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Friday, September 8, 2000


Find out the Accent's
picks for tile Super
Bowi. and meet the


students share what
they did over the


attend on Sabbath?

The Southern Ac

■ Raleigh Goldberg, an t

Huge freshman increase keys enrollment boost

Southern enrollment increases jor past six years

'■■z:^^^^- \ New public transportation services CoUegedale

ii(i.iy, Si-ptcmlmr II, 2001) I

Portrait of a criminal

isj'Hrii eirroir ^ ^ ' "" Designers

"^Mbh ments to

C}f\r%f Welcomes

Recycle nation-
the Accent ^f^_^^^

ll;\"iJ™!'c™''to£raK's»M"'"' Tuesday i s^^ t jp^n t discount

Contact the Accent 3:;7.r?r-r?jr£„:;.';:Lr,rr

News Desk: 423-238-2721 ^.!^^u!i"l%7^'",^?,T.^%SS- day at 20% off

Advertising: 423-238-2722 ""5"im,, -taimi,™ „r fj„.,„. s,.i,«i„ i.

Fax: 423-238-2441 S^^^^ te"!™L"!^lL"™!l^o5'",°,",°',.' —

OfflceHours '"('°!n«Mh,„,„„,h,i,..d..M,,h„»,„^.,. ^ ^KftflU ^

Sunday: 10 a.m.. 2 p,m. Zi/^r .''"r'rt'Ki^'^C: tftfiV •■•H A^

Monday: 10 a.m. -2 p.m. -kL"'™ - " * ft '^ CIIaA

Tuesday: 1 p.m. -5 p.m.; 7 p.m. - 12a.m. ..,„„*.,.,„,,„. ,„ ..„,„;™ ""„ ^|V ^flk

st:S\:™:::„":,T.,;;s';;::;::'r ff Chastain ^L

Wednesday: 10 a.m. -5 p.m. -i .urn ™™ „c ,...„.(,.,,„„„ k-,,., ^^W ^, . ^. ^k

S'J;,,M,™d;" ;"',;;;"■«"""""•;•'■■ ■"•' fe^ Chiropractic W^

Thursday: 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. £«;" a.-:.™-;;;"'::-!"™:™:; ^B Clinic Pi

Friday: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. AilHilh'o^^.M'™^ '" ^^^' "'"^""" '""""" ^^

The Soudicm Accent ""'m!".^""''?^',,"""",''^,,

P.O.BOX370 ''' ' ' ""'•I'":""'.. '■■■,;■!',",

^~^3S,r^'= '::;,, , : : ,, ;, „ ; = Dr Christopher R. Chastain

hllp:// i^ ..m, i..i,,,.i i . ,i,,-.',.'dr,'^uio'' ""

[email protected] .,,i '.ni'w "I"" \'';"' ^i'^siiipman.riiLin- ^flOft T T«i»r^_ •*, T-\ •

;;l;,;, ,.";;;:,,,, "!"'::.;r„r,s2r.aS jUzu university Drive

About the Accent '''2:"::':::::::":~';";::i^„,,'l2 Suite 5, Fleming Plaza Mini-Mall

CoUegedale, Tenn. 37315


Photographers and
•eporters. If you are
Wterested, please contact
editor at 23R-P791

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Super Bowl picks: Tampa ''' ^ ^^ «' ^ "^" *^^"^^ '^ •
Bay and Tennessee

2000-2001 NFL preview

1^10) While iu»c hu . hole n Maryland men's soccer wins two behind solid play from

Getting back into the "swing" of things 3i^||I EH;H|Ss!?

le p«>ple, louHh. Have j


Genetic engineering and coffee beans



fricndi will unJcmand. Feared hy

aKogUhn. Why else «.-ould wme-
Kigh blood ptcjsurc.insam-


dioiide fluid lo Mlracl Hie evil
gremlin kntm-n as CDlfeinc, Untor-


Monday, September 11, 2

Webster says

Music bootlegging and

the best and worst of the Web


,'. rAinfi in money uhen 1 mai^lj n,«n ih^i jou iin: doing loaded, and Ihen pay a SI 00 fee The TeChPOlOgy

fonlli'uwc'!^'.(^"hopro^ Ci^D" ''^^^'o'^'"' w ri^'l^oh^velh'e wnrT^-""'^ SeCtlOn JS lOOklng

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^™'y*^e^in'"* "^ ''"when Me.allieii's drummer, ^liddl"h%\°' ^""^' """ WaSmef Of Keith

e^J^''uli*''^ro«d tilh IfeS!-lJ' 3s'00TO"'nnm«' of Pulfef jf yOU Bfe

a blank cai«n= in die Upc u«n colleclcd jusi in 2 days *hu Interested.

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Page 6 The Southern Accent

enrollment finds
Southern unprepared

Welcome to Southern!

School administrators and student leaders welcomeyou to campus

A word from the president S.A. welcomes yOU

Possible solutions to
the problem

s:»Mr'."i'""i;:, £:,s;:;r;;;'~.;':. Welcome to dorm life

The Southem Accent

'' ■■;'''f ;■;::§'

Ask Ellie your questions about campus

; Did the U. Maryland

f™i™"™AU.'"ft"*='^ «,.',™,m'1~ SS^ — »«."»..~»i.-

.> ,1 experiment In


,.»,^,»n.d.rrt„ss°,! si'.rrCpiLS;.""." ,o.f".i*rr."s''.'°

"-" tiousing fail?


Welcome to

Southern. If you are

interested in helpiing

with the Accent,

there are several

positions open.

7 "-"ivr.


Please stop by our
office in the Student



Center or call 2721.

""""" "■"""■


The Sotfthera Accent Past 7

If you are interested
in contributing to this
section, please send
your submissions to
[email protected]
or stop by our office
in the Student Center.

Monday, September 11, 2000

Question and answer

An interview with Mike Fulbright:
his life and his plans for the Third


Life changing L^g int^ Qq^
truth -

New Places, New

by Zsne Yl "« ^i"*™' '■"™«« omof. tuy^

Weekend Church Schedule
September 16, 2000

SpMlBl 10 the Accent ml u« ihc Mmcurr' and ravini

■ ■'■ ■ "-.,.s „ :, ««te coraowUtyj

^^ ' ".iiiiL- jdrfneiJnwwd


Church Ooitewah
9:00 & 11:00 8:55 & 11:25

The 3rd Road
10:15 Church

9:00 & 11:30


11:00 Hamilton

Korean SDA Church
Church 11:30



October 12-17


l^ew (EngCancC

See adventist heritage for your-
self with special iiost Brian Strayer.

Coining this fall to a
campus near vou.*


Find out the Accent's
picks for the Super



Students share what
they did over the
summer and give
advice to new



with Mike Fulbright,
the new young adult
pastor, and what
churches can you
attend on Sabbath?





Washington (Reuters)

ongress pressed Fire-
,e and Ford Tuesday to
all documents
the deadly tire

shuttle Atlantis

I the doore, turned

the lights, sniffed the

-. 13-story Interna

e balance on Tuesday, a

I for its alleged role ii

at a-similar racial dispari-
^xisls throughout the
. criminal justice sys-

's Security Council. One
Gcial said the plans could

lunlry's media laws.

m Tuesday it believed

iiesults have been so
iing that the Nation-

. mostly in rat
London (Reuters)

Southern steps up in ranking

Southern joins Walla Walla as only Adventist colleges in second tier

By Jason Arnold

Southern climbed
he U.S. Ne
_teport Bi

reclaiming a ^cluuu uci

Teacher evalua-
tions received
typed and

Every year U.S. Ne<
and Wor "
colleges and

name the top 25 crlleaes
in each region and then
rank the rest of the col-
leges in three more levels, the

Last year's drop was par- information to U.S. News
tially due to a lack of and World Report. Tliis
financial information year the school was able

World Report ranks

By Kyle B

Some students may
feel indifferent and oth-
ers intimidated by
teacher evaluations, but
teachers and faculty

icourage students to

:press their opinions.

Although students may
feel stressed knowing

how a class I


encourages students I

, m


A hot summer day


Southern alumni
lead public relations

By Jason Arnold

Many students may n

Southern's Public

for lb weeks to help ol

: department. Most golh Howell and Nudd

the department has r

Commonly they botii

run the PR department individiially they have
it Southern. other olans

Howell, directorofpub- Howell said he (vants

McKee Food;

supervisor for southti

n with Southern.

School of Visual Art and Design gets new computer lab

;hanges and find the a

j—r changes ar

A plethora ol changes departmen

have taken place in the art ^^^^ friendij

department over the past -f},jg yQ^y

dent can log i

that's not cheap." geltin" Pizar said. in, junior art major is a certain amount oi

The Art cfepartment While most art slu- Rachel Komorowski said, upkeep necessary, il wl

purchases goods that will dents are content with the Although not everyone arc to keep pace wilti

be consumed and eventu- new changes, some senses the benefits, the changing t.-chnotop.

ally replaced such as film remain less enthusiastic. resounding sentiment Lab fees were ili<' utily

stock, lighting supplies, "I'm glad the art heard from most is that means bv wliiLti iin'

and a multitude of other department is progress- the art departmer

dents will be charged
S500 lab fee for the cc.
and upkeep of departmen-

2 of

I upkeep of departmen- Junior animation major
equipment and sup- Nathan Pizar said, "^t

give students a greatei

sense of ownership

,.^ respoBJbilily. and familiar

and ily. 1 definitely feel like I n

dard of their craft.
Wayne Hazen Dean o

The upRrade incluiied a
lelwork with a terabyte of

'I The Soutfaem Accent

reputation school.

^, were sent to "Very few numbers are

it of ttie other schools compared in this ranking

■ ■ ] those numbers are

; always what reflect

e southern region to and those numbers :

introduce those ;

to Southern, Sauder saJd. the value 01 a

Advertisements were also Bietz said. "For 01

and News Week.

When asked


advertisements will only great deal t


There i

be printed in magazines easily

in the southern region, bers Inat ueiermine uie

T^ie cost of regional Duy- value of a person's educa-

Bietz added. "1

the :

know of any students w

Review, Sauder said. chose Southern t

Students feel the

e rankings."
took some work foi
hern to climb back u

community," said Susie Southern

ments are tur
office thai C(

Bahcock said.

Babcock said that
while teachers appreciate

really "don't help' you

derful," Hazen said. "I
think the students will
definitely benefit from

Thursday: I p.m. - 5 p.m.

Friday; 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

The Soulhcm Accent

P.O. Box 370

Collegedale. Tenn. 37315



accent @ southern. cdu

About the Accent

Off-campus I
get internet i

Trayer on the tootball
field a free speech sin

students living in off- the

"'.*' house will point directly Badger

mil allow " (U-WIRE) MADISON, one Our Father before

ne in the house to wis- Oh «™ .,.. ^—
(he school's Inter- [j,, ^^^^^^l district of Santa

16 years that I v

., jnded hv all t

praying did !
one Our Fathv. ^^.^-.^ -
football game, a basket-
ed game of table 1

s housing are fru^ kickoftat football games,

using the wireless Inter- accessibility to the Inter-
net for the new student ^eL
apartments currently -ji has been stressful to
being built. That is why (,ot have a computer

said publi
school district The defei.
dants claim that their

\Vhy? Well. 1 cannot speak
for the administrators of
any of my schools, but I
would guess that _ it
..^„™„.j silly. I don t think
iL cYt.i crossed tJie minds
of the spectators to have a
pregame prayer.

rayers uvci mc wouio kucm """■ '
PA system before seemed silly. I don't think

participate in the pra

atmosphere is fairly c
cive. I am not saying \
prayer should be forb
den in the world of si

First Amendment rights

-eligion pregame prayers

game ymyc's ntit ..■-
iiuL allowed back in July, force
However, some students of the

U. Florida alumnus
killed in West Timor
militia attack

" selves - claim that broad-
casting prayers at a pubLc
function excludes stu-
dents of other religions
and flies in the face of sep-
aration of church and
state. ^Vhat we have here

wrong, so they tried to
arrange a demonstration
for the first game of the
year in September. How-
ever, the orotesE fell flat
when only 200 people

However, if Uiey try

-■ ;mem^,

parti cip

iating'^lhe First Aniei

sonal prayer for the it

r there announcer's introduction

/i-rsity of Floi
inus Carlos Cacerei

Elba Caceres, said Sun-

t and dedicated. He

Florida Iikecl to help people. "He Nowbeforeyi

idp people. He wanted to

Wedn.-sday in V

journalism degree ii
Spring of 1988. was work-
iiiK iV.r llu- D.N High

she said. "Wherever 1
Elba Caceres said h'

"He loved different cul-
tures," she said. "He

fused by his son's death,
"One of the questions I
for the United

the computer tab and fire

'" ngry e-mail to the

I would like to

organizers believed place in tins counb-y? I

,,,_._ powered we expect God to

despite the football game
interest? Is God <
edge of His seat. Pi ..
hand, shouting obsce
ties at the referees?
I tiiink spectators thi

would have overpowered
the announcer, despite
his use of the FA system.
! think Uie poor participa-
tion should prove to the
organizers and defen-
dants alike that not every-
one in their small Texas way too rr
town believes in their own influen
cause. come of a I

I wonder about the And the ■
spirituality of the defen- Santa Fe,
dants in tliis case, whose
allies have harassed those

I much of th

d football. But did we
er have a prayer broad-
it over the PA at a foot-

assaulted Cath(

own perceptions of C
Maybe G ' '

having 1

Maybe Santa

.. ipting God wh

he watches ''Providen(

end of the ifay, broadcast

He (Caceres) over the school PA In reli'gious element ii

is interrupting God wh
Itches ''Providen(
Friday night
s likely


Advertising: 423-238-2722


Omcc Houre

Sunday: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Monday: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Tuesday: 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.; 7 p.m

- 12 a.m.

Wednesday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Wliat happened?" said his
[allier. Gregorio Caceres.
Caceres' fither said a
Geneva official of the
U.N. High Commissioner
for Refugees told him the
United Nations had evac-

evacuated, lunch. But i

- Christians school ft

simply because they dis-

,t them back after the

Indonesian government
proniir ■ ■ ■ '- -


Some Southern high schools are
disobeying Supreme Court praye

soldiers bv Scon Ji

The Duvmondback

i|ii'Hi s.iiil, w;ib. plagued by violence

■ I "(Ik' pendence referendum.

vrrv Militias supported by the

<:<l "He Indonesian government

'I. mill-." destroyed much of the

V. il e- territory. It was then that

ii iim many ^st Timorese fled

.! Ill [| a island seeking refuge.

I'll. U.N. officials said Friday

' ' ill, it he that they thought miiitia-

.. iM- ihe men in Betun, 30 miles

1 S.111I. south of Alambua, klUed

ar ulien he 20 villagers,

t what kind Tipton said he did not

was headed know Caceres was in
West Timor, and that he

iFiiilv is iiii/- was saddened to hear the

'■ .i" 'il' "Unjust too bad it had

PARK. Md. - The Ughts
go up, the national
anthem has just ended

^re^to^'tfke^^e^field' ^^^°
4,000 voices join in tiie ^^n
Lord's Prayer, echoing a ^e i'r

both legal and illegal
In Mississippi, where

'This effort unc

controversy that has been
brewing since June.

In Santa Fe, Texas. .

!o follow the

"\Ve support I

Santa Fe Indeper
School District bee

students invoked c

although we don't agree
■■■'"- ■■" "-yant said in ,-
USA Today,
^ai ncek the
versy returned
nlace where it b ■
I group called

with it" Bryant s
statement to USA .
Last week the i
versy returned to me
place where it began with
a group callei* ' ""
No Play. The

prayer was at _
when done privately.

Supreme Court ruled &-3
that school-sponsored
prayer before football

e said. tiond because it violates
the Establishment Clause

that il would lead a 10,000
person prayer rally at the
opening football game
between SanU Fe and
Hitchcock high schools.

Kody Shed. No Pray,
No Play director, said his
group will distribute

led to this report which stipulates

lUh%af^^S™S «-%««!& gw^-SuSSrS'

pray, but Uiey should

public school setti
Saturday's prayer r
Fe only i^

The Accent is look-
ing for staff writers
for all sections, pho-
tographers, and
someone with expe-
rience In Quark
XPress, Free Hand
and Photoshop. Call
2721 or email
[email protected]

"Our leaflets ;

rallies vnll be besides the

itudentsthediffi- Oie LorJ

choice between

personally offensive reli-
gious ritual." according to

released by the Court

the National Anthem

The Anti-Defamation

Jl season beguis around <;„,«;.; — „_*■ "f.
the nation, some high
schools in the South are

cSs Son' t^rouSh

and bigotry.
effort to pro-

attending the high schi
game, but parlif '

sides feel that i!

"We look an issue
the Supreme Court t

Bridget Louivier, a spe

Houston Chronicle. "■
school board came ho

Coming soon, the

new Accent


Friday, September 15, 2000

Elusive young voters could
swing election

iio raplTOGeiirgtP.Ba5h,«.i.ot
=Bi- nond,Gov.JebB«!h.tiintand

uncle. Geo;^ P spoke at Ihe

IBM launches
college hiring pro-

lie compmy.
IriJen bi cosiil


PIS at getting young peo. John F. Kennedy and Hichanl don IBM recruitet^are •
ivolvcil ate jnsi anoOter Nntnn a. nn eiainple. Blnois spreading out to eduo

nternet makes stealing
erm papers easy as
:opy and paste

> tol S,UD,



professors are keyed into ways

(U-WiRE) KENT, Ohio -

compared to Che number who

10 galhcr ideas and info

■Idon'llhink you can easily

aa 15 she Rradedl^smderi's

fool any English professor." she

'If teachers showed students

M Eyre- paper for her fresh-

said. -Plagiarism has been

n composition class. Correct

than iusi galhering


something that |wel are vigilant



they're abusing (he silc


^ K^nt State junior Rhea Gray
also usually avoids the Internet

site helps educators catch

Halfwaj. ihrough (jrading



when writing papers. One time,
she said she grabbed informa-


idine the same paper.



The information turned out to

be better oft copying straight


SS.'""' '""'


Tve been tempted because

the plagiarism.-

"^'ll Lo d'

ItV h^said. "A br^e





Inierncl is everywhere


you can't trust them air

sho"ld'i)bce tXl cmph^^Ts°o'^

m tant^'ds'^ot'Ti;?,




McCabe. who recenUy conv

stu" d-af^'^plS toifenllhe


ca ylflii™ dealt «ilh

at least

'"^ refrom'thrlnlern^dS




sense of guilt. Their chealing




•Just because we do

•^nicl has emerged as a


students are strtssing^ ^or

''''^l'°irish^l'^uld say thai f


deparunent dealt with


■Tliey think, 'If them, why

have found a foolproof way to
detect plagiarism,- she said.

" pve sludenw access lo



Lord recently typed "Jane

twiimt^ ^"'^f'' fr" '"^ ~

pa^^from the Intern

L Chair

However, sites can also strip

Eyre- into eui Internet search

Stes "like" ™school-

S'e"e''SLf of K



S'sh^ed her. """""'"'

iek. an anthropology major.

now!'-'"she ^d^Tl ^"Zm^


"I think everybody's


papersl all the time," he said.

Ihing tliat looks like another
one I graded. I dig through that
pile much sooner.-

S', said his



wh,^''w^"tchrf i^'5




IS^ur!:e MTthU^-UeTu.^

Come vote for
your senators

Voting locations:
Talge Hall,
Thatcher Hall,
Student Center

Voice your opin-
ions! Come vote!

Universities figiit online
notes plienomenon

r I "1 The Southern Accent

1 echnologv

Friday, September 15, 2000 \J W

pro- by federal copyrighl U releases new version of site
as students head back to school


NESS WIRE via COLLE- studenls do around c

^ the things the colleRe market.


SepL 7, 20OO-, a
leading Internet provider

'luding eating, shop- New York City based

Ask a

Bluetooth-not just a weird name

-Mouse Problems

Christmas breax ana you required are a Das
need your computer. But m^^ controller)
that nest of wires beh^ind v^j-t tlie r^dio sigi.-.
digital signal and i

coworkers - all
geek stuff.

blow the dust out of Ih

hurt to clean the ball off
with rubbing alcohol (DO

his old printer so I don't
have to use lhe...ones in
the lab, but my computer

there a way to TELL the
computer what kind of
printer it is? Do I need a
disk of some sort?

to get a driver for your
printer. Ifyou havelnler-

Bluetooth is

a protocol
ng developed tajn (fata integrity ;

I supported by many ^^me software (iink rr.— _ .

ager). which coordinates ods like EEherne_tj^to]jgii

panies tt

world. '"iT^e idea of Bluetooth Southern's network).
Among the 1,900 compa- j^ ,(, enable wireless a - ■■ -

Oess than 1/100 that

involved i

industry leadersas3Com. devices. Previously

.i^.'^_-_,^'^!"j- devices' often had I

, -, , .- lacmrer, orl"

hke this, the technology is bility built ir
bound to succeed.

How does it work?
Bluetooth uses the radio

be ceed, judging from t

nil- huge industry backi

that it already has. ' "

n effort ti

n the 2.4 GHz


Hewlett I^ackard LaserJet

model of your printer (i.t


designed websiti
rating feedback
from students a

led to offer


them back to
the fall semester.- said
Ronald Stein. CEO of "Our
combination of an updat-
ed online presence, and
offline, campus-based stu-
dent teams, offers the

denis and merchants. We

UConnections students'
most valuable campus

market, alumni and tliose

click food ordering, i

m pi em en ted.

3 uConnec-

colleges and


the country,
students I


UConnections _ _ ^„

ing the public eye. UCon- campus online to bet

nectipns will be part of a Thelnternet College

special report for the nectionCTM). For i

■^.com" senes, airing on information

CNBC, Saturday Septem- 212.532.'1321 or

ber 16th at Noon Eastern www.uconnections C(
Time. Other upcoming Source:
features include a CEO
Interview in the Septem- Contact-
ber issue of Wall Street IIC„n»^riin«. .
Reporter, and an article in

the OctnhPr ifiBiiP n(

eovenng ^J^.ullne^;llo^s
emerRence ae a leader ii

. -.. York Mia K.
Dammen. 212/532-4321

Magazine pP&uconnecU

"Google Searcn", Tliat
vrill bring up a list of web-
sites that fit the search

Facturer's website should
always have drivers tor



you are prontpted for the

wizard. If the file that you

cutable (ends with .exe)

before your computer will
know that the driver is

□e that helped

MPEG-4 in our future

have plagued MPEG-3.

The best and worst of the Web

Good site oftheweck

K^.^u.i should definitely mg. m
match. One of the first iiushy -

known as... SQUIRRELS!"



e way is a direct loss for words oi
n the first line of It's a site ded

rt with the "look" for God's'

BigWords liave a smooth
look but they also have
cool stuff for the average
dent CI ■'

themselves around m. It's

college student Clothes.

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