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Signs that Southern is
in financial difficuhy

By Jonnice Towsley

10 Wohlers is seen buying lottery tickets with an official Southern che

9 Ken Rogers has to work as the ice cream man on his days off.

8. We-Haul starts charging.

7. There's a "For Rent" sign by the doll house.

6. Teachers begin accepting monetary bribes starling at S10 instead >

the steap price of S35 per "A."

5. Gordon Bietz starts wearing suits from the Samaritan Center

4, Campus Safety has to give students tickets instead of making the

track sale at night because it's more cost effective.

3. The chaplain's office sign reads: Indulgences $10 - good through

October 31st. Save your soul before it's lost!"

2 University Drive is made a loli road.

1 While giving plasma you look over and there's Gordon, his wife, th

twin daughters and their husbands . - .even the dog , . . it's "rough."

The battle of the sexei


Time to make a few changesl

[Monday, October 16, 2000


How thrift shops in the
Chattanooga area rate based

\'ol. 56 No. 6



Voice Since


Szr Threats to our quest for sleep

PnKi- 2 Tht Soulhenj Aaxnt


willingly conccu all Foctuil i

The Accent is looking for a news editor.
If you or anyone you know is interest-
ed, please contact us by phone at 2721
or email at [email protected]

cd because of Ihe difficulty

average allotted vaa
length is 16 days, lit!'

-1 Ihink it should be
longer- If you drive, you


wsil your family,- said Lisa
Vargas, freshman biology
UI^^J^""*^ in Texas, and

American schools hn
day-long Christmas ^

plouo cheat »y.ojJ

-ThLres nol enouRh
Sme. Mincy said. -Espc-
'^y If you-ri' drivitig oui

said. -U's jnsl fte •«

Td like 10 spend some
more time at home before
Chnsimas,- said Justin

Freed, junior business
^"imimslradon major. Freed-
wl! dnve home to Califor-

Bergman, freshmaji i*

(Angel Jewell •
tribucd to this storJJ


96- 97- 98- 99- ^

Year* (1Ml-7nni| J

l^^.-s;'^"-'— »


S He worth it? SM's kicked off train in Russia

he essence of Christianity

By Billy Gager "^- Hanging otn

the book A Violent undcrvourDJlli
icularly in J


TTiankinfi i

How do you feel today?

rely i

. bj b

violent? Talk ^^^^ physically than Jesus hung on a tree' (Gal 3:13).
Uches that people use aj„g^ that Jesus had died plele unscUish character of

e Sabbat]

only on Jes

>M. I

your plac

1 being hung
crnally cursed

ewSlhiS™'. woSing"™" ™? '"" "."". '" •'

™^^ (Phil 2:

you would like to write for the religion section,
;ase contact the Accent at [email protected]
- Billy Gager at [email protected]

Nominal religion

By Billy Oagor emphas

Write to a student missionary today!

Grassroots music

r o a d t r i p


'Economical dates
spots In the area
'Drug and Alcohol
Awareness week
(Oct. 23-26)
'Expansion in
Singles column
ririfiurfiirit updates and


Retro in the metro

derful place for cheap (and

Salespeople: 3
Organization: 2
Overall Appearance: 3

I'l repulsive. Actually, the
alespcoplc were helpful

noughts: "Bring a

.m. Mon.&L/12-

Clothlng: 5
Miscellaneous; 3
Salespeople: 2

okgftte The only savint

Rndngs: O-not

broke up with a boyftiend who was abusive phy
, I am dadng a wonderful man now. My past boyfi

of ihe impact tfi
dling this probl

Note from the editor

Top ten uses for duct tape |

;r dales unsightly unibrow.

Male and female single students of the week

Monday, October 16, 2000

LTM to move ^^ *®" commandments
[O Thatcher <>* managing stress

e (ATM) in Thatcher


Lbout the School SI
if Business 1-

euni- ^\j °^^7 ^^j; ^aJjg"

youTbrain to rest from wliat

Our minds have really

ave a '"'^'^^^^^J J^i^'^/^^^'^ „„

it has been doing. If you are

been poUuled with ideas of
what a -heaiaiy" diet looks

eir to arc righ^now — at this very

noUiing wrong with them

like, and what "proper"

what things like low fat"

make it through the rest of

prepared foods, sugar, fat.

often TTiyself

*^i?s^also important to get

really doing to your body

sufedent steep. Most people

Improper nutrition causes

each night. Good sleep

habits include having a set

choices for yourself.

anage is a great *-ay to help you

Eat good stufniYourbody

off fin your ability to think,

Tianag Thou Sholt Exercise

people, who. diagnosed ivitli

Following n pattern and

le any depend on your body's abili-

m Uiosc last months really

less stressed during the day.

Go to bed! Don-t apolo-

through exercise.

what about you? You proba

olThy endorphins, which have


bly only have 80 or so

hat Is one's mood, making it a


Pay attention to your


cc^ssfiil out-
mes don't just



::e. A college



rs^lt of devel-
iic«Lful!y ful-


jorking logeth-




By now you should have gotten a couple of

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1 ^^v^^.^ ' I'm HOME HAS



Fmail InterOp - not just free t-shirts

•'-'•'**'*■'■* |„,ji and Novel Mendecs ing through the boolhi gn

■1 K™'^"! who TOh to gel in for tree bing > 1-shirl here jod a 6,

rirVOV/aC r^ ,taih«vemanyopliooiopeo CD there. Stress htill., b,

nOdXCa .»'™,"^'^°""'°,""r toChem. ■Ihe,sIso..aysit •'=«■?■»»:;"■»="»

When twclve-ycar-olds and headed to f

redsofbtfflthsarealso reporledly distributing fi

You might be a geek if . . .


■ for well-meaning folks conference called

Quotable quotes

authera ialesl lechnolog

redicUng Uic Tuturc. For cxiunplc, yiiu a
Tyiiinl balls. Collectively, ttiesc methods .

flH More quotable quotes!

I, nnd it's Uie only one

tr MagKtts MaiimiHan von ,

The Internet, politics,
and your future



handguns and lequila.'


for maybe five computers


of IBM

Make your opinion knownl

Jl politics and the people

your vote will always b» sen!

whiBrs it counts

worth dyinij (',.

rovldw Rlimpsc o( how U

Best and worst!
of the web

,„..; ,',' ' ' ih h and D ih "^"^ "f ^ combination of reallr J

''"'," " -n h ,iK ^ '""^- This is graphics, steadily r

' 3\ peri -cu^ J^amaang ing fralnes. and

movii.'s ial dgmnjt h m gr k "''"^ '^ " pliuuied use of space.

^phS "d lh«^" '^'^Lk'*'t?'^u "S^ ^ ■" ™ ^™S^s ha^' ^1^"^^*^°**^

word). TTicre IS an animated * ^^IIL?'!'*" ^'^ ^s -w a. you viai ihi^ Jil— "^^ ''"'f",h„ «-ofiii

Eraphic on the ma>n bamier »«■ usuall> ptwtj furnij. ^te y^ t^^ ^\^_^ I hl^J^^^'had tolo^'

is updated, if noi dail>-


teenagers who

lupleof far as graphic

letter from the
U-knowing editor

Manly sports

Disclaimer: Do not read this if you are easily o,
Intramural flagball preview with bias

Oh yeah...!

Best-looking athletes

Intramural golf championship this Friday

Watkitis expected to lead contenders in golf match.


If yon talk 12 ndnutea or more this c«fil fa
for yon. Do the nulh - Set for yourselt

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Cell Phone deals fiom MCI and Spiiffl - Check
bill and see for yourself


Call Now! 423-559-3112

Interested in writing for the sports page?

Email [email protected],

[email protected]

or call 238-2721

.Inniif DcGravc - Sh<

Mon.lay. OnoWr 16. 2O0

Extend campus hours

aininn Rood health and tcm- those students who have

oerancc and atriel obser- morning classes AND need

ranee of the Sabbath. to lake care ot buainew in

All of this ia good, right' Wright Hall, they are sorely

As faithful AdvcnIiBU we oulofluck.lTieycan-lcasha

SoulhiTn AdventiHt Univer- to extend [he busines
nily. Wright Hall. McKee houri of Wright Hal

and even the United Slates Campus Shop, to two o'doc

ed from taking care of si

Prof's rights to
intellectual property

Letters to the Editor

Thank you for "real" opinions Ralph Nader is not just a "tree hu^er"!

looshls on die subjea I jjj„g„.


vtrnlly bun upproprialely

bg your thoughts and per- AccenL

made a bigger impact on

menl'a policy isn't dictated with Bush or ("mr. 1.1 .


n'ilm I'nMl"!'^'!!llli"lhc

sonal experiences. Sincerely,

how we live our day-lo^lay

n'alblerlf™s'"sL'^ Ssidentwho^uLm.k

tlle,ld'»lll"' '"'"" "'" """

■■ ',;;::;, , ,„„ i^

Article correction

one concrete way something
George W. Bush or Al Gore

of the debates, but his cam- first? Why not learn n
paign rallies have drawn and check out his websil


did has directly affected

over 10,000 people in Port- A '

Dear Edllor, may hayc oeciired beWeen

land. Minneapolis and for Nader is not a wa

but we see Ralph Nader's

Bush hold fundraisers two major parties how

S10,000 a plate to get in, lus quo.

llie new policy would
extend Uiotc protections t(

wore codes imd olh.'


::::;3|::H| E];:Js|E£

al Motors was knowingly

supporters to donate time, BA History
not money. Rather than Class of 1998

Want to comment?

Gore proposes cheaper tax pla

WACO, Texas (U-MRE) - pay for child care, and w

Illl'lll.! Ill lllf I..J|>1 Ml 1..

' 1 i")ii.

then It Is my responsibility Sincerely,

Send in your letters

- With large budget surplus- pay up lo 50 percent ol

!'!■''!?,!','.'!,'/'.'''' ilMi'''',.i'ii

',',j,,,'„i "■"■ '""" '"

the Accent. 1 apologia; for Junior

pLty'*'*5SienS!!l caidi^ Khwl" ^"""'ms tJre'

7>i» ifo// iJilnrial

any mlsiommumcaiion iliat Journalism

to the editor.

daiesareproposinglaxculs. wou^ ofto^-free lu

I.1..I..I o>. '■■■ly "' i"d

apprarrd In Hit Daily Penn-

andVicePresidenlAl Gore's for up to S2.800 a year

and Gov. George W Bush's would remove the cslalt

T^ J

lax cuts differ greatly, both on all estates valued up|

Eyes and


in who would benefit and b million. His plan wouk

The Southern Accent

total cost Not only would expand the earned-inl
Gore's tax plan be cheaper, lax credit for low-ini

So tt> ■ Si d


ed surplus to help other million more "people.

Brs^|ii~Bii^u"Ti-.d "Wt^'l. Iicre arc 24 lines

Ellen White says in TcsU-

areas like Social Security. Bush's plan is mu(4

1 tKjlly (or long-distance

health care and education, it complicated. It would si

Cadknck Van Dolson. EorwR in Chief

.J,. , , , iiiif,',-irds.-ClaireaddB.

Oh yes, page 128, para-

would primarily benefit low- give a tax cut to ever yoo


SonoRiM. Page EorroR

^\'''" liu. bad the only calling
you say. lul 1,!!/. >ou .'Jill ■''''' ''"" "f« Sculhcm calling

graph 5. -THustord. pepper,
spices, pickles . . . irritate

^gtS^elS =\f£. »|

KVLE Baldwin

Jennifer Williams

Issum" 'o7"*th ■ ^SouJA/m ' 'Challenge whoever buys
Aeeeiit later 1 am herr """'^ ''*'"'"*^ ''"'■■*' ^"^


gHSS pipS|

Assistant iVnre Eitrwii


Senioh Copy Eonoa


I'llCfUhlltAPHY EonoH

respond, shaking my provcf- in™,, ■'^ntt h '^^'t'^^d''^^
Right, 'then. intrwlucUons ^coJ^Jct '" '*''°'"" '"


would lake Si. 6 trillion from According lo CiliMii
me surplus, according lo Tax Justice, a nonpar
U,S. New. & World ReporL nonprofit organizado
ore s lax cul. on the other family making Sl3i»

'^^'attempt to phone my ,er?a''"rnaS-'"a'^''elb«

^"^""'dtostancsiimat- S24.400 would get m

BiLi.v Ga(;ek

hAfTH XPkem Enm>K

Lous LlCHT


k^e'^^'.'J'Jr" "I^.f"'-? ma'cvll^^-n^y V«

Morgan KooiKMiwt


always busy Ever notice? T^L. *^,''?" J-*^ "^^

The>''i-e only been around

(.3\e an additional Sl.l ml- 42 percent of Bush's »
lion of the budget surplus to would go lo ihc top '

Sw^n HimnH

AovExris,..^ »^^otJ<

isn't busy). I complain. | loot 'jTih^^ondimen

already scarce. Or broken.

health care, educntion and S915.000or morea)*"


Matt Boslev
Design/Graphics EDrwn

(poUteS) tfiw 1 ha^" to dT^ '^'l [li^JI'^.j ^ J ^,^ CK.

need them. We kn-e you any-
way. U really was a great

Bolh candidates' Lax oiisari- lucky lo have a bud*


f^^il? h'^'^ "^"^ ^^""^'^ ^^ *^^'^- ^°"^'' "^ ""

Khth VvmR

Nick Lee

goini phone lines does .u 'i'' ■" """ ^'''H'^T'rt

Kudos, though, to KR-s

them th ' "^ "'*''" '^^' "'^'^ primarily benefit Ain

'*'"'"'"'"*'' '""'"''


Southern own, anyway? ^'^ ^ ^"" J^^iJ^I ^■

sari ly-healthier-bul-always-

Gore^'^uld offer several m^fa^K Ihe^

Janelle Wasmer

David Fourniea

S^'^IS) girls *^?";S back to the cai^

open-wheihyou-wanl alterna-
tives to the cafe places. Tljej'

taiilies. sptvificjlij target- budget lo mainW"

Onune EonoK

nw Kiw'^ln T.w""Ni„!^n '^^^ So. Richard Johnson

arxMhe cozy little corrier^Jf

Joe LaCom

DESfas NegrOn

mention the ex^mn^ *"^'' "^'^ '•^>' '* ^'^'^ "°

our campus. Not enough

am. afler-s,-hool prog^ms. "^nu " slaff **
c^Uegetuition^d marriage cppc.ndinn^'^''


^Ninety oSS«? ^^ "'''^ ''""be^- 0"^^

Until new week. then.

^^.^•v.uld8iveaS500 oZer 11.2000.

Tti£ Southern Accent I'

^o dollars for your thoughts

Kill the rude beast

lo Rulh Isyins on her bed. rm-

and passed away three , Corintl,ia>u 13-7

'^ slowrnjl^^'lo we "ho

mud..' She looked at me Lovt olaays P

uon ognacd mt, she smiled. 1

00.* 1 nodded. Wc both aluxjytmdura

°^^ St^^l^oA^^^'^l

lusband on a beautiful day gymajorfrom Vtrginu

find same liiw. We began talldng

together =-,d then preparing

mple things- Uie dinner. Spending


Monday, October 16, 2000

Stop the PDA

.','illy nice w.-ason. huh?



phnnw went dead and I had
lo conlacl the lelephone

The effects of

An wf know, wi; tix dl»- fir. 1 aui'l powlbly sll next lo ardcM continued, "II is most
('rini)nnllon In wmc form or llila dixRuatlns human. Hnd extraordinary to make Ihis

"Coii'tyou«n;?'«heMld. Ui'fore llii- lady hod i


By Leigh Rubin

"Dude\ You are so luckyl My parents
would never let me pierce my blowholel"


If men ran the world]

Compiled by Joe LaCom
10. Valentine's Day would be moved lo February 29th so it would only
occur in leap years. „„ , . . „., .

9. The only show opposite "Monday Night Football would be Monday
Niqhl Foolbal! from a Different Camera Angle,"
8. Nodding and looking at your walch would be deemed an acceptable

7^ When your girlfriend really needed lo talk to you during the game,
she'd appear in a little box in the corner of the screen during a time-out |
6 The funniest guy in the office would gel lo be CEO.
S. People on commercials would never talk about how fresh they felt.
4. Regis and Kalhie Lee would be chained to a cement mixer and
pushed off the Golden Gate Bridge for the most lucrative pay-per-view
event in world history. -

3. Slealing a sports car would be pedeclly legal, as long as you retumed|
it the following day wilh a full tank of gas,
2, Tanks \

ol a fancy engagemeni ring, you could present your wife-t

State slogani



Thursday, October 26, 2000
Election 2000

President Al Goi

Tennessee on Tuesday.


Check out I

Gunbarre! Road.

Hie Souliiem Ac

:e House if Ihey w

s must show suffi-

: tributes to thosi

e by; Chma's "vc
pLUMBUS, Ohio -


c comparable

'*y doud




Wh ,:,

be nleisanl

ihiKlis in

e upper 10's


eparUy sunny


Jl^^Siorics ..._.p.l






Board approves construction plan

Tipper Gore rallies in Chattanooga ideS^'enS^'TnSto^ S^Jk of'SlfS

Vice president's wife urges support in home state ^''^fa^'Sy lo change the £T'^ir'cTnb?ue'^?nu!

' Warden

Gore said. "You e

Sen. Frist speaics
in Cliattanooga

■^len I leave you today. 1
Gore urged volera. "WeVe

Incumbent Stresses change from "big government"

Thatcher fundraises for MS ?rs

Bush hopes to win
Gore's home state

Visit our vve'

Thursday, October 26, 2000

Immunity helps with Christmas project Parking tickets remain subject of controversy

r^Zgg pouriiiB in. legedale Scvcnlh-day Adven- By Rob York "^"'"'^ history major added. Many students go appeals committee asl(cd

III Aca^T "I thinit Operation Christ- list Church and Collegedale st«T Vimii, "^'ou know how citizens can Ihrough the appeals remain anonymous but (

e Sabbath, f

adline for s!

[Hon only three

f working logelher Winn Dixie Market PI
aencfil of kids who CoUegedale Academy

ively about Campus S:

illy get to McDonilRadSDAChurch parking available to us exclu-
tiPriprcp SandiferGaoSDA Church lively, sajd Wes Hall, junior

acuity lots and fire studen

rapped shoeboxes lilled

E World War II European
= study tour summer 2001

Voting days

[iriy voting: Now through November 2

General voting: November 7








specials Saturday Night Only!

October 23. 20(10 8:30 p.m.- X.OOpm-


Haue you heard?

Eu^ryffffiyuphere student, FacullMnd staff

email Calendar That mcans VOU!

Groups messaging ^^^ „^p„„,„„p3.e„„,
Weather news ™f«-iii

Local Vellou) Page listings |t'S rRCC!!!

Check it out TOOnV!

Vour Campus. Vour Life. Don't miss Out.

for more inftnnallon call Brian Chalmers at 757-8576

UrtMV ^"^^^ OFTEN?

Check out our Plione Card.


Check our card against the ones you buy at

Walmart, Drug Stores, Convenience Stores,

Office Max and even Cell Phone Deals.


2000 Minutes for S20.00
1000 Minutes for $10.00


Call now! 423-559-3112

join the



This is your


This is your GPA with help

from the

Center for Learning Success

Midterm grades

not quite what you wanted?

Call US at 238-2574
'We will work with you to help you reach your goals.'

>octors disagree
bout existence of
sorder termed
nternet Addiction'

Thuisday, October 26, 2000

Eating disorders rise among men


"Making Weight-Men's Con- the University

flicls with food, weight, lege o( Medici

shape, and appearance." on male eating disorders. Corinne Campbell,

A recent study asserts Pam Kdd. a counselor at from Tulsa, Olda., major

that the- number? may be the Center for Change, said, in pre-speech pathology. .

That is probably a better in the frequency of eating pre-broadcast journal;

picture. We don'tknowitthe disorders. More people are major from Delano. C:

Perhaps men are simply exemplified by media mod- 'It affects a firet imp.

their bodies. "Half v

Depression affects men differently than
women; cultural expectations explain


M(3i at risk for depression


It whether or ';;^{"^^,
Mwn Goldberg, a New ^^.^'^■.

see people whi
>t we mosQy s«

imong oilier things.

Affecting anxonmalely 19
niDion Americans, depre;

able w^. then he is weak, a

esperienced a pereonal kws
ship lliat lias been supportive


Ihe/re dose Id may be
depressed should "provide a

man to talk about his (ee£ngs
tt^ are doing. If I ahiays com-


depressed counterp-iris to

pie who scdt lielp will get rp
in three people aetiiiiDy k

Another trigger o( depres-

permitted by sodely Id e:qjress
fecEngs like sadness and emo-

e not likely to show typical
jirtsaon syntploms like cry-

it problems, whidi b

he emotion is lelngjwL'

Iths, tt-eaknesses. and
i, diey are Etely to be

(cuses for being late to Hickman

By Keith Pulfer

"Microbes invaded my body momentarily."

"d = v/t t = 1 minutes, d = distance from Brocl<"

"I had to finish the 18th hole."

"alarmClock. volume != insufficient"

"I was diffusing dangerous wastes from an area

ligher concentration to an area of lower concen-


"I was practicing writing incorrect prescriptions."

"My dog ate me."

"I was doing titrations in my room."

"self.motivation = NULL;"

"' was reading the Accent!"

Physicist questions quantum theory

be used to obtain any ntt
including ils probabk' k

presenting his hypothesis.
Maris expected an iinmediale

Most physicists are skeptical
ihem have provided condusivT

none of them h
should not w

pic to think.

pie think."

If you would like to write for the science section, email
[email protected] or [email protected]

Letter from the all-knowing editor

Minn, women's hock-
ey team second after
season's first week


d freshman La Toya


tlidnc, New Hampshire and


The Gophere swepl the
irsl round of WCHA player

Light sports

DURht thai ihcre would

Game updates

hrowa though. He con-

tt Callender On oi
. Uite in the Uic gair
s fingers hit lined ui

Nudd 22

Game predictions

ooks a little sloppy. Johnson i

id place teams. Nudd la coming of/ a close gi
.... ohnson is coming off a loss, and is looWng to
)r Johnson to score early. Johnson 24-20


By now you should have gotlen a couple of

long dislance phone bills. Check out the per

minute charge for all ofyour calls of 12 minutes

or more and you will see that our card can save

you money.

Wouldn't you like to be able to reach out and

touch someone special more often?

Compare your phone bill with our card and

see just how much ou can save.


2000 Minutes for $20.00
1000 Minutes for $10.00

Call now! 423-559-3112

Overall MVP watch



Hlcky Schwarz-An outstanding
""'""■ baseman, and i
oltensive threat at wi

Oh yeah...!

Best-looking athletes I

Corl Summerville-J

fundamentally sound |
Ijlayer who always
finds holes in the

Laura Lee-This girl is
a human \vrecking ball
and doesn't like to .

Mark Dietrich - ,

lethal pass rusher w
can change &

Sandra Higgins - An

extremely athletic
luman being who
plays the game to have



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