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plotely put out and was left

mostly exUnguishc


tfail before fircGghiers man-

underground, burn

for eight days.

'^Wmp holes wlh :

Because of the fire and

water sources. Due to the

inside. Many of tl

distance from the road ^d

«ere^"^°;^aWe to carry water


According to Chief Den-

nis Thomason of the Tri-

bulldoMr and plowe

completely around 1

right now are holes left by

waidngtofall. ^^

h^lry service ™s called

members then cond

calls from (Southern Adven-

nearly 10 acr^ fire.


SA bikes continue to be broken H^'Ss iFSj^| Ss^SS

D.E.E.P students
serve as senators

chased by the Student A;

renlly completely out of

.„n . nn.-,,, —.- - - - -^- Still, ihe blggest proWcm (qeEP)

' ,,=ir<r ir for Conrad explained tiiat a lot so far with Ihe new bicycles 'j^^^ ^^^ p.

Paris 10 f« the o^eMits." "^"^f J^,\tt'",«,aents denS'catlnoUn^'one whe"n SeT'R JIa""' "e'

ciaiion vk^' ^'"nresidenL ar"*'^ at a building Uiey just Ihey need one. bers of the student scr

beUeves that the bikes are throw the bike onto Ihe ''f '"^^'Ij^i^'clestrok^ Student Assodadon

quenUy than students- per- ^"(^*^J^f ^^fjjj,'"'j^^. '' ^C Nmited to my hours JSniS^ f ^MnTe &nale ^^^^^M^^i^B^— "

S8''to'l^arrbike°lik'e ge^' on Ihe handlebars are '^''^^^fj'^s';^^„^"J^^ ^cidlyTr 'students in ^^^ ,^, ,«„^^^„„ m„T!ll'^^Tn!>^'Z^

gel ridden abo^t "every fif- Ho^^ver. according lo be (Jycd -Each ;^<-<''< »' by an Oak^'ood student first J*^»- ™.i.u« ««,.«««« o.e.e, .. u

leen minules while persona) Myers, students sonielimes J^"^!'^',^|^^'JJ;|-[,^^'[!™ut i semester and a Southern eadofthe Fi E T I' 'ludcjiL

'n^e school bikes^-MT^ut a Theyllputairinaflattire.or -lithe M.-nai<^ approved it. ^^^ ■ siudents would be Marnel Niles, an Oak-

lot quicker." Myers adds, "1 puta chain back in place that I'd like to buy maybe five appointed instead of elected, wood junior studying adver- a greal v.ay oi meeung ne

lUteil's direct van. has slipped off.

Contact the Accent!


Republicans and democrat!
party in Chattanooga

Advertising: (423) 238-2722

a public hearing lo take enrollment a! Southern,
place. Eller said. agreed.

nonprofit management market, and money has


^ )f- ^ ' " ^B ^^^J

nance would have much Icgedalebasedonaconserv-

1 "^iK • ^H '0 tTTi

Omce Hours:

effcct on Collegedale. alive base."

Shouts and applause

' .^^tt^Kt^'^'^- ^^L^ '"''Wl

erupted fromagroup of peo-

opmeni of Collegedale." CooUdge, also a business

ple huddled around a large

^^^^■^■r -^"^j^^Hi -^^BI

Tuesday: 1 pm- - 5 p.m.; 7 p.m. - 12 a,m.

Orange said. "I don't believe professor al Southern, voted

screen TV. and the United

Ithe ordinance! will increase against the ordinance the

wall of an ornate banquet

Friday: 10 a.m. -2 p.m.

in Ihe community." Orange talked wUi students about

added that she believes alco- alcohol availability.


hoi ruins lives. "Students are not in the

The news channel has

just projected Gore would

Collgedale resident, was ialcoholl." Coolidge said.

carry Michigan, and the die-

skeptical about the idea that Mayor Jones repeatedly

hard Democrats gathered al

As<IstiiiilNc«s Editor

high-class restaurants. their participation and apolo-
"Tlie upscale restaurants giwd for the lack of chairs

the election convention were

H JKP^' " 1


-Kghl now ifs looking Mmceiiacoibum/su,-i f,...,..-,,;...

prtjtty good, but it's too early min) cne. cola.* m a .wu. thai tb.m gov, viBmh „„

EdKorinl Page Editor

have a license for more eon- audience to stand.

tOteIl,"saidJohnG.Wims,a during Uio[>«inoerat part* al the naUMon oa ouss uesOj, ,^

Viniln Sauder. vice presi- LVs input on the meeting,"

'^WdL°p3yd«lared ^^^^^ ,J^"^^^ J^*;;!'^ "ty in this crowd ,

Lifestyles Editor

Religion Editor

Billy Gagcr

which would make up tor available to the students as
the four that are broken. possible, students should be

"to keep as many bicycles the bikes."

te'^C''he''S^o'^i'y S clri'ng in eaTh sS are gathered in front da'
knee-high and helped his the news projected which screen lVcareHiiiyn»
mother vole and he said he candidate would win it. lonng the progress of ej
hasnevervotedforaKepub- SmaJl numbers written vith and da e
Ucan since, in each state signified how J m S ewa braf^ed 1
Td vole for my yellow many electoral voles ca h he has been Re pub can
dog Raggy before I'd vote carried. 'l.L'^!,„" ..f^'^ ''I'"

Sports Editor

for a Republican for Presi- "1 got up this mo n ng mpo an ^ssue o him


continued from page 1

Business Editor

people and helping others, the student bodies and
Ifs a feel-good thing.* ad minis tra dons."

Niles described her deci- Niles said she would

ngh Bu Sewar sd

sion 10 apply (or D.E_E.P. as encourage people to become


ha^apZ*^" 1" Er

Jancllc Wasmcr

■It look a week or so to warns that it might be hard-

Jannajahn -ud heh



lo be nble to adjust to differ- only about 6ve white stu-



"ti Rde on

working with black people Southern is more diverse.

JennXt Willi":^

■ V^ "

^ \ A d"fi"

my whole life," she said. Ijoran Haugsled. a senior

■ ' l ^ Jt

Deslpi/Gniphlcs Edltofs

Paul Myers, Student religionsludenlalSouthern.

c" -^ «#- ' ■'.a.,.

Man Boslcy

president, said that a stu- for the first semester of last
dent serving in Ihe Senate year through D.E.E.P. "It

' t/Jte-'

Repub can

will swap seats with Robert was a really good experi-


par he R pubhc

Faculty Advisor

S"HumEo£i'jS? E^d'tSKaH

^^^^^^^a^^^^S!^ '^ ""hked Bu h IS 1 ,


its third "year- The program there " I^Lisha Bonntr is

their party at tf,« MoMoH Hatal Tc«da» rieht. h S on n the he i

Louis Uchi

1 m here for the suppoi

Radisson Read House in said he was afraid to be dis- themassofpeoplcweari
dow-ntown Chattanooga appointed. -I get too full George Bush mask.'

V^ -^ » '^'*"?!iS''" ., „ -, ,

were as adamant as Willis, involved in it I've had.these enthusiasm seemed to \a

■;■ "-' '.'Adviw Colnnmbl ' -■ -'

Sh..l1y Setrldl


seeped from the early galh- A few block down the crowd,
ering of about 60 people, street the Republicans also Two passionately o
People of various economic joined together in a common site groups of people s
classes, races, and ages cause. ercd just a few blocks a
joined together in a common The conference room on to watch every developi
cause, bonded by the same the second floor of the Mar- of the nail-biter elecdoo.



Rev, Roland Johnson, with wall-to-wall people, prqcess emanated from
from Detroit, said his moth- another very diverse group two separate building
tr called to tell him people crossing economic, racial, bursts of agony and eli
were waiting in lines at the and age barriers. Tbc ener- and on election night;
polls in his hometown. He gy in this room if even high- most ardent of (


said he was encouraged to cr than that at the Read tanooga's voters jc
''^^til^k'th^- ■ " "'"'^' ^"'' ^*'^'''' 8"^'*^"^ ""'er similar gathci

Amber Risingci

JuiUn Cam*, lophomors eoniimJ MixJIm mala., maia In oppoiltlDn

annuny . crsoo


president. Dr. Bielz and exchange program. "1 want-

apaihedc," rises with the attendance "" ^^"^ '^""^

Downy sponsors free laundry day at U. Marylan

Baker, were traveling andthiswasmyopporlunity
together atiil discussed liav- 1 really think it's important,
ing students from their eol- especially in the Sevenlli-

■ ^ 1

an iron. The free laundry college students arta
promotion is being held on same wav. so free laundfll


leges switch places for a day Adventisi Church, to

tU-WIRE) COLLEGE ^^ campuses across the a great incentive to get

The Southern Accent

"I don't think they imag- because understanding

PARK. Md - Jon Shalvi "^'""'- to try our product."
dragged his hefty bag of siudenuTaw^beTn "S des^*"'^^'^ T'^ T"^

P.O. Box 370

"Communication between person. Heaven will be like

Collegedale, Tenn. 37315



[email protected]

increased tremendously in

washing ' macliine.''''then ^\l bags overflowing with get rid of wrinkles. Stu
another and debated ^'^"'^'' ^n'rls and smelly all agreed they were \

Gym clinic has finale

whether to fill a third, ^^^} ''"""^ " "*""■ ^°^ 'o Bet free laundry, bu

Shalri. a junior eleclrica! u^f."'*.'''^^ Mcaghan mixed feelings about

engineering major, is like ^^P-^-^ I^mor markeUng product. 'They did a tie

s',i"r'v;.r.s "^"-".sScf' s:.s;i,*-'

About the Accent

By Larry Baxter a graceful baeknij) and come

doing laundry tor as long as - ^"''^ recenUy brought said.

possible, throwing his dirtv Pounds of laundry lo a "Tt sort of worked,'

The Souihem Accem is the numc addrcsi and ohone

"iTwasTiirght oTbiid 9^*""'^^'^ "'''^"' "'i?''''"S

cblht^ in hisXl. Ou,?f '^"ndromat to have it Lindstrom. "but deG

omcial student newspaper of number for ' vcriricilion

SouihtmAdvenUsiUnivei^ily Unsignai Icncrs will noi be

dex suits ■rhe'SnuihiTn " ""'"■ "^ f'^erglass rods,

result is a few massive loads ""^ 5"';,^'?^ ^^ '^^"'^ ^ t^"i Corely and A

und is published each pnnled.

Thursday during the school The Accent accepts un.w-

Union Gymnastic Clinic I"")*"? "T"' -'"*""",?, '""'
ended last Saiurdiv nii-hi '''^^^ handspnngs hke a

about once a month. '""""'■ ^^"'"8 laundry is Polite, from U.S. Mat!
Mall Lindstrom. a junior ^^- ^ '"^^le." Hardy said, and Promotions, wcr

^idi rouUm-7from al" Sie f'^^o^harged slinky.

vacalions and nam periods. Columns should bo between

emptied his bag of laundry 1 ''" '^^^^ *'" ""y o"" tinned in I^onardl

Sl^^^eSuEhSra'^S^ dl'e!!;*'"''^''"^' '""""^ '°

iricluding 'sSuilicrn's'^ Gynt ^■3'''-™y.*=*it', Tm tired and

into one washing machine - ^""f J' ^^"- '^«" 'f ■! is laundry room. "We-I
barely a full load- ^^- ^}^^\ only here lo pay f«

ncoasarily rencci the views The editors reserve the

Tliis was the conclusion Southern students not

"I always do my laundry . =''"''<^is sad their "laun- laundry, but also to i

of an intensive, half-week P?^'''^e="'''8 =* gymnasts

clinic put on by Rick ^Isoenjoyed the show.

said, lindstrom represents a ?""' "^^^ ''"'e. not hav- might have about hotf

Seventh-day Advcntisi missions bcconu; property of
Chijreh, orthc advenisen. All iheAccent.

Schwartz and tlie r,vninn>t ^"^ performance was
Mvlz and tl,e Gynmms- „„ ^^ ^^^^. ^^ ^^

SlosSedtto'il," ^'^-S.rc2o;S"aSt Most of^S^LSn?

vi^ws" of difi^OT"? of !h^ ate^y at nMn'"^d^''b!

Acrosport team* were Sg majo'r ^"''''""" "^'

Leonardtown laundry room "^'^''■' ^^^'"•l''-' public relations laundry were upp«'
to wash their clothes for free ^'^"'^ handling the Downy men and have already

1^ A'ccenl^welTOr^'^our ""o" *iKB"-ni''*^r"ih

as 'tumbirn? rdlh'IoZt '''""T'? ^''''- ' ^^^'^

this weekend as part of a P™"'o'ion. said they decid- doing their laundry

Then tlicy display.-d diose "'"^t- rehgion ma,or, said he

promotion by Downy ^"^ '" f 8^'^ l^e new product while now she said.

skills Saturday night in a Jm'j^^s^^u^e ^^miL.'ciSt

Laundry consultants from '"^a" college students. Next weekend fr«

Downy were slaUoned in ^"^^ ^"'^*; S*^' '" school, dry will be offered in


The performance fea- "'^ "'"^'"^ ^""^ drug-free

five laundry rooms around '"A"*' ''""'' ^•■'P^rate their dry rooms on North

TlieAceenlwiltlnElyeotrecUallfacluulmisuikcs. Ifyoufecl

turcd the academy teams ""?|*?f,_*„, ,. ,., . . .
stacking themselves into all ^ lo>c-d the outfits, said

the campus tliis weekend, " " "^/"l ™^^- let alone including those in D
handing out nuarlers and ™'' "'^"" '^'"Ihes before Easton Ellicotl Haga

sorts of human high-riscs. ^"'^ ^i"''' ^'^°' E"Rli^l'

deterKenl as well as demon "■''-'^""E ""^m. she said and lipiata whert'

2721 write 10 us at P.O. Box 370. Collegedale. Tenn, 37315, or

Groupsofthreewouldgrasp . '".^.^ communications

strations of a new Downy "I f^^'^^ ^"^'.''d until 1 freshn.en live. "\S^^

^s and^prapd a girl into 3^- J^^^ '" ^^"^ °'"'

w-rinkles without the use of

drv" PaikwiH "l^ih*^ u '^''

- Uons there." Corely s^

■ 1 1 I ^L / The Sonlhera Accent


Thursday, November 9, 2000 I-

irsUaw of revival Vast beyond the stars

One dead bird

Dorft be afraid

began to explain lo the bird

trying to get my money; thing pretty b
they think they can get me ple-We will di

' , . °. mydaughler.Orworecyel,a doesn't matter how meager
» '"Shi- gjgj,( j^j.^p, ^35 ,gj,(,gj o„ orhowlargethefear.itdoes-

andmas ly needing help. In a flash i or in what manner. God

to'Se " '

ised look on back!"
attach to the plas- the bird. Coming lo

iritu ally-deal

. -It

Once I have completed

\Vhat little b

doesn't do what 3
shouldl- exclaim

aw the Uttle bird laying on The words of God arc
le bottom with his Uttle feet found in the Bible. We musi
flcking straight up. It was "ear spiritual food everyday

rnolfor counter began to shake his

s? Place ladder for the bird? He won't
Ji know- play with the plastic rings

J think it cage, sadly tl

to play pet shop c
led. And tic rings, the

,d digesting. Once food

d and shjdy the Bible, the
ths found in God's word
:ome fuel for you lo use,
] they strengthen you.

lat yesterday? Ilic beUeve ttiis! \Vhy didj
thought you knew ^^.^ gjnj, pi^gti^ ^

Write a Student Mis-
sionary! Jessica Win-
ters is teaching home vvisdom from church signs

school in Kathmandu,
Nepal. Her address is:
Sheer Memorial Hos-
P.O. Box 88
Kathmandu, Nepal

1. He came out alright"

■Fight truth decay-study the :

L* /' Tlie Southern AccenI "I

Thuraiay, November 9, 2000 —^ ~

There is s<


ling to do

after all...

11.14 (lues) 11.1b (wed)

11.9 (thurs)

11.10 (frr)

11.11 (sat)

11.12 (sun)







(S3 cover)





An Evening

of Mahler


Mystery a I

Visit Portugal



An Evening

Italian Wed
dine (£24.50

Grant Foster
For ticket




Museum of








Beki Hem-



Alathea &

l^an Long


ingway &

10 Bluff View



ahead to con-



and dales at

miior DUDOct cindlditei. MrourourdO^SiM^ll^n!"

R o a d t r i p

1(0 seven FALL (Oelober 1
■loped and SPRING/SUMMEIl m


s no 2:45 deparM
and Cumberi

■rson per-day. Summers (May Ihr*

lym clinic attendees perform in Saturday night finale

[onday conversations
ith Kevin Johnson

Best looking athletes

Tliursday, November 9,

Shuttle Computer
big related eyestrain

difficult zJzBi^BZzi ?S''r3«r"S! SrH'll'E'/i

Princeton team shares grant fro:
NASA for biosensor research

NovLmhtT 2 Ihe

Oiere is no evidence ihai

mine precisely wlia

compuler video display ter-

minals (VDTs) are harmftil


dry, red, itchy or v

Difficulty focusing

high winds lasled fo

eases. "Hie bad news, howev-


won't damage the eyes. Its


oflening you lo take a break.

Symptoms appear a

research applica

lody's blybeyor
Aksay and Jeffrey Carl>eck, ^^.3 „,teresl because it Aksa/s I

" support computer keeps


It ha

been known that

e cr evelop res.s-



N. Jones, MD, lells

skin of most people.

control practi'*.S


injur! Si^^nablc

organisms, with "J

of pathology at Ihe
ous disease specialisL


and, eventually, the

spread quite readj


S to the CDC,

rates of lantibio*

vailaWe now that's


Reporting W

lo be most likely to


und only in patients

^"'©'S Itdl^

lems. r



"W"^ The Soulhem Accenl '' 9


Thursday, November 9, 2000

RU-486 for students?

Mifeprex to be a

of not open 24 hours," said Dr, dents. "Wc don't

ler- Margaret Bridwell, director abortions,

as of University Health Ser- tions, (an

"hMltti''"Kn^ umversitieswhodosu^ri^cal should be seeing someone Marianne Worley. mar

^™''"1^.^! son_said that the University they are going to take Georgetown Hospital.

/ould not

loUege workload found
larder by freshmen

nilly of adjusting studied nn
ly from home, is still wc

bad once


1 Manta! and FimiK Therapy

Texas Gov. George
W. Bush became
the country's 43rd

president early
Wednesday morn-
ing for two hours
as part of one of
the closest elec-
tions in history.

Election could change
look of Washington


could include Oklahoma
Gov. Frank Keating and U.S.

I Rosen and

:ain significant funds /

job. Keating would b
Mahoney, Keating's i


industry in Texas,

Bill Shapard, Watts' p

focusing on hia reelet

.8 B.A.C. grounds for DUI

le deaths and injuries,"

Opponents ofthebiU sail
nay have lower tolerance

le fight to
1. MADD's

n place that y<

Webb told U-WIRE Mon.
everything i

ilional 590 lives could

MADD places BAC would make a signifi-

her body and a broken improve roads, bridge^air-

xk. Webb's unborn child ports and mass transiLbena-

the time Kara was born lor Frank Lautenberg (D-

sallv blind due to the NJ) and Representative Nita

Lh' 'A lot^of P^Pl^^d°;'„t tTf^^neS'^ (^^I'S

K The Southern Accent


What is all this
"God" talk anyway?

omelhing jusl

offended by
iheir degree ai

for complain-

Za some 1

The commercialization
of the Christmas season



iValking tlirouEh many ol makes Iheir childre:
It plastic candy canes arc PiayStalion 2 is Ihe ultim;

Clirislmaa plague PJaySl'atJon E

:■ only for S19

I. Ml. r ■. Mill Mion addressed. '

ibgiving it, not prof- around us.
enough tor compa- Doyouli)

» Ihey have expanded Do you want

Eyes and ears

Causing casual anarchy and promoting
Gloria Steinam-like equality .

The Southern Accent

T by the drink. If beer by

Remember playing boys

every evening,' Jimmy's fiancee, Carolyn.
inofMen. Dwight 11:00 or so. She can sta

ors locked? lobby is empty, save for

sexes aUowed to rema
the dorro lobby?

for example? 1 a boy d

Take Back the Night a
step in the right direction

Saumem's SlutSen!

Voice Since 1926

munity lo confront Ihe

than a few isolated incidenls

problems has left viole

scope, immediacy and reali-

Cadence Van Dolson, Editor in Chief

womcn, Take Back Ihe

that needs our direct atl


change policies pertaining

a pressing issue that is hard

dirwied at women Ihey are

Jfj^mfer Williams

also offering students some-

/issisFANT News Edftok

Senioh Copy EonoR


wiU be Ihe beginning o


Lows LlCllT

oft^Ii^ vkrcd'"lhr*uEh^ S

Ufestyi^ Editor

Semor Photographer

Friday night's march and

that Georgetown is a p

Billy Gageh

Mandv Siiearfr

speal(-oul will provide a

where no woman sh

Faith XPress Eorroit


long as one woman is lh^eat-


should be a place w

Morgan Kochenower

Sponrs Editor

Design/Graphics Edttor

bly, quickly and jusll


Nick Lee

IS no! just a ^women's prob-

issues that are hardcs


Design/Graphics Editor

discuss are not igno


David Fournier


veriiy swelling around the


Onune Edttor

Jemfnd "^^sTar^olen^!

and perhaps conveniently

This itaff tditOTial
mH> appiand in Vie

Joe LaCom

Dennis Negr6n

merely be addresied on a

comforlable, to djsmjss it as

ol Georgctouji Univeni

Humor Eorroit

Facultv Ad\isor

Novtmber 7. 2000.

grad students


Reladons Board pave
teaching assistants at p

e expressed gener

tilled, professors
uid cross picket

:Umale of the university s«

taini, not be iost on U
sity President Judith r

The Accent would like to thank e
and every student who voted in thi
election on Tuesday. By doing that,

you have

contributed to the democracy thai

we have enjoyed for the last 224

years. By voting, you have particip''

ed in a historical event, one of th'

closest presidential races in histoff

We would also like to note that this

coming March, the CoUegedale Cil)

Commission will hold elections, ao'

we encourage every student to

participate in that as well.

"|_^ [ u^iiiiiua^ i ne aoumera Accent I'acc -J

ruit flies in worship We should talk to strangers

11 find your-

the/re crowded and hot and

J offer. Atlanta hi
Olympic par

jally am friendly t

lich is massive, eating ray by his reaction to my V
is than desirable yogurt, ness and insightfullness.
rapletejy mindiflg my own kept walking, rounded a

don't really think ifs all

a the help but notice. Ifsjii

e CNN center. Just people '

the same rules still exist able to look up and s

Pretty simple I thought, ai

joke really needed to go to. You But I think that everyon
nind your eyes and look at the many people really wouli

stepped on, you crei
mountain of JanS- us I

tsfor20min- bation wasn't hanging ovei

about the happenini

Reflections on an election year

asn't all business. We had

;o the golf effort but were simply o'

II love you always

Fo refer for helping by sub-

Bad coffee, onion rings and friends

nlSewZwbve « f'g

e crazy"? You get the fcj., XjoM

dea. How did you feel "^ '^™

heard these have they? Maybe it

felt special and to figure out what y<

People tend to take care self t

V nights ago. I hap- toiow they w

'lallenge ii

p!e, completely. Putyoure

ik back on fondly at our

It they are giv- greatest gift!

family is (one of God's
- - -eople are

people for granted, they

irtners at Wellness

olumn geared toward helping students
' positive, well-balanced lives.

itamples of (Your daily water nee
pound of body weight)

li headaches PLEASE turn in your mile
> by diluting contact Julie Oetraan '


Check out our Phone Card.


Check our card against the ones you buy at

Walmart, Drug Stores, Convenience Stores,

Office Max and even Celt Phone Deals.


2000 Minutes for $20.00
1000 Minutes for $10.00


Call now! 423-559-3112

Thursday, November 9,

Elementary answers

Super Crossword

jtntoi SSAcnu pontvd — —

iSrwXm WCui-" Kcmten IrtMlnflr «'

t [tSvya) IM-Chiirtor •*«« . g

UsSnmarf 101 Wdaultn'


Signs your RA is losing

Compiled by Rob York
10 He declares himself czar of 3rd west and demands tribal

9. He begins constructing forls in the hallway "Just in case|
2nd main decides to invade someday"

8. You find him crouched outside you room with a stetho-
scope. His explanation: "The music's too loud."

7. You go into your RA's room and find action figures namel
after everyone in your hall. L

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