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To loyal democrats! Who are the sympathizers with the rebellion? What the rebels say online

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Online LibraryYA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress) DLCTo loyal democrats! Who are the sympathizers with the rebellion? What the rebels say → online text (page 1 of 1)
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Wlio are the Sjonpathizera witli tlie

Rebellion ?r'.r :>

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Fellow Citizens :

A political contest of no ordinary importance is now goino- on
in this State. We are called upon to choose a Governor, who will
be' commander-in-chief of our State forces, a Legislature, which will
act on measures vitally connected with the war, and members of
Congress, who will shape our national policy, and who can hasten
or hinder, in the most effectual manner, the progress of our loyal

The Governor of this State has, and will have, immense power
for good or evil to our country. Requisitions for men are made
through him. lie raises, equips, officers, and forwards the soldiers
furnished by the State. By mere inaction he could almost paralyze
the National Government — how much more by open opposition ?
But, acting within all the forms of apparent loyalty, he might ap-
point officers who would mould the troops into readiness for revolt
against the Government, at the first fit opportunity for treason.
Ho could raise technicalities mountain high in the way of a loyal
obedience to the demands of the President. He could, with the ut-
most plausibility, chill the patriotic feeling of the State, and impede
every movement of the administration looking towards a " vi^-orous
prosecution of the war."

The election in this State is a cause of the deepest anxiety to
the country. North and South. Southern men especially await its
results with painful interest. We propose to show, by a few
extracts from Southern organs which side the traitors-in-arma.
desire to see triumphant. It is well to learn, even from our enemies-

From the Richmond Examiner, Oct. IS; edited bij John M. Daniell, Buchanan's late Ministeir-

to Sardinia.
l^Iany anxious moments have passed since the commencement of the war.. The*
fortmies of a nation have several times seemed to depend upon the turn of a singlon
chance. Yet it is doubtful whether any pariod ha& yet occm-red more bmdemtwitl^
euspewa than the present.

A large portion of the Northern people evince the disposition for a return to

,tho ordinary ideas o(,(yviliz(j(J society. If they can prove themselves a party suffi-

•'8ienity*«BtJ-ohg lo seciu«»ti»cii>own safety, they will establish something like sanb

' i^iTirTcs lA Ihfd Novtn^fn* States, and render their Government amenable to the laws

of jeaso^i. , Voider Jhese cpj\dUipns, it is possible to see a terminaiian lo that carnival of the

D^'i^jn^infidthla^ over tH^N^rih American continent.

' 'This a ilte matter to be deliaed at the next elections in New York, and otlier Northern
Slates, now close at liand. If the men whose hold attempt to recyver the ordinary liberties cf an
Anglo-Saxon people can elect their candidates, and so establish the fact that they constitute a
majurily, the tyranny at WA.giiiNaTON will bb rapidly reduced to insignificance.

Then, and then only, will it bo possible to stop tlie torrent of blood, and reduce
the present war of extermination to jui ordinary i^sue of arms.

It is diflScult to believe that the majority of a people, sprung from free nations,
and having at least a large admixture of Anglo-Saxon blood, can be resolutely
bent, and deliberately decided, on government at home not less absolute than thai
which Russians prefer to freedom, with the concomitant perpetuation of a wai
abroad, such as the subjects of Gengis and Timom.- could only delight in hitherto.
The people of the United States have given, in the last two years, every evidenc*
necessary to prove that they are such a people. But, as the reader now sees, somi
BOLD ji£N have dared to utter ki their land the words of freedom, law, and order, once
most familiar to the ear. We shaS soon know whether these werds have still an
echo ; and loe may well lusteji anxiously, for on the answer depends tJie duration of the war.

From the same paper, Oct. 16.

Northern unity is ended. — For the last two years there has been but one party in
the United States. This fatal fact has caused the death of men by the hundred
thousand. * '- *^


Online LibraryYA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress) DLCTo loyal democrats! Who are the sympathizers with the rebellion? What the rebels say → online text (page 1 of 1)