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^n<T svslem to com- book until earUer this week,
^^ithlrachers and "It super sucks not hav-

■ of books they need, point blame, but 1 would Uke

the shortage was lending me Ws book,' Davis

me teachers didn't said.
ir orders in until the "Hie book Davis needed

a Ihf d^ot rejsll^ bookandaCD-ROM. Myers

jhlerssaid. said that bundles are put

late ordering put together by

c bundle

gotten all their shipments
now. Tlie two lost shipmer

Myers and Wohlers said tl;

though, the students and

change and are happy t
learning and working b

Small group leaders retreat

fall like weather. ^^^^^^ „ „^„ j,.„,^_„. ...

ntslic lodge in the moun- ^^ school of Religion. On pus by
crackling fire all pro- p^jj^y ^i,t. the group took blessed, a;

I ^1%^

^dea. Each bicycle
id attached lo th

a card, encased in plas- Campus

includes the bicycle's rules.
Some of the rules include

and not storing the bicycles

Campus Safety,
students that s

Some colleges drop
SAT requirement

Dickinson only reports the

their calculators, pencils ai

dents, the SATs ;

average student SAT
Dickinson was dr
from "highly competiti'

, standard b

"highly competiti\
I though Dickins

from diff^

policy. Bekhit, a sophor
Dickin- ence prc-professioi
i place The Noire Dan
ins office does fi

ademic success.
■^Ve look at 30C

ove and 200 students w

an grades are finishel

:hools, ther

II perform

^d Mundy

; charged

tires inflated.
'Especially sine

i desktop publishing
:ie general lab. now

ily in the late afternoons and
students and the addition of

;d lab. Twenty-one

>chool of Computing
>cn Sund^, 1 p.m. -

; Tuesday through

Leach, associate director of
admissions at Dickinson.
They like that and it makes

Students have the option
to submit their scores when

Some students who did not
submit their scores have
had the opportunity to

-Had we had their SAT
score and only being in tlie

high." said Bob Mundy,

the lest did measure his a

"Standard testing is

undergraduate admissions

accurate and necessi

means of evaluating h:

of the application dropping.

school shidents," he said.

and the higher the SAT

score, the more, likely you

Saint Mary's stress I

are to do weU here."

scores are only a part of

Mary Pat Nolan, director

otadmission at Saint Mary's,

mula for accepting - it's

student, and I honestly don't

has lo do with the fact i


students of different culti

and linguistic backgroui

one standard Amen

exam such as the SAT PC

a problem.

they need SAT scores

-I grew up with t^vo

ty of applications, I don't

couldn't have taught

EngUsh as well as your

er institution." he said.

S '^fetd' me"on

P.A.W.-How to handle stress

tionships. Sit and talk
family and friends.

centered on a hobby, s

Sept 30: All nJglit SoflM

ids to stressful situa- ly doctors are foi

ire and making your How does it o<

work harder. This is Anything yot

particularly dangerous if you problem can cau

try li) do too much. Set goals

■Be willing to resolve dis-
putes. Don"! hold onto anger.

-Share your burdens. Just
talldng problems through


Thursday, September 21, 2000

Q. Illinois student pays for
;ollege by pushing some buttons


join the



Coming soon . . .

The Accent

New law

encourages young

Village Market Sale

Thireenth Annual

Greater Collegedale Elementaery

Picnic and Food Sale

October 1, 2000 10:00a.m.- 5 p.m.

r I 1 The Soulhera Accent

1 ecnnology

Thmsday, September 21, 2000 \J W

Mac OS X Beta released web l-SOO-FRUSTRATION

Steve Jobs of Apple Com-
jch-nnlicipaled new Mac-

like another \
French and German, ing system. L
Advanced portable docu- OS features

S'u«.Vrn™:J" Mac OS X PuMc Bet2

University hi
make crashes

claim OS X will

also di

(which elicit

(lid Ihe old APPLE.

Webster says

- Vaudeville Ca/e.

park, Dollywood, in Pigi

comedy rou- city provit

il. where il might be Hie plac

click im Ihe bliic

r the Acjuari- OK. OK. just about evi
les (or those lo (his site, click on "Sli

HoioK on in hgeon Torse

Ask a geek


ter runs slow

1 get a bigger hard drive'


r Slow Lane


The only

A-ay thai the <u


r hard drive can ini|Hct ih

ally HUGE hard drive



t'sS Tor thai Wnd^or

erboard fi.i

30-pin. 72-pin

ask their o|

riion. and give

hem a

ollar figure that you cann


u the moon w

en ally

u need is a pebble.


mmunication. shoppio}
{ and there is a risin(

mple, keeps trai

[ YouknowbesLcom

these days. First, Dou-

demographie information
ing an online identity wth a

fire from the European
Union tor its alleged involve-
ment in Echelon, a satellite

network. The EU claims the

e-mails) o( Americans as
well as Europeans. Yet

ing tool used by Ihe govern-
net Service Provider's (ISP)

ness. they may plant the
CarnWore tracking software
on that person's ISP lo mon-

or chat use. The problem

eek on how

3 offer what she called "con-

lial she knew could rarely
OO number calls on. I hear

800-CALL ATT o

a phone call, odds a:

other 1,998 smden


rrently ly during peak hou

working on getting more placing your calls

costs much. Uyou absolutely HAVE

Top 10 ways to tell that you
have been online TOO LONG:

n Solar LiveCam.
ylOL instead of laughing.

i you lo lose weight so you joined alLre

Best and worst of the web

off chance that they gel their

rs worl< ai

Alright first off 11! m
on that their look is fine
ttle clullered but not o>
'hebningly so. Tlteyhav

alchy mth the nerd hen

of you might actually sub?

As for conlenl l'
little. Kareoke.

probably the

MIR survivor

Thuisday, September 21, 2000 ■

Ecstasy, GHB suspected
n Johns Hopkins
Jniversity senior's deatli


' heart rale and dehydratior

' York Nadimpalli. "And every lime
Ihat Wiesl took Jamie would see me, he'd

Wiesl. a risin
Homed ical
lajor. collapsed

it Vincent's I

ounced dead ai

Another fnend, wh
d she will ahvays n

'!l''^'*ir"" Borakove expl^ned. ' was the one I called for

edical Cen- f^^^ y^^^ q-^^ attempted adwce. (or a smile for a com-
^was ^ro- ,p gjjy, jp^^^ TviWo two plaint or anything at all," she

Ellen Borakove
'public affairs foi

A memorial service i
scheduled for SepL 27 -

y sued Twilo. calling il

Beat the



accumulate [

if electronic com-
ake a look at
L How much

of mind. The answer? Hav

sure and discover how thei

Each week set. aside
(or preferably recycle) a
longer need from you

^leningitis vaccinations required for U. Maryland students

[Jie er. However. Rychni
,unt he beUevcs a subst;
fall large number of st'


CMd.- The University of the

iryland wiU require all and wiU be given 10

us residents to be vac- comply. If students

'd against meninfptis or comply by the end

check-in ch;

awned hous- Smith said she does i
aid. Paulette have already responded

also includes i

^■geHheshoLTTie Erin Mui
, taking steps to beenworkiDi,
late the expected with the resident life

working on the project The health cen te;

the resident life office, up a Web siW; co

said if she were to guess, information about

Return of Atlantis

living on a secluded sf

■ 13-story Int
ind ready for

slow. TTie team must pause Terrence Wileutt, com-

to equalize air pressure mander of what has been

between compartments and labeled Atlantis describes

take air quality readings, space living as "absolutely

The astronauts wear what beautiful," Perhaps, but only

looks like surgical masks to an asb'onaut 'To us earth-

and safety goggles, a precau- lings, these new living quar-

On Earth this dust slays on service panels instead of

Wild, wild weather

My favorite scene i

" ■ d of Oz" is V

y clings for de:

y Em's bedpost,

enell, Brilaii
eople migl
f global 1

r. With a Icgitamale rise

"Feverfew: a natural
remedy for migraines"


:ain drugs - and b«
a HcalthChal 21

of body and mind. I
trained as a CP. k
works fuU-iime in heai

should be taken each

tea, chocolate and soft

3. Addressing factors

viating them appropriately.

Always ensure that your
family doctor is aware that

^ially sively on llie subject, i

I monthly medical c
'. Dr. Sinu'u

TRff A^fvfeftorw of DohnAy Slug By ^^Qspje

V\.0»«taft. "E>-rtt>«^ NitPDP!t ^^Eimi^t.

Sports scores

I &2 ■ iheir lirsl fiame


is being purchased at the

Vrncenl 6 vh. Richard-

keep you updated.

Team Brown did a good

ganie and didn't wanl lo give

ly a good night for Softball.

job of picking out the weak

with many unexpected victo-

6-5 lo Team VincenL Team

good hilling from Royce

Faculty is desperately trying

Brown and Ricky Schwarz,

to trade Gordon Bietz. who

well, basically Iheir whole

is going through a rigorous

Uneup hil weU. Bul in ihe

sixth and seventh innings

Murtin 5 Richardson

strong this night though.

Team Martin is used lo

Wichn 15 VB. Faculty

wrinning in the bottom of Ihe

just hammering teams, but

^Thwe were some ques-

that Geoff Mardn. and Ben-

jie Maxon arc the weak links

defense. Team Richardson

"Make-up" calls Ihe whole

did a good job of exploiting

lhe»- problems, testing each

Tm glad for iheir enlhu-

Team Martin did a good

Ihe call righl. instead of hav-

that they are the team to

Bhowing some consisiency,"

ing to go back and change

heal. They were able to

said ifam captain Brian
]( did nol look good for

Big Dog Paul Myers

of the seventh with the score

emotional win over

inninga, bul Ihey came back


The RA's pulled out a

reckoned with, making his

close game with Ihe help of

one of the better-looking

There is one ihmg gomg

players in the league, Paul

against learn Martin. Ihe

Hlchnrdson VB. Faculty


they did. James Houghton

Barnelt 14 Lee 1

was obvious Hint the Faculty

ning and was an emotional

wert- nol ready to play. They

leader for the team. Has any-

WLTf dcsperatt-Iy praying for

body else noticed the cheer-

3 make up giri. Is it a requirement? One

I has been member of Ihe RA team was

rain," said Selwin Abraham, who 1

II be play- ladies al the time. I'm still
nball. and waihng for my source lo con-
7 will win. firm IhaL Donnle Lighlhall

dismissed Beaver Eller. for Team

isaid. Knowlton, played well: so

try IL My did Scotl Knowlton and

wning this game for defense, with both

teams allowing key hits to

i; a faculty slip by them allowing many

nol really s

which i
anything so I
hits really hj

defense and

has been cruising through

fighting first grader

mon. 1

llayed. Team Slaraon
5. but now both lean-


The world powerhouses,
peled together in the after-

pion Svetlana Khorkina'i
srace and flair, Russia tool

Romania was next, fol

didonaUy its worst eveni, the

keep from falling forward

-1 was silling here ih

Brooke Walker followed

with a pair of jumps in which

last thing I expected toi

she brushed her head on Ihe

backside of the vault. She

actually stuck her landing

gymnast through three

her cue from the judges.

after tlie first vault and got a

The 15-year-old. last-

points and establishing

minute replacement for

injured Morgan ^Vhite

the all-around gold, R.

the leaders to take over.

feeling to have the whole


Virginia's Moses swims his way to Olympic silverl

s. Team Br(iW

Braves 8

n Ihe Girl's

cullj' members
imeni? And

and is it legal?

Game predictions

Domenico Fioravanti. Russ

Roman Sloudnov earned the
bronze medal with a lime o

Tm walking away with i
silver and 1 had a chance foi
a gold.- Moses told Tht

28.60, but Fioravanli, the

Bernardino saJd he spoke

swam in Ihe preliminar

reigning European champi-

to Moses Sunday night, as

on, surged from fifth place

the 20-year-old Burke. Va.,

medley and 200 butt

In its Olympic preview,

Sports Illustrated forecast

gold, but the two-time NCAA

definitely Ihe type of meet

champion was relegated to

where you can see experi-

Oywithatime of 2:16,8

second place by Froravanti.

ence pays off. Oilier than

[17-year-o!d Australian star

extremely pleased

iwo rounds and established

Ian) Thorpe, most of the

an Olympic record in the
final with a time of 1:00,^6.

people who've succeeded

particularly in Ihe iOO

than he could have ever

athlete who has been in

Moses also told Bernardi-

no Ihat he is now especially

Pietucha. a 1999 Univ

juiced up to help the U.S.

competing m just his second

men defeat Thorpe and the

records, failed to quali

did very well. When you

upcoming 400 medley relay.

the semifinals of the i

Moses was nol the only

200 fly. placmg

his career, to go from being

(1:59.59) in the prelims.

Tonight on the Olympics (NBC)






«... rsi'i

7,00 Pi

9-00 »m




dl^ldli,ll all irniind f


1, ril^.ind nitj

<J|lpm liuipm


M,n-„l,m,„„,,mi(,., A\r, AIS>, hUM ,

73.L m^riL,
HiOnm in-min,,.


M,ns>lkr niiii,l,-|.,.„i,„>11U _,

The Southern Accent Orientation Thursday, September 14,:

2000-2001 Student Leaders

Student Association Officers


Chattanooga's finest theatre


Thureday, September 21,2000 ~W

So you wanna be more

Many people T talk t

is nice too, nith hardwood
all over the place, nice dis-
plays, and little silly things

staff-only bathroom. II is a
there, you should ask to use

Rock/Creek is the place lo
and don't mind being broke.

^.'Cannot ^ ^^^^ ^^^

tion of outdoor g
other places, except in

bottles, and commando
vival can openers: '
prices are fairly reason

Atlanta, slop by Galyai
REl. Galyan's is huge

Bock/Creek Outfitter

girl tryonherTevas.
are a couple of nice
here, though. Adri:

liop, nestled between a
r^nic stand and a liquor
. They have mostly ski

they have a couple head-

Eat this


720 Mississippi Ave, Piwtaria

Signal Mounlain, TN ua JJ^ou'


Education enthusiast named new U.S. poet

Go out-
side, ge
air, and
let youi

SM's send reports of
first contacts

What would you do?

Prisoner - a parable

I \vas there. The charged v

n who had slood

"friends" dove behind a pile

of rubbish. They had some- with the officer now was He reminded i

how escaped this time, bul I walking towards me. He had Father is the Jii

knew that someday they the key to my cell, I knew the Big City. He

Hy whole body shook with " „j" „,.,,„ fi^j^l
r. This would not be the ^^f^ ^1^"'' ""!'
dme, if they caught me, came dark room an

at a spinning, Hashing ^^^ .^^^^ .

J that strangely was j^^^^^j _ ^

' '" ^i"^ ""^ j"' Morning fount

)g settled around me, exhausted and vcrv

""h^'^fT^h W A^^^ sunlight streaming t

snapped into reality J^dyXll whenT'n

lust eat it

■you ever been stranded onmp iv

small jungle village and ^^^^^^

2en challenged lo leach ^^^ ■'

■ -inns how to study ^ ^ook oi

tty well. He spoke as if The
and I laid wcwere best (riends. Then it depths i

sleep, and ning, it was my best friend. "Jesus a

-Lori Edgmon

n SM. Besides, God could

"Gayle Eugene


"Being an SM would be way more important than trying tt

maintain a relationship."

Stress level: 4


Stress level: 8

? What is the life. If yt

ies V

"I don'l think I'd be for a:
I'd probably have to tell h
Stress level: 2

s commitment anyway. £

k tlie Holy Spirit Thi

le gospels or Psalms. Do Word. To meditate n-

Step Five: Live and Work.
' John the Baptist

"I'd pursue a relationship because I can handle the long-
distance with the right person."
Stress level: 6

the Bible, t

day. Do something good f(
someone and don't let an'

les by feeding on evt
d of the LORD- (De
- Every day when t

the seventh, which foods ai

f studying the Bible,
e "fully equipped for

she through the really in

I';lj;i- iOTheSouih

Teachers really care

The relationship

Scncral virlucs of the SDA Churc

day Atlvcntist. Doelrinc ■ Uiat'a what it's all about Righe
Wc all romembtr thi- Sabbalii school memory verws a
Ihe (.'Old filars ihal were awarded for pcrfecl memorizatii
In academy we delved into Ihe inner workings of Bibll
Irulhs. Now, here al Southern Advcntist Univcrsily. we t
cusa in deplh (lie writings of Ellen G. While, the 1844 m
sage and other imporLint Iheological issues. We att«

s. The q

urch a

Heaven. For us. as mortals, lo know God goes beyond
studying His laws and messages. To know Him. the Ever-
lasiinR God, the King of kings, the Creator of Mankind, we

'flic Kelalionship is when we Ket to know God as our
survive anylhing and everything • unless, thai is. we turn

£l\(Js\l^)Ovjn Oly/v^f.-cEveAn


"■ ^W^^

Letters to the Editor

model Christian environment, where devclojiing and foMer-

ship Willi God has laken second slage to learning SDA doc-

Dear Editor,

department as a lalenled
design and graphic artist.

trines. Iliough jusi as imporiiinl. without the Relationship,
doctrines are worth nothing - nolhing al all.

There seems lo be n dangerous trend within Ihe SDA

leaving Ihe Chureh today. Perhaps it is caused by a lack of

highlighting the university's

director and has been

public relations department

responsible (or many of the


deparlmenl has produced

"old school" syndrome that you can't gel enough of a good
thing. EiUicr way, llie Church leadership must re-think how
the loday's yoiilh can be reached. Likewise, tlic SAU admin-
istration must re-adjusl ils policies on Ihe student religious
life (and requirements) on lliis campus.

capacity of public relations. I
tently lefl oul of your article.

ducing our department to
Ihe students. We appreciate
your work and look forward
to a positive working rela-


Southern graduale, has
been working in ihe public

tionship with the Southern

ronmeni where llie Kelationsblp is the fir^t slep on Ihe road

Ms, Skantz serves the

Rob Howell

era. Now. we read about
La^io/Clinton and

Bush/Gore and Republ

n by the poll! Democ-

e Reagan pie. 'When y^

e technocrat- Sadly, office

The Southern Accent






JVovj Eiinari


addressed the nationwide


PiiomcMFiir EonvK

lular telephones while dri-
ving Friday



Morgan Kooiekoweh


demn Id'oi^' i^Sn a ^■^



vcndtin in Dululh.

"Cell-phone drivers are a
public health problem."
Gene Kishel. 3 Virginia,


OxuNE EoiroR

Associated Press.

Nicole Dilks. a Univereily



mechanical engineering
junior, experienced firsthand


Dennis NEG80N



On Aug. 12, her minivan -

Minnesota doctors condemn

■ccnlordriversfavoralaw members of die MMA who
ing up and drive." as a cell phones in their ears."

study done by the New Eng-


.topped short of calUng for a people u
ll!ile*"driri"^ u Ik ^^""^ '" *"'^

likely Dilks said, "but IVe realized

of the MMA." Schmiechen chili

Do you

have a


on some





them to

[email protected]



onary, freeedom is blonde? How r
ition of being free. wish you were

e a redhead? but I've been to afraid to try?

you wish you Do I like my friends? Are

IT maybe even they really my friends?

many of you Is this the best' relation-

s more talent- ship for me and does he/she

't being pushed the a

society we live in. ■\\Tio eai
what other people think!

YOUR- I really ivanl you to fin
iswers to these quK
Life should be wor

There is so much I

ibout the cloths
:ar? I mean do
feel Uke you fit into an

complain about how yoi

everybody else always w
ed you to do. YOU have


liave had pink, blue, p

late to change. Take a look
at yourself and ask yoursell
some questions right now.

■Where do I spend m>
money and is it worth it?

Do 1 like these clotlies oi

"study in the sui

; thai, youll find FREE-

ilritty about grits

join the

My first real
college class

TTie Southern Accent Pafit 1 1

resting books, dumbest t

think of Dead Poef s Society
movie. Maybe other people


j*^ Jo nathan

f Geach

what t thought I was getti

This is only the second re

had that has really made i
think about philosophy. r<


really sad that it has t:



in hour in our Southern) do


„ Harmony
t Tillerson S

n, com/ort is essentia].

Confessions of a
political junkie

trip (to Cancun, Mexico, r

1 the Olympics,
Jew Hampshin



J Dave Ts
Z Leonard ^i

appetite for anything polili- kee

o Southern would Politics

is November. Tl

Ills election?

Do yourself a
lis November,

Do you have something you would like
to share on this page? Submit your opin-
ion pieces to [email protected]

^.^.^^.♦♦♦^ Lo.y/,\ LINDA U.\wi-:Rsiry


Environment is everything...

:'vc dcsigntd the Marital and l-'amily ThL-rapy programs* at Loma Linda U
ink i5 a near-perfect environment for you lo grow piofessi on ally— whether a
nd you'll be qualified to bei-omc professionally licensed,
d programs are centered ai a small but highly respected h ''- "'— "'

md research. We oFfer practieum
pcrienixi a'c our'uwn tlinic or at dozens of other sites in the Inland Empire, where you'll
L-eivc ifiu//iry coun.wling experience.

icnL Call (800) 422-4LLU (4558) oi

Mary "i. Moline, PhDj Graduate School, Griggs Hall 209;


Thursday, September 21, 2000

How to write humor articles


What's your favorite part of
starting a new semester?


11 have a 4.0 G.PA


Top 10 childrens books you'll never see

by Joe LaCom

10. Strangers Have the Best Candy

9. Why Can't Mr. Fork and Ms. Electrical Outlet
Be Friends?

8. Testing Homemade Parachutes With Nothing
At All But YourHousehold Pets

7. The Boy Who Died From Eating All His

6. Pop! Goes The Hamster . . . And Other Great
Microwave Games

5. Things Rich Kids Have, But You Never Will

4. The Pop-up Book of Human Anatomy

3. The Care Bears Maul Some Campers and
are Shot Dead

2. How to Become The Dominant Military
Power In Your Elementary School

1 . The Attention Deficit Disorder Association's
Book of Wild Animals of
North Amer". . . Hey! Let's Go Ride Our Bikes!

Blessed are those who
hunger and Ihirsl. for Ihey

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