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CLASS 1895 S. S. S.

With the Compliments of


Class Secretary

CLASS 1895 S. S. S.



1. Walbridge

2. Hickok

3. Leeds

4. Armstrong

5. J. F. Jackson

6. Howard

7. Mitchell

8. Weaver

9. Kernan

11. Griggs

12. Hart

13. Parsons

14. Fields

15. Gilmour

16. Coolidge

17. Follis

18. Torbert

19. Woodruff

20. North

21. Wells

22. Hollister Robinson

23. Cleland

24. C. S. Stephenson

25. Seward

26. Watrous

27. R. Johnson

28. Metcalf

29. Hoyt

30. Aborn
81. Merwin

32. Case

33. Crane

34. R. R. Miller

35. Fredericks

36. Hopkins

37. W. H. Wilcox,

38. C. L. F. Robinson

39. Southard

40. Vieths

41. Wagner

42. Curtiss

43. Thayer

44. Terry

45. Limburg

46. J. W. Roe

47. Barton

48. Meigs

49. Jennings

50. Reed

51. Smith

52. Bronson

53. Bartram

54. Chubb

55. Frank

56. Waite

57. Dater

58. Whitcomb

59. Thompson

60. E. Marsh

61. Coe

62. Day

63. W. S. Barnes

64. Shaw

65. Cady

66. Morgan

67. Garneau

68. Holdship Robinson

69. F. B. Stephenson

70. Quarrier

71. Green way

72. Bayard Barnes

73. Davis

74. Todd

75. Parker






















Triennial Record of the Class of '95, Sheffield Scientific School,
Yale University, compiled by Norman Leeds, Class Secretary,

Decennial Record of the Class of 1895, Sheffield Scientific
School, Yale University, compiled by H. Hollister Robinson,
Class Secretary, printed by the Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor
Press, New Haven, Conn., 1906.


Preface 1

Biographies :

Graduates ........ 5

Non-Graduates . . . . . . . 140

In Memoriam . . . . . . 163

Bibliographical Notes . . . . . . 164

Reunions :

Thirteenth Anniversary . . . . . 181

Quindecennial . . . . . . . 186

The Class Fund 194

The Yale Alumni Fund 197

The Sheffield Scientific School:

Letter from Director Chittenden . . . . 201

Growth of Sheff, by Joseph W. Roe ... 203

Statistics :

Reunion Attendance Record . . . . . 211

Marriage and Birth Record . . . . . 215

Occupations ....... 223

Locality Index 224

Roll of Class . 229


The Secretary not having been formally elected until the
Reunion Meeting, in June, 1910, did not feel that he was
authorized to send out statistical blanks prior to his election.
This, coupled with the somewhat obstinate silence of a por-
tion of the Class, has delayed the publication of this book

Acknowledgments are due Staige Davis for his kindness in
lending photographs of reunion scenes; to C. S. Stephenson
for assisting the Secretary to obtain pictures of deceased
members of the Class, and finally to Roe for his interesting
article on Sheff . The Secretary also wishes to make acknowl-
edgment of his indebtedness to Mr. Edwin Rogers Embree,
director of the Class Secretaries Bureau, for most valuable
advice and assistance in compiling and printing this Record.

This book is largely modeled on the Decennial Report of
Hollister Robinson, and to him the Secretary extends his
thanks for supplying so excellent an example of what a Class
book should be.

In committing this Quindecennial Report to your critical
eyes the Secretary hopes that, whether it give pleasure or
not, he may be justified in believing that it has at least done
something to keep alive the interest of the men in each other,
in Sheff and in the University.


Class Secretary.

August, 1911.




Carlton Nisbet Aborn

Address, 95 William Street, New York City.

Carlton Nisbet Aborn was born in Yonkers, N. Y., January 8,
1874, the son of Charles Burrows Aborn, a commission merchant,
and Martha Anne (Nisbet) Aborn.

He prepared at Black Hall School, Lyme, Conn., and in col-
lege was a member of Chi Phi fraternity. He took the Mechani-
cal Engineering Course. He is unmarried.

After graduation, Aborn started work with the Coe Brass
Company of Torrington, Conn., and remained with them
until May, 1896. He then worked with the Sprague Eleva-
tor Company of New York, in their electrical department,
and then went into the manufacture of parquet floors.

He is now engaged in the general insurance brokerage

Thatcher Magoun Adams, Jr.

Business Address, 45 Wall Street, New York City.
Residence, 39 West Tenth Street, New York City.

Thatcher Magoun Adams was born in New York City, March
13, 1874. His father, Williams Adams, a partner in the firm of
Adams & McHarg, bankers, was born in New York City, in
1839. His mother, Helen (Coolidge) Adams, was born in New
York City in 184-9. The following relatives attended Yale:
Thatcher M. Adams, '58, uncle; William Adams, '91j> brother;


John B. Adams, '99, brother; Thomas S. Adams, '01, brother;
William Brown, '86, cousin; Thatcher M. Brown, '97, cousin;
William A. Delano, '95, cousin; Moreau Delano, '98, cousin, and
Eugene Delano, '08, cousin.

He prepared at Lawrenceville and Cutler Schools. In college
he took the Select Course and was a member of Delta Psi.

He was married November 1, 1905, in Newark, N. J., to Miss
Edith Atlee Jackson, daughter of Philip Nye Jackson, of Newark,
N. J. They have no children.

After graduation, Adams worked until September, 1897,
with Hartley & Graham of New York City, dealers in fire-
arms. In 1898, accompanied by Talmage, '95, and Schief-
felin, '97 S., he went around the world. In 1898 he bought
a seat on the New York Stock Exchange and in the fall of
1899 formed a partnership with Thomas L. Clarke, '97,
under the name of Adams & Clarke, with Thatcher M.
Adams, '58, as special partner. In 1902 this firm became
Day, Adams & Company through consolidation with the
Clarence S. Day Company, in which firm George P. Day,
'97, and Julian Day, 1900, were members. Adams is still
a partner in this firm.

He is a member of the following clubs : University, Union,
Yale, Racquet and Tennis, Rockaway Hunting.

Grosvenor Noyes Allen

Address, Kenwood, Oneida, N. Y.

Grosvenor Noyes Allen was born in Kenwood, N. Y., January
13, 1874. His father, Henry G. Allen, a director of the Oneida
Community Limited, was born in 1833 in Wallingford, Conn.
His mother, Portia M. (Underbill) Allen, was born in 1843 in
Weston, Mo.

He prepared at Kenwood Academy, Kenwood, N. Y., and in


college was a member of Sigma Xi, took the Mechanical Engi-
neering Course and received a Senior appointment. He was a
member of the athletic teams in '94 and '95.

He was married November 23, 1905,, in Kenwood, N. Y., to
Miss Christine H. Hamilton, Mount Holyoke '97, daughter of
George W. Hamilton, of Kenwood. They have two children:
Harriet, born October 30, 1906, and Hamilton, born April 16,

He writes : "Immediately after graduation I went to Hart-
ford, Conn., to work for the Pope Manufacturing Company
and worked there in various positions as clerk and corre-
spondent until December, 1898, when I went to Niagara
Falls, N. Y., to work in the Oneida Community Limited
(silverware plant). Worked there as correspondent and in
the factory until February, 1901, when I went to Chicago,
as manager of the Chicago office of the company, selling all
its products. In June, 1904, I returned to Niagara Falls
as manager of the plant, which position I still hold.

"In March, 1910, moved to Kenwood, Oneida, N. Y., mov-
ing the selling office to the same place to combine it with
those of the other departments. I was made a director of the
company in 1904."

Robert Anderson

Business Address, Richmond and Harriet Streets, Cincinnati,


Residence, 2461 Grandon Road, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Robert Anderson was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, June 28, 1874.
His father, Larz Anderson, who was connected with the firm of
Anderson & Longworth, was born about 1843 in Cincinnati, Ohio,
and attended the Harvard Law School. His mother, Emma
(Mendenhall) Anderson, was born in Cincinnati about 1845.
His brother is Richard C. Anderson, '94 S.


He prepared at the Franklin School and in college was a mem-
ber of Berzelius. He took the Electrical Engineering Course.

He was married April 9, 1902, in Cincinnati, to Miss Clara M.
Ellis, daughter of William H. Ellis, of Cincinnati. They have
four children: Robert, Jr., born January 21, 1903; Elizabeth
Mendenhall, born April 30, 1904; Larz A., born May 30, 1905;
and Richard Hannaford, born December 31, 1907.

After leaving college, Anderson entered the Junior Class,
Electrical Course, of the Massachusetts Institute of Tech-
nology, and in 1897 received the degree of B.S. The fol-
lowing fall he became associated with the Bullock Electric
Manufacturing Company, with which firm he held various
positions for six years.

Leaving the above firm, his two partners and himself
formed the Ferro Concrete Construction Company, with
which he has been connected ever since.

He is an associate of the American Society of Civil Engi-
neers, a member of the Engineers Club of Cincinnati, of the
Queen City Club, the Country Club, and a non-resident mem-
ber of the University Club of Chicago.

Richard Armstrong

Address, Hampton, Va.

Richard Armstrong was born in Saybrook, Conn., July 16,
1873, the son of William Nevins Armstrong, Yale '58, a lawyer,
deceased. His mother was Mary Frances (Morgan) Armstrong.

He prepared at Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass. In college
he took the Civil Engineering Course, was a member of the Fresh-
man and Varsity Football teams, the Freshman and Varsity
crews, was captain of the Crew and vice-president of the Yale
navy in Senior year, and was a member of Book and Snake.

He was married April 21, 1906, in Hampton, Va., to Miss


Rosa Fairfax Lee, daughter of Wills Lee, of Hampton, Va.
They have no children.

Armstrong is in the Armstrong Brothers Company, in the
oyster growing, farming and real estate business.

After leaving college he traveled abroad with the Yale
Henley Crew as assistant coach and for three years coached
the United States Naval Academy crews and football teams.
In 1905 he went abroad in the ocean yacht race for the
Emperor of Germany's cup, as guest of Mr. George Lauder
on the yacht Endymion. He is a member of the Hampton
Roads Golf Club.

Bayard Barnes

Address, 31 Edgehill Road, New Haven, Conn.

Bayard Barnes was born in New Haven, Conn., November 8,
1872, son of E. Henry Barnes, deceased, a provision dealer, and
Esther C. (Post) Barnes. His father, born in 1838 in North
Haven, Conn., was connected with the firm of Sperry & Barnes,
and Swift & Company as partner and director. His mother was
born in 1834 at Cazenovia, N. Y.

He prepared for college at Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.
He took the Chemical Course in college and was a member of
Delta Phi Fraternity.

He was married January 9, 1907, in New Haven, to Miss
Helen O. Benedict, daughter of Henry H. Benedict, of New
Haven, Conn. They have three children: Bayard, Jr., born
February 2, 1908, in New Haven; Henry B., born May 22, 1909,
at Coronado Beach, Calif.; Helen Post, born November 7, 1910,
in New Haven, Conn.

Barnes pursued postgraduate studies in organic chem-
istry at Sheff for three years, receiving in 1898 the degree
of Ph.D. In 1898 and 1899 he was at Munich University
studying. In the latter part of 1899 he returned to engage
in research work in the Sheffield Scientific School, where he


also held a position as laboratory assistant until 1902 when
he left to engage in manufacturing. Since the death of his
father in 1904 he has looked after the various business
enterprises in which his father was interested and is at
present chemist, officer and director of the W. H. Chapman
Company and of the Tundin Electric and Machine Com-
pany. He is a member of the Graduates Club, Quinnipiac
Club, Country Club and Lawn Club, all of New Haven, also
of the New Haven Yacht Club, the New York Club, and the
Hammonasset Fishing Club.

He published a number of articles in collaboration with
Professor Wheeler on research work in organic chemistry.

William Samuel Barnes

Address, 193 York Street, New Haven, Conn.

William Samuel Barnes was born in New Haven, Conn., Febru-
ary 28, 1874. He is the son of Samuel Hunt Barnes, a provision
dealer, born in 1845 in New Haven, Conn., and Jennie (Thomp-
son) Barnes, born in Branford, Conn., in 1848.

He prepared at the Hillhouse High School, New Haven, Conn.
He took the Biological Course in college and was a member of
Phi Sigma Kappa, now Sachem Hall.

On June 27, 1901, he was married in New Haven, Conn., to
Miss Charity Blackman Hyde, daughter of William M. Hyde.
They have no children.

Barnes studied at the Yale Medical School after gradua-
tion, receiving the degree of M.D. in 1897. He was an
interne at the Lebanon Hospital in New York City during
the period 1897-98, after which he took up the practice of
medicine in New Haven, Conn.

He was clinical instructor in the Yale Medical School for
the period July 1, 1899, to July 1, 1905. He is a member
of the New Haven City Medical Association, the New Haven
County Medical Association, the Connecticut State Medical


Society, clerk of New Haven County Medical Association,
member of American Medical Association, treasurer of
Epsilon Association (Sachem Hall) and member of Supreme
Court of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity.

Albert Raymond Barton

Business Address, 114 West Thirty-ninth Street, New York City.
Residence, 605 West 137th Street, New York City.

Albert Raymond Barton was born in Fall Brook, Pa., Decem-
ber 21, 1871. His father was Dr. Albert Raymond Barton, a
physician, born in 1835 in Vermont. His mother, Knighta
(Greene) Barton, born in 1842, was a resident of Rome, N. Y.

He prepared at Phillips Academy, Exeter, N. H. He took the
Civil Engineering Course in college and was a member of Theta
Delta Chi.

He was married June 12, 1906, in Jamestown, N. Y., to Miss
Josephine Tuckerman, daughter of Captain George S. Tucker-
man, deceased, of Jamestown, N. Y. They have no children.

From graduation in 1895, to 1901, Barton was in James-
town, N. Y., connected with the Chautauqua Lake Railway
and the Art Metal Construction Company.

From 1901 to 1*903, he was in New York City, connected
with Warren & Wetmore, architects, and Bunn & Nase,
builders. In December, 1903, he went to Jamestown, N. Y.,
taking a position with the Art Metal Construction Company,
being in charge of the erection of work throughout the
county, and remained with this firm until January, 1905,
when he returned to New York City and became associated
with A. W. Brunner, architect, of Union Square, as superin-
tendent, remaining until July, 1908. In December, 1908, he
became connected with M. Reid & Company, builders, New
York City, as general superintendent and is still with that


Rensselaer Wardwell Bartram

Business Address, 17 Battery Place, New York City.
Residence, Sea Gate, New York Harbor.

Rensselaer Wardwell Bartram was born May 20, 1874, in
Newark, N. J., the son of Joseph Burr Bartram, a merchant,
partner in the firm of Bartram Brothers. His father was born
at Black Rock, Conn. His mother, Eleanor Cook (Wardwell)
Bartram, was born in Fall River, Mass., and was a resident of
that city before her marriage.

He prepared at Stevens School, Hoboken. He took the Select
Course in college and was a member of Chi Phi.

On November 14, 1901, he was married to Alice M. Booth,
daughter of Alfred W. Booth, of New York City. They have two
children: Rensselaer Wardwell, Jr., born March 12, 1903, in New
York City, and Jane I., born August 15, 1905, in Sea Gate, N. Y.

After leaving college, Bartram became associated with
Bartram Brothers, importers of sugar, and is now a partner
in this firm.

In the winter of 1896 he went to the West Indies and lived
on a sugar estate in the island of St. Croix.

William Cooke Beers

Address, P. O. Box 676, New Haven, Conn.

William Cooke Beers was born September 5, 1872, in New
Haven, Conn., the son of Robert Anthony Beers, who was born in
1825 in Buffalo, N. Y. His mother, Ida (Cooke) Beers, was
born in 1843, in Savannah, Ga.

He prepared in the New Haven public schools, and in college
was a member of Berzelius. He took the Electrical Engineering

He was married June 18, 1903, in Erie, Pa., to Miss Annie
McCollum Tracy, daughter of Daniel Tracy, banker, of Erie, Pa.
She died in Erie, Pa., October 11, 1904. Beers has one child,
Daniel Tracy, born March 17, 1904.

"Upon graduation," he writes, "I went to Erie, Pa., with


Jerry Black and accepted position of draughtsman in the
Black Manufacturing Company, makers of the Tribune
bicycle. Later became salesman, traveling throughout the
United States and Canada. I spent the winters of 1898 and
1899 in Europe, selling bicycles, and brought back from
France, in the spring of 1899, a six horse-power automobile
and ran it in Erie much to the 'amusement' of the people.
Tried to organize a company to build them, but capitalists
had no faith in the 'horseless' carriage nothing doing so
took a position with the Winchester Repeating Arms Com-
pany as salesman, in October, 1899. Covered seven states.
On marrying, in June, 1903, I resigned from Winchester's
and remained in Erie until April, 1906, when I went with the
Cadillac Motor Car Company of Detroit, but returned to
New Haven that fall and entered Yale Law School, grad-
uating and getting my LL.B., June, 1909.

"After a year with N. W. Halsey & Company in Wall
Street, New York City, I returned to New Haven and organ-
ized the United States Aeronautic Company, and as presi-
dent am 'flying' some now and have great faith in this new
and fascinating industry. I have just returned from a two
months' trip through England, Germany and France, where
I made a careful study of the progress being made in

"We will soon be able to deliver 1912 models to '95 Sheff,
and members wishing a ride may correspond with, yours

John Eastman B elding

Address, care of Hotchkin & Company, 53 State Street,
Boston, Mass.

John Eastman Belding was born in Springfield, Mass., Octo-
ber 12, 1872. His father, Elijah Belding, a wholesale shoe mer-


chant, connected with Mclntosh & Company as a partner, was
born in West Northfield, Mass. His mother, Harriet (Over-
hiser) Belding, was born in Harlem ville, N. Y. An uncle, Edgar
B elding, was a graduate of Yale, '72.

He prepared at Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass. He took
the Select Course in college and was a member of Chi Phi. He
is unmarried.

After graduation, Belding became connected with the
Holyoke Paper Company, at Holyoke, Mass., shortly after-
wards becoming assistant manager of their new mill in
Springfield. He remained with this firm until March, 1898,
when he entered the New York Life Insurance Company
agency in Springfield, and in the fall of 1898 he went to the
Harvard Medical School, from which he graduated in 1902
with the degree of M.D. Starting to practice in Boston,
his health gave out and he returned to Springfield, Mass.,
where he practiced for a while, but eventually went back into
business, being now associated with the firm of Hotchkin &
Company, investment securities, at 53 State Street, Boston,

Paul Beck Belin

Address, 701 Jefferson Avenue, Scranton, Pa.

Paul Beck Belin was born July 26, 1875, in Scranton, Pa., son
of Henry Belin, Yale '63, a manufacturer, connected with the
E. I. du Pont Powder Company as president of the Pennsylvania
corporation, born in 1843, in West Point, N. Y. His mother,
Margaretta E. (Lammot) Belin was born in 1845 in Wilmington,
Del. The following relatives have graduated at Yale: Charles
A. Belin, '99, Ferdinand L. Belin, '01 S., and Gaspard d'A.
Belin, '08 S., brothers; Charles H. Welles, '99, Paul B. Welles,
'04, and Kenneth B. Welles, '08, brothers-in-law.

He prepared at the School of the Lackawanna in Scranton, Pa.
He took the Mechanical Engineering Course in college, was a
member of Sigma Xi and received a Senior appointment.

He was married April 21, 1900, in Scranton, Pa., to Miss Lucie


S. Welles, daughter of Charles H. Welles, a lawyer of Scranton.
They have two children, both born in Scranton, Pa.: Henry, 3d,
born February 9, 1901, and Charles Welles, born March 8, 1904.

After leaving college, Belin entered the office of L. C.
Holden, architect, of Scranton, remaining there until Octo-
ber, 1895, when he took a post-graduate course in the archi-
tectural department of Columbia University. In April,
1896, he took charge of the Scranton branch office of L. C.
Holden, remaining for two years. In the spring of 1898, he
took a position with Green & Wicks, architects, of Buffalo,
N. Y. In September, 1898, he returned to Scranton, receiv-
ing a position as treasurer of the Scranton Lace Curtain
Company, and later became general manager. He is a mem-
ber of the Scranton Club, the Scranton Engineering Club,
Scranton Country Club and Republican Club.

Henry vanderVeer Bergen

Address, Mannhardstrasse 3 iv Munich, Germany.

Henry vanderVeer Bergen was born August 8, 1873, in Bay
Ridge, N. Y., the son of Van Brunt Bergen, Rensselaer Polytech-
nic Institute '62, a retired civil engineer, formerly chief engineer
of the Department of City Works, Brooklyn, N. Y., born in 1841
in Bay Ridge, N. Y. His mother, Elizabeth Emma (vander-
Veer) Bergen, was born in 184>4> in Somerville, N. J.

He prepared at the Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn, and the
Dwight School, New York City. He took the Select Course in
college, was a member of Sigma Xi and received a Senior appoint-

He was married March 8, 1901, in London, England, to Mrs.
Richmond Lennox of Brooklyn, N. Y., daughter of George Calm-
merer, a merchant, of Heidelberg, Germany. They have no

After leaving college, Bergen spent part of the winter of
1895-96 as a student of modern languages and literature at
Heidelberg. From July, 1896, to April, 1897, he was in


England copying out the text and collating manuscripts of
Lydgate's Troy Book. During the summer of 1897, he
studied at Munich, and was in England again through the
fall of 1897, collating manuscripts. The winter, 1897-98,
and the summer, 1898, were again spent in Munich. From
July, 1898, to March, 1901, he lived in London, England,
reading at the British Museum and doing literary work. He
returned to Munich in March, 1901, where he worked for a
time as private tutor, continued to do translating, wrote
Munich correspondence for an English weekly newspaper
published in Berlin, and some articles for socialist journals
published in America. He resumed his university studies in
the winter, 1901-02, and continued them until July, 1904,
receiving the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in March,
1906. Since 1904 he has been chiefly occupied with his edi-
tion of the Troy Book and with studies in social biology.

He is an associate member of The Eugenics Education
Society, a member of the Humanitarian League and the
Divorce Law Reform Union (all of London), of the Verein
Mutterschutz, Munich, of the Munchener Sport-Club (lawn
tennis and field hockey sections) and Munchener Eis-Hockey

William Ross Black

Address, Oxford, Md.

William Ross Black was born in Erie, Pa., October 19, 1873,
son of Hon. F. T. Black, a manufacturer, and Jean Johnston
(Inglis) Black.

He prepared at Black Hall (Conn.) School. He took the
Select Course in college and was a member of Berzelius.

He was married November 17, 1899, to Miss Nella Anderson.
They have no children.

Black was secretary and treasurer of the Black Manufac-
turing Company of Erie, Pa., builders of the Tribune
bicycles, from 1895-98, when he became president of the


Taper Sleeve Pulley Company of Erie. He is at present
engaged in the oyster business in Oxford, Md.

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