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Crossini; the railroad we come to the house occupied for about
f)rty years by the late Osgood llradley. 'I'iiis house was built bv
William Ho\e\-, and occu[)ie(l in 1S29 bv the late Kejoice Newton.
Some years later it ( ame into the possession of J'rancis T. Merrick,
and was used as a bo.irding hoii>e by a I'eter Kichardson. 'l"he
last octaipant bef )re .\Ir. llradle-y mo\ed there from Orafton street
was Ricdiard Kimball, who also kept a boanling lu)use.

The next building be\'ond tlie llradleN- house was that of the
I'nion ("hunh, ( (Unideted in iS:;^, and dedicated Inly 6th of that
year :t and at the time of which 1 am sjjeaking was under the

* M 1 . li;inini;tiin was u\i st.iirs in llic liuiKliiii; next \\csl of the .Sumner

I'nitl sti.lC.

t .\l iIk- (l,-,lir.Ttioii (if tlic Iniuii ('h\ircti l-'.c\. John .Xcl-on, o( I.cieester,
IMcachoil the M'rnmn, aiM the dedlcUniy puixci w .is hv l<e\. ('leur^'e Allen.
1 lii-' huiMini; was l.itely t.il.en chiwn, and the llH•^e^t iniprovetl and more* or-
namental idiliee erceted in its ]>laee.



cliar-c of Rev. i:!.^,:ii ?:nall<:y. Otis CurlK'tt had livo'l in a house
standinLT on ::.:- ■^ ".>■/.. wWwh I lliiiik ua-^ nio\c(l bai k t(.i Carllon
street bctore the erection of the church huildini;. and occupied hy
John Simmons, carpeiuer.

Cro.>>ini Shvrt sireet. n.'w called ("arlt^Mi street, was an open
lot, from which s,-,nie vears earlier, the Dr. I'.eniamin Cliapin l;ouse
had l.een rerri.r.ed, \o the east corner of CarltMu arid .Mechamc
.streets. (d"h;- hi'-'.-e. while on Im-oiU street, had heen oc cujiied
by Dr. Chaphi a-.di the late .Xnthony C'ha-e ; and aft.-r it-, removal
to Mech.anic ^treet. 1o-eph I'ratt, .S. 1'.. Church, the printer, and
others lived there.) In the next, a double brick Ivu^e, lived
Austin Dennv and >b.'Ses Spooner. Ivii her d'homa- Kinni( ult,
I.e\i A. Dowlev. I )r. William Workman and l\ev. b.lam Smalley
were ot:cu['ants of t'ne block ; and later it came into the po^->es-ion
of S. R. I.elan'!. w^.o coinerted it into ^tore>.

Amonu live c^ccujiant-. n[ die next hou<-. at thu. west i orner ot
]'i,L,alow Court. I rjuvember Joseph 'l\ d'uiner, a U'^ied wai; and
storv-telbr of il'rtv \ear> aL,'o. Smith Kendall, chair ].a;nter, alMj
li\ed there : and somewha.t later than the j^eriod of wiiich I am
writin,:,^ a faimlv of C.eers. .\t the end of Iii;^e!ow court, where
the hea-h|uarter- of t'.x- Idre Dei-artment now are. ua-. a^ earl_\- a>
i.S:;6, a little woo ien b'-.ildiii.; in which Mn^ d'hanklV.l IIer>e\ kept
an infant school fi.jr tlve iioys and ,i;irls of tlie ne;.;lib oiliood. and
here the writer was taM:.::it the rudiments, in odier wor.is hi-. A R C.
.•\t the ea-t I orner of the court and I'ront street wa-, the one-
.storv woovlen iu.ii-hn,; u-ed as an office by .\bijah ]'.i-,elow. coun-
sellor at law. d'iven came his garden, uiih it^ tlowt_i-. tVuit trees
and \'egeta])les. extendnr.^' back to Mechamc street ; aial on the
corner of Church s-reet '.\a- hi.^ dwellini; ho;i>e, aiterward-, u>ed a-,
our cit\- h )~p;tal. Ti^e -:rounds of Mr. r.;:,f'low, on h'ront >treet,
are now covered by the tine blocks- of ]im.\r. C,. Clark and i )a\ id
Wdiitcunib. On tj-.e nr.rtli >ide of Id'orit -lieet, extenthn.,' horn
about where Lelandds Idoik standi, t(; Chun h street, v.asa double
row of trees : amor.,' tho-^e of the inner lov. were j'c.u and cherry
tree-, but, a- cj.n easilv be imagined, the friiit selibun c.nne to ma-
tnrit\-. the lempta.tion bein_: too suon;; fur tiie a\-era_e bo_\- of that
(lav to allow it to rema.in loivj enouirh.


Iii>t L-a.^t of Salem siinarc, al the comer of 'I'ninilnill >tieet, and
.ilAiiit where the \\'a\erl)- llmise lunv is, was a ta\ta-n kept in T''^43
hv a .Mi>. J(-)lin llradK'V. It ua - for nianv \ears known as the luiton
'I'aveni. ha\in,L; lieen ouiieij ami ke|tt U'V a Idul; time hy Natlianiel
I'.ati-in. 'I'lie Imili lini;, \\hi( h w a^ ()ri:;iii;illy the I'alnier (.uuldinL;
house, was bouuht al/oiit iSio hy Amus Smitli, who turned the
house into a ta\riii, and was ii^ landl'iriL' I hist remeniher it as
kept 1)V Aaroir 1 [owe, who was thca'e in i^j,() ; he hail the reputa-
tion of L^'ettini; uji L;ood -ame sn]i|>er^, and not man\' \ears a^o was
keepini; an eating saloon in Sprinulield, ^la^^. The baiai con-
nected with the ta\eru was west ol the liou-^e, on Salem square,
haviuL^ an entrance liodi on tlie e.ist and west, s(j that a carria_;e or
a load of ha\' could he dii\en dire( tl_\' through it. Ju.-it hack ot' tlie
harn, towards the liapti^t ( hur< h, and exlendin;^ nearl}' to it, was
a lari;e \ard with a stone wall around it. lor the use oi dealers in
swine or cattle, who olten u-^ed to i ome Irom quite a distance with
large droWh whit h tlu-_\- olleied tor sale. . -^ - * • * -

If time won 111 jjernut, other phu es of interest hirlher dowai I'ront
street nu';;ht he mentioned : hut 1 lia\ e alreadv tried \or,r [>atien(e,
and will hriiiL; these recollei lions to a close. If we should c(ju-
tiniie oui' w.ilk thi()u.;h ( 'hun h street to .Me( hanic street, we sh(,>uld
pas~, on the iijd't Mi'- h- ^V. Ham roll's harn, which in m\' \ nuDLjer
(lavs was the naidc/Aoiis tor the " I'.oy^' ( "onip,in\-," then one of
the in^litution^ ol the town. 'l"he\ \\>c^\ lo appear in hlue jackets
and pants, carr\ii\g w(;oden spears jjjinted ,L;ieen, the otliccrs with
old ruililia swords. Anions; the ullicers of the coinp,in\' I < an recall
only the name-, ut h.dward Ham rolt (brother of l\e\'. I )r. Lucius
llaiurol't), C'alel) Xewiomh. |r., ( 'n-ori^e Hulman and .Samuel |en-
nison, Ir. The next Iiousl-, which is still slandiuL;, was huilt, I
think, hv a .Mr. Kimheily. and ocrupicd in i.S.io h\ (lardiner
I'aiue. Oil the corner ot ('hun h and .Mech.mic streets, was, and
is now, a hrick hoiisr occupied f )r inaii_\- wars In' our venerable
teliow cili/LMi, l)i.a(on 1 )aniel (loddard.i

" 1 iii^ is 1.11 the autli.ii it\ uf a xon r.f Aiims Smill).

t Since tliL- ii.M.liii,i^ III" llii. paiicr I irarnii Daniel C.oilitanl lias .Jiml, [Nov.
ifi, iSS.i.l at ncaih ninclv viars of ai'c.


Cros^ini; Mechanic- street, am! .^uiiiL; down what is now Union
street, ])asninL; on our left at tlie corner, the l)Io( k occupied a Httle
eailier than the time of which I am \vritm_;, by C'oL CaKin P'oster
(in the (.a^t end), we should lia\i..' soon fi.iund ourselves under the
l)rid__;e oi the llo^ton and Worcester raihoath and then in the mead-
ow heyond. '^hi-^ meadow was ollen ( oxered with water, ,uid at all
tinies. exce]<t in the dr\est of weather, was wet and 1io,'l:\'. hitches
crossed it, runnm,;' iVom the rear of .\ahurn I'arker's staliK' on the
west, to the HLu kstone canal or Mill hr.jok on the east. In these
the 1jo\ >, uied to ( atch tro:^s and turtles', and in the w mter the w hole
meadow was (,)flen Hooded, niakini; a L:ood i)]ace for skatiny.''

I had intended to ui\ e a t'ull list ot" the (xcaipants f)t" huild-
in^s on Meciianic street, but time will permit onlv a hriet' men-
tion. ( )n the north side ot' the street, start!n_; from Main street,
passin^Whitm-'s carriage shop and the stahle once occupied hy
]]. M. Stockwell, we should fu^t come to the sho]) occupied hv
lienjarnin (loddard, carnage inaki;r, and 'To^ser iV f\a)niond, car-
penteis ; then to a ^mall, one stor\' liuildiUL; ahout wluae the track
ol the .\orwI( h railroad was, cu'cupied li\' one i )alr\nip!e.

Next were the lioiises of Maj. S. (ira\es. 'I'homas 1!. ICaton
(tc;wn undertaker), 'I'heo. Ik Western ( si-n and ornamental paint-
er), who lived m a small co;taL;e house al'terwards occupied bv
Charles Xudd .md a Mr^. (ieca. In the two-tenement wooden
house, still standiuL;, li\ed \\'ilhjui Hum an, .\mher>t kkiton, and
Levi (_'oes ; and in the brick blo< k next east, were Peter Kendall
(mason), and 'i'illv I\a)inond (carpenter). 'ITie west end of the
drjiible wooden house, at the corner of I'nii m and Mec hanic streets,
if I remember ri^ht. was occupied about the x'ear i.S4() b\ ( leor^e
l'^. U'\inan. and a little later bv Cill Ikirllett (who kept a bounlm.L;
house) ; and the east end b\- l»a\id l'"laL;,i:;. (some \ears Ccuiier b\'
CaUin I'o^ter).

C'rossiuL; the street, and nenr the corner of C'hurih street, was
tlie dcjublc' wooden house oi i u|iic(I b\ S. X. \\'hItiu-\- and I'.axter

* ( >ii tlic Icfl, L;"iii.L; (lew ri w Int i-. new rnion sti let, aii'l just he fen- re.icliiiit,'
the 1/ii'l^'c of llic r,M,t..ii ;in<l \\..rriv-UT i aihi kkI, w.ts .■ "(■.n'J, ]H.ii,r' idver-
ini; aliuut linlf an acie, wliicli \\a- a iL;n-Mt source nf i-njuviiiL-nt hi the Imy^ uf
the iiciL;hlic)ilniiiiL li.ilh ^uinniei ami winter.


llArn-.-s t f.v.'p.er nf \\"a!t(.'r H. llivnes of tlic Du-tnii and Al!)an\' rail-
i.'.';'".). NfXt. _^:)iii_^' tuuani^ .Main >[:ect. i\ii~jr pa-^iiii,'' tlic r^-ar of
A'; :"."-:i I;'_l-:v)'a'> uMnLai. were llic Imn-o ore 'aj-icd li\" ('.L'ur^Lje ]■](]-
v...r "s. Char'.cs S:i!c-; and ('. C. ("(iK-nian (t'ac la>l two li\inL; in
:'.-.i: ys.iv.c 'riO'A-': ) : and t'ac Mu( k at liic convjr of C\m Iti^n -iliLx-t,
; rfore .-V'i'krM cf. On the we^t side of Cariton street was the
;.r!ck : ii'-k uccajix-d 1)) A. P. Lcsure (tailuri. dwl John (". (Sreen-
!c.if (l):.keri. th<- latter now h\-in'4 at l\m!ai;d.. Mass. 'I'hen ( anie
."^.ipauei I]jvd^L-n"s liLu ksuiith slKJp, ne\t. ji;-r wt-^t of the Xorwich
.ind W'orce-ter railro id location, a sta'iie. oi(_ ;;] .:ed ahout this [n/riod
'/v Geor.:e Junes and I.irdier (lunn; and adji-inuv,; the Tnited
.■^"..\".es H'.'tel land was a uooden ln_)nse, ik a r.ijied 1)\ .Mr. Heniis
(fa:her L^f Mr. Mlias '!'. lleniis of the .'^/v). and. Liter 1)\- .\tiL;ustus
U'.itrrs. ( harne-s maker).

Tru-«t!ri^' that the-^c random recollections niav ]iro\-e cjf some
lir.k- use to tile fiitnre hisiurian of onr cir\- (wlio, ] have no donht,
vdil le a ineniher of The Worcester ."-^oc iet\ of .\nliiinilv ) , and that
i'.'.-:v ha\ e not lu-en uitliinu interest to th' - c v, jiu lia\e so kindlv
l.-:enci". to liiein. I will clc)^e. thankini; yon tor \anir patient atten-

R'/ii^.ark-^ 1)\- W. S. l-Jarlon, .\I])ert Tolinan. |. II.
Ijancroit. Cicoro'c Siimnci', I Ion. II. C. Rice, Rev. A.
I \"ler. losrph Ln\-rll ;tncl C. (j. I larriiiL^'ion followecl
tlie reaiJiiiL.^' e,l Mr. I'aiiie's pajier. The meetino" was
ilien aJjiaiirned tor one wn/ek.

'N'^'TK- Fi- '111 time to time tlnir liave aii]H-a'f<l in the iliily jiajieis, en- in
Tr.i::ri>.-onLe - re:i'] lef'jie ^"Uie uf < ur IniMJ >'icie".ic~. IUl;iLe■^ vi W'l'irco^tcr
-r.a Hi c.'.uer.'. ■■'■tr.e nl ul.ieli h i\e ln-eii e^ iii-'.:!tevl in jji ep.ii in;.; tlic^e reeul-
."Jl; ir,-. .'\fMii;_' llic^e tlic t"ll.)\\ ini,' .are nieiui' 'iici .1^ nt viuiilar eliar.ii.ler
'■>' i:;;~ r j'')'.:d".i._>rj, and wliieh \'. ill he ut' inleie-t 10 ;:im-.l- wIid ile^iie to learn
tn-jre o: \V;.,rce>ie!' aii>l it> Ini^ine^-. nu-n iri tin- ]v-,>t.

"Ca-. :,■. - 'IV'lK IN Wmkci >i i.K," a - eiir^ of lut.-nty riiticle> jirinteil' in the
•• ■''•':. -.'-r /'.•.'.'..'(/;/<■/;; in iS^^, and ie|iririt;il in that }>apei in iS^y aiul 1S74.


At the adjoLinKxl incctini;- of the Society, on
Tucscla)' cNXJiiInu;', Iliiu.- loih, the lollow-inL;- were
present : Messrs. Crane, .Sumner, .Siapli.-s, \\ A.
Dickinson. C. lillson, (".oukl, I'rentiss, ]{ste\', llul)-
barcl, .Ahjriain, Lc;e, C". R. Johnson, Rice, Aljhot,
Tucker, 1 Jaslcins and W'alkins. — 17.

J. ilenr)- IliH was ekjctecl an actix'e member.

Letters from llie Rew .Samuel .Ma\- of Leicester,
and the Rev. [. 'i\ 'I'ucker of lioston, were; reach

I he death ol Pi-ok I'Vancis ( i. .Sanborn, a member
of tlie .Societ)-, was announcc-d ; and remarks in ref-
lation to the ck;ceased l)y Ak;ssrs. Dickinson, .Staples
and W'atkins followed. On motion of lion. Clark
jillson, Mr. Dickinson was retpiested to prepaix: a
Memorial lor publication in the Proceedings.

TliL-y WLTC lueji.iiC'l l.n\:,'cly liy tlic late ClarcndMii WIk-cImcI,, umiL-r tlie sii-
pcivi-i.ili of lln: l.ili- J. S. ( '. Kliuw ll.iii.

KlMIMsLI Ml ■, c;l III); ( )l;!i.l.\.\l. As^MClAI i;> AMI I'AsI .^U■■MHI■:K^ (M- •1!1K
WciKClsM.K iMKi: Siicii.i V. Rc.iil tn till.- society at various tiinL-.> l.y I.i.-\i
Lincoln. I>aac i)a\i-,an(l Ik-njaiiiiii I ". riioiua^. I'linlcil in iSjoaml iS;.;.

r.fsiM -> Mix III- \V. ir.i i-siiK Imi-iv \'i,ai:-. ado. .Vine articlo |)ulili-.lica
in the /',///;• .S/r in 1S70 liy ( aleli A. Wall,

.X'll'I.S, HiVIdkK AI, AM; I 'lllM\01.M(,li Al,. (IN IIIK TdW.N (li W( i|;( l.sTl U.

l'>y Nathaniel I'aino.

Tin; Lr.Ml'.Kl; I): -im.s.h W". .u.r.vir.i;. Ucadhefme The WniLe-tei >ti-
cicty of Anli'|iiily in iSyS hy llliery !'>. Crane.

Tin: Ti.Ain. uv Wmai ,1 m; in KiNc iin, I'ki.^ia: C'i;nh u'i". Rea.l he tore
The Woree.^ter Society of .Vntinnity in iSSo liy Henry 11. ehanilierlin.

(!i.rAMM;s m;m.m nir. Sini;ti;> 01 11i-ii,kv ,i|. dik Sic.imi rAi;i-,n m-
\Vii|;( I'sll K. ]',y Sanuiel S. Oreeli.

'rni WmRi'I M 1:1; 1;, HiK: A 1 )| V::\- (M- XnlKWdKl HV lA IMS I.N Wi IKCI si IK,
M \ssA( in siris, from ir.5; to iSS;. \\y i'ranklin V. Rite.


Arranc^cniciits for the Anniinl F.xcursion of the
Society were ixniectecl. The meetino- was then ad-


P,y unaiuiviou^ vole- tin; l;ru<,krR'I<l> were -^clcctcl t(^ be vWiWd
in the So.iclv'. Anivial l",x< ui^ioii, the .latr <it" wliirh was fixed for
Thnrs.lav. jn'nc . ->Ii. A (cv, .by> bdurr ihc event, Messrs. Crane,
H. M. Sinilh, and i<i' e. Um' the Cuiniiiillee <T Arrangements, vis-
ual the plaee. and a. tin- in < oiKerl with -entlenien re-,idni- in the
three towns .,f North llniukfield, I'.rcokfield an-l West llrookheld,
made the pkiee. and kud out the pro-ranime tor the <kiv it^self.
In doin- this they ro.le over the entire circnit of the proposed
countiy'chive ..lien nules or more, necessary to make the snrvey
of points of nuerest. In ea. h of these towns a h>ral committee of
recci^tion and armn-ement was secured, whose offices and courtesy
did mudi to make successful the So.aety's lOxcuision.

'I'lie whole area now comprised in the thr-.-e towns, was. under
the name of (^//'//""'V. "lade -a i;rant of land six miles s(|uare" to
certain mhal.ilants of Ipswi. h in i6fK., in re(<Hnpense for services
in Indian wars. In addition to the cession of the domain of the
Colony, the settlers purchased, the rl-ht of the Iiulian possessors;
ami at'traeted l.v the wonderful heauty of the region, the hrst white
inhal.itanls lora'ted on tlie noilheast side of the (Juaboa- river be-
tween the two ponds, their settlement bein- for a long time one ot
the three isolated stations on the 'T.ay I'ath" between the Con-
necti<-utr,veraud Hoston. It was m<,,rporated as iSrooktield. a
U.wnship e,:;ht miles square, in October, 1673. Smce thai time
repeated divisions of the lerr.torv ^la^■e oc curred. W arren, ongmally

*Tlus uas ,1,. SiMh I\eu,si.>n uf ll,c S.Ki.lv. Th. tust and second in
■ S79 and .SSo, u.ic tu Oxf.H-d; tl.e lluid, in 1 SS , , uas to Shuns .Imvy; and
Leicc.r and l.anras,., uoc vi.ud in tlu- Lualh and hhl.. iSS. and .SS3.


Western. l'ci!i_' one of the new towns, as wt-ll as Xorth Jlrookllcld
and We-t i;r.. .<i;cM. It i^ in the Litter that the ciiicf i.nints of
early intcre-t are foniHr. a-, roniprisin.^' the lir>t hi-.tor\- of the town.
With L;reat uiMiom and enei:/y not ah\ays -o well kept free from
town riwilries. ti/e attempt is now in pronre^s t(_) hrim: to^eliiL-r and
puhh'sh in adequate I'orm and fiiHne.^s, the annak of the Nciierable
town, the comM-:ittee chos.-n rejirescntin,; the tjiree t^.v.ns. A ureat
deal 01 excellent prcparatciry work has \>vcu dune, and ( hiefiv to
be noted arc the (dllcrtions of I Ion. Charlo .Adams. Jr., vi .North
lirookficld. whose intelligent labor ha^ made ])os>ihle, and forecast
tor the I'.rookfield.s, wh.at must and will he one of the mo^t \ali:able
and comiilete of our tiiwn histories.

Mr. .\dam- w.is hy his duties absent from home at tiie time of
the Society's \;-it. but haj.pily for the occasion he met the (_'om-
niitlee wiio went out in adwmce, and was larireh- responsible f)r,
and helpfu.l in the plan adopted, l-'rom him the Cvmuniltce _-,nned
much, in-i^ut in;o tiie plan pursued for the coHe( lio.i (-f lo, al faet^
of historical interest, to which in this instance the [.eople of the
town were called u[)on to contril-ute b_\- a s\stem of blank in-
([uiries, to whic li many intercsiiuL; and important answers came.

.As an instance of the nature and success of these in^juines. one
of the (|ue.stions was as to the existesicc of cellar lio'es. and in tins
line (A iinestijation came a lar-e amount of inf )rrnat;on concern-
ing a tormer jicpulation of the town passed awaw Thus, cif one
ot these cellar holes, wiiic h m the la^t century carried a humble
house of the i/eri'.)d. it was dis. Dxcred that in that time it was tiie
home of a vagrant tamilv of iM'eneh extraction. These [jcople bv
reason ot their po\erty tell under the suspicion of the town a'.ithor-
ities, wlv.) caused them t(j ■•mo\e yM]" to ether town-. whieTj in turn
sent them ti;rward as paupers to be got rid of. In tiii-, fiirn'!\- were
two htlle girls. (Jne of these, the forlorn child of j.overtv ujjon
whom came t'ais tlinty youth i>eriod, li\ed lei beco-me a magnificent
t\iie of female beamy, tiie toast ami belle of two c ontincnts. the
wile of .Aaron Hurr, the widow of a millionaire; and as Mad.une
Jumel. one of tiie most noteil of her sex in her rank of fashionable
lile— a wonderful career tor the \a-rant, b.n-etool u'lrl of ( lid brook-

5 45

Thursday, luiic i r^th, hrouiilu ihc a|i[)ointed day, and with it
lowct'iiii; niuriiin.; skies, and a L;(.Micral dread of worse weather to
CDine. Hut the Sot iely is well (hilled in its e\cur>ions, and there
\va> no tlinrhinj;. l'l\(ur>ie>n arraiiL^enients witli the Do.^ton and
Alhnnv railroad conipaii)- were made, and at 12:15 ^'''-' l''^'''-)')
thirty in nunilieiT SMth iinited guests and re[)reientati\e3 of the
j)re>^, were rolliiiL; toward-i their ile.-^tuiation, the lir^it point to be
made being North lliooklield. The I'.nt}' changed car.-i at jlrook-
fiekl for the ^iiort ride to Noith lln uikfield, where tlie\- weie met
by the Rece|jtion Cominiltee ot that town and escorted to the
liatcheller Ilon>e. It was now rauhng hea\il}', and the prospect
for the cnitdoor part of the programme was not i-ncouiaging.

In the parlor^ of the hotel a lormal welcome in behalf of the
citizens wa> given to the visitors b\- Judge Charles j-k Jenk>, to
which I'resident ( 'rane made an appropriate response. 'I'he ])art\-
then jjrocec(le<l lo the ilining room where a substantial dir.ner hat!
been p'ro\ided b)' their enteitain<Ts, and in the halfdiour which
followed the members of the So( iet\' ne\er for a moment relin-
quished their motto of doing well what thev had before them. Tlie
f>_'llowing Xoitli j'.rookfield ( it;/ens joined the partv at diniier :
Rev. .S. r. WiMer. Ahied Iku heller, Ivra Ikn heller, Deput} Sheriff
L. 1'. I )e!and, Judge lenks. Charles I tuncan, T. M. I)uncan and
\V. n, Mwntagu.'.

Wlule the part)' was at dimier the rain had ceased, and rubber
coats and umbrellas were gladly dispensed with, as under the leader-
ship of Hon. i'. (k jkites the_\- set out to \isil the Free Ikiblic Li-
brary and RtMding Room. This library was established about four
years ago, but alreaih' between three and four thousand \olumes
ha\-e been accumulated. In the sele( tion of l;ooks Mr. Ilates

* ITiL- f.'lliiw iii^; i^cnllcincn (^u f.ii .i-> llicir n.-uiies cnii he recalled) fc.irnied
the I'Ut) : 1;. 1;. Crane, Ceui-c Mmiiier, IImh. 1. C H.ilr ., S. smIi^I .111 y, Jr.,
P. A. l.cc, I[. M. Smilli, )■;. 'riuLer, D. \V. Ihiskii,,, II. \V. I!i;l.l,ani, .\. Ik
iVch, .\. I-. Marl, I,., <■. IV Kni-1,1, A. ( \H,li,l;4e, l'. K. IWaLc cf ll-^tui,, ( ;. K.
l)aiiicls of Oxf ,1,1, nn.l ]•'. I'. Rkc, iiu-ii,l,ei- .,1" the >t,ciely. Dr. \V. II.
l;ayiiieiit,,n, [,.-.. |,li l.,,vcll, Henry J. 1 1 .iw l.iii,l, C. 1). liaiiLrofl ami (icor^'e
Mayiiard accunij'.uned llic pari)' as _i,'uc^ls. the jne^-. re)irc.-.cntr.li\Cs wore
Walter X.n.lh,,!,, ,,f llic S/r,„^/irf,/ A, /-,//>/,, ,:,!.■ C. A. Wall of the Ifo/r.s-
I'-r S;y; iManl. W. lUair and !:. W. Sluinnvay, of tin: Worccstrf C,a-,-llt\


stated that the tou-n was larpolv indebted to Lihranan Oreen of
the Woreesler LiLrarv, who had uiven many vahiahle sn-^e^lions.
UlK)n the \vall> of the well Inrnidied readin- inoni were inalraits
of some of North Ihookncld'-. former distin-iidied < iti/en^. Messrs.
Tyler iKUchcller and I'./ra llaleheller, founder, of the Ikilrheller
l,o(,t an.l shoe manulaetorv. whi. h has -n.wn to .n<h a ma.LMuUide ;
Hon. .\masa Walker, Hon. freeman Walker and .Mr. Orin Tom-
hlen. .\ new cata!o-ne of the hhrarv h.id jn-t been issued, each
familv in the town heinL.^ entitled to a eopv.

The .\i.iileton Lihrarv wa. next vi-^ited. 'Vh\> is located in the
chapel of the I'n-t Con-re-ation.al (dmnh, and i. an ex.eeduigly
valuahle one, its hooks hein- m linly of a thclo-icil and hi.lori<al
chara.ter, and comprises made four ihon-and volumes, manv of
them in fme l.indm-s. Thi. lihrarv is the re.ult of a .M«oo fund
Uiven l)v the late lion. William .Xj-pleton of I'.o.ton, a native of
North nrookfield. and a defendant of Rev. jos.ph^ .XppK'ton, the
second pastor of this chunh. I'he income of thi. fund isa\aiiahle
to increase the hhiary, uhich is for the use of the jKi.tors of the
church. The members of the S xuety evinced -real interest m this
collection of hooks, and would have -ladlv spent a lar-e portion
of the afternoon in a closer acpiaintance with the volumes, hut
time ^^asl)assin- and they lelu.tantlv departed for the Tusses. winch
had now drawn up. speudm- a moment while c rossin- the Park, in
ohserviu- the SoMiers' Monument, which North llrookfield's cit-
izens erected in 1S70, at a cost of -M^oo, as a tribute to the mem-
ory of her fallen heroes, d'he monument is of -ranite. the ( olumn
behi- surmounted l.v a "liov in lHue." evaiuisitely (hiselled.

A fresli acrpiisition to the partv had now been made bv the ar-
rival from West I'.ro. ,kliel<l of William Dane. D. 1'. LiiKoln and^
Librarian '1". S. Kiiowllon. the latter a corresponding member ot
t[,,. Society. Town Clerk C. R. Hamant of North Ihookfield
and others'also joined the j.artv here. Iv.iterin- the two bai-es
in waitiii-, to-eUier with tour single carriage., they were driven to
Mount (hivot, in the northeastern j-art of the town, named after
the celebrated geographer, who once visited the sj.K.t and was de-


l!_'h;ed ■•vith the prosi.icct. The clomLs had settled too low, how-
ever. :s.i the mi-t was thiveii thro'.i^li th>e valley ^o t'nickly, that
naf.'.re l.ad co:n;ilete!y wiled herr^elt' and hel'J iier Leautv all une.x-
'■osed. In a ticar day the eve takes in a swcej.in^' expan-c ot" hill
and vallev. d.ulled with x'illa^es in tiie di^tan' e. while to the south
n.av Le seen rutlnnh I'ond and the range ol' countr}- heyond.

Ref.i.nvlni,' to th.e center, through the courtov of the iiianaijers,
the j.arf." \\ent tiirongli the Ilatcheller lioot ami ^hcc Fa( tor}', the
largest esta'ili^liment ot" it^ kiml m the world. I-'roin ten to twelve
haadrc'i workmen were employed at thi> time. '1 his enterprise
h.15 been IarL;t.ly in^trinnental in huildini: up tiie villai^'e, and has
contri'.>'.:t!.-«i nvn h to tlie jiro-^pcnt)' ot' the town. .After the many
processes and iiKthods of inaniifacture ha<l been m-petted and
explair.ed. tiie party was taken to a room wivjre a large number
of girls wvre eniplovcd, amoiiL; t)ther>. Nora. Xeliie and Mannah
CoMghlin. tri]ilets sixteen years old, wlio niodic^tly underwent the
trvi:-;.; ordeal of exhib;ti(;ii. »

From tlie >h.-'p the party started on their ten miles' roundal)out
dr:\e to \\\-t Uroukficld, making a sioj) at tlie corner of the '"Old
liav IV::h'" wlv/re Joiiii W'oh <itt built the hr-t gri^t null in the town.
N\ar t'.".;> i)!aiL- Io>:-pli W'oNolt's wife and two eliildreii were mur-
dered bv the Indian^ in 16S7. 'I'lie dris'e o\er the "I'la)' Path" to
]'>njok;",eld wa^ aluji^ the route of all tra\el betweeii ]]o>ton and
Springf.eld in tlie da\-^ before the raihaiad, ancl mo-.s-grown mile-
stones and. th.e ^ite> of (.Jin c renowned ho>telries, carried the mind

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