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the ah'a\-sd Land vnto the s'' Djiii^un. \: none otiier Land now will
content hini hut that for 1 liad rally i^ranted it to Cap' W'ir,.; \:
intended it for him And 1 lieard mr Win^L,'' sav to mr llencii-

man v.lien we were i^oeinn to laving ii out to ( leor^x- 1 )an-on you
grantedi it to mee, iV in ffehniai v or mirch la>t I heard Capi"' Hench-
man say he h.ad di.-,po-.(.(l of all the lotts except one iS: rather th.an
that s'-.(juld maki- a difference he would lay down ten sIiiilinL^s iX:
take it to him>elf"

Peter Ciouldin.L^'s testimony was '"that at a meeting of all the
Coniit;ee men f(jr Wore i ^ter he did declare vnto them tiiat one
hindrance of jieoijliiiL; that ])Iace (as he thou-ht) was tiie late
p:rantiiii; soe much land U) wit tweiitv lots to Cieorge I'an.-on to
wliif:h >Lajor Cicnerall dookin savt'd widi his cou-ent l.e the Sd
Paii-on Shall have hut halfe his 20 house lots nere the town >N: the
re.-il remote."


^^'illianl Weeks, llie cnnslalile testified that "in ffc bniary or ii ere
that time i6S3'4" there was a jiareell ot" I.an<l in Worcester nere
Prt)^i)e(;t hill desi-ned for Caj/''' Win- uiiieh he ihd not like off,
then I sjM^ke to ("a[/" Henchman \' saved that Cap''' \\"\u^ did not
like of that laiid to which Ca])'" Henchman saved then he shall
take his land where he will <.v .['nckly after Cap'" Win:,' ^: this De-
ponent c\: Ceor^e I'vke went \-p to the north pond Cv from theare
we turned by I'rospect hill, \: tryed the land as we went, then sayed
rn'' Winy this is the land I intend to take v[) all on the western side
of the river vnto the north pond. cV a little after I went to Cpt"
Henchman for a grant of Land for me as he had promised it there.
'J'hen he told me I could n<jl ha\e it, Cap'" \\'ing had taken it 'vp
I must get it elsewhere."

George Ripley, ''aged near fjrty one yeares," testified in rela-
tion to a contract made by himself Samuel 1 )aniel and Matthew
Tomly [Tomlin] with Mr. Hanson, to ''get fit and set up" fifteen
"Score rodds of Hence," for which they were to be paid at the rate
of fifteen pence per rod.

These i)apers bring to notice quite a number of the inhabitants
of the town in 1684 and 16S5.

There is some evidence tending to show that in June, 16S3,
there was discussion among the Committee about limiting ("apt.
Henc-hman in Lu'ing out lots, but Mr. Henclunan op[)osed such
action. It is cjuite apjparent that there was not perfect harmony be-
tween the C'ommittee and Capi. Henchman in regard to his dis-
tribution of lands ; and at the time of this trial, two of the Com-
mittee, Messrs. Prentice and \\'inthrop, sent a message 'Ho signify
vnto this Honorable County Court tv: Jury that wee doe dissent
from t\: disallow of the largeiies of the grant of Land there vnto
George Hanson i.\: also of his ha\-eing any Land to be layed out
there on the v.-Chterly .>ide of tlie riser betwixt Cap'" Wings house
iv: hou^elot i.\; tlic north pond i,\: we have heard Cap'" Henchman
say he intended that land fir mr Wing."

* The>e staleiiK-nts show cimkIiim\c1v that Capt. Wins l)ccainc iiil(.TC-.to(l
in Worcester laml^ mr/r in /Oy/. Mr. Weeks ami Mr. I'yLe h.nl cviilcnlly
alrcadv setllcd there.


This tcstinioii}' sliowiiiy Cnpt. 1 Icnchiiian's promise of the land
in (iue.'5ti(;n to Capt. \\'iiig, was met !))■ the plainlilT with an aftiiLuit
of Capt. Henclimaii llim-^elf, who was tiuai Uini; at the "point of
death" in his hoa^^e at W'cjrccsier. TiiiM intereMlin;^' document is as
follows :

"Worcester Octo. 5'". 85.
'•Recived of mr. I")anson five pounds ten shilinL;s for eleven Lotts
in Worcester and nine Lotts wiiieh lie bought of sc\erall pers(jns
and ha\e (_leli\ercd me tile a-isi^iiments of tliem in all twenty Lotts
And he cho^e his plantin,; Lotts to he I,a}ed out next I'ap' AMngs
planting Lotts which land piched u[)j)on b\' him I ha'' ' not dis[)0>ed
of to any other [)crson or proini-'ed t!ie same upjion any other ac-
count to any : or was it in m_\- power So to do And the molesta-
tion given him bv (."apt Wing i^ unju>t 'I'liis I testifie as one at
the Point of detli the l\iteous Ood knowetli I .-^peake the truth.
''Witncs 1 )a\ id ffi>ke "]J Henchman"

Nathaniel 1 lenchman"

Mr. I''i^ke swore that he saw Mr. Ilentdiman sign this, and the
son, Nathaaiiel, depo^ed "haNing written it from his mouth. lie
being of perfect understanding then, \; to }'e day of his Death."

i\Ir. Danson \\as \ery fortunate in securing this acknowledg-
ment, as Capt. Hencliman's death occurred ten da\-s after; Oct.
15, 1685.

Concerning this death. Judge Sewall sa\s in his diary : "Mon-
day, C)ct. 19, 1685 About nine oclock at night News comes to
'J'own of ("apt. Henchman's 1 )eath at A\'orcester la-^t 'J'hursda)' :
buried on I'rida}' : Ver\' few at his l'\ineral, his own Servants, a
white and black, carried him to, and put him in his (ira\c. His
^\ ife and children following and no moie, or Init one or two more."*

That he, so well known and so ])rominent in civil and military

* In scttlciiiciit of Capt. ] Icncliiiiaii's c4,i1l- there is an iluni of "I'lincrall
charge.-, /16. 3. 10. '" The inventory >hc)\\s: "lIo^l^e, stock and goods in ye
Country pri-ed liy Janie., lord and I.^: liall 41;. 03. 00."


life, should, in ihis i|uict viilaLCC he laid away in the yravc, with
scarcely one lic-idc liis t'unily ;i^c•^'Jnt, .-ecms a i.athctic cikHii^' of
a busy and u-cful life. \\'c b.avc (incried if h.is connection with
the grantin.; ot' land to .Mr. Dan-'jn liad not so (jfiended the set-
tlers as to keep tliem awa}' from tlie hist funeral rites.

The settler.^ were e\'ideiuly on tiie >ide of CajA. ^\'in■J:. and were
stron^i^ly ojiiio-ed to an}- ahrid^ment of lii> ri,L;ht> on the rniil streani.
'rhi> is more c learly >liown !)}• the following statement sul/scribed
to by ten i)er-(jn-, compri^in:;, as they afhrm, t';e injj\))-if\ of tlie
inhabitants of the town at that time. It is, we belie\-e, the earliest
list (A di-taal settlers that has been foun<l, and is. perhaps, the most
interesting of the papers here presented. It will be noticx-d that
it is dated but one <lay before the trial, and was evidently pre^jared
at short notice.

"Woster this 14 of december 16S5

"Wee whos nams are vnder Reten beiiig tiie grater nornber of
the Inhabetcnt now setelled in trie town of woster haueiiig con-
sedered And lien witnese of the grat expenc that mr John wing
has ben .\t in belding hes mills which is moch for oure bencfet
.\nd con\enenl[ ] .And of letell profet to him nor like to be

yet .Awhilles .Mlso his hclljjfullnes in oure ii0-,lek consernments
And forderanc of the setellniet of tirs town : we ^\ot .\pru[ ] of
his choyc of thiat trak of laml l\ing fmrn [ ] corner of the set-

edell .\nd wh.ere it dos begin And Runnes on the westery sid of
the mill re\er lei it met the norih pond tho this being more than
his forst deuission )et that he oft in .Ml Justes to joses the remain-
er As liis [ ] th.at he may haue the lani! on tiiat sid of

the brok as his j)ropryely that no ]>er-oii may dam .\boue l-;im to
liender his mulls : as .Mls.j wee [ ] I'.A .\t it to be his right

for .As moch .\s seauer[al] of vs doe know tluit e'ajjten Jlinche-
man did promis this Lokl of land to said wing .Apears ai^id before
1-aier gang dan-en saw this ]j1[ ] oi that land a- .Allso be[cause]
som of vs woled [hia\e] som of oure dcuissione of land theare but
Cajitain hinchnian loulld \s that we [should] not for he had ] ironies
that lanrl to Cap wing .And we ha.ue Ihaer cenc lok.\l At it to be his
only thct it w.is not mesered to him but we loked it .sholld haue


1)011 (Ion in ronvcncnl ti:ii it is umc desires tliat such uncomfort-
ahell clifcfrcnces] nia}' be ])ul to An I'ml And that this land may
he selelled vjion Cap wing \'(jurei in all suhniecktiun

"WiJIiani x W'ekes Isaac Tonilin 'i'hunias Hall

his mark George Rushrough I'e. (Moulding
Thoma-. Allerton Digory Sargent

Isaac liiiU Willam ^ pers
lames homes his mark "

The name nt' \\'illiam Pers does not elsewhere appear among
the lists of inhal)itants.

Hie following letter of Major Ciookin is of interest in this con-
nection :

"Boston 9"' of June 16S5.
"W'heras ("apt I)aniel llenohman, was ^\: is impowred by the
Comitte for the iilantalioii of (Jnand-^icum Alias \\'orc.>ler : ac(~ord-
iiiL;" to a contrai t nuide with i\iui : Signed by S'' ('oniitte to grant
iS; lay out Loits And ailmitl inhajjitants (as is more jiarticularly
expressed in y-' S'' co\enant — And uheras the said capt llenciimaii
hath gi-anl'.'d loUs to srueial persons some whereof are actually
setled. And Among others liee the ^aid llenchmaji hath granted
(N: layd out cerlaine Lotls to (icorge Danson of I'oston : in the Said
'I'owne of W'orcster ; \-pon \v''' hnts hee h;Uh latley set on work-
men to build \: setle the same. l!ut as hee complaanes is inter-
ru[)ted iv' put of fnjin h\> worke l!v ca[)l John wing, who hatli also
L'jtts granted «.\; laid out to him b)- the said Ileniliman \'pon w'"'
liee is actually setled : now It is herby declared that both their
rights ^v: titles to their I-otts are g^od \- iu^t >.\: so are all other Loits
orderK' granted tv bud ouc by Cajit Henchman iS; It is desired no
interuption uiay bee giuen, to aiiv man In tlieir sdlement of their
lotts w''' will tend to discourage or hinder the setlement of the said
I'lace : And if Capt wing p'tend an)- claime to tlic land orderly
l;iid out, to s'' Danson upejn acco' of a seccjnd Diuiiion of farme
lotts : It is desired that liee, will fcrbeare to prosecute tliat matter
for as much as at j/sent, the t:omitlee judge it most [expedient]
I 2


not to la\' out anv sccunil diui^ion for faniK' lolti viUill siuli per-
sons as arc or sIkjuIiI sctic ) - r^aiil tounc hcc firr^t accoinailatrd
w"* planting \o{[-^ as nerrc as may be to the cciiicr of }c Town
where \"' nieetiii;.; hoii^e is doi^neil to be sett ^: niilU are ere( ted :
<Iv a rittadel Ia}(l out. Ami fiither the C'onhttee do promise y' if
Capt wiriL; (lo ( ea^e iiitei-iiptiiiL,' of \- said I )ansoii or an\ other, y'
ha\-e lotts granted, hee the s.iid win^^ shal he eon'^idered iV in the
first ]ilaee aceoinodated w"' his proportion in the secon<l dem-ion
of farnie lotts as so<jn as tlie Coniittee slial order the said set ond
deuision of farnie lotts to he hwd out. And it is desired tliat the
rest of the ("omiltee uil io\-ne in suhscriheing this writting \v''' I
coneeue nia_\- hee for tiie quiet i\; iiroinotine," and in (•oiira:^e[ing]
the setleniet of llic said plaee 1 )ated the ddv i\: yeare ahoue

written Daniel (lookiii Sei/

"Chariest. Court 15. 10. 16S5.
"owned by \\'or' inajo'' (ien" Dan' Co(.)kin I'^.m] to lie his Ad
subscribed by himself.

"Attes* Jonath ]N.eniiivj,ton Clei."

The testimon\' of Capt. Henchman is utlerlv umeconrilable with
that of the manv witnesses ; but it is not c^ur proviiK e to deeiile
the rights of the case.

Whatever were the promises of Cajit. IleiKdiman, who, as we
understand it, had full power in the dis|)osition of the land, Mr.
Danson secured the propfrly by pa_\ing the jirice and obtaining
Mr. Henchman's acknowledgment of his title.

Ca])t. Wing, liowever, C(;u!d not rest quietly, and on the 20"' of
the following lul_\', (16S6) he, with two others, tor the third time
interfered with the sur\'eyor who was measuring Mr. Danson's land,
breaking his chain, \'c. Witlvn a I'rw da\s of this la^t assault, tlu-
Committee aiipointed by the Tresideiit and Council to (oiifum
lands in "Worcester, ga\'e Mr. 1 )anson a hill conrirmation of his title,
warning all persons [n rcfiain from molesling him in his iiossessii)n,
or the suiAcyor in his work.


In tliis (K'ol of Au-. 2. 1686, (Middlesex RcLiistry, vol. 10,
\>^J,c 132) the Ciiin:;.;ttee say that 1«\- .••our candid dealin_;^" with
C,\\A. \\ i;i^', ""we a['jirehen(Jed he was Sati^tyed .V would make no
further iiitcrrnption teiuhiii,' to the Iiinth-ance or (.h-turiiance of
other yraiitees," >.vc. : but iii this they were ini^ta.ken, as has been

This confim-iatiiin to Mr. Hanson was then recorded on the books
of the I'rojjrieMr-;. with the .stipulation, !iuwe\ er. tliat he should
not "erect any come mil or .'^aw null vpon the mil I'.rcjok," or in
any way interfere witli C'apt. Wing's pii\i!eges on tiie stream.

When i)v\-. .\ndnis declared all lands graiited under former
governments tbrfeited to the C'njwn, .Mr. l)an^>'n to make sure of
hi- title to tile land- fur uliich he had labwred -o iiard, jjetitioned
the Cio'.ernment icr coiinrmation, which was L^r.mtcd after ncjtice
to Capt. Wii-/.:. and the pian pre\iousl\- referred to wa.-, returned
b_\" the >'-irveyor.

Thus was ended a cnntrover-,}- which must ha\-e caused a yreat
con'uniitiun in tlie litde settlement, furni^^hin:; fur manv months a
li\ely tojfic for con'.er-.uion. At ti)e time of ti:e trial it is e\ idenl
thai the larger pau't i^f the inhabitants went ilown to (diarlcstown,
returning honne, duubtless, uitli sali-,faction at C'apt. Wing's partial

In connection witii the triab the bills o( co-^ts are of considerable
interest, as all the witnesses were obliged to attend in perbon, lltere
V'eing "noe ji-on impowered lietwixl that jiLi' e i\: this Court to
take their oatlies."

One of tlie ireir.- in the bill rendered by ^fe-srs. Pyke and Hall
is as follows : '■ Tiieire owne comeing fri)m Worce-ter 43 miles from
Court 2 (lave- ro;iie:ng kV 2 dayes of Ilendraiice *N: 2 da\-es to goe
hoame thither at 2" \' day is /^i : 04 : 00. '' I'he Court, how-
e\er. allowed p)aymenl for only one da)-'s travel each wa\-.

Follor.'ing are the I'ull liills of costs :


"Jolin Winy his l)ill of Costs as Dcf. George Danson plaintif

"l'\)f tlio C'liy of tlio Attaclinient
his owiic Attendance- 2 t!a\ cs
Goeing to Wurcc^tc-r ti> SumiMi Witnesses d 5
five \\ilne - ic^ AttL-inhiiicc Win Wol-Ucs "|
Cico: i)\l,c. jn. ruiiicr l"u.i: 1 [all, >!v I

Ijiguiy Sargcant all 'Iwellini; at W'urccs- ]
ter two daycs conieini,' Cv 2 dayes attend- 1
ancc iV two dayes j^neinj,' hoanie at 2 s |
•!]■' day each one: there licin^; noe [i-oii
impowered het<.\ixt th.il place >.V tliis (oiirt
to take their oalhci 12 s ()' peice i^
A C'ojiy of yi^' i.ienll Couits orilcr
writcing evidences
five Sumon.-ics
fy Icing paiir no iS

Ahated in tlie a!ju\e sd acct

"ye Cojiy of yi' atlaclimt
goeing to Sunion wilncsss
10 dayes alialcd of the w ilne-
writin" evidences


10 o

1 o o

I 146"

lb s d

O. CK3. 06

o. 04. 00

o. 10. 00

3. cxj. 00

2. 18. 4

"George Tyl^e >lv Thomas llall their bill of Costs as Defendants
Geo : Danson [jlainlif

"ffor tlic Copies of the Attaclinient

Tlicire owne coniciiig from Worcester 43 miles

from Toiirt 2 d.i\e-< Cunicing cV 2 d.iye^ of llen-

drance iV 2 dave.-. to foe hoame thither at 2 s


the Copy of the comittec-. report

Tvi-Q witnes-e.-. W'iUiani Wceke^ Cc h'igory Sar-

geant dwelling at \\'oice>ter 43 miles 2 dayes

conieing 2 days attendance i\: 2 da)e^ to goe

lioame at 2 s || ' day

writcing eviilences

fyleing 10 iiajirs

//' s d
001. 00

I 04. 00

1 . 04 . c>o

o. 01. 00
o. 01. cS

2. 13. S
o. iS. o

I. 15. 8


"abated fm- y>;- C'o]ipyL- uf atlciulancc O I O

al>.iti.(l 8 s for )■■ cniniiiL; .V ^'"ing O 8 O

aliatfil 8 ^ fur \siitic - s c<uiiin,L; \ inning o 8 O

alialcd fui- w litiiii; "f eviilunccs o I O

o i8 o"

Copl. ^^'in^': seems lo lia\-e -aincd possosion of all of tliesc lands
upon the Mill i'.rook after ihe death of Mr. Danson, luit by \s-hat
means or at what date has iKit heVii determined. In 1712, his
heirs L;ave to 'I'lmmas j'almer and other.i deeds i)t release covering
more than one tlnjusand aeres (jf land in Worcester.

The folkiwinL; jx-tilinn without dale, but written about the year
16S7, serves [u L;i\e an idea of the condititjn of the town at that

"To h\> I'.xrellenry S"" I'.dtnond Andros K' ("apt Generall and
Ciovcrnour in cheiie of his Maj"" 'lerritor}' and Dominion ol New

'■The Humble IVtition of John AVing in behalfe of himselfe and
the re>t of the Inhabitants of the 'I'owne of \V(jrsler in New luig-


"'I'hat the said Inhabitants by reason of their Late sctUing said
Towne being a new Plantation have spent their Stocks U) the ut-
most in their improvements tliereon and notwithstanding the same
have not had before tliis \eare a supply from the ("iroimd lor liread
Come for their .su.-.tenation, by v.lii'li means they are mui h Fallen
into debt for their necessary I'ros i>ion and are retluced to a low
and nieane condition. And Korasintu h as it hath been the antient
Custome of the h'onner Cun-ernm' for eneoiuagem' of >oung Plan-
tations to Remit! them thiere rates for thiee or foure yeares alter
settlement thrreof.

"^'o'' Petilioi/ therefore fur himself and in behalf of the rest of
the s'' Inhabitants of s'' Towne humbly Prayes Vo' I'-xcellency to
take the i 'remises into vo' candid Consideration soe as that yo"'


Exccll'-' will be ])leased to Oi\int s'' Inhal-ilants tlvj like f-i\our that
tliey ill tlie meane time ir.jiy be thereby enabled to rai>e ^omelliiiig
fur their conitortable sub^i>tenrc and the di. char-in- such rateh as
hereafter may be a-^e-sed on them.

"And yo' I'L-tion' with -d Inhabitants as in iliUy bountl shall ever

"I'.y order from the town [ ] have ])reMimed to trobell your

Exelency John Win-''

No action upon this petition apjiears upon the records of the

']"he four succcedin- papers relate to the -arrisons erected in
the town, in antii ipation of po->ible attacks by tlie In. bans wiio
were cau>!n- uuu h disturbance on the frontier at tliat time.

I'jidor^eil : "'I'o The C.overner and (Jo\n.-;el I jiray I)eli\-er
with C'arc "

"Woster the : i aj,\'ast : 1693 :
"To the onered -overner and Covnscl d'he>e hr.er, are to Infomi
yov that the inhabctans of tiie town haue be-ane To erctt a-aros-
on of thare own he(U witii o\-t amiy oriler from a 'idiorot's and i
went and warned them into Capten wing^ -aro-on at wo-ter by
vertev of an order frcnn b.i.- excelence the uooverner and thay re-
f\seed to C'ome and -eeing tiiat tha\e wil not come to the garoson
we are not mene anove to watch and waril and sco\te as the war-
rant command for all liie men in the place is letelanovel lor to
("epe one -aroson

"AT ICdward Ddownin- Commander of The Caaroson "

On the same sheet witli Downin-s letter is the following en-
dorsement :

"lion'''" S' ! The IJearer liereof Thomas Crosbey. Informcs

me that he was sent to W'or-^ter with ffour Sou'dier- for the strength-
nin- of the darri^on there, bv order from Major Henchman, and


soon after the aliovc named l)t)wiiinn' uife came to IVjston and l)y
Cap'"' \\'inn> iirocuremenl uhteined an order from his K\'-' for his
t.ikeing the command of the Town \vhi( h he sa)di is \ery mu('h
resented h)' the Ir,hal)itants, said l)()Uiiin;-; beitiL;- a siranL;er, but
newh' come ihitlier and of no .i^ood IvL'purl. lie fmlher adds that
if all the Inhaliitanls -.hould he drawn into Cap"" \VinL;' Carrison,
they cannot po.^sili]}- suh^iit, it heiiv^ so remote from their own
thvellinL;s and tlields where their luisine-is l\es. And that they have
ncerhalie fmi-^hed another '^ood (larrison, \ cry con\'eniently se.Ued,
and w'"' will hetter acconnnodate them :

"'J'he yonn:^' man seems to he \erv modest and discreet, and
thinks that he and his fellow Soiildiers sent from Chc'Imsford eVc
are imposi-d on to he put under y- Command of hownin^^, who
was m' Lid;;ett.-> Coai hman, and poN^ibly may he known to some
of the ('rent", with ycni.

"I just now reccised the jKiper and have f irwarded it nnto }'o''
iionor to yi\e direction about this affa}'re as you shall thinke advis-

"1 fear Cap'" W'ini; h.is overmuch Inlhienced the same.
"I am, S'' Vo' hinn''''' servant,
"Boston, :\u'^ 3'' 7692. ' Is" AddinL^ton.

"This younL,^ man has been several times this \Var was at Can-
ada, and has been an officer: w''' makes it more hard to be put
under an Iriili straiiL;er./."

"W'ostcr I ngust 1693
''To tlie honerabell go\enner and conn'-ell to let you under staiid
that wea haue cene youre order and am willini; to let )'ou now our
condison and what'- yeaj are about bildiuL; a place of strenk to bea
in nere vw houses and corne to Keepe us and our corne with the
blessing (,f ii)^. i,ii-j captain win.^^ Is to nulles from us ami if your
honnei- will remoue us it will bea our r(_)Won to dr,iw us from our
Colli AikI jirouision it will undo us wee now lile on our groth and
yeet shall lose all yeej haue

* Thnf? t Hvi.Icntlv intended for :,•,•.

96 I

"And wea desire your honners not to remouc us bot to conider '•

our coiidison Thomas Allcrton |

Sanivcl [lanorsoii?] constalicl ]

Alexander hogell ;

gorL(us [Kiljley?] -.

gorgus [ ] \

Uenianiin Iliiuou " f


This letter was imdouljtedly written by Tlionias Allcrton, whose ■

name often a[)]>ears in the town records as Aiiicrtoii. The second \

signature is i"ios;>il)Iy /iUwrson [Law.-^on?] ; the fourth and fifth are /

indistinct and undeci[)hcralile. but were prohahl)- intended for the ;

same name, and may be read GlO}-;^^ A'///n\ •• J

In connection with these papers, another of later dale is ajipro-
priately inserted here.

"this ma}- sertiefy that when the garason was bcllt in the town
of woster in Ser lalman Androsis time of gouermciil that l^lck^all-

der boogell wroil \])on the work seaventeen das for whilh he was ;'

to Rescaue thiit\' f lur shilling from the contr\' And this uai when \:

I had the comaiid theare when [general!?] XikaNon was lefteiiant i;,

gouevner as witness tins 23 October 1702 ijj

"John Wing" j''

The simi of "'-' i . 14." was allowed by the Council to "Alexander I

IJogel for Se\enteen Dales Labor in J'.tuldiiig a ffortilication at '.\

A\'orcester." j •

5 ■


There are manv records of ccinve\ances of real e.>tate in W'or- ]:''■

cester to be found in tlie Middlesex Rt-gistry. In a number of ■■'.-

instances refereii' e is made to dwelling houses, barns, fruit trees, ]\

(S:c., all of which are interesting in determining the date of sellle- ■;■

ment or erection of buildings by the se\-eral inhabit.mts. A por- '.
tion of these have been copied, but sjjace will not permit their in-
troduction here.


AmoTi:,' otht.T hcm^ wliich have ccjinc under my oliservation are
the tbnosviii;^' relating; to the town at a later j/criod.

In the Records of the Court of Clcneral Se>sion.-5 the following
"cautions" are I'ound :

Marcli lo. 17^3-4. '•("aution ayaiiist A\'illiam Hambleton from
Brookfield ''

Any. 25. 1730. '"Caution a;4ain.>t Mary Wheeler from Sudlmry
Aug. 5 "

In tlie same Record.-^ from 171S to 1726, sc\-eral iiresentments
a()])ear against th.e town fur neglect in keei)ing liridge:^ and roads
in order.

Dec. 12. 1727, the record appears: "The Selectmen of ^\'or-
cester aiij)eari!i.; in Court to answer to the presentment of the
Cirantl Iuror> lor neglecting to mamtain a writing Schoolmaster in
Worcester aforesaid for the In-trmtion of N'oulh tiicy ha\eiiig oeeii
full\ heard are di-ani^.-ed pax in'' tee.i Cv co-i - ."

l)viring the India.n trouhles in the yeais 1724 and '2^. \\'i)rces-
trr shared in tile gcncr.d alarm felt throu^liout the frontier .settle-
ments, especially in Worcester Count\. and measures were taken
for the jiroieciion and > ifcty of the people

In the Ci_)un( il Rccordis appears the following, Iul\' iS, 1724 :

"A jjctition of the Town of Worcester to His Hon' the lien'
Ciov', Setting forth thieir ureat hazard of being altai ked 1)\' the In-
dian eiKUiy v\: greatl}- disturbed »_\: hindered in their labour b\- the
I'aiemy si ulking in the s'' 'I'uwn.

"Read \' Advised that llis Honour the I. lent'. CiO\-ernoui- order
a Sergeant \- I'-i^ht men to be jiosted at the down nl' Worcester
for the Protection of the Inh.abiiants in their Harvest."

'I'he folldwing jietilion was piresented in May, 1725. ( Mas-,a-
i liusells Archi'.es. vol. 52, p>age id^.)


"']V) his IIf>nonr 'Vhc Licir' (nnx-rnonr, and (VmiaiHlcr In Ch.luC
In and ovvv his Majesties I'roxincc u( the Mas<arliu<rtts ]',d\- In

New I'ji-land the I'elitinn of die Snh-,(rihers I Iimiijly Slieuedi

"W'heras The Town ol ^^ (wcester is verv niueh l"\no>ed [o the
Indian Kehels in Uie presenl War: t'nere l)eMiL; a i^reat di-.;an< c

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