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to i)er8on8 under 18 years of age 613

by males under 18 and females prohibited, in hotels 614

in quantity Ichs than one gallon, price not recoverable 626

See Pencdties.

no sale without license 610

occupant liable for 621

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Liquor Liceiise— Continued.

Sale of liquor —Coneluded.

proof of sale, etc See Svldence. 621

price, of not recoverable when 625

under execution 598

Saloon acooMimodatiou 603

fee for license ' 602

number of licenses limited 608

Search by officers * 617

warrant to 617

liquor found on 617

forfeiture of 617

penalty on occupant of premises 617

Second and third offences 619

forfeiture in certain cases 616

procedure where previous conviction charged 619

penalty increased when applicable 620

third offence disqualifies 616


licensee liable for certain acts of 615

occupant liable for certain acts of 621

males under 18 and females not to serve liquor, exception. ...... . 614

Set off of price of less than one gallon of liquor not allowed, exception 626

Sheriff, sale of liquor by under execution , 598

Short title of ordinance 597

Sign over door 609

Sitting room to be distinct from bar 603

Societies, sporting, etc., application by for permit 602

Stabling accommodation at hotels 603

Steamboat, fee for license 602

Suicide, while intoxicated, liability of person by whom liquor griven to deceased 626

Suit for price of less than one gallon not allowed, exception • 626

pleading general issue 620

Sunday, sale of liquor on prohibited, except at meals 610

Synopsis of ordinance and penalties to be posted 609

penalty for omitting to post 609

Transfer of licenses, application for 608

fees on 608

chief inspector may permit if no protest 608

consent of chief inspector, i- 606

death of licensee. 606

ejectment of licensee, license to new tenant 006

improperly obtained, cancellation 609

licensed premises vacated or lease determined 607

licensee improperly refusing to transfer 607

marriage of female licensee 607

report of inspector 606

tenant forfeiting, authority to owner to continue business 607

transfer of business by operation of law, on 606

Treasurer, all fines to be paid to 616

Turf clubs, permits to licensees for race meetings, etc 602

Wholesale license

consumption on premises prohibited 601

conviction of licensee, effect of 601

hours for sale limited 610

liability of licensee and occupant for acts of servant 615, 621

licensee fee 602

number of to be limitecl 609

penalties a(?ainst See Penalties.

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Liquor Ldoense— Continued.

Wholesale license, powers of licensee 601

report of inspector 603

restrictions on sale by 601

wholesale licensee selling for illicit sale 625

by retail elsewhere 625

VVitne8.«»e8 See Svidenoe.

White Horse License fee in 602

Liquors (intoxioatingr) importation of and traffic in.

Commissioner may appoint officers 596

may issue permits 695

Fees 595

may be reduced 595

Import, no liquor imported without license 5fl5

Importers must first obtain a license 595

penally 596

Licensee not to sell except under provisions of license 59<»

penalty 596

Officers, appointment of 595

powers of 596

penalty for refusing to admit 596

Permit may be granted anyone 596

Literary Institutes 4!«3

See Mechanics and Literary Institutes.
Livery, Boarding and Sale Stable Keepers.

Animals detained to be cared for by stable keeper 431

*' BoarJing stable keeper " defined 431

Detention by stable keeper of animals and effects for indebtedness 431

Effects detained, stable keeper responsible for care of 431

Interpretation 431

Lien of stable keeper on animals and effects for indebtedness and enforcement 431

** Livery stable keeper " d^fined 431

Ordinance, copy of, to be posted in stable or benefit of ordinance forfeited 432

Penalty for omission to post copy of ordinance in stable 432

omission to cleanse and desinfect stable 432

Responsibility of stable keeper for animals and effects detained 432

" Sales stable keeper " defined 431

Sale by public auction of animals and effects detained in default of payuient within one

month 431

notice of intention to sell to be advertised (and posted up in post

office and stable) for two weeks 431

particulars to be stated in 432

proceeds of, application 432

surplus unclaimed after one month to be paid to Tenitorial treasurer 432

for one year to belong to general revenue fund 439

Short title 431

Stable to be cleansed and disinfected in April and October 432

penalty for omission 432

Lord's Day, Profanation of the

Amusements and games prohibited 632

Business, labour, etc., prohibited 639

exceptions 639

Ct>ntracts, etc., made on Simday to be void 639

Hunting or pursyit of game prohibited 639

exception in case of i^ersons in actual want 639

Penalty for breach of ordinance 639


confinement of 637

See Inseme Persons.

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Magristrates Police. . Hee Police Magristratea

Marriagres, Solemnization of

Affidavit to be made by one of parties before license issued 377

to be forwarded to oommissioner with quarterly return 378

further evidence to be required by license issuer doubting correctness of 37H

Commissioners for solemnization 370

Consent of parent or guardian to marriage of minor necessary 378

Fees on issue of licenses, and disposition thereof ' 378

Liability of person solemnizing marriage 378

Licenses, issue of, and form 377

to be signed by commissioner 377

to be signed by license issuer when issuf^l 377

affidavit to be made by one of parties before issue 377

to be supplemented by further evidence if license issuer doubts correetness of 378

penalty for unauthorized issue of 378

License issuer to make quarterly returns to and to forward original affidavits therewith 378

when called upon, to make sworn return of licences supplied, and return of

unissued licenses 378

License fees and disixjsition thereof 378

ftLirriage, solemnization of 37G

persons authorised to solemnize 376

ceremony not to be performed without license or banns 370

to be solemnized in presence of two witnessess 377

to be registered by person solemnizing 377

person solemnizing in good faith not liable though legal impediment existed 377

penalty for solemnizing without authority 378

Minor, consent of parent or guardian required to marriage of 378

Penalty for issuing license or solemnizing marriage without authority 378

Registration of marriage by person solemnizing 377

Ketum to be made by license issuers quarterly to Commissioner, accompanied by original

affidavits 378

when called for, of licenses supplied, and return of unissued licenses. 378
Marriaeres, Regristration of See Vital Statistics.

Married Women, Personal Property of

As regards {lersonal property has rights of a feme sole 1^1

Masters and servants.

Apprentice, misconduct of 390

Civil remedies for recovery of wages and damages, preserved 391

Clerk, misconduct of 390

Contracts or hire of (lersonal service subject to ordinance 390

if for more than one year, to be in writing signed by parties 390

made outside the Territory, ordinance applies to 391

Limitation of time for proceedings 390

Master, non-payment of wages by 390

not to be imprisoned unless guilty of fraud 391

misconduct of 390

Penalty for misconduct of servant 390

Servant, misconduct of 39(»

Wages, non-payment of 390

recovery of, limitation of time for 390

civil remedies for, preserved ^ 391

Mechanics' and Literary Institutes.

Audit of fiiuincial statement prior to annual meeting 495

Election of officeis 493

Funds of institute, application of 495

Ihstitute, organization of 498

to be a corix)ration 495

powers of . 495

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Mechanics' and Literary Institutes— Continued.

Meetings, annual 494

officera' report at 494

record to be kept, and certified copy sent to Territorial secretary. 495

financial statement to be presented at 495

record of to be kept and certified copy sent to Territorial secretary 495

of oflScers, how called 494

Member, who may become a. . . / 403

annual subscription payable by 493

Objects of institutes 494

Officers, and election of 493

annual report of 494

information to be given to Territorial secretary by 495

Organization of institutes, mode of 493

Power of institute to acquire lands, eus 495

Report by officers, annual 494

Short title * 493

Voters at election of officers, qualification of 49S

at meetings, qualification of 494

Mechanics' Liens.

Actions to enforce liens, time for 438

lien holders may join in 438

enuring for class 439

death of plaintiff or refusal to proceed 439

Agreements as to lien not to affect third party 433

Arbitration of claim against lien holder . . 436

subcontractor's claim 436

Assignment of lien 438

Chattels', liens on 439

enforcing 439

application of proceeds 439

Class of lien holders to rank pari passu 489

Cost of lien may be added to judgment 439

Death of lien holder 439

Discharge of lien 439

registration of 489

cost of 439

Execution against persons supplying material, exemptions. 439

Forms in schedule declared sufficient for purposes 440

claim of lien 441

claim of lien for wages 442

several claimants 442

affidavit verifying claim 443

Interpretation, ** contractor " 433

" sub-contractor " 433

"owner" ^ 433

Lien holders, claims againnt, effect of 435

action or arbitration respecting 436

failure to pay, payment by owner 436

deemed purchasers pro tanto 438

Lien of mechanics aud other doing work or supplying materials 433

for ten days after completion of work 435

Machinery, sale or removal of 439

Material affected by lien, not to be removed 436

Mortgage, prior, effect of lien on 434

Owner, liability of not to be increased by lien 435

entitled to retain ten per cent of contract price 434

Payments by owner in good faith 435

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Mechanics' Liens— Continued.

Property on which lieu attaches

where leasehold, consent of landlord to lien on land

Registration of lien

time for

setting aside

Removal of lien on terms ,

application for sammarily

Sale of land charged with lieu

Short title

Snb-contractor, defined

lien of, limited

claim of, arbitration

Wages, lien for

where property belongs to wife of employer .

priority of

uniting several clainis of

Medical Profession.

Appeal from reg^istrar's decision

registrar's decision respecting correction of voters* list

College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Yukon Territorj', IncorjwrHtion .

council of, election of members

mode of

conduct of, by registrar

time and place for holding

vote may be cast, for whom

College, council of, election of, votes for ineligible persons void

for more than 5 persons, first 5 only counted

count of

voters may attend

equality of


members elected

voter**' list, preparation of by registrar

objections to

correction of by registrar

appeal to judge from

proceedings in

to be conclusive

regulations for may be made by council

election papers to be preserved

petition against return of member, filing and service of.

doubted or disputed election, inquiry by committee

new election, council may order

fees and expenses of members of

members of, qualification

ineligible for election unless qualified to vote

number of '

term for which elected

meetings of, rules and regulations for, council may make

absence of, summoning meetings

absence of president from meetings



president has casting vote

officers of

appointed annually by council

hold office during pleasure

salaries and fees of, council to frx




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Medical Profession— Continued.
Colli ege, council of— Concluded.

powers of, to make general rules and regulations 407

regulations respecting register and examinations 409

vacancies in, how supplied 407

voters for, qualification 405

must have paid fees 406

Committee of inquiry, doubted or disputed election, in case of 407

Complaint against registered practitioner. See MiSCOnduct.

Examinations, regulations respecting may be made by council 409

ExaminerR, board of, fees of, council to fix 407

Executive committee, appointment of by council 407

powers of 407

Fees, annual membership 409

non-pajrment of, renders member ineligible to vote or to be elected . . 406

debttoooUege 409

recovery of 409

members of council, to 407

officers and board of examiners, to 407

registration, on ... 413

Homteopathic physicians, registration of 413

Inquiry as to misconduct of registered practitioner. See Misconduct.


'* Legally qualified medical practitioner " 413

Misconduct of registered medical practitioner 409-411

erasure of name fiom register 409

inquiry respecting 409

Offences and penalties 410-412

Penalty, disposition of 412

enforcement of i>ayment of 411

false medical title, for assuming 411

implying registration, for assuming 411

practising without registration, for 410

Prosecutions 411

proof of registration, burden of on accused 412

limitation of time for commencing 412

stay of proceedings 412

Register , 408

entries in 408

erasure from 409

inspection, to be open to 406

keeping 406

regulations respecting, council to make 408

Register, Yukon Territory Medical

publication of 410

form of 410

Registered practitioners, must be to be government or hospital surgeons 411

Registrar, duties of 406, 408, 418

returns by 413

Registration .

eflfect of or of defaiilt in 405, 410, 411

evidence of 409

fee for 409

forfeiture of

See Regrister, erasure troxn.

powers of coimcil as to, may be delegated to registrar 413

proi»f of, burden of to l>e upon accused 412

qualification, anvl proof necessary for 409

Returns by registrar ., 413

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Medical Profession— Concluded.

Rules and regulations

• register and examinations, respecting, council m^y make 409

general, council may make 4O8

Short title 404

Mercantile Agrenta See factors and a«ents. 390

Miners, Protection of 115

Miners liens.

Action how to be commenced 446

Certificate of proceedings taken to be filed 440

Claims of other labourers may be included in lien 445

disposed of by judge 146

may be summarily disposed of by judge 446

Class of lien holders to rank pari passu 447

Costs 447

Death of lien holder 447

Discharge of lien 448

refusal to sign 447

Fees 448

Interpretation 444

" r^ayman " 444

"Owner" 444

"Registering" 444

Lien nature of 446

to cease if not registered ^ 446

what to contain 445

when to be registered 446

Originating summons proceedings may be by 446

any number may join in 446

Proceedings to realize lien 446

unless taken within 60 days lien to ceasa 446

may be by originating summons 44<J

Priority of lien against certain instruments 445

Property on which lien to attach 445

Receiver may be appointed 446

Registration, lien to take effect from 445

may be annulled 447

Sale of estate 447

machinery 447

Security may be taken 447

Short title • 444

Wages, lien for, when to be registered 445

Miningr Companies 486

See Companies, Mining.

Mortgages and Sales of Personal Property a57

See Bills of sale.
Mortgages, Interest on, Distress for.

Right of, limited to goods not exempt from seizure under execution 321

Notice to be given before sale 321

Newspapers 453

Fees ; 454

Interpretation 453

Particulars to be filed with clerk of court 453

before publication 453

on change of ownership 454

Penalties 453

Proprietor. 453

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Notaiies Public.

Appointment 301

Must be reHidents of Territory 301

Powers, rights and profits 901

Fee for commission 301

Barristeiv to be ^ 301


Officers for taking, generally 5

Commissioners for, in and out of the Territory 300

Ordinanoes. Form and Interpretation 1

See Interpretation.

Absent members of partnership to authorize present co-members to sign declaration for them. 871

authority to be filed 371

Change in members ip or style of partnership or in places of residence of members to be filed . 371

partnership deemed existent till new declaration filed 373

Declaration of partnership for trading, manufacturing or mining purposes to be filed 371

to be in writing, signed by members of partnership 371

signed by members present for absent co-members 371

authority to co-members to sign for absent members to be

filed.. ^. ^fn

form and contents of 871

to be filed within two months after fonnation 371

Declaration of change in membership or style of partnership or in place of residence of member

to be filed ^ 371

Declaration by individual xMng trade name to be filed 371

contents of 371

to be filed within two months of assumption of trade name.. 371

allegations in, biuding on person signing or other actual niember of partnership.. 372

liability of person sig^iing 372

not signing though actuaUy a member.. 372

of dissolution may be filed » 372

Dissolution, declaration of 372

Fees for registration, etc 373

Individual using trade name to file declaration within two months of assumption of same. . . . 372

contents of declaration. 372

Liability of person sign^ing declaration 373

not signing declaration though actually a member 373

Partnership for trading, manufacturing or mining purposes, declaration to be filed 371

Partners* rights inter se 378

Penalty for non-registration 371

Registration books to be kept 371

"firm index book" a 371

" individual index book " 371

Personal Property, Mortffafires and Sales of .^57

See Bills of Sale.

Personal Property of Married Women 881

See Married Women, Personal Property of

Persons Killed by Accidents, Compensation to Families of 382

See Accidents, Compensation to fletmilies of persons killed by

Physicians and Sursreons, College of 404

See Medical Profession.
Police MasriBtrates.

Practice to be the same as Territorial Court 295

Cases to be commenced in same manner 295

Appeals to be heard in Territorial Court 295

notice of, how served 296

time within which to be given 296

not to stay proceedings 296

Questions of fact how determined 296

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Pollution of Runningr Streajns.

Banks of streams include lands within 50 feet of high water mark 591

Depositing filth, carcasses, etc., in stream, penalty 594

Discharge of sewage waters from dwellings, etc., Ordinance not to affect .591

Prairie and Forest Pirea

Actions at law preserved 594

Branding and camp fires to be extinguished 592

Fire guardians, appointment of 594

powers of * 591

Fires for guarding property or clearing land 592

Information, unnecessary to negative exemptions 593

Penalties for kindling fire, etc 592

Railway companies burning to prevent escape of fire 593

Short title ^ 592

Spring Duming for clearing land 593

Preferential Assifirmnents 356

See AsslRnments, Preferential.

Profanation of the Lord's Day 639

See Lord's Day, ProfSemation of

Protection of Gkime 586

Protection of Miners.

Abondoned mines 122

Abondoned shafts to be fenced 122

Accident, miners may appoint person to examine seat of 127

Accidents to be investigated 117

Accommodation for changing dress to be provided 126

"Agent" 116

Application 115

Appliances for safety of mine riot to be removed . 126

to be examined every 24 hours 126

Apparatus to be kept for raising and lowering. 120

neglecting to provide, an offence 121

Boiler steam to have g^uge cock 125

Boys not to be employed 119

Brakes to be on lowering and raising machinery ' 125

Cages to have cover 125

single link chains not to be used 125

Commissioner to appoint inspectors 116

authorize inspector to hold investigation 117

define districts 116

Coroners inquest. « 118

Court may uMyhit working of mine. 121

Death notice^K> be sent to commissioner and insi^ector 121

failure to send, offence 121

Directions for working to be observed 126

Drums to have flanges 125

Employment of boys in mines 119

Entrances to mine not working to be fenced 123

Explosives 123

E.xamination of seat of accident 127

of machinery and applianceft 129

Failure to send notice of death, offence 121

Fenced, shafts to be 1?4

Fly-wheels to be fenced 125

Flanges to be on drums 125

Form of notice 129

Gases noxious, workmen not to work where 123

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Protection of Miners— Continued.


Gauge to be on steam boilers 125

(vuides and sign^alB to be provided for working shafts 125

Hounes, wages not to be paid in, public 120

"Inclined plane" 115

Inquest coroners 118

Inspection of mine by miners 12t>

Injunction may be granted by court 121

Insi^ector, commissioner may appoint lit;

duties of. 1 116

powers of 116

proceedings of if mine dangerous 117

to hold investigations 117

to attend coroners inquests 119

report ^ 118

Interpretation 115

Investigation of accidents 117

Ladders not to be vertical 126

Linked chains not to be used for cages 125

Loss of life or injury to be reported to commissioner 121

"Mine*' 115

Mine if found dangerous by inspector 117

boys not to be employed in |19

loss of life in, to be reported to commissioner 121

notice of closing, to be sent commissioner 122

entrances to, not working, to be fenced 123

not to work in, where noxious gases 123

not to remove appliance for safety of . . 126

miners may inspect 126

certain rules not to api)ly to placer 127

Miners on coroners jury II9

wages not to be paid in public houses 120

to observe directions for working 126

may appoint persons to inspect 120

may appoint persons to examine seat of accident 127

Machmery to be inspected. 126

for lowering to have brakes 125

Manholes 124

to be kept clear 124

Natural strata not safe to be cased 124

Notice of application for injunction 121

death to be sent to commissioner 121

failure to send, offence 121

of change of ownership 122

form of 129

Notices how served 127

"Owner" 115

Offences 120

Owner to provide proper apparatus 121

Ownership notice of change of, to be sent to commissioner 122

Plan 115

Penalties 12!^

Placer mines certain rules not to apply to 127

Personal injuries to be reported 121

Public houst^ wages not to Ih* paid in 120

Rules 122

which are not to apply to placer mines 127

Roof of working place to Ire made safe 124

"Shaft'' 115

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Protection of Miners— Continued.


Shafts 120

to have proper apparatus 120

abandoned to be fenced 122

not being used to be fenced 124

not sate to be cased 124

more than 50 feet deep 12i

Short title 115

Signals 123

Single linked chains not to be ui*ed 125

Steam boilers to have gauge 125

Vt^ntilation 122

Wages no to be paid in public houses 120

Public Administrator 297

See Judicature.

Security to furnish 297

Report to make 297

Notice of death to be sent to 297

How to administer 298

Infants 299

Lunatics 299

Public Expenditure.

How made where no other provision t>

Public Health.

Child in infected house attending school penalty 10€

City or town appointment of health officer by W4

Commissioner to appoint medical health officer 99

establish quarantine stations 100

may api>oint sanitary, inspectors 102

to fix salaries 102

order expenditure out of general revenue fimd 108

Contagion precautions against 105-

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