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calling 547

chairman 547

See Chairman of trustees.

election of officers, for 551

illegal ualesK properly called 551

notice to be given 551

how waived 551

quorum 552

special, secretary to call 550

votes at, chairman may vote 552

equality, motion negatived 552

meetings of ratepayers to be called by 547

neglect of duty by -. . . . 570

non-attendance at meetings, vacation of office by 559

non-residence, vacation of office by 556

number of 544

in Dawson 543

reports to be submitted by 552

resignation of 55G

rights and obligations generally 552

secretary of 554

See Secretary.

teacher, may not be 571

term of office 545

in Dawson 544

treasurer 555

See Treasurer.

vacancies in board, filling 557

vacation of office by non-attendance at meetings or non-residence 556

contracting with board, et3 556

resignation 556

Seijarate and public districts 545

Vacation and holiday > 562

Ventilation of schools 552

Voter, oath of at first school meeting 544

annual meeting 544

Voting. , See Elections of trustees.

ballot, by, proceedings for 544

postponement for one week after nominations . 544

Water closets 553

Water to be provided in schools 553

Year, scho<jl 561

certain schools to be open all year .562

half year 5(>2

Servamts, Masters and 390

See Masters and Servants.

Sheriff and Deputy Sheriffs.

Office hours 288

Fee lx)ok to be kept 288

Annual statement under oath, to be returned to couunissioner 288

Books to be kept open to public: insi)ection 288

Seal of office 289

Books and seal to be supplied out of general revenue fund 289

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Sheriff and Depffty Sheriffs-Continued.

Books, records, etc., to be proi)erty of government 289

disposition in case of vacancy of office 2S9

penalty for refusal to give tip possession 281)

ex-sheriflf to have access to 289

Vacancy in office pending execution of writ 290

after sale of lands but l^efore transfer 290

before sale of lands 290

Misfeasance or default of sheriff, liability of sureties 290

sheriff to be joint defendant . . * 290

action on security '. 290

surety*s liability limited 290

when surety discharged from liability 291

stay of proceedings against surety 291

levy under judgment upon security 291

to be on sheriff's goods first 29J

sheriflF liable until successor takes office 291

Sheriflf, etc., may not purchase at execution sales 291

• Liability for mis-conduct in execution of writ 292

Custody of writs, processes, etc 291

to be restored to sheriflF upon demand 292

enforcement of restoration.. 292

Deputy to act in case of death, resignation or removal of sheriflf 292

Security to be given by sheriflF 2!>2

copy to be filed in office of Territorial secretary 293

may be sued upon 2t»3

certified copy prima facie evidence 293

Oaths of office and allegiance to be taken 293

filed with Territorial secretary 29.^

Deputy sheriffs, appointment 293

powers and duties 294

books to be kept as kept by sheriflF 294

seal to be a duplicate of sheriflf's seal 294

security to be given . 294

may by proceeded upon 2tM

responsibility of sheriflF for deputy ceases after security given 294

Prohibition from practice as solicitors, while holding office 294

Oath of office 294


Slander of females 317

allegation or proof of special damage not necessary 317

Slaugrhter Houses. ,

Animals to be killed at licensed slaughter house 450

Fees r 451

Hunters, ordinance not to apply to. 451

Insiiectors, Commissioner may appoint 450

to fix salaries and prescribe dutfes 451

duties of 450

may require assistance of constable 451

to have lien 452

to mark meat 451

Interpretation 449

"animals" 449

" |)erson " 449

" slaughter house " 449

License, how obtained ; 449

to expire Deconilxr 3l8t . . 449

fee..: 450

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Slauffhter Houses— Continued.

Lion, inspector and slaughter house to have. 452

Meat not to be sold unless killed in slaughter house 450

tc be killed 10 hours before sale 452

Medical health officer to inspect until inspectors appointed . . . 451

Offal to be burnt '. 450

Ordinance not to apply to hunters 451

Penalties 451

Short title 449

Slaughter houses number may be limited 450

if number limited tariff to be fixed 452

penalty for slaughtering in any other place 452

t<» be kept clean 450

to have lien 452

under control of commissioner in council 450

Societies, Benevolent and other 488

See, Benevolent and other Societies.

Solemnization of MarriaRe 37G

See Marriagres, Solemnization of

Steam Boilers, Inspection of 87

See Boilers, Steam
Stray Animals.

" Animal" defined 581

" Legal Fence " defined 581

Commissioner to form districts and appoint i)ound ke?[)er8 581

"Trespasser" defined 581

** Estray " defined 581

any person may deliver to pound keeijer 582

owner of, if known, to be notified by pound keeper and to remove animal within

three days 583

failing to remove animal or owner being miknown notices to be posted in

three public places in poand district 583

or occupier may capture trespasser 581

cost of captor to be reimbursed 582

owner entitled to on tender of expenses incurred 5*3

expenses for keep and advertising, what allowed 583

dispute as to, J. P. to determine 584

no animal to be turned loose between 30th October and 30th March 585

person finding estray in weak condition to notify X. W. M.P 585

l>er8on in charge liable 582

sale proceeds of, disposition 583

l)alance forwarded to commissioner, failing claim within a year,

to form part of general revenue fund 583

Fees to the captor or owner 583

pound keeper 583

salesman 583

Pound keei>er appointment of 581

duties of 583

not to purchase 583

per-^on leaving animal with to deposit fees 582

to report to commissioner 584

may kill if no pnrchaHer 585

Offences 585

Penalties 584

Trespass, not to effect action for 584

Trespasser, animal breaking into enclosure 582

Streams, Pollution of 591

See Pollution of Bunningr Streams.

Sunday 630

See Lord's Day, Profanation of

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Surgeons and Physicians 404

8«»#* Medical Profession.

Territorial Secretary 71

Territorial Treasurer 70


References to 4

Standard 4


AnimalH running at large 534

AfiHeHHment and Taxation 530

Audit of overseers books .536

Boundaries, alteration of .536

Debt, incurring , 531

Disease, provisions as to 534

Dog tax 530

Establishment of .526

Fire, provisions as to 535

Hawkers and pedlars .531

Interpretation 526

Meetings, annual 520

procedure at .530

8l)ecial 530

Notices, publication of 521) 530 537

Overseer, election of, proceedings on 527

bond by ^ .52H

term of office . .- 52H

removal from office 528

procedure where election or sufficiency of bond questioned 529

expenditure by 531

Annual statement of 529

report .533

duties and powers of 533

remuneratif >n of 535

penalties again8t 536

Real Estate of town, how held 536

Regulations as to disease and fire .534, .%35

Revenue how raised 530

Short titled 626

Suits by or agahist 531

Taxation r>30

Voter, qualification of 527


Removal of from public property ,if 114

Sheriff may eject persons 114

No action against sheriff for removal 114

Other persons to assist 114

Vital Statistics.

Administration of ordinance 77

Appointment of registrar 77

termination of, forms, etc, to be handed to successor 78

Births, rei)ort of within a month to registrar, by whom : 78

particulars to be furnished <'8

illegitimate children 78

name of child, alteration in or giving of, on production within two years of certificate

of, memorandum may be noted in margin of original entry 78

Burials, to be reiwrted to registrar by cemetery caretaker, etc., within 7 days, failing produc-
tion of certificate of registrntion 80

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Vital statistic B— Continued.

Clergyman, minister, etc, to report marriage* 79

forms of reports to be supplied to by registrar upon application ... 79
officiating at burial, failing production of certificate of registration

to report to registrar within a uionth 79

Cemeteries, caretaker, etc, of, to report burial to registrar within 7 days unless certificate of

registration produced 80

Certificate of registration of death, registrar to give 79

Certified extract from return, to be given by registrar before date return, should be transmitted . 81

fee for 81

the department after transmission of return 81

fee for 81

coroner entitled to without fee 82

Coroner entitled to searches and certified extracts free of charge 82

" Department " defined 77

Deaths, who shall report to registrar 79

particulars required 79

certificate of registration of, to be given by registrar 79

clergyman, etc, performing funeral service to re^rt to registrar within one month,

failing production of certificate of registration 79

doctor to forward to registrar within a month a certificate of cause of death, to be

attached to return 80

cemetery caretaker, etc, to report to registrar within 7 days of burial, failing produc-
tion of certificate of registration 80

Doctor to report cause of death .... 80

to be supplied with forms 80

Errors in registration, correction of 81

Forms to be supplied to registrar on application 77

expense of providing and dntributing to be paid out of general revenue fund 78

in hands of registrar to be handed over to successor 78

registration of birth 83

registration of marriage 84

registration of death 85

certificate of 86

certificate of cause of death 86

Interpretation 77

Marriage, report of to registrar within a month by person solemnizing 79

particulars to be furnished in 79

forms of, registrar to furnish on demand 79

Minister, clergyman, etc., marriage to be reported by 79

forms of report to be supplied to upon application 79

death to be reported by within a month failing production of certi-
ficate of registration 79

Name of child, change of or givinp^ of, on production within 2 years of certificate of, memoran-
dum may be noted in margm of original entry 78

" Occupier " t. /fined 77

Orders, rules and regulations, the commissioner may make 82

Penalty for omission to report to registrar. 80

making false statement 82

Prosecution for omission to report to registrar 80

place of ofifence under Ordinance, etc . . . . , 80

Registrar, appointment of 77

to be supplied with forms on application 77

monthly returns by, to department 78

fees 78

returns to be forwarded to department by registered mail in first week of each month. 78

to give certificate of registration of death 79

forms of report of solemnization of marriage to be furnished to clergymen, etc., by,

on demand 5 79

certificate of cause of death to be furnished to medical practitioners by 80

search of returns to be allowed by and certified extracts to be furaish by before date

returns should be transmitted ' 81

48— Y. o.

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Vital Statistics— Concluded.

Ptegistration divisions, establishment of 77

of births ' 78

illegitimate children 78

marriages 79

deaths 79

penalty for default in 80

errors in, correction of 81

provision for late 81

Returns, registrars to forward to department within first week of each month by r«^stered

mail 78

arrangement, indexing and custody of 81

search, fee for 81

by coroner without fee 82

certified extracts from, fee for 81

coroner to be furnished with without fee 82

as evidence 82

Rules, orders and regulations, commissioner may make 82

Short title ... 77

Territorial secretary to administer Ordinance 77

Wife and Ohildren, Insurance for benefit of 383

See Insurance for benefit of Wife and Ohildren.

Works Superintendent of 72

Yukon Council.

Committees, attendance and examination of witnesses before 12-13

Electoral distriots defined 13

Examination of witnesses, compelling attendance for 12-13

Indenmity to members 12

how paid 12

for part of session 12

travelling expenses 12

Resignation of members . 11

not allowed during election proceedings 12

not to affect controverted election proceedings 12

Schedule of districts 13

forms 14

Vacancies, how occurring 11

issue of writs to fill 11

Vacating seats in 11

Witnesses, attendance and examination of before assembly or committee 12-18

oaths of 13

forms of 14



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Online LibraryYukon TerritoryThe consolidated ordinances of the Yukon Territory, 1902,: being a ... → online text (page 77 of 77)