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The publication of this volume has been made pos-
sible by Henry B. Sargent, Secretary of the Class of
'71 S., who undertook its financial responsibility and
contributed helpful advice and consultation through-
out its preparation. The bulk of the expense has
been met by subscriptions in response to Mr. Sar-
gent's letter.

The biographies are for the most part based upon
data originally gathered under the direction of
Charles H. Sherrill, '89, of the Yale Association of
Class Secretaries, by Charles C. Brown, '03 S. As
each sketch prepared from this material has been
submitted to its subject or some member of his family
for revision and addition, and dates and statements
have been carefully verified by official records where
possible, the biographies may be regarded as sub-
stantially accurate. The work of preparing, editing,
and publishing the material has been performed by
the Class Secretaries Bureau, the new alumni office
which in 1910 was established by the Yale Associa-
tion of Class Secretaries with University support.

This book may naturally give an impetus to the
feeling of Class unity and Yale loyalty among the
members of the Classes of 1868 S. to 1872 S., and
make them more interested in their fellows and their
achievements. It is, however, scarcely to be sup-

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posed that a second volume of their lives will ever be
published. At best such publications are infrequent.
But there is a channel ready at hand for the publica-
tion of current biographies, a continuous record,
which grows with the men whom it describes. That
record is the Yale Alumni Weekly, which combines
the permanence of archives with the interest of con-
temporaneous news. Each member of the Sheffield
Classes here chronicled might well make a point of
sending to this graduate paper the news of the mar-
riage of his daughter, the election of himself to the
secretaryship of a learned society, his political or
business associations, a change of residence or of the
many details of his life, small in themselves but inter-
esting to his classmates and friends, and valuable in
adding to the already very complete histories of Yale
graduates. In this way the biographical record of
these Classes, started in this volume, would grow with
their subjects and would increase in interest and value
as the lives of the individual members mature.


Director Class Secretaries Bureau.

New Haven, December 1, 1910.



1868 S TO 1872 S

Following is a list of the graduate members of the classes
from 1868 to 1872 of the Sheffield Scientific School, with their
business or professional connections and latest addresses. The
asterisk is used in this list and throughout this volume to
indicate death. An alphabetical index to the biographies will
be found on the last pages of the book.


Wellington Miles Andrew, farmer, Orange, Conn.
Leonard Strong Austin, professor, Houghton, Mich.
*George Franklin Bailey. *1896.

Samuel Atkins Barbour, mining engineer, Melrose, Mont.
Frederick Converse Beach, publisher and editor, Stratford,


*James deTrafford Blackstone, manufacturer. *1898.

*Eugene Stuart Bristol, manufacturer and banker. *1910.

Albert Gardiner Clark, LL. D., lawyer, 1612 Pennsylvania

Avenue, Denver, Colo.

*Henry Marchant Dudley, pharmacist. *1896.

Henry Turner Eddy, B. A. Yale 1867, Ph. D., LL. D., pro-
fessor, 916 Sixth Street S. E., Minneapolis, Minn.
Barton Darlington Evans, chief clerk, Department of Fisheries,

Harrisburg, Pa.
Edward Forsyth Finney, real estate dealer, 1335 Washington

Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.

*James Fowler. *1892.

*Frank Morton Guthrie, railroad agent. *1900.

*John Corey Hersey, clerk, Naval Office, United States Custom

House, New York City. *1909.

*George Anson Jackson, M. A. Yale 1887, clergyman. *1907.

* Joseph Scott McKell, merchant. *1910.

Charles Kinney Needham, C. E. Yale 1869, engineer, New

Albany, Ind.
Frederick George Noonan, 434 Jackson Street, Milwaukee,

Lyman Bradley Parshall, stock raiser, Canton, Jackson

County, Iowa.

William Wallace Redfield, mechanical engineer, retired, 2637
Portland Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn.


Alexander Renick, banker, 65 East Fourth Street, Chillicothe,


*Joseph Perkins Rockwell, civil engineer. *1885.

*Lewis Bridge Stone. *1871.

*Sanmel Swift, M. D. Columbia 1872, physician. *1896.

Henry Shaler Williams, Ph. D. Yale 1871, professor, Ithaca,

N. Y.

Roll of Class of '68 S., 26; living, 14.


*William Greene Abbot, insurance. *1889.

William Richardson Belknap, manufacturer, West Ormsby

Avenue, Louisville, Ky.
Roman Augustus Bissell, engineer and manufacturer, retired,

174 Fort Street, Detroit, Mich.
Charles Augustus Brinley, manufacturer, 247 South Sixteenth

Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Francis Dudley Buck, M. D. Columbia 1876, physician, 158

West Forty-eighth Street, New York City.
Andrew Dwight Chidsey, banker, Easton, Pa.
*Clarence Marcellus Clarke, civil engineer. *1890.

Frederick Smillie Curtis, instructor, Brookfield Center, Conn.
Augustus Jay DuBois, C. E. Yale 1870, Ph. D. Yale 1873,

professor, 334 Edwards Street, New Haven, Conn.
Joseph Robinson Folsom, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Albert Banks Hill, C. E. Yale 1870, civil engineer, 295 Crown

Street, New Haven, Conn.

*Joseph Courten Hornblower, architect. *1908.

Nelson Powell Hulst, B. A. Yale 1867, Ph. D. Yale 1870,

mining engineer, retired, 300 Knapp Street, Milwaukee,


*Edward Whiting Johnson, banker. *1878.

Joseph Goodhue Kendall.

*Charles Byron Koon, engineer. *1885.

Houston Lowe, manufacturer, Dayton, Ohio.
Henry Hoyt Perry, banker and insurance agent, Southport,

Charles Henry Pope, manufacturer and real estate agent, 925

Seventeenth Street, Moline, 111.
Joseph John Skinner, C. E. Yale 1874, Ph. D. Yale 1876,

teacher, retired, Oneida, N. Y.
Robert Schuyler Van Rensselaer, surveyor, Punxsutawney,

Charles Alvah Weed, manufacturer, 66 Chenango Street, Bing-

hamton, N. Y.


William Robert White, 1529 Pine Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Horace Franklin Whitman, manufacturer, 3801 Walnut

Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Willard Wendell Wight, civil engineer and surveyor, Wellesley

Hills, Mass.
Frederick Everett Willits, farmer, banker and insurance

agent, Glen Cove, N. Y.

Roll of Class of '69 S., 26; living, 21.


James Whitin Abbott, B. A. Yale 1868, M. A. Yale 1871,

mining engineer, Pioche, Nev.
Henry Moore Bailey, banker, 2109 Nebraska Street, Sioux

City, Iowa.
,. Charles Thruston Ballard, flour manufacturer, Glenview,

Jefferson County, Ky.
Thomas Gray Bennett, manufacturer, 423 Prospect Street,

New Haven, Conn.

Townshend Stith Brandegee, botanist, Berkeley, Cal.
Daniel Seymour Brinsmade, manufacturer, Derby, Conn.
-^L Charles Peter Brooks, civil and mining engineer, 280 A Street,

Salt Lake City, Utah.
Thomas Elwood Calvert, engineer, 209 Adams Street, Chicago,

Frederic Hosea Churchill, LL. B. Harvard 1875, electrician.


Dorr Clarke, ranchman, retired, Green Bay, Wis.
Alfred Ronald Conkling, LL. B. Columbia 1879, lawyer, 41

East Sixtieth Street, New York City.
Justus Herbert Grant, engineer, 78 South Goodman Street,

Rochester, N. Y.
Charles Sheldon Hastings, Ph. D. 1873, professor, 248 Bradley

Street, New Haven, Conn.

*William Alfred Hinds, editor and publisher. *1910.

*Edward VanBuren Hoes, banker and coal dealer. *1904.

William Rufus Hopson, real estate dealer, 224 Washington

Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn.
Henry Correll Humphrey, chemist, 551 West 149th Street,

New York City.
Augustus Washington Littleton, gas and electric business,

retired, 38 St. Margaret's Road, Oxford, England.
*Francis Asbury Lowe, mining engineer. *1883.

- William Dennis Marks, C. E. 1871, engineer, Westport, Essex

County, N. Y.
Arthur Woods Rice, insurance agent, New Britain, Conn.


Evelyn Pierpont Roberts, engineer, Pierrepont Manor, Shrub
Oaks, Westchester County, N. Y.

George Douglass Roseberry, manufacturer, Pottsville, Pa.

Alfred Stanton.

George Frederick Stone, teacher, 991 Asylum Avenue, Hart-
ford, Conn.

Clarence Augustus Warren, insurance agent, 918 Second
Street, Louisville, Ky.

John George Watson, postmaster, Ayr, Ontario, Canada.

Roll of Class of '70 S., 97; living, 23.


Horace Andrews, C. E. Yale 1872, civil engineer, 125 Lan-
caster Street, Albany, N. Y.

Edwin Faxon Bacon, teacher, Oneonta, N. Y.

Luther White Burt, civil engineer and surveyor, 124 Collins

Street, Hartford, Conn.
*James Clark Bush, army man and editor. *1905.

George Benjamin Chittenden, C. E. Yale 1873, mining engi-
neer, Christmas, Ariz.

*Russell Wheeler Davenport, M. A. Yale 1898 and Harvard
1894, manufacturer. *1904.

Frederick Stoever Dickson, banker and broker, Maneskootuk,
Rangeley, Me.

William Cecil Durand, banker, Milford, Conn.

Charles Hascall Dwindle, poultry raiser and insurance dealer,
Fulton, Cal.

Charles Addison Ferry, C. E. Yale 1891, civil engineer, 24
Edgewood Avenue, New Haven, Conn.

Charles Henry Greene.

*Charles Woodford Griswold, engineer. *1878.

*John Wool Griswold, iron manufacturer. *1902.

John Nichols Judson, consulting mining engineer, 25 Broad
Street, New York City.

George Macculloch Keasbey, lawyer, 765 Broad Street,
Newark, N. J.

Joseph Frederick Klein, M. E. Yale 1873, professor, 357
Market Street, Bethlehem, Pa.

George Granville Lobdell, manufacturer, 1605 Broome Street,
Wilmington, Del.

Thomas William Mather, M. E. Yale 1873, planter, grower of
fruit, Miami, Fla.

Mansfield Merriman, C. E. Yale 1872, Ph. D. Yale 1876, con-
sulting civil engineer, 1071 Madison Avenue, New York


Alfred Louis Moore, manufacturer, 620 Tenth Street, Moline,


*Daniel Hobart Pierpont, surveyor. *1874.

Ferdinand Eugene Powell. *1872.

*John Franklin Quigley, civil engineer and manufacturer.

Frederick Lockwood Sanford, engraver on wood, 1382 Chapel

Street, New Haven, Conn.
Henry Bradford Sargent, manufacturer, 247 Church Street,

New Haven, Conn.

*Edward Clinton Terry, inventor steam turbines and electrical
devices. *1908.

Harry Degen Ziegler, manufacturer, 218 South Front Street,
Philadelphia, Pa.

Roll Class of '71 S., 27; living, 19.


Jacob Jackson Abbott, C. E. Yale 1874, M. E., consulting

civil and mining engineer, 1112 Race Street, Denver, Colo.

*Jaines P(eter) Bogart, engineer and surveyor. *1903.

Wheeler DeForest Edwards, B. A. College City N. Y. 1871,

LL. B. Columbia 1874, lawyer, Los Angeles, Cal.
Joseph Ridgway Gawthrop, manufacturer, Kennett Square,

Chester County, Pa.
William Saunders Greene.
*George Wesson Hawes, Ph. D. Heidelberg 1880, instructor.


Daniel Webster Hering, C. E. Yale 1878, Ph. D. W. Md.
College 1895, LL. D. Western University 1907, professor,
University Heights, New York City.

*Charles Louis Johnson, manufacturer. *1901.

Cassius William Kelly, B. A. Yale 1870, engineer, 209 Norton

Street, New Haven, Conn.

*Samuel Trevor Knapp, banker and broker. *1889.

*Harrison Wheeler Lindsley, C. E. Yale 1873, architect and

instructor. *1893.

Frank Oscar Maxson, C. E. Yale 1882, civil engineer, 647 East

Capitol Street, Washington, D. C.
Robert Douglas (Milholland) Maxwell, lawyer, 32 South

Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

*George Noyes Miller. *1904.

*Charles Theodore Morse, LL. B. Yale 1876, lawyer. *1889.
Thomas Perkins Nevins. *1875.


Theophil Mitchell Prudden, M. D. Yale 1875, LL. D. Yale
1897, literary and scientific work, 160 West Fifty-ninth
Street, New York City.

Thomas Hubbard Russell, M. D. Yale 1875, professor and
practicing physician and surgeon, 79 Trumbull Street,
New Haven, Conn.

Charles Austin Tibbals, clergyman, Clinton, Conn.
*Daniel Wardwell Wardwell, chemist. *1878.

*Frederick Floyd Weld, engineer. *1890.

William Brenton Welling, banker and broker, 2 Wall Street,

New York City.

*Thomas Wallace Wright, M. A. Toronto University 1871,
C. E. Yale 1882, Ph. D. Union 1891, professor. *1908.

Roll Class of '72 S., 23; living, 12.
Total in Classes '68 S. to '72 S., 129; living, 89.



1868 S

Wellington M. Andrew

Orange, Conn.

Wellington Miles Andrew, '68 S., was born in Orange,
Conn., December 11, 1843. He is a son of Dennis An-
drew and Martha (Merwin) Andrew, who were married
on May 5, 1840, and had two other children: Merwin A.
Andrew, who died 1872 in New York; and Emma M.
(Mrs. Albertus N. Clark).

Dennis Andrew (born January 6, 1818, at Orange,
Conn., died January 5, 1883, at Orange, Conn.) was a
son of Merwin Andrew and Susan (Platt) Andrew, and
in direct descent from Rev. Samuel Andrew, one of the
founders of Yale.

Martha (Merwin) Andrew (born October 5, 1821, at
Milford, Conn., died May 10, 1851, at Orange, Conn.)
was a daughter of Benedict Merwin and Polly (Isbell)
Merwin, and descended in direct line from Miles Merwin
of Pond Point, Milford.

Andrew prepared for Yale at Williston Seminary,
Easthampton, Mass., and entered Sheff in September,
1865, where he took the Engineering Course. He
was a member of Book and Snake.

He was married on July 28, 1881, to Miss Flora
Booth Treat, daughter of Isaac Platt Treat, a


farmer of Orange, Conn. They have had six chil-
dren: Irving Atwater Andrew (born January 21,
1883, a graduate of Yale in the Class of 1903 S.) ;
Ashley Merwin Andrew (born August 21, 1885, a
graduate of Yale in the Class of 1906 S.) ; Florence
Andrew (born June 11, 1888) ; Ray Andrew (born
January 19, 1890, died in infancy) ; Wellington
Booth Andrew (born November 6, 1891) ; and Helen
Andrew (born May 12, 1901).

In 1868 Andrew went to California, via Panama.
He was engaged in surveying until June, 1878, re-
turning overland to the East, where he settled on his
farm in Orange. He is a member of the Congrega-
tional Church, and was elected to the Connecticut
General Assembly in 1887.

Prof. Leonard S. Austin

Professor, Department of Metallurgy, Michigan College of

Houghton, Mich.

Leonard Strong Austin, '68 S., was born in Stratford,
Conn., February 26, 1846. He is a son of Thomas
Austin and Elvira (Reed) Austin, who were married
June 7, 1831, and had twelve other children: J. G. Austin,
Mrs. Mary E. Peters, Mrs. A. E. Johnson, E. H. Austin,
J. C. Austin, William M. Austin (Yale 1860-1862),
H. P. Austin, Miss L. E. Austin, Mrs. L. Haxton, Mrs.
M. B. Whitehead, F. B. Austin, and T. S. Austin, who
graduated from Columbia in the Class of 1876.

CLASS OF 1868 S. 19

Thomas Austin (born in 1808, on the Island of
Demerara, West Indies, died in 1883, at Stratford,
Conn.) inherited a fortune from his grandfather, a phy-
sician and sugar planter, and lived at the West Indies,
New York, and Stratford, Conn.

Elvira (Reed) Austin (born in 1814 on the Island of
Demerara, West Indies, died in 1887, at Stratford,
Conn.) was the daughter of a West Indian colonial

Austin prepared for Yale at the Stratford Aca-
demy, Stratford, Conn., and entered Sheff in Sep-
tember, 1865, where he took the Mechanical Engin-
eering Course.

He was married on June 7, 1881, to Miss Mary E.
Watson, daughter of Robert Watson of Salt Lake
City, Utah. They have had three sons: Arthur
Austin (born June 18, 1884, a graduate of the Colo-
rado School of Mines in the class of 1905) ; Hugh
Percy Austin (born August 15, 1882, died in 1886) ;
and Allyn Austin (born December 1, 1889, died in

After leaving college, Austin spent three years in
mechanical engineering work. He went as a chemist
to Patagonia, South America, from 1877-79, and was
engaged in metallurgical practice (silver, lead and
copper smelting, including charge of metallurgical
plants) in the Rocky Mountain region for twenty-one
years, 1881-1902. On three occasions he has taken
postgraduate work in chemistry, mineralogy, and
assaying at Yale, and for three months in 1896 was


at the Colorado State School of Mines, taking work
in the electrical laboratory. From October, 1903,
to September, 1909, he was professor in charge of
the Department of Metallurgy and Ore-dressing at
the Michigan College of Mines. He is now mining
and metallurgical engineer, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Austin is a member of the Episcopal Church.

His published writings are: "Sampling of Ores
and Metals," E. $ M. Journal, July 22, August 5
and 22, and September 16, 1882; "Typical Lead
Slags," E. # M. Journal, June 27, 1894; "Hard
Coal in the Silver-Lead Blast Furnace," E. $ M.
Journal, December 15, 1894; "Slag Disposal," E.
$ M. Journal, November 23, 1895; "A Modern
Silver-Lead Smelting Plant," Trans. A. I. M. E.,
Vol. XXVI., p. 388; "Heat Requirements of the
Lead Blast Furnace," E. fy M. Journal, June 19,
1897; "Recent Smelting Practice in Colorado,"
Mineral Industry, Vol. V., p. 437; "Annual Review
of the Metallurgy of Copper," Mineral Industry,
Vol. XII., XIV., XV., XVI., XVII. and XVIII.;
"Pyrite Smelting," E. $ M. Journal, Vol. LXXX.,
p. 865 ; "The Washoe Plant of the Anaconda Copper
Mining Co.," Trans. A. I. M. E., Vol. XXXVIL, p.
431 ; numerous articles in the Mining and Scien-
tific Press, for which he is special contributor; also
two books, viz. : "Metallurgy of the Common Metals"
(illustrated), 494 pages; "The Fire Assay" (illus-
trated), 88 pages.

CLASS OF 1868 S. 21

*George F. Bailey

Died 1896

No information obtainable concerning George
Franklin Bailey, '68 S., other than the fact that he
died in 1896.

Samuel A. Barbour

Manager and Partner, Condor Mine Lease
Melrose, Mont.

Samuel Atkins Barbour, '68 S., was born in Canton,
Conn., November 2, 1846. He is a son of Volney Giles
Barbour and Ellen (Atkins) Barbour, who were married
July 20, 1837, and had six other children: Adelaide Bar-
bour (died April 25, 1896, at Philadelphia, Pa.), Ellen
Barbour, Volney Giles Barbour, Jr. (Yale '67 S., C. E.
University of Vermont, 1887, died June 4, 1901, at
Minneapolis, Minn.), George Rollin Barbour, Harriet
Bishop Barbour, and Thomas Flavius Barbour.

Volney Giles Barbour (born March 20, 1805, at Can-
ton, Conn., died January 18, 1859, at Bristol Conn.)
was the son of Giles Barbour and Mary (Garrett) Bar-
bour, and grandson of Dr. Samuel Barbour and Hannah
(Humphrey) Barbour. He lived at Canton and Bristol,
Conn., successively, in which latter place he was at one
time selectman, and town treasurer.

Ellen (Atkins) Barbour (born October 21, 1818, at
Bristol, Conn., died December 29, 1853, at Canton,
Conn.) was the daughter of Rollin Atkins and Harriet
(Bishop) Atkins.

Barbour prepared for Yale at Williston Seminary,
Easthampton, Mass., and entered Sheff in 1865,


where he took the Civil Engineering Course. He was
a member of Book and Snake.

He was married on January 10, 1880, at Chicago,
111., to Miss Helen Mar Babcock (born May 30, 1860,
died May 28, 1890, at Melrose Pa.), the daughter of
Benjamin Franklin Babcock, a promoter. They
have two children: Samuel Volney Barbour (born
February 8, 1881), and Helen M. Barbour (born
May 7, 1882).

After graduation Barbour followed the profession
of civil engineering in Connecticut, Arkansas, Illi-
nois and Kentucky. In 1875 he went to Montana
and engaged in mining, being mining superintendent
for the Hecla Consolidated Mining Company from
1877 to 1881. Was in Idaho in 1881, and in 1882
went to Colorado. From 1884 up to 1887 he was
mining superintendent for the Spar Consolidated
Mining Company, of Colorado, but in 1887 he re-
turned to Montana, and again became connected with
the Hecla Consolidated Mining Company. Since
1904, however, he has been mining on his own account.

In politics Barbour is a Democrat, and was a
member of the llth Assembly of Montana Territory
in 1879. He is a member of A. F. & A. M., Blue
Lodge, Chapter, Council, Commandery and A. A.
O. N., M. S.

CLASS OF 1868 S. 23

Frederick C. Beach

Patent Attorney, Publisher, Editor Scientific American,
Editor-in-Chief "Encyclopedia Americana"

361 Broadway, New York City, and Stratford, Conn.

Frederick Converse Beach, '68 S., was born in New
York City, March 27, 1848. He is the son of Alfred Ely
Beach and Harriet Eliza (Holbrook) Beach, who were
married June 30, 1847.

Alfred Ely Beach (born September 1, 1826, at Spring-
field, Mass., died January 1, 1896, at New York City)
was a patent attorney and editor (with Munn & Co.),
also part owner of the Scientific American, and resided
at Stratford, Conn., and New York City. In 1855 he
invented a typewriter for the blind, similar to the Rem-
ington machine, and in 1867 invented and demonstrated
the present method of shield tunneling by hydraulic
rams. He was a son of Moses Y. Beach, publisher of
the New York Sun prior to 1868, and Nancy (Day)
Beach, who was related to Benjamin Day, owner at one
time of the New York Sun.

Harriet Eliza (Holbrook) Beach (born April 29, 1828,
at Boston, Mass., died January 8, 1905, at Berlin, Ger-
many, interred at Stratford, Conn.) was a daughter of
John Fisk Holbrook and Harriet (Converse) Holbrook,
(Brainard) Converse. Her half-sister, Louise Holbrook,
married Frederic H. Betts, '64.

Beach was educated privately, but also attended
(1863-64) Mr. Marshall Strong's Military School
at Bridgeport, Conn. He began the practice of
photography in 1864, and in 1866 suggested to the
United States Patent Office that patent drawings be


photo-lithographed. He entered Sheff in Septem-
ber, 1865, taking the Select Course with special inter-
est in photography and physics.

He was married on June 16, 1875, to Miss Mar-
garet Allen Gilbert, daughter of Charles Gilbert
(who died in 1877) and Louisa A. Wheeler (who died
October 28, 1903), both of Stratford, Conn. They
have had three children: Stanley Yale Beach (born
July 9, 1877, a graduate of Yale in the Class of
'98 S., who married Helen Birdseye Curtis in Sep-
tember, 1897, has two sons and one daughter: Fred-
erick Converse Beach, 2d, born August, 1898;
Alfred Birdseye Beach, born in 1899 ; and Margaret
Stanley Beach, born April, 1901); Alfred Gilbert
Beach (born January 25, 1879, died July 21, 1890) ;
and Ethel Holbrook Beach (born October 25, 1886,
a graduate of Ingleside School, New Milford, Conn.,
in the Class of 1906, who married September 30,
1909, James Albert Wales of Stratford, Conn., a
graduate of Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., 1901).

In 1868-69, Beach took a course in Patent Office
practice at Washington, D. C. ; in 1869-70, was ap-
pointed night superintendent of the tunnel excava-
tion under Broadway, built by the Beach Pneumatic
Transit Company, of which his father was president
in 1870-71, operated a pneumatic car in the tunnel
opened to the public, and explained its details.
From 1871 to 1876, he engaged in the manufacturing
business in New York; entered the Scientific Ameri-

CLASS OF 1868 S. 25

can office in 1877, conducting the photographic de-
partment and assisting in other branches of the pub-
lication, and is still with this concern. From 1877
to 1882, Beach experimented in improving the tele-
phone and was the first (about 1880) to transmit
sermons by telephone, having charge of a private line
run over the Brooklyn Bridge from Plymouth
Church, Brooklyn, to 69 Union Place, New York,
where the music and the sermons by Henry Ward
Beecher were distinctly heard by his father and rela-
tives. Experiments were then conducted which
showed that Mr. Beecher's voice could be heard as far
as Elizabeth, N. J. In the summer of 1898 Beach
introduced the first electric automobile in Stratford
and vicinity and established a power plant in Bridge-
port for its maintenance.

Beach is a Republican in politics, but opposed to
high tariff. He is a member of the Stratford Con-
gregational Church, and has held public offices in
the town. He is president of the Housatonic Club,
Stratford, and a member of the National Arts Club,
Camera Club, Electrical Society, and president of
the Postal Progress League, all of New York City.

He founded in 1889 the American Amateur Pho-
tographer, since changed (1907) to American Pho-

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