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a carriage by the gentleman who liad ,s[)oken in his behalf on the
Common. A meeting, at whitdi a few hundred were present, was
held on the Conunon, to pn^test against the action of the court
andi to appeal from the decision ; but as it was not found coii-
venienl to procure the nece.-isa.ry bonds tor ( )ir, it was thought best
to pay his fine.

The .S/iv at the close of an editorial in the daily of May 20th,
jirobably voiced the general st,ntimeiit of the connnunity in saying :
"We firmly belie\e there are tew, if any, of our ( iti/.ens, who after
a calm re\'iew of all the facts and circumstances in the case, will
come to any otlu-r c(jnclusion, than that Orr was guiltv of an of-
fence against the peace of the coamnuiity, and that the City Mar-
shal only acted in the strict line of his dut)' when he arrested him."

*'l'he' iiui-^kcts l)cinc; Idndeil, il was ncccss.iry to \vith'linw tlic cIi.tij^cs,
ami t(i do this it w;is (kciile'l to li.ive .1 little tai,L,'et practice. Tiic Cuiipanv
tlicrcfoic, oil the sair.e afternouii, ntaiched to the lo liill loml, ami liicil
tlircc rouivls at a tai;,'ct set up tlieie. For some of tlic facts in this paper,
the writer is indebted to ('.en. Jo.i.di liekelt, who has in his posscssiuii tiie
records of the City (Guards from 185 I to iSi'u.

tl-)exter F. Parker, who at tlie breaking out of the Civil War enlisted in
tlic l-iidit Infantry, and at the liatlle of Sp. atNylvania j;ave his life to aid in
upholding the Constitution and Laws of his country, lie was then ser\ing
as Major of the lolli .Mass. Keginient.


The r^i''.ut::i!i: issiu-ii an extra i,ivinu: an account of tlio riot, writ-
ten. I s:ijj:'0:^e. by M.vVDr Knouilon. "■

finl.;c St:q)lcs read llic lollowiiiQ' report of a sin-
Qular ca-^e. in wiiich a citizen o( Massacluisctts was
sold to scM'\"!Ce tor tliree \'ears lor thirt\' slii! lings, in
dekiult ot pax'nient o\ hnes aiicl court charL^es. The
circuni-tances l(/ok place altc:r the adoption of the
Constitution of Massachusetts, at a time when Maine
fornied a part ot her ]jossessions.


Ol.l) ^"()RK, MAI.XK.

VoKK. s^: '1\. Dasiil S.NvaH and \\il!i;Mn I'rr.-t, V.-^.f.

Ju.-ticcs fit' the i'cacc witliin and for the Connty of
\'ork, (^ UTinn I' pais.

^Vhl.■rea^ Kl'cr.c/cr Xowcll iT 'N'ork in the Connty of Vt>rk,
Yeoman, was hci'ore t!'.e .^;:;irL-nie fudic ial Co'aat held at York
within and for .-aid (."o'anty. on the fourth Tuesihiy of June last
duly coTivicted uf stealiii:: from .Vkx'' Mdntvcr of Sonier^worlh in
the Cof.ntv of -■^traff -rd and ."^tate (<\ New Mamii-hire, Stdiuolmas-
ter. the s'lm of foi;rtcen ]'0;inds cl'v-wn Sliiih'p.i^s ^; four ].encc ;
and was tl-;en and th.cre l-y -aid Court "Ordered to i>ay the said

*It wr.- ;i:;t r. few ib.ys r.fier the riot ra \\\iicc-!ii . that .". much Inr^'cr .iiul
niMfc cx^itL'il cro.'.<l. sur';i itcd liy the -^inp.iilty if iml the apjinival of n. ina-

I 'ii;v I f ti.c

t'jproxciu the enf' iiecnieiit of tlie l"u;;itive

Slr.vc I.-.-.' in 1' -jin, ?.v. 1 the return o^ Anllviiiy P.-arn- to -hivery. In this
c-ir.ergoncy, th,c n.iiitarv v.ere ealled <uit and (he law wn- eiiforccil. Sc\eral
^\e!l knoun ci'.ien- (.'f W.irec-'.er, a- \'.ell a- many jir. iinincnt men uf IJci-tnii,
Wf'c ('n the -l-le nf the le-i-ters of the \.\w, and tn.i'K an active pait in th.eir
efiuri- to (lefc.-.t the luV.cials whu tried \>> enforce it.


4:v.ii.- A,[clnt\vr the sum of forlv three roumls fourteen Shillings ;

I"..tiiic-ii.l - ' ,.

•.',,...;,. 4 — if unable U) pay the same said M(Inl\er mi'^Ut dispose
KH.. I... 4 ^[- i^j,-,-, i,-j service to any IVr^on fur four Years: to pay a
fine of fifteen Pounds in the C'onunonwcaUli — if t'ne same was not
l)aid in thirty da.ys next after pa-.sin;,' said Sentence, to Ije se\erely
\vhi[>i)ed on the naked hac k thirty stripes — to pay costs ot Prose-
cution taxed at twenty nine I'ounds six Slvillin-;^ ^v lour pence, and
stand committed till sentence sIimuM be peilormeih —

And whereas the ^aid Mclnlyer hatli for more ihaai thirty days
since the passing said sentence refused and neglected to receise
said Nowell, or di>[)Ose of him in service, or leave any tiling for
his sui)i)0rt in Pri>on — I hereby ajiply to you for an ( )rder as the
Law in that case directs, to di.-.po>e of said Xowell to some Cati/.en
of the United Slates for such a term of time as 3-ou shall appoint
for tlie payment of said Cost of pro.^ecution and Pri^on_ charges.

ro- 1-1 1 1 o 11 • r f Prison
rSi'Uied |ohn Sewall, juiv. •, ,- , ,.
L i^ J •' ' -• (^ Keepei.

York, Sept'. lo"', i 792.

Commonwealth of ^hlssachusetts.

York, ss : Pursuant to the within ai)p!ication, and a law ol

tlie said Commonwealth, made and pas>^ed the 15"

[Sra/.] day of March, 1 7S5. Intilled "<?// Ail for llic ptinisJt-

i/i'^ am/ ficTt'ii/iii:^ of LarL-rin'rs,'" We ha\-e examined

[.SV(?/.] the account of the Pri>on Keeper within named for

J'rison fees and charges from the time of the Com-
mittment of the within named I'.beuezer Nowell, and Ihid the same
to amount to Four Pounds 'I'en Shillings lawfull money, which
added to the Cost of Prosecution and ComicUon, of Tweiit}' nine
Pt)unds Six shillings and four pence, amount in the whole to T/'m /v
(liicr J'oiiiuls Si.xfrri! s/ii///ii;^'s aiuf four poiico lawfull moiie)'. and
do hereby order and enjoin the said P>bene/er Xowell to make
Sati■^ku■tion therefor by Sersice for the 'rerm of three hill years —
and the said John Sewall the Prison keeper is hereby autliori/eil to
(h>pose of the said I'^beue/er Nowell the Prisoner in Servicv to any
Citi/en of the United States for the 'Perm of 'I'hree full years, for

the payment thereof. In \Vitness Whereof We liavc hereunto af-
fixed our hands l\; Seals at \\>vk m the County rif York ^^c Com-
nionweallh aforesaid the iilh day of Sel/tem^ anno Domini 1792.

[Signed] David Sewall, "^ Justices of the
Wm. I'lu-it, - I'eace, (^uorun
) Unus.

York, ss : Sept. iStli, 1792.

Pursuant to tlie fore'^oiui; Order, I ha\-e (hs])0sed of tlie
said Elienezer Xowell lo Mr. Thomas Savage of York in tlie County
of York, Mariner, for the said term of three Years, lor the sum of
thirty Shillings.

[Signed] John Sewall, jun'', I'rison Kee[ier.

N. T). After I received tlie afc.iresaid Drder. I detained the said
Nowell in prison 17 day:^ by the advice of the at'^'' Justices, to try
whether I ccjuld dispose of hiin to advantage, and went to Ports-
mouth for that jiurj/ore, f(;r whicii I suppose I ought to be allowed
the following charge.

To F.1>lmii- Xuwcir.i diet 7 (lays 7

T(j a JuiiiiK-y t<i I'urt^ni'Hith, ll'lr^c hire & Kxpcnscs 9

To a t'iij)y (if the aiiiilicaliim iV <'Jrilcr for sale 2


[Signed] John Sewall, ']\m\

Rockwood Hoar, Msq. and otiicrs spoke briefly,
and the meetinc;' was then adjotn-ned for one week.

At tlie adjotirncxl meeting;- on the evening- of Tues-
day. Ai)ril Stli, ten members were present, name!)- :
Messrs. Crane, Sumner, Staples, Ilubbai-d, James A.
Smith, Ilenr)- M. Smith, IMcM'iam, Lee, T. A. Dick-
inson and ]\ice.


The Secretary heinc^' absent on account of illness,
iManklin P. ]\ice was chosen Secretary pro tern.

Joseph A. I lowlanJ was elected an active meml^er.

The Librarian reported 142 contributions lor the
month, includin;^- 25 volumes and 62 pamphlets.

Mr. Stai^les nioved —

"That a Coniniittce of t'nrec, con-i^ting of the Prcsiik'ut and svich
others; as lie may appuiiu. be de-iynaled at this meetin-. to he
styled the (."oiuniiltee en I'lil/lieations, \vho-,e dut\- it sliall he to
coiUracl fur and ed.it the ruMications of the Society fur the (airrent
year, and to serve until otliers are chosen in their place."

The motion was adni)ted, and Messrs. Standi 's and
Rice were appointed in accordance therewith. ■"■'

On motion of Mr. II. M. Smith, it was voted that
a committee of fu'e Ijc a;)|)oint(:d b)- the? l^x-sident
to arrani^e for the annual •.-xctn-sion ; and M(,^ssrs. II.
M. Smith, Stmuier, T. A. Dickinson, Lee and Rice
were appointed.

After some informal talk in relation to securing;-
the library of the late Rev. Geor - e Allen for the So-
ciety, the meetinL,^ was adjourned.

♦The Proceedings of llie Society f.jr prcvi.ms yc;ii-s liavc Icon ccliti - cl liy
tlif f .llowin;^ nnme'l per>on^: Clnrk Jiil^'-ii, 1^75, iSji'., 1S77; Saimicl 1"..
Staple.-, 1S7S, iS^'o: AlScrt .\. I.o\cI!. 1S79; fi;u'.klin 1'. Rice, iSSi; Henry
L. S'.niiiiway, iSSj, iSS;,. Tl.j n\Uenal.- fui tlii- veKur.e liave been arranL,'ctl
fur llie pie-s Uy I'lanklin 1'. Kice.


A si)ccia1 meeting- of ilic Society was liclcl 'rues-
day c;\'(;niiii^". April 20th, to which incinhcrs \vcrc
invited tor the purpose of lori"nall}' inspecting- the
Librar)' of the hue Rev. (ieorp^-e Allen, which had
rccentl)' become the propert)' ot the Societ)', and
had Ijeen arran^-ed in its rooms. The Librar)', coni-
prisinc^ 2300 \'olumes and as man\' [jam[)hlets, has
been pronounced b\' competent authoritN' to be one
of the best representati\'e collections of the New
England theoloc^y of the olden time e\'(M' brought to-
gether in these [jarts. It also includes many val-
uable works of local histfM"\' and l)iogra])h\-, and no
inconsiderable number o| s[)ecimeus of earl)' jjrint-
ing, with portraits, oil paliuings and othei' articles of
interest. The sum lor its [nu'chase was, through the
coiuliint.'d efforts ol the li'iends ot Mr. .Allen and of
the Societ)', raisc:d b)' subscription ; and a bill of sale
lroni the administrator ot the c;state was taken by
the repi'esentati\'es of the Association.

The following members attended the meeting :
Messrs. Crane, .Sumner. T. A. Dickinson, Sta])les,
11. M. Smidi, Prentiss, A. S. Roe, C. M. Roe, San-
born, (Jould, Stone, Merinm, .Seagra\'e, (V]d)'nn,
15arllett, j. A. Snu'th, I'.ste)', Rice, Wilder, Marble,
Lee, antl onc^ \'isito!'. — 22.

After soiiTe time spent in examining the Library,


the meeting- was called to order, and the President
addressed the members as follows :

Members of The Il'orees/er Soe/e/y of Anti.itiity :

This meeting has been called for the
purpose of taking notice of an e\ent of no cunnnon interest in the
history of this organization ; and for expressing, so far as words (an
express, our thanks to the many jierson.^ who ha\e in an\' way con-
tributed towards making the Library of the late Ivev. (".eorge Allen
the property of this Society.

It is, perhaps, needless for nie to say, that for a time dating back
many months previous to the death of Mr. Allen, our eyes have
rested upon that collecticjn of books, an<l we have felt a desire that
at some time we might call them our own. That desire was re-
enforced by Mr. Allen's expressed wish ; and he even went s(j far
as to propose our ])urch.asing tlie Library ;it a jirice se\eral hun-
dreds of dollars less than the \alue then placed upon it. Lut tlie
money was not at our command, and so eiur liope was deterred.
Now thafwe have received the ].ri/.e, we assure the gentlemen
through whose generosity the work was acccmiplished, that we lully
api:>reciate their efforts as well as the gift itsell.

In accepting this Library, we (\o not look alone at its money
value ; we do not weigh it by that stan^lard. 'W) us it has a worth
far beyond th.e ])rice paid, in the associations it brings, and the
l)leasant memories it awakens, as it calls before us the presence of
that venerable man whom it has been our pleasure so otten to
greet, and to listen to his words of counsel and encouragement.

We feel that the result of this transaction is but a fulfillment of
his expressed wisli, that his library, the object of his pri<le, has
found its way into the hands of this Society.

We (juite agree with the opinions of the donors, that there are
special reasons why this collection should be kept imbroken. It has
been the work of years to jiroduce it ; and many of the ra-est \dl-
umes on subjects that were the most engrossing in' the life of Mr.
.Mien are here to be found.


It is proposed to ,c;ivc not onl}' mcall)cr^^ access to tlicsc books,
lr_;t tlic j'liMic as well. lv>cry 'I'licMlay c\cnin;^' our (li)ors will be
lu'.ip.d ojien, anil we .->hall ije l^LvI to welcome aii\- and all iier>ons
v.l'.o nmv see lit to \isit our rooms at that time ; and I ]ia\'e no
tluubt t.i.at it would be e.-^tcemed a pleasure by any meml^er of the
S-ieietv to introdiuee a xi-^itor at a:iv other time.

As a voun'-T society stri\ in^ to attain a i)o>ition of stability, we
b.ail witii iu.>t pride this timel)' and munificent ,L;ift, and we tleeply
acknowletige our indclitedness to tim^e L,'^cntlemen who t'ound it in
their hearts to make such a yeneruus response to tiie solicitations
in our behalf.

Remarks follnwcel In' Alfred S. Roc, I k;nr)' M.
Smith, ]'d-anklin ]\ Rice, Geori;'c Stunner, Sanuiel
E. Staples, Thciiias A. Dickinson and others.

At tlte rcL^^iilar inec^tinL;- on Tuesda)' e\'eninLj;;, May
6tii, the following;' named jjcrsons were present :
Messrs. Tolman, Sca^rave, Gould, Ivicc, Paine, J. A.
Smith, Simmer, ]vste\", Hasklns, Sta[)les, Sanborn,
Webb, T. A. ]3ickinson, C. jillson, Stedman, Lee,
Premiss, W'atkins, I'piham and Plake, mem1)ers ; and
H. G. O. ])Iake, l.uKvin .\me.s anil two others, \-isit-
ors. — 24.

\'icc-President l^ilman took the chair, and Dan-
iel Seag-rave was chosen Secretary pro tem.

William V. Aljbot was elected an active member.

l\]r. lllakc, of l^Dslon, read tlic followii^q; paper
relaliiiL;- l() the early seLtleinents ol Worcester, which
beiii!4" larL;c!\" niadc^ up ol oriL^'inal materials, lorms
a valuable contrilnitiiMi to the history ol the town.


I>1- Mil,

FIRS'i^ AND SIX'OXl) <i; Ti'I,! ".M I'.NI'S OF \\oRci;s ri;K.

r,V FRANCIS K. I'.l,\Ki:.

"Fhe design nf this ])ai)tT is <iiiii>lv to l)riiiL; to the notice of the
Society some tads relatini,^ to llie early histon' oi' \\'(ii( ester uhicli
have ne\er heen iMiMished, Imt which ajipear to he wortli)- of i)ies-

It is evident that the sources of iiifoianation (■oiicernini^ tlie_//;\»'/
and SiU-f>/;J, and e\en the /////•</ >ettlements ot' ihi^ town, h:i\-e not
been exlian^ted 1)_\- ]ii<torian> ; and that there exists to-(hi}-, a hirL;e
amount of material i)os>es-.in,L; interest and \ahae. awaiting the lalior
of some enthusiastic in\-estigator.

'J'he in'esent laciHties for sucli investigati(Mi, render tlie l.ihor
comparatiwly Hglit, as tlie recoids and files oi i)a])ers in the \ari()us
])uhlic ofhces of the State are nnu h more accessilile than they were
forty \ears ago, and generally are in better condition. It is not to
be infca-red, howe\ei, from this remaik, that <?// of our public rec-
ords are in good order ; ibr it is a fact that some are still in a lam-
entable condition of di>oriier and deca}-, and under the cha.rge of
officials wlio care but little or nothing for their i're-.er\ aticm.

'J'hose who are conversant with the hi-torv of the fir^t settlement
of this place, are aware that Fj<hraim C'urtis, of Sudl)ury, claiming
rights by \irtue e)f a purcha,.-e t'rom the heirs of 'I'homas Noyes.
l(_)ok ])ossessioii of a large tract of land in the heart of lhe']'hinta-
tion, and erected thereon a house. This location so seriously

•r!.;> ilrnwiii:: is drsiuned to il!iistr;iit' flie rcl.itivc positions of lioiiie-lots. Tlic iiiimhrr on tin-
, , convsiionilin^- with tin' one sut ai;- liiist llio name below will iiulii.-ate the location occiiiiied
t.'Kit person.

! (j.-r-lioin EaiiH.

- .Mjin-l r.riL:liain.
,1 liiii I'nfVi-n'ler.

' , .1 ...-pli Wai-lit.

, .(.,iiii Sliaw.

., .l.iliii Fay.

- .I..!m Cii'rti-.

- l>r. J.i'onarii I loarr.

. ('if't. l)aiiii'l i Irncliiiiini.

I i:;.lnMiin C'lirii-.

: : Tii'iiiia^ lirowii.

•j ,l;i.M)l> I)ana.

! : i;irli:irii Dana.

; ; syiiv.n Mrylin.

I'. .■>;iiiiiiel Gookin.

]c, Mai.-Crn. I)anirl(;,ji,kin.

lT-'-!4 ■j'liuiiia- Hall.

IS ■|'li..iiia-< (.rovrr.

V> .lohii Paul.

'JO .JihI .Inikiii-.

•Jl .Ici-cph P.. ami-:.

•J..i .lii-lma i'.i_'rl(,\v.

•_';! .Mirhari r;.-.'.

-■"> P>'aiiam!u ( 'raui'.

"it; (_'a|it. I'lioma- I'rcntiee.

27 liinjamiii \Vv\).

'1^ I'liiui'liav I'phaiu.

•J!> Philip .\tWi.n(l.

;iO Trial X.'wh.iTv.

ol Minister's lot. "

I'laini Ij /;. /,'. Crane.

16 73 TO 16 is:


interL-re.! \v;-.h the pl.ins of the Committee in laying out the planta-
tioii. i\vM in Maw 1674. tiicy with the Proprietors, n])iilic(l to the
(lencrjl C"'::: for r-Iief. v,-iiic:i u;'s afforded l>y allnwinii; Mr. Cur-
tis to ret ■.:!"i r.'nlv nf:y acres within the to,\-i"i. giving liim an equiwa-
lent ci-cwl'i^rc for his renninir.:: riuiits.

Tiiis (leci-ion of t'le Coirt wa- the occasion of twr) law suits.
It appears tiiat Mr. Curtis had already sold two hundre'l ai:res of
tlie.-e land- to :;is hri.iti'.er lohn, w'no, not being ahle t(.) lake po-,-
ses-ion, brou-.T.t suit in r)e(emher. iGy-pagain-l 1-iiphraiMi ■"fur not
makir.g gO'i'l his l'a'-_aine iV Sale." The result \va^ a verdict tor
the j'la'ntiff. v.ith ,-^40 diamages and costs. In April, 1675, -Mr.
Curtis eir^ered a SMit a_:.;i;i>t Mrs. Marv liacon (fi.rrnerlv Widow-

hood tne tide

out to

Xoyes) '"fir not ni.;kin.

John Norton ^: - /'d. to lipiuaiin Curtis" by her as executrix of her

for;.ier Iv.;-'. and.. 'I'ivor.ris Ni_)yes. This suit Mr. Curtis also lost.

Aniong tiie papers ctmnecied uitli the latter case, (now in Mid-
dlesex Co'irt f;!e-) is a cojiy of tlie petition of the Couuuittee and
Proi-irietors to due Cener.i! Court in iMay. 1674. abow referred to,
audi abo ap. attj>ted ci'.pv of a jiersonil letter from Major Cjookin,
one of tlve Committee, t:) Mr. Cu.rtis. As Mr. Curtis has had the
credut of ; eing the tlr-t se'.der in the to\vn. this letter possesses con-
siderable interest, not or.i\' in showing the deteruiination of Major
(iookin um-i [/resumabiy ti'iat of all the Committee) that Mr. Curtis
should not '.mder any circunstances be allowed to locale l!ie whole
of his purcj-.ase witliin ti",e bcjunds of the town, but also in estab-
lishing tile fact that he was not ttie first to erect a liou.se there.

The letter is as faiiows :

'dip'^raym Cu.rtes

'T Reced your letter and jicrvsed the
Reccords a'njut yo'.ir clayme of land bexond tlie old fort at Ouan-
segamiiU'l I nnfle t"iat vou haue a diced from widdow noyce of t\vo
]iarceils of l.uid thereaiioUs dated Ami" 1670 the one of two hun-
dred and fi'.-.ety Acres granted to Tliomas Xriycs the other two
hunrlred. and fuaety acres ^.ranted to Mr. Norton and .Assigned first
to nv Joi-.n ra\ ne and after to m' Noyes ami by his widdow sold
to )()u a-, ai'oue A^ain 1 fiiule m'. Norton had a grant of two

hundred and fift)' acres in the yearc 1659 granted Indeffinitely no
place appointed Imt you say tliat tliis farnie was layd out and re-
turnd and Confirmed to Xo_\es ann" 166:; there is no Sucli thini^^
vppon Ivecord. nor was tliere any surli ihing returned vnlill in the
Generall Court Ajirill j^"' lOTiS two )eares and more after n()\-es
his deatli tlieii that farme ut two liuiKh'eil and fuu-ty acres w"' a
l)kut of it is returned and a((e[)ted by tlie Court," indeed in savd
Returne it is sayd it was la)(l out ann" 65 Ijy Tliomas Xo}c:e hut
as that was don without order of Court for liini to hiy out his owne
Grant and none el.-^e to sui)ervise it so it is the tjme of tlie returne
and Acceptation wliich .nives tlie grant right and mens jjretences
of laying it out Antedates now I heare you are building at that
place if it be so I think }'(.ni are out of \-our way and will loose all
your Cost for that land is granted for a Towne^hii) and is lajd out
into seuerall lotts, and wee cannot Admitt your graiit and returne
for that of ours is a full yeare before )-ours being fVoin the Cencrall
Court in May Sixteene hundred sixty scuen and this )'ou may
Cj'edit for a certeine trueth fjr 1 liave both the orde""' by me, and
in trueth wee cannot goe on with the jjlantalion \ntill wee haue
the land which is as clearly ourrs as my house is mine And

therefore 1 ads'ise \ou in frend.-.hip to Con^ider w"' )-ourself and
not to proceed auain" reason and law, you may haue that grant in
another place that is free for ought I know) but in that place )-ou
neither can nor shall haue it vnle^s the law (]\\c. it you which I
conceise it canno' or will not and as for you' altemiiting to build
vpon it iS.:c wee are before hand with you for wee both mowed
hecre and built a smale house ami digged in the ground a litle be-
yond the brook before \'ou ; }()U know there is the ])ublick intere.it
of a Towaie that will plead against your clajme and there is twenty
or thii'ty i)er.ir)ns cone erued in it and the (ienerall Court and all
other Courts will doe us right esi)ecially when a puljlick Interest is
concerned and not giue you that are a particcular 'person that land
which you haue no legall right vnto before a Commity that
haue right to it tiiese things 1 haue suggested to prevent your
trouble aitd further charge if you will make vse of and give of so.

*'l'liis plan i^ ill the State Aicliivcs.

if not know fur a ("crtrinty tliat the Coniittrc and ])arly(.'s Con-
cerned will not loohc ihcire i\L;hl tlieie so with my louc to \ou I
reniayne \'our loving frcind

"Daniel (icjokin Sen'"
"Cambridge the 8"' S''' 1675"

"|H:):^lscri|it I!e>ides wee hane testimony that Thomas before
his death pruiiii^cd to la)- duwnc his ri,L;ht in that farme in order U)
setle a Plantation there yun 'an be no looser for the two I'armes
cost you but forty three pounds and one of them is worth [ ]

besides you may haue tiie grant in another place if you will

"]). C."

"Sui/scribed These ffor l'"!i>hraiui Curtes

at Sudbury"

"Tliat what is on the other side of this written is a true Co]iie
Compared wlli the originall letter (so signed tV Sup's' ribed ) pro-
ducd in the (lenerall Court in ma}' last >.\; therewith compared is
Attested b}- ICdward i\.awht)n SecTely"

Notwithstanding the fact that this attcstrd cop\ gives the date as
the 8th of the 8th month, lO^i, we find that the copy wa-, used in
evidence in the County Court in April, 11)75, \'>liil'-' the original
was so used in tlie Ceiieral Court in Maw 16^4. The whole tenor
of the letter al>o goes to establish the fict, that it was written i)e-
fore the a( tion of the Court in [uue, 1674, and hence there can be
no doubt that the original was dated Jf'^yj, October 8.

As has been slated, the ("ourt sustained Mr. Cookin and the
Committee, and Mr. Curtis was obliged to yield to the "pul)lic;k

There appears nothing upon the Proprietors' or other records to
indicate the ])rogress (jf the settlement during the years 1673 and
1674, and it is ])res\nned that die number of actual settlers was
small. The necessity, however, of a public, house for entertain-
ment of t'.asellers became n])parent, and the Committee m.ide the
following^ reipiest of the ('ounty Court.

'J'lii^ (Iriiwinii: is doi-iuHl to illu<ii:i(r llic ruliitlvc i^ixitioiis of liomo-lols. The iimiil)i-r on ihe

••rin (■''i''''-"^l"'"'li"i,' \\i'li til'' one si'l aL^ liiist the nann' below will iii.,lieate llie localinii occ'iiined

■■■,• that |)er>()ii.

1 (e-r-li'iiii i;am<.
■' ■^iiiiiui I r.ri-liaiii.

'; .Inhu I'roVrll.jrr.

J ,l,,-.'|.li W'ai-lil.

:, .lolin Shaw.

,, .luhii I"ay.

7 .leliii (_'iirti<.

^ l)r. J.eiitianI 1 fiiarr.

■I Capt. I>ailii-1 ) lellrlllilail.

t.i Kiiliraim < 'iir!i<.

II Th'ima-; llrowii.

;.' Jarol. Dana.

! ; lliehaial Dana.

!t Syuinn Mrylin.

l.'i .-^iinuifl (iookiii.

U; Maj.-Crn. Daniel(;,M,kin.

11 -.U TIlMina- il:

IS 'JlKHha^ CruVer.

]!l .lolin I'aii!.

20 .loei ,lrnkiu<.

•21 Joseph l'.caini<.

•21 ,I()>!nia r.i-r|,,\v.

•j;5 MielKh! 1-

•J") I'.ruiamin <.'i-aui'.

•2(; Cap'l. 'I'lKinia- Prentie

"27 I'rnjaniin W'l li.

2S I'hinelia^ I 'phaiii.

•211 riiilip AtwoiMJ.

:!'» Trial N.

16 13 TO 16 is:

• • 74

"wee whose names Are mvliTwriUi'ii, being a comittee of the
Generall Cuurl for Seth'ny and ordcrin.u^ a new plantation, ncerc
Ouandsicaniond pond in the Road way fnmi l!or,ton to Komticut,
haue (for (hurrs Reasons) i^Mw-n our approlKition that d'honias
lirowne of Canibrid-c haucni- hiiill a house tlicrc do kefpe an
InuL- or or(hnary in thai plarc \; wee desire the Honored t'Munly

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