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"reasonable" (which
shouldn't apply to useless

content because

know where HI end
The site is one of tliosc
personal hodge podge
sites that really has
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Bad site of the week:

jon^s World p Squir-

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is that while perusing t
site for all the tidbits

wiJen "'s-"^^-

clean chimneys c

lling squirrels for f
passage is never fun.
wise. 1 am unwilling
divulge the details
those experiences h'

|1 ' TheSoulheraAtcenl


Alpha hydroxy acids
in skin care

Cleopatra bathed

They help to eliminate

_ layer _.. .„_, ™..

nllk, and noble European thickens, and thick skin and chesL By the sam

5 pampered their loses its elasticity and mechanism, AHAs get ri

:s with wine baths to fresh look. AHAs c — - '- '

_. . silky smooth skin, the rescue: they

Upha Hydroxy Acids down tiie sugars

;e dramatic results, especial-

, - - Jn ly for serious skin condi-

jefore their cement', the material that hons, but they are being

e the aging process

AJpha hydroxy acids
y familiar to all of

iult, skin easily als

Lefs go deeper, to the there

AHAs prodi

dramatic rei , - -

ly for serious skin condi-
bons, but they are being
used only by profession-

dermis. While making the tive products formulated

- Apples ■ malic_acid_

', alpha hydroxy acids . - - ^ — -

'0 make the ground might not work a

; rich substance of die dermis more concentrated solu-

thicker, thereby eliminat-

xtracted from sugar
AHAs are natural - not

prised at the results they

lants and natural foods. Wes. It has been found Note: Information

more: they produce alpha
alpha hydroxy acetoxy acids (AAA),
■e the most popu- which do the opposite of

r skin horny layer

Ok. Now let's talk skin . . _

iboul how AHAs work happens has yet to be

ind what they do to make explained by scientists,

kin look younger. in the meantime.

Studies have shown AHAs' ability to help skin

hat AHAs are especially shed unwanted cells

" " 'C oh the horny makes it very useful in

the one made of eliminating wrinkles and

;lis). Asyou know, age spots & in relieving

time goes on, our atliEator skin and associ-

;kin loses its abtlih' to get ated dryness & thicken-

ti^en as a medical advice.
Always consult your doc-
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(C) Natalie Katsman,

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Article courtesy of
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Surveys clash on
^iews about college

Friday, September 15, 2000

Like it loud?
That's okay!

Many a SAU stude
has wanted to play the
music really loud at son
point. Usually they're 1

ery made by Ping Shenj
and others at Honj
Kong's Universih' of Sc
ence and Technology m

like this much
Materials to
sounds of higher pitc!
have been arou '
awhile, but a wall

and his


1 h Id U 1

''' d' '•'d't'


tal b 11 n
Id th d t 11

^ m Tl hb

d b (M U 1 Id


b 1 p cy d

se By Si BKlh

r if / d 6 II

8 It U t,^

1 h Id II W k

Backpacks can be
pain in the neck

Particle responsible
for mass discovered?

long enough to be delect-

cle that determines mass.

des, which idenafy tbi it
did indeed exisi iil mn-
time- nieorolinillv ;iiiv

working with a large par-

ALCPH in the CERN par-


title phisics laboratory A
Large Electron Positron
ColBder (LEP) was used

while Ihe results could l.t

nave enough evidenci' In

accelerate the particles.

terious Higgs boson.

tides that are thought to

tied al the end of this

month to make w.iy for a

with similar purpose. This

Higgs boson has been

lie lime In colled euoutjh

thought to exist for about

data 111 prove their

30 years, but has eluded

hypothesis. Some politico.

detection by existing for

are involved as well, as

is schediilpd In CLiiitiniR'

ALEPH used the LEP to

their research on the

smash particles together

Higgs boson. While the

Coming Soon . .

The Southern Accent online!

IHealth Chat's healthy nutrition:
introducing echinacea

ket which poL_.

dietary considered to be the best while


e for medicinal effi-

One of the best

', although the leaves
have a potent effect
;ed, many echinacea

Finally.. besides using it UK's forei
people to lake and a

health and lilnes


mented is echinacea. from the whole of the

Also known as purple plant offering the benefits

effective when taken full
[ently. If you lio
J take echinat
g periods
: tliroughoi

system, achy limbs for exampli

itchy throat (
; for exam

dalised cells which fight
tinct and powerful anti-

repeat this
r. Evidence si

day until the illness i


for long periods,

instance tliroughoul win- mi.iii..n t 'n

ter when viral infections maji.i'i'"'

lend to be at their most psycliiiiirisl

prevalent in the general saud. Dr.

population, remember to oripnal Vii

take it in small quantities doctor.
for only two to three

weeks in each month. Article

a HealdiChat 2000

Dr. Sims is the Medical
Director of RtStop. the

W • I ' TheSoulheraAccenl 1


Friday, September IS, 2O0O "W

Subway or Blimpie? L'steningpleasure

September Entertainment Calendar

Thursday, September 14

ChatUinooga Symphony &
Opera Association

Symphony Series; Ameri-


The Cliatlanoo([a Symphony

one ana tneir brolhcr can enjoy.
Featured Ihis week: WORLD

CARTER! Also featured will be
major works of 20tli Century
American music. Special Ireat

Votapek will play Rhapsody in

Note: come at 7;00 p.m.. and ISkv
Maestro Robert Bernhardt will \^^:
^ w^Jiw^i^"^^ ^'^^' Providei

Chattanooga Symphony &.
Opera Guild
Ovations Receptii

Tivoli Theatre

Come backstage directly after
he Landmarks performance foi
the "Opening Night Ovalioni
Reception" for a chance "
and greet champagm

guest artist Call to mak

jrformers at Jaiielle's Juic

n woodworking, soap mak-

weekago. Shepror
hear The Dig 'ill rci
that evening, but di

They must have pi

liard that night, 1 1ie play
through September jO.

Q practice a exhibit of his paintings and draw- in^ and blacksmithing (making

ilay later on and Northea;

ipired by the Southern thmgs out of metal).

Lcader»hip ChnttanooKn
:iusH of 1999

Tliursday. September 21
The Big Three
Live in Concert
Southside Jazz Junction
Come celebrate the elevator

music of yesteryear performed

the pony rides, wagi

""mes, contests and me iiin
nuat Hamilton County Parks
d Recreation Department sack

; of Chattanooga's
illocalb- '

Saturday. September 23

Chattanooga TraditJonal
Dance Socie^

Contra Dancing

All Saint's Academy

Peavine Creek of Atlanta will
perform. Doug Singleton will

Folk Music/Tenness

t "^^n^ Kt""n":S '" ^^S' P«*/Han,il,on County

larity. Forget baseball. Corneal
see why Contra Dancing is Amt
ica's RML pastime!

Tliursday, September 28

Cbattanoo)^ State Techni-
cal Commumty College

Amphitheater Events: 2l9t
Century Renaissance

Come with us! Joe Helseth
will lead a tour of the sculpture
gardens and TTie President's
Exhibit Following the tour will
be a lecture on "Ideal Proportion
or the Golden Mean". Many
other lectures will also occur at
this time. Join us afterward on
the lawn by the sculpture garden
to enjoy a concert by the Chat-
tanooga Symphony Orchestra
with Maestro Robert Bernhardt.
Cokes and ice cream are to be
provided, though guests are wel-

ihat Guests wishing
•u mti.n uieir picnic baskets
while attending the lectures

guided tour. Picnic baskets will

so you don't show up with your
dale and get rejected at the door.

Saturday. September 16
Chattanooga Theatre Ccn-

Circle Series Production:
An Ideal Husband

past with incriminating charge..
A lively comedy by Oscar Wide
that could be npped from todays
headlines, but created by one of

Hubert Fry Center. V

bartered for large s

f this play

. bby. bulwe'

t the piay. I met one of the

: Not too shabby, but we'll s(



Tuesday. September 19

Hunter Museum of Ameri-
can Art

Art After Work; George
Cress: Recent Works

Join artist George Cress as he

JOKER Release Party
Come get your copy of the
JOKER! This 215-page full-color
catalog has the latest products
from all over the world, updated
with statistics, easy-find refer-
ence tabs, and new tracking num-
bers for your browsing, rating,
and dating pleasure.

Sunday. September 24

Hamilton County Parks ai
Rccreulion Department

llth Annual Coimly Fair

Chester Frost Park

Robert Bernhardt

Chattanooga Traditional
ancc Soaety
Contra Dancing
All Saint's Academy
Martx Bnggs of Atianta will
Midnight Kitchen o[

:a will play "

Enrique Igle

Atlanta will play

exhibits. Demonstrations will be

622-6004/867-7359 '

irlsnol anSDA.Thelf
Sfct your elders

ftho the teacher is: l beiieve as students
Jexlsts a certain obligation to respect a
a peison In auihority.
re supposed to model alter God
:i if we are being prejudicial ai
^atory to people who are not SDA tl

are laiiing short ot the glory ol

ifit to echo your senliment and tell peopl^

B that it you are going to be a C

fatter our Lord and Savior Jestj ;-

2 many who are not of this (ola

IRng into My kingdom " Who are v. ■.

n praying that you wiH noi all.

B to separate yoti from the love ol 6^

s or her behavior.


■ 1 I I ^L I The Soulhera Accent

Mm Xpress

Friday, September 15, 2000 J

Catch 77-The tour experience

But when Christ

orld Seven is the per-

i Chad Stuart ing and lalkji „
would speak. Then we many Adventist youth.

would break
groups and lead Bible
classes. After that we
would play a concert. But
even then, we stayed
around for a few days to
establish friendships.
Billy: It sounds like

Dave Tolbert: It v

it seemed much more
open, and the West Coast

Tolbert: "One chaplains, religion teach-

through your music min-

Matt: Adventist youth
need a new form of wor-
ship and spiritual enrich-

focusing just on the
youth. I feel that they real-
ly appreciate it and feel

by playing I .__

kind of sMe they like.

Catch 77: iTie mc

that we say at every c

What do you think makes
Southern spiritual?


direcdy to them
















ir late


L- \,.JH(


The students that are dedicated to Christ and living that
way. It really shows in the student-led programs like CIA,
campus Bible studies and Student Week of Prayer."

s people praying for u

-Kenia Rodriguez


"I wish I knew, but I think the spirituality of Southern is
dependent on each individual student, not jusl good pro-
grams or faculty."


^^_ ... 1 Division's New
Year's Celebration called
Genesis 2000. Then we
traveled through Col-
orado. Nebraska. Idaho,
Washington and Califor-
'a playing at Adventist

1 fire and giving youth

especially remember q

Matt They had a lot of

for Jesus. She actually practical questions about
shared Christ and what things like drugs and &

Many youth had a knowl-

her edge of die Bible but m '

[great show at unchurched friends. They lot of Spirit

Scott Callender: "It this

East Coast and played in
places from Ontario to
Florida. Our final official

of talked about If s

anyone who wants to
know) mil be coming out
on a new album somedme
in October. We'll be hav-

"Having so many opportunities for student Interaction like
the Third and drama. When we get involved we grow spiri-

somewhere around Junior

-Rachel Lombard

e asked questions, it years, he will place a high-

r at the Meb

strengthened me by mak-
ing me search. I learned

iVe would lead praise and

with a lot of

you all this Knowledge but
■ ' lever study themselves
)r make it their own.
Billy: What is your

love doing this and would
love to get paid for it But

hands. However far God
takes us. we are willing to

Christ in the President

Inquisitive rebellion

s eighl-year-old's because s

computer. For others, it is
what 1 like to call "i

, Mel Gibson portrays
inner s' ' ' -
n whose (

How to devel-
op a deeper
with Christ

"- ■ — r After len years in the bunk sobbing, because

do you want oth- f^^™ pavjd had jj made. Jesus' love for nie person-

Mnyou?-Aque5- He had worked his way ally had become real,"

I have probably successfuUy to the top David said. "At that point

■ struggle of £

I. Should he join the
of American free
r play it safe for his
and remain under
h rule? Although
rying to keep the peac;e

revolution and the birth

" - - ,- and distinguished rank-

The expected answer jj,g

from any "good" Christian -Although I was lilled

would reflect a desire to ^■^^i^ n,any aspirations

be like Chnst How can ,j,at would make me a

somediing imperfect gen- Commander in the Navy,

thing perfect' \Vhat does ^an with aU the benefits, 1

University life,

standards, about God s

pie than

^erienced b__.

We have a larger selection

have experienced before.

SA President David War-

personal number o)
IS that one person
closer to Christ,

s empty on the inside, changed."

J a room full of bub- David started

:old-blooded murder

foods, classes and helps us all get rid of the

; burn his house ^nd under this

less. Inquisitive rebellion
helps us all get rid r''" -

senseless formalis.
ur religion. Now is a

o new places, think
eeper thoughts and find

this '*

D action. But
really lo join

squeak rebellion?

bravery and

'- the visioi. ..

independent nation?

College is a
rebellion. For m

Will I drink or have a

f birthing

■ child


anything." But not every-

thmg is beneficial" (1 Cor

10:23-24). Test every-

,j tiling . . . Hold on to what

i that is good" (IThess 5:21).

'Brokeness: Empty
yourself of self, and
recognize your need
for Jesus

With a God-

ted lo SAU. His

Christ is the fuel

sanctified, and holy.

How to keep your
relationship with
Christ strong
'Recognize it all
comes from God.

It apart, life. Where


such dedication,

Although born a
:opalian, David 2"

While attending Bible

David Warden plar

shidies on the ship, David opportunity


Christ He did n
lain of ^e ship i

real in their lives.

e Chap- the individual.

) help peo-

y_ Baptist, claim- nig^t ^

e born yet who

■ to the I

Christiajiily _ only ^'^"feveVlionTs weli'as

when It was convenient gi\j^f ojble topics

-I have been in and ou grabbed his attention. He will only t.

of different churches all gggan to understand and sage of Jesus Chnst from

my life." David said. "I personally experience the you."

used lo choose a church power of God's word. He personifies this

only if it had a good bas- on September 12, thought by being used by

ketball team." 1997 David saw for the God to reach out to oth-

Life led him over some f,^^ (j^^ in his life the ers.
rough ground, and as a

mn only hear the 1

Do things the
easy way

Free college
for all

Chapel met each dav at 1 1

On Tuesday and
Hiursday, U a.m, classes
■net at 7 a.m. On Monday,
Wednesday and Friday,
:;ach class, beginning

school sludenrWillVi^fiise.
and Friday Under a" new ISw,
;lra hourearly signed by California Gov,

Gray Davis Monday, any
es no sense, ''isfi school senior in the

changes will and a yearly tamily

e hour unlil confuing lo the students.

S64.000 will be eligible (or
full tuition at any Califor-
nia State University or

Universitv of California

'urlher. if the public

..n affordable.
Critics have c

school could have been thin^jf

11 a.m. classes Monday
through Friday meet at 7

"D.m,. Instead, they matle
those who have morning

".classes on Monday,

plan will

n of Stan

■ademically selective

opposite will likely be

" , If students who

normally have

erred by " " " '


1 of standards a

been deterred by the high
costs of college are '
lo apply, the level of

dents and teachers.


i The Southern Accent

;, jos:c?



Atmnmiso Mmughk

'. JSilTrlo.

DEnaN/GMFwa EonoR

} JEHRV Wasmeh

DESics/Oiumcs EonvK

i f«S™

Elva Cavabyab


I """s^sr™"




IhTEcmoLOcr/SaEHCE EonoR


lools will increase. The
V foreseeable problem
li this plan is a oalloon-
enrollment beyond
maximum capacities
he slate's colleges and

which barred affirmative

^ ,., - action based on race. This

California -a law helps complele the

'ilh u population of
han 30 million - is
making higher education
an entitlement for stu-
dents who have the

grades but do

Die money. At a..

ed cosl of Si billion a year,

— '— ■■ ibilious; it if

Uiing to do.

economically based ;
Although there may

ilan is ambitious; it is educatior

million students
support Ihemseh
through student loans.

stimated 5.4 arightinthi

Higher educatior
. -ight in this count

this proposal vrill n

fe„.a*' w„-.m,„

IIarmonv Tuxebson

al government should Chronicled

soon ... the
Accent online

Minimum wage
needs to be raised

OXFORD. Miss. - A A person working full- the minimum

bill is currently befottfthe " ' "

U.S. Senate to raiSethe

■ ■ num wage by $].
S5.1_5 lo $6.15 per

■ tion, the bill includes a _

, . . . ■ crediCfbr small busines^

before taxes, barely above to help compensate fol

the federal poverty line. "' ' ' '

Still, that's much better

sissippi in particular. 310,716 the

in January 2001
no a second 50 cent raisp
n January 2002. Ape

about Sl2,7
before taxes,

the federal poverty line.
Still, that's much better
than the approximate
"-■".6 the same pe
per year right r
Kaising the minii
wage is especially i
[ant for Missi',..,,
which is perennially ■

for Mississippi,

" '' perennially one


income. One hundred
seventy-five thousand


In the end. S40 \
veek means much mi
o a single mother tryinn

trying to make it in th«
"real world" than t

partisan bickering o
every few years, it si - .
simply be tied to the Cofl|

en ted economy, low-w

mgly substantial part of
the work force. However,

it is nearly impossible to

small businesses to lay off
workers lo compensat(
(or the additional expend!

un employ mi


;!d force allowed li

workers lo compensate
"■ ' e additional expendi-
thus raising the
ployment rate. How-
such a burst of

This staff edUomM

materialize the last t

The Accent is happy to serve youl

n™J,„„feSi ™^"ff f f,'''™l"?». Me S'Jil>«ln, Mall

IV Ti Im™ n ™"°''"' MiiMlt Vounkln. Joline Hnmll, Jason AmoW. J

V ""S^oai Uavc Leonard '
. dS nS° '^«'«™"". Shall) Soarteu, Louis Lidil, Mnndy

Hie Soulfaem Aixent P

3A needs you

Student and responsibility.

To get involved wth

the SX judiciary Coun-
cil or other SA appoint-
phone David

I Cady Van Dolson,

. . ^_. ... terrorist
bolittcal asylum in the

United States.

today in



And they call this


ing other reading this? A SMALL What I really needed I was too busy being loud, major downpour, which I peaceful quietness
laT space PEN. That panicky, out-of- was thankfiil for. found.

My standard dialogue
ely has been, "Oops,
rry. Didn't mean to

■ ■ ffood of

L absolute I

The jam-packed feeling
of being swept involuntar-
ily across the floor by a
wave of people freaks me

It makes me realize
how easy it is for all the
noise of life to drown out
the small, peaceful things
that make life enjoyable.

I many peopl
luthern is like, ^udi^in
it of National Geograph-
or some other show
at has lots of busy ani-

i just flashy and deafening and

Adminislration. are you Emph.

the W^ek of Spiritual


quiet, but 1 didn't

ky, out-of-
eiing began to
te when things
r and the days disgust

ed out of the sky and won- ders that kept crawling oi
dered how long I would mybacV— ■'■

. this I

cycle of hurivdrum life.

Like a gerbil.

So I got off work
Wednesday afternoon,
and was powering down
die sidewalk from Brock
to the cafe when it began

I liate geCdng rained

I that bulletin

promenade before

I did, after all, have to
to the cafe, and there

their mother with

sandals and will i

s qui shy
gooey na

1 felt like a fruitcake.

As I stood there, I even- Harmony is a junior

tually resigned myself to public relations major

shelter thing on the the fact that I was stuck, from Louisiana.



i/ly dream for a new school year

The blue-gray sky
lended in with the

Life's little details

i is fundamen-

.__ I's children. I

have learned that some-
- d asks us to fol-

_._ ^ see where He's leading.

flie Florida "Socie^ for And by understanding the
- ■ " ■■ ' ' ireaible faith of my par-

ts, I have learned that

from family, so young aj

a! speaker for his profes-

Respiratory Care. He and

his dog guide 1
and work together. My
parents don't often talk
about the accident, but
when they do, they speak

[ die One


less than a month, miles appreciate each person';

learned that we all o
ate with some type of

ability, and learning I

wfio^ never les .

struggle alone.

Jolene is a junor print
journalism major from
Florida. She is the editori-


My advice to pre-med

so you diink that you today were not at all what

are going to be a big doc- I expected,

tor. You have to work a lit- Vet I loved the work

tie harder in college, but and the people so much

you know it will all pay off that the problems really

when you have your big didn't matter anyrnore.

house and drive your Although medicine

brand new Mercedes. workea for me, it wasn't

Think again, die first career I tried.

Medicine has changed Last summer I was
a lot in the last few years,

it used to be. If you want
to make a lot of money, go

into business. Why go


Jonathan ^''
Geach [{

Smidi's talk on Sabbath, I fun ii

that we should be called

liie moral: You '

preachers. He needs
good workers in every
field. God calls everyone

until I worked for



The Geor^

a doctors office. It chemistry ma\0T from

Friday, September 15, 2000

I swear I left my car here


Adventist Pick Up

by Rob York

1 0. That's quite a set of ethics you got


9. How 'bout we go bacl< to my

place and read Song of Solomon?

S.JVly name's not John, but you're giving

me a revelation.

7. Didn't the King's Heralds write a song

about you?

6. Would you like to

dance?.. .yeah?. neither!

5. Tofu should taste as good as you look

4. I'm thinking., me, dinner, and


3. Jacob would have worked 15 years foi


2.S0 what are you doing after the

Millenium Seminar?

1 . Some people say I look like Dwight


hursday, September 21, 2000


The Accent
explores the new
Mac operating



Students share their
thoughts as the new

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