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♦Whitaker, Robert Sanderson, Esq. Villa Sofia, Resuttana, Palermo, Sicily.

Whitaker, Thomas Stephen, Esq., F.R.G.S. Everthorpe-hall, Brough, East
Yorkshire ; 66, Onslow-gardens, S. W. ; and Conservative Club, St. James* s-
street, S.W.

Whitbread, Samuel Howard, Esq. Southill, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire; and

Brooks's Club, St. James* s-street, S.W.
Whitburn, Charles William Sofer, Esq. Addington-park, West Mailing,

Kent; 16, Ennismore-gardens, S W.; and Cavalry Club Piccadilly, W.

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Zoological Society of London.


Tear of













Derwentdale, Oakwood-avenue, Roundhay, near Leeds,

3 140 White, Alfred, Esq.

White, Anthony George, Esq. 2, Sterne-street, Shepherd's Bush, W.
♦White, Bernard Richard, Esq. 1 5, Chester-terrace, Regent' s-park, N. W.

White, Capt. Godfrey Dalrymple (3rd Bn. Grenadier Guards). Guards' Club*
PaU-mall, S.W.

White, Capt. Swynfen Forman. 248, Gloucester-terrace, Hyde-park, W.

Whitehead, Jeffery, Jun., Esq. The Constitutional Club, Northumberland'
avenue, W.G.

Whiteley, William, Esq. 31, Porchester-terrace, Bayswater, W.

Whitfield, Arthur, Esq., m.d. 12, Upper Berkeley-street, Portman-square, W.

Whitley, Mrs. Elizabeth. 24, Curzon-street, Mayfavr, W.

Whitmore, Capt. Thomas Charles Douglas (late Royal Horse Guards). Or sett-
hall, Orsett, Essex ; 2, Lowndes-square, S. W. ; and Carlton Club, Pall-mall,
3i50*Whymper, Charles, Esq. Uptons, Haslemere, Surrey.

••Whyte, Alexander, Esq. (Curator of the Botanical Gardens, Uganda). Care of
the Postmaster, Mombasa, British East Africa.

Wiener, Augustus F., Esq. 4, Bedford-place, Russell-square, W.C.
♦Wigram, Arthur James, Esq. 6, Charles-street, Berkeley-square, W.

Wigram, Major Henry Hampden (late Scots Guards). 44, Pont-street, S. W.
•Wigram, Percy, Esq. 12a, Savile-row 9 W.

Wilding, Edwin, Esq. 2, Clemeni's-inn, Strand, W.C.

Wilkie, Henry Charles, Esq., f.r.c.v.8. 37, Balcombe-street, Dorset-square,

♦Wilkins, Robert Francis, Esq. 18, Great Winchester-street, E.C.

♦Wilkinson, George William, Esq. 23, Avenue-road, Begent's-park, N. W. ;
and 5, BUliter-street, E.C,

3 1 60 Wilkinson, Mrs. May. Beachern Wood, Brockenhurst, Hants.

•Wilkinson, The Rev. Sheldon Robert, M.A. Great Marlow, Bucks.

Wilkinson, William David, Esq. (Dormant 1889.)

Willans, William Henry, Esq. Highclyffe, Seaton, Devon ; 23, Holland-park,
W. ; and Devonshire Club, St. James's-street, S. W.

Willey, Arthur, Esq., m.a., Guy's Hospital, 8.E. ; and 21, Craven-
road, Willesden, N.W.

Williams, Alfred Goodinch, Esq., p.r.h.8., f.s.a. The London Institution,
Finsbury-circus, E.G.

Williams, Capt. Charles Edward, i.m.8. (Civil Surgeon). Rangoon, Burma.

♦Williams, Mrs. Emily. Rochford-house, Tenbury, Worcester.

Williams, Mrs. Frances Wilhelmina. 26, Old Burlington-street, W.

Williams, Frank Greswolde-, Esq. Bredenbury-court, Bromyard, Herefordshire.

3 1 7oWilliams, Henry Wille, Esq., f.r.o.S. Park-house, Boston-road, Brentford,

Williams, John Bickerton, Esq. Sun Insurance Office, 15 Wellington-street,
East, Toronto, Canada ; and care of E. B. Williams, Esq., 82, New-street,
Birmingham. (Dormant 1897.)

Williams, John Charles, Esq. Caerhays Castle, St. Austell, Cornw all.

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128 List of Fellows of the

Year of


1886 Williams, Joseph Grout, Esq. Pendley-manor, Tring, Hertfordshire; and

Carlton Club, Pall-mall, 8. W.

1893 Williams, The Rt. Hon. Joseph Powell, P.O., M.P. 6, Great George-street,

8. W. ; and Devonshire Club, St. James's-street, S. W.

1900 Williams, Capt. Lionel Arthur. Liang ar ran, Salisbury ; and Isthmian Club,

Piccadilly, W.

1869 * Williams, Michael, Esq. 10, Old Burlington-street, W.

1876 •Williams, Lt.-Gen. Owen Lewis Cope (late Royal Horse Guards). Temple-

house, Great Marlow, Bucks. ; 24, Bill-street, Berkeley-square, W. ; and
Carlton Club, Pall-mall, S. W.

1901 Williams, Thomas Johnson, Esq. 22, Cumberland-terrace, Regent' s-park, N. W.
1834 ♦Williams, William Henry, Esq.

1897 3 i8o*Williamson, Robert, Esq. Oriental Club, Hanover-square, W.

1877 Willing, James, Esq. 60, Upper Park-road, Hampstead, N. W.

1889 Willing, James, Jun., Esq. Bock-hall, Broom-road, Teddington, Middlesex,

1897 Willson, Major-Gen. Mildmay Willson, C.b. (late Scots Guards). Rauceby

Hall, Grantham ; and Guards* Club, Pall-mall, S. W.

1900 Wilson, Alexander Rodger, Esq. 58, York-terrace, Regent' s-p ark, N.W.

1900 Wilson, Dr. Andrew, F.R.S.E., 110, Gilmore-place, Edinburgh; and

Royal Thames Yacht Club, Albemarle-street, W.

1900 Wilson, Carlos Butler, Esq. 7 L, Bickenhall Mansions, Gloucester-place, W.

1898 Wilson, Charles Joseph, Esq. 14, Old Queen-street, Westminster, S. W.

1895 ' Wilson, Edmund Thompson Gilchrist, Esq. Ormond-hoitse, Great Trinity-
lane, E.C.

1901 Wilson, Edward Adrian, Esq., M.B. Wistal, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

1899 3i9oWilson, Mrs. Elinor. 14, Sussex-gardens, Hyde-park, W.

1873 •Wilson, Henry Smithson Lee, Esq. The Hall, Crofton, Wakefield, Yorks.

1888 Wilson, John, Esq. Engineers 9 Office, G.E.R., Liverpool-street Station, E.C.

1881 Wilson, John Andrew, Esq. Royal Thames Yacht Club, 7 ', Albemarle-street, W.

1881 Wilson, John James, Esq. {Dormant 1893.)

1883 Wilson, Reginald Henry Rimington Rimington-, Esq., j.p. Broomhead Hall,

Sheffield; and Army and Navy Club, Pall-mall, S. W.

1886 * Wilson, Robert, Esq., m.i.ce. 7, St. Andrew 9 s-place, Regenfs-park, N.W.

1894 Wilson, Capt. Robert Charles, f.r.g.s. (late 60th Rifles). Coton-hall,

Whitchurch, Shropshire ; and Army and Navy Club, Pall-mall, S. W.

1869 *Wilson, Robert Porter, Esq. 5, Cumberland-terrace, Regenfs-park, N. W.

1874 • Wilson, Robert William Rankine, Esq. 18, Bardwell-road, Oxford.

1889 3200 Wilson, Scott Barchard, Esq. Union Society, Cambridge.

1900 Wilson, Thomas Headland, Esq. 9, St. Mark's-square, Regenfs-park, N.W,

1900 * Wilson, William, Esq. Beauchief Abbey, near Sheffield.

1864 Wilson, William Frederick Antonio, Esq., m.a. 17, Blomfield-road, Maida-hill,

W. ; and New University Club, St. James's-street, S. W.

1868 Wilson, Col. William Henry. 42, Half-moon-street, Piccadilly, W.

1878 Winans, Walter, Esq. 7, Chichester -terrace, Brighton, Sussex.

1876 Windeler, George Bernhard, Esq. Ditton-hill, Surrey.

1899 Windmuller, Paul, Esq. 4, Elsucorthy-terrace, Primrose-hill, N.W.

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Zoological Society of London. 129

Tear of


















Windus, William E., Esq. Royal Thames Yacht Club, 7, Albemarle-street, W.

♦Wingfield, Major John Maurice (3rd Battii. Coldstream Guards). Market
Overton, Oakham ; and Guards' Club, Pall-mall, S. W.

32 io*Wingfield, Capt. Menryn Edward George Rhys. Barrington-park, Burford,
Oxon.; 19, Princes^ardens, S.W.; and Bachelors' Club, Piccadilly, W.

Wingfield, Major Walter Clopton, J.p. (late 1st Dragoon Guards). Army and
Navy Club, Pott-mall, S.W.

Wingrove, Richard Paul, Esq. 32, Clifton-gardens, MaidarvaU, W.

Wintle, William James, Esq. 18, Vincent- square, Westminster, S. W.

Wiseman, James, Esq. 2, Albany-terrace, Regenfs-park, N. W.

♦Witherby, Hairy Forbes, Esq. 10, St. German 9 s-place, Blackheath, S.E.

Wolfe, Frederick, Esq. 10, York-gate, Regent 9 s-park, N.W.

Wolfeoden, Dr. R. Norris. Rougemont, Seaford, Sussex,

Wolff, The Rt. Hon. Sir Heniy Drummond, P.O., G.C.B., G.C.M.G., P.R.G.8.
28, Cadogan-place, S. W. ; andAthenamm Club, Pall-mall, S. W. (Dormant

♦Wombwell, Arthur Charles, Esq. Woodington House, Romsey, Hants. ; and
11, Hans-road, Brompton, S.W.

3 220 Wombwell, Sir George Orby, Bt. Newburgh-park, Easingwold, Yorks / 20,
Wilton-crescent, S.W.; and Carlton Club, Pall-mall, S.W.

Wood, Gen. Sir Henry Evelyn, V.C., G.C.B., G.O.M.G. 23, Devonshire-
place, Portland-place, W. i and Army and Navy Club, Pall-mall, S. W.

Wood, John, Esq. Raleigh Club, Regent 9 s-street, S. W.

Wood, John, Esq. 95, Fellows-road, South Hampstead, N. W.

Woodall, Capt. John William, B.N.R. 5, Queen* s-mansions, Victoria-street,
S. W. ; and Oxford and Cambridge Club, Pall-mall, S. W.

Woodd, Arthur Bethune, Esq. Danmore, Wimbledon, Surrey ; and 35 f New

Bond-street, W.
Woodhonse, Robert, Esq. The Bank, Braintree, Essex ; and St. James 9 s Club,

Piccadilly, W.

♦Woodhouse, The Rev. Reginald Illingworth, m.a. Merstham Rectory, Redhill,

Woodiwiss, Edwin Sydney, Esq. Hill-place, Upminster, Essex.

Woodiwiss, Samuel, Esq. Graveleys, Great Waltham, near Chelmsford.

323oWoodroffe, Frank Harry, Esq. 4, Down-street, Piccadilly, W.

Woods, Henry, Esq., R.A. 46, Victoria-road, Kensington, W.

Woods, James Pontifex, Esq. Comillas, Provincia de Santander, North Spain.

Woodthorpe, Edmund, Esq. 20, Hilltop-road, West-end-lane, N.W. ; and
1, Circus-place, E.C.

Woodward, Aithur Smith, Esq., LL.D., P.R.8., Assistant Keeper of the Geological
Department of the British Museum. 4, Scarsdale-villas, Kensington, W. .
and Whitfield-mount, Upton, Macclesfield, Cheshire.

♦♦Woodward, Henry, Esq., LL.D., P.R.3., P.G.8. (Vice-President). British
Museum, Cromwell-road, S.W. ; and 129, Beaufort-street, Chelsea, S. W.

Woolbert, Frederic, Esq. 12, Lincoln 9 s-inn-fields, W.C.

♦Worcester, Henry Hugh Arthur Fitzroy, Marquess of. Badminton House,
Chippenham, Wilts.

Wordie. John Cardie, Esq. Oriental Club, Hanover-square, W.


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130 List of Fellows of the















•Wormald, Edward, Esq. 15, Berkeley Square, W,
324oWormald, Percy, Esq. 44, Eaton-place , S. W.

Wortham, Major-General Hale Young (late R.A.). Naval and Military Club,

94, Piccadilly, W.
Worthington, Gibbon Bayley-, Esq. Town Thorns, Rugby, Warwickshire;

and 8, Balfour-place, Park-lane, W.

♦Wortley, The Rt. Hon. Charles Beilby Stuart, K.c, m.p. 7, Cheyne Walk,
Chelsea, S. W. ; and Carlton Club, Pall-mall, 8. W.

Wray, George, Esq. The Greenways, Leamington, Warwickshire.

Wray, Leonard, Jun., Esq. Perak Government Museum, Larut, Perak, Straits
Settlements. {Dormant 1889.)

Wright, Charles Augustus, Esq., F.L.S., M.B.O.u. (Knight of the Crown of Italy).
Kayhough, Kew-gardens-road, Kew, Surrey.

Wright, Professor Ramsay. University of Toronto, Canada. {Dormant 1887 .)

•Wright , Brigade-Surgeon Thomas William (Retired). Junior Army and Navy
Club, St. James 's-street, S. W.

Wrightson, Sir Thomas, Bart., M.P. Neasham Hall, Darlington, Durham ;
and St. Stephen's Club, Westminster, S. W.

32soWrottesley, The Hon. Walter Bennet. 8,, Herbert-crescent, Chelsea, 8.W.

Wyatt, The Rev. Paul Williams, m.a. Austin* s-canons, Bedford.

Wye, Thomas Henry, Esq. 35, Milk-street, Cheap side y E.G.

Wykes, Frederick William, Esq. Cliveden View, Cookham, Berks.

Wyler, Julius Joseph, Esq. Glenshaw-mansions, Priory-road, West Hamp-
stead, N.W.; and 2, Copthall-buildings, Throgmorton-street, B.C.

Wyman, John Sanderson, Esq., m.d. 22, Nottingham-place, W.
Wynch, Col. Alexander (late R.A.). United Service Club, Palbnall, S.W.
Wyndham, Capt. William. H.B.M. Consulate, Chicago, U.S.A. {Dormant

Wynn, Sir Herbert Lloyd Watkin Williams-, Bt. Wynnstay, Ruabon, Denbigh-
shire; and Carlton Club, Pall-mall, S.W.

Wynne, William Robert Maurice, Esq. Peniarth, Merioneth ; 26, Buckingham-
gate, S.W.; and Guards* Club, Pall-mall, S.W.





336o*Yarborough, The Rt. Hon. Charles Alfred Worsley, Earl of, P.O. Brocklesby-
park, Ulceby, Lincolnshire ; 17, Arlington-street, 8. W. / and Carlton Club,
Pall-mall, S.W.

Yardley, Miss Evelyn. Care of Miss Twiss, 9, Chester-street, Belgrave-
square, S. W. {Dormant 1 889.)

Yarrow, Frederick John, Esq. 18, Abbey-road, St. John' s-wood, N.W.

♦Yeld, Mrs. Emily Martha. Crayton-lodge, Leamington, Warwickshire,

Yerbury, Lieut.-Col. John William (late R.A.). Army and Navy Club, Pall-
mall, S. W.

Yool, Mrs. Henrietta Louisa. 100, Westbourne-terraoe, Hyde-park, W,

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Zoological Society of London. 131

Year of










Yorke, Henry Francis Redhead, Esq., C.b. 22, Queen Anne's-gate, S.W.; and
Admiralty, Whitehall, S.W.

♦Yorke, Miss Harriot. 190, Marylebone-road, N.W.

Youle, Stanley Peter, Esq. Care of The Merchants' Banking Company, 112,
Cannon-street, E. C.

Young, Capt. Sir Allen William, C.B. 18, Qraftonstreet, W. ; and Oarrick
Club, Garrick-street, Covent-garden, W.C.

3 2 70 Young, James Allen, Esq. Care of The National Provincial Bank, Cromwell'
Young, John, Esq., F.L.8.

♦Younger, Henry Johnstone, Esq. Benmore, Kilmun, Co. Argyle; and Reform
Club, Pall-mall, S.W.

♦Younger, James, Esq. Arnsbrae, Cambus, Co. Clackmannan, N.B.

Yule, John, Esq. 19, Gloucester-place, Portman-square, W.

Zacharias, Hans Conrad Ernest, Esq., PH.D. Nova Atlantis, Jersey.
{Dormant 1897.)

♦Zambra, Julius James George, Esq. 18, Thurloto-road, Hampstead, N. W.

Zanchi, Ventura Blayney Murray, Esq. 11, Portland-place, W.

Zehetmayr, Ferdinand Francis, Esq. 85, Gracechurch-street, E.C.

♦Zetland, The Rt. Hon. Lawrence, Marquess of, K.T., P.O. Aske-hall, Richmond,
Yorkshire ; 19, Arlington-street, S.W. ; and Carlton Club, Pall-mall, S. W.

328o*Zweifel, Henry, Esq. 23, Bellariastrasse, Zurich, Switzerland.

L 2

Digitized by LjOOQ IC

132 Honorary Members of the Zoological Society of London.


Year of






The President of the Royal Society.

The President of the Linnean Society.

The President of the Geological Society.

The President op the Royal Horticultural Society.

The President of the Royal Botanic Society.

The President of the Royal Institution.

The President of the Royal College of Physicians,

The President of the Royal College of Surgeons.

The President of the Royal College of Veterinary

The Principal of the Royal Veterinary College.

The Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company.


Arthnr, Lord Stanmore, G.C.M.G., The Red House, Ascot, Berkshire;
and Athenceum Club, Pall-mall, S. W.

Sir John Kirk, G.O.M.G., K.O.B., M.D., ll.d., f.r.8. Waver tree, Setenoaks,
Kent; and Athenamm Club, Pall-mall, S.W.

Sir Cecil Clementi Smith, g.C.m.G., m. a. The Garden House, Wheathampstead.

His Highness Sir Charles Anthony Johnson Brooke, G.C.M.G. (Rajah of
Sarawak). Kutchmg, Sarawak, via Singapore.

Sir Henry Arthnr Blake, G.C.M.G. (Governor and Commander-in-Chief of
Hong Kong). Government House, Victoria, Hong Kong; and Brooks*
Club, St. Jameses-street, S.W.

The Rt. Hon. George Nathaniel, Lord Curzon of Kedleston, P.O., Viceroy
of India. Government House, Calcutta.

Sir William Macgregor, K.C.M.G., as., Governor of Lagos. Lagos, West

Alfred, Lord Milner, G.aM.O., G.C.B., H.M. High Commissioner for South

Africa, and Administrator of the Transvaal and Orange River Colony.

Government House, Pretoria.

Gilbert John, Earl of Minto, G.C.M.G., Governor General of Canada.
Government Howe, Ottawa.

Uchter John Mark, Earl of Ranfurly, G.C.M.G., Governor of New Zealand,
Government Hvuse % J^uckland ; and 33, Lownde*-sauare r S. W<

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Foreign Members of the Zoological Society of London. 133


Year of


1862 Kdlliker, Prof. Albert, m.d. Wurzburg, Bavaria.

1863 Barboza Du Bocage, Professor Jose' Vicente. Director of the National Museum,

Lisbon, Portugal.

1865 Lilljeborg, Professor William. Upsala, Sweden.

1867 Haeckel, Dr. Ernest (Professor of Zoology in the University of Jena). Jena,


1874 Agassis, Alexander, Esq. Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

1875 Doria, Marquis Giacomo. Senatore del Regno, Rome, Italy.

1878 Steindachner, Dr. Franz. Director of the Imperial Cabinet of Zoology, Vienna,


1879 Gegenbaur, Prof. Carl. Heidelberg, Germany.

1885 Dohrn, Dr. Anton. Zoological Station, Naples, Italy.

1885 io Martens, Dr. Edward von. Royal Zoological Museum, Berlin ; and Paulstrasse

11, Berlin, Germany.
1887 Mobius, Dr. Karl. Director of the Royal Zoological Museum, Berlin ; and

Invalidenstrasse 43, Berlin, Germany.
1891 Jentink, Dr. Fredericus Anna. Director of the Leyden Museum, Holland.

1891 Salvador*, Count Tommaso, m.d. Royal Zoological Museum, Turin, Italy.

1892 Giglioli, Dr. Enrico Hi 1 Iyer (Professor of Comparative Anatomy and Zoology of

the Vertebrates at the Royal Superior Institute, Florence, Italy). 19, Via
Romana, Florence, Italy.

1893 Collett, Prof. Robert (Professor of Zoology and Director of the Zoological

Museum). The University, Christiania, Norway.

1894 Hubrecht, Dr. Ambrosius Arnold William. Professor of Zoology in the Uni-

versity, Utrecht, Holland.

1894 Pleske, Herr Theodor. The Nadeshda Company, St. Petersburg, Russia.

1896 Anrivillius, Prof. Christopher. Director of the Entomological Department,

State Museum, Stockholm, Sweden.

1896 Weber, Prof. Max Carl Wilhelm. Amsterdam, Holland.

1897 20 Carus, Dr. Julias Victor (Professor of Zoology). Universitdts-strasse 15,

Leipzig, Germany.

1898 Radde, Dr. Gustav Ferdin. Director of the Museum, Tiflis, Russia.

1900 Merriam, Dr. Clinton Hart. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C,


1901 Vaillant, Monsieur Leon (Professor at the Museum d' His to ire Katurelle)

Jardin des Plantes, Paris, France.

1901 Allen, Dr. Joel Asaph, ph.d. American Museum of Natural History, Central'

park, New York, U.S.A.
1901 25 Schulze, Prof. Franz Eilhard. Director of the Zoological Institute, The
University, Invalidenstrasse 43, Berlin, Germany.

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134 Corresponding Members oj the


Year of


1893 Alcock, Major Alfred William, M.B., F.R.S., I.M.8. Indian Museum, Calcutta,


1901 Ambrose, Capt. W. Gerald (3rd Cheshire Regiment). Lagos, West Africa ;

and Westover, West -heath, Hampstead, N. W,

1898 Ameghino, Sefior Florentino. Calle 60, No. 799, La Plata, Argentine


1891 Batchelor, Dr. A., f.r.CP. La Guayra, Venezuela,

1883 Bauer, Dr. F. H. Samarang, Java,

1872 Beavan, Col. Reginald, (late I.S.C.), Surrey of India. Calcutta,

1876 Beccari, Dr. Odoardo. Florence, Italy.

1894 Bedriaga, Dr. Jacques de. 55, Boulevard de I'lmperatrice, Nice, France,

1877 Bennett, George Frederick, Esq. Toowoomba, Queensland, Fast Australia,

1896 io Berg, Professor Dr. Carlos. Director of the National Museum, Casilla del
Correo, No. 470, Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic,

1897 Bergroth, Dr. E. Evald, m.d. Tammerfors, Abo, Finland,

1874 Berlepsch, Graf Hans von. Schloss Berlepsch, Post Qertenbach, Witzenhausen,


1883 Beyts, N. H., Esq. Jeddah, Arabia.

1897 Birdwood, Alan Roger, Esq. Care of Sir George Birdwood, K.C.I.E., India

Office, S.W.; and 144, Queen' s-road, Bayswater, W.

1889 Biaauw, Heer Frans Ernst. GooUust, 's Graveland, Noord-ffolland.

1883 Blasius, Dr. Rudolph. Inselpromenade 13, Brunswick, Germany.

1881 Blasius, Prof. Wilhelm. Gauss-strasse 17, Brunswick, Germany,

1874 Blissett, Henry Frederick, Esq., c.M.o. Care of The Colonial Office, Downing-

street, 8. W.
1888 Boettger, Dr. Oscar. 6, Seilestrasse, Frankfort-on-Main, Germany,

1878 20 Bolau, Dr. Heinrich. Director of the Zoological Garden, Hamburg, Germany
1885 Boon, Dr. Alfred Pearl, f.r.c.8. Basse Terre, St. Kitts, West Indies,

Digitized by


Zoological Society of London. 1 35

Year of __


1865 Boucard, Mons. Adolphe. Oak-hill, Spring-vale, near Byde, Isle of Wight

1887 Bourne, Dr. Alfred Gibbes, D.8C., f.r.8., Professor of Biology. The Pre-

sidency College, Madras.

1866 Brady, George Stewardson, Esq., M.D., LL.D., FJU8. 2, Mowbray -villas, Sunder*
land, Durham.

1869 Brazier, John, Esq.

1887 Brewster, William, Esq. Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, Massa-

chusetts, U.SJL.

1875 Brown, The Rev. George. Wood-street, Randwick, Sydney, New South Wales.

1 896 Buchner, Mons. Eugene. Zoological Museum, Imperial Academy of Sciences,

St. Petersburg, Russia.

1876 Bock, Sir Edward Charles, K.C.8.I.. LL.D. 30, Chowringhee-road, Calcutta;
and East India United Service Club, 16, St. James' ssquare, S.W.

1892 30 Back, Walter John, Esq. 20, St Swithin's-lane, E.G. ,* and Union Club,
Trafalgar-square, W.C.

871 Buhdt, W. J., Esq., M.D., m.r.c.8. Tobago, West Indies.

1867 Buller, Sir Walter Lawry,, D.80., F.R.8. Wellington, New Zealand;
and 43, South Eaton-place, S.W. ,

1847 Burgess, Capt. Boughey.

1880 Bushell, Stephen Wootton, Esq., O.M.G., M.D., B.80. Shirley, Harold-road,

Upper Norwood, S.E.

1890 Bttttikofer, Heer Johannes. The Zoological Garden, Rotterdam, Holland.

1877 Cabanis, Dr. Jean. Friedrichshagen, bei Berlin, Germany.

1870 Cambridge, The Rev. Octavius Pickard-, F.R.8. Bloxworth-rectory, Wareham,


1888 Camerano, Dr. Lorenzo. Assistant in the Royal Zoological Museum, Turin, Italy.

1891 Campbell, Charles William, Esq., c.M.Gh, H.B.M. Consul. Wuchow, China.

1879 40 Caton, Dr. John Dean, LL.D. 1900, Calumet-avenue, Chicago, Illinois, U.S. A.
1891 Chittenden, John Franks, Esq., m.r.c.8., Colonial Surgeon. Colonial Hospital

Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies.
1897 Churchill, William Algernon, Esq., H.B.M. Consul. Para, Brazil.

1881 Clarke, Henry Mathew, Esq., j.p.

1879 Cobb, Frederick E., Esq. Care of the Falkland Islands Co., 39a, Qracechurch'

street, E. ; and Furze Dene, Brighton.

1879 Conklin, William A., Esq. lS7th-street, lOth-avenue, New York, U.S.A.

1883 Coppinger, Richard W., Esq., M.D., R.N., Inspector-General. Royal Naval

Hospital, Haslar.

1866 Cox, Dr. James C. 47, Pitt-street, North Sydney, NJS. W.

1882 Craveu, C. A., Esq. Bretion-streei, Savile Town, Dewsbury, Yorkshire.

1885 Crawford, Col. Richmond Irvine, C.I.B., I.8.C. Hedenham, Bungay, Suffolk ;

and care of Messrs. King 4' Co., 45, Pall-mall, S. W.

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136 Corresponding Members of the

Year of


1892 50 Camming, W. D., Esq. Persian Gulf Telegraphs, Fao, Persian Gulf.

1900 Cunningham, Dr. Daniel John. University of Dublin, Ireland.

1889 Cunningham, Lt.-Col. David Douglas, C.I.E., F.B.S. (late I.M.8.). Care of

Messrs. H. 8. King $ Co., 65, Cornhill, E.C.

1868 Cunningham, Dr. Robert Oliver, Professor of Zoology. The Queen's College,


1873 D'Albertis, Signor Luigi Maria. Sassari, Sardinia.

1888 Dale, Dr. Walter F. Darwin Harbour, Falkland Islands.

1858 Des Mure, Mons. Parfait 0. Nogent-le-Botrou, Eure-eULoire, France.

1894 Doherty, William, Esq. Mount Auburn, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.

1865 Dohrn, Dr. Heinrich. 22, Linden-strasse, Stettin, Germany.

1862 Downs, Andrew, Esq. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

1871 60 Dubois, Dr. Alphonse. Conservator of the Royal Museum of Natural History.
Brussels, Belgium.

1863 Dunn, S. William, Esq. Withycombe, Exmouth, South Devon.

1899 Etheridge, Robert, Jun., Esq., Curator of the Australian Museum. College'

street, Sydney, New South Wales.

1897 Fatio, Dr. Victor. Mus€e oVHistoire Naturelle, Geneva, Switzerland.

1875 Feilden, Col. Henry Wemyss, M.B.O.U. West-house, Wells, Norfolk; and
Junior United Service Club, Charles-street, St. James's, S. W.

1866 Finscb, Dr. Otto. Boommarke No. 2, Leyden, Holland.

1876 Fisk, The Rev. George H. R. Wale-street-chambers, Cape Town, South Africa.

1871 Fontana, Col. Don Luis. Calle Arenales, 1 93, Buenos Ayres, Argentine Republic

1901 Fiirbringer, Prof. Max, Director of the Anatomical Institute. Heidelberg,


1883 Garman, Samuel, Esq. Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, Mass.,

1875 70 Gestro, Dr. Raphael. Vice-Director of the Museo Civico. Genoa, Italy.

1900 Godfrey, F. R., Esq. Graylings, St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia; and

Zoological Gardens, Melbourne.

1859 Godman, Percy Sanden, Esq., b.a. Muntham, Horsham, Sussex.

1895 Goeldi, Dr. Emil August. Director Museu Goeldi, Caixa Postal 399, Pard,


1868 I Goering, Herr Anton. Wald-strasse 38, Leipzig, Germany.

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