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lucidcntr^ of the ]-ii>t and Scci)nd ' '-"-'■•'' > -i 4:>-

,. ,,, ^ X,.i-.s on Larly >c!tlcrs (jf Worcester,




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OF Tin:

s- \ <r> r:. ft *»> '.r\ c-a #r-,* -« ♦. " '- c-f% - -» ^ r-* v «a • •■'i

(iliBFi?2l?F jtSBri?^2 B| iLfilipil|I

Jonu^ir3^ I27tli, ISSo,

.\7>iii;i';.<s i;v


W()i;ci:s'1'i:k, mass. ;
]' ij in. Ks I ] i: 1 ) i; y i' i i i: s o c i !•: t y

1 s s :. .

U. S. A. CIX.



At Ihe rcL!u];ii' iiionllily nicctin;^' of Tlic Woi'cester
Society of Aiifi(|iiity on Tiiesda}' evening, Keljruary
3, ISSo, it was

r^(y^'(/, '.riinl tlii; Coiumiilcc on l^'ubliciiiidu lio, ;iii(] aie
hei'cliy, iuitlidi'i/.rd 1u jn'opioe lor tlio jircss and liu\e
])iintLMl ill suilaMc fonn, tluj I'l'Dcccdin^s at the Ti'iilli
Aiiin' v('rs;ii-y, the same to Ijc mind)ercd XXII ol' the
publications ol' the Sc^ciety.


KLLl'.KV 11. CKAXi:,
SAMUl'.L ]■:. STAl'LKS,


At the ]'f - ul;ii- mcetini:- of Tlie Worei.'<tcr Society
of Aiitiijiiit y. on the eveniiiii' of Novt'inber G, 1883,
the fu]lo\viii_: resolutions \\-ere ollVj'ed ]>y Mr. Sanuiel
E. Staples: —

"WiTKREAS. Tlu' Tenth Ai)iiivi'rs;ny f-f tlic institution
of Tlu' Worresicr Sr)ciely of Antifiuity ^vill occur on the
2-itli d;iv of .I;winarv, l^^o, ;oi(l in oi\lcr tliiii r!ie occasion
be o!).-fvved \n a suitalilc ami prulliablc manner, thei'efore
be it

"Ji. snh% ./. 'J1iat The Wovcester Society of Antiquity \vill
celebrate it-; Tenth Anniver.-ary by a. jyaMic nieetiii;4' in
souiC suita.i'lc place, and that S(jnio enrini-nt person be
obtained to dcliw-r an a.ddress u})on that occa-ion.

^'Ji' - -'lr,:.l, 'J'hat there be a Connnittee uf live, consisting'
of the Ih'e.-ideni, > x-r.tji.un, ;iii(l such others as he may ajv
point, v,dK).-e dut} it shall be to mature plans, and make
all necessary arrangements for an appropriate oljservance
of the occasion.

'•'R'-W'h-d. Tliat this Committi'C l)e authorized in the
name of the Society, to solicit subscriptions for funds to
defray neces.-ary expenses, and to provide for a bancptet
or otlier\vi>e for tlie occasion, as they may thiid-: proper ;
and to extend invitations to such persons and societies as
they in their judgment may think expedient."

Tlie con-ider;ition of ihe-e re-(dutions wa- deferred
until the next meeting of the Society. Decendjer Itli,
^vllen tliey Nvere nnaninn)irdy adDptial: and in ac-
cordance therewith the committee wa- con - titnted as
follows: The President, J'dlery V>. Crane, ci'-ajjic'io :
Me.-'-rs. SanUK'] E. Staples, Clark Jill.-on. l-h'aidxli)! P.

l\icc' Jiinl Alfred S. Vxov. Slil)-('(irn'iill v. by vole of
the Socic'U', \'ic('-l*rc'si(l('iit (iroru'c Siihukt, and }\]v.
lleni'\' }<\. Siiiilli Avrrc added in the (JoiimiiUee.

Oh'aided lull ])()\\er to act, and ^vitll ample liiiio
})efore them. the>e i.renlh'men I'ailhfuUy perlormed
tlieir duf\'; and the ananu'enients as perfected Asere
cai'fied out in a sueeesstnl and satistaclory manner.
In the stdeetion of the Kev. Carlton A. Staples, as
orator, a \\ ise (d)oiee wa-^ made. 'Idie Old South
i\leelini': llou>e. the oldest puhlie edifice now stand-
iiiu' in \\' orcestei'. and one lamed in the ec(desiastical
and ci\ il hi-torxof the town. \vas ftdt to he the most
apj)i'opriale jdaee foi' the formal exercdscs. and the
trustees of the j'ai-ish kindly ^raided its u-e for that
])in'j)oso. 'Ihe IJew Joseph I''. LoNcriinj:. J*asior of
tlu' churcd.i, ^va- requested to act a-^ clia])lain, and
j\lrs. .!.]<'. LoveriuL'' res])onded to the in\itation of
the Counnittee to write an ode to he sum:,' on that
occa.sion. Pi'ON'ision Nvas made lor a hanipud at the
Bay State House lo follow the })uhlic meefiuLr at the
Old South.

The l:-itli of danuary, ISSo. falling upon Saturday,
it was deemed ex])edient that scmie other day of the
^veek should Ije (dio-eu for the meetinij,' whi(di would
btdter suit the con\enience of the ])arlies concerned,
and Tuesdav. the L'Tth of danuary. was li.xed upon,
the exercises in the meeting' house to hegin at hall-
past sexcn in the e\ei)ing; and the follow ing pi'int('d
invitation and progi'amme were issued.



J < /


You are most cordially invited to attend the

Anniversary Exercises

to be held at the

Old South Meeting House,

Ox Tuesday Evening, Jantakv 27111, 1SS5,

at lialf-pp.st scvt-n.



A. Cakky 1''iei,i).


Rev. J. F. Rovi.rixg.

3. ODE coMi'OSKiJ foK THi: OCCASION I'.Y Mrs. J. E. Lovkring.

Male Quartette.
F. II. Mason, C. I. Rick,

J. N. Mouse, Jr., L. }i. Vaughn.

4. REMARKS i;v the Pkesident, E. R. Crane, Esq.

5. IIISTORICAE ADDR]':SS, i;v Rev. Caultox A. .Staples,

Of Eexington, Mass.

6. SELECT] Ox\S,

Male Qu a rieite.


0)1 llic I'Nciiiiii;' of .l;niii;ir\' "JTtli. a lari!*' and se-
lect audieiuu/ u'atliered at llie. Old South ideelliig
IFouse. Adiui-siou ^Vils 1)\ ticket, and the iisliei's,
Tiiidei' tlie direction of .Mr. Thomas A. J)i(d<iii<on,
were Ahrum 1\. (doidd. Jv Francis 'idionipson and
Ilerbt'id \\'e>h_\ . '['iw exfi'cises l)e_u';ni })i'oni])tly at
half-past se\en, and ^\•el■^' carriiMJ out in accor(hinco
witli the al)0\e order. At the (dose (d" (he ])uldic
mecdinu' the nieniliers of the Society and llu-ir u'uests
procee(U'd to the Ikin' State Ihnise. and a lirief re-
cc])(ioii was ]]eld in the |)arU)rs of the hotel. The
l)an(|uet was then ser\('tl in the larue (Hning hah,
and an lioui' ^vas passt-d in the discussion of the \i-
nnds which satisfx' the iinun' man. and in friendly
and social interconrse around the hoard.

Fine selections were reiuh'red hy the ([uartette,
and l^re-ideiit Crane in a few well chosen remarks
inl]'odnced Mr. Alfred S. Ihic. as toastmaster, who
condu(ded the e.\ercisc-s lor the i"cmainder of the
CYCnin;.';. 'idie assembly broke np at ll^:20 A. M.
In the follo\\iiiLi,- paiii's ^^•ill be Joiuid a full I'eport of
the J^j'oceedinu's at the Annisersary whi(di app)'o|)ri-
ately (dosed tlie first- ten years' work of The Wo]'-
cester Society of Antiquity.


Old South Mcctino; House

The V/orcester Society of Antiquity.



*4^I^E.glI^YKD V PETI^-?^


AJiin.iMori 'Jiriil.


Tlie exei-cises Ix'Lian with an organ pi'clnde by

A. Cai-cy Field. Pj-ayc-r was olTcred l)y tlie Rev.

,l()sei)li h\ Lovciing. l^lsto^ of ihv. Cluircli ; and the

following ode was snng by tlu? (piai'lette, — Messrs.

F. II. Mason, J. N. Morse/.Tr., C. L Ifice and L. V,.

Vanglni :

O D >£ .

r.Y Mi:s. .1. r. i.<i\ ).i:iN'..

Witliiii this Ii.iiicrcil uiicicnt church,
Fii'.st fciiijiilcd ill a wihicniess,
JMiriclicd hv l:ntlifal |.rj\tTinl lives,
Ami names" tlica-ri still shall l.lrss,

Men wi.ilhv their ancestral lilo,.(|,
llohl sol, inn le.-.ti\al tn-,la_v;
To wreathe the ainnls of the j.a.st,
. And Iriliile to its niciuories pay.

fn liritain's ancient fastnesses,
Stood the war eavtle' of tiieir sires;
Oft fill'd with V, il,l e..i,tendii,L; hordes, '-■
Mid ruined homes and \vi;-lin:; tires.

So too, this city of their love

lias known the tread "I' savai,'e toe,

lias heard the war-whoop's eurdlin:; y«^ll,

Followed liy caniai^c, llaiues, and woe.^

Those da)s have jiassed, aiel in their j/laco,
What nia^ic chan'.;es time has wrought !
AVhat stalelv mansions, Wealth, and peace !
So dearly hy the fathers hoti-ht.

Coiiiinerce and lahor, science, art,
Forces of eartli, and liu'lit, and air,
ReliLjion's shrines and l.earnin'.^".s halls.
Unite to make our city fair.

ITcre thron;^ the votaries' of the !Musc,
AVliose statue decked the Parthenon,''
Tlie. .statelie>t daiiL'hter of the Nine,
Led l.y the hriicht ;;(-d of the aim.-

(iod of our fathers! Idess the sons,
AYlio ijuard with jealous care the past,
And Tel this .leea.le ..'row to scores,
Knriched by memories that sliall last.

1 Worcester is derive 1 from tlio Sax'm ll'- ycni Ceasttr, meaning war castle or fortress.

2 Viilo "Tlie Maliini.'iof Kui'land." (irecii.

3 Worcostors tirst twi »t.>mpts at sotlluiii-nt xvuro delcr.t^il by tiio Indians.

4 Am'Ticiiii Aiit:iiiiri;ui S"cic'.v. '.rt^ini/i'd l.-l.'. \V..rorsf.cr S .oi.;ty '.f Aut'Tii! y, ori-aiu..;J l-i:
!) .\n ex'ininit'.' stiilui; i.t Clio. Nlii-u "f History and Kpio |. ",trv, adorned tiic Orician I'artlicuoii.
C Apidlo lod the inns' oftliu .Mu.va «illi liia lyre.


President Crane tlieii spoke as follows: —
Jl'.rnl't'r.i uf tl'.e >Sorictjf, owl Fri,:jid.-< :

Ten years have jiassed away since an as.-ociatirm was
forijied in tliis city, under cireunj.-tanceb wliieli, at iis in-
cej'tion, seemed to favor only in a liniited degree either
its pernianency or advancement. A few persons eaine
tcgetlier. having for their ohject the nuunal Vient.'fit to be
derived from intereourse with each other in the interchange
of intelligence and information pertaiiiing to antiquarian,
liisrorical and literary inattcrs in which iliey liad a fonnnon
i]Uerest. For a time it existed mainly as a social organ-
ization, holding its meetings in turn at tlie liomes of its
several members, to inspect their private collections, and
to discuss informal iy such subjects as were suggested at
the niouK-nt : lacking ^irength in numbers, with dit^icul-
ties and diseounigemcnts of no cummon kind to overcome,
its future as a society did not promise great results. But
its originators were true to their purpose, and firm in their
faith ; and the few enthusiastic souls who met at that time
budded belter than they knew. Unsuspected strength
was soon developed, and within a short time The Worces-
ter Society of Anticjuily was organized for practical work.
Adopting methods and means whicli were, in a measure,
original, it has steadily advanced in usefulness and reputa-
tion uiitil it has taken its place ainong the recognized
ir.stitutions of the Commo}nvealth. The sum of its labors
may be brieily staled : It lias placed in printed for)n more
than tvro thousaiul, five hundred octavo pages of hitherto
unpublished historiccd ma.terial ; gathered a library of
twelve thousand titles, with a museum of many valuable
liislorical mementoes ; and has developed and utilized an
amount of talent winch carniot be estimated. Its aim and
purpose has been as was first amiounced, '"to foster a love
and admiration for antiquarian research and arclueological
science, and to rescue fi'oin oblivion such historical matter


as would ollu'rwi.^c be ]o>{ '" ; and v\'liilf its work in- tlie
past lias bcM'ii mainly CDnfinod to the local field, a bi'oader
path is open fnr it to ti'ead in the I'ufni'e.

Aftei' ten years of !ahui-i(.)ns and entiTpi'isiiiL;' effort,
■\vorkinii,' as we ha\'e d(jne, wilhont inlernii>si(in oi' relaxa-
tion, it is lilfinu; that \\"e should come tOL^'ether to-nii^ht,
for the purp'ose ol' exehanuinc;" cou'^ratulations over tlie
success which has crowned our lahors ; to indul^'e in remi-
niscence of what lias been acconi]^lished ; and to g'allier
inspiration and encouraLTenu'nt for new work.

In ohserviny,' the Tenth Anniversar}' of our Society, we
are to liave the, p]-ivil('.;-c of li>tenin;_'; to our distin;j,uishecl
fi'iend and oi'ator, iiev. Carlton A. Staph/s of LexiiiL^'ton ;
and moreover of In^aian^' his athlress within the walls of
this old histoiie l)iiildinL>;. made ^aered hy its iiuiny asso-
ciations in connection with the ci\'il and reli^ictus history
of the })ast. To the honoretl Trustees of this J^u•ish,
throu^-h whose kindness we are permitted to gather here
at this time, we would extend jjrol'ound thanks.

Tiaisting that there might he iriau}' people outside tlie
lines of our organization, who would enjoy the oi)p(jrtunit}
of sharing these exercises with tis, we have issued a gen-
eral invitation, and would extend the greeting of welcome
to all.

The irislorical Address was then delivered In' I^ev.
Cai'lton A. Staples.

At the (dose of tlie Address the selections "'My
iSalive Land" 1)y Moeiiiig-. and '•Arise I Shine!" by
l\liodes, ^vel•e finely reiulereil by the (jnarleUe. and
the exercises ended \yitb the benediction bv IJev. }\h\
Lovering and (be Oriran Postlnde.



j\[r. Pr( si(l( nf. MLinbcrH of the. Soritti/, and Ladies

and Coiflt )it< )L :

T]i(3 occ.'isinji \\liicli hriiigs us togt'tliur tliis t'vc]i-
iiig. tlic lentil ;iiini\('rMirv of Ihc orLiMiii/.alioii of
your Socifly. jii-tilics a coiisidrrulion (jf iljc woi'k in
Avliicl) you l);i\r lircii c'lig:i;.;tM] and the \alne of llio
I'csnlts wliicli lia\(' liocn attained. It is a ^^()r]\
not calcidated to excite popular inleix'st. or eonniiand
general a])])nH'ia(ioii. l''onnerl\". anli(|uarian stud-
ios ser\"ed only to call forth the wit and ridlcuh^ of
]ioets. scholars and so-called ]iraclical men of the
^vorld. Thedexotees of such jMirsuits ^\•ere regarded
as a haiaidess. stupiil folk. e]igageil in CMjllecl ing and
])reser\ i]ig a nia<s of \\-orthle-s stuff which liurns
called "'Auld l\nicknackery" and which had nnadi
better he thi'own to the du-t heap, oi' u-ed to kindle
the fire. i*o[)e wit 1 ily expre-.-ed the sentiments (jf
his age. perlia[)s, when he pilloi'ied an antiijuary \n
the lines cif his \ei'-e. —

"To fiitiirr ;i;;c^ iiia> lliy (lulliicss l:i>t,
.As llioli jirf-i r\'st Ihv dlllli.r-s of thr l'a^.t."

And another has said. s|ieaking of ancient hoolss and
manuscripts, .stored up in anliijuarian museums, —



"''They ai'O er)llectioiis of all llic rea(lin^■ wbirb lias
ne%"er bei.Mi reail aii'l iu'\"('r ^vi11 be."

It is a strikiiiL:- I'aet lb;il anti(|iiai'iaii .-linlies were
])i'o-e('iit('d for a \^^\YS. ])rri()d ami Arclja'okigical col-
leetioii - iiiailf bLMorc people IkkI any idi'a of tbeir
])racti('al vabir. Tbc anti(Hiary Avas iiu'i'cly a euri-
osity-lnnitrr. iiitnu upoi) liiKliiiu' and l)rinu-inu' to-
ii'etbrr lliinu"- wbieb diiicr ])'.m)])1(_' rcLL'ardcd as worlb-
le-s i-iibb;>ii — \\\\\\ no bi-'bor oljjcet in xii-w llian to
aniu<(' bnn^t'll and^ sur|)i'i>e bi- J'riends. In tbi'^ sjiii'il
tbc iii'-t colj'jci ion- (A aneirnl niann-eri])t<. nie(bds.
inoininiciita] in-ci'i])t ions, ai'inoi' and ••auld knii.'];naek-
ei'y" in 'j'ciUTal were fornu'd. Tbere seems not \()
liave bi'en tbe j-einote.-t tbou;^-bt of n-inu" tbcni to
illn-li'ate anrieiit manners. cn<tom-. ojmiions and
life, or a< matei'ial- fr(,)m wbifdi aecnralo and inter-
estin:;' bi-tory A\"a- to bo (b'awn.

A Jinle moi\- tlian llirce centuries an'o. viz., in
1072. tbe lir-t a - oeiation ^\'a- formed in I'^nLrland for
aniiijnai'ian I'e-earcb. It- A\as eoni]io-ed of a few
gentU'mrn of sinnlar tastes. nnIio projiosed to search
tbe bi'id foi^ aririf'iU mami-ci-ipits. medals, coins and
se]inlidiral inscrijit!(_)ns. Arcbiiisb(_)]) J'ai'lvcr Avas tbe
oid'_;-inator ami leader of tbe society, and (^>ueen Kliz-
alietb Li'ave it her ])at)'onaLrc. Jts meetin;js ^vere
occupied with cs<ays and discussions, but none of it.s
proceeding's were ]nd»li>bed until lonii' after the So-
ciety bad cea-ed to exi<t. ANben some of them wei'O
given 10 the \Mirld a< inaltei's of literary curiosity.
'Jdie \abie of it- \\ork. ho\\'e\'er, was fa)' greater than
Ihe.-e }ia.pers seem to indicate. Jt had collected a


vast amount of inateiMal for tlie future; lii-torian;
thing's of ])i'ic('1r>s \-alu(' A\Iiicli Nvould s()on have
passed Ijcyond I'ccoxerv and iH'udei'ed it iMi])()-<ihle
to i'e)ial)ihtate the J?a>t and mak'e it. real and livin'j,- in
tlie Present. Still it \\as nicrcdy a s]»irit of curiosity
■which aniuiated the SocitUy. No ^radical \-a1ue \vas
attached to iheir collection of anti(juities even hy

After an exi-^teiice of thirt\"-t\vo \'ears. KinLC
James 1. hecaiiie suspicions tliat^ the Societx' hoded
no li'ood to his d\na<t\-. ^\'hv wei'c its niemhers
seandiimi; for old dociunenl^. armor and medals .all
ON'er the land unless it wtu'e lor some [)olilical and
rcx'olnf ionar\" jmi-jio^e '.' lie A\'as sati-(ied that it con-
cealed a danii'crous scdieme t() ON'ei'lhrow the exi.-ting
ordei' of thin;_!'s. and accordin^rly, in iCiUl. he lu'oke U]:)
the only anlii|uarian society in hi-' hinL;'<loni. A few
years latej' another society Avas formed under the
patronage of the J-Cing himsidf. and cMnhracing the
])rinci])al litei'ary nuMi of the K'ingdom. hut it seems
to Inn'e l)ecn dex'olcd to social ]esti\ities nioi'c th;in
anti(juarian' rtv-eai'ch. It allayed all the su-]iicioirs
of the monarch hy an ennncntly -afc- and do-nothing
policy, and pei'i-hed. lea\'ing; Indiind little to show
that it had evei' existe(l. It may howex'ei" he ju<lly
ci'cdited wiih having created an intei'est in the study
of the Anglo-Saxon lauL'Uagc which had ]n"e\"ionsly
attracted little notice, and that in this way it hronght
foidli fruit of some value in the future ]')i'og'i'ess
of l;nowledge. d'he Jloyal Society of Anti(|uaries
dates its existcmce fi^om the noddle of the ]a>t cen-


iury. or TV-")!. Its imrpo^c was (IoCiihhI to Ix' to
l)riiiL'' to liulit aiii] ])resc'rve old iiioiiiiniciilal iii-crij)-
tioiis and make ils oi'L-'auization a school I'oi' Icai'iiiiig
the aiiciciil coii-l itut ion. la^vs and cii-ionis of the
kin;jdoiii. Tlic imlilirations of this socicl\- have ])vvn
iinnicrous and \ahiahlo. " The study of the remains
of IJoman avoi1<s in iMiL^hnuh and of Aniilo-Saxon,
Norman. Daiii^-h and Urlti-h ant!(|uilios wliirh it has
carried on inlelliL^-eni ly ik)\v for more tliaii a liun-
di'ed years, has hrou'.rht to liuht a \ast amount of
inloriuat i(»n reuarihuLi" the ancotry of llie I'aiuli-li
peo])h' and tlie coiuhtion ot the coniili-\' iu pi'<'-his-
iovlc llnio-;. of iiicaieuhd)h' value. A\'ithout the ma-
terials which thi-'. and ^^il^ilar societies in J'aii:land
ha\e su[)|)lied tlii'onLi'h I'e.-earclies and colled ioii<. it
Avould he imj)o><ihle (o \\rile an accui'ate and exhansl-
ive history of I'mi'land.

]Uit it wa.s not until late in the last ceiduiy that
the study of aiitiiiuities was tuiaied to much ])raclical
account. U]) to that late jieriod the ant i(juar\' a\ as
still only a cni'iositydiunter. What he had hi'oiiLiht
together of the old and strange. Avhat he could s1jo\v
to astonl-h and amu^e the cui'ions. A\'as all that ])(■()-
])le expected as the truit of his lahors. To Jc)sep]i

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