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ule of on-campus interview dates with recruiters from
prospective employers. Workshops and seminars on
various aspects of career development and employ-
ment are also conducted each semester, and are open
to all students. Career Services also conducts com-
puter-assisted job referrals and placement assistance
at no charge.

Writing Center: As a service to all full-time and
part-time students, regardless of their class standing
or writing proficiency, York College provides a Writ-
ing Center. During the Fall and Spring semesters,
students may sign up for half-hour private consulta-
tions on a particular assignment or problem, and re-
ceive help from an experienced tutorial staff of full-
time and part-time English and Speech Department
faculty. Faculty from all disciplines who are dissatis-
fied with a submitted writing assignment may refer a
student to the Center for help, or students may go to
the Center without being referred and receive assis-
tance before they submit an assignment.

Orientation: Orientation offers the student an
opportunity to consult with faculty, pre-schedule
classes and meet other students. All new students
including transfers are requested to attend.

Explorientation: Explorientation is a special

Student Life

summer program designed to acquaint incoming
freshmen with college life. Including parents in a va-
riety of seminars and activities, it offers an opportu-
nity to examine the various student services and facil-
ities available to the YCP student.

Peer Advisor Program: This program is designed
to assist all incoming freshmen to become more
quickly and effectively oriented to campus life and
the new academic experience which college presents.
Ad\'isors are chosen from upperclassmen and are
trained throughout the year to effect the principles
and goals of the program. All freshmen are assigned
to a Peer Advisor in the fall, and activities designed to
enhance each students transition to college life are
planned throughout the year.

Health and Medical Services: The College main-
tains a Health Center on the lower level of the Stu-
dent Center, staffed by a full-time registered nurse
and a part-time physician. The physician is available
during the clinic hours each weekday and by ap-
pointment. Emergency appointments with the physi-
cian should be arranged through the college nurse.
The physician and/or nurse will make calls in the resi-
dence halls when the student is confined to his room
for illness. A fee will be charged for dormitory calls
made at times other than the scheduled clinical
hours. In those cases of a more serious nature or
when the residence hall confinement is expected to
exceed 48 hours, the student should arrange to go
home or to be admitted to the hospital. On such occa-
sions, the student is asked to present a certificate
from the attending physician upon returning to the

Most services received at the Health Center are
provided by the student's general fee, but treatment
in a hospital is pro\'ided at the patient's expense. A
student health and accident insurance policy, availa-
ble on an optional basis at the beginning of each se-
mester, provides hospital care, surgical treatment,
and other medical services. The benefits of the policy
will be paid regardless of other family health cover-
age which mav be carried. Students should refer to
the Student Handbook for further information con-
cerning insurance.

Students are asked to report cases of illness or
accident to the Residence Directors and to seek treat-
ment through the Health Center. Further medical or
special referrals that become necessary can be made
through the college physician at the student's ex-

Records: A record of a student's academic prog-
ress is maintained by the College Recorder. Facult)'
advisors, counselors, and heads of departments uti-

lize the Records Office, when assisting students.

Students may consult the Records Office on mat-
ters relating to their academic progress and when
requesting transcripts. The College maintains central-
ized records and they are confidential. Transcripts are
not sent unless the Recorder has secured written con-
sent from the student. Except for the first transcript,
students are charged $1.00 for each request.

Residence Facilities: A student wishing to reside
on campus or in College-owned or operated apart-
ments must submit a Housing Application/Contract
Card and a $200 deposit to the Business Office. Space
is assigned and housing is guaranteed according to a
"first-come, first-served" procedure based on the
date your deposit is received. An early response may,
therefore, assure the student of College housing.

Automobiles: Motor vehicles are permitted on
campus for all students and must be registered with
the College Operations Office. During registration,
resident students may purchase an annual $10
bumper sticker which entitles them to a parking
space only in Lot B adjacent to Beard and Penn Halls.
Students living off campus may obtain a commuter
sticker at no charge which allows for parking in any
area not designated for faculty, staff and visitors.

Lockers: Students can apply for the use of lock-
ers in Campbell Hall by contacting the Business Of-
fice. A $5 fee is charged at the time the locker key and
receipt are issued. Students receive a 1007c refund
when the locker key and validated receipt stub are
presented to the Business Office.

Student Grievance Procedure: York College has
a comprehensive and well articulated system of Due
Process which includes an administrative appeals
procedure, a student Judicial Board and an Athletic

Grievances relative to Title IX can be initiated at
any level of the administrative structure or be
brought directly before the Judicial or Athletic Board.

Formal communication of this procedure is listed
in our Student Handbook and Residence Life Hand-

Student Activities

A vital aspect of student life involves participa-
tion according to his or her interests and abilities in
student government, in academic, social, special in-
terest organizations, and in student union activities.
A diversified program is planned each semester by
the Director of Student Activities, whose office is lo-
cated in the Student Center.

Cultural Activities: Well-known as an active cul-
tural center, the York College campus activities in-
clude concerts, special lectures, film showings, the-
atre productions and art exhibits.

York College



at YCP!

Throughout the academic
year the York College of
Pennsylvania Student Senate
hosts several contemporary
performers in concert. In
addition, the very popular
YCP Concert Series provides
the college and community
with an outstanding array of
prestigious musical artists.
Among the performers and
guest speakers who have
appeared on the YCP stage
during recent years are: James
Taylor, Cheap Trick, The Dirt
Band, Mary Travers, The Little
River Band, Preservation Hall
Jazz Band, David Brenner,
Chic, Atlanta Rhythm Section,
Peter Frampton, Chuck
Mangione, Dizzy Gillespie,
Alex Haley, Jack Anderson,
former President Gerald R.
Ford, William F. Buckley, Jr.,
Willie Tyler & Lester, Mickey
Mantle, F. Lee Bailey,
America, Hall and Oates,
Huey Lewis and the News,
Juice Newton and Doc

Students also have the
opportunity to take advantage
of numerous lectures, films, art
exhibitions and dramatic
productions on the York
College campus.

of Pennsylvania








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Student Life

(pjclurud I. tu r. beginning al top; Doc
Scverinsen, Hucy Lewis, Secretary of
Defense Caspar Weinberger and Willie
Tvler & lA-ster.)

York College

of Pennsylvania

THE CONCERT SERIES is open to the public by
season subscription and all programs are offered free
to YCP students and faculty. Programs are offered on
Sunday evenings during the academic year. Sympho-
nies, nationally-known singers and dramatic presen-
tations are included in this popular series.

CANDLELIGHT CONCERTS are held in Buechel
Lounge and feature both local and special guest art-
ists in recital. York College students are frequently
among the performers. No admission is charged for
the concerts.

THE LECTURE SERIES features nationally
known personalities from various disciplines.

THE YCP FILM SOCIETY is comprised of mem-
bers from the College and the community. A nominal
membership fee entitles -the holder to view over
twenty films during the academic year.

RIES: The Student Senate presents recently released
popular films in the comfortable Life-Sciences Thea-
ter. The series is free to all full-time students, faculty
and staff.

PUB CONCERTS: Live rock groups appear free
in the Pub or outside on the Gymnasium Mall every
other Wednesday.

FORMALS: At the end of each semester, the Stu-
dent Senate sponsors a spring or winter formal
dinner/dance at a nearby country club.

THEATER COMPANY is an active campus
drama group performing at least two major produc-
tions each year and sponsoring many readings and
theatre events. It is open to all York College students.
Cooperative programs with York's well-known com-
munity theater add to the theatrical life at YCP.

ART EXHIBITS may be viewed in the Cora B.
Miller Art Gallery continuously during the academic
year. Local and special guest artists are represented
and the community also highly regards faculty and
student exhibits. The gallery is open daily from 9:00
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and students are welcome to attend
the public reception held for each artist on the Sun-
day afternoon before the exhibit opens.

Academic Departments frequently schedule
SPECIAL PROGRAMS of general appeal. The De-
partment offerings have ranged from nationally-
known poets to state governors and other officials
from industry and government.

CHOIR offer several programs each year. Both
groups have become well known through recent in-
terstate tours.

POPULAR CONCERTS are held throughout the
year. In fact YCP has become noted for its wide vari-
ety of contemporary music. Performers recently have
included: Billy Joel, Hall and Oates, America, Little
River Band, James Taylor, Andy Kaufman, The Dirt
Band, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Mary Travers,
Juice Newton, Doc Severinsen, Dizzy Gillespie, and
Steve Landesberg.

Athletics: York College's sports program is de-
signed to supplement academic experiences by pro-
viding opportunities for all students to either partici-
pate or witness intercollegiate or intramural
competition. The program is consciously geared to
student interests and needs. Care is exercised to
avoid detracting from students' academic pursuits
but rather to enhance overall achievement by supply-
ing outlets for healthy physical and emotional expres-

and weight training facilities are available at no cost
to students for free play at specified hours.

best intramural sports programs around! The wide
variety of intramurals allows every student to engage
in some organized sport without the pressure of in-
tercollegiate competition.

Men participate in touch football, volleyball, bas-
ketball, Softball, track and field, wrestling, swim-
ming, tennis, badminton, ping pong, weightlifting,
pool, street hockey, and foosball.

Women participate in volleyball, basketball, soft-
ball, tennis, badminton, ping pong, and swimming.

Coed competition is held in tennis and table ten-

Student Life

provided for students physically and psychologically
equipped to compete in highly organized efforts
against representati\'es from other colleges.

Intercollegiate sports for men include baseball,
basketball, cross countr}', golf, soccer, swimming,
track and field, wrestling, and tennis.

Women compete intercollegiately in basketball,
hockey, tennis, volle\'ball, softball, and swimming.

In areas where women's teams are not presently
pro\ided, York women are encouraged to tr)' out for
existing male teams.

CHEERLEADING is a student activity closely
related and supporti\'e of the intercollegiate teams.
The squad is comprised of ten (academically eligible)
students. Squad vacancies are filled through open-
competition at the beginning of each college year.


0\er sixt\" student organizations provide the
opportunit\' to become involved in various special
interest groups.

Student Government: STUDENT ASSOCIA-
TION AND STUDENT SENATE: All full-time stu-
dents are voting members of the Student Association.
The Student Senate is the executive and administra-
ti\e agency of the Student Association.

Officers and student senators are elected by the
students. Students are chosen by the Student Senate
to participate on Eaculty Senate committees. Mem-
bers of the Student Senate invite any interested stu-
dents to participate in any of its functions. The Senate
meets weekly with two faculty and two administra-
ti\e ad\isors and those meetings are open to any
member of the student body.

Residence Council: In addition to a president,
\ice president, secretary, and treasurer. Residence
Council has a representative from each dormitory
floor. In conjunction with the Coordinator of Resi-
dent Activities, the Council will be scheduling social
activities, educational and cultural programs, along
with other services to the College. Residence Council
will distribute information concerning floor repre-
sentatives this Fall, and all students are encouraged
to participate as a candidate or voter. Volunteers for
any of the Residence Council committees are always

Student Resource Center: The Student Resource
Center is located on the lower level of the Student
Center Building, next to the Nurse's Office. The Re-
source Center is an informational, peer counseling,
and referral service for the students of YCP. If any
student has a personal problem or a question on Col-
lege procedures and activities, volunteers are on duty

during specific hours that are posted. The Student
Resource Center is run by York College students for
the benefit of York College students.

Honorary Societies: ALPHA CHI: A coeduca-
tional society whose purpose is to promote academic
excellence and exemplary character among college
and university students and to honor those achieving
such distinction. A general honor society as con-
trasted with a specialized one, it admits to member-
ship all academic disciplines rather than a single area
of study. Annually, the Pennsylvania Delta Chapter
of York College admits to active membership those
juniors and seniors of good char..cter who rank at
least in the upper 5% of their classes.

ALPHA PHI SIGMA: A Criminal Justice Honor
Society dedicated to professionalization in the field of
the Administration of Justice and to the recognition
and promotion of high scholarship among students
in that field. Membership is limited to Police Science
and Corrections majors who have completed three
semesters of course work, including at least ten hours
in Police Science and Corrections and who have a 2.5
cumulative grade point average, with a 3.0 grade
point average in Police Science, and who are in the
upper 357c of their class.

pleased to be one of the hundred colleges and univer-
sities across the country to have a campus chapter of
Alpha Sigma Lambda, the national honor society for
part-time students. Founded in 1946 at Northwestern
University, Alpha Sigma Lambda recognizes the
academic achievements of our part-time students.
Membership in Alpha Sigma Lambda is restricted to
part-time, matriculated students who have been in
attendance at York College for a minimum of four
semesters; have completed a minimum of thirty
credit hours; and have achieved a minimum grade
point average of 3.5. More information about the
Gamma Phi Sigma Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda
can be obtained from the Special Programs Office.

PI CAPPA DELTA: Membership in the National
Forensic Honorary is open to all students who partici-
pate in intercollegiate competition. There are five
degrees of membership culminating in Highest Dis-
tinction for three years of participation in forensics
and outstanding grades. The Charter at York College
was installed on May 12, 1977.

Society was formed in the Fall of 1971 and is sanc-
tioned by both the Student Senate and the Academic
Senate. Membership is limited to no more than five
per cent of the senior class. Recipients of the honor
must have at least a 2.8 cumulative average and have


York College

of Pennsylvania

demonstrated continuing leadership and involve-
ment in extracurricular and community activities.

This organization is an honor society for any student
who has served in any of the following journalistic
groups: HORIZON, SPARTAN, WVYC, or ESP. They
must have been an active member for one year, and
their invitation into the society is made upon the re-
quest from the respective editor/manager and the
advisor. Members are accepted at the end of every

Social and Service Groups: ALPHA SIGMA
ALPHA (National Sorority): Formal rush will be held
twice a year for any interested female. The purpose of
Alpha Sigma Alpha is to provide campus and com-
munity service; encourage shared interests; and de-
velop close sisterhoods among female students on

CHI GAMMA IOTA (Veteran's Fraternity): The
fraternity plans service projects, fosters good citizen-
ship, and promotes friendships and good scholarship
among campus veterans. To be eligible for full mem-
bership, a student must be a U.S. armed services vet-
eran with an honorable discharge. Social and associ-
ate memberships are open to all York College
students and staff.

CIRCLE K: Circle K International is the world's
largest collegiate service organization. It is composed
of students who wish to become actively involved in
community concerns via^ervice projects and activi-
ties. Members also participate in social events, learn
leadership skills, work with business and community
professionals, and form long-lasting friendships
while striving for common goals.

KAPPA SIGMA RHO: This organization's main
goal is to promote the interests of the organization,
the College, and the community. This newly formed
fraternity places brotherhood as a main priority. All
interested male students are encouraged to contact
any KEP member for further information.

SIGMA DELTA RHO: Sigma Delta Rho is a social
and service organization for the female YCP students.
The sorority is designed to promote sisterhood and to
provide services to both the College and the commu-
nity. We would like to welcome all those interested.

OMEGA THETA CHI: Omega Theta Chi is a
men's social and service organization. Membership is
open to all full-time students at York College. This
fraternity is designed to promote activities not only
here at York College but also throughout the commu-
nity. See any fraternity member for information and
membership. "We can help you to help others."

SIGMA DELTA CHI: Sigma Delta Chi is a men's
social organization which places special emphasis on
service to York College and the surrounding commu-
nity. Membership is open to any male student who is
in good standing according to York College policies.
This newly-created fraternity is designed to serve its
members by providing programs and activities which
are both beneficial and enjoyable. Any interested
party should contact any fraternity brother.

SIGMA PHI EPSILON: Sigma Phi Epsilon is a
national men's social and service organization de-
signed to initiate and promote programs and activi-
ties which may be of mutual interest to its members,
York College, and the community. Membership is
open to full-time male students who meet academic
standards established by the College. The fraternity
house is located at 412 Colonial Avenue, York.

ALPHA THETA CHI: Alpha Theta Chi is an ex-
tension of the men's social and service organization.
This organization was designed to promote activities
for the College and also for the community. See any
sister for information about membership.

TAU KAPPA EPSILON: Tau Kappa Epsilon is an
organization whose aim is to promote the personal
and cultural development of each brother and indi-
vidual through the means of a true fraternity. We be-
lieve it is essential that we meet our responsibility to
our campus, our community, and to ourselves. Mem-
bership is open to all men interested in achieving
these goals.

ISGA was organized to foster closer friendship
among the social sororities and fraternities at York
College. Upon legislation discussed at regular meet-
ings, and in cooperation with the Student Senate, the
Inter Social Greek Association is responsible for mon-
itoring Greek activity and providing leadership
throughout the campus.

ZETA PHI OMICRON: Zeta Phi Omicron is a
men's social and service organization offering partici-
pation in Greek living to men interested in a fellow-
ship atmosphere. Offering a different outlook upon
fraternal life, Zeta Phi Omicron is open to all males in
good academic standing.

ZETA DELTA CHI: Zeta Delta Chi is a social and
service organization designed for women. The pur-
pose of this sorority is to provide services for the cam-
pus and community, to be sisters to the brothers of
Sigma Delta Chi, to provide social activities for its
members, and to develop close and long-lasting
friendships. Membership is open to any female stu-
dent, with at least a 2.0 average, enrolled at York Col-

Student Life

lege. Anyone interested in these goals join us at our

Special Interest Groups: ALLIED HEALTH AS-
SOCIATION: The primary purpose of this organiza-
tion is to stimulate interest and appreciation in the
Allied Health fields. The club membership is open to
all students. The club serves as a medium of ex-
change of information in the area of the allied health
professions, and provides members with an opportu-
nity to foster inter- and intra-major rapport through
social functions, educational presentations, and field

ALPHA KAPPA OMEGA: This organization is a
branch of Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship and has
a three-fold purpose: 1) lead others to personal faith
in Christ as Lord and Savior; 2) help Christians grow
toward maturity as disciples of Christ, by study of
the Bible, b\' prayer and Christian fellowship; 3) pre-
sent the call of God to the world mission of the church
and to help students and faculty to discover God's
role for them. All meetings are open to anvone who
wishes to attend, regardless of religious background
or church affiliation.

ARMY: AUSA ROTC Company serves as a means
whereby ROTC cadets at YCP can increase their mili-
tary skills, general military background and partici-
pate in ceremonies and activities which will enhance
their respect for the United States and the Armv.

Union is a service group organized to provide unitv
and leadership to students who are interested in
stimulating and educating other students and the
community on topics concerning black people. The
organization is open to all students.

YCP students, the Catholic Campus Ministry is de-
signed to provide for the religious needs of the Cath-
olic communit\', as well as foster an understanding of
the Catholic faith within the entire campus commu-

CONCERT BAND: Membership is open lo any
York College student who has had former concert
band experience. The band performs at two com-
mencement exercises, a Christmas concert, and a
Spring concert. This course carries one credit, and
rehearses twice a week.

CONCERT CHOIR: The Concert Choir is a care-
fully selected group of approximately 40 singers who
represent the College in choral concerts. This organi-
zation is open to students who pass the necessary
auditions. It offers a wide variety of choral experience
with emphasis on musicianship and vocal tech-

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