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The Cincinnati Lancet-clinic

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New Series, Vol. xl. Whole Volume, lxxix.



January^June, 1898.

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317 West Seventh Street,


e. <^

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AsHBURN, Dr. Pbrcy M., Cincinnati, O.
Hernia of the Pregnant Womb, 403.
Ayrbs, Dr. S. C, Cincinnati, O.

The Non-Operative Treatment of Stra-
bismus, 6.
Torpiditjr of the Bowels, 453.
An Interesting Case of Ophthalmia Neo-
natorum, 614.
Baldwin, Dr. J. P., Columbus, O.

Sarcoma and Erjsipelas Toxines, 9.
Bbttmamn, Dr. Hbnry W., Cincinnati, O.
Cast of the Stomach Vomited bj a
Child— Specimen, 83.

A Note on Calomel in the Treatment of
Typhoid Fever, 650.
BoKiFiBLD, Dr. Chas. L., Cincinnati, O.

Fibroid Uterus with Attached Append-
ages, aoo.
Pjrosalpinx, 392.
BoYLAN, Dr. J. E., Cincinnati, O.

Acute Mastoid Disease, Result of Ery-
sipelas, 87.
Brbmbr, Dr. Ludwio, St. Louis, Mo.

Diabetes: The Diagnostic Value of the
Aniline Dyes, 517.
Brioos, Dr. Albxandbr 6., New Yorlc.

Strontium and Its Salts, 109.
Britton, Dr. S. Hbrbbrt, Adelaide, O.

Gualacol, 393.
Bryan, Dr. F. F., Georgetown, Ky.
Extra- Uterine Pregnancy, 635.
Buttbmillbr, Dr. J. C, Cincinnati, O.

-Primary Carcinoma of Gall-Bladder,
Cadwalladbr, Dr. J. C, Norwood, O.

Abdominal Abscess, 457.
Caldwbll, Dr. C. E., Cincinnati, O.
Tracheotomy in Diphtherias, 455.
Cambron, Dr. Otis L., Cincinnati, O.

Congenital Absence of Gail-Bladder.—
Appendicitis at the Age of Seventy-two. —
Carcinoma of Liver and Omentum, 390.
Christbn, Dr. Th. A., Cincinnati, O.

Transient Amblyopia, i.
Culbbrtson, Dr. L. R., Zanesville, O.

A Remarkable Case of lodism. Produc-
ing Cerebral Compression, 189.
Dandridob, Dr. N. P., Cincinnati, O.

Resection of Tuberculous Head of
Femur, 84.
Davis, Dr. E. G. Lewistown, 111.

Diphtheria, 313.
Dbams, Dr. S. p., Tuppers Plains, O.
Feet for Attending Paupers, p7.

DbBbck, Dr. David, Cincinnati, O.
Ossification of the Choroid, 181.
DowLiNO, Dr. Francis, Cincinnati, O.

The Hygiene of Ophthalmia Neona-
torum, 595.

Hygiene of Granular Conjunctivitis,
with Special Reference to the United
States Military Service, 631.
Eichbbrg, Dr. Josbph, Cincinnati, O.
Ulcer of the Stomach, 38S.
Ruptured Tubal Pregnancy, 389.
Fbb, Dr. Frank E., Cincinnati, O.

Wanted — A New Name for a New Form
of Insanity, 333.
Frbnch, Dr. E. H., Piqua, Ov

Intubation, with Report of Two Cases,

Frkibbrg, Dr. Albbrt H., Cincinnati, O.
Innovations in the Treatment of Pott's
Disease, 151.
GooDB, Dr. B. p., Cincinnati, O.

Foreign Bodies Swallowed, 85.
Grbiwb, Dr. J. E., Cincinnati, O.

Nephritis, 393.
Hall, Dr. Rufus B., Cincinnati, O.

Intra- Ligamentous Ovarian Tumor, 141.
Gall- Stones, 300.
Suppurating Ovaiian Tumor, 335.
Intra- Ligamentous Cyst. — Tubo-Ovar-
ian Cyst, 380.

Multilobular Fibroid Tumor, 373.
Hanson, Dr. D. S., Cleveland, O.

Treatment of Fracture of Patella with
Glut Splint, 551.

Has the Use of Intestinal Antiseptics in
Typhoid Fever a Rational Physiological
Basis? 605.
Hbady, Dr. J. F., Cincinnati, O.

Ulcer of the Duodenum — Specimen, 580.
Hill, Dr. R. C, Cincinnati, O.

Aneurism of Arch of the Aorta Treated
by the Simultaneous Dellgation of the
Right Common Carotid and Subclavian
Arteries, 385.
Specimen of Appendix, 438.
Aneurism of the Aorta, Specimen, 579.
Johnston, Dr. J. Ambrosb, Cincinnati, O.

Valedictory Address, 441.
JuDKiNS, Dr. Wm., Cincinnati, O.

A Case of Thoracic Aneurism, 437.
KiBLY, Dr. Wm. E., Cincinnati, O.
Valedictory Address, 331.
Perforation of Ileum, Presumably from

Digitized by




Knight, Dr. Arthur L., Madlsonville, O.
Brain Tumor: Report of a Case of
Psammoma of the Right Frontal Lobe, 69.
Kramer, Dr. S. P., Cincinnati, O.
Blood-Test for Diabetes, aoi.
Krouse, Dr. L. J., Cincinnati, O.

Report of Two Cases of Sarcoma of
Bladder, with Specimen, 439.
Landis, Dr. John H., Cincinnati, O.

Paralysis of the Sphincter in the Clamp
and Cautery Operation— iMuscles of the
Pelvic Eloor. 567.
Langdon, Dr. F. W., Cincinnati, O.

Paramyoclonus Multiplex; Recovery,
Pernicious Anemia — Clinical Report,

Layne, Dr. Porter C, Proctorville, O.

Foreign Body in Nose; Duration Seven
Months; Interesting Reflex Phenomena,
30. . •

LoRiMBR, Dr. Hugh F., Fair Haven, O.

Endorsed, 402.

The Physician in Appendicitis, 541.
Lylb, Dr. B. F., Cincinnati, O.

What Treatment Shall we Adopt for
Pulmonary Tuberculosis? 137.

Tuberculosis — Specimens, 141.
Malsbary, Dr. Gbo. E., Cincinnati, O.

Typhoid Fever: Practical Value of the
Blood-Test, 311.

TesU for the Blood and Urine In Dia-
betes, 453.
Markmillbr, Dr. H. G., Newport, Ky.

Local Poisoning from Paris Green, 6.^3.
McLbish, Dr. John Lbwin, Cincinnati, O.

Treatment of Urethritis, Acute and
Chronic, 234.
McMechan, Dr. J. C, Cincinnati, O.

The Indian Girl's Skeleton, 231.
Millikin, Dr. Dan, Hamilton, O.

Inhibition in its Latter- Day Aspects, 47.
Minor, Dr. Thomas C, Cincinnati, O.

Treatment of Dyspepsia by Massage, 19.

Parisian Medical Chit-Chat, 43, 59, 225,
251, 282, 394, 444, 507. 584, 640.

Notes from the History of Medicine, 90,
123, 146. 163, 305. 328, 354, 377.

Military Surgeons, 563.
Mitchell, Dr. Giles S., Cincinnati, O.

Uterine Fibroid, 89.
MoLONY, Dr. Louis A., Cincinnati, O.

Ichthyosis, 335.
Monroe, Dr. Geo. J., Louisville, Ky.

Syphilis of the Rectum, 32.

Pure Air, 72.

Treatment of Rectal Diseases, 159.

Advertising, 387.

Sleep, 389.

The Free Dispensary Abuse, 402.

Rectal Diseases, 546.
Mueller, Dr. Victor F., Milwaukee, Wis.

What Influence has Intensely Dry Hot
Air on Painful and Inflamed Joints? 548.
MuMAuoH, Dr. Shelby, Lima, O.

Cremation, 23.
Norton, Dr. Oliver D., U. S. N.

B^-Beri, 359.
Oliver, Dr. J. C., Cincinnati, O.

Sarcoma of Testicle, 392.

Painful Stump Due to Incarcerated
Ulnar Nerve, 405.

Carcinoma of the Cecum; Cecectomj;
Murphv Button Anastomosis; Recovery,

Gun- Shot Wounds of the Abdomen, with
Report of Fiftv-ei^ht Cases, 463.
Palmer, Dr. C. D., Cincinnati, O.

Some Sequelae of Abdominal Sections,
Porter, Dr. Wm. D., Cincinnati, O,
Appendicitis in Children, 105.
Prophylaxis of Puerperal Sepsis, 415.
Prior, Dr. Amelia J., Xenia, O.

The Management of Pregnancy and
Labor, 523.
Ransohoff, dr. Joseph, Cincinnati, O.

Considerations on the Diagnosis and
Operative Treatment of Gall -Stones, 95.
Intra-ligamentous Fibroid, 607.
Lympho- Sarcoma of the Neck, 608.
Ravitch, Dr. M. L., Lexington, Ky.
Chancroids or Soft Chancre, 341;.
Reamy, Dr. Thad. A., Cincinnati, O.

Decidual Retention Complicating Preg-
nancy, 89.
Case Report, 266.
RiCKETTS, Dr. 6. Merrill, Cincinnati, O.
Appendicitis, 86.

Case Reports and Specimens, 427.
Formalin, 454.

Prostate Hypertrophy; Emasculation;
Nine Cases, 481.
Deaths (Ten), Surgical and Causes, 571.
Chronic Adenitis of the Neck, 579.
Typhoid Perforation, 604.
R1CKBTT8, Dr. Edwin, Cincinnati, O.

Vaginal Hysterectomy for Infantile
Uterus, 267.
Cystic Floating Kidney, 291.
Obstruction of the Common Duct of the
Gail-Bladder. 4C2.

Abscess of Uterus In Puerperal Septi-
cemia, 460.
Pessary Worn for Nineteen Years, 629.
RowE, Dr. James W., Cincinnati, O.

Icterus Neonatorum, 619.
Rumbold, Dr. Thos. F., St. Louis, Mo.

Otomyasthenia — Muscle-Deafness, 28.
Sattler, Dr. Robert, Cincinnati, O.

Sursery In Obstinate Neuralgia of the
Mastoid Region, 420.

Care of the Eyes of Infants At or Imme-
diately After Birth, 557.
ScHENCK, Dr. W. Edwards, Cincinnati, O.
Pernicious Anemia — Blood Specimen,

ScHOOLFiELD, Dr. C. B., Dayton Ky.

Ectopic Pregnancy Twice In the Same
Patient, Report of Three Cases, 184.
Schwab, Dr. Louis, Cincinnati, O.

Inaugural Address of the President, 319.
ScoviLLE, Dr. S. S.. Lebanon, O.

The Bradley Case, 11^.
Smiley, Dr. Chas. W., Washington, D.C.

The Free Hospital — An Instance, 171.
Spiers, Dr. H. H., Ravenna, O.

Tuberculosis: A Catechism, 75.

Tuberculosis, 370.

Tuberculosis: Food Product^ 576.

Digitized by


mOfiX VOLUME 'iL.—yanuarjHfune, 1898.

Strickbr, Dr. Louis, Cincinnati, O.

Operation for Mastoid Disease, 606.
Tanobmam, Dr. C. W., Cincinnati, O.

Anatomy of the Bony Orbit, 364.
Tatb, Dr. Magnus A., Cincinnati, O.

Puerperal Eclampsia, 86.

Puerperal Gangrene, 503.
Thompson, Dr. J. A., Cincinnati, O.

Acute Purulent Otitis Media; Mastoid-
itis; Pyemia; Death, 406.

Fibro-Sarcoma of the Nose, 82.
Thornbr, Dr. Max, Cincinnati, O.

Ingestion of Foreign Bodies, 85.

Intubation with Improved Instruments,
TwiTCHBLL, Dr. G. B., Cincinnati, O.

Bronchial Cast; Fibrinous Bronchitis,

Diphtheria and Diphtheria, 307.

Von Ruck, Dr. Karl, Asheville, N.C.

The Treatment of Pulmonary Tubercu-
losis with l^emedies Derived from the
Specific Germ, 135.
Wbavbr, Dr. Walter B., Cincinnati, O.

The Electric Light in Grenito-Urinary
Diseases. 355.
WiTHROW, Dr. T. M., Cincinnati, O.

Cincinnati's Consumption Mortality ,334.
Dermoid Cyst, 406.

Fifty Cases of Abdominal Section with-
out a Death, 595.
Wright, Dr. F. C., Columbus, O.

A Specific for Puerperal Eclampsia, 53.
Zbllbr, Dr. B. F., Christiansburg, O.,
Diphtheria and Tuberculosis, 337.
Zbnnbr, Dr. Philip, Cincinnati, O.

Psychic Treatment of Disease, 493.
Neurasthenia, 643.



ABDOMINAL aUcess, ^57.

incisions, some consiaerationt of abdomi-

nal. 3:


section, nfty cases witiuMit a death, 4oo,

sections, some sequelae of, 418, 439.
Abscess of the uterus in puerperal septicemia,

Acadennr of Medicine of Cincinnati, 274.
Acne, 605*

rosacea treated by intra-dermal injections
of formaldehyde, 333.

turpentine in the treatment of, 433.
Adhesion of the female prepuce, 433.
Advertising, 387.
Aged parents, 179.
Alexander operation^ the, 537.
Amblyopia, transient, i, i|.
American Academy of Meidicine, 191.

destiny, 538.

Medical Association, 336.
Anemia, a unique case of, I30.

significance of chlorides in, 384.
Anesthetic, a new local, 180, 305.
Aneurism, a case of thoracic, 437.

of arch of the aorta treated by the simul-
taneous deligatlon of the riffht common
carotid and subclaTlan arterfes, 385.

of the aorta — specimen, 579.
Angina pectoris and its relation to dilatation of

tiie heart, 397.
Aortic regurgliaUoo, varieties of» 351.

Apostrophe to tlie dollar, 438.
Appeal, an, 6^
Appendicitis, 86.

at the age of seventy-two, 390.

in children, 105, 113.

the physician in, 541.
Appendix, specimen of, ^8.
Arthritis deformans, lactic acid in a case of, 353.
Association, 116.
Ataxia, treatment of the pains of by methylene

blue, 314.
Authorship, credit for, 350.

BALDNESS, a fictitious microbe the cause

off 515.
Banquet of the Society of Ex -Internes of the

Cincinnati Hospital, 514.
Battery, a home-made, 554.
Bedbugs, a remedy for, ^3.
Beri-beri, 359.
Best place for the sIcIl, 398.
Aids to Aseptic Tedmique, Wiiitting, 310.
A Laboratory Text-Boole of Pathology,

Whitacre, 67.
American Text-Boole of <jenito-Urinary
Diseases, Syphilis, and Diseases of the
Skin, Bangs and Hardaway, 493.
American Year-Book of Medicine and Sur-
gery, Gould, 334.
Annual Report of the New York SUto
Commission In LMaacy» a^cK

Digitized by





A System of Medicine, Allbutt, aaS.

Bulletin of the Ohio Hospital for Epileptics,

Clinical Text-Book on Surgical Diagnosis
and Treatment, Macdonald, 330.

Compendium of Insanity, Chapin, 46a.

Conversations on Animal Life, Howe, 329.

Diseases of the Stomach, Hemmtter, 230.

Diseases of Women, Herman, 333.

Hartley- Auvard System of Obstetrics, Hart-
ley, 665.

Essentials of Bacteriology, Potter, 461.

International Medical Annual and Practi-
tioner's Index, 414.

Lectures on the Action of Medicine, Brun-
ton, 309.

Medical and Surgical Report of the Pres-
byterian Hospital in the City of New
York, 180, 666.

Nettleship on the Eye, 46.

Orthopedic Surgery, Moore, .^33.

Outlines of Rural Hygiene, Bashore, 149.

Pathological Technique, Mallory and
Wr^fht, 253.

Proceedings of the Military Surgeons of the
United States, 180.

Skin Diseases of Children, Fox, 68.

Surgical Complications and Sequels of Ty-
phoid Fever, Keen, 333.

Text-Book on Surgery, General, Operative
and Mechanical, Wyeth, 333.

The Aphasias and Their Medico-Legal Re-
' lations, Langdon, 149.

The Doctor's Window, Warren, 229.

Transactions of the College of Physicians of
Philadelphia, 334.

Transactions of the Ohio State Medical So-
ciety, 414.

Treatise on the Diseases of Women, Skene,

Twentieth Century Practice, Stedman, 333.
Bilious headaches, 189.
Board of Affairs, the, 588.
Bony orbit, anatomy of the, 364.
Bradley case, the, 115.
Brain tumor: report of a case of psammoma of

the right frontal lobe, 6g.
Bronchial cast; fibrinous bronchitis, 85.
Bust developer, dangers of the, 90.

CANCER, the transmission and dissemination
of, 244.
of the breast, 10, 377.

of the tongue, what operation can do for,
Carcinoma, injections of alcohol in, 108.

of the cecum; cecectomy; Murphy button

anastomosis; recovery, 406.
of liver and omentum, 290.
Cardiac affections dependent upon arterio-
sclerosis, treatment of, 249.
disease, the prognosis in, 562.
Care of cows for a production of a suitable food

for infants, ^.
Case reports, 266.

and specimens, 427.
Casts and albumen^ significance of, 422.
Qenrical adenitis^ 4)^2.

Chancroids or soft chancre, 345.

Cheyne- Stokes respiration, new theory of» 119.

Children's appetites, 452.

friends, the, 616.
Chloro-anemia in bovs, 41.
Chronic adenitis of the neck, 579.

gonorrheal vaginitis and its treatment, 560.
Cigarette question, the, 147.
Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery,
commencement exercises of the, 401.

Hospital, the, 191, 223, 239, 297, 326, 534,

589. ^37.
Cincinnati's consumption mortality, 224.
Coffee as a restorative medicine, ^5.
Coitus, one of the evils of incomplete, 584.
Cold, for, 427.
Comparison, a, 590.
Compression of carotids, how it may be utilized

in surgery to effect anesthesia, 347.
Consideration, a, 278.
Constipation, creosote in chronic, 228.

and renal phenomena, 561.
Contusions, menthol collodion for, 653.
Convulsions, etiology of infantile, 40.
Coughs in children, 303.
Cremation, 23.

Cross-saddle riding for women, 72.
Cystic floating kidney, 201.
Cysticercus of the skin in a ten-year-old girl,


DEAFNESS, treatment of chronic by thyivo-

idine, 40.
Deaths (ten), sureical and causes, 571.
Demonstration of changes in nerve cells after

febrile high temperatures, 245.
Denver meeting, the, 424.
Dermoid cyst, 406.
Diabetes, blood-test for, 291.

the diagnostic value of the aniline dyes,

tests for the blood and urine in, 453.
Diabetic albuminuria and its treatment, 539.
Diagnosis of renal permeability by the use

of methylene blue, 118.
Diet of prospective mothers, 250.
Diphtheria, 212.

and diphtheria, 207, 215.
for what period of time can immunity be
conferred by a single injection of antl-
toxine? — the dosage, 5.
tracheotomy in, 455.
and tuberculosis, 327.
and tuberculosis maps, 383.
Discussion, a, 323.
Dispensaries, some more facts in regard to,

Dispensary abuse, tlie, 193.
District physicians, 614.
Dyspepsia, treatment of by massage, 19.

ECLAMPSIA, elimination of toxines in, 243.
Ectopic pregnancy twice in the same patient,

report of three cases, 184, 195.
Eczema, treatment of, 42.

picric acid a valuable remedy for, 624.
treatment of by picric acid, 516.
Eiselein vs. Palmer, 192.
Emphysema and chronic bronchitb, strych-
nine in» 420.

Digitized by


INDEX VOLUME yi\..—yanuafy^yune, 1898.


Endorsed, 402.

Bpilepsj, contribution to our knowledge of the

pathology of, 362.
general conclusions regarding, 204.
Epistaxis, 58.
Erysipelas, for, 554.
Bxalgine, 246.

Exp^toration heart, the, 341.
Extra- uterine pregnancy, 625.
Eyes of infants, care of at or immediately after

birth, 557.

FEVER and high pulse in infanU, 32.
Fibroid tumors of the uterus, carcinomatous
degeneration of, 347.

uterus with attached appendages, 200.
Fibro-sarcoma of the nose, 82.
Fistula, operation for, 149.
Floods, the, 34B.
Foreign bodies, ingestion of, 85. .

swallowed, 85.

in nose; duration seven months; interest-
ing reflex phenomena, 30.
Formalin, 454.
Fort Thomas, 530.
Fractures, treatment of, 302.

of the patella, treatment of with glue
. splint, 551.
Free dispensary abuse, the, 402.

hospital — an instance, 171.

GALL-BLADDER, congenital absence of,
obstruction of the common duct of the, 452.
primary cancer of, 290.
Gall-stones, 200.

considerations on the diagnosis and opera-
tive treatment of, 95.
Gastritis, chronic, 663.
Gastro-intestinal diseases, ichthyol in, 13c.
Genital malformation, an unusual case of, 617.
Genito-urinary diseases, the electric light in,

355, 263.
German measles (rotheln), diagnosis of, 606.
Germs, the longevity of in dus^ 68.
Gland tuberculosis, treatment of the pre-tuber-

culous condition in, 411.
Gold-cure asylimis, 382.
Gonococcus, how to find the, 563.
Gonorrhea as a cause of pelvic disease, 506.
hydrosone and glycoxone in the treatment

of, 178.
in married women, 39.
of the rectum, 504.
prevention of, 503.
treatment of, 594.
Grand Army of the Republic, thirty-second

national encampment of the, 385.
Granular conjunctivitis, h^siene of; with spe-
cial reMrence to the United States mili-
tary service, 621, 632.
Grippe, effects of on the £male genital organs,

Guaiacol, 186, 392.

as a local anesthetic, joo.
Gun-shot wounds of the abdomen, with report
of fifty-eight cases, 463, 482.

HARELIP, medical and surgical treatment
of, 510.

Hatfield, Dr. Marietta, 515.
Headache, treatment of, 64.
Health department, 448.
Heart disease, caffeine in, 288.

epilepsy and the epilepsy of arterlo-sclero-
sis, 300.
Hematemesis, 249.
Hemorrhage In neurasthenia, 352.
Hemostatic, a new, 19.
Hernia of the pregnant womb, 403.
Herpes zoster, 46.
High altitudes, advantages of, 501.
Higher education In medicine, 60.
History of Medicine, notes from the, 90, 122,

1^6, 163, 305, 328, 354, 377.
Hospital drummer, a, 324.

enterprise, 353.

establishment, a, 79.
Hotel accommodations at Denver, 278.
How people sleep, 451.
Human neuroglia, a contribution to the study

of, 302.
" Hydrophobia," 323.

ICHTHYOL in the treatment of affections of

the respiratory organs, 38.
Ichthyosis, 335.
Icterus neonatorum, 619, 631.
Inaugural address, 319.
Indian girl's skeleton, the, 231.
Indiana State Medical Society, 298.
Infantile stools, 540.
Infants, overfeeding of, 244.
Infective diseases, the infiuence of fever and

leucocytosis upoii the course of, 66.
Infiuenza, 78.

cerebral infection with the bacillus of, 280.

In children, 247.
Information wanted, 14.
Inhibition in its latter-day aspects, 47, 54.
Insolation, 634.
Intra-ligamentous cyst, 289.

fibroid, 607.

ovarian tumor, 141.
Intubation: report of two cases, 549.

with improved instruments, 187.
Intussusception, treatment of acute, 65.
lodism producing cerebral compression, a re-
markable case of, 189.
Itch, to cure in two hours, 63.

KENTUCKY SUte Medical Society, 377,

Kelsey, Dr. Charles B., 376.

LANOLIN, advantages of as an ointment

base, 303.
Laudable, 533.

Law, an infiuence. of the, 172.
Localized collective Investigation, 661.
Lock-ward and inmates, 13.
Locomotor ataxia, exercise treatment of, 346.
Lymphatic puerperal sepsis, 300.
Lympho-sarcoma of the neck, 608.

" MAIDEN,'* leffal definltkm of, 618.
Malaria, nucleln in, 446.

precautions against, 661.
Malarial fever, nature of the fiagellate forma of


Digitized by




Mammon in the church, 637.
Marriage laws, 173.

and lunacj, 323.
Mastoid disease, acute — ^result of erysipelas,

operation for, 606.
McDowell Medical Society, 556.
Meanest of sins — ingratitude, 587.
Medical college classes, 399.

college commencements, 490.

College of Ohio, 593.

department, U. S. A., 513.

men in the army, 489.

popes, 305.

profession, a hospital bidding against the,

societies, 296.

society homes, 415.

war measures, 510.
Mental side of the sense of hearing, 358.
Michael Angelo and his prescriptions, 22.
Miffralne, for the relief of, 394.
Military surgeons, 563.
Mosquito: a nuisance easily abated, 413.
Mother's milk in the colostrum period, 571.
Muco-solvent, 145.
Multilobular fibroid tumor, 373.

NASAL secretion in adult life, irritating effect

of, 351-
Nephrectomy, rest in, 653.
Nephritis, 292.
Nerve training, 492.
Neurasthenia, 643, 657.

observations upon the treatment of some

cases of, 559.
Neuron theory, the, 616.
Not very ancient history, 500.
Note on the poisonous action of creosote and

guaiacol as compared with creosotal and

ffuaiacol carbonate, 592.
New York Hospital, the, 401.

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