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Chan HingMa
Melissa Beth Maine
Michael E. McCleary
EIroy McConnell, |r.
Richard C McKenzie
Sandra Lee McQuate
Susan Elaine Metzler
Denise Susan Miano

Enc A. Miller
Everett Laurier Petit
Loc Cong Pham
Christine Mane Poloway
Donna M Quinn
Jennifer Kim Randall
Andrew Ward Richardson
Lorie Elizabeth Robertson
Lynn A. Slaanek
Julie Anne Schumacher
Veronica Ann Scott
Mary Ellen Scull
Dennis j, Sheely
Karen K. Shellenberger
Gregory Springer
Kimberly Ann Stanley
Mary Beth Steinour
Kyra Lynn Stellhorn
Denise Lynn Strevig
Wallace Szeluga
I P Thal-Larsen
Ronald Louis Tombesi
Gregory L Towson
Susan Mane Weniger
Connie E. Wilson
Karen S Winemiller
Linda A, Witmer
Sharon Kay Worley
Dana Ann Yealy

eJje part mental J4onor&

Behavioral Sciences Department

Elaine M. Butkiewicz Linda C. Cenett

Charlotte R Davis David S. Rayha

Laurie A. Furman Charlotte A. Stambaugh
Marcia D Gadsby

Biological Sciences Department

Sharon L Engle Michael W. McCowan

Phillip ). Ludvigsen

Business Administration Department

Gary E Bachman Kirk E. Prey

Sherry L Buben Cynthia L. Kohler

Kathy M. Brosnahan Patricia E, Ness

Diane M Dunnick ). Thomas Shelley

Marcia L, Ford Kim A Wickwire

Sue A. Fortman Regina Z Wolfe

Education Department
Susan M. Poole Christopher ). Smith

English and Speech Department

Kathleen M Kirkaldie Karen M Pearce

Sandra D. Pacholok Bonnie C. Wire

History, Government, and International Studies Department

David C. Brady Lori L Markle

Craig R. Kitchen

Physical Science Department

)anet E Conner Robin A. Hamilton

Judith A Grouse LuAnn M. Hildebrand

Ellen M. Farrell Cynthia A )ohn

Ray A Gantz Kendall P Keech

lane E Galdfelter Kevin McKenna

Terry L Bamberger Stewart M. Reisinger

1981 ^watJi

Sylvia Newcombe Marcia Gadsby

for outstanding contributions to the recreation program

York Water Company Christa Schlenker

sophomore Biology major, with highest average in Biology courses

William H. Trimmer - York Kiwanis Club - for excellence in accounting Wendy Schwartz

Mrs. Eleanor A. Gohn — woman graduate for profiency in business )ean Wolfe

Russel Gohn - male graduate for prof Iciency in business ). Thomas Shelley

Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Senior Award Billie Jacobs

outstanding student in accounting

York Chapter, National Association of Accountants Manuscript Award Lisa Varnell

best manuscript presented by an accounting student

The York Bank & Trust Company Tamara Wildasin

banking/finance major with highest grade average in major courses

Sales Marketing Executives, York Chapter Sherry Buben, Maria Musti,

outstanding marketing senior Jean Wolfe

Administrative Management Society, York Chapter Kirk Frey

for high academic standing by management senior

David Reihart Susan Poole

outstanding dedication to the field of reading by an elementary education senior

Joseph Cullo Education Sandra Pacholok

outstanding leadership, scholarship and commitment to the education profession

Bob Hoffman Writing for outstanding work in

Poetry - (2) Randy Gross, (3) Brian Humble, (3) (tie) Sherrie Holt

Short Fiction - (1) )ohn Taylor, (2) Christina Kottcamp, (3) Karen Pearce

Short Non-Fiction - (1) Elizabeth Stephens, (2) Andrea Davis, (3) Jennifer Brown

Trevethan Memorial Scholarship Kathleen Fry

English major, with highest cumulative average in English courses

E. A. Hirschman - York Area Chamber of Commerce Lori Markle

for proficiency in social studies

Charles Hatch Ehrenfeld - Best record in chemistry by a graduate LuAnn Hildebrand

Manufacturers' Association of York - for excellence in the sciences Terry Hamberger

Teledyne-McKay - for outstanding proficiency in mathematics Terry Hamberger

Chemical Rubber Company Freshman Achievement Christa Schlenker

to the outstanding freshman chemistry student

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1981 ^ivatJd

Sanderson Award Monica Morroni

for demonstrated excellence by a sophomore nursing student

Private Duty Nurses Laura Mercer

to a deserving student majoring in nursing

Evelyn Petay Lyon Elise Cunico

to nursing major graduating with highest academic average

William C. Langston, M.D Molly Sebright

to senior for highest achievement in nursing of child-bearing family

Ladies Auxiliary, Lincoln Chapter, Pennsylvania

Society of Professional Engineers Scholarship Nancy Deitz

Academic Senate Scholarship — for academic excellence Denise Black

Alpha Chi-Edward L. Davis Tamara Wildasin

for outstanding contributions to the College and community

Rotary Club of York - for "Service Above Self" Jennifer Brown

York Chapter, Reserve Officers' Association Anthony Fuller

for outstanding ROTC achievement

William H. Swartz Memorial Daniel Driscoll

a veteran and contributor to campus and community life

Robert A. Cottingham Memorial Lynette Shirk

for outstanding contributions to the Student Health Center

York College Alumni Association Elise Cunico, LuAnn Hildebrand,

to students who earn Summa Cum Laude honors Karen Pearce, Tamara Wildasin

Daniel ). Klinedinst, Jr Mark Brown

for sportsmanship, athletic ability and a creditable scholastic record

Donald Suereth Memorial John Valdini

greatest contributor to the welfare of the College

Society for the Advancement of Management Barbara Hepp

outstanding student of the local chapter

Horizon — outstanding contributor to the production of the Yearbook Patricia Van Bourgondien

Student Senate Scholarships Margo Leader, William Motley,

for outstanding service to the college Lynn Smith, Christina Surace

York Daily Record Fighting Heart Randall Miller

best typifies a Fighting Heart as an athlete and student

Georgia Heathcote Stallman Patricia Cianciullo

outstanding graduating woman athlete


!*»: ii ►^ ■ -

^fjOOlMAN^ .

FenGIM^ERS - designers .411
S6N..DUKfeST. YORK, PA 1740S 84.5-1661^






of the family

since 1883,

The Drovers & Mechanics Bank,

30 South George Street, York, PA 17401

Offices in: Mt. Rose • Richland Avenue •

York County Shopping Center •

Roosevelt Shopette • Queensgate Shopping

Center • Emigsville • Windsor •

York Haven.

Member F.D.I C.


Congratulations to
the graduating class.

We're with you on this great day,
and all the great days to come.

The York Bank & Trust Company Member FDIC.

HJ. Williams Co., Inc.

General Contractors

150 South Sumner Street
P.O. Box 269

York, Pennsylvania 17045





• Downtown Office - 16 N Beaver St, - tel. 854-5312

• E.York Office - Haines Rd and Eastern Blvd. - tel, 755-9911

45 E. KING ST.







YORK, PA 17403


9:00-11:00 A.M.


Fine dairy products

■ Serving York County for generations

Convenient Farm Stores

■ Open weekends and holidays

Family Restaurants

■ North York, Red Lion, and Shrewsbury





Cable TV Co.
of York




1 820 Jessup Place
York, PA


Mr. and Mrs. William Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Bachman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Baxter

Mr. and Mrs. Leo C. Bene

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Cianciullo

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Daley

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Dell

Ms. Colleen Epple

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fake

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Filson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Geer

Mr. and Mrs. Corneluis P. Gildea

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph WK Goodling

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hendrick

Mr. Lloyd A. Hull

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Karafa

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kuhn

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Lambert

Mr. and Mrs. D. j. McCullough, )r.

Mr. and Mrs. Leon James McCullough, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Minnich

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Neith, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Nielson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Perritt

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Poloway

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Reilly

Ms. Rosanna Richinsin

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Z. Smyser

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stambaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Starner

Mr. and Mrs. Tracy C. Stroup

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Troilo

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vonzech

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Whear

Mr. and Mrs. Russull E. Wire

Mr. and Mrs. John Zerillo

TtiflNK Y0U . . .

Dr. Frank Mussano — Director of Student Activities

Kathy Velez — Assistant to the Student Activities Director

Deg Farreliy — Advisor to the Horizon Yearbook

Ed Patrick — Representative of Taylor Publishing Company

Chris Spencer of Chris Spencer Studios

Deb Fegely — Director of Public Relations

jerry Sweitzer — Assistant to the Public Relations Director,

and the entire Public Relations Department

To THE HORIZON STAFF: for your hard work and dedication.

Tricia Etgen — Business Manager

Mari Cook — Assistant Business Manager

JoAnn joffe — Photographer

Greg Perler — Photographer

Jean Sheehan — Photographer

Lisa Sterrett— Sports Editor

John Valdini — Sports Editor

Jean Hassett — Senior Section Editor

Karen Ludeman — Faculty Section Editor

Ann High — Advertising Manager

Andrea Guppy — Clubs and Organizations Editor

Diane Werley — Clubs and Organizations Editor

To my Roommates, who were very understanding and put up with me every time I had a
deadline to meet.

Most of all, I would like to thank my parents who gave me the opportunity to improve
myself through higher education.


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