. J. .Mr. Zerrahn and C. C. Steariin were the
{■on(lu(t(jrs ill 1S77; and this year the time of the fe^-ti\als was
chanL^ed to tiie LiJ^t week in Seiileniber, cUiil they ha\e been held
in Se{)teniber .-lince that time. .\n interestiiiL; feature of the exer-
cises this year was the perforniaiK e of tlie Ma^s in I), under the
direction of the composer, Mr. Stearns. ( )ther ori_L;inaI works ha\'e
from time to time been produced at lliese fesiixah b) their com-
posers, Me^^rs. Solon Wilder, C. 1'. .Morrison and 1!. D. .\llen.

In 1S7.S, Mr. !!. D. .\ilen was auain associate conductor with
Mr. Zerrahn. Since that time Mr. Zeiralm ha.-, l)ee'n the sole con-

Amoi\L; the i)ronhiienl vi^cal artists who ha\e appeared at the
concerts of the as - o( lalion in its earlier years, can be named with
jiride and ^lateful recollection. .Madam .Anna llishop, .Ailelaide
Phillii)p-., .Mrs. Chas. .Moulton, Nellie bisk. Jenme .M. Keyes, .Mrs.
II. M. Smith. .\ntoiuLtte SleiiiiiL;, .Mrs. j. .M. Mo/art. ]'"annie Rid-
dell, .Mrs. A. C. .Muiiroe, flora M. Cary. Clara I )(jria. Dr. Charles
.Mexander C.uilmell-, .Messrs. M. W. W'liitney, deo. Simpson, J.
K. 'Thomas. James \\'hiln''y and Nebon \'arley.

For instrumentalists we were favored with the Mendelssohn
Quintette Cdub, the l!oston ( )rc:hestral L'nion. and the Cermania
Orchestra, (kunilla Crso, the celebrated violinist, rendered us
much ser\ice by her artistic phi\in;j;. S. lb Mills, the eminent
])ianist, played at one conrerl in 1S63 ; and l)r. j. H. Wilcox, or-
.t^^mist, was heard upon airjther oc( asion. I should lail of doing
justice to our home talent if I did not mention with pride and sat-
isfaction, the valuable and rendered b\- Messrs. Ik 1 >. .\llen, How-
ard 1-k Parkhm-st. ('.. W. Sumner and Ik Ik Storw .And here, I
can onlv barely refer to a few of the pioneers in (MU' work, whose
devotedness to the interests of this association cannot and should
not be o\erlooked — the selfdenviiiL; and persistent labors cjf \\k S.
Denn), .A. Ck Munroe, ). II. Samson. William Sunmer and Wk I'k


Clianillcr. Neither would I l;c nmniiiilful r-f the work done in the
elevatioii of the standard (if nui-^ic; i)y Mr. l^dward Hamilton and
those a.^.iociated witli him', in tlie early da_\.-, of irai-ical con\entions
in \\'or.-e>ter. Mr. Hamilton died Jan. 2, 1N70. From a very
interesting ^keteh in tlie S,^y uf Jan. 5, 1)\- Mr. 11. \). .\llen, 1 make
the followinj; i|iiotati(:)ns :

"Mr. Ilamilt'iii came fn>m .i musical family, hi^ fatl.er ha\ini^ Ijccii a
singer an'I tculitji', hi> Ljraniir.Liiicr a lifer in the revoluii' aiary war ami a
ha-^ - itiL;er "f im mean aliility, anii lii^ gi eat-L;i aiii!:'atlier jieeentor in llie
i)lilen time when it v\a> cii^t' imaiy to Mine" the hynin>.

".\t the ar^e iA tw eray-liNe, Mr. [laaiiltnn aliau'lone'l the jir.ife-^inii i)f hiw,
for which tie hail heen eilucateil, and entered upon the j: < 'i'L - .ion of nui-^ic.
.\s a teaclier hi^ ^e; vice^ w ere in t;ieat le'lui^i•ion llaoii^hout the county,
and in i)lace-^ moie remote, hi^ >hill upon the \iolin aih.lin:.,' .L;reatly to the
intere-it with which hi^ instruction. - ueie received.

"In some departments of inusieal science Mr. II. inidoal.tedly had a nioie
profound kn )\\ledL;e than any other in tiie County. We refer to the m.ilhe-
niatics of mu>ic.

".\s a musical ciilic lie was ilistinL^ui-hcfl liy smindness of judijmeiit, can-
dor, and a generous ai.[>reciatioii of good intention, as well as an aldiui re nee
of cNcrything s.iNoring of clap-tj ap."

The writer in referrini; to his mirsiral comiiositions remarks :

"Let them he to us, moie than mural tahlet (jr stately mcinument, a per-
petual memorial of the worth and genius of Kd'.\.;rd ilamilton."

IV-rhaps to no one man, howe\-er, are wc more indehted. than
to Mr. l''rost, wh(jse efforts were tmtiring while life lasted, in ad-
vaiicing and iiromc-ting the success of this association. Other
persons ha\e rendered vaiuaiile assistance in the lormative ])eriod
of the society, who.se labors will ntit soon be for_'-otten liy their as-
so< iates and ( o-workers. I wuuld also i^natef '.llv recoyiii/e the
valuable sersices of Mr. Seth Richard.s as secretary from 1S71 to

It is not necessary to gi\e in detail the work of the association
dtn'ing its later years, for what Ikis been accMinplished is fresh in
the minds of all. Suffure it to sav, that the best soh) talent a\ail-
able, vocal and instrumental, ha.s been secured, and the clionis


work has greatly impnnrd from year to year. Grand orchestras
have been eni])li)ye(l whu h ha\'e yi\en universal sati.^faction. In
llnaiRial matters the a.iS(jc:ialion luts been .-iticcessful.

The luiluuiiit; i^, a li\t of the princa'pal uoiks that ha\e been ])er-
foriiied, and the times at which the)- were given.

WOUt Ksri

J-'roiii 1865 ti) 1S.S3.






( )ct.











I sr.s.



I Six;.


- .

1 Sixj.










( >ct.













4. '



6, I



' -7

. '^^77.


. 2S,

, IN77.


. 2»'),

, i,S7S.


■ -7'

, iS7,S.


• 25,

. CS79.


.. 2().

, .879.


• 2.:;.

, iSSo.


• 24,

, iSSo.


. 2S,

, i.s.si,


• 2V,

, iSSi.


• 21).

, iS.Si.


• .5O,


The Cre.Ttinn. (in p.iit) IIa\(ln.

Jiul.i.-. Maecalieiis. liandel.

Jiul.i. M.ucal.eu,. Handel.

The SliiKat Matei. Rd-sini.
'1 lie ('reatidii, (First time with

full orche-^tia.) Haydn.

Tlie Staliat Mater. Ivis^ini.

Oiatmid, "S.iin-i'n." liandel.

Oiatcii", "Sanisun." liandel.

Oiatorio, "l'dii;ih." . Mendels^dhn.

Oialiirio, "Flijah." .Mendelssuhn.

Jiida-^ .MaccalieiH. liandel.

Oratoiid, '•Sain^iin.'' liandel.

Ill .Meniniiam, .Sulnn Wilder. .Mcini-;on.

Oratorio, '•Llijali." Mendel.-sohn.

'I'lie Stal)at Mater. Rossini.

Oratorio, "Joshua." Ifandel.

.Mass in I >. Steal lis.

( )ratorio, "Joshua," liandel.

L'AlleKio, II I'ensieroso. Ilan-lel.

Oratorio, "I'.lijah," Mendelssohn.

Messc Soleiinellc. Ouunod.

OratcM-io, "The Messiah." Handel.

Ueiiuiem .Mass. Verdi.

Judas Maecaheus. H.nndel.

Re'iuieni Ma-s. \'erdi.

Loieley, (unlirii-hed opera) Mendelssohn.

The ( 'leaticjii. Haydn. "

(hatorio, "Klijali." Mendelssohn.





Sept. 27, 1SS2. I^^ I)ainn.iti„n <le Fau^t.^

Sept. 2>j, 1NS2. Oratorio, "I'l-.e Mo^iah."

Sept. 2I 1SS3. St. Cecilia Ma-^s.

S^.pt -6 iSS;; I.a Iiauination de Faust. heilio/,.

Sept! 2S: 1SS3. Ninth (Choral) Sy.nph.-ny. lleethoven.

Sept. 2S. KSS3. Oratorio, "Sauwm." H-^""-'-

In the vear 1.S76, the time seciue.l to have afvivcd when the in-
terests uf'the a.vKiation roiuifed that it shonM thn.w oU .l> vol-
untary character an.l oi - ani/e un<ler a .tate charter. I he tnn(l>
had become considerable, and the library a valuable one ; and at
the annual meeting, held ( )c t. 7. "» ^'^^^l Y^'^''- ^'" '^^"^'^'" "^ ^- ''-
Staples, it uas vr,ted that the I-xecutive I'.oard be authorized to
])etition the legislature tor a special a<-t of incorporation.

Ilavin- failed to obtain a si-ecial act. at the annual meeting of
theboaidof.hrectors. held April .9, 1S77. the subject hav.ii-
a-ain been introduced by die president, Mr. Staples moved that
the Kxe.-utive board be instiiu ted to proceed at once to or-ani/e
the .Issoc-ui/wn under the ^^eneral laws of the Coimnonwealtli,
which motion was adopted. .\t the annual meeiinL; held Sept. 2S,
1877, it was a-ain called up. an<l was voted that th.e matter ol or-
ganization under a charter be carried on by the Ivxecutive T.oard.
At the annual lueetin.u held Sept. 26. 1S78, the board reported
that ui,on their petition for a charter they had lea.e to with.haw,
on the ground that an oryani/ntion could be elTecte<l mider the
gencraflaws, made and provided for such cases. Mr. C. ^^ •
Elkins, a member of the board, urged imme.liate action; and it
was vo'ted by the association that the I'xeculive board go on and_
organize under the general laws, which was done by the board ot
(u.vernment in .April, 1S79.

The design of these several votes is apparent. Xo question can
arise as to die meaning an.l intention of the a<tion of the Nbisu al
Association cone erning an act of incorporation. It was. simply,
that the Jss,>na//\>J!, uot the board of ( -.overnment, should be or-
ganzied under a state charter, f..r the better protection and care
of its prujiert)-.


r.'it >!;ii:e I'.iat time it has been a clu^c corj/Oration, as ncitlicr
iho ar-jociation. wiiich (•oinjiri>c<l all .iier,-ons who held tickets to
the prcrctlin,:^' ll>ti\a!. nor the board ot'thrcftors clu)>cn at the last
annual meeting hciorc tiiis action, h.ive c\xt been cmIIliI t()_L;cthcr
t(; hear llie re['urt ur ac t upon the doinj- uf tlieir coiianitlee, the
Loan] of gvj\-erniiieiit. which was in^tructed to ])er;'i)rm a specified
work fur tlie a>,-ociation. jud^uiuL;'. iuvAi'Ver. frum the support that
has been i^iven to recent fe>ti\als. the work of tiiis conniiittee, so
far as it relates t(j the>e. appears to have been dujne to the satis-
f.iction of the ]>ublic, who^e patrona^^e tliey receive.

I'nder the ])re-eiy. nianaL,'enient the terrni of adiiiiission are siu'h
that twenlv-tuo per-on-i only, as I ha\e been infcinned b\' compe-
tent autlioritv. have become acti\e member^ of the a-.>o(;iation
under the ( liarier. 'I'he followiiiL,' i.> the li^t so fa.r as ] ha\e been
able to ol/.ain tlieir nanies.

W'iliia.m R. Hhl. S:uto!i ; William Sumner, lienj. D.Allen. Isaac
N. Met( a!f, J. n. Ad.jin.-. C. lb Wilder. C. M. bent. Alexander Cb
Munroe. Jame> lb ]!en< hley. (b Wb I-'.rKin>. Daniel 1 lowney, Wor-
ce>ter : I-rael I'luminer. Xorthbiidue ; Re\ . Cb M. Howe, Lewis-
ton. >K\ ; j. (b Mornebur.;, Saxon\ilIe ; I\er> S. I'aine, (Irafton ;
L. H. Cudwoith. Oxford : b'abvaid b. 1 )avi^. Worcester; lb L. M.
Smith, Whitin->Mlle ; Lutlier .M. Loxell. Won e>ter.

The followin.,^ per-ons have been elected honorary members :
Carl Zerrahn. Ilo-^ton ; Uudlev Hue k. New Yuik : CieorL:e F. Root.
Chicago; Cb Cb Sie.irns. S. lb Sta])les, S. Richards, Worcester;
^Villiam S. Denny. Ri^.-ton ; .\. \b Hill, l.ow(.-il ; L. .Soiile, Taunton ;
C. lb Prior, jewctt b'ltv. Ccum. There is abo a board of counsel-
lors. l)ut these are not necessarih' members of the a>sociati(jn.

I'nder tlie N-oluntar}' svstem. before incor]/cration. all members
of the (horns and others who had tickets of adm; - sion Xo the an-

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